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Cold Hearted (Prince AU) Part 6

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Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4, Part 5, Part 6, Part 7, Part 8,  Part 9, Part 10, Part 11, Part 12, Part 13, Part 14, Part 15, Part 16, Part 17, Part 18, Part 19, Part 20

Word Count: 6559

Warnings: Blood, Smut (in later parts)

Jaebum sat on his bed and untied his boots. He pulled off his jacket and undid the cuff links of his shirt, going through the simplistic motions of getting ready for bed as he did every night.

He wasn’t used to these feelings. He didn’t consider himself as very emotional, war tended to favour the more stoic man; someone who did not get shaken by death or get jerked around by feelings.

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a salty teens au (1/?)

Wherein Jon and Sansa misunderstand one another from the very beginning.

“You don’t like her.”

Jon didn’t bother denying it. Aegon was right, to a certain extent, and if storming out of the gardens hadn’t told the story of his feelings, then his face – set in a “rictus of displeasure,” as his brother had likened it – surely did. “It doesn’t matter if I do or don’t,” he replied. “Father’s will is that I am to be married. To her.”

His brother rolled his eyes. “And since when do you bend to Father’s will?”

“He is the king, you know.”

“And you’re his son. If you’ve found your betrothed so… unfit… I’m sure even his royal highness could be swayed to spare you the burden. ”

Jon curled his fingers into a fist, trying to verbalize the impossible. It wasn’t entirely true that he disliked Sansa Stark. In all respects and by every measure, she was everything he could have asked for in a bride. More than. He was a lucky man. He could recognize that.

But there, in perfection, lied Jon’s problem.

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Things They’ll Never Admit:

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  • Actually doesn’t mind when Patty decorates around the shop, despite his usual groans and complaints.
  • Still has the first pair of toy pistols that Eva gave him as a child. He keeps them safe in a special little drawer with the rest of some of his most prized possessions. He likes to fiddle with them whenever he’s feeling particularly down. 
  • Lowkey enjoys listening to J-pop and J-rock, and very much prefers to listen to them whenever he knows that no one’s around.
  • Has totally cheated in cards on several occasions, regardless of whatever they were playing. Everyone has definitely accused him and know he cheats, though he remains to admit otherwise, regardless of the several times they’ve shot and stabbed him for it. 
  • “Cheaters never prosper, Dante” “I don’t know what you’re talking about. Besides, I still won, sweetheart.” “…You are literally riddled with bullet holes and have your sword sticking out of you.”
  • Once completely fell out of his chair and screamed after a spider had “conveniently” managed to land right between his eyes right as Dante was in the midst of waking up from one of his afternoon naps. Spooked him so badly he emptied an entire magazine each from both his guns into the ceiling of the shop. 
  • When asked about the holes in the ceiling, he simply says some demons decided to pay the shop a little visit. He refuses to admit that embarrassing little incident ever happened in the first place. (Pfftt, yeah a small, black eight-legged demon perhaps.Yeah, sure, whatever you say, Dante.)
  • Although he tends to play off most of his fears and insecurities, often concealing them behind a cheeky grin and joking comment, there are days where Dante worries about losing his s/o; whether it’s because he wasn’t able to protect them and something happened, or because they left him because of his half-demon heritage and realized they didn’t want anything to do with him anymore.
  • There’ll be days where he’s staring deeply at them and not reply at first if you try and address him. When asked what’s up, he’ll just respond with some cheesy yet ever so typically Dante style pickup line or phrase that’ll have them rolling their eyes before playfully slapping him against his chest. The last thing he does is want them to worry. 


  • Lowkey enjoys reading romance novels and secretly enjoys watching soap operas; this of course includes the *ahem* “Top Secret” stash of them that he keeps deep, deep, DEEP within the confines of his personal library.   
  • Has a real soft spot for soft things; sweaters, blankets, pillows, cats, etc. The softer the better. His particular favorite fabrics are silk, velvet, and cashmere. Definitely uses some special fabric softener to keep all of his stuff so goddamn soft and smooth.
  • Secretly an animal lover, especially cats. I mean, really, how can he not be. From the spiteful and sarcastic attitude and somewhat begrudging moments of affection to the rare and tender moments of care and affection that don’t involve the judgmental staring from afar and getting covered in scratches… (albeit each being for very different reasons…I mean wut…).
  • Although he’d probably rather die than actually ever admit it, he does occasionally enjoy spending time with Dante, no matter how much his twin may pester him at times (and despite the several dozen times he’s stabbed him).
  • “It’‘s tough love. Love hurts.” “Vergil, no.”
  • Has a collection of soundtracks from all of his favorite musicals and operas. He often likes to listen to them whenever he’s doing something like reading or cleaning while no one’s around. He’ll sometimes even sing or hum along if he really likes the song. He goes silent immediately the moment he hears someone coming. What? Pfftt, no he wasn’t sing “My Friends” from Sweeney Todd while cleaning Yamato, what are you talking about??? Pppffttt, please, you’re clearly imagining things. 
  • The rare and tender moments him and his s/o spend together actually mean a great deal to him, particularly those rare moments of affection where they’ve managed to catch them off guard, leaving him flushed and flustered despite his best attempts to dismiss it with whatever dismissive insult or comment he can muster.
  • When there’s nothing to do and he’s home alone while feeling particularly stressful after a long day (which may or may not involve a certain trouble making twin of his), he likes to treat himself to a nice bath; candles, wine, bath salts, bath oils, soothing classical music, the works. His favorite scents to bathe with are usually something like vanilla and lavender. (“Treat yo self!!!”)
Marry Me

(( Well @moyzi / @kalllura here’s your marriage proposal request! Hope you enjoy!))

“Lance I don’t think this is going to work.”

“Oh c’mon, of course, it’ll work! You got a ring, you’ve rehearsed the question, and even if you two have never actually used the word dating you’ve been going steady for, like…” Lance paused as he did the math. “I dunno, a year? Hard to tell in space.”

Keith didn’t look up as he rolled a small circular trinket between his fingers.

“It’s a wooden ring. I had to carve it myself.”

“Hey, it’s acceptable! I mean it’s not like there are a lot of Jared’s out here.”

“She doesn’t know what dating is Lance.” Keith sighed as he clenched the ring in his hand. “Besides, isn’t a year a bit soon?”

“Now you’re just making up excuses!” Lance scolded. “I mean my cousin popped the question after like six months. Still together with two kids.”

“Still, what if-”

The blue paladin finally lost his patience.

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highlight of my life;

⇢ summary:  you’re bts’ makeup artist, and a certain golden maknae has a crush on you. he expresses this in the only way he knows how: with the help of his hyungs. for this request.

⇢ relationship: jeon jungkook/reader.

genre: romance, fluff.

⇢ words: 3.6k

⇢ warnings: none!

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“Hyung, I need your help.”

Jin raises his head from the magazine he’s currently enthralled in, leg crossed over the other as they sit backstage. It’s half an hour before they perform, and Jungkook, hair a mess and just half of his outfit on, has come kneeling before Jin with a look of desperation. At any other time, Jin might’ve laughed and asked Jungkook which of the boys he had pissed off now, but there was something different in the way Jungkook looked today. There was almost… a twinkle in his eye. “Yes, maknae?”

Jungkook, releasing a deep sigh, scoots that much closer to Jin with his hands clasped together as if he’s about to pray. Jin’s interest is piqued, the older boy leaning forward to hear Jungkook’s next words, “Hyung… how do you make a girl fall in love with you?”

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Bitter Sweet Fool: Part I

Forgive me, guys! I know I’ve never posted pure ‘story-sans-pictures’ before, but I just wanted to get these words out. It’s nothing special, just a little Solavellan drabble. 

                                          -hides, don’t judge me-

(Based on the ending slide below): “Lavellan sometimes came awake from dreams in which her lover watched her sadly from across an endless distance…”

Edit: updated!
Part I (here)
Part II
Part III
Part IV 

“I’m going to rest,” Lavellan said. She sat slumped over the war table, one hand cradling her head and the other — well. There was only one hand these days. A wrinkle above her brow betrayed an unresolved bit of frustration.

Lace Harding was studying a map of Rivain carefully, but grunted in agreement. “Right, it’s been a long evening. We can pick things up after a good night’s sleep. I’ve got a message to send out first, though. Leliana?”

Cassandra and Leliana exchanged a brief look, and then the three ladies bid Lavellan a goodnight. All things considered, it had been an exhausting day for everyone.

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A Guide to Discworld

So you have decided to read Terry Pratchett’s Discworld. Congratulations, you are about to enter a wonderful fictional world with some of the most hilarious and endearing characters I have ever read. However it is a daunting task with 41 books in the main series and 6 sub-series within it. Maybe you have seen a useful diagram on the reading order or something similar. Just to help even more, here is my guide to Discworld:

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A/N: Took Monster Falls and decided it could only benefit from the inclusion of TAU’s Henry Pines and the kids. Thus there is Mabel/Henry (a well-developed, much-beloved TAU OC), plus a bit of Dipifica on the side. This is mostly fluff with very little plot to speak of. It’s also really long.

Please enjoy. :)

Henry Corduroy hadn’t been planning on Gravity Falls being a permanent, for-the-rest-of-his-life thing. He was never opposed to the vague possibility, of course – he rather preferred small towns over the city – but when he first set out it had been, in his mind, a starting point, possibly a stepping stone on the way to whatever the rest of his life was going to be.

It had been logical. He had family in the town as a point of familiarity and safety and a place to stay until he could find his own. There was an opening at the local library and, miracle of miracles, his application had been accepted – possibly because his Uncle Dan was a local and trusted as a reference, whatever his parents had to say about the black sheep of the Corduroy family.

It was just a first step, a first job in the field he had wanted since he was halfway through high school, and as a bonus it was a long, long drive away from the house he grew up in.

And then he met Mabel Pines.

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