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Differences between 'oui' et 'si'

I’m almost certain that I’ve been taught the difference before , could you please clarify it for me , give a brief explanation. Merci à l'avance✌🏼️

“You don’t want to study French?” - “Yep.”

That could mean “Yep, I don’t want to study French.” OR “Yep, I do want to study French.” Tone of voice would be different with each I imagine.

Si would be used for this second example - when you are responding to a negative statement with the opposite.

Tu veux pas étudier le français ? Oui j’en ai pas envie.
Tu veux pas étudier le français ? Si mais j’ai pas de temps là.

Basically it’s after a negative sentence that is in fact true. In speech it’d often be doubled.

Tu bois pas d’alcool ? Si si mais ce soir non parce que je travaille demain.

This clear it up?

Tumblr-prom group invitation !

Hi people !

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