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I'm grateful to be a fan of someone who makes people all around the world happy and smile. Who puts so much work into the videos they display. I'm just grateful to a fan of you. You do so much for us. Gosh my world would be a little dark without your positivity/silliness. You say youre proud of us. Well I'm super PROUD of you. On another note: I'm glad your mums surgery went well and hope the next and recovery goes well. Lots of love from me to y'all - Jc

I’m drifting off to bed, and this lovely message just made me tear up. You all don’t know how happy it makes me to be able to create these videos and hopefully entertain and support. It’s an absolute dream come true that I didn’t think was gonna be possible, and it’s such an honor. If I’ve managed to make you feel better or smile, it’s a blessing. I’m gonna try and sleep now, thank you so much for taking time to write this.


My eyes are stapled open wide,
As I lay down on my side
I am bouncing off these walls
As I focus on the clock,
Time stands still, but I cannot
I should strap myself in bed
I guess I’ll sleep when I am dead.

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Have a montage of Damien hating Shayne. #notsorry
  • Damien: I will actually murder you.
  • -
  • Damien: God, you're a monster.
  • -
  • Damien: You know I'm physically next to you, right?
  • -
  • Damien: Why don't we see if you're man enough to do it... I FUCKING DARE YOU.
  • -
  • Damien: Can I teach you something real cool Shayne? When you sleep with one eye open, your eye gets real bloodshot. All the time. And you're gonna know that so well.
  • -
  • Damien: I'm gonna feed you your parents.
  • -
  • Damien: This is an editor's note. It's not gonna be now... but at some point, I'm gonna ruin Shayne's life and film it. So I'm gonna need you to splice that in. I'll send you the footage.
  • -
  • Damien: I'll cut off your legs while you're sleeping.
  • -
  • Damien: Comment below if I hate Shayne. Spoiler alert: I dooo.
  • -
  • Damien: I'm gonna eat your PS4!
  • -
  • Damien: I hate you.
  • -
  • Damien: As soon as filming ends, I'm gonna hit you with a brick! I'm very mad at you! It was like a million gold! I don't even know where I'd find a brick in this urban environment just sitting loose.
  • -
  • Damien: Now we have one last day in Stardew Valley. Shayne has not only wrecked my farm, but our friendship. So let's see what he does with this last day. His last day on earth.
  • -
  • Damien: Can we turn back time to when we were friends?
  • -
  • Damien: Shayne, if you get a man to a point where he has nothing left to lose... that is his most dangerous.
  • -
  • Damien: Now that we're not longer friends, who are your top three candidates for best friend in the office? 'cause I'm gonna be holding some auditions for myself.
  • -
  • Damien: Hey Shayne. Do your impression of a farting butt. That thing when you talk.
  • -
  • Damien: Can we cut back to a montage of Shayne and I being friends?

my plan within these few weeks, kind of?

i’m currently on my break but within these three weeks, i don’t think i’ll be posting regularly! mainly because i’m seriously considering on being on a break but not really? two out of my three weeks of break, i’ll be on minor internship which takes up my time. in between i’ll be going for trips and just trying to spend time with the people around me.

however at the same time, i plan to write as many drabbles as i can so i can queue them up for when my classes resume. but putting into priority to try to finish two of the long fics on top of my list as of now.

it may be a bit quiet on my blog but i promise you behind the scenes, i’m doing all that i can. in the meantime as well i’ll be answering asks tomorrow and i managed to get a couple of drabbles done today (and i plan on opening requests for another set of drabbles list soon) so there’s quite a few things i need to explain on that as well but that will be for another time!

i hope this isn’t too confusing but even if it is, worry not! it’s still in the process / in the works and i’m sure things will be clear when the time comes! (which is pretty soon)

that’s all from me. 💕✨


(tldr) Finally on my way home from a crazy 2 weeks of con crunch (without an actual con), travel and general craziness. To make a long story short, one of my best friends was chosen among 9 others to compete in the Swedish Cosplay Mastership and since he decided to go with KH1 Cloud we decided I would make KH1 Sora and be his assistant on stage in his performance. This was not only super fun but also INCREDIBLY nerve-wrecking because of that fact that the competition is broadcasted live on national TV… (This probably wouldn’t have been so much of a problem if we haven’t decided to do a fight scene with my friends 2m Buster Sword…with a steel handle… On a quite tiny stage…) And to add on top of everything, the KH orchestra I had tickets for was for the night before the competition. So basically I was in London the day before I was gonna help out on stage.
But with 2 hours of sleep we arrived back in Sweden, costumes finished and did the performance! No one fell off stage, yours truly didn’t get hit by a buster sword and we didn’t fall asleep. It went by without a hitch. And low and behold; MY FRIEND WON. I could seriously ramble on and on about how proud I am of him but gonna spare my cheesyness until a later time. Also bless @yumidun for being handsome af as Noctis and helping Elias and me not dying either on or off stage XD. We’ve spent a good few days celebrating by sleeping and playing vidya games but now it’s back to reality for me. Demu over n’ out. NOTE: WROTE THIS ON APRIL 1ST BUT REALIZED NO ONE WOULD BELIEVE ME IF I POSTED IT LOLOL.

Sherlolly Appreciation Week, Day 4- First Sleepover

I’m pretty late with this! For most of you it’s probably Day 5 already lol. But I really wanted to give this one a try. This is how I imagine things, and I guess it doesn’t really directly conflict with canon, despite the fact that this theme doesn’t have to be canon compliant. Idk, hope you guys enjoy it…gonna go do laundry now lol!

He Needs The Space

Molly peered over the edge of her bed, looking down into the sea green eyes that stared back at her.

“Honestly, it’s fine. I’d actually feel better if you just came up here,” she stated sincerely. 

It wasn’t a lie. She did hate to think of him sleeping on the hard floor.

Sherlock had turned up at her door a couple hours before, dripping wet and looking like a stray dog in need of some loving care. Molly didn’t hesitate to invite him in. True, she’d only known him a couple of months, but Mike Stamford had known him longer. She’d heard nothing but good things. Well, perhaps not everything was good. But she’d heard enough to know he wasn’t a man to distrust or fear. And besides…she could just tell. 

It was painful for her to think of him bouncing around from place to place since his move to the city some weeks before. Apparently there was no family or friends he cared to stay with. She hated to think of him in the streets or God knows where else. Molly couldn’t say for sure what had motivated him to descend on her flat that night, but she was awfully glad he did. 

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Hufflepuff and Ravenclaw Go Shopping 🛒
  • Ravenclaw: *glancing down at list* and you're sure that this is all you need? Slytherin told me you only bought...PopTarts last time?? Really?
  • Hufflepuff: Well, yes. That list should be accurate
  • Ravenclaw: *insert skeptical glance* Yeah...
  • Hufflepuff: *slouches onto cart and pushes it slowly through the cereal aisle*
  • Ravenclaw: It says here to buy 'Frosted Flakes'. Wait, there's a side note. "The Puff loves Frosted Flakes, they're her favorite"
  • Hufflepuff: *takes a box of Flakes and rips it open*
  • Ravenclaw: That's destructive! Don't eat until we pay!
  • Hufflepuff: *drops to the ground and begins to snore*
  • Ravenclaw: Oh God. I'm gonna go off on a limb and assume you and Slytherin didn't sleep at all last night.

Noct walks into the royal suite one afternoon to find a note beside a toy on the entryway table.

“I’ve had the gardens closed off and we are spread out there and within the suite. The battle begins when you walk through any door. Good luck, and all our love. Lunafreya&(Kids)”

Noct smirks and takes off his jacket and unbuttons & rolls up his sleeves.

He picks up the Nerf gun left for him on the table, and he checks his ammunition.

Game on.

don’t shove breadsticks in your purse that’s gonna get all greasy and nasty and you’ll be able to fit maybe two. take the basket. the whoel fucking basket. kick down the door to the kitchen and demand all the breadsticks they have. declare yourself breadstick overlord. if you’re gonna leave like that might as well go out with a bang. invite all your friends who share your unpopular fandom opinions and have a feast. c o n s u m e

“Everyone says how pretty I am and how much they want to be like me. I thank them. But why can’t I believe them?” (r.i.d)

Ok it’s been 3 hours, I need to sleep lol. Before I head off, I do want to state again how proud I am of B.A.P. I think for me this era is incredibly meaningful on a personal note. I’ve had such a shitty last year, ironically when the color series started. I had to deal with a job that put me in such an emotional and physical bind that I started to lose sight of everything; happiness, the touch of reality, just existence. I dipped back into a depressive phase and finally after weeks of what felt like torture, had the guts to resign just last month. Since then, and now being unemployed, I’ve been in this weird bubble of euphoric freedom, but at the same time also in a state of steady panic, not knowing where my life is headed next, if I have the finances to keep going or really even if I have the motivation to push myself into something, anything really. And now B.A.P finally releases Blue and it’s everything that I’ve been feeling. The timing couldn’t have been more accurate or perfect to what my life has come to. It’s that release of emotion, the feeling that everything is going to be alright. For a while since August, I kept going back and forth on whether I would be ok. I was worried if I made the wrong decision. But now I feel ok. I feel empowered. I feel like I have the energy to put faith in myself again. And I feel like I can say with certainty that I’ve made the right choices. This group that I’ve loved since 2012, for 5 years, has always known just what to put out like they know what I’m going through. I know that occasionally I get grossly emotional about them, but they’ve genuinely saved my life so many times, I cannot thank them enough. They’ve always given me such strength at my darkest times. Words cannot express how overwhelmed I am over this album. I don’t know if anyone else is feeling any way similar, but I hope this comeback really touches people. And I definitely hope that people support them for all their hard work. They’ve made such a wonderful album, and really the whole color series is truly a masterpiece of their purest talents. Please support B.A.P and please support each other <3 Anyway, I shall be off (to work on new stuff for this week :) Goodnight Baby Family!~ Keep streaming the MV! 

  • Alex: okay but what would Oikawa be
  • Nico: .............
  • Nico: Omega
  • Nico: But only his teammates know
  • Alex: Iwaizumi knows firsthand
  • Nico: Iwaizumi spent his first heat with him
  • Alex: I think Oikawa would be really scared of bonding
  • Nico: Yeah
  • Nico: Okay but like
  • Nico: What if their parents aren't home or s/t
  • Nico: And nobody expects either of them to be an omega
  • Nico: And then Oikawa goes into heat
  • Nico: And at first Iwaizumi thinks he's just messing around but then he realizes Oikawa is blushing and breathing a bit heavier so he presses his hand to his forehead
  • Nico: And then Oikawa moans because he's overly sensitive
  • Nico: And slowly backs off
  • Nico: They can be like 15 or s/t
  • Nico: And then he runs
  • Nico: Ok anyway Iwaizumi is surprised but also worried so he goes looking for him
  • Nico: Finds him in a corner and Oikawa is crying and blushing and doesn't know what to do
  • Nico: Both of them are kinda panicked and kinda aroused but Oikawa is worse
  • Nico: Iwaizumi doesn't know what to say but then Oikawa just goes "Iwa-chan..." and sounds really helpless and Iwaizumi's like okay I gotta do something
  • Nico: Begins calming him down
  • Nico: Tells him everything is gonna be okay, that he's probably in heat but don't worry, he's not gonna do anything to him
  • Nico: Oikawa eventually takes a deep breath and is like "okay"
  • Nico: Asks what they're gonna do
  • Nico: Iwaizumi tells him they should have stuff that suppresses heat and tells him to wait while he goes look for it
  • Nico: Finds out they've run out
  • Nico: So he goes back and tells Oikawa, but tells him he's gonna call the nearest clinic to see if they can go there
  • Nico: Okay so he calls them.
  • Nico: and they tell him they open at 6am so he's like "okay, what do we do until then" and the person tells them to get rid of Oikawa's boner because that will calm him down
  • Alex: best professional advice 10/10 would recommend
  • Nico: Yeah but like what else can they do
  • Nico: Okay they probably just tell it as an alternative and then tell them some tea supposedly helps and also a cold shower
  • Nico: And preferably if Iwaizumi keeps his distance
  • Nico: But Oikawa's just "don't leave me Iwa-chan"
  • Nico: So Iwaizumi doesn't
  • Nico: Oikawa does as instructed but it doesn't help
  • Nico: At which point Oikawa begins crying and apologising because Iwaizumi has to see him like this and he's scared because he's pretty sure he wants Iwaizumi but Iwaizumi probably doesn't feel like that and if they bond he doesn't know what to do because how do you relationships?? And he's afraid Iwaizumi will be disgusted or that things will change between them
  • Nico: And Iwaizumi's like "no no no don't cry"
  • Nico: Grabs his shoulders
  • Nico: Oikawa thinks he finally snapped and his instincts kicked in
  • Nico: And there's nothing more Iwaizumi wants to do than to fuck Oikawa at that moment but he knows that's gonna fuck their relationship up completely and hurt Oikawa beyond repair
  • Nico: But Oikawa is panicking and not thinking clearly so he jolts and then freezes and is scared out of his mind
  • Nico: So Iwaizumi just goes "ok listen. We're gonna get through this somehow and i'm not gonna do anything that you want me to do and I know we both can't really think clearly right now but I want to help you and will do whatever you'll allow me to do to help you"
  • Nico: Oikawa is sobbing but he nods and buries his face in Iwaizumi's chest
  • Nico: So Iwaizumi just
  • Nico: Holds him there for a while until Oikawa is calm enough
  • Nico: Then Oikawa takes a breath and asks him what he proposes they do
  • Nico: Iwaizumi takes a deep breath and asks him if he can touch him
  • Nico: Then adds that he'll stop whenever Oikawa tells him to and won't do anything else
  • Nico: And that it's almost impossible for an alpha and an omega to really bond that way
  • Nico: Anyway, Oikawa is quiet for a moment but then he nods, face still hidden in Iwaizumi's shirt
  • Nico: Iwaizumi slooowly reaches out his hand and begins stroking Oikawa's side
  • Nico: Oikawa shudders and wraps his arms around him
  • Nico: Eventually he moves lower until he's at the waistband of Oikawa's pants
  • Nico: Asks him if he's okay
  • Nico: Oikawa just shakily replies with "yeah, go ahead"
  • Nico: Iwaizumi slides his hand in, then into his underwear and Oikawa's breath stutters but he grabs Iwaizumi and tells him it's okay, he can go on
  • Nico: He's pretty much stopped crying by then
  • Nico: Iwaizumi's just "okay, i got you" and begins stroking his dick
  • Nico: Oikawa shudders again and moves his hips into it
  • Nico: Iwaizumi somehow manages to not touch himself even as Oikawa begins moaning and gasping
  • Nico: Both of them get lost in the moment and neither of them knows how long it took but eventually Oikawa comes
  • Nico: Oikawa is still shuddering but he's much more calm
  • Nico: He looks at Iwaizumi's crotch and is about to say something but Iwaizumi's just "no, it's fine"
  • Nico: They're probably on the floor so Iwaizumi helps him stand up and change his pants
  • Nico: Then tells him to go sleep
  • Nico: Oikawa surprisingly doesn't protest but then Iwaizumi stands up and he almost begins crying again
  • Nico: Iwaizumi's just "calm down, I'm gonna wait here until you fall asleep"
  • Nico: Probably adds some comment about Oikawa's sleeping habits and that relaxes him because Iwaizumi's not mad
  • Nico: And as Oikawa is just about to fall asleep, Iwaizumi mumbles a good night and kisses his forehead because fuck you it's ooc but I don't care
  • Nico: Iwaizumi then goes to jerk off in the shower, returns and falls asleep next to Oikawa's bed
  • Nico: Iwaizumi wakes up at like 6am to get the anti-heat pills
  • Nico: Leaves Oikawa a note on the table with a glass of water and goes back to sleep
  • Nico: Oikawa wakes up
  • Nico: Takes the pills
  • Nico: Wakes Iwaizumi up and forcibly puts him into his bed for him to at least get some proper sleep
  • Nico: Then takes a long shower and rethinks his entire life
  • Nico: Then gets something for breakfast
  • Nico: Iwaizumi comes down like an hour later and sits down
  • Nico: They both speak up at the same time by which I mean Oikawa goes "sorry" while Iwaizumi goes "don't"
  • Nico: Annnd idk what happens next
The signs as stuff my friends have said pt. 2
  • Aries: I am the great squid penetrator, who penetrates people's minds
  • Taurus: Brb jerking off my anger
  • Gemini: My laugh goes from manly chuckle to withy cackle
  • Cancer: Are you fucking serious, of course I know it's a vibrator, I created a hentai squad
  • Leo: I'm 18. I'm a grown person, I can do things. Like never sleep
  • Virgo: I wrote yaoi in a church
  • Libra: When you sing and hit the note perfectly while burping
  • Scorpio: I want to fight a bus driver
  • Sagittarius: My tiny kokoro has melted
  • Capricorn: It looks like I can choke a dolphin with one hand
  • Aquarius: Go to bed! Or I'll spank you like a disobedient avocado
  • Pisces: I have a habit of hanging out with my friends moms


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I just stayed up stupidly, stupidly late reading a fic that was marked as complete only to find out when I got to the end it wasn’t complete???? And the summary and author’s note and end notes had no indication! I am feeling so like…. utterly flummoxed, I have no resolution and had no idea this was coming. Blah.


Ok I’m goning to do a little experiment based off a conversation I was having with my friends…

Would you name your future child(ren) after a celebrity/author/band member/ actor and/or after a fictional character.

I’m curious