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[ 13th July 2017 ] well I haven’t posted my notes in a REALLYYYY long time since I wasn’t studying but now I’m back to grinding and they’re A WRECK

13.7.17 // Bullet Journal Weekly Spreads

I’ve not updated/posted original content on here in a while, I need to start drafting all of my pictures on tumblr! I’ve just not had time to do so! So here’s a weekly spread from last week + a weekend page! I included orders section at the bottom, because I was waiting for some packages to arrive! Brb, as I’m working on posting more consistently everywhere! 


Sooo, I just hit 1k (!!!!) I literally freaked out, this is absolutely nuts. I have absolutely no words other than thank you so much for being the kindest bunch of peeps. I love you guys a heck ton!! Seriously I never thought this blog would blow up in the way that it has, all your kind words and love has been so much for my heart to handle, I simply can’t express my gratitude into words. I love all my buddies I’ve met on this hellsite, as well as my loving gc fam, and I am continuously growing my buddy list bc you all are so great and I love talking to you guys any chance I get!! You, wholesome beans.

so to celebrate, I figure I would do regular blog rates because it’s been a while since I’ve done them! So, you know the drill –

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format under the cut!

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The formal callout for Driad aka Daniel Mahone

Daniel Mahone from Cambridge UK is an online sexual predator. We are unsure about his age since he’s changed his age many times but he’s claiming to be 18 currently. He targets very young teenagers and coerces them into sexual conversations and has done this for years without repercussion.

He’s currently off tumblr as far as we know but he remakes often and having this widespread for awareness is a priority.

Some examples of the things he’s done are under the cut, general tw.

urls: driad, cptdriad, captaindriad, dryad

twitter: captaindriad

skype: mrdriad

kik: cptdriad

steam: bigbrownbat

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anonymous asked:

Rfa members reacting to mc coming back home from a month long trip and they could hardly talk due to poor signal

Author’s note: brb gonna go update the masterlist !!!


  • Before you even got off the plane he was an excited mess
  • He actually thought he saw you anD HUGGED A STRANGER
  • But then the he actually saw you
  • And he saw your smile
  • “Yoosung-“
  • “MC!!”
  • Somewhere he had found the strength to move, and ran and gave you a giant hug
  • When he pulled away you saw tears staring to form in his eyes
  • “MC, I-I missed you SO much!”
  • You giggled, giving him a peck on the lips
  • “I missed you too, Yoosung!! Now, what have I missed back at home?”
  • OH! Well, Jumin had the flu and made Jaehee tend to his every need nothing new there, and I got a new high score-“
  • And he talked the entire ride home
  • and you loved it


  • He is so dramatic but I guess that’s why he’s an actor
  • When you stepped off the plane, he was there
  • Andddd he’s running toward you with open arms THIS ISN’T A SCENE FROM ONE OF YOUR MOVIES, ZEN
  • But you went with it anyways
  • Once he got to you, he picked you up and spun you around
  • “Y-you too Zen, but can you put me down?”
  • He stopped and planted you on the ground
  • “Zen I-“
  • He interrupted your ‘I miss you’ with a giant kiss
  • He pulled back and smirked
  • “I know you missed me, MC. You don’t need to say it.”


  • When you saw her at the airport you laughed so hard
  • You walked up to her, still laughing
  • “J-Jaehee?”
  • She looked at you and rolled her eyes
  • “It was Zen’s idea.”
  • There Jaehee stood
  • Dressed up as a chauffeur, holding a sign with your name on it
  • You kissed her cheek
  • “It was a cute idea.”
  • “…Thanks.”
  • You two begin walking out
  • “Oh, and Jaehee?”
  • “Yeah?”
  • “I missed you.”


  • Okay look
  • He had gone a month without seeing you
  • Or hearing from you
  • And it was driving him CRAZY
  • So as soon as you walked through the door he had you piNNED AGAINST THE WALL
  • That was probably the longest time you guys had ever made out
  • When he finally pulled away, both of you were out of breath
  • he pushed a loose piece of hair behind your ear and smiled
  • You smiled back at him
  • “I missed you too, Jumin.”


  • He had planned on picking you up at the airport
  • But the poor bby forget to set his alarm
  • So when you rode a taxi all the way home, and rolled your suitcase back the bedroom
  • And saw him peacefully asleep
  • You changed into your pajamas and joined him
  • 10 minutes later, your boyfriend woke up
  • He looked over and saw you sleeping beside him and realized what he’d done
  • But he didn’t really care, because you were with him again
  • So he pulled you into his chest and kissed your forehead
  • he traced the features of your face, running his fingers over your lips
  • “I missed you, MC.”
Misunderstanding ( Minghao X Reader)

Admin: Candi
Could I have a scenario with The8 from SEVENTEEN where he thinks you like Mingyu because you’ve been spending a lot of time with him lately, but it turns out that it was actually The8 that you like? Hopefully that makes sense… Thanks! (:
Fandom: Seventeen
Member/reader: Minghao x female, Mingyu
Genre/warning(s): Fluff, angst, strong language
Words: 1.3k 
Authors note: BOI did I enjoy writing that, this fluff flew out of me tbh. I’m so proud of this lmao I hope you enjoy it!

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blog rates

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(!!!PSA!!!) Seventeen’s DK Cover of “She Didn't Love Me” by Yang Da Il

BRB I seriously have no comment because it was all just BEAUTIFUL and this was basically me during the entire video because THAT TALENT

Originally posted by kasugano

But then he started to hit those high notes towards the end and I’m just like 😳

Originally posted by penultimxte

And then that finish just  👌👌👌 🔥 🔥 🔥👏👏👏👏 🔥 🔥 🔥

Originally posted by whatabigpairofgifs

I mean what can’t DK do? I am so proud of him, and it always amazes me how this man finds ways to improve a voice that really needs no improvement. I already have this song on repeat so PLEASE bless yo’selves and take a listen❤️💎

Title: Dear Maisie (Part 6.)

Part 1. - Part 2. - Part 3. - Part 4. - Part 5.

Pairing: Denny Duquette and Maisie (original female character)
Summary: The fifth letter.
Word Count: 2,203

(GIF Source: @mypapawinchester)

Song: The Night We Met by Lord Huron

I awake today not wanting to do anything. I could feel Denny’s arms around me. I could feel the scratchy stubble running along my neck. I could hear his quiet breaths in my ear.

I thought I was making progress in grieving the right way, but I was wrong. I spend the entire morning lying on the bed, curled on my side. I know I should get up to start my day, but somehow, I feel glued to the bed.

I had taken the letters and photos from the fridge to place on the bed; it remains scattered. I glance at a few of the polaroids and shut my eyes, tears immediately falling from my eyes.

“I can’t do this, Denny…” I mumble to myself, clutching the blanket closer to my chest.

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anonymous asked:

did you ever make a proper madoka skirt tutorial? and what did you make the skirt out of? Just a cotton fabric? any particular type? it looks so lovely and fluffy

I never got around to making a full tutorial, just explained how to stack layers to give it the donut look. I tried, but couldn’t figure out how to explain it in text/images without it getting truly convoluted and then I lost steam and got busy with school. Being a university student is suffering. 

(It’s also bullshit that I have trouble explaining it in text because if Christine can teach me how to do this over the phone, there is no reason why I shouldn’t be able to write it. Let’s give this another shot.)

Anyway, so.

The skirt is made of cotton sateen. It’s this amazingly beautiful fabric that is crisp, lovely to iron, and has this lovely shine to it without being satin-levels of obnoxious. It is what dreams are made of. I wish I had more costumes that used this. We also used it on Sayaka’s shirt, Mami’s shirt/arm warmers and Kyoko’s ruffles. If it were considered at the time, I would have insisted Christine use it for Homura’s shirt, too, but alas. (BRB, making Maya use it for her Satsuki costume.)

So anyway, you want to make this.

Once you break it down it becomes significantly less complicated than it looks.

Basically the entire skirt is rectangles. Also note that the skirt still has to be worn with a petticoat. This just gives you the necessary “donut” poof look.

A. You have a rectangle that becomes the waistband. Generally [your waist + seam allowance + room for elasticizing]” x 4”. This will be elasticized, not difficult.

B. You have a rectangle that will be the upper layer that domes over the tulle. This gets gathered down a lot, so you probably do something like [[your waist x 5]+ seam allowance] x 20” or something. It depends on how long you want the skirt to be, and keep in mind that this layer includes the bottom ruffle. You can do this in panels (as we did five panels of [waist]) or you can find one big massive long strip. Up to you and how you can most effectively use fabric; any seams will be lost in the ruffles anyway. 

C. Then you have a rectangle that is the bottom layer, which can be much smaller, like [[your waist x 3]+ seam allowance] x 14”. 

D. As many rectangles as you want in tulle for the stuffing inside. This is basically like a petticoat but sealed inside the skirt; any petticoat tutorial should give you an idea of how to do this.

You’ll notice that B is longer than C by about 6”. This is to include hem and ruffle. You can alter these numbers (20 and 14, in this case) to be whatever you want, as it will depend on your height and how long you want the skirt to be. Katherine’s skirt barely covers her bum (hooray, ruffles and matching bloomers!) but she is also 5’6” or something with long legs, if she were 5’0” and had short legs, that same measurement might fall to mid-thigh. You have to alter these numbers to scale to you, but you still want to keep the 6” (or whatever) difference to account for ruffle and hem.

So first you take B and you make it into the “skirt” by joining both ends and then hemming. Cool. Now you have a “skirt”. 

Then you go five inches (or whatever you’ve decided to make your ruffle length) from the bottom of the skirt/hem and sew a gathering line all the way around. Gather this down to the width of C. Attach the bottom of the C-skirt to this ruffle line so you’ve essentially got one two-layered skirt, the top layer (B) having much more fabric.

Gather the top of C down to match the waistband (A).  Sew (or tack, as you will still be adding D and B.)

Create your petticoat (D) layer to gather down to match waistband (A). Sew (or tack, as you still need to add B.) There are a handful of pictures of this process here but I’ve included some below too.

Now gather down B to match the waistband (A). Again, sew or tack in place. (It’s a shit ton of fun, I tell you. That many layers gets crazy.)

Attach waistband, install elastic.

Become cupcake.

Hope that helped!

- Jenn


I’ve been pretty behind on the whole Frozen hype. A few years behind, really. Now I know what all of the 6-10 year-old girls were raving about. The music is ridiculously catchy, the plot twist is really intriguing, and the moral of the story has some good old sisterly love (which I know nothing about because I’m an only child… but that’s beside the point). 

Originally posted by disneylandwheredreamscometrue

Anyways, from listening to my friends talk about the movie and from hearing about it in class, I knew Hans was bad, though everything would work out in the end (as it always does). I mean, at the beginning of the movie, he seemed like the stereotypical “old Disney” prince. 

Originally posted by joleenalice

He sweeps Ana off her feet at the ball, promises to love her, etc. But, as most other characters (and I hope other kids) pick up on… this is preeeeeetttty sketchy. Even knowing it was gonna happen, his betrayal made me so angry. That power-hungry son of a Sven. But I LOVED Ana’s clapback at the end- “The only one with a cold heart here is you.” Pretty sure I screamed “YES” at my laptop… 

Originally posted by ohmydisney

I’m still kind of confused about the old Weaselton guy… Why exactly does he get so much screen time? He isn’t really that integral to the plot except for the fact that he sends men to kill Elsa. He just complains a lot… Maybe it’s for comedic relief, but that’s just not my type of humor. I do love, though, that Zootopia has a few Frozen references… including one about Weaselton.

Originally posted by disney-yensid

That being said… I know there’s a whole “Disney-Pixar universe theory” out there- that all of the movies are connected in some way. What really struck me while watching Frozen was that all of the characters seem to be familiar with the concept of true love’s kiss. Now, I don’t exactly know if the concept of true love’s kiss is really a thing outside of the Disney bubble, but I do know it’s especially important in Snow White, Sleeping Beauty, and, hey! Maleficent. Are the Frozen characters familiar with these stories? They seem to think true love’s kiss is necessary to break the spell… Hm. Just something to think about.

Side note on the whole space-time conflation thing: I really appreciate the scene where Ana is jumping up around famous artworks. I’ve seen some of the paintings in real life!

Disney version:

Real version:

On a completely different note, did anyone else think Elsa’s ice powers were kinda a metaphor for depression at the beginning? I mean, it kinda falls apart with the whole “brb building an ice castle now I can be myself” thing… But in the beginning, she doesn’t tell people what’s going on because she doesn’t want to hurt anyone. Her parents tell her to conceal everything, that it’s not ok to openly show her powers (in keeping with the modern stigma around mental illness). And her powers literally involve ice… I imagine some people with depression might consider it a lack of warmth, or a cold state of being. She spends a lot of time in isolation, not participating in fun events with her sister. If a doctor had to diagnose her with a condition, I almost guarantee it would be depression. 

Originally posted by foreverfrozensolid

But in the end, she learns to control her powers so she can be with her sister and benefit her kingdom. Ah yes, the happy Disney ending I was promised.

Originally posted by attimidipurafollia

thewritersblock707  asked:

Hey, I was just going through your list of app recs for students wherein you directed us a link if we want to see a full list. I'm really interested to know what apps you'd recommend (cuz honestly you're just awesome), also, can you also include what apps do you use to take notes? Thanks!

hello! sorry it took me so long to get u back, but here goes,,

[ a for app store | p for google playstore | ^ for personal fav ] 

note-taking apps:

news && magazines:


hope u find this helpful!! all of these apps i personally have on my ipad and they’re all amazing!

projektgestalt  asked:

There's Lvl 70 Tanks running around with i270 STR accs because "Moar strength means moar aggro and MUH DEEPS" brb ramming multiple forks into my eyeballs to escape the stupid

I get being concerned about keeping hate through damage, but eventually that 270 slayer meta is going to drop your ilvl so low that you won’t be able to do any content after patch 4.3. And by then, it’ll shift from 270 meta to crafted accessories w/ penta STR materia meta which is a luxury few tanks will be able to afford when that time comes.

Also, tanks, remember to hold your DPS accountable. Especially casters who have two methods of dropping their enmity via Lucid Dreaming and Diversion. Please, don’t let us get away with pouring deeps and not making things easy for you. Remind us of our cool downs during our openers. Role actions were added to bring synergy between classes and the use of our enmity dropping CDs is part of that. Until SE gives ya’ll damage back via VIT or pumps the effectiveness of Tenacity, it’s gonna be like this.

– Mod Mhi

The signs as stuff my friends have said pt. 2
  • Aries: I am the great squid penetrator, who penetrates people's minds
  • Taurus: Brb jerking off my anger
  • Gemini: My laugh goes from manly chuckle to withy cackle
  • Cancer: Are you fucking serious, of course I know it's a vibrator, I created a hentai squad
  • Leo: I'm 18. I'm a grown person, I can do things. Like never sleep
  • Virgo: I wrote yaoi in a church
  • Libra: When you sing and hit the note perfectly while burping
  • Scorpio: I want to fight a bus driver
  • Sagittarius: My tiny kokoro has melted
  • Capricorn: It looks like I can choke a dolphin with one hand
  • Aquarius: Go to bed! Or I'll spank you like a disobedient avocado
  • Pisces: I have a habit of hanging out with my friends moms

i was tagged by both @obwian and @quillpete to do this so thank you! 

first edit? i’m crying brb but this star wars edit for the last jedi trailer which apparently i’ve deleted, so this got season 7 gif (rip my coloring abilities) 

favorite edit/s? this is going to be hard but i love this instagram au i did and i also really like this attack of the clones post i made for my sw in order series 

edit with the most notes? this 40 years of star wars has the most notes  but my revenge of the sith post, leia organa appreciation and friends posts all have about the same number of notes 

edit you spent the most time on? probably this harry potter post i made, but also the instagram au took me a while too 

what styles inspire your edits? just whatever i see on tumblr. like i wouldn’t say theres anything in particular 

how do you make your edits? i use photoshop cc 2015

edit that got more notes than expected? honestly this rogue one post and then also the revenge of the sith one 

edit that got less notes than expected? this one han solo post that i really loved and also this sirius black post that i liked too  

any edits you wish you hadn’t made? i did this whole series of walking dead ones that were really ugly when i was first starting out

and finally, how long have you been making edits? since april of this year! i started easter weekend 

i’m tagging @sithobi @jilys @bottomkirk @lsaks @darthvcder @stripperanakin @a-nakinskywalker @herocassian @kyvber @aragonr and @pvdmeamidala (optional as always :) ) 

anonymous asked:

lmao it's so transparent how you only start posting again once it's confirmed taylor is lurking. unfollowed for being a basic ass attention whore.

I love fan mail.

On a side note though my follower count hasn’t gone down, and you probably weren’t following me to begin with because then you’d know that I’ve been pretty present on Tumblr since before even Taylor made an account hahahah.
Brb let’s look up this IP address.