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(Ex) Band Buddies Who Text

Thank you to anyone who read/showed love to the first (Ex)BBWT! Maybe I’m too quick to get emotional but it meant a lot :’) you are awesome humans indeed

Here’s Part 2 where Peter’s recovering from a (small) Spidey injury and the reader wonders if they’re overbearing. I just love writing these so much. Hope someone somewhere enjoys :)

Peter is Bold. Reader is Italics.  

Monday, Morning.

(8:03) That’s quite the shiner you have there.  

(8:04) Yeah. Got into a fight.

(8:04) A fight?

(8:05) Is that really hard to believe?

(8:07) It probably wouldn’t be if you weren’t wearing a shirt that said ‘If the Silver Surfer and Iron Man team up, they’d be alloys.’

(8:08) Everyone appreciates a pun, especially a superhero one, but they don’t exactly scream ‘menacing’.

(8:09) I didn’t start the fight. Apparently I just have a face that jerks want to punch.

(8:09) Was it Eugene?

(8:10) You know Flash hates it when you call him that.

(8:10) But no, they don’t go to Midtown. At least I don’t think so. They wore masks.

(8:11) I was out in the city and they jumped me. Stole my backpack, too.

(8:11) Way to kick a man when he’s down.

(8:12) But good news for you, I always keep a spare bag in my locker. It’s yours.

(8:13) I owe you one.

(8:14) Consider it a Christmas present.

(8:15) Christmas isn’t for another seven months.

(8:15) Alright then, a belated birthday gift.

(8:16) Thank you. I really appreciate this.

(8:17) Yeah, well, your payment is to be more vigilant in the future.

(8:17) Don’t go out at night, aaaand

(8:17) Buy a guard dog. Idk.

(8:18) If I didn’t know better I’d start to think you care.

(8:19) Believe it or not I can be very nurturing.

(8:19) You just wouldn’t think so with my tough and uncompromising exterior.

(8:20) Your binder has dancing otters on it.

(8:21) It’s my cousin’s.

(8:21) If you say so.

(10:37) Did you check your backpack before giving it to me?

(10:41) What would be the point? It’s empty.

(10:41) Sure about that?

(10:42) …I was.

(10:42) Oh god

(10:42) What have you found?

(10:43) Do you prefer the term “diary” or “journal”?

(10:44) What the

(10:44) How did it get in THERE??

(10:45) I’ve been looking everywhere for it!

(10:46) Don’t worry, it’s in safe hands.

(10:46) You haven’t read any of it, have you?

(10:47) Not deliberately.

(10:47) I got confused for a second, thought it was mine and flicked through a few pages.

(10:48) guuugfhh

(10:48) There was nothing that would tempt me to keep it as leverage so don’t panic.  

(10:49) That said, I really enjoyed your poem about Captain America.

(10:50) I’m a red-blooded teenager and he’s an AVENGER. We’re entitled to our fantasies.

(10:51) “His shield mighty, colours red, blue and white –”

(10:51) No shame here.

(10:52) “With a strength so fine like an Eagle taking flight.”

(10:53) Okay maybe that one wasn’t my best


(12:13) Do you think it’s weird how we text but don’t talk in person?

(12:16) Not really given how technology-dependent our generation is.

(12:16) I don’t think I’ve seen an actual book in years…

(12:17) If you want, you’re welcome to sit with me and Ned at lunch sometime. 

(12:17) And Michelle.

(12:18) She rarely speaks but she’s there. Supplies the witty remark every now and then.

(12:19) Thanks, but Jason thinks it’s good for team spirit if the band engages in out-of-practice socialisation as often as possible.

(12:19) You guys can sit with us tho!!

(12:20) He’s really taking control of things, isn’t he?

(12:21) I’ve sent Kate a total of twelve emails begging her to come back.

(12:21) Nine of which were answered by her mom threatening to place a restraining order against me.

(12:22) I thought that was a bit extreme.

(12:22) Do you ever hear what you’re saying or is it mindless rambling?

(12:23) A bit of both… mostly the latter.

(12:23) But I’m not overbearing, right?

(12:24) Is that what Kate’s mom called you?

(12:25) Among other things.

(12:25) Like what?

(12:27) Let’s see

(12:27) Bumptious (probably my favourite), overweening (think I’ve exhausted every wiener joke out of that one) and five other words that I can’t remember and had to Google.

(12:28) They were all more or less a synonym for selfish. I don’t think she likes me much.

(12:28) That’s probably a safe assumption. No offence.

(12:29) I’m just thinking of the band. Jason’s methods, while well-intentioned, are driving us all to early graves.

(12:30) Have you ever considered taking over?

(12:30) Me? You’re joking. I’m no leader.

(12:31) I like to boss people around, sure, but I crack under pressure.

(12:31) I guess with great power comes great responsibility.

(12:32) Huh - how Shakespearean of you, Mr Parker.


(14:50 – Incoming Call)  


“Why do you sound so confused? Don’t you have caller ID?”

“Yeah but I didn’t realise our friendship had advanced beyond texting.”

“Where are you?”

“Just leaving school no—waaait, what are you doing?”

“Can you see me?”

“The way you’re waving like that? S’kinda hard to miss you.”

“I’m walking you home.”

“What? Why?!”

“Don’t go out at night – buy a guard dog – and earlier I thought of the easiest and cheapest security measure: travel with a buddy. So I present to you your travel buddy. Moi.”

“As much as I appreciate how uncharacteristically generous you’re being today… I don’t need a chaperone.”

“Think of me less as a chaperone and more as your own Scary Godmother.”

“This is ridiculous.”

“Yeah, yeah, whine whine whine. This is a perfect bonding opportunity, actually. As penance for snooping through my diary I demand you tell me all about your undying love for Liz Allan.”

(Call Ended – 00:47:10)


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Happy birthday my sweet boo! Hope you have a fab day with all your fav sweets!


And hubby can eat what I don’t because he always eats too many them feels like shit 


It’s my damn birthday so I am having my hot wings and rosemary fries and no one can stop me I have been eating friggen rice and salmon and Pho basically for the past two months I DESERVE THIS OKAY 

☆*゚—「 ANSEL ELGORT, MALE, HE/HIM 」according to the latest post on hollywood life, resident benevolent, james wolfe was just spotted roaming the streets of los angeles. the twenty two year old is notorious for being indecisive but they’re also pretty easygoing. apparently, they’re a libra so we definitely share a birthday month. how cool! i hope they don’t get into too much trouble like all the other actors out there.

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I used to have a document with my friends’ birthdays (basically to plan gifts and to make sure I don’t miss any), but I lost that one too, apparently.

So I would really appreciate it if you could tell me your birthday date so I can write it down again and plan stuff (I’m sorry I don’t remember the dates given that my memory is so bad and 90% of my friends’ birthdays happen during the first two weeks of October).

In other news, seems like I will be out of my room for at least another month, and that’s a Big Problem because there are two birthdays this month and I wanted to draw something, but it’s impossible. I feel so bad about that… I was wondering if there could be any alternative I could do as a present. Maybe writing a one shot for my friends with their favorite character(s) when their birthday comes? Would my friends like that? I really don’t want to stop giving birthday gifts but this year it seems like drawing will be impossible (no place to draw, no materials, no time, too much stress preparing for the exams, shoulder injury, etc.)

So I really appreciate suggestions. Like, feel free to tell me “I want this for my birthday!” and I will try my best!

Here’s my submission for the @mlcalendarproject​!  My month was July.  Those bathing suits were sooo fun to draw!  Alya’s is nautical themed with the colors of the French flag, and Marinette’s is obviously Chat Noir-themed.  ^_~ 

(I also just realized blue and red are Nino colors, so let’s just pretend Adrien and Nino are standing off to the side staring with their jaws wide open because the girls are just too adorable)  X3

(I had kind of a hard time drawing this for some reason– I was going through a weird art block thing)

Easter Eggs: 

  • Their ice cream flavors are my 2 favorites: strawberry and pistachio.  ;)
  • My birthday month is actually in July too!

17.05.07 fancafe - bts_Rap Monster

may is….may is the month of family.

since childhood, may felt more like the middle of the year than June or July. I thought it was the same month as inflection point of the year. It has a lot of public holidays too.. Labour Day.. Buddha’s Birthday.. Parents’ Day.. Teacher’s Day.. but of course the main (holiday) is Children’s day !

therefore, it becomes may bam! my heart would flutter pointlessly. It’s the month with many days off from school right? I think everyone would do it if you have school days…maybe. Isn’t it that the weight of may alone approaching distinctly, perhaps our childlike innocence is still alive?

the last end of year stage occasion.. everyone, the members and company too said 2017 all together. we’ve already approached half way through the year, time really flies. yesterday I thought about the word “future”.미未(not) 올래來(coming). A word that we live by bound the most together with words of happiness and love. but suddenly there is not future. I thought that.

because its already may of 2017 that we waited eagerly for, maybe the that future is just a myth. because the most important thing is right now. I thought that saying to do it in the future- later on- that future would never come. something about it is superficial but now is the future soon. I’ve always hoped for something for the future and for something to change, but then I couldn’t manage to smell of the trees of the present. it seems that there is a little water given too to speak of. that the present is the future soon

you may be curious. In the meantime I’m getting a some things ready that are fun again. because we have a lot of things to prepare, the pace is a bit slower than before. because we want to make them more carefully and elaborately. I miss when I didn’t know about the world and had fears of the old past. but there are pros and cons. I think I want to show you since I did it so finely. still..I’m daring to do my best. dare I.

BTS is barely starting. Up until now, we have tried things we haven’t before and we want to try more. It’s barely may more or less.. It doesn’t feel like may has come somehow. The may now and the may 10 years ago have many differences but, when I see my little cousin getting excited to go to lotte world, I’m still thrilled and envious. we will be like this. the weather is warm despite it getting hotter as the summer quickens.

how is everyone’s may? In your hearts, me. us. I thought (about that) for a moment, what season, what month will i stay in. But it’s sad that I can’t hear all the stories. I will try to do my best though. Like music if I can do it. warm and hotly.

trans; @hobuing | do not repost

La Dolce Vita.

Genre: Smut. And some fluff too. 

Summary: When your best friend decides to screw you over with the werewolf boy you absolutely hate during your heat~ 

Pairing: Reader [Werewolf AU!] x Jeon fucking Jungkook [Werewolf AU!]

Word Count: 6.9k-ish

Dedicated to my sweet strawberry jelly, @nomoreghostie-anon, Happy Birthday, sunshine!! I hope you like this trash writing of mine ahahah :) 

Also tagging @writeiolite who read this like a billion months ago and loved it, your encouragement always makes me beyond happy!!

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“Unnie,” you whined, tugging on the end of Jiyoon’s dress, “Don’t go!”

Your heat was supposed to start in a few days and initially you had planned to chain yourself in your room and let her take care of you through it. However her unexpected business trip ruined all your plans. She sighed, turning around to look at you in a mix of understanding and seriousness as she sat you by the edge of the bed.

“Look, ___ I don’t have a choice. If I don’t attend this meeting, they’ll fire me.” She groaned, rubbing the sides of your arm, “But it’ll be okay, you’ve been through this before.”

“Yeah, but I had a boyfriend to help me out then,” you whined, looking at her with pleading eyes. “This is the first time I’ll have to go through it alone.”

“Well, you don’t have to if you don’t want to,” your eyebrows quirked up at her words and you looked at her in curiosity, urging her to go on. “Look, there are other werewolves in my boyfriend’s pack, you know they can help you.”

You groaned in annoyance, knowing full well about Hoseok’s pack and the members, not forgetting to mention their weird habits, but there was no way you were going to let any of them get close to you, especially not Jungkook. Not when you were in heat.

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so I saw it was your birthday! i hope i’m not too late..! I have no idea how long it would have been between the time the post was made and me actually seeing it, plus getting around to drawin :d ANYWAY..! HAPPY (maybe late) BDAY! Hope you have/had a great 1  !

SDJFBJKHAEDBSFJHESR YOU HAVE NO IDEA HOW HAPPY THIS MADE ME OMG thank you??????? for actually taking time to draw this for me omg im just… dfskj too emotional for this i cant thank you enough holey carp THANK YOU THIS IS BEAUTIFUL AND AMAZING AAAAAAAAAAAAAAA i love this and i love you so much omg

They should be around during the next Steven birthday party.



Kuroko’s birthday before entering Seirin would have been absolute horrible and look at him now, his friends are with him and he is part of the greatest team and… He is so incredible :’V

“First a good case, then cake, and now dancing. What’s the occasion, John? I haven’t deleted my own birthday, have I?”

“Well, I hope not. But since in the past we never celebrated it because I didn’t know when it was, I thought we might celebrate your not-birthday today. And mine, too. How nice they’re both on the same day, isn’t it?”

“That’s ridiculous, John.”

“Oh? I haven’t heard you complain about case, cake or dancing so far. And the day’s not over yet.”

“I doubt anything could possibly beat the dancing.”

“Just you wait.”

For this month’s @sherlockchallenge: Happy Birthday.

Guardian Angel - Hoseok soulmate AU- One shot

This turned out a lot differently then i expected 

Genre: fluff and a little angst

word count: 1523

When you are born your soulmate’s initials will be written on your wrist. But when you were really young a line appeared through your the initials, signalling that your soulmate had died.

But you were so young you didn’t understand this. But every time you look in the mirror you see a boy as well, one who has grown with you. It’s your soulmate- J.H

Originally posted by myloveseokjin

Age 3

My earliest memory was my mother crying. At the time i didn’t understand why. But I remember feeling a sharp pain in my wrist, So I went to show her. I still remember the look of horror in her eyes. She pulled me into her lap and cradled me. That’s when she began to cry, rocking me back and forth saying I’m so sorry y/n over and over again.

Age 4

It was my 4th birthday party, everyone had left. I was still getting sad looks but didn’t understand why. I got continuous I’m so sorry and oh you poor thing. At the time is still had no idea what they were talking about. All i knew was that the two letters on my wrist had a dark line through them. And i remember the sadness i felt looking at them, even though i didn’t know why.

Age 6

That’s the first time i saw him. My mom was doing my hair for school. And there he was, black hair, big eyes, bright smile. He was looking at me through the mirror and waved. Without hesitation i waved back. My mother narrowed her eyes and said “Y/n why are you waving at yourself?” i remember him giggling as i said “i don’t know i was bored.” she had raised an eyebrow but continued brushing my hair.

Age 9

I remember was alone in my room, watching cartoons and coloring in a notebook. ‘Hey Y/N!” i remember jumping and looking around. That’s when i spotted the boy in my mirror again. The only difference was he seemed a year or two older than me. He was the same boy from when i was littler.

“You can talk?” he looked at me and nodded, ‘Of course! But you are the only one who can hear me! Would you like me to explain?” I remember still being surprised but nodding.

“Well, the world is full of soulmates, you know that much right?i nodded.Well i’m your soulmate, but you see when i was little, i got really sick and died.” i remember my eyes widening at that i still feel all the emotions of that day ten years later.

“So” he continued. “That’s why you have a line through my initials. But don’t worry i still have yours!” i smiled at him. Unaware of what this sad feeling in my heart was. I was only 9 years old when i had my heart broken.

Age 14

I spent hours every staring in the mirror talking to Hoseok. I never told him how sad I was that he couldn’t be with me, I didn’t want him to feel bad. He couldn’t have controlled what happen to him.

So what is the after life like? He pondered that question for a moment before responding well I haven’t gone there yet, I was set to be your guardian angel, until you pass away one day too. Then I’ll go to the afterlife.

Age 17 turning 18

Happy birthday baby! I laughed at him thank you  it was nice that I could still have a relationship with him. But I wished he was here physically. I longed to hold his hand, to hug him, to kiss him.

It was my senior year of high school. I would be graduating in a few months. I never had a boyfriend, they all had their soulmate. Hobi had continuously told me that if I find someone who is in the same situation I’m in, and I have feelings for, go for it. He said he wants me to be happy. I told him with any luck I would never find someone like that. Little did I know.

Age 19 present day

Aww y/n you look gorgeous! I was finishing curling my hair and Hoseok was sitting on the bed behind me. At least that’s what it looked like in my mirror. God how I wished I could turn around and he would actually be there.

Thank you babe, I wish you were here with me ya know. I wish for that so much. His face softened and a sad smile crept up on his features. I wish I was with you too y/n, I am happy being with you this way and I want no need you to be happy. I nodded and gave him a sad smile.

I just wish you could be here Hoseok. I wiped away the tears slipping down my face. I wish I could be there to wipe your tears y/n. This wasn’t something that happens often, it’s just at times my sorrow was too much to bare.I continued to get ready, Hoseok distracting  me from my sadness with funny faces and jokes. I finished getting ready and placed

A soft kiss on the mirror. I’ll see when I’m home. He nodded and I left.

Today I was going down to my favorite cafe to meet up with a friend I had met online. His name was Yoongi, we aspired to be a rapper and we bonded over music. A passion of mine.

I made it down to the cafe at 10, we agreed on meeting at 10:15, I preferred to be early. I picked a table in the corner next to the window. There just so happened to be a window next to me and i smiled as I saw Hoseok.

At 10:20 Yoongi came walking through the doors. I knew it was him due to our Skype calls. I waved him in my direction and he smiled before heading over.  He took the seat in front of me and smiled nice to finally meet you in person Y/N. i nodded and smiled extending my hand to shake his.

It was a formal gesture i never really used, i just had an odd feeling i should. Our hands clasped and that’s when i noticed it. The initials on his wrist had a line through them, just like mine. He seemed to notice mine as well. Because we were both silently looking at each other’s wrists until a waitress came over to greet us.

We were both pulled from our thoughts by her words “Hey! What can i get you two?” we both quickly ordered and watched her retreat behind the counter before making eye contact again. “ Your soulmate died too?” he nodded slowly “yeah, i never met them, they died when i was little.”

My eyes widened at that “mine too! Hey odd question but do you maybe still see her when you look in a..” at the same time we said “mirror.” he nodded frantically “Yes, and i can talk to her, she is sitting right there.” he pointed to the mirror where i saw Hoseok sitting, but he was conversing with someone i couldn’t see. I looked back at Yoongi and smiled. “So i’m not the only one it seems.” he nodded at that.

We spent the next 3 hours laughing and sharing our experiences. And without realizing we had begun flirting with each other. It was a little after 1 in the afternoon when we left the cafe. “Shall we go somewhere else?” i smiled at his question “Would you like to go to the pier?” he smiled “If it means spending more time with you then of course.”

We went to the pier and spent the rest of the day taking, eating food, and playing the carnival games. And finally the sun was beginning to set. “Y/n do you want to go on the ferris wheel? It will have a gorgeous view of the sun set.” i smiled “that sounds wonderful Yoongi.”

We got onto the Ferris wheel and it began its ascent up. We sat in silence watching the sun slowly set. I could see Hoseok in the window reflection and he had the biggest smile on his face. I chuckled as he gave me a thumbs up.

The Ferris wheel stopped at the top and that’s when it happened. “Hey y/n look here for a second.” i turned my head and was surprised as Yoongi pressed his lips to mine. I was surprised, both by the suddenness and how right it felt.

I melted into the kiss, he was so warm and soft, and tasted like the ice cream we had earlier. My very first kiss. The ferris wheel began to move once more and he pulled away. A bright blush staining his and my cheeks. “That was my first kiss” we said this simultaneously and chuckled.

Before we could say anything else i felt an odd tingling on the wrist opposite to the one with Hoseok’s initials. I looked down at my wrist and to my shock, two initials were written there. M.Y Min Yoongi. My head shot up and i looked to see my initials written on Yoongi’s wrist as well. “How is this even possible?” i looked up at the window to see Hoseok with the biggest smile on his face and he nodded at me with a wink.

“Let’s not question it.” and with that i finally felt at peace.   

let me know if you would like an Epilogue! 


Because 9 years ago I did not think I would be able to live with my anxiety and depression. Life sucked for me and I struggled so much with wanting to live and being too scared to do anything about it.
Two days ago, I celebrated my 22nd birthday surrounded by people who care for me and in 12 days I will be graduating from college with my Bachelors degree in Communication and a minor in journalism.
May is Mental Health Awareness month and this is my big middle finger in the air to my own illnesses because the more people who know and talk about mental health, the better off people like me will be. Don’t let the stigma make you afraid to talk about it.
Mental illnesses are still illnesses even if the world can’t physically see them.

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Louis did a big big denial of Larry today. The biggest one he has ever had (because it was on camera). So, I know we believe in Larry, but maybe we should look at his denial and analyze it. Have you done it? I think I am gonna do it, because the fact is that we don't know them and, although I believe in Larry, I have to keep in my mind that there is a chance I can be wrong. Lot of love for you, you are the best one! <3

Here’s the biggest thing for me: WHY DO THEY KEEP MAKING A DEAL OF LARRY? As others have said, we haven’t seen them publicly together save for Louis’ JHO performance in December 2016 since December 2015. 18 months. They have not interacted on camera. Louis tweeted Harry for his birthday this year. Otherwise, they haven’t communicated on social media publicly either. Ships exist in every fandom the world over. And in most of them they are ignored. Or laughed about. Either way, not brought front and center for everyone always. It doesn’t make sense. This has ALWAYS been the biggest Larry proof: “thou doest protest too much.” 

Why is Wattpad asking the question? My opinion: because he’s devil trash looking for ratings. He’s also in Simon’s pocket. So, at some point there’s likely going to be a narrative about how Simon never closeted them, that it was their choice, la la la. And honestly, we’re going to have to suck that one up and deal because we’re NEVER going to get the kind of story we know to be true. If I believe anything in this fandom it’s that Simon’s NDAs are air tight. But none of this negates the fact that the question shouldn’t have been asked in the first place.

I also think it’s important to draw a distinction between what was said in print (click free link here) and video. As @conscious–ramblings has said, if Dan could have gotten Louis to say all the things he “said” in print on video, we’d have seen it. As @srslycris reminds us, PR firms can give quotes (and photos) to journalists/outlets without final approval from their client. That’s pretty much their job, and you hope you’re putting your faith in the right company.

My big takeaway from both the print and the video is that Louis is closeted. He cannot say that he’s fine with Larry rumors. He has to mention Eleanor. I agree with @verily-i-say that when Louis talks about his “girlfriend” he seems to super impose Harry details there rather than Eleanor. The part about disrespect did stick with me. Because quite frankly, the interaction on Twitter and Instagram IS disrespectful (in my opinion). No one should be @ ing the boys or their families/friends/beards about Larry. Not ever. Speculation in your own lane is one thing. Bringing it to their front door (so to speak) is entirely different. So, I don’t disagree with that sentiment. 

So no, nothing that was said makes me think differently about the truth of their relationship. 

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yuuri is a witch in training and viktor is a prince!

guys. which one of you failed to inform me that yesterday was @beanpots‘s bday? this is dedicated to them now

The bell above the door tinkles merrily as it opens. Viktor steps in nervously, pulling his hood about him and closing the door quickly, before peering out the little window in the door to make sure he hadn’t been tailed.

After ascertaining that no one had, he steps out into the main part of this shop, looking around him at the dried herbs tied to the ceiling and gathered in baskets all around. A book lies open on the counter, next to a mortar and pestle and a small linen bag. 

A bengal cat comes leaping down from the rafters, landing onto the counter before flicking its tail and turning to survey Viktor with piercing green eyes. Viktor stands rooted to the floor, hardly daring to breathe. He only moves when the cat does; it leaps off the counter and pads away silently through a set of black curtains behind the counter.

Viktor returns to his examination of the room. Minako is taking such a long time to get out here, and he didn’t remember seeing a bengal cat familiar the last time he was here to be checked up by her. He sighs, finger skimming across a deer antler and a rabbit’s foot before coming to rest on a fox pelt. It feels unbelievably soft.

“Hey! I’m sorry it took me so long to get out here!” A voice startles Viktor from his reverie and he turns to see a young dark-haired man at the counter, wiping his hands on his apron. Viktor’s chest does an unpleasant-feeling lurch, and he heaves, caught off-guard by the sudden motion. The young man’s eyes widen, and he scrambles around the counter to catch Viktor just as he stumbles.

The young man smells like petrichor, Viktor muses, before he’s being guided to a stool and instructed to sit. The young man vanishes behind the curtains again, and reappears momentarily with a cup of some sort of hot beverage.

“It’s tea,” he explains, when Viktor clutches the cup and stares at it. 

“…Thank you,” mumbles Viktor, before he sips. It is scalding, but it is tea, indeed.

“You gave me a bit of a fright,” admits the young man. “What can I do for you?”

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Miyusawa magazine cover (?) haha

Sorry I’m too lazy to translate everything into English… Will just leave it like this…/Lies down

For a good friend’s (also my fav Misawa writer’s) birthday! 

Just realized I haven’t posted anything here in a while, sorry for the late reply to people who’ve sent me asks in the past few months TT3TT