and on how nobody can resist you

Kyungsoo being gay cute -because that anon asked for it!-

we all have seen this

how he rest his head in jongin’s shoulder

how he seems to be


a little puppy

the maknae like kyungoo hyung so much

So gay… errr… CUTE, even with the couple rings *3*


helping pretty Luge

hugged by Luge


xingxing the real namja strikes again





man!! they are not girls! just in case you didn’t know! you are so gay!! i mean… cute!!

he knows they aren’t girls…

he knows

nobody can resist Do Kyungsoo


well Donghae did it!! he resisted!

but… the squishy is too much

it’s an overdose♪ -of squishyness(?)-

favorite hyung forevahh


Kyungsoo is THE CUTEST OF CUTEST!! SOrry u_U everybody loves him! <3


куƖυx vs. stormpilot

Disclaimer: I lowkey ship куƖυx (+ am kin with kylo) and highkey ship stormpilot. So. There’s that.

Anyway, here’s my answer to all the arguments on why people like куƖυx more than stormpilot.

куƖυx is better than stormpilot because people like villains more.

Untrue, as seen here. A quality people do seem to like more would probably be… very pale skin. Cough cough.

куƖυx is better than stormpilot because there’s more opportunity for angst.

This is one of the strangest things I have ever heard. It’s bizarre to even put this on this list– Poe is a torture survivor who’s had to kill F.O. people all the time. Talk about how he feels about being tortured. Talk about his trauma. Talk about the fact that the best pilot in the Resistance was captured. Talk about him wondering about how many people he killed who might have defected. (provided you are not demonizing him for these actions.) Can nobody relate to feeling awful and guilty the minute something bad happens to you?

And Finn– Finn was brainwashed, abused, hurt from the moment he was kidnapped by the First Order. At every interval, they tried to squash the goodness out of him, but couldn’t. He was an outsider, someone shunned by other stormtroopers. He had no nickname. Finn had to leave behind everything he used to believe in, everyone he used to know and love and respect, to get out of the First Order. Is there nothing to be written about trying to learn to hate someone you used to look up to?

куƖυx angst seems to stem from them being captured (or killed) and Kylo falling to the dark. Which is… fine, depending on how that’s written (killing fascists is a good thing, friends), but it’s not like there’s suddenly more capacity for angst.

Also, this is the stuff you get when you click the ‘tag sort’ feature on AO3.

[fics blurred for authors’ privacy]

The literal first tag is fluff. Then you have modern AUs, then angst.

And stormpilot?

The same thing. Stormpilot and kylux both have the top same three tags. In addition, ‘hurt/comfort’ (which I personally think of as a cross between fluff and angst) is higher in the stormpilot fandom than it is in the kylux fandom.

Of course, куƖυx (and its woman-centric fandom) does have that lovely anal sex tag. And blowjobs. 

This brings us to our next point!

куƖυx is better than stormpilot because it’s kinkier.

First of all, no offense, but shut up.

Second of all, yes offense, but if you’re a woman and you’re choosing gay ships based on level of kink, you’re a disgusting homophobic fetishist and I hope you step on a gay lego.

Anyway. This argument, so far, I have only seen come from women, who should not care about gay ships just for the kink. If you need gay ships to be kinky, you’re probably oversexualizing and fetishizing them.

But this isn’t even true. 

There are both racist and homophobic implications to this statement even beyond the fetishizing nature of it, so here we go:

It’s racist because it desexualizes men of color. Surprise, surprise– men of color can be very attractive. Finn/John Boyega in particular is quite thicc.

I mean, they also both look like they just emerged from the sun fully formed and angelic, but that’s my personal opinion, so let’s move along. The tl;dr of this section is that just assuming men of color have less sex than or aren’t as hot as or aren’t as kinky as white men is! racist!!

And it’s homophobic in this case as well, because what are Poe and Finn? Heroes. What are Kylo and Hux? Villains.

So the gay villains are sexual, but the gay heroes aren’t…? And that’s a totally fine message to you?

Congratulations on vilifying gay men for having sex and acting like being sexual is somehow now a crime for gay men. Wonderful. Amazing. A great accomplishment. (/sarcasm)

Go step on another gay lego.

куƖυx is better than stormpilot because kylo/hux is/are mentally ill coded.

No, they aren’t.

Yes, Kylo is yelly and gets mad quickly, but not everyone who gets mad quickly or throws tantrums is mentally ill? He’s immature. That’s the point of the story there.

Now, I don’t want to pretend that mentally ill people can’t identify with Kylo. As a mentally ill person, I relate to Kylo because I’m so scared of messing everything up and hurting people that I imagine myself as equal to someone who purposefully murders people because of internalized ableism. I understand being mentally ill and relating to villainous characters.

Anyway, Hux isn’t mentally ill coded, and you could argue he’s feminine-coded and maybe (maybe!!!!!) a little gay-coded, but. No. He is not mentally ill coded, no matter how much the fandom likes to give him autistic traits (+ being autistic is a neurodivergence, not a mental illness. So.)

куƖυx is better than stormpilot because [insert something about SJWs ruining stormpilot fandom]


I keep seeing people say this who have no record of being ‘’’harassed by SJWs’’’ in the stormpilot fandom. I keep seeing this said by people who were never in the stormpilot fandom. I am honestly kind of shocked at the ugly racism that spews from the people who claim this?

If you can’t take the time or energy to make your fics about black men or latino men not racist (essentially, not steeped in racist stereotypes), you’re a racist. Like, there it is, I don’t know what to tell you.

As a person with ADHD who has extreme difficulties with focusing and reading long texts, it is not that hard– here’s a wonderful blog about stereotypes to avoid. If you need other help, you can ask the actual people of color in fandom (who do exist.)

Perhaps stop demonizing people of color who speak out on racism when what you really mean is “I’m lazy and can’t bear to do five minutes of research.”

Especially when you turn around and research sex positions, sex toys, AU settings, and time periods for your fics.

Especially when your record of being spoken to politely by people of color is full of you victimizing yourself, saying you don’t care, and not changing a thing.

Anyway. There are the main things I see. Hopefully that explained my views.

a rambly set of thoughts on why Finn is Luke’s son.

Elsepost someone asked if I had a summary of my thoughts on Finn Skywalker, and I didn’t, so here is a rambly and ineffectively structured one. 

So first, anyone looking for a Skywalker force user example to use to look for a new Skywalker tends to forget about Leia. 

If you consider Finn - who is noted in the prequel novella about his life to be a natural leader who rallies his other Stormtroopers and who in the novelization Poe says several times seems to have some sort of inspiring effect upon Poe, making Poe feel like he can do anything, feel alert and refreshed and ready to take action - as an heir to *Leia*’s way of being a force user, then there’s a big clue. 

Look how that entire room of Resistance generals listens to him. He’s not just nobody, he’s a Stormtrooper, yet no one is suspicious. No one consider him a n00b. Instant trust, a thing that Poe’s POV in the novelization takes pains to point out. That feeling Poe says is one that makes you feel like throwing in with him and following him anywhere. Know who else Poe has similar thoughts about? Yup. General Organa. He heroine worships her.

But also consider that:

1. Finn’s designator, 2187, is Leia’s cell number in ANH. It is also *the Number of the Force* itself:

2. Like Luke in ANH, Finn, dressed as a Stormtrooper, goes to that cell and rescues a beautiful enemy captive! He even whips that helmet off like Luke did.
3. Carefully watch everything Finn does in the tie fighter and the MF.

3a. He guns like Luke.
3b. He has a “woo hoo/good shooting/ don’t get cocky” thing with Poe like Luke had with Han.
3c. He *picks up and looks at the little training sphere thing* that Obi-Wan had Luke training with on board the MF. A little sphere thing that *zapped Luke* the same way our new droid sphere, BB8, zaps Finn when he meets Rey.
3d. A *tentacle creature grabs him and is trying to eat him* and he has to be rescued by his companion(s). He also gets the garbage chute callback with Phasma.

He is also the person whose seemingly mundane experience (shooting womp rats/working “sanitation” on Starkiller Base) is what results in the destruction of the Death Star du jour. Rey has no involvement in that aspect of the plot at all. She is entirely absent from that entire scenario.

No matter who Rey is, I firmly believe that Finn is the Skywalker. Consider that Kathleen Kennedy said that the saga films are about the Skywalker family. In the SWU, like America, kids take their father’s last names by default traditionally, and wives use their husband’s. Ben Solo. In the EU, Leia Organa-Solo, Jaina, and Anakin Solo, vs Luke’s son, Ben Skywalker. Mara Jade Skywalker, Luke’s wife. In the film we don’t known what name Leia used before the divorce. So we were more likely to be looking for a male Skywalker than a female anyway.

Add to that the fact that early on when the lead candidate for Finn was a blond blue-eyed white guy it was rumored he was to play Luke’s son (and they were looking for a black or biracial British woman to play Rey), and the fact that they had John Boyega use an American accent for Finn…

Early in TFA, when Finn has had his moment of truth/I cannot be a Stormtrooper moment, Kylo gives him a pointed look, right? He shows later that he knows exactly which Stormtrooper Finn is, has learned his name. Then later in the snow he battles first Finn, who then gets knocked out, then Rey, and does the “it *is* you” line that a canon source has now said we should not necessarily consider to indicate he knows her already but that he thinks she’s the one he sensed “awakening.“ 

Now consider that perhaps what hit Ren’s radar was that Finn was maybe force sensitive, but also Rey hit his radar that way, so he didn’t know which one of them had “awakened.” Then, the “it *is* you” becomes the moment when Ren decides it must’ve been Rey, not Finn…but really it’s both.

Who uses the Skywalker lightsaber first? Finn does. Finn lights that thing up first, not Rey.

The evidence for Rey being a Skywalker is largely cosmetic. She’s a pilot…sort of. The prequel novella actually shows us that she has only ever piloted one thing before, and that all her piloting and mechanical knowledge comes from the same place Finn’s shootin’ and battle knowledge comes from: simulations. Long ago she found a huge sim library of ships and flight sims and it was her only intellectual outlet, so she memorized it. She has a junk sort of speeder that is red, but she also has a lot of junk left over from the Battle of Jakku. She lives in an at-at torso, like Luke in the tauntaun, but so? It is *there*. Lots of people live in wrecked ships on Jakku and drive salvaged vehicles. 

What are the things that aren’t circumstantial? Luke quite specifically never can speak droid to R2. But Rey can speak to both BB8 and Chewie instantly in what is obvs a use of the force - Finn even calls her on the Chewie thing. Know who in ANH can understand anyone, and shows it by understanding both R2 and Chewie in the first half of ANH? Not Luke. Obi-Wan. Besides, her ability to speak droid and Shyriiwook is explained in the side product "Rey’s Survival Guide.

So Luke’s lightsaber calls to her? Well, she gets NEAR it first. It shows her scenes she couldn’t have been there for (Bespin) which indicate the memory is stored in the device, which could indicate she has psychometry. Then she sees a memory that is possibly hers observed from another perspective, then one of Luke and R2, has a future vision, has an odd one about the Knights, and she hears two different Obi-Wans. And as mentioned previously she doesn’t use the lightsaber first. Finn does. So the lightsaber calling to her says nothing specifically “Skywalker” about her. 

I’d also like to note that structurally, Kylo Ren and Finn’s encounter is given foreshadowing and import. If Finn is just some rando, why? Theirs is the first connection made between new characters, when they have the stare down. Why? This remains unaddressed. Seconds of silent film time are not expended for no reason. Finn is a co-lead but people never speculate about his ancestry beyond his skin color. If Finn was still a white guy you couldn’t shut people up about how he is so clearly Luke’s son. This theory may be wrong, but you have to admit if Jesse Plemons were playing him like early casting rumors suggested, we would already have had lengthy conversations about Finn Skywalker, with many walking into the film prepared to see Finn Skywalker, and their theories would’ve worked backwards from that assumption.

Finally, I see a lot of people who are fixated on the real world likelihood that Mark Hamill could father a son who looks like John Boyega. Two thoughts on that:

1. The filmmakers would not let that consideration stop them from casting the best possible Finn.

2. Mark Hamill and John Boyega look way more alike than Hayden Christensen and An Abstract Concept. Why didn’t Anakin’s father being the Force bother you, but Luke and Finn do?

Reaction: You’re touching your Seventeen boyfriend a lot, early in the relationship

S.Coups: “Jagiy, slow down. We’ve only been dating for a little bit.” *Shy Seungchol*

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Jeonghan: “Nobody can resist me. I’m not surprised you can’t keep your hands off me.”

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Jun: “You can look, but you can’t touch.” 

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Joshua: *Welcomes skinship happily*

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Hoshi: “Where do you think that hand is going?” 

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Woozi: “Woozi likey.”

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Wonwoo: “I don’t think that’s appropriate yet jagi.”

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DK: *Embraces the skinship*

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Mingyu: *Doesn’t know how to feel about skinship*

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Vernon: *Freezes due to too much skinship*

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Dino: Still too baby to date. I shall not allow XD

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Seungkwan: *Does aegyo to get you to stop* “Too soon jagiya”

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The8: *Waves it off politely*  *Feels too weird with too much skinship too early*

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On the road with Bokuto
  • him insisting on driving all the time
  • and being extremely consentrated and unusually quiet while driving
  • you being the navigator since bokuto can’t read maps
  • “Bokuto, we’re not stoping to eat again!”
  • “But s/o-chan, I am hungry!”
  • “We ate like an hour ago!”
  • you giving up because let’s be real here, how can you resist his pouting and nobody wants to deal with his dejection mode
  • him making a disc with all of your favourite songs
  • both of you singing
  • more like screaming
  • laughing
  • stopping whenever he gets tired so you could cuddle at the back seats
  • you playing with his hair while he’s resting on your lap
  • him holding your hand 
  • you scolding him 
  • “Hands on the wheel Howlny”
  • you complimenting him on his driving and him blushing

Uruha seems like he’d get married and have kids first.

Aoi is too busy moping about how nobody loves him to notice the women trying to confess their love for him.

Reita’s trying too hard to get girls. Look, they’re running away.

The girls run to Kai. How can you resist that adorable smile?

Ruki doesn’t care. Koron has a diamond and ruby encrusted collar. Life is good. ヾ(⌐■_■)ノ♪[̲̅$̲̅(̲̅5̲̅)̲̅$̲̅]

College boy! Luke standing at your door one day after you didn’t came to college because you were ill. You had never anything to do with Luke he seemed like a jerk and it’d be better to avoid him. But there he is now awkwardly stretching his neck, looking up at you with his piercing blue eyes and that smile he knew nobody could ever resist. 
And when you smiled back at him sweetly asking ‘Luke? What are you doing here?’ his confidence would get a major boost because the prettiest girl out of college remembered his name and he’d just hold up some notes, telling you how he noticed your absence and thought you could use these notes. And he added “My handwriting is kinda slopp. Let me in so I can explain and show you what we did” winking cheekily before you opened the door

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  • TastySalamanders: Also I've realised, while we've known for ages that English appears to move between vessels, being constantly reborn via Doc Scratch into each universe, we've never been shown how he finished with his body to move to the next one
  • TastySalamanders: Ring of Void basically solves that
  • Sorceror_Nobody: He probably eats himself
  • Sorceror_Nobody: Chewing his leg off was like the first pringle out of the tube
  • TastySalamanders: Once you pop you can't stop?
  • Sorceror_Nobody: He resists the urge long enough to wreck shit but sooner or later he just craves a full English breakfast
re: mira's AU where dracula and frankenstein swap protagonists
  • meganphntmgrl: it's just so easy to picture the nerd gang writing affectionate pitying entries about this gross-looking dude Jonathan brought back from Switzerland who turns out to be capable of being just as much of a nerd as them
  • meganphntmgrl: he has nerdiness within him the likes of which you can scarcely imagine
  • morethanprinceofcats: au in which lucy rejects all her suitors and marries the frankenstein monster instead and them being who they are nobody is mad at all but welcomes him to their bosom
  • meganphntmgrl: oh my god
  • meganphntmgrl: au in which this means they have a deathless seven-foot-tall ambiguously human superbeing sitting by lucy's side while she sleeps, ready to swat bats out of the air
  • morethanprinceofcats: you're welcome
  • meganphntmgrl: how was she supposed to resist all those eloquent milton quotations