and on another note

To the other anon/s I have recieved since my last post

If you are willing to come off anon, please message me again via tumblr messenger. I will make myself available throughout the day to chat 💖 I promise your username will not be posted.

If you’re not willing to come off anon, and you need more than to just get something off your chest, please see the list of help lines in the last post, or google for one in your area. There are type/txt based options!

Another thing about the last post: please go through the notes on it like I just did 💖 There are so many good and kind and wonderful people offering words of support! The little community that’s formed around this blog is filled with the best people, each of whom I am inspired by and grateful for!

As a last word, please remember: your mental illness is going to lie to you. It is going to make the meaning in things feel inaccessible. But you can defeat it. Please trust me when I say you CAN make things better, and it is worth getting through this! Keep trying! I am so proud of you!!

Meet Me Inside - Part 8

Part 7 | Masterlist | Part 9

Relationship: Bucky x Reader

Summary: You really wanted your last year to go without a hitch so you could finally get your Masters degree. But then Professor Barnes walks in to your lecture. And he makes it a whole lot harder to focus.

A/N: This has taken forever. I’m so sorry. But here it is, I’m finally back on track. A huge thank you to @imhereforbvcky and @kellieabro for helping me with this one. This hasn’t been edited, however. 

Warnings: Language

Words: 1311

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Knocking on her door, you wait for Natasha to let you in. It felt strange being nervous when at Nat’s apartment, it was always like a second home to you. But you never kept things from her before. There was just something about what had been going on that had stopped you from sharing. Maybe it was because you were dealing with a Professor? Maybe you feared being judged? Which was absurd, Natasha would never do that and you knew it. Or maybe it was because, up until now, you weren’t entirely sure if what was happening was really as you remembered.

She swings open her door and walks back in to her apartment, strolling over to her sofa. You follow behind her, grabbing a bottle of water from the kitchen counter before taking a seat beside her.

Sitting in front of the television, you take in her appearance. She looked pale, her hair tied back and she was wearing sweatpants and an old shirt.

“You really let yourself go. Did Steve reject you?” you tease and she glares at you.

“Fuck off” she mutters and you laugh. “What did you want to talk about? Or did you come here to look after your sick friend. I really wouldn’t oppose, you know” she asks and you feel the bottom of your stomach drop. You didn’t expect to confess so quickly.

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Hello Darlings!!!

OKAY!! So to consolidate the previous post!!! Here are the facts!!
1) Katie and I are married now and we are Kalyssie

2) We are High Ladies of the Sky Court where the only limit is the horizon

3) Anyone can be a part of our Court so long as you ask and the position is not already taken. The positions which ARE TAKEN include:

     A) @deziremyacotar as our First

     B) @kitkatdragon20 as our Second

     C) @foxboy-lucien as our Spymaster

     D) @autumn03 as our General

     E) @ohmyrowan as our personal artist/ maybe clothing designer???

4) We could still use a Third, an Ambassador/Emissary and an Advisor + Any other positions at your request just ask one of us first!! (@thatbitchydonutcollector??? @feysandsmut?? @arya-drottning?)

**NOTE @dreams-of-feysand and @itsneverjustabook get first dibs because they asked me privately before this**


A Game of Fate

-This is my entry for ChoicesCreates Round 23 and the official Choices Giveaway Round 2.-

How Choices changed my life…

Trapped inside the place I call home
Outside January winds blowing strong
I took a step into the unknown 
What could possibly go wrong?
One click and then another
So many stories and worlds to discover.

Seconds, minutes, hours passing by
Blocking out all the stress, all the noise 
Drama unfolds, right in front of my eyes
It’s in my hand, it’s my choice! 
Ridiculous sums of money I spend
Diamonds suddenly being my very best friend.  

There had to be others
More people like me
Searching the web for sisters and brothers 
Tumblr, a whole fandom - this is where I should be.
The start of an intimate journey, so great 
Many stories, many choices - this is a game of fate.

Dear fellow “Choices freaks”,
A one year anniversary for Pixelberry and a 8 months anniversary for me - What a long and crazy journey on so many levels has this been?! Back in January when I started playing this game I was basically still a child … a lonely, stubborn and misunderstood child who was used to running away from his problems. I always had a hard time meeting new people, making new friends, loving and trusting others … a classical overthinker, one could say. I was lost - Somewhere in the process of growing up all the fun, all the lightheartedness, all the passion left me. For almost 6 years I hadn’t drawn anything … puberty killed every muse, every inspiration inside of me. That changed when one night I decided to just give Choices a try. At first I was skeptical - It was obviously a game mainly created for girls …but I was bored and I had nothing to lose. It didn’t even take 5 minutes into TCATF and I was completely captivated. A few days after this night I started drawing Queen Kenna - For the first time in forever I was motivated to do something productive and even though I was completely out of practice the drawing turned out ok. I gathered all my courage and uploaded it to Tumblr, knowing very well that there already was a rather active fandom around … it picked up a note… and another one…. and yet another one - People were being nice to me, they complimented me, they gave me the feeling of being worthy … I wasn’t used to that feeling at all. Little did I know how much this rather plain decision would change my life.
I met some of the most amazing people, made so many new friends and even found not only my true self but also the love of my life … all that because of a freaking mobile game. 
In this past few months people like @hollyashton @zigisbisexual @jakerogers128-deactivated201707 @lauraotaku2234 @happinessisingiving and @superpotato824 made me become a much better version of myself by supporting me, by believing in me, by showing me that I am lovable exactly the way I am. They laughed with me, they cried with me and they gave me the strength to come out as bisexual to the people around me. I still have a long way ahead of me … The bitches that are BDD, SAD and depression are hard to get rid off … but I know that I am not alone on my way, not anymore. It was fate that I downloaded Choices, that I joined Tumblr, that was able to befriend all those amazing individuals - Who knows where I would be now if I wasn’t bored in that cold January night.
I big “thank you” to Pixelberry @playchoices and to all of you out there! You are my second family and I love you guys.  

more underrated Iconic™ six of crows/crooked kingdom moments
  • nina’s singing
  • “on a dare, i once ate a literal trough full of waffles doused in apple syrup and almost went back for seconds.” - jesper
  • every time someone makes fun of kaz’s haircut RIP
  • creepy little genius
  • #NEVR4GET jesper mentally kicking himself for not paying attention when kaz was naked
  • kaz literally,,,, stopped in the middle of a job to give a dog a belly rub. this is still so funny to me
  • confimed curmudgeon matthias thinking nina looks glorious in her dumpy fjerdan sweater clothes
  • matthias’ middle name is benedik…… why have we forgotten this
  • inej “slowly wiped the blood of kings on her trousers” LEGENDARY
  • kaz stripping shirtless and washing himself in front of inej. inej blushing and wANTING TO MURDER HIM
  • secret tree handshake
  • every time kaz calls nina ‘dear’ or ‘love’
  • inej definitely has a Thing for kaz’s eyes. there are so many mentions of his eyes/eye color in her chapters                          
  • jes being in awe of wylan for getting away with lying to kaz. turns out kaz knew all along. #brekkered
  • nina trying to get kaz to join the group hug
  • “you heard right. stronger than wylan.”
  • wylan wanting to shove jesper off the wagon when he says “he has terrible taste in women”                         
  • that time matthias considered shooting kaz but then kaz stepped on a rifle, flipped it into his hands, and aimed it at matthias in the span of 1 second
  • the immortal “is my tie straight?”
  • you podge