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Only You Can Hear Me

“Only You Can Hear Me” SNK Modern AU: The line that divides life and death is very thin. Two outcasts soon discover this, as their fates somehow intertwine between the two worlds.

Rating: M // Words: 1.6k // Pairing: Eren x Mikasa

A/N: Whoops. I really have no way of explaining this. Basically, it’s yet another multi-chap story, and I am very sorry about that. On another note, happy birthday to my queen, Mikasa Ackerman!

Preview Ch 1: Hush…

Through the callused shell of her skin and bones, deep into her core, past all the silence, there’s a loud, loud, loud scream, aching to be heard, ignored—and none of them, none of them, ever hear it.

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College AU| Bus Rides

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Bus Rides
[The kid who always misses his stop]

You sat at the back of the bus, busying yourself on your phone. It was always such a long commute from your school to home but it was better than walking. Normally you’d catch a ride home with your brother, but this week he’d started a new job, therefore you had to make due with the bus.

You yawned looking out the window, bus rides always made you sleepy. As the bus came to a stop, letting on another passenger you noted how dead he looked. He yawned, slipping his jacket off before flopping down onto the hard bus seat.

He was out before the bus even reached the next stop. As tired as you were you never understood how someone could actually sleep on the bus. It was too bumpy of a ride for you to ever get a decent nap on. You gasped feeling the bus go over a speed bump, seeing the stranger bump his head on the glass.

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But on another, more cheerful and redemptive note: we have been given another little babe to welcome in May! Feeling all the feels, and not taking a second of this for granted.

It’s reasons like tonight that make me realize why only true idiots work in the fast food and serving industry. If you’re not going to follow through on bringing me more food without rolling your eyes, then there’s a reason why you’ve got no tip and why you’re in your id forties still waiting tables at breadstix. Well, actually not any more since your manager found out that you purposely like to put small strands of your stringy hair in people’s food. Take notes whoever is going to get stuck in Ohio; that saying about the customer always being right is true. At least when it comes to me. 

On another note, the breadsticks I stuffed into my purse still taste pretty amazing.

I was just looking in the mirror considering what short hair would look like on me and momentarily forgot that I’m not a celebrity when I ran to my computer to Google image search “Edgar Gomez short hair” fully expecting to pull up thousands of paparazzi pictures of me at the Daytime Emmy’s. On another note, Selena Gomez looks great with a bob!


Here is Jade! It’s me (Pyromorphite) & @gyrosylla187‘s Chrysophrase’s fusion! It looks a bit weird, but, that’s how fusions work, right? 

This is my first fusion witrh someone of Tumblr (besides Damele (with @utena-10jou‘s Ocean Jasper) and Green Lemon Quartz/Icosahedrite (with @disgustedorite‘s Pyrite/Gomedha), becuase this weren’t requests).

Note: Another yellow pic… my phone is working weird :!

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Lol. Half the county in afterglow from all the WA. Thanks for the spoilers :( On another note was this why GG was trying to deflect?

😂😂😂. That’s a perfect description of what we are right now.

Idk, deflecting what?

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Hi! Just wanted to tell you that I understand your pain about Hinoka and your voice. Puberty gave me a very raspy and deep voice to contend with for the rest of my life, so I certainly don't mind Hinoka's voice, I even like it :). On another note: SINGLE DIGITS! CAN'T WAIT!

I also like here voice and AAAAAAAAAA SINGLE DIGIT DANCE.

Restocking of Issue #1 / Call to Collaborate / Help out with WMB

As many of you know, issue #1 is currently ‘sold out’ on our bigcartel.

Don’t worry! It will be restocked the first week of March :-)

Which means… yes! The first round of donations has been sent to the Filipino American Library in Echo Park, Los Angeles.

I can’t say thank you enough to everyone who has had a hand in the creation of this first issue.

On another note, I still need a lot of help. I am still the only person that is handling the following responsibilities: creating and posting submissions fliers, generating theme and aesthetic, reviewing submissions, editing submissions, editing the zine, printing the zine, applying to events, contacting distros and bookshops, etc etc you see what I mean.

And not to say that the process has become a chore for me, no, I fucking love the output– and input– that is being provoked / produced. A good chunk of my motivation, passion, and general eagerness to Learn More comes from the work that is being done towards this zine.

But I’m not going to lie, it gets very stressful! And I am mentally ill and also still very naive and inexperienced when it comes to this kind of work / sharing of info.

So please hear me out: I would love some help. I am eager and passionate and great with communication (most of the time) ! I don’t have much to offer except the reward that comes with being proud of a platform that caters to diasporic pilipinos here to talk about being diasporic pilipinos. The possibility to further ignite these types of conversations is the reward.

Again, my name is Sam, I’m 20, living in the south bay area of Los Angeles. I’m a mestiza and if that alone bothers you then go away. I wrote the zine “HOY BABAE.” My personal email is / you can find me on facebook “Sam Caparoso” if you want to message me there too. I usually reply quicker via email.  

Thank you for taking the time to read this!

- Sam

ok on another note I’m watching the new ep of shadowhunters and like no offense but how do they film this? If I had a scene with matthew daddario I would pass out every time I’m serious how do they do this ?


I need help identifying the fish with the red tail. It’s a barb of some sort, but what type? It hitchhiked here along with 2 other sibling eggs, stuck to a plant. They were the only fish in the tank at the time, so they grew up no issue. 

On another note, I didn’t inject CO2 into this tank, and the ground cover suffered because of it. I’m still enjoying the layout, though. 


( Status | Open, Accepting )

He smiled politely as he saw the lithe figure approach dressed in the plain attire of the palace servants. It was forced and barely noticeable. It pained him to see his spies embedded within the confines of the oppressive social hierarchy these shemlen had recreated. They took great personal risk on his behalf and the guilt of their sacrifices ate at him. 

 The elven agent dipped her head and offered him another glass of wine. He deftly cupped the note resting underneath as he lifted it from the tray. He gave her no attention. Offered no sign that she was familiar to him.

Instead, he took a larger than necessary sip of the wine. It had a rich bouquet and trickled smoothly down his gullet. He could feel a lightness in his head from the previous glasses and was already feeling dizzy. It had been ages since he’d had anything to drink. It was affecting him too readily. He leaned against a pillar for support and continued picking out hushed discussions with his acute hearing.

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Who would possibly want to fight you on Seto being a Slytherin? I thought that was a truth universally acknowledged. On another note, where did you find the reasoning behind standshipping? I have a need for ship name explanations...

It is a truth universally acknowledged that a single character in want of a Sorting must be given at least three conflicting headcanon possibilities by different people, if not all four.

For Seto specifically, I had a conversation about this with two of my Tumblr friends, here. Turns out there’s a Ravenclaw!Seto faction. Although the more contentious issue was Atem. And the only real answer is “the Sorting system is broad enough that decent justifications can be made for almost any character-House pairing” although obviously some justifications are more decent than others.

Also I specifically said “fight me” because I’m just a fighty person. No one has to actually fight me. I actually much prefer friendly chats and civil discourse. but I will fight you

Anyway the good news for you is, there are wonderful people who have taken it upon themselves to curate the ridiculous shipping names, and they include the name justification wherever possible (some justifications have been lost to time and the murky depths of the Old Net). Check out ygo-dm-shippings-list!

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>Insults jericho x ban because too tsundere, is literally half the time an annoying tsundere acting person, amazing that is it not? Great job, you're pathetic and just as bad.

Okay I usually love getting anon hate but this one is just stupid???? 

Wait, you’re insulting me because I said (in one post out of my entire - wait let me check - 2554 posts?) that I dislike Ban X Jericho. Okay. I get that. You probably ship it, so you couldn’t take any critiques. 

But then you’re saying that I’m just as bad as the Ban X Jericho ship essentially, which means you do think the ship is bad? 

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(On another note, @filiiadcorblog look at what our conversation gave us.) 

(P.P.S. here u go @kurootetsuwoah this is the anon. i love how they automatically assumed that I don’t hate myself) 

So, Weirdo turned up alone again for another Vogue gig.  Is that what we’re supposed to be paying attention to I wonder?

I have to admit I’ve been ping-ponging between “is she going to pull another pregnancy out of the bag” and “are they about to announce a split” with all the social media baiting going on.

Her flat-as-a-board tummy, as well as the fact she turned up solo again lead me to believe it’s the latter.

On another note, it’s good to see she finally hired a make up artist that can actually make her look good.  Keep up the good work Weirdo!  Maybe next time you could spring for a proper hair stylist too?  :o)