and omggg their hair


I went to Pax West this past Sunday with my fem!Yusu cosplay I thought you appreciate the piccys I took :3

I am FLOORED you look amazing omggg. I hope you had a lot of fun!! <3 (submitted by @arigato-gozaimashita)

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Tae really has grey hair under a wig twitter*com/Velicitas1230/status/894586322618163200

OMG how did i not notice this, before bdkjglkjfl ITS SO GREY, i thought it would be a dark grey but it looks like old man grey oh god i’m so ready for it ahhhhh. THANK YOU FOR TELLING ME!!

having textured thick hair is even more of a struggle during the winter when scarves and sweaters and coats make it get so matted and tangled, even if you put it up there’s the hair at the nape of your neck that is still gets exposure to those things and there’s basically no winning