and omg why would people write a book and after that make a movie like this one

boyfriend!jackson au

Request: hi! can you please do a boyfriend!jackson au? thank you so much! (:

Thank you for requesting an au, I had fun writing this one bc Jackson is so !!cute!! and I love writing like this omg it’s so fun and I don’t have to be as serious with it.

I have maybe two more requests after this one, but I don’t know when I’ll get around to writing them because I still have a project or two, a book report, and a singing thing for extra credit in english AH

again thank u to whoever sent me this au suggestion its cU te bc jackSIN

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  • he first saw you at hollys coffee
  • you were sitting alone at one of the window tables and he thought you looked lonely and sad
  • so he came to you like
  • HEY swETIE u look kinda lonely (he does an internal haha) mind if i sit with u???
  • you were like?? okay sure buddy whatever
  • immediately, and i mean immediately did you two become friends
  • BEST FRIENDS AT THAT (jackson is just such a sweet man how can you not love him)
  • you two were so noisy in the coffee shop when you first met that you two got kicked out
  • its not your fault jackson made you laugh so hard?? so hard that u nearly hit your face on the tabL E
  • okay fast forward one year
  • jackson is completely wrapped around your finger (he has been ever since he first met you but he doesnt need u to know that)
  • he won’t ever leave your side because he feels lonely when he’s not stuck to your side
  • he teases you about your height OFTEN how rude
  • he ruffles your hair and makes smooching sounds so that you don’t get huffy with him though
  • and when you do get huffy and upset with him, he holds you as tight as he can and tells you that your height is perfectly fine, you are perfect the way you are and he tells you with so so much sincerity
  • this is still when you’re friends mind you
  • you both hang out a lot outside because you like the fresh air and jackson likes to give you warm clothes even if you’re already wearing three layers
  • you accept his jacket anyways because they always felt more comfier than your own
  • and when you two did chill inside
  • you usually had your legs thrown across his lap
  • scrolling through your social media feed as jackson watched something on the tv
  • sometimes he would drum his fingers against your knee
  • or randomly hug you and snuggle you because he loves u and ur his lil bun you deserve all the cuddles in the world
  • he realizes he has feelings for you when you two are hanging out at your home
  • you had no make up on and you were wearing shorts and a slightly bigger than your size tshirt
  • you were snug against his side as you two watched a romcom, his arm casually slung behind you on the couch
  • there was one part in the movie that seemed to be really funny to you and he witnessed the way you laughed so hard that it was completely silent
  • your eyes were crinkled up and your hand was barely covering your mouth (which was wide open)
  • when the scene got even funnier that same hand that was covering your mouth slapped his chest and he looked at you with wide eyes and thought ?? what the fuck they’re so cute i love them
  • fast forward to like .. three days later
  • jackson confesses to you, holds your hands tightly even though hes sweating like CRaz y and keeps his gaze on yours as his mouth forms each and every word with such eloquence that your breath catches in your throat
  • of course you accept his confession because wtf you like him too
  • so now you two are dating
  • and jackson has gone from aw ill squeeze u and pinch your cheek affectionate to iM GOING TO SMOTHER YOU WITH MY HUGS affectionate
  • he is almost always seen stuck to your side by your friends and his friends
  • if jackson was a glue he’d either be gorilla glue or loctite super glue.
  • he just won’t leave u alone when you two are together
  • it can be a bit too much sometimes if youre feeling cranky, but really, jackson is super sweet and his hugs are the best
  • he gives u so many kisses !! 2 many to count but u love it so who cares!!
  • when he kisses you he frames your face in his hands or he tilts your chin in his direction so he can lightly kiss your lips
  • jackson absolutely loves giving you kisses on the top of your head and he loves holding your hand or your wrist
  • theres always some part of him touching you
  • once you two got together you both stayed in more, but still went outside, just not as much as you two used to
  • the only reason why you didn’t go out that much anymore is because you two would be too busy staring or giggling at the other
  • and a lot of people sometimes gave you annoyed looks because you too were really affectionate in public
  • like one day it was very cold, it was even cold inside the coffee shop you two met in and you both were waiting in a very long line
  • you didn’t wear enough thick layers and jackson scolded you bc “you naughty girl, you’re going to catch a cold if you don’t start wearing warmer clothes ): “
  • and with his hands shoved in his pockets, he opens his trench coat to invite you into his very very warm embrace
  • u know
  • COUGHS this one (creds 2 the owner thank u for this picture)
  • he hooks his chin on the top of your head with a grin and you can’t help but blush once he wraps his arms around your waist with his coat closing in around the both of you
  • v cute
  • he lOVES IT when u rest your head in his lap becaus e youre so pretty and he loves you and he wants to run his fingers through your hair all the time just to see you flutter your eyes closed and fall asleep with his fingers tangled in the strands
  • jackson is so fond of you and he thinks you are a wonderful person, inside and out, he never lets you forget that because he wants to be sure that you absolutely know and understand that you are his sweetheart and he thinks you’re suPER #1 on the planet
  • he tugs at your hand a lot when he wants you to see something he found cool
  • you also pull at the hem of his shirt when you want his attention and he FINDS IT SO ADORABLE YOU’RE SO CUTE
  • he lives for your compliments
  • ur laugh gives him life
  • your kisses healed a boo boo he got on his finger once (he swears it was because of the kisses not the ointment)
  • he gets shy when u touch his chest or bury your face in the crook of his neck aw bean
  • he screams each time he sees you
  • “JAGIYA”
  • all in all jackson is a super sweet man who will treat u right and give u the love you deserve

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Leonardo x Reader


Prompt: If you have the time, I’d love to see [a soulmate au] for Leonardo! He’s my favorite of the boys.

Note: Omg, I legit freaked out when I got a message from you in my inbox and I like fangirled and omg thank you sooooo much! Raph and Leo are my faves, so I’m very hype to write this omg. I chose to do the soulmate timers instead of the Sharpie thing though, just to shake it up a little bit.

Leonardo didn’t understand why he had a soulmate timer. Donnie said that it was very likely their timers would only lead them to other turtles. Tiny, normal turtles. That was how they were meant to find the ones they were meant to be with. Biologically, anyway. To mutant turtles like Leo and his brothers, it had always seemed kind of pointless.

And yet, when the day came that his timer was supposed to run out, he was still nervous.

Leo was the first of his brothers to have his time run out. The others weren’t due for months, but Leo’s timer was due to strike zero in twelve hours.

“I dunno, bro. I think we should celebrate or something, right?” Mikey asked. “Order a pizza, have April rent a movie or something. We shouldn’t just sit here and let it run out.”

“I read about a dozen articles about soulmates last night. According to the majority of them, when the timer gets closer to running out, you’ll feel a pull and you’ll just have to go follow it. Something will come over you. Or something. I’m not entirely sure.” Donatello read from his notes.

“So basically, I should avoid the pet store. Good to know.” Leo smirked. “Guys, I really don’t care. I’m not upset. I think I accepted a while ago that I was never going to find…someone, you know?”

“Maybe you should follow it. For science, of course.” Donnie pushed his glasses further up his nose. “Then we’ll know if our soulmates are…how do I put this…A worthy investment of time.”

“You mean I should follow it.”

“For science.”

“Thanks, Don. Glad your head’s in the right place.”


You stared at the numbers on your wrist on the way home from school. Six hours. Six whole hours before you met your soulmate. Oh God, it was terrifying. You had no idea what to expect. So of course, you were scouring the internet for articles about what to expect. Some people described feeling a pull to where they were supposed to be. Others felt nothing and just wound up in the perfect place at the perfect time.

You were scared shitless.

When you got home, you fixed your hair and make-up, trying to get as ready as possible. You ate some dinner after finishing your homework and tried to make the time pass. So, naturally, you sat out on the fire escape with a book, as you usually did when you read. There was something freeing about sitting outside with your legs dangling as you got lost in other worlds. Maybe getting lost would help you forget about this world. The one where the stress and anticipation was eating you alive.


Leo had no idea where he was going. But he felt the pull. With ten minutes left, and his brothers a few blocks behind him, he passed the pet store and kept on running. That was when the stress set in. His soulmate was not a turtle. Oh no. This might be worse than not having a real one at all. Now he had to worry about an actual person. Someone that existed.

Someone that could reject him.

When Donnie had shared his notes with the others, he said that some, not many, but some people rejected their soulmates for various reasons. He thought that maybe the fact that he was a giant mutant turtle would be enough to turn anyone away. But either way, he was scared, and with good reason.

What if he never found you? Or worse. What if he did?


It was less than two minutes until your timer would run out when you heard a noise in the alley below. You slipped your bookmark into your book and carefully made your way down the fire escape.

“Hello?” You looked around in the shadows. Maybe this was a bad idea, but nevertheless, you called out again. “Hello?”

There was something there. Someone. A very tall, bulky silhouette. It took a few steps closer, cautiously, but not stepping into the light. Not yet.

“I don’t bite.” You smirked and tilted your head. “You don’t have to be scared.”

“I don’t want you to be scared.” A nervous voice from the darkness.

“I won’t be.” You promised. He chuckled.

“You say that now. I’m not exactly…How do I put this…? I’m not normal.”

“You’re still my soulmate.” You offered a small smile, and you couldn’t see in the dark, but he smiled too, his gorgeous blue eyes searching every inch of you. You offered one of your small, five-fingered hands. “I’m (Y/N).”

He hesitated, but took your hand in his large green one. Your eyes went wide, but it wasn’t in fear or even in disgust. It was just surprise.

“Leonardo.” It was like fireworks. Your skin against his, his voice, his name…It felt so right.

“Come into the light.” Your voice was soft, pleading. You tried to look to where you thought his eyes were. “Please.”

“You won’t like what you see.” He warned. The knot in Leo’s stomach pulled tighter.

“Let me decide that.”

“Okay.” He took a breath and stepped into the light. You looked up at him, tall and green with a shell on his back and the most gorgeous blue eyes you had ever seen. But instead of the rejection Leo had prepared for his entire life, there was something else in your eyes: acceptance.

“Come here,” You raised your arms to hug him, but God, he was tall. When he wrapped his muscular green arms around you, your feet left the ground. He never wanted to let go. “I love you so much and I just met you. Is that crazy?”

“I can think of crazier things.” He chuckled.

“Leo, you all right down there?” Raph called from the top of a building.

“More than all right,” he kissed your cheek before setting you on your feet again. “Come on down, guys.”

Leo’s brothers made their way down to you.

“Well she doesn’t look like a turtle.” Mikey examined you closely.

“Because she’s not, ding-dong.” Raph gave his head a little shove. “Don’t mind him. He’s got pizza for brains.”

“(Y/N), these are my brothers, Raphael, Michelangelo, and Donatello.” Leo pointed to each. You slipped your hand into Leo’s and he gave yours a little squeeze. Hand-holding: one of the many things Leonardo would have to get accustomed to.

“Nice to meet you.” You smiled.

“Dude, your soulmate is the chilliest ever, Leo.” Mikey smiled. “I mean, if she’s fine with all of this…She didn’t even scream or ask if we were aliens or-”

“I grew up in New York.” You shrugged. “There’s not much that fazes me anymore.”

“I guess,” Raph smirked and gave his brother a pat on the shoulder. “Good for you, honor boy.”

“Well, my parents won’t be home for a while. I can order a pizza and we can hang out…or something?” you shrugged. Mikey’s face lit up like a Christmas tree.

“Not us, doofus.” Raph chuckled. “We’ve gotta give the lovebirds some time alone.”

“Dammit…” Mikey whined as Donnie and Raph pulled him away. Leo smiled and shook his head.

“Come on,” you pulled him up the fire escape.


“You’re sure you wouldn’t have anyone else as a soulmate?” Leo asked as you were cuddling on the couch a few hours later.

“Positive.” You kissed his snout. “You, Leonardo, are perfect just the way you are.”

His heart just about melted.

“I couldn’t imagine spending the rest of my life with anybody else.”

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Dear Diary

Leonardo (2014/16) x Reader

Notes: Aww!! Thank you nonnie! <3 I’m making it kind of like a diary, in Leo’s POV? Sorry it took so long!!

Prompt: “OMG yaaaassss! I love your writing, I can’t resist, I have to send a request!! Can I have some cute angst/fluff with 2014/2016 Leo? Maybe about how he’s feeling himself falling for reader as time passes, and how he’s afraid and self-conscious, but curious and hopeful? And maybe a love confession to go with that? Thank you hun, keep up the great work <3”

Word count: 1439

Warnings: Swearing, a lot of emotions

Disclaimer: I don’t own TMNT, and you belong to you <3

January 23rd

I met a girl today, and she’s quite the character. Her name is [Y/N].

[Y/N]. There’s not much to say about her, other than she looks like she could be a part time model, but I heard from Mikey that she’s a bar tender, although he probably made that up in his head.

January 25th 

We saw her again. She was bringing groceries home, and one of her bags ripped. Of course we went to help. Why was she bringing food back so late at night?

[Y/N] looked a lot different from when we first met her. She didn’t have any make up on, and her hair was pulled back away from her face. She’s got such a beautiful face.

It’s quite contrasting, how someone with such beauty, would actually care for four mutant turtles.

Her eyes were dark. She’d used sunglasses during the day to hide them.

It would be nice to see her again.

January 26th

Mikey brought her to the lair, and they spent the day watching Disney movies. She’d gotten very excited about The Little Mermaid, and so did Mikey.

They danced to ‘Part of Your World’ together, and she’d forced me to get involved. It wasn’t like I was annoyed by it; I just assumed she didn’t want anything to do with me. Mikey was more her speed.

I sat next to her, and I could feel her excitement. It was addictive. I sat with them the rest of the day; just to feel the same level of happiness she did watching animated characters on TV. [Y/N] is going to be a big part of our lives from now on, and I don’t know how I’m going to handle it, but I’m willing to try and learn how to. 

January 30th

[Y/N] came around again, with pizza. It’s admirable that she thinks of us. We have April, but it’s hard to think humans are as nice as the 4 we’ve met. Granted, Vern is a dick sometimes, and Casey is quite frustrating but they’re still our friends. 

And they still care for us on some level, but [Y/N], she could spend her days taking photos for the front of glossy magazines, or coffee dates with human men. Yet she’s here whenever she can be. How did we get so lucky to have these people in our lives? 

February 2nd

Again, this entry is about [Y/N].

She said something funny today, but it got me thinking. She said: “I’d probably only get married for the dress and the attention.”

I don’t know if she was serious, but maybe I can change her mind. I imagine marriage as a loving commitment, and I’d like her to marry someone she truly loves. I mean, I wouldn’t mind marriage, and if I had any chance of getting her. Well, I’d be the luckiest man turtle alive.  

She’d probably marry a man who plays golf and hangs out at a country club with his rich family. He’d probably be able to buy her whatever she wanted, with a 9 to 5 job. He’d be able to properly provide for them. And, I want what’s best for [Y/N], so that sounds pretty great. I just hope I’m invited to the wedding.

February 14th

I got into an argument with her this morning. It was so minuscule and petty, but I had to go and ask her if it was that time of the month and she (as Mikey put it) blew her shit.

I went to her apartment today and she looked terrible. She confessed to me that she doesn’t like arguing. It reminds her of all the bad things in this world; how cruel it could be. Why she was so upset hit me like a ton of bricks, and I felt like a piece of shit to say the least.

I learnt of her relative’s passing, and how the funeral was in a week.

I told her I wish I could be there, and she just cried.

I held her, for the first time. Her small arms coiled around my body, her head resting on my chest as the tears poured down her face and puddled between us. It was hard to tell when the crying stopped, or when my heart stopped beating so fast. I don’t think it did for a long while. Whilst I wish I could’ve stayed there and held her for longer, I had to part ways and go on patrol. My duty to serve couldn’t wait.

March 7th

She hadn’t come to the lair since then. Of course I rang, and texted. I even emailed. Nothing. I’ve been to her apartment countless times; she was never there. That, or she just didn’t want to see me. I don’t know where she could be, and I miss her.

I need to see her. I need to let her know how sorry I am, for leaving.

Leo knocked on the window. Once, twice, three times. There wasn’t an answer. Taking matters into his own hands, and after a minute of struggle, he was in your bedroom. His whole body was wet, armor dripping droplets on to the cold floor. It had been raining heavily outside, so much so that there was next to no traffic. For New York City, it was almost deadly silent.

“[Y/N]…” was the first thing that spilt from his lips, running a hand over his soaked face and edging closer to the bed where you were sat with piles of books and paper surrounding you. Looking up, you paused the music on your laptop and took out your headphones.

“Leo… what’re- why’re you here?”

“I-I had to see you. You haven’t- I didn’t know if- I’m so sorry.” He was almost pacing your room, fidgeting as he started into your eyes, trying to pour as much sincerity into his apology, and this time he wasn’t going to drizzle guilt on it either. He had to take responsibility for being a dick. It wasn’t going to be like last time.

“I’m fine, just- homework.” Smiling tightly, you held your textbook up and shuffled further into your pillows behind you. The little action crushed him; you were further away from him now, even if it was a couple of millimeters. Pushing some of the books away, you stood up and turned to face him, flattening out your shirt as you took a deep breath in.

“Leo… you weren’t there for me, on a day I really, really needed you. And being there for someone when they need you, that’s all friendships and relationships are Leonardo.” With tears in your eyes, you shook your head. “That’s all they are.”

“I’m sorry [Y/N]. It was wrong of me to just- leave when you needed me the most. I mean, I could’ve just not gone and left the guys to deal with it all, but for some reason I keep thinking I need to be this strong leader all the time and- but this isn’t about me it’s about you- I’m sorry. I-I appreciate you so much [Y/N] and- what I’m trying to say is that I can’t let you be upset with me because if that happens then I’ll never have the chance to- I don’t know- spend more time with you, I’ll never get to ask you how your day has been, I’ll never be able to drink tea with you again, or make you laugh again or-” Now, Leonardo was unimaginably close to you, but not physically. Emotionally. “And, I need you to know that, I am sorry for not being there and you know I-I would give anything to go back to the moment- the moment we first met. Before anything went wrong. Before I didn’t stay when you needed me the most. I am so sorry for what I’ve done.”

And for the second time, in his lifetime, Leonardo held you, just like he had on Valentine’s Day.

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No, people are upset because "The lone wolf dies, but the pack survives" is a quote that had a deep impact in Arya, who has been trying to find her pack through all her arc. People are upset because now Sansa stans can steal something else from Arya besides Nymeria, or her relationship with Jon, or her resemblance to Lyanna. That's why people are upset.

I’m warning you, this is going to be another long post… sorry about that but I hope you’ll read it until the end :)

And before I start I need to say 2 things:

  1. everything I’ll say is my personal opinion, feel free to disagree but I’m not interested to start an argument with anyone… if anyone want to reply do it politely;
  2. if you can’t be polite and will be rude or share more hate on Sansa I will ignore you

As I said in my previous post no one is denying that A.ry.a wanted to create her “pack” since she escaped KL, it’s one thing that her heart desires most.

I think her need to belong in a “pack” it showed only to a certain degree in the show but in the books her POV chapters show so well how alone she is and that she wants to be part of a pack/family, especially when she dreams/wargs into Nymeria and is with her direwolf pack.

That said, using the word “steal” like you and other fans did it’s too much, it’s an exaggerated claim and yes… it’s annoying and it’s full of hate for Sansa.


Because like I said the Starks keep quoting each other since forever but as far as I’m aware this is the first time that a Stark is accused of stealing a catchphrase from another Stark.

And your problem (I’m not saying your personal problem but more in general the problem with the fans that are accusing Sansa) is not that you are upset because someone “stole” something from A.ry.a, it’s that you can’t stand Sansa and you take every opportunity to belittle and share hate on Sansa… and that’s the reason why I said that comments are annoying and no offense to anyone but I’ll add that they are also boring since they are always the same and people keep sharing them in Sansa tag.

The best evidence that what happened is just another opportunity to share hate on Sansa is that no one accused Jon of stealing part of A.ry.a storyline for using the same quote… and A.ry.a fans had a year to do it but no one did it.

Where were A.ry.a defenders when that happened?

I’m not crazy to say Jon “stole” A.ry.a storyline, I’m just using A.ry.a fans reasoning.

To make my point clear I’m going to share this quote from episode 1x03

Ned: You were born in the long summer. You’ve never known anything else. But now winter is truly coming. And in the winter, we must protect ourselves, look after one another. Sansa is your sister.

A.ry.a: I don’t hate her. Not really.

Ned: I don’t want to frighten you, but I won’t lie to you either. We’ve come to a dangerous place. We cannot fight a war amongst ourselves. All right? Go on.

It’s a little different in the book so I’ll share that version too:

Ned: Let me tell you something about wolves, child. When the snows fall and the white winds blow, the lone wolf dies, but the pack survives. Summer is the time for squabbles. In winter, we must protect one another, keep each other warm, share our strengths. So if you must hate, A.ry.a, hate those who would truly do us harm. Septa Mordane is a good woman, and Sansa … Sansa is your sister”

So we have

  • a show version: And in the winter, we must protect ourselves, look after one another
  • and a book version: When the snows fall and the white winds blow, the lone wolf dies, but the pack survives.

slightly different but both are said by NED.

We also have these parts, that are from the same quote

  • show version: We cannot fight a war amongst ourselves.
  • book version: In winter, we must protect one another, keep each other warm, share our strengths.

slightly different but both are said by NED

I shared both book and show versions because it doesn’t matter if you are only a show viewer or a show viewer and a book reader we can say with certainty that that was NEVER A.ry.a quote.

A.ry.a cherished her father words and the deep meaning of his words became something that she must achieve to have a family once again but that doesn’t mean that she is the only Stark entitled to quote Ned… he had 6 children (only 4 alive now) and everyone of them has the same license to quote him whenever they want.

Now let’s move on to the part where Jon “stole” A.ry.a storyline.

Episode 6x10

Jon:We need to trust each other. We cannot fight a war amongst ourselves. We have so many enemies now.

Did you see it?


It’s exactly the same quote, even the part about the enemies/those who would truly do us harm.

Where were A.ry.a fans when Jon “stole her quote”?

Why did no one say anything about this?

Let’s be honest, the only reason why no one said anything about episode 6x10 and Jon is because no one “stole” anything from anyone.

GoT is a show that it’s full of catchphrases, it’s why internet is so full of theories and parallels… how many parallels do you think are posted just on tumblr?

The problem with the quote in the trailer it’s that A.ry.a fans are blinded by their dislike for Sansa so much that not only they are ignoring the way the writers tell us the story since the beginning ( using catchphrases to create parallels) but they are also applying different standards between Jon and Sansa to express their dislike/hate for Sansa… and at the risk of sounding repetitive like I said that’s irritating.

It’s pretty clear that A.ry.a fans conveniently ignored that quote in episode 6x10 because they don’t hate Jon but are so upset now because they hate Sansa.

I don’t even need to think a lot about why A.ry.a fans are so upset that they start an useless theory about how Sansa “stole” from A.ry.a a quote that was not even A.ry.a quote, you said it yourself:

they are upset because they think Sansa will “steal something else”… like A.ry.a relationship with Jon.

I may be wrong on this but I think the words that you used “steal something else” in your post are connected to the universal belief among A.ry.a fans that Sansa “stole” A.ry.a storyline in season 5 and 6 because she was not supposed to be in Winterfell with Ramsey or to go to Castle Black and met Jon before A.ry.a.

I already said what I think about this matter in another post but since that was another long post I’ll just copy/paste what I said about this topic there… the infamous Jeyne Poole’s storyline.

I read books readers comments saying that Sansa stole A.ry.a’s storyline but I think “stole” is an exaggerated word to use for a show that is BASED on the books and also it’s a wrong word to use when I’m pretty sure D&D have rights to be free in their writing.

I’m not saying that it’s not sad that they changed somethings but the hate on this matter is too harsh and most important the writers GAVE Sansa Jeyne Poole’s storyline and that as nothing to do with the real A.ry.a.

Jon may think the girl in the books is A.ry.a but readers know it’s not A.ry.a, that’s just a red herring and I think even Jon will know it soon enough in the books.

Anyway some people write in a way that it almost looks like D&D committed a sin in writing their version of this story without thinking that:

  1. they have copyrights to write a story BASED on the books, so they are free to not show us the same identical story if they need to change things for time, money or other reasons;
  2. they knew how the story will end since long ago and therefore what they write it’s all important to reach that ending, the same ending that the books will have… if they will ever be finished.

I think that if you start to watch a show that is “based” on a book you need to have an open mind to possible changes… books and movies have different ways to show things so it’s impossible that there won’t be changes.

I have an open mind and I accept the fact that books and show are telling two slightly different versions of the same story but they will eventually reach the same conclusion… it’s the easier way to not hate one of them and enjoy both.

So, that explain why I don’t think Sansa “stole” A.ry.a storyline in season 5 ( that wasn’t even A.ry.a storyline) and since there are no more books available I’m going to believe, until proven otherwise, that Sansa was always supposed to be the girl in grey on a dying horse that will reach Jon at Castle Black… in other words Sansa didn’t “steal” anyone storyline in season 6 either.

Sorry but I’m not sure what I can say about Nymeria because honestly I don’t see how Sansa will be able to “steal” Nymeria so I don’t know what to say about this other than: this idea is hilarious.

Nymeria is not an hypothetical storyline that fans want, she is a part of A.ry.a so it doesn’t make sense to even hypothetically think something like that possible.

I don’t want to sound rude but if A.ry.a fans thinks D&D will break a deep bond like the one between a Stark and his/her direwolf I think they should rewatch the show from season 1 again.

I know D&D don’t like direwolves as much as they like dragons but that few times when they used direwolves they show that the Stark are deeply bonded with them.

Lastly about A.ry.a resemblance to Lyanna I have to disagree with you once again that Sansa will “steal” that too… G.R.R. Martin GAVE Sansa some resemblance to Lyanna.

Not a physical or behavioral resemblance but their stories are somehow similar.

I’m not going to write a meta about this since I already wrote so much and even if I don’t remember who wrote them but I know I saw some parallels around about this so I’ll just wrote the first 2 things I think tell us there is a resemblance between Sansa and Lyanna:

Lyanna was betrothed to a Baratheon that was not right for her

Sansa was betrothed to a Baratheon that was not right for her

Lyanna was an hostage in the South while her family fought a war in the Riverlands

Sansa was an hostage in the South while her family fought a war in the Riverlands

So to recap, my opinions on Sansa “stealing” from A.ry.a:

  • A Stark “stealing” a catchphrase from another Stark is a paradox in a show full of parallels;
  • That quote was not A.ry.a quote so Sansa didn’t “steal” anything from her;
  • A.ry.a fans apply different standards if suitable to share hate on Sansa;
  • D&D giving Jeyne Poole’s storyline to Sansa is not “stealing” from A.ry.a since all book readers know Jeyne Poole is just a red herring;
  • since the show is BASED on the books I’m open minded to enjoy D&D writing even if they change things;
  • I have no idea how A.ry.a fans think possible Sansa will “steal” Nymeria;
  • G.R.R. Martin wrote some resemblances between Sansa and Lyanna, not as many as with A.ry.a, but I don’t think they are in a competition about who resemblance Lyanna more.

anonymous asked:

I agree with the critical post you reblogged but i dont get what you mean by their pasts are being obliterated? The virignal coding of emma?

This took a while, but I really wanted to think about it, and it’s still messy and vague, so be ye warned. To be honest, this reply got backspaced a load of different times because you got me really considering the depths of why I feel this way.

My immediate answer was that what I see (in this whole 6B arc especially) is Killian Jones, previously defined by his previous role of command, the things he holds sentimental and dear, his visual cues, and his familial ties having all that tucked away or dismissed in favour of neutralising his threatening (in many ways) past and defining his happy ending as becoming Emma 2.0: Storybrooke deputy.

With Emma, it’s less striking, because it’s Killian that’s assimilating to her world, but it’s there, too, but more subtly? Emma whose points of pride are her ability to find people and to read people having those things neutralised to allow for plot to move forward in a suitably dramatic fashion (see: not reading Killian at all and not looking for him when he was missing)?

That rankles me, but that’s not really an answer, I don’t think. Why does that rankle me? Why do I feel so bone-deep that these things that I see being swallowed by the narration are something that the characters hold as dear as I do? Maybe they’re OK letting these things go as they evolve into their new lives happily ever after?

But that’s the thing. That’s the reason why. I just posted this bit earlier because it kind of hit me like a ton of bricks: the reason why the “happy ending” we’re getting for these characters feels strange and ill-fitting to me, is because I’m trying to define their happy endings by what I’ve actually seen them happy about on the show, not just what makes them not sad/stressed/angry, and I’m not seeing those very, very, few things reflected at all in what we’re getting.

I think one of the problem this show has, is that it doesn’t really do a great job of establishing sources of joy for its main characters. Supporting characters are often given a passion that exists as the key to solving a dilemma: Merida has her archery, Ariel has her collections, and even though she’s more than a bit role, Belle has her books. Hell, Henry has his music, movies and writing, and Regina has her horses. We’ve seen these characters light up like Christmas trees when talking about these things. I can picture Ariel as a museum curator in a heartbeat because I know that tending a collection is something that makes her little merheart sing (free AU prompt! Omg come on that would be adorable!)

So what is it for Emma and Killian? When do we see them excited and happy about things? When do they describe their pleasure?

Not fucking much, tbh.

(haha my long winded ass continues below the cut!)

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I just wanted to say that I found your Finding Home on ao3 and I absolutely adored it. Shou was masterfully written and poor Reigen is just stumbling into adulthood and finding espers who just latch onto him. If it's not too much trouble could I ask for more of your headcanons of interactions with Shou and Reigen? Pretty please?

AAAAA thank you so much!! I’m glad you liked it! <3 It’s honestly so great to hear that :D

And heck yeah, i was going to write out some hcs for these two anyways lmao

  • Shou, a kid who has never drank a Single Alcohol in his life: aaawwoooyeah, it’s the weekend! time to get waaassted
    • Reigen, an Accidental Parent: Suzuki-kun oh my god no sit back down.
  • Shou will sometimes mimic Reigen’s weird hand thing when he’s talking to bug him
    • when he realized that he has started to talk with his hands too he just. was so shocked. How dare Reigen rub off on him omg
  • Shou isn’t really an official part of the Spirits and Such staff yet, but he might as well be
    • he’s always hanging around at the office during the day when he’s bored anyways
    • Reigen eventually started getting him to be the one to water all the plants so he stops lazing around
      • this has mixed reactions: either Shou will literally vanish or grab a watering can
  • Like Reigen, Shou is really really good at reading people. But mostly at first glance
    • one of his unspoken tasks at the office is to tell Reigen about his new customers before they even walk through the door
      • “Oh. Some guy in a turtleneck just parked out front, boss.” “And?” “Okay, uh, he’s pretty shifty eyed. Looks like he’s hiding something, honestly. Bags under his eyes, unkempt hair…. He’s walking like he has a stick up his ass lmao.” “Suzuki.” “Okay okay! Jeez. He looks like the kinda guy with a lot of emotional baggage, guilt or whatever. I bet whatever he’s gonna talk to you about is his doing, and he’ll want it done quickly and quietly. Would probably pay a lot for it, too.”
  • Most of their conversation is just weird looks, subtext, gestures
    • whenever someone says something particularly stupid, they share this Look that no one else notices
      • Neither of them are that good at being straight forward when something serious/emotionally taxing needs to be discussed.
  • Reigen: Does something insignificant but kind without mentioning it.
    •  Shou externally: wow old man, you’re… gettin kinda soft :/
    • Shou internally: aaaaaAAAAAAAAAAAAAA
  • It didn’t take Reigen long to realize a few of Shou’s quirks
    • Whenever Shou is in the office while he is talking to a client, he takes in a softer, level voice instead of the usually booming, exaggerated tones
      • He saw how Shou would flinch whenever someone raises their voice
    • knows that doing outright kind things, like taking Shou out for lunch, will make him feel awkward if he doesnt at least cover his half of the bill
      • also figures that maybe the reason the mini fridge in the office never seems to run out of coffee creamer is because Shou doesnt know how to take someone’s kind acts without doing something in return
  • “Hello, sir. I don’t know if you remember me–I had come to you for help on a poltergeist a while ago, and–why is there a kid here?” “Hm? oh, him? don’t worry about him. He’s my assistant.” “What about that other young man? the quieter one?” “oh, uh–well–” “C’mon, lady. Dealing with spiritual activity isnt really the safest thing, and there was a job open here. I’m sure you can figure it out.” “Suzuki, no”
  • Sometimes Reigen will try to have a movie night with the esper kids but it never works out
    • everyone just ends up getting annoyed (except for Mob because he always passes out 5 minutes in) with Reigen and Shou because Reigen talks too much, Shou calls him out for it, and they both just start arguing
      • also Shou can’t sit still. At all. It drives Reigen nuts
  • Shou is a compulsive liar
    • Reigen noticed this one after a while, when he started to see that some of the things Shou responded with didn’t match up with what was true
      • he is kind of hesitant to confront Shou about it, but he knows that he will have to eventually before Shou’s newfound relationship with Ritsu starts to suffer because of it
    • he tries to deal with it by kind of leaning Shou away from lying automatically, Reigen knows that he isn’t exactly qualified for this he really wishes he was sometimes 
  • Reigen sometimes more like all the time worries that he isnt doing enough, that he should try harder for Shou, but he doesnt know how and it’s killing him slowly
    • He feels this kind of responsibility for Shou’s wellbeing, but this kid is so unbelievably independent and used to being on his own, it shocks him
  • once Reigen found Shou curled up on the couch, completely passed out. His hands were covered in charcoal, his face pressed against a massive sketch book,
    • It was a half finished sketch of Ritsu
      • there were other pictures of Ritsu all around him, on the couch, the ground
        • Reigen hung every single on on his mini fridge, even the ones that were scratched out
  • Shou will never admit to it, but he’s jealous of Mob (for multiple reasons, but also because of how he can openly admit to caring about Reigen. Shou doesn’t know how to do that without twisting his words around)
What Is He Doing Here?

Request: Hiya! Could you write an imagine where Peter parker and the reader are boyfriend, girlfriend, and they both have secret lives, as superheroes? They don’t know about each other’s 2nd superhero life, so when the avengers recruit the reader, Peter and the reader freak when they see each other at headquarters? Love your writing!

Pairing: Peter Parker x Reader

Warnings: Language.

Word count: 1,477

A/N: Ugh why is it so hard to find good gifs of Tom Holland as Peter?? Anyway, first Peter Parker request yay!! This was so fun to write omg. I just discovered I love writing Peter stuff soooo. Keep the requests coming!

Note: The reader has telekinetic and telepathic powers, very similar to Wanda, but she also has healing powers. Also, your superhero name is Force (like the force in Star Wars haha)

My Masterlist

Feel free to request anything by sending an ask to my inbox!

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What Is He Doing Here?

“For fuck’s sake, can’t you ever do anything without busting your whole face open or almost losing a limb?” You ask the man in the red and blue that sat at the edge of the building.

“It’s not my fault people want to bust my face open or cut off my limbs, Force.” He replied, inspecting the huge gash on his arm through the tear in his suit.

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Hey Bitch, JKR the CREATOR of HP said Whether you come back by page or by the big screen, Hogwarts will always be there to welcome you home.” so you can shut your trap about 'movie fans are losers the books are the only thing that counts' Bullshit. if JKR doesn't have a problem with the hp movies, leave us movie fans alone and get off your fucking high horse because you're not better than anyone bitch

I have to be honest I didn’t even know how to response to this at first other than to giggle in shock and delight (seriously I was speechless! That doesn’t happen to me very often!) because I couldn’t even think what I’d said recently that could have possibly inspired this level of vitriol. And I certainly never said what you quoted up there. But I think I figured it out. It was my tags on this post, wasn’t it?

For direct reference: #(also the thing about the basilisk venom in stone – that’s frustrating too) #(seriously folks did you even READ the books?)

Well, if it was, then I’m actually just going to continue to be snarky, sorry! Because you know what? I am sick of people who haven’t read the books whinging and carping and carrying-on when they don’t understand things that were explicitly covered in the books. It’s like when you do a book report in school and get a failing grade because you only watched the movie adaptation instead of reading the actual book, and so you couldn’t answer half the questions right. Because it gets really tiring having to explain things like “a Horcrux isn’t destroyed by instant contact with basilisk venom, it’s just that basilisk venom is one of the few things that can damage something beyond the point where it could be magically repaired which is how you destroy a Horcrux, but because Fawkes saved Harry before he actually died, the Horcrux inside him wasn’t hurt” over and over and over again to whingy little brats who think they’re pointing out a massive plot hole and are just sooooo proud of themselves when really they…just don’t understand how a Horcrux works?

And J.K. Rowling seems to be tired of it too. Hence her weary #pleaseneveraskmethatoneagain hashtag on that twitter post. Because guess what? If you’re only going to watch an adaptation of something? Well, then you’re not going to understand everything that is going on, because obviously lots of parts have been excised and altered. That’s kind of how the “adaptation” process works. So if you aren’t familiar with the original, you probably shouldn’t swan around acting like some great fancy big shot who’s found an INCREDIBLE MASSIVE PLOTHOLE OMG that NOBODY ELSE NOTICED EVER!!!! aren’t you special!!! when…you didn’t. You just don’t know what you’re talking about.

It’s kind of like how I don’t go around ranting about errors in mathematical equations, or making statements about the thematic elements of tv shows I never watched, or why I don’t correct other people when they quote sections of the bible or…basically, if I don’t know what I’m talking about and I know I don’t know what I’m talking about, then I don’t act like I’ve got an informed opinion on the subject. I mean, you don’t see MCU fans running around acting like they know the comic book continuity just because they’ve seen the movies, do you? No! Nor the other way around! They’re separate fandoms, and being familiar with one of them doesn’t mean you automatically know all the facts of the other. And if you aren’t familiar with the source material, then you aren’t informed on the subject. Whatever the subject in question may be. In this case, it’s the canon of the Harry Potter story, because if you haven’t read the books then all you’ve done is watched some really high-budget fanfiction.

So while you can go ahead and enjoy the movies, and even consider yourself a fan of Harry Potter without reading the books (although why wouldn’t you???), you don’t count as being informed on the subject, because you’re unfamiliar with the source material. Because those movies? Filled with errors and omissions. Filled with them. And it’s pretty frustrating when folk who’ve only watched the movies but not read the books go around talking about the “plot holes in the story” or complaining about character actions that “don’t make sense” and so-forth. Because nine times out of ten, they’re things that are thoroughly addressed in the books and only lack sense in the movies. And those of us who have read the books tend to get tired of the story and the writing and the character development and the world building being maligned when actually that isn’t the problem the movies just got it wrong okay???

There are a lot of genuine criticisms that can be made about these books. But those tend to get overshadowed by things that aren’t legitimate criticisms because they’re problems that only exist in the movie adaptations, not in the source. And a lot of time and energy gets wasted explaining the same things over and over again to people who can’t seem to wrap their heads around the fact that if you’ve only watched the movies, you don’t know all the material. Which is fine, there’s nothing wrong with being a casual fan of something – but if you’re only a casual fan, don’t act like you know canonical minutia okay? (You don’t see me writing a lot of meta about Green Lantern, do you?) And at the least, maybe stop to think, “hey I wonder if this is a thing that is addressed in the books, maybe I can google it?” or even pop over to the Lexicon for some fact-checking and exposition before you go shooting your mouth off like you’re Fandom Moses coming down the mountain with the Big Tablets of Fictional Revelation to share with everybody. And definitely don’t keep pestering the poor author about it when she didn’t have a damn bit of control over how the movies turned out so why is she being held responsible for explaining away “plot holes” that don’t actually exist? As frustrating as this is for us, it’s got to be a hundred times worse for her. Imagine how you’d feel if you were an author and people kept whinging about “the big plot-hole in your series climax” and maligning your ability to write, especially when you’d obviously been so careful to plan and arrange everything so that it did all work, and you had devoted all sorts of exposition to it so everybody could understand it and…instead you’re constantly bombarded by people whinging about what you did wrong because they’re only familiar with the adaptation that didn’t explain it properly. I expect I’d be considerably frustrated, personally, and I would have a very hard time resisting the urge to just say, “It makes sense if you read the fucking books, so go read the actual fucking books before you bitch to me okay?!”

Because the books are the only things that count. If by “count” you mean “count as canon.” The movies aren’t canon. They’re adaptations. They’re big, fancy, high-budget fanfiction filmed with great actors and excellent effects. But they’re also full of errors and omissions because that’s how adaptation works. And I can’t imagine why you’re being this defensive over a mild complaint that someone on tumblr put in the tags of a post unless in your heart of hearts, you already know all of this. You’re not angry at me; you’re angry at you. For not knowing things like how Horcruxes work, and why the basilisk venom-infused sword could destroy them in Deathly Hallows even though Harry remained a Horcrux after being stabbed by a basilisk’s fang. For not reading the books.

But you know what? There’s an easy cure to that. It’s called a library.

And if you just don’t want to read the books? Fine! Then don’t! But learn to be content with your ignorance on the subject. Those are really the only two choices you’ve got. Either educate yourself or don’t, but don’t bitch at me when you don’t know something just because you can’t be arsed to learn it.

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a HC where MC is an otaku and how the RFA would feel?

hello anon! I would be happy to write this for you, as I am an anime fan myself :)


  • he completely understands bc he’s totally obsessed with LOLOL the way you are with anime and manga
  • while he would spend hours playing LOLOL you would be watching anime
  • he’d be totally down to cosplay with you because he just wants you to be happy
  • also he would totally go to conventions with you bc there is going to be an LOLOL booth we NEED to go
  • for your birthday he would buy you that figure you always wanted but could never afford (how did he do that we are both broke college students??)
  • he starts watching anime because he wants to understand why you like it so much
  • and oh man is he HOOKED on SAO
  • “Oh my god! MC! They live in a video game that’s so cool!!!”
  • even if you don’t like SAO you both always end up singing the first opening because MAN IT’S CATCHY OKAY 
  • Seven refers to you as the weeaboo couple after Yoosung also gets into anime
  • which pisses off Yoosung because he knows you hate being called that oh no Seven you better watch out Yandere Yoosung is after you
  • he honestly just loves that it makes you happy which makes him happy so it’s all good for you two


  • when you start moving your stuff into his house and he sees all these figures, manga, and wall scrolls he is a little confused
  • once you explain to him what it is and how much you love it he thinks that you’re even more adorable than before??
  • like wow my MC is such a little dork bUT I LOVE IT THEY’RE SO CUTE!!
  • will totally go to conventions with you
  • if you cosplay something he will take so many pictures of you and posts them all over his twitter and sends them to the RFA messenger, it’s insane
  • when you are cosplaying there are so many compliments like omg he loves you so much!!
  • the only anime he’s ever seen before was Pokemon
  • so when he sees your Pikachu plushies he’s all over them
  • he’s completely okay with you putting up posters from your favorite animes around the house
  • “bc it makes you happy why would I not let you do something that makes you happy?”
  • he WILL watch anime with you if you want him to, even if he doesn’t understand it since he wants to be able to be supportive no matter what
  • fans of his start to learn about your love of anime and start sending you boxes of cool stuff (kind of like the stuff you’d see in an akibento box)
  • if he has to film in Japan somewhere for a movie or show you better bet your ass he’s bringing you to Akihabara
  • for Christmas he gets you an autograph from your favorite voice actor
    • “Zen! How did you get this?? Oh my god I love it!”
    • “I can do anything if it’s for my princess.” 
  • he’s just super accepting of you and wants you to be the happiest you could be


  • totally knows what it’s like to be obsessed since she’s the same way with Zen
  • but still worries about if you’re like Yoosung (staying up late and not getting proper rest because of it)
  • hates it when you stay up late to watch anime
  • “MC, you need to get a proper nights rest for work in the morning..” here comes mama Jaehee
  • doesn’t really mind as long as it doesn’t affect your work
  • your in the room on the laptop watching crunchyroll and she has a Zen performance on the TV
  • her mugs have Zens face on them and yours have Sailor Moon
  • doesn’t really understand cosplay?? but she still finds you really cute when you’re all dressed up
  • when you’re reading a manga she’ll cuddle with you with her own book
  • finds it kind of silly that you have so many posters and figures of people who don’t exist, but would never say that to your face because she doesn’t want to hurt your feelings
  • if you manage to drag her with you to a convention, even if she isn’t having fun she still really enjoys seeing you so excited and happy about something
  • supportive af


  • Jumin is the most confused one here
  • poor man doesn’t know what to do with all of your things
  • of course he has room for it though, we are talking about Jumin Han here
  • kind of like the wife from I Can’t Understand What My Husband Is Saying when you talk about your stuff
  • “MC, why do you have such a suggestive doll?” he asks while holding up a figure of Super Sonico in a tiny swimsuit
    • “JUMIN THAT IS MY FAVORITE SUPER SONICO FIGURE DON’T TOUCH IT.” it’s one of super sonico’s you know how “appropriate” those are…
  • “MC, how many comic books can someone have?” a lot, Jumin. A LOT..
  • when he comes home from work he usually finds you curled up on the couch watching anime while Elizabeth 3rd snuggles in your lap
  • “See, Lizzie, this boy is in love with that girl, but he’s too dumb to realize she likes him too so he never says anything. I can’t believe how oblivious someone could be!”
    • “meoow!”
    • “I agree, he should just confess already!”
  • can’t go to conventions with you due to work, but when you come home with a body guard holding tons of bags of doujins and posters he wonders what goes on there
  • would probably pay a company to make another season of your favorite ended anime, but doesn’t tell you as a surprise
  • when you run into the room, yelling he’s very confused
  • but then you tell him your favorite show got another season!! and he knows he did well by the look on your face
  • appreciates that it keeps you happy and busy while he’s away at work


  • we all know this boy is also one
  • we just know
  • when he was doing your backround check he saw your subscriptions to cruchyroll, the endless amounts of figures and shit you bought online
  • and on the inside he’s just like she’s the one
  • you bond over the messenger on anime
  • and after the whole unknown thing is resolved and you guys live together it’s even better bc you both just eat honey buddah chips and watch anime all day
  • and you’re just like FUCK I LOVE YOU SEVEN
  • goes to all the cons with you
  • cosplays with you, (but as female characters ofc)
  • Vanderwood hates cleaning after your messy asses 
  • when you guys watched Food Wars you decided to leave the house for once and go out for Japanese food
  • he thinks your such a cutie and you think the same of him
  • NEKOS!!
  • admit it. you both played nekopara together
  • all 3 volumes (1,0, and 2)
  • if you’re good at drawing manga he has your drawings hung up all over the house
    • tries to convince you to become a manga artist
  • you guys totally make those cheesy cosplay skits but you don’t upload them anywhere so they don’t come back to haunt you in a few years
  • thinks you’re the best fiancee ever tbh

Ahh, I hope that was okay!! :) requests are still open!

just-french-me-up  asked:

ask me shIt about Antoine omg. HOW ARE LES AMIS WITH ANTOINE (like, except his parents)

Enjolras doesn’t know what to do with kids. Much less Montparnasse’s kid, like, he’s still not sure how he’s supposed to deal with that guy. Antoine has a lot of Jehan in them, though. They ask a lot of questions. And Grantaire is really good with him, and they’re really cute to watch, so maybe… maybe kids aren’t so bad.
Combeferre flooded Jehan and Montparnasse’s house with books before their baby was born, and he hasn’t stopped. Between him and Jehan, there is very little floorspace in the apartment. He’s one of their two go-to babysitter (”call the responsible one, Jehan”), too, other than Eponine.
Courfeyrac, of course, shows up whenever Combeferre does. Ferre may be the substitute king of bedtimes stories and answering all those “why” questions, but Courf brings movies and games. Any excuse to watch Disney films and sing along and laugh is okay with him.
Grantaire is one of the first people Antoine goes to when he comes to meetings. R is only half paying attention to the goings-on anyway, and Antoine’s presence tends to curb his interruptions unless he feels it’s really necessary. They draw and color and tell each other jokes (or what amounts to a joke for a four-year-old) at one of the corner tables.
Feuilly LOVES children but doesn’t really want ones of his own. He’s too busy all the time, you know? Doesn’t think he could give them the attention they need. So he loves it when Jehan brings Antoine to meetings because he gets to play with a kid. Or several kids, if Marius brings his. It’s hard to get him to let go sometimes.
Bahorel tried to take him home once. Montparnasse got really upset about it because “someone stole my sON,” he was ready to fight. Antoine has been fascinated by Baz since he was really tiny- no one’s sure if it’s the beard, the smile, the tattoos, or some combination of all of it.
Bossuet didn’t want to hold Antoine for the longest time. He outright refused. He didn’t want to mess up and hurt the kid on accident because 1) guilt and 2) he probably wouldn’t make it home in one piece after. He’s gotten less wary since Antoine has grown, but he makes sure he has some kind of back-up (Joly), just in case.
Joly can be such a blessing to have around. He already works with kids all day, so there’s very little Antoine can do that will surprise him. He’s also Antoine’s pediatrician, so it took a bit to get him to realize that Doctor Joly doesn’t always do doctor things. They’re pretty close otherwise.
Marius is unsurprisingly wonderful. He and Cosette already had two kids by the time Antoine came alone, so he knew exactly what to do no matter what. Who would have thought Montparnasse would be asking Pontmercy of all people for advice? He would spend more time with other people and their children if he could, but he misses half the meetings because he’s busy being a home dad/online languages tutor.

(Bonus) Gavroche is like that older brother Antoine doesn’t really have, and it’s not always a good thing. He’s old enough to babysit, but he’s only sort of allowed to help Eponine. He has been, um, expanding Antoine’s vocabulary, and his choice of entertainment isn’t always the best for a kid that age. Then again, he would also get in a physical fight to defend that boy if he had to, so. He tries.

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Could I get some RFA + V/Saeran (those two are super popular omg) helping you through a really bad day? ;;

//ayy sure thing my dude, sorry if i got too carried away with it heh. i also had some trouble coming up with the issues, so sometimes they repeat themselves and in literally all of them there are snuggles and hugs and i apologize for that but honestly?? none of them wouldn’t cuddle you , ya feel? i might edit this later btw//


  • first off, yoosung is one of those people who is always checking in with you because he remembers when he would feel really depressed because of Rika and he never wants you to feel that
  • so let’s say you and him planned a date tonight and you were going to go out to eat and then to the movies to see one of the new films coming out the yoosung was really interested in
  • and so you’re in class, right? and you have your big travel cup of some drink, and you reach over for your pen, but you knock over that cup, and the lid literally just opens/falls off and it spills all over your keyboard
  • but you can’t really get up and get napkins or paper towel so you clean it to the best of your abilities with your shirt, which is actually a really nice sweater
  • so class gets out and you have tons of homework which sucks. and you know what? your professors a lazy ass and he doesn’t even teach you, just gives you a bunch of problems to solve or tell you to write something
  • on the way home you missed your train, like you were literally are running up the station steps when it starts to close the doors and pull away
  • no way in hell are you waiting for the next one, because in that time, you could walk back so you did
  • but it started raining, and you don’t have your umbrella, so you go to just call yoosung to come and pick you up but your phone dies
  • and eventually you get home two hours later, stopped by everything and soaking and crying and Yoosung sees you in the door and he’s all dressed up and has this worried look on his face and you cry even more because you know he was really excited for that movie and your day has just been absolute shit
  • and you try to apologize but you just can’t stop the tears and he just hugs you and pets your hair because he’s been there, he knows what it’s like
  • you apologize and tell him that you’re sorry but he’s just like “MC, don’t say that, it isn’t your fault, i’m sorry i couldn’t have helped you sooner.”
  • he just makes you some hot chocolate and a towel and a change of clothes that just came out of the dryer
  • you just snuggle into him and watch The Lion King and go to sleep 
  • yoosung actually loves you so much and he understands when you want to talk and don’t so he’ll just hold you and hug you and be there with you

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anonymous asked:

Mmmm so what would Farkles sweet 16 be like then

  • Okay Riley gets EVEN MORE stressed and screwy about this than Maya’s because he knows about the book
  • He’s not supposed to know
  • No one was ever supposed to know about the book
  • She was so caught up in Maya’s party she made a fatal error and showed him
  • It’s supposed to be a damn surprise party
  • But he knows she’s throwing him a party
  • She done fucked up
  • Not to mention after he gave her an amazing Sweet 16th birthday- and then an amazing Sweet 16th party for their one month anniversary- like now she knows she has to step up her fucking game here
  • She’s like 80% sure he didn’t look through his section in the book but she still worries he did
  • She enlists Maya’s help obviously but Maya is…significantly less useful than Farkle was at calming her down in this situation
  • But Riley literally needs any help she can get so she’s not complaining much
  • Okay so they start the planning a little after the Valentine’s Day Fiasco so everyone knows they’re dating by now
  • Which makes it harder on Riley because now that they’re public Farkle is all over her 9000% of the time which she has absolutely no problem with but she can’t plan his surprise party in front of him!!!!
  • But she also can’t exactly say “I can’t go out with you tonight I need to plan your party” and she knows he knows all her tells when she’s lying
  • u g h
  • Not to mention, her and Maya’s party turned out so well mostly because Farkle’s rich
  • She obviously can’t make him pay for his own party and her and Maya’s budget is currently consisting of 50 bucks and some spare peanuts omfg
  • But she’s trying to keep it together. She’s been planning this thing for 4 years, for crying out loud.
  • She spends the whole month she has to plan it screaming internally
  • Farkle’s so fucking unhelpful too like he’s definitely aware she’s planning a party for him but he’s severely underestimating how stressed and worried she is about this omfg
  • So he keeps joking around like constantly reminding her his birthday is the 21st and every time he sees her writing something he asks her if it’s party plans and stuff and she’s SO UPSET AND HE’S JUST NOT SEEING IT FARKLE COME ON
  • He literally doesn’t figure it out until he made some comment like “Oh my parents wanna do something on the day after my birthday, so the party can’t be that Saturday” and she BURSTS INTO TEARS
  • And she finally explains that she’s honestly so fucking upset he knows about this because she just really wanted him to be surprised, like to just genuinely catch him off guard for once and show him how much she and everyone loves him, and her feeling of being surprised at the party really reinforced that, and she’s so mad at herself for showing him the book in the first place but she was sleep deprived and after everyone had forgotten her birthday she didn’t feel like she could trust anyone else to put in enough effort with Maya’s party but now the surprise factor is ruined and he won’t even give her a little space so she can order the damn flower arrangements and SHE’S ALL WORKED UP
  • And he’s really not sure why she’s so invested in the element of surprise here but he’s trying so hard to calm her down omfg like he knows she loves him he’s not gonna doubt that because he’s aware she’s throwing a party??? If anything seeing the book reinforced for him that she loved him omfg
  • And she’s still upset because he’s not totally getting it but he promises to give her some space to do whatever she needs and that calms her down a little
  • So now her and Maya are diving into the planning and Riley’s not as rushed as she was with Maya’s so she’s thanking Jesus on the daily
  • They’re trying to come up with a location that at the very least he won’t be expecting
  • Maya’s suggesting really random places like abandoned warehouses and other buildings so they can make it like an underground rave and Riley’s…honestly not hating the idea but she’s not sure how they’d pull it off
  • The baker was hardcore judging them because their instructions for the cake was “as chocolate as humanly possible to make it. With chocolate frosting. And the writing and details in orange frosting. And maybe throw on some sour gummy worms for decoration.”
  • Because Farkle is a sugar fiend everyone is honestly impressed he’s not diabetic yet
  • Maya wanted the cake to read “Happy Birthday Asshole” and Riley wanted something about how amazing he was but it was simply too many words to fit. They settled on “Happy Birthday Sparkly Farkly” which they started calling him after an arts and crafts accident in fifth grade. They know he secretly loves it but he always acts mad when they call him that in public. So it felt like the best way to convey affection to him on his birthday lmao
  • Maya and Zay put in a mass order for shirts/hats/jackets/banners/etc that read ‘Farkle Nation’ omfg
  • Lucas knew that since it was a party for Farkle there’d be way too much sugar and took it upon himself to order way too many Edible Arrangements bouquets omfg Maya made fun of him for 3 weeks about it
  • Omfg they decided they had to take a page from Farkle’s book with the giant blown up pictures but they were like. Do we wanna be sweet or do we wanna embarrass him.
  • The answer was both
  • So they got two pictures blown up lol- one super cute one of them attack kissing him at the same time after 8th grade graduation. It’s honestly the cutest picture they’ve ever taken.
  • They were struggling on the embarrassing one tho and they were lamenting about it and Cory was just like wait and ran out of the room and came back 10 minutes later holding The Picture
  • From 5th grade
  • When he was still all glasses and bowl cuts and turtlenecks
  • And their art project went so very wrong and he ended up covered head to toe, front to back in glitter omfg
  • Cory had the perfect picture of him looking like a human disco ball and pouting into the camera.
  • The girls knew that as Farkle’s best friends it was truly their duty to blow this picture up and hang it on a wall for all the party goers to see
  • Riley decided since they were going more rave theme they didn’t really need flowers but she still got orange roses and daisies anyway because she’s a sentimental piece of garbage
  • She figures they can set some bouquets next to Lucas’s lame ass healthy fruit flowers and she needs to see the what the place looks like to figure out if she can do anything else
  • Which brings us to the next problem: They literally still do not have a location omfg
  • Which is kinda a problem
  • So they’re freaking out when in swoops Stuart Minkus right
  • And Riley doesn’t wanna tell him jack shit because there’s a high probability he’s just gonna run home and tell Farkle everything
  • And Minkus is like ‘Riley please I didn’t tell him I gave you girls keys when he spent months trying to figure out how you were getting in the house. I didn’t tell him when Maya dyed his hair blue in his sleep and it took him 4 hours to notice. I didn’t tell him when for a science project you had set up hidden devices all over his room that you could press a button and ‘beep’ at any given time to make him think he was going insane. I didn’t tell him when Maya installed a porn virus on his school laptop. Why on Earth would I let you girls down now?”
  • Lmao so they tell him every thing and they mention they’re still looking for a location right
  • And he’s like…Girls you are aware I basically own half the city right?
  • And they’re like SHIT because that honestly slipped their minds omfg
  • So he listens to what they wanna do and he thinks it’s a weird idea but he does own a couple of abandoned buildings from projects and whatnot that just went south and he was never really able to sell
  • So he draws up a list of ones he can prove are entirely safe and gives it to the girls and basically tells them to have fun lmao
  • Okay so they spend two days looking around at these sites right
  • And most of them are just big open spaces which would be helpful but they still wanna keep looking
  • And then they stumble upon this really weird place omfg
  • Okay so according to Minkus’ note, it was a warehouse but then they tried to turn a extra floor into apartments but everyone fled the place because they were claiming it’s haunted
  • The girls read that and called Lucas, Zay and Smackle to come with them to see it because they read that note and they were just like “…Obviously.”
  • So they get there and the bottom floor where like factory work was happening has been cleared of any machinery except there’s a weird tiny stage there. They’re figuring the short-lived apartment building tried to have activities down here or something.
  • Okay and then above that on a landing is this big office-y sort of room with one glass wall so you can look out of it and see the floor (although there are blinds and other walls)
  • And then around that is just this extra floor that literally has really tiny fully furnished studio apartments like it deadass looks like everyone living there got up and left in the middle of the night it’s so creepy
  • So Riley’s starting to get excited omg she’s like “Okay so we have the actual rave-ish party on the bottom floor, and then we could-”
  • “get a projector and screen a bunch of his favorite nerd movies in the office space!” was Maya’s great contribution
  • And then omfg Lucas was like “Oooh and if anyone gets too tired from the party they can lay down to rest in the apartments!”
  • And everyone’s staring at him for a moment and Maya’s just like “You’re right that’s exactly what people would want to use them for good boy.” lmao
  • Okay so now they gotta get the word out to the school obvi
  • Riley and Zay handle inviting people and they manage to tell evvverybody it’s in a haunted building omg so a lot of people are going lol
  • Maya and Smackle leave one day and come back with a shit load of glow-in-the dark paint and black lights
  • Riley enlists Lucas who enlists his jock friends to go through the factory and clean everything lmao
  • Since they had to go after practice and stuff it takes them like a week to get it all done
  • For a present, Riley manages to get him tickets to an underground robot fight, an actual record album of Pippin signed by the original cast, and bought a star in his name; When she told Maya, the blonde’s only response was ‘he’s gonna nut’ 😂
  • Okay so we’re now…Maybe a week and a half from March 21st, Farkle’s birthday
  • And Riley’s still upset that she can’t actually surprise him
  • And Maya’s just like “Why don’t you just avoid him completely until the party and make him think he pissed you off so he’s relieved to be surprised.”
  • And Riley’s like “No Maya you don’t understand he let’s me make out with him”
  • So avoiding him altogether is out of the picture in her mind😂
  • So they’re spit balling plans to surprise him back and forth for like an hour and they’re getting more and more pathetic lol
  • But then ZAY SAVES THE DAY
  • Okay so they had already planned on using any element of surprise they can get in the first place- because of that, even though Farkle was pretty much expecting this party to be on the Friday after his birthday, they had scheduled it for his actual birthday, which was Wednesday. Cory Matthews was already preparing to play dumb on their behalf when most of the sophomore class and whole knows how many other kids skip school on Thursday lmao
  • So anyway Zay was like “Riley why don’t you just convince him you had plans set for Friday but they fell through and now there is no party”
  • And Riley’s like but he knows my tells!
  • And Maya’s like “…but if you start crying he’d turn into a panicked mess and wouldn’t know up from down.”
  • So everyone is like holy shit this could work
  • And that’s the story of how on a Sunday night Farkle was very confused when Riley ran into his room sobbing that she’s the ‘worst girlfriend in the history of romantic attraction. Fuck, even Neanderthals would’ve made better girlfriends than me!’
  • And she’s straight up sobbing into his chest and this poor boy is like “WHAT THE FUCK” he doesn’t know what to do and Riley’s now crying to hard for him to make out a concrete sentence
  • And she really lays it on okay homegirl manages to drudge up fake tears for like 40 minutes you should be proud
  • So he finally gets her to calm down a bit and he wants to know what’s wrong and she’s still got her face shoved in his chest so he can’t read her tells and she’s like “We had this whole thing planned we were trying to rent a huge room in Hard Rock Café on Friday for your birthday and all our friends and family would be there and it wasn’t even anything amazing like you did for me and Maya but my budget was significantly smaller but I was hoping you wouldn’t mind BUT IT ALL FELL THROUGH AND NOW WE CAN’T HAVE A PARTY FOR YOU! The restaurant made a mix up and accidentally canceled our reservations and we can’t get anywhere else on such short notice and I can’t even get a refund for the canceled reservations so it’s not like I’d be able to take you anywhere other than an Applebees anyway so now I don’t know what to do and you’re leaving for the Hamptons Saturday morning so it’s not like I can throw anything else together and I’ve let you down you deserve a girlfriend so much better than me honestly you should just call Isadora to see what she’s doing! I’m so sorry Farkle!”
  • Like Riley is really selling this holy shit Farkle is beside himself on her behalf and he’s trying to calm her down and tell her that she’s amazing and he loves her and trying to convince her that he really doesn’t need a birthday party at all omfg
  • She’s still crying when she leaves his house but he managed calm her down a little omg
  • Okay so now it’s Wednesday, Farkle’s birthday right
  • School is normal, Riley baked him brownies for the occasion but still looked like she’d burst into tears at any moment
  • So it’s now like…8′o’clock at night, right
  • And suddenly he gets a text from Maya that’s like “omg I’m part of one of those groups where you get really abstract text clues about where a movie marathon is happening and there’s one starting soon in a haunted building and they’re doing all your War of the Stars movies or whatever I need you to drive me”
  • And Farkle’s like “Okay but Maya you clearly don’t care so why are you even going in the first place??”
  • And she’s like “I can make myself suffer through sci-fi for your birthday. Riley’s coming too, leave now or I’ll hurt you.”
  • So he picks them up and he’s like “aren’t you guys dressed a little nice for a movie marathon??” because Riley’s got her hair all curly and she’s in this tight black and white dress with that’s very distracting and Maya’s at least in a romper but it’s like. A fancy one that’s all silver and black
  • But Maya makes some comment like “I don’t need a dress code for life” and Riley’s staring out the window still in full blown sulk mode about the party falling through
  • So okay he follows Maya’s directions and pulls up to this fucking abandoned warehouse and all the lights are off inside and it sounds dead quiet and he’s like “Yeah no we’re gonna get murdered aren’t we?” and Maya’s like ‘probably’ and heads inside, texting the whole time
  • So he sighs and him and Riley start walking over and he’s trying to get her to tell him what’s wrong and they’re right at the door she’s got her hand on the handle and she just sighs sadly and says “I really don’t deserve you, Farkle.”
  • And before he can #panic and try to cheer her up she smiles and says “But you probably deserve me,” and opens the door and shoves him inside
  • The lights flash on and everyone’s screaming ‘surprise!’ and he’s just so.
  • WHAT
  • The two giant blown up pictures are hanging on opposite sides of the room. Tables filled with a lot of junk food (and for some reason fruit bouquets????) and drinks pushed up against the walls so there’s still a huge amount of room for people to dance. A tiered chocolate cake (with gummy worms??) that looks taller than him is up on a stage next to where it looks like Zay had set up DJ equipment. The blinds are open in the designated screening room so he can see the projector set up. As far as he can see, almost everyone in the room is wearing some article of white clothing-hats, shirts, sweatbands- and they look normal but Zay’s got extra boxes of them on stage that he clearly intends to throw to the crowd. There’s also plain white banners hanging around the room, he’s a little confused about that. And he’s also seeing Riley’s got orange roses and daisies scattered across the room. This boy is just. so shocked and confused right now omfg.
  • He thinks he’s recognizing more than half of the student body in this room honestly what the fuck how is this happening
  • Everyone’s still cheering and taking pictures and Maya’s shoving him into this hot pink sash that reads ‘BIRTHDAY BITCH’ in glitter and he’s just staring in shock still omg
  • Riley’s smirking at him and nudging him like “Did I surprise you???” and all he can do is nod and she’s squealing and hugging him in excitement
  • So Zay finally gets the microphone at his stand working and he’s like ‘alright LETS GO’ and all the sudden the lights cut out and black lights are lighting up and all the plain white stuff he’d noticed before were now proclaiming “FARKLE NATION” in glow in the dark paint he’s freaking out omg
  • He can barely figure out what songs are being played because Riley’s got his hand and is dragging him to the dance floor and he’s getting completely swept up in this party omfg
  • Riley’s living for the fact the look of surprise never leaves his eyes all night
  • They dance for hours with occasional breaks for food and drinks but everyone’s really having a great time
  • They can hear people screaming at whatever movie they’re playing on the projector
  • They decide to attempt to cut and pass out slices of the cake around 10:30. They shoved Farkle on the stage and Zay made him stand there as he got most of the party goers to sing happy birthday and then Riley was like “here eat your slice right now while Lucas and I try to pass out pieces” so Farkle was left to awkwardly stand on stage in front of hundreds of people and try to eat a diabetes-ridden slice of cake and of course Maya shoved it in his face after a few bites 😂
  • Omg so the party gets back in full swing right and at some point around Midnight Riley and Farkle end up in the last row of seats they had set up in the projection room and they’re watching Paranormal Activity or something
  • Well they’re supposed to be watching it lol in reality they’re all cuddled up and whispering because Farkle wants to know how the hell she pulled this off
  • And she’s looking out a crack in the blinds, watching Zay try to get everyone invested in a line dance and launching more shirts out of a shirt cannon and the screen is casting a blue light over her and he’s obsessed with how it looks
  • And she’s like “I was really set on surprising you because you always surprise me and I figured I should return the favor one of these days”
  • And he’s like “I thought you wanted to through me a party because I was such a loser when we were kids?” and she shoves his shoulder and they’re both smiling (although she doesn’t deny he was a loser lmao)
  • And now she’s listing off all the times he’s surprised her, like she didn’t think the sad-looking kid on the playground would be her best friend and talk about space with her, she didn’t think Dracula would save her from drowning, she didn’t think he’d show up at the hospital after she’d gotten her tonsils out and read to her the whole stay, she didn’t think he’d ever get rid of that awful bowl cut (lol), she didn’t think his playground feelings for her would turn out to be real and deep, she didn’t think he’s make her fall in love with him, her list keeps going on
  • And she’s finally like “so I really wanted to surprise you for once, okay? I wasn’t joking with the ‘I don’t deserve you’ thing. But I’ve always been a little selfish and I love you too much and I just wanted you to know that.”
  • And so of course now Farkle’s on some sappy tangent about how amazing Riley is ya-da-ya-da-ya-da
  • Annnd now they’re making out
  • And now they’re still making out but sneaking out the door in the room
  • Why are they heading to the apartment sections
  • Children no,
  • Why are they tying that stupid sash Maya gave him around a door knob to one place
  • Children get away from the bed,
  • (No but yeah I think you can figure out where that moment goes)
  • And let’s just say that was their first, ah, ~moment~
  • And it was rather spur-of-the-moment, sure, but I don’t think either of them are gonna complain too much okay
  • They sneak back down to the dance party a little after that
  • Zay starts some crazy contests up he’s really digging the DJ thing
  • The rest of the party is amazing and everyone has a great time
  • Riley and Farkle don’t leave each other’s sight the whole night and I think Maya is a little suspicious about why Riley’s lipstick is messed up and Farkle’s blushing so much, but she convinces herself it’s all the dancing and doesn’t bring it up lol
  • Lucas is off in the corner fussing because literally no one has touched his Edible Arrangements and it’s like 2:30 in the morning wtf guys
  • People start clearing out around 3:30-ish
  • It’s still talked about as one of the best parties ever even as they’re graduating
  • The girls crashed at Farkle’s place for the night rather than drive all the way back home (the warehouse was closer to him)
  • So he’s lying in bed and instead of staring at the planetarium ceiling he’s staring at Riley who’s softly snoring next to him
  • And he’s still seeing flashing lights in his eyes and hearing songs he can barely recognize and his heart hasn’t returned to normal beats yet and he’s not sure if that’s from the dancing or the milestone he and Riley crossed but it’s a good feeling
  • He wasn’t expecting anything at all but he definitely had a Sweet Sixteen and wouldn’t change a second of it
  • I really want you people to know that I had ‘Darude- Sandstorm’ stuck in my head for the entire 2 and a half hours it took to right this
  • UGH
How Fe Works in ENTPs

By marvoliarty

Just because I saw the post with this question (which was totally random happenstance and not because I check this blog on a daily basis, nope hahaha *sweats nervously*).  Ok, I already just wasted half an hour scrolling down tumblr because I wanted to take a peek and forgot that I was doing this (which is really just me ignoring the fact that I don’t want to query more agents (thanks Ne)).  

Anywayyyyy,  actually talking about Fe. Fe is basically the plight of my existence; more than Si because Si is so low that it pretty much never shows up in my life.  Let’s see how to put this.  Fe turns me into a paradox, and I’ll discuss how here.  It’s always present in my life, much like an irritating child that keeps kicking you in the leg, and no matter what you do THEY WON’T GO AWAY AND YOU CAN’T MAKE THEM STOP KICKING YOU.

Ok, so basically, Fe is the cause of my freaking huge ass ego.  I need to be loved by everyone.  I need to be the center of attention.  I do things just to make people laugh, for attention, so that they think I’m funny.  I say things as a joke, but really they’re true, but I need to share them in a socially acceptable way. With my writing, I get ahead of myself and share the document before even the first draft is complete.  I need your input, I find it fun.  

On the contrast, FE IS EFFING TERRIBLE.  I am super insecure because omg what if you’re lying to me, if you’re trying to spare my feelings, or what if you actually hate me?? WHO KNOWS???? CERTAINLY NOT MY FE.  I can’t discern people’s feelings well, because once my personal emotions get involved, I don’t know if it’s me or you or if I’m just imagining everything and wtf.

Fe makes me a super people pleaser, because I lowkey/highkey both want people to like me.  It’s like ‘eh, I don’t care what people think of me’ and ‘BUT I WANT YOU TO LIKE ME’.  I will try to make you like me, but once you establish that you hate me for absolutely no reason, I will derive great pleasure from making you hate me even more.  Tert Fe is a dick.  I will go out of my way to outdo you in absolutely everything and thanks to Ne’s completely awesome to be good at basically everything right off the bat, I’m typically going to win. #Evil. 

However, it still is Fe, which provides the lovely thing called social obligation and feelings ugh.  For example, I was super tired yesterday, but my mom was going to the store and asked if I wanted to come (she’s an Fi user, so she doesn’t really understand this struggle), I ABSOLUTELY DID NOT but because of Fe it went 'look at all she does for you, don’t make her sad! Go with.’ and that’s why I had to go to the store.  I need social approval on things as well, which is why when I wanted to skip school because I WAS really sick, I couldn’t do it until someone else told me that I could choose to.  

In emotionality, it kinda turns me into that tumblr romance movie trope about 'the plan’.  Basically, I have a plan for my life and then Fe goes 'look at person, have feelings’ and I feel as if I was hit by a bus, because I typically just don’t have actual feelings for anyone in that aspect.  My upper two functions go NO THIS ISN’T THE PLAN while Fe goes la la la la.  Also, because Fe is so low, the way my liking you comes out is weird…..  My ego, and the fact that I really can’t take rejection (lower and underdeveloped as of yet) means that when I like you, I have to hide it.  I always hide it so well that I go to the opposite end of the spectrum and either make it super uncomfortable or you end up thinking I hate you because I act really aloof towards you.  GAH I JUST WASTED ANOTHER HALF HOUR ON TUMBLR.

Um, ok, upside; I am really not the type of person to be socially correct just for the sake of being socially correct, and having it low down actually makes me a pretty genuine person?  Like, for example, I intern at an office with two Fe dome ladies who are super nice, but also, pretty catty.  After we all went to a holiday lunch, the two of them start complaining about this one woman who I happened to like.  I had never noticed that they didn’t like her, but they were faking it.  I can’t really do that.  Since I have super impulsive/creative Ne and kinda socially inept Ti in front of it, Fe tends to bleed my true feelings through.  When I don’t like you, typically I make it known, or at least it is seen without ever being socially rude.  Another example, there’s this girl in my dance class who is pretty backstabbing, and so I am cordial, but I just let her talk, and occasionally, I will nod.  I can’t pretend that we are friends without it coming out super patronizing.   

DAMNIT TUMBLR.  Ok, um let’s see what else.  EMOTIONAL MANIPULATION.  Alright, yes, we do that, we’re super good at it, book look, it’s not some Hannibal Lecter crap, we aren’t psychopaths.  Here’s the deal: we completely understand societal rules and expectations, know how they work, and how to respond to situations, we just typically lack the element that Fe doms and Auxes have, you know, caring about it.  We pretty much have an emotionally detached textbook understanding that allows us to follow typical textbook responses to achieve the desired result.  That’s how I literally created a persona that made me the concentrated embodiment of exuding brilliance and success: I in fact built it like Frankenstein out of pieces of other people’s personalities.  Like I said before though, with romantic feelings, once my own emotions are introduced, it get’s hard and I can no longer predict and manipulate with ease.  Then enters from stage left, guilt, doubt of what I am seeing, my own act either going too much or not enough, crashing and explosion.

Also, a weakness that comes with Fe, no matter where in the function stack, if the need to share, which sucks.  When one of my classmates shared that she was going to an audition, I immediately perked up, because I knew that if I went, no matter what it was, I would get the role.  Now, I, of course got the role, but it was because of her Fe that she needed to share it, and because of my lower Fe that I need to share things like the premise of my book to other people, which my Fi mother would never do.  'don’t be stupid,’ she’d say, 'someone will take that idea and steal it’.  Still, Fe makes me need to share.    

Ok, this may or may not be the final point, depending on whether or not Ne gets another idea (which it always does after I submit and then I want to stab myself in the eye. #why does every paragraph end with me wasting an hour on tumblr???).  Fe is super confusing and weird.  Goodnight California


Dat be too many feelz + Ne brain puke to read without a drink.

rain-on-thewindow  asked:

For the prompt thing, Holsom #25? I love your writing, your headcanons give me lifeee.

Omg I am HORRIBLE. I’m pretty sure this was from back in May… Possibly before that. It was from my prompt list when I hit 350 followers, and I’m pushing 700 now. -_-;;; I am so so so sorry for the delay. (I have one more prompt after this and I am determined to complete it too)

I hope you enjoy this little ficlet about Holsom discovering some unexpected fanfiction, written by an unexpected person, with unexpected results.

25. “You just caught me reading hardcore smut fanfiction during class and you’re wondering how I can read this with a blank face” AU.

“What’re you reading?” Ransom took a seat next to Holster in the far corner of the library. He rested his chin on his friend’s shoulder and read out loud. “He took his hard- whoa! What the fuck, man?!” He hopped back.

“Rans, bro. Seriously. You have to read this.”

“Um, no. I’m good… I think.” Ransom pulled the hood of his sweatshirt up and tugged the drawstrings until only his eyes were visible.

“I mean it. You’ll never guess what this is.” Holster was grinning in a way Ransom had never seen before. Granted the freshmen had only known each other for a few months, but they had bonded instantly and were typically inseparable.

But this was… This was new. Ransom tried to sort the new information in his head. Holster read erotic gay fiction. Okay. That was fine.

Holster wanted to read erotic gay fiction together. That was… That was a little harder to process.

“Look, bro… I’m all for male bonding and sharing interests and with each other and all that, but like, I was thinking more along the lines of a ‘suggest what I should watch next on Netflix’ way not a ‘come read gay porn with me’ way.”

“No, dude. It’s fanfiction–”

“Yeah, that’s not really selling it for me,” Ransom said with a laugh.

“Fanfiction about Jack. Jack Zimmermann, aka our hardass captain.”

Ransom’s brow furrowed in a small frown. “He’s not that bad.”

Holster scoffed. “Maybe for you 'cuz you’ve got that whole Canadian bond thing going, but the dude is intense. Besides – you’re missing the point. The real scoop here is that our fair captain the hockey robot has all these sexy stories written about him.”


“About him and Kent Parson! And like, I’m not talking a couple stories – I’m talking hundreds. At least. Maybe even a thousand. Like, I knew the guy was Canada-famous, but I didn’t think he was this famous.”

(More after the cut)

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I Was Already Addicted To You - Kai (Part 4)

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A/N: Yay! Finally I got to write this :) I’m sorrry for taking like weeks but it’s here, I hope you like it as much as I enjoyed writing it, (so close to 2K OMG!)

Part 1 / Part 2 / Part 3

You woke up. Again. You weren’t able to sleep for more than 2 hours that night, you’d always wake up from nightmares of your family getting killed and you not being able to save them. You looked over at the clock. 8:55 AM. Great, the last time you woke up it was 7:30 AM, and the previous times weren’t that different, you eventually gave up on sleeping, as much as you nedded it, and decided to fully wake up, you got some clothes on and got down to the hotel lobby, maybe to get some breakfast, or try to forget about stuff a little.

Just as you spotted a delicious breakfast ahead, you heard a familiar, yet not bad, voice behind you, “someone’s up early”, you turn around to Kai “yeah, I couldn’t really sleep tonight without dreaming about my family getting killed by a man that’s shorter than me”, “it’s a pity you didn’t get to rest, we’ll have a full day today”, “It can’t be more overwhelming than yesterday”, he smiled and said, “that depends on your point of view”, “what do you mean?”, “You’ll understand later, let’s eat something, no?”

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omg please talk more about Ruby Slippers I saw a news thing on fb about "Once's first LBGT romance" and I was skeptical af. Plus the little trailer talked about MULAN and Ruby so I was super confused.

Thank you anon for greenlighting this and buckle up everyone else. I have a ton to say. This is a legit essay that has to go mostly under a cut. Oh, and this is JQ so if you vehemently disagree with anything said, direct the villagers with flaming torches my way. 

Now, first of all, shout out to the people who figured out the couple in this episode was going to be Red Kansas rather than Red Warrior because of the twin facts of (1) the title literally spelling it out and (2) the show being careful to use the silver slippers from the book rather than the red ones from the movie.

I know a lot of people wanted it to be Red Warrior but I kind of doubt Disney would have let that happen without a ton of pushback. Mulan’s a Disney Princess. You guys all saw the uproar that happened when they used two non-Disney characters. How much worse do you think it would have been if one of them was a prominent Disney character (who is in a canon relationship)? So, at the end of the day, I think that choice comes down to just corporate policy stuff more than anything else. If you’re not happy about that, A+E probably aren’t the ones to blame.(Although they are to blame for leaving Mulan hanging in general. Let Mulan be Happy 2k16).

Anyway, for the main part of this essay, we’re talking about the Red Kansas relationship so I’m gonna simplify things a bunch with this super scientific equation I just made up:


Simple, right? The only part I need to explain is the asterisk which stands for conventions of the genre. So, like, when you’re watching a musical and the couple meets and instantly falls in love, that asterisk compensates for lack of time and you don’t roll your eyes, you get me?

OUAT has 2 (well 1.5) of those asterisks working for it: Couple recognition and the above mentioned conventions of the genre.

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I was so incredibly lucky to have had the opportunity this past year to meet my favorite author twice. I was incredibly floored that he remembered me by name and that he remembered my blog and everything and I just… wow. The Maze Runner series means so much to me and with the movie coming out and everything it was just amazing to be able to meet him again. I was initially worried about getting everything signed and I was getting a little anxiety about the event but it all worked great and was one of the best times of my life.

If you’d like to hear about it in detail (seriously in detail), UNDER THE CUT

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you guys have amazing writing talent pls teach me your ways really though I love every single thing that is written on this blog omg anyway idk if the ask box is still open?? could i request yoongi scenario in which you are both people who are scared of the actual "being in love" part and don't express emotions well, and he says "i love you" for the first time??? idk i just need fluff ahahahahahah. also i hope all the admins are well!! :*

2082 words


It’s been approximately one year, seven months and two weeks since Yoongi took his place in your chest, painting a picture of himself on the inside of your ribcage.

You’re seventeen and then you are eighteen and he’s still older than you, never quite catching up to him, going at the same speed, and it’s been approximately 14 215.2036 hours since the day he built a bird nest inside his chest and put you in it.

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just finished the entire animorphs series and read all of the ending for the first time, and holy shit woah. I think I loved that ending but I honestly can’t tell yet. Here’s my rambling, liveblogged thoughts on it all under the read more (spoilers to heck and back obviously. are there even people animorphs can be spoiled for anymore? best to play it safe i guess)

  • oh good Jake sees the pure, ruthless, straight line from A to Z, this won’t end horribly AT ALL
  • Jake what are you doing are you lying and using literally everyone you know, leave the Chee out of this please
  • verisimilitude, that’s a big word for a 16 year old kid who hasn’t paid attention to a thing except animal-based military strategy since the 3rd grade
  • no wait james and his team aren’t actually dead are they
  • they can’t be
  • they’re innocent disabled kids you can’t actually kill any of them off what the hell if anyone had a surefire chance of living it was these kids that’s not how this game is played who are you george rr martin???
  • come to think of it whatever happened to Chapman + his yeerk, they were kinda big characters. the animorphs obviously didn’t bring him onboard the pool ship but then how did they force erek to do their bidding while they were up there, did they just tie him to a tree in the valley with rachel’s sister pointing a gun at him or-
  • you can’t end it like that what nooo
  • oh good we’re gonna open 54 with a recap, this is exactly what i felt like reading after getting massive confirmation with who was gonna die from the inside cover of all places
  • she mentions the taxxon rebellion as the start of something big but uh did they ever do anything on the ground, like, what have they actually done to pull their weight here??? Not a god damned thing???
  • i’d like to see gedd get drunk actually, is that a thing they do for fun, have yeerks ever been permitted fun
  • not jara hamee noooo he was so brave and kind and we haven’t even seen him in ages. this is on par with killing tonks and lupin, that was just pointless and mean :/
  • Marco’s loving this talk with the andalites, i think he’s more pissed off at how the andalites abandoned them out of all of everyone. poor Tobias though ;__;
  • woah, only one of the talk shows marco mentions is still on air, i suddenly feel old
  • “a Spielberg movie about us. Animorph. Come on, you gotta love that” WELL THEN WHY DOESN’T IT EXIST??? (except definitely not spielberg. i’d rather something animated, like, a teen titans/young justice kinda deal that went on for 80 episodes, not that i’ve put any thought into this)
  • “I wrote a book, with some help from a ghostwriter.” Drawing from personal experience to write this one I see, Applegate
  • i had to google what a palm pilot was, christ
  • rime of the ancient mariner? even when he’s mr hollywood marco betrays an unexpected wit, that’s really cool to see honestly
  • morph therapy omg that’s great, sign me up please. I have a feeling I’ll need it after this.
  • visser one has half a dozen lawyers defending him in court??? who would ever willingly take that job? are they controller-lawyers or are they just dudes like saul from breaking bad, tell me more about them please
  • Marco just hit jake in the head while in gorilla wtf dude. I know we live in a universe with joss whedon-laws where people can be safely knocked out whenever you want with no brain damage but that still seems kinda rude
  • still no shoe morphing? I could have sworn they learned how to do that towards the end of the series, huh. It would have been a cool touch if they did figure it out towards the mid 40’s, just a lil something to acknowledge them being the undisputed morph champions of the universe. Plus I thought that andalite lady Ax liked morphed shoes no biggie, so at least cassie should be able to right
  • Jakes getting better! And while I totally get and even appreciate Cassie being with someone else, another larger part of me is just screaming ‘what is this a stephen king novel, no, i did not read 62 books to see no one get together we needed this, if Jake is better what barrier do they have now’
  • no scans don’t crap out on me now, we’ve been through too much to stop here, you’ve been good all book just keep it together a lil more okay
  • super subtle mention that the next president of america is female, niceee
  • “And of course the inevitable bogus Tobias sightings.” omg there totally would be
  • we just mentioned tobias’s mum without mentioning, y’know, where she is. or where most of their parents are doing now. Woulda been nice to see Eva at Visser One’s hearing, like a reverse Visser chronicles kinda deal. was kinda hoping tobias’s mum would at least try to do something about his self-imposed exile, but noooo, he was super duper hopeful towards having her in his life in the last books and was staying human to be around her where did that all change shouldn’t he have clung to her more in his grief? (you can see i’m already in denial) That or he coulda thought about becoming a nothlit finally, like how in 41 he became Ax and stayed that way that was super cool and great on every level
  • “I had seven cars. A butler named Wetherbee. (Actually his name was McPherson, but I liked the sound of ‘Wetherbee.’)” I fucking love Marco and everything about him, he was born to be a millionaire
  • [shivers like a dork]
  • “We spent the next six weeks wandering around the system, seeing some cool things on strange worlds, but no evidence of Kelbrids.” that sentence alone could be a damned mini series ugh
  • “ram the blade ship” OKAY THEN.

everything about this ending is meant to imply they live and get into yet another big war like old times and their adventures continue, which is honestly really great, except y’know, you ended it on something way more suicidal than usual with no indication anyone makes it out of the next 5 seconds alive, and Ax might be dead already? He’s at least been absorbed into some kinda mysterious entity, who coulda at least been confirmed to be the voice that put Jake in the future. hnghhhh. not sure how i feel, i’m gonna go listen to owl city songs on repeat for an hour and try not to cry, see you all tomorrow.

(feel free to reply to this anyone, I’d love to meet more of the animorphs fandom and find out where there is to go from here. Is there fanfiction that needs to be read? Maybe anyone’s redone the ending? same for theories/fanart/overly long accounts of marco using morphing power for sex/etc etc etc)