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Ruin part 3


AN: Honestly, I think I would’ve done another part even without a request. Considering making this into a series? Let me know what you guys think of that idea… Hope you enjoy it 

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The bell for government was about to ring and you waited until the last moment before walking in.

Your head to your seat, whilst your friend waved you over excitedly.

“I haven’t heard from you in days! Where have you been?!”

‘I just broke up with my boyfriend. Found out Shawn likes me. Came to the sudden realization that I did too. Oh, we kissed!  Also, we may or may not be dating.’

“You and there.” The bell rings, interrupting your vague answer. Thankfully she doesn’t pay too much attention and copies the note down from the board.

You glance back to where Shawn is seated. A headphone dangles from his right ear, but he’s still paying close attention to the teachers beginning lecture.

You turn back to the front, not wanting to get called out. There was no doubt Mrs. Mitchell wouldn’t have been able to tell just who you had been looking at. You didn’t need her to announce it to the entire class.

“Remember, papers are due this Friday! Homework is to annotate this hand out and come up with questions. We’ll be having a Socratic seminar tomorrow. I don’t want to deal with anyone lacking and not completing this simple assignment. I’ll see you all tomorrow!”

Rose doesn’t stop to wait for you, or revisit the conversation. You’re glad when she rushes out of the class. Government being her least favorite subject.

“Y/N,” the voice is incredibly familiar behind you, and you try to not seem too flustered.

“Hey!” You cringe at the excitement lacing your response, while Shawn chuckles. “Sorry..”

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