and omg he touched me!!!


“You know, I think I’m finally getting the hang of the British crossword.”

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HAPPY BIRTHDAYyyyy !!!!! HOPE YOUR DAY WAS SUPER SUPER GREAT AND that you got alot of presents and stuff and and i hope you like the drawing ! You’re one of my favourite blogs ;w;;;;;;; - super shy anon from few days ago (and if you want to post it then it’s fine ;w; )

reading Seventeen's minds
  • Seungcheol: JEONGHAN omg he touched me he's so warm and I love his hair and I just
  • Jeonghan: omfg Coups needa chill I ain't about that life.. imma flip my hair so he'll get more frustrated
  • Joshua: o lord Jesus please let Seventeen do well at our next show.. and maybe give me some more time to speak in English because I kill that shit fam
  • Jun: mUST. AVOID. LOGOS.
  • Hoshi: imma squish squish, make them bitches swoon, then gaze seductively and indirectly impregnate millions
  • Wonwoo: I have no inspiration for these lyrics... well Mingyu is pretty cool, in a heterosexual, platonic way wOW IS IT HOT IN HERE?
  • Woozi: I fucking hate all of these people why am I here
  • DK: *birds chirping and beautiful music playing*
  • Mingyu: wow who is that? he's so handsome.. oh it's a mirror lmao hEY mirror-gyu ur lookin good 2day
  • The8: I don't understand any of what they're saying... just smile and nod, that shit always works
  • Seungkwan: is now an appropriate time to burst out into song? no? okay 1 2 3 gO
  • Vernon: *crickets*... did I load my macs before we left the dorm?
  • Dino: IN A FEW YEARS I WILL BE THE VISUAL FUCK ALL OF Y- oh hyung is coming gtg attack him with hugs

no okay but just consider magnus bane who has spent centuries believing that he couldn’t be loved and that he was a demon not worthy of love, was told that he was loved, by alec lightwood, a historically stoic and closeted individual, in public for everyone to see?!

Also the fact that Near goes out of his way to ensure Mello’s name isn’t written in the notebook like I’m sobbing forreal. Like he kept that lil picture tucked away in his shirt by his heart (UGH) to make sure no one could get ahold of it, like it’s quite literally on his person? I’m fucking crying rn see THIS is why I love Near he’s just so………good and even though he’s not “pure,” he’s kinda…pure

Dating Ethan Dolan Part 2

it was requested for me to do this again soo oooosososoos here we go. btw everything about ethan is so unhuman to me? like if i ever saw him in real life i think i would just stare because wooooow.

also these are based off of what i think ethan would be like okay? okay. awesome here we go.

  • this dude is so family orientated it crazy
  • so if any one of the family doesn’t like u then cue n sync
  • he’s the type of bf to get hella jealous over nothing
  • i feel like he would also b kind of possessive tbh
  • like if you were wearing a revealing shirt he would make sure the leave a hickey in a place where anyone could see it even though you would yell at him for giving you one later
  • or be attached to your hip when other guys are eyeing you
  • but he wouldn’t restrict your rights as a human being ya know? bc i would leave anyyyone whoever did that to me, no matter who they were and i encourage all of you young beautiful men and woman to do the same
  • grayson would love to embarrass ethan
  • old school photos
  • wresting photos
  • fetus halloween photos
  • and sometimes will embarrass cam too hhahaa
  • she likes having you around because then she’s not the only girl
  • ethan punches the wall. a lot. when he’s angry
  • if its a fight between you two, some jerk at the grocery store that really pissed him off, his own thoughts, or people online
  • you will find yourself moving things in front of the new gash in the wall
  • its hard to get mad at him when he does this bc he sucks at explaining anything and a lot of the times its the situations that he has no control over
  • he knows how to give you space believe me
  • but omg he is always touching, thinking, or talking to you if hes not mad at you
  • you want to wear a tank top and some leggings to feel relaxed???
  • “here take this you’ll be cold.”
  • “e, its 80 degrees ou-“
  • “just fucking take it (y/n)”
  • sweatpants, t shirts, the nice blue along sleeve one that he wore in ‘grayson dares ethan’, and sooooo much more
  • he doesn’t smile in the photos that u take together. he just- yeah.
  • he would never want to make you feel inferior
  • going to the gym w him
  • ooooh lord
  • sitting on his back as he does pushups
  • leaning over his knees as he does sit ups and being a tease
  • speaking of teasing, he’s the actual king of teasing you
  • leaves you wanting more
  • ya knoooow
  • he actually laughs and finds joy in the way that you whine when he leaves you after he’s teased you
  • he’s also a bed hog
  • he’ll sleep on you sometimes
  • pizza and yogurt all. the. time.
  • you sometimes have to scold him for having such a potty mouth my god ethan
  • i feel like he would only have two or three pet names for you; baby & the first letter of your name
  • i also think that he would get a tattoo that would remind him of u (this is dumb, don’t do this. but ethan i think defiantly would after like a year of dating bc hes a little stupid tbhgeuryifbhdjkn)
  • hearing him say i love you when he’s hurting or once a week. there is no in between.
  • he’s a big cuddler too when no one is looking
  • and he’s such a sassafras
  • good lord
  • you keep him on his toes tho, between witty remarks and roasts to surprise adventures at 1 am

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SF9 reaction to you wearing only their shirts and undergarments

a/n: this is only my opinion, no harm done (requested)

notes: ayy u guys are horny lol

Inseong: he’d smile like an idiot for sure, making you twirl in front of him like you’re a model because in his eyes, you are. Dammit, he’d just admire you so much pls-

“Wah, y/n, you’re so beautiful.”

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Youngbin: loves yoU IN HIS SWEATERS. compliments your body and hands on your thighs like, all the time. I mean, the boy loves skinship what else do you expect. He’d probably say stuff like-

“Don’t you think your body’s too beautiful to be mine?”

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Jaeyoon: this cUPCAKE ok. “you look nice in them.” He’d say. But then he’d be like-

“Dont stain it ok I love u and all but-”

“I know u salty ass.”

“I’m just sayin’ (•_•)”

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Sanghyuk (Dawon): extra extra extra. Like, you guys are watching a movie? He’d make you rest your legs on him. You’re cooking and he’s watching you from the counter? He’d stare at your butt and say,

“I can stare at you all day.” *is referring to your ass*

*you thought he was talking about your whole physique* “Aw, thank u Dawon.”

// or

he’d be like-


“if u don’t like it I could just take it off dawon—”


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Juho (Zuho): Most horny out of all the members, (I could tell). Makes you sit on his lap while he rests his hands on your hip bone. He’d be like-

“Hey, y/n?”


“Why are you testing me?”

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Seokwoo (Rowoon): he’d come back home to you cooking for him - you wearing his clothes while you grilled some beef so he’d tip toe to you and kiss your cheek, resting his head on yours because he’s THAT tall, and say-

“I didn’t say you could borrow my shirt, did I?”

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Taeyang: like for example he just came back from a long day of practice so he’s very tired then when he comes home to you sleeping on the bed in his clothes the first thing he would do is take a bath then cuddle in your arms on the bed while staring at your peaceful face until he falls asleep thinking about stuff like how he’s so happy to have you :’)

*snuggles to you closer on the bed* “Good night y/n…”

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Youngkyun (Hwiyoung): for example, you initiate skinship by intertwining your hands together and he just squeals inside. His thoughts are probably like,

*omg she’s touching me omg* 

but his words would be like,

“i know you love me.”

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What EXO Thinks While Dancing - The Eve

Xiumin: “Ohhhhhh~”

“Little do the fans know, each one of those is an actual orgasm.“

“Thanks Chen or Sehun (I was blindfolded, I’m not sure which one)”

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Suho: “I don’t think this dance can get any dirtier without them censoring us.”

“I can’t believe they’re letting us get away with this kind of fan-murder.”

“…So I’m going to take full advantage.”

“Maybe I’ll wear a tight shirt next time.”

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Lay: *this is what he might do*

“This ain’t new to me, this isn’t even that sexy compared to what I’ve done”

“I think the fans want us to see these slow body rolls with shirts open, in tight leather pants, with obvious bulges… actually no shirts, maybe just some mesh, and the camera crew needs to have a camera on each member’s face, abs, and butt at all times, as well as several cameras on the group.  Easy fan service.”

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Baekhyun: “When Lay gets back, I want to be the one to do this partner move with him…”


“If it’s Suho… I’ll kill him.”

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Chen: “Touch it, touch it, baby”

“Touch it, touch it”

“I’m going to do this move in front of Xiumin later… while he’s sitting on the floor… with his mouth open…”

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Chanyeol: “Damn I look cool.”

“And sexy.”

“All the fans want to sleep with me right now.”

“And Baekhyun.”

“Mostly Baekhyun.”

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D.O: “OMG I’m dancing with Kai OMG I’m dancing with Kai OMG I’m dancing with Kai OMG I’m dancing with Kai OMG I’m dancing with Kai OMG I’m dancing with Kai OMG I’m dancing with Kai OMG I’m dancing with Kai OMG I’m dancing with Kai OMG I’m dancing with Kai OMG I’m dancing with Kai OMG I’m dancing with Kai OMG I’m dancing with Kai OMG I’m dancing with Kai OMG I’m dancing with Kai YESSSSSSSSSSSSSS HE TOUCHED ME”

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Kai: “UMPH, YEAH.  Practicing these body rolls for 15 hours paid. off. big.”


“You’re imagining yourself in bed with me now aren’t you? It’s okay, you can admit it.”

“I know you want me“

“You know I wantcha”

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Sehun: “Whoops, my belly button, you can see it.”

“It’s just a peek… no big deal.”

“At least you didn’t see the best part of me… my jeans are in the way.”

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