and omg all the spiffy feels

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So I'm reading your Tony Demon-verse stories (again) and I'm at the part where they're talking about defending Clint/Steve/Bucky from demons and all I can think about is Bucky losing his arm in an altercation then getting a spiffy metal arm that doubles as a weapon... cuz based on a previous line ("I wouldn't trade my left arm" or something to Tiberius) I kinda get the feeling Buck has both arms. But omg I love the stories

For this series, Bucky still has both arms. I sent him to work at a mechanic’s shop instead of sending him off to war, so he didn’t lose it the canon/fanon way. Although, I suppose I could have had him injured on the job. Maybe the garage could have hired someone new who didn’t pay attention to what they were doing, and they accidentally lowered a car on Bucky. However, Bucky was able to scramble mostly out of the way. It was just his left arm that didn’t make it. With too much damage done, the doctors cut it off and gave him a shiny new arm. 

-nods head sagely- Yes, I suppose I could have gone with that idea.

That, or maybe just have him not born with one. -shrugs- 

When I started this series I was still planning out a lot of it, so Bucky basically has his arm because I wanted to be able to steal it in the future. Will I? I can’t say. 

But my ramblings aside, I’m so happy you’re rereading the series and enjoying it! <3