and older than me!

there’s no canonical age for wesley so i did what i normally do and tracked down how old alexis denisof is to get a ballpark estimate and apparently he was born two years after my mother? like. oh my god

Frank is applying for a 3 month position in Germany over the end of summer. I would come visit (either for the oldest wine festival in the world or Oktoberfest in Munich) but I am already dreading him being gone. He has kept me sane this past year between losing my sister, my shitty work situation and my parent’s divorce. I also can’t imagine going 3 months without sex. Surely I’ll survive and can be faithful. I’m not gonna fuck things up but UGH, this is less than ideal. I was hoping for a 2-3 year position so I could quit my job and move with him. Maybe this will be a good jumping point for a position like that. Traveling around Europe on long weekends is SO appealing to me. I want to see history that is older than a couple hundred years.

also earlier i was in the shop n this woman (or. girl i guess? like she was prob only a couple years older than me. or my age bc hdhdksk i always feel like everyone’s older than me idk anyway back 2 the point) says ‘if she keeps staring at me im gonna punch her’ n i was rly scared she meant me n like, id been looking at her by accident or smth? bc i dont think i was looking at her i couldn’t even tell u what colour her hair was lmao but often i don’t realise im looking in someone’s direction n like
i think often bc of like height n the fact i usually look down 2 avoid eye contact i often end up looking in the direction of ppl’s arses? :/ like, w/o realising i promise but like
yea i think she was talkin abt me?? maybe she wasn’t but hfhskdj im paranoid n i feel bad abt being gay lol i hate going outside

Hey I need some help about AP courses

||Scenario|| So I’m a sophomore in high school and I’m taking/nearly done with AP US History, which is my first AP class ever. Next year, I’m thinking about taking AP Biology, AP European History, and AP Language and Composition. Would it be smart for me to go from one to three AP classes just like that?

||Background|| I love Biology and most science related topics. I have a A- through B+ range grade for APUSH even though history subjects are my least favorite and the hardest for me. If I were given the choice to drop one of the following AP classes, it would be AP Euro. I also participate in a Jazz band, pep band, and public service during the weekends.

Thanks and I hope for feedback ASAP (preferably from people who are older/experienced more AP classes than me)

Warning for discussion of trauma and abusive relationships and why I don’t like that one popular TAZ ship.  Seriously the thing I discuss is pretty bad, so if you are averse to hearing about violence please don’t read.  I didn’t plan on talking about this but god some posts have been upsetting me lately and tumblr is a place to make bad decisions apparently.

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·· I’ll stop fighting once you’ve shattered my heart into a thousand pieces. ··
                                                                      - Happy Birthday Riley

Okay… This has been in my head since a while now, and I haven’t seen anyone pointing this out so…..

Remember Mavis from Stone Age?

Since none of the ‘’ Ankserham immortality curse problem ‘’ happens in this alternative universe……. We can assume that this is an older looking mavis, right? That’s Mavis all grown up look, right?? 

It might just be me, but she does look a bit older and a bit taller.


i swear i gain a fave character after every haikyuu chapter update