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For your anon. I think it was in December, when Lottie and Tommy moved on together. Two different people said they saw the spouses in an art gallery or whatever, in an expensive street of London. Louis was in the car and Harry joined him, carrying something that looked like a painting

Anonymous said: yeah they were rumored to be spotted at an art gallery the morning of louis’ grandma’s bday. the art gallery they were spotted at had what i consider to be old lady-esque paintings (victorian era paintings/landscapes)

Anonymous said: the art gallery thing was last year.. i think it was around the time lottie and tommy were moving in and everyone was cooing because we thought louis and harry bought wall art for lottie’s new place

I’d like to see a SOS/BM game that, for once, actually has 1 or 2 characters that are more like typical southerners. Other than people who like animals and crops and talk with a drawl, there’s not much southern feel. Where’s the passive aggressive “Bless your heart"esque insults? The gossiping old church ladies? Men, young and old, who LIVE for hunting! EVERYTHING COVERED IN CAMO. Random deer heads mounted on walls! Bluegrass players and soul food! And maybe some actual black people?!!!


OK, remember when I said I was going to make a Golden Girls-esque Sims scenario where the fusions are all old ladies with a teenage Stevonnie living with them? Well, I went and did that and finally finished. Here are their models (everyday clothes) and stats I gave them. I tried to balance out positive and negative traits but it was kinda tough for some of them since I needed some traits so they’d behave correctly.

So imagine Hera stumbling upon a Holo-commercial of Kanan doing an Old Spice-esque commercial...

Based on this.

Shirtless Holo-Kanan: Hello ladies, look at your Jedi…

*Hera looks to Kanan*

Kanan: Oh no, I’m glad I don’t have my eyes anymore to see this.

Holo-Kanan: Now back to me..

*Hera looks to Holo-Kanan*

Kanan: Hera, I can explain.

Holo-Kanan: Now back at your Jedi.

*Hera looks to Kanan*

Holo-Kanan: Now back to me.

*Hera looks to Holo-Kanan*

Kanan: Hera, that old gig was an easy way to get some credits. I hope you’re not mad.

Hera: Uh, yeah sure, I’m mad, whatever *staring hypnotically at Holo-Kanan*