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Oh god flamethrower, but I'm such a dorkapotamus that every time I try and make nice I fail. Also... *waggles eyebrows*

Are the waggling eyebrows meant to signify same? Because SAME with a capital S, man, I also have a huge crush on her. Kinda hard not to she’s a very easy-to-like person.


It’s the most amazing thing, I’m struck by how much it is OBVIOUSLY ME. Like, it could not be anyone else.





I’m so incredibly excited to use it, I could not have asked for anything better if I designed it myself, I ACTUALLY DO SIT THAT WAY AMY, God it’s so perfect. 



Celebrating with a collage of some of my best pics of my three Levy Cosplays ♡

Oh yes I love her so much! She’s beautiful, smart, talented and cute… and passionate and loyal too.

I hope to cosplay as her for a long time!

That’s the thing about meth, you see. There’s no such thing as a casual user. It all starts off with just “one hit”. But the one turns into two, to three, to four, and so on. It just doesn’t stop. Soon enough your thoughts are clouded with that crystal rock that seems to make everything so much more bearable. Not long after that you’re selling your belongings just for another hit, another save, another buzz. But the buzz dies so fast. One hour and you’re scrummaging around looking for any drop you missed, any left over powder in your little baggy, any residue you could still burn in that pipe. You see all the crackheads amongst the scene, the ones who stay up for days on end, with rotting teeth and a map of acne sprawled throughout their ghostly face. Flashbacks of photos you were forced to view at school of before and after portraits of meth addicts fog your dopamine-desperate brain. “Meth, not even once” they say. Tiny bugs crawl under your skin and you’re convinced you’re not crazy, but boy, you are, now. Come downs are the worst. It’s Tuesday afternoon and all you can do is hide in your bedroom with the lights off in your own dark dungeon. You only get up to eat or go toilet. Social interaction of any form will drive you up the wall and you feel like you could stab someone for getting in your way. Eventually you’re stealing money from your mothers wallet, even selling that beautiful ring she got you for your eighteenth birthday party. Oh how she thinks you’re innocent. Oh no, her talented and young lovely daughter would never touch that shit, she believes. But she doesn’t know, no one knows, only the other junkies who are walking that same one-lane road as you are. Weight drops off so easily that you wonder when your bones will start intruding through your skin, as if to say “You’re killing me with this poison”. Your heart beats so fast it feels like it’s going to jump right out of your chest so your entire body collapses on your bed. You’re wearing a mask of soberness. And you do fool them at first. But it’s not long until people become skeptical. Your boss starts to wonder where all this sudden energy is coming from, and how some days you are on top of the world, and on others, you’re right on the bottom; sinking. “Surely, she’s not on that crap” your boss thinks to himself as he sees you scrubbing the counter thirty or so times as if the dirt just won’t vanish from the surface. Your mother starts to wonder why you’re hiding under baggy clothes and have purple circles underneath your eyes all the time. She packs you lunch, a nice chicken sandwich with mayo and cheese (your favourite). But you just can’t eat it when you’re high. Food is nothing compared to the dopamine you're ingesting through meth. But you try to eat, I mean, you know it’s been two days, maybe three. But the lettuce gets stuck in your teeth and it feels like every swallow is a trigger to vomit. So you feed it to the dog, hoping your mother won’t notice the smell on his breath and his sudden preference for chicken from the supermarket over his usual dog food. You remember how your father was once an addict, in fact, you remember how most of your family were addicts. Some still alive, most dead. And the ones that aren’t, still feel the temptation flowing through their veins. Or they relapse, over, and over again. You used to think you were addicted to marijuana and Marlborough’s, but you had no idea what was about to come. You start to isolate yourself from your loved ones, especially your friends, as you fear they can see straight through you. You wonder in immense paranoia if they can sense the meth all over you. Well, they probably can. It’s portraying itself on your entire body now, and even in your personality. You’re not the same person anymore. You become agitated, frustrated, nervous and twitchy. “It’s just anxiety” you tell them. But really it’s withdrawal. An old friend sees you walking the streets at five in the morning with nothing but a singlet on and a hair full of abandoned dreads and the sickly smell of sweat drenching your body (although it’s mid-winter and the road is icy). “What are you doing?” they ask, so confused and concerned. “Not much, just enjoying the moon” you yell back, while staring off at the bright half-circle in the sky with your pinprick pupils. “Let me take you home” they say, as they begin to grab your hand and force you into their car. “No!” you yell back, running back down the dark alley with all the speed and power you could only ever obtain under the influence. You feel invincible. Oh what a delusion this is. You are not invincible, you are a drug addict, and you haven’t even realised it yet. It’s only when the supply is out and your drug dealer hasn't contacted you in a while that you start to consider yourself an addict. How did I get here? You ask yourself. One minute you were trying meth out for the first time, the second you’re hitting it like it’s the source of your survival. But it’s not. It’s the source of your likely death, your likely downfall, your likely spiral into a heavy unstoppable addiction that you'll probably never recover from.
—  Meth, Not Even Once.
Better than a Dream

Summary: Dean gets trapped in a fantasy created by a djinn. Will the fantasy help him realize the truth about his feelings for the reader before it’s too late?

Pairing: Dean x Reader

Word Count: 3707

Warnings: A lot of fluff, Dean has to get out of the djinn dream by killing himself (because that’s how it’s done), so possible suicide trigger warning

A/N: This is for @deansdirtylittlesecretsblog Romcom Fluff Challenge. My prompt was from Leap Year. Well, when my 60 seconds came around, I realized I had everything I ever wanted, but nothing I really needed. And I think that what I need is here. And I came all this way to see if maybe you might think so too. Huge shoutout to @cyrilconnelly for betaing this for me and giving me the title and @mrsdeanfuckingwinchester for reading it over.

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48 with Marliza high school AU? I know you already did a Marliza but your Marliza stuff is my favorite ever

(REMINDER I AM NOT TAKING ANYMORE PROMPTS; JUST FINISHING THE LAST BATCH K? also shout out to @skootchboo for their painter Maria hcs and Maria and John being friends. I’m so down) 

“Are you taking that boy to homecoming, Maria?” 

Ever felt like if a smile wasn’t plastered on a face someone would know something was wrong? Currently, Maria’s big mood. She sat there at the breakfast table as her parents asked her about her ‘social’ life. Eighteen, a senior and high school and she had lived through years of constantly being told the following: Boys are going to be crazy about you in high school? Oh, you’re shyness will wear down when you meet a boy you like? No boyfriends until your eighteen unless he’s a good on. 

Boys, Boys, Boys. Ugh…

Maria almost felt sick of hearing about them. Nothing against boys but she didn’t see the big deal. She didn’t see the movie theater moment where he set sights on a man and her whole life flipped. She kept to herself, she was often painting on her own and she wasn’t painting about her prince charming to come rescue her from …what? Being Single? That was hardly a trouble when people were dying of hunger and oppression all around the world. 

Even so, she smiled, nodded in agreement so her parents didn’t have to worry about the obvious. Something was ‘up’ with Maria. Most of her classmates had a partner, some had few already. Maria had a few boys ask her out, last week alone she had some chase her down to ask her to homecoming. Her replies went from polite declines to flat out, deadpan ‘no’s’. 

So imagine her annoyance when she opened her locker door and found a note in it. She opened it up and sighed as the cursive handwriting read, ‘Meet me @ Music room 2 after lunch′ with no name. No doubt another boy, off to find her affections. She jammed the paper between two of her textbooks and went off on her merry way to her first class. 

The only guy she felt would come close to understanding her in a soft, platonic way was John Laurens. Though today he was not on her side. “I’m telling you, you should at least go to the music room.” 

“Why? I don’t feel like saying no then having some guy demand why I said no. I just…” why couldn’t no simply mean no? Why did she have to explain why she didn’t want to? She didn’t want to that was all. It was nothing against homecoming, nothing against men, it was…her…

“So you’re just gonna let some kid hang around the music room for 45 minutes?” 

“At least he’d get the memo” Maria tried to smile but was met with a freckled frown. “…fine, I’ll say no to his face because I’m the bigger person here…but if he gives me a hard time–” 

John punched his fist into his open palm. “I’ll take care of it, M~” 

“Wow, I always wanted a violent big brother.” She flicked a curl out of his face. “I’m positive Alex would not appreciate you getting suspended for fighting, you’ll miss homecoming too.” 

Maria and John parted ways after class. The rest of the day she practiced what she was going to say and how she was going to say it. Listed excuses she had used before so when she walked into Music Room 2 after lunch she looked right at Eliza and … “Wait…Eliza?” 

“You…came…” she breathed then smiled. Maria felt her face heat up with embarrassment and shock. She had one class with Eliza last year. They were partners in science together, they spoke, she was sweet. Pretty and oh-so talented. She had a group of friends in chorus, her older sister was a cheerleader and her other sister was a social butterfly. Eliza…she was softer, sweeter, like the human embodiment of powdered sugar. 

“You…left the note in my locker, why?” 

“Well…I’ve liked you for awhile now.” She spoke rubbing the back of her head. “I…uh…I wanted to know if, I mean I don’t even know if you really remember me but, would you like to go to homecoming with me?” 

Then it made sense. That rush when people talked about looking at someone and all the pieces just seemed to glue into place. The way hearts were suppose to race and minds melted. She swallowed hard, taking a long pause before nodding slowly. Nothing against boys, but boys didn’t make her feel the same way as Eliza did. 

okay but picture this.

fred weasley is actually a really good singer, but he doesn’t tell anyone because, you know, he has a Reputation to uphold. but whenever he’s alone, he just belts it out. he can hit all the high notes and he just sings the weirdest shit ever, songs that nobody knows about and songs that nobody likes and songs that he wrote himself because on sleepless nights, writing keeps him sane. and once, over break, molly heard him when he thought there was nobody at home, and she was like “oh my gOD YOU DO HAVE TALENT” and she tried to tell everyone when they came home. but when she told fred to sing, he grinned and sang so horribly that ginny left the room with her hands over her ears. singing was something that was just his. and sometimes, when those thoughts crawled in, the thoughts like what if we don’t survive this? he would sing under his breath to himself. after a while, he sang himself to sleep every night. 

but nobody ever knew.

Amanda’s Dreams: Tentacles

Contains: Inflation, Bursting, Bondage, Gore, Consensual.
Tone: Morbid.
Method: Slime.
Characters: Human, Tentacles.

Taking a break from her latest exhaustive dream, Amanda tries for another dream the next weekend.

The morning after her overwhelming predalien lucid dream, Amanda felt sore and tired from both the dream, and all the rubbing she had done to her body just before she had fallen asleep. She spent the day eating well and relaxing in bed with TV, trying her best to not jump back into the internet. As another work week began, she couldn’t wait until the weekend to try again.

Right as she got home on a Friday night, she dashed into her bedroom, grabbing her laptop and jumped into bed with it. With how random dreams could be, she knew she couldn’t force specific settings to happen. Treating it like the lottery, she watched and read about every kink she could find, praying that one of them had their way with her. After another evening of exhaustive “research”, she set the laptop aside and curled up under the covers, quickly falling asleep.


Amanda was in her room getting ready for bed, figuring out what to wear. Checking her naked body out in the mirror for a moment, she decided on a loose shirt and fluffy sweat pants to wear, wanting to keep warm from her cool room. She slipped both pieces of clothing onto her sexy tanned body, feeling much warmer already.

Not feeling tired just yet, she grabbed a book and climbed into bed; she rested on the soft blankets of the bed, propping her head and back up on the pillows. Romance novels were her favorite thing to read, always anticipating the steamy love scenes that they contained. Noticing that a scene was about to start, she slipped one of her hands down into her pajamas, positioning her fingers right between her legs. As the scene heated up, her fingers went to work, slowly speeding up as she became wetter.

“That’s right Susan, take his thick cock deep inside of you!” Amanda thought, egging on the characters in the book.

Warmth built between her legs, her breath and heart beat intensifying as well. The woman Susan in the book was getting pounded fast and rough, Amanda wishing she was in her position; for the time being, her fingers would have to do. Much like Susan, Amanda began moaning, her fingers having slipped deep inside of herself. The man pounding Susan was about to explode deep inside, forcing Amanda to focus on her clit now. Right when it seemed like she was going to time her own orgasm with the man’s own, Amanda was shocked as she turned the page.

“What the hell? The page is blank!” She said, unable to comprehend the book; her distraction quickly killing her once growing climax.

Before Amanda could ponder what was going on for too long, she heard some sick gurgling sounds outside of her bedroom windows. Her bed was positioned in a corner, a window present on both walls that touched her bed. Putting her book down on a nightstand, she sat up on her knees to look out of the side window. Not seeing anything at first, she suddenly jumped backwards and landing back on the pillows, when something crashed into the window.

As her shock died down, she knew what was outside the window, triggering her lucid dream talent, “Oh shit, that’s a tentacle!” she screamed, her fear instantly turning to lust, “I’m glad my book went blank when it did, as this is so much hotter!” she scooted towards the window. “You look lonely out there, why don’t I let you in?”

The thick tentacle slid up and down the window, leaving a thick trail of slime wherever it touched the glass. Not wanting shards of glass all over the bed, she quickly lifted up the window to let in the slimy intruder. She promptly laid back down on the pillows, her mind going wild thinking of all the things that the tentacle might do to her.

In no time, the green tentacle slid further and further into her bedroom, piling up between her feet. It went right for one of her legs, slithering up inside of her sweatpants, coating her leg with a layer of slime. Amanda shivered from anticipation and the cold sensation of the slime, goosebumps forming all over; despite being far from the tentacle, her nipples quickly stiffened, visibly poking out through her shirt.

“Man, I wish there were more of you!” She said.

As if on queue, her head snapped towards the open window right as three more tentacles entered the room. Her focus on the tentacles was disrupted as she felt the one up her leg prodded her between the legs, only inches away from her unguarded entrance. Thinking that it was just going to dive right in, she instead saw the end of it poke out from the band of her sweatpants, viciously pulling back on them. With a loud rip, the tentacle tore through her pants and pulled away the remaining tatters, leaving the bottom half of her body exposed to the cold room, and soon the tentacles.

“You’re lucky I’ll have a new pair when I wake up!” She yelled at it.

With her pants out of the way, the rest of the tentacles split up and descended upon her body. Two of them tightly gripped her ankles, spreading her legs wide, making her feel they were going to rip her in half. The last one that just came into her room slithered along her bed, stopping momentarily when it reached her ass. Cold slime covered her ass as it slid underneath between her cheeks a few inches, stopping again as it found her clenched entrance.

“Feel free to do whatever you want! My body is yours!” She said.

Before her ass or pussy got penetrated, the tentacle that had ripped her pants off aimed for her shirt next, slithering up her belly and underneath it. Sliding up between her soft mounds, it once more poked out from the collar and pulled back, completely shredding her last piece of clothing. While her nipples were stiff before, they nearly became hard as diamonds as they were met with the cold room.

“You had all better do what you’re going to do before I freeze to death here!” She said, her body shivering.

Amanda heard another knock on a window, this time on the one just above her head. Straining her neck to look up at it, she saw what must have looked like more tentacles. With her legs held tight by tentacles, she sighed in relief as the clothing shredding tentacle went up to open the window for her. As it opened the window all the way, sure enough two more tentacles came slithering in.

“Welcome to the party, there’s more than enough of me to go around!” She said to them.

Much like her legs, they wrapped tightly around her wrists, pulling her arms to the side; almost enough to pop them out of their sockets. With her body completely exposed and spreadeagled, the last tentacle slid back down her body, resting only inches from her dripping wet pussy. In perfect sync, she let out her first moan of the night as both her ass and pussy were split wide.

“Oh god, go as deep as you want, split me in half for all I care!” She screamed in ecstasy.

Her limbs were held tight, the tentacles never loosening their grips. Both invading tentacles slithered in without difficulty, their slimy coating providing a nearly frictionless penetration. Every inch split her body wider and wider, her body struggling to keep itself in one piece. With her mind overwhelmed with sensations, she held her head up for but a moment, catching a glimpse of her lower belly, watching as a bulge moved underneath towards her belly button.

As the tentacle stuffed deep inside reached her cervix, it stopped; the one sliding up her ass stopping as well. Not having to wait long, Amanda felt them both slide back out, moving faster than they did when going in. Stopping once more, each leaving only an inch of their slimy lengths inside, they pushed right back in, harder and faster.

“Just like that, fuck me good!” She screamed.

Slowly speeding up with each thrust, they pounded her curvy, sexy body, sending her into a moaning mess. Sick sloshing and slurping sounds echoed through the room, each paired with slime squirting out of her body each time a tentacle pulled out. Even with her limbs gripped tightly, the ramming of her body still caused her heavy breasts to bounce all over, their nipples finally softening from her body heating up. Sweat and slime mixed all over on her body, the air filling with a sweet aroma, kicking her arousal into overdrive.

“Fuck, I think I’m coming!” She screamed.

The tentacle thrusting in and out of her pussy quickly built warmth and pressure in her depths, bringing her towards climax. Part of the tentacle had been angling itself upwards, rubbing greatly over her G spot. With one last powerful thrust, Amanda arched her back as far as the tentacles allowed and let out an ecstatic scream, sending her pussy into powerful convulsions. The tentacles deep inside of her were repeatedly constricted as her orgasm swept through her, causing them to feel even tighter within her seizing body.

“That… Was amazing. What else can you guys d-!” She said, unable to finish as a new tentacle caught her off guard.

While Amanda was savoring the energetic climax pulsing through her body, she failed to notice another tentacle had entered the window above her. As her chest heaved, breathing through her wide mouth, it quickly slipped in between her wet lips, interrupting her question. She didn’t question it, her mouth quickly sucking on it, savoring the sweet taste of its slime.

While she sucked on the thick, delicious, tentacle in her mouth, the others that were stuffed in her body below returned to work. She was too focused on her sucking of the juicy tentacle to notice as the one in her ass slid even deeper than it had before, making her belly writhe slightly. A sudden jolt of pain broke her out of her trance, the tentacle in her pussy having rammed her cervix as hard as it could, breaking through and resting within her womb.

“Things are about to get interesting!” She thought to herself.

Her eyes went wide when yet more tentacles came through the window above her head, both quickly descending upon her ignored breasts. They roughly wrapped around the soft bases, constricting them tight until it looked like they would burst. The ends of the tentacles opened up, revealing slimy maws that promptly took a hold of her nipples, sucking in half of her breasts inside of them. She moaned as they applied pulsating suction on her luscious mounds, trying their best to get any milk from them, if she had any.

Not wanting to be left out, the one stuffed in her mouth suddenly shot down the back of the throat and into her neck, not stopping until reaching her stomach; she was lucky to have taken a deep breath right beforehand. With her unable to move, every hole completely stuffed with thick tentacles, she knew something big was coming.

Sure enough, every tentacle that was deep inside of her began to undulate and pulsate, sending waves of pleasure through every inch of her body. Gurgling noises grew louder outside of the windows, and with her limited vision, she saw what looked like bulges traveling within the tentacles, heading right towards her body.

“Fuck yes! Fill my body with your vile slime! Pump me full until I burst!” She yelled in her head.

As the first bulges met with the entrances of her pussy and ass, she screamed in bliss through the tentacle in her mouth as she was split wider than ever. Moments later the tentacle in her mouth brought a bulge as well, nearly causing her jaw to break as it forced its way into her hungry mouth. More and more bulges went along the tentacles, splitting her wide, all the while depositing slime within her. If one of her hands had been loose, she would have easily been able to feel her neck bulge with each deposit.

Smart enough to have propped herself up on pillows, Amanda watched as her belly slowly grew right before her eyes, each bulge growing it further. With her stomach, womb, and intestines getting filled at the same time, it wouldn’t take long for her body to reach its limits. Another climax had been growing as bulges of slime passed through her pussy, putting extreme pressure on her G spot until she could handle no more.

“Oh god, coming again!” She screamed through the tentacle.

Powerful pulsations traveled through her pussy, helping the tentacle deposit its slimy loads. Her growing belly made it hard to arch her back, not to mention the tentacles still keeping a tight grip on her. As her latest orgasm died down, she estimated that her belly was at least a few months along pregnancy, showing no signs of stopping. The hungry maws on her breasts showed no signs of slowing down, their suctions now coupled with nibbling sensations of her nipples.

For what felt like eternity, she laid there in eternal ecstasy, watching and feeling the tentacles as they pumped their vile slime deep into her sexy body. A new orgasm swept through her body each time her belly grew a month in size, becoming more intense each time. Her body sweated like crazy, beads of it dripping down the sides of her belly as it grew. Pressure and tightness grew as well, only registering in her mind when she reached the sixth month mark. For the first time since her cervix was penetrated, pain grew in her belly as she reached the 8th month. The sweaty, towering form of her belly began turning red, darkening more towards her belly button. Stretch marks quickly formed when she reached the ninth month, pain and pressure almost unbearable.

“I don’t know how much longer I can last, I’m going to burst soon!” She thought to herself.

Closing her eyes and bracing herself for the inevitable explosion, she got a surprise as nothing happened. Opening her eyes, she noticed that the tentacles had stopped pulsating, no more bulges traveling through them. The tentacle in her mouth slowly slipped out of her stomach and her mouth, letting her freely breathe and talk again.

“What are you doing!? You can’t leave me like this, burst me already!” She screamed at them in anger.

Her outcry was hasty, as she heard the loudest and sickest gurgling sound of the night. Her heart beat heavy in her chest as she looked over at the side window, the source of the sickening sound. Louder and louder it grew, until her eyes went wide with what she saw. Easily three times as big as they were before, a gigantic bulge was slowly but surely traveling along a tentacle, more accurately the one that was shoved deep into her ass.

“Holy fuck, now that is what I’m talking about! Bring that bad boy to mama!” She screamed with joy.

The anticipation was killing her, knowing that the room would be painted in her guts when it reached her. So much adrenaline flowed through her veins that she couldn’t moan any longer, only able to breath heavy and deep. Her heavily heaving chest felt powerful beats as her heart was nearly overdosing on adrenaline, feeling like it too would burst alongside her gravid belly. She wished that she could rub her clit, which was promptly answered by the tentacle that had been in her mouth, moving down right to it and stroked it with its slimy length.

“Just like that, you know how to treat a lady. Don’t go too fast, I want to cum right when my belly bursts!” She yelled at it.

   Slow, gentle strokes passed over her clit, only to be joined by the tentacle that had remained in her pussy; it started to thrust in and out of her once more, being careful to not unleash the slime it had pumped into her. Inch by slow inch, she continued to watch the giant bulge move along the tentacle, which was now right at the foot of her bed, starting its journey right for her ass. The heavy load of slime pushed down on the bed as it moved closer, leaving behind a thick trail of slime. As it finally neared her ass, she began hyperventilating.

“This is it, don’t hold back! Cram that thing right in!” She struggled to scream, her breathing too heavy.

As her ass felt the initial push of pressure, her last orgasm was nearly complete. Somehow having brains, the tentacles tending to her pussy and clit quickened their pace, thrusting and rubbing her like they were trying to start a fire. The giant bulge pushed harder and harder on her ass, splitting her wider than was humanly possible. With her ass opened as wide as it could go, the giant bulge slowly emptied itself into her. Pain and pressure grew immensely, her belly somehow still growing. When the large bulge shrunk down half of its size, she felt a bolt of pain in her belly.

“My intestines! They’re popping!” She screamed.

One after another, sickening pops radiated out from her belly as different sections of her intestines gave out, spilling the vile slime all over inside of her. Each miniature burst made her tight belly jiggle slightly, sending the sweat on it all over the room. She did nothing but scream as the rest of the slime load flowed into her, and as the last section of intestines burst, the final push of slime shot into her. Right on time, a final stroke over her clit made her pussy explode into ecstasy, sending waves of pleasure through her body. The last drop of slime sent into her ass set off a chain reaction, starting with making her stomach and womb burst.

“HOLY FUCKING SHIT, my belly is bursting!” She screamed at the top of her lungs.

With a final arching of her back, almost powerful enough to snap her spine in half, her taut, gravid, dark red veined belly exploded. Blood guts, and an unholy amount of slime covered the entire room, only leaving the area under the bed spotless. With their job accomplished, every tentacle left her body and disappeared into the night through the open windows. Amanda laid there covered in gore and slime, still weakly breathing even after such an explosive event, savoring the final moments of her last orgasm.

“That…  was… amazing…” She weakly said, then expired soon after.


With the sound of birds chirping, the morning sun gleaming through the windows, Amanda peacefully woke up. Having experienced lucid dreams before, she no longer woke up abruptly in a panic. Just to make sure, she rubbed her belly, smiling when she felt no harm had been done to her. Knowing that she shouldn’t abuse her dreams, she got out of bed and enjoyed her weekend off of work.

[Femslash February]: Movies

an AU where Lila is actually gay as shit and the last person she wants to flirt with on her first day of school is Adrien Agreste >:P

Day 19: Movies

Words: 2295

Link to Archive of Our Own: [AO3]

[Previous: Autumn]

Marinette really needed to start showing up to school on time so that she wouldn’t keep missing important developments.

She was barely in the building for fifteen seconds and Lila was all anyone was talking about. Apparently coming in two minutes before the bell rang was enough to completely miss the fact that Lila apparently knew Jagged Stone, Prince Ali, and seven Hollywood directors. Chloe was the mayor’s daughter and even she didn’t have that much clout.

She walked past Mylene – saying something about how Lila was personally invited to the Lancôme Fall 2015 Couture Party a few months back – and bumped shoulders with Alya. “Who on Earth is this Lila girl?”

Alya looked up from her phone and jutted her chin across the courtyard. “She just started here.”

Marinette lifted a brow and saw Nathanael talking animatedly with a girl that she didn’t recognize and happily exchanging numbers with her. “Uh huh….”

“She gave me an interview, did I tell you?” Alya grinned and pulled up the video on her phone. “Apparently Ladybug saved her life once. My Ladyblog had the most hits ever afterwards.”

Well, that was something Marinette would’ve definitely remembered if it had actually happened. She scowled as she scanned through the video of this Lila person laughing into the camera and waxing on about this dramatic rescue that Ladybug never pulled off. “Who the heck is this girl?”

“I don’t know but she’s got the most incredible life,” Alya said. “And now she’s going here. She’s totally awesome, apparently her and Ladybug are really close friends.”

Marinette scoffed defensively. “Um…I’m close friends with Ladybug. I got you that personal interview with her. You know, the one that got you a thousand new followers?”

Alya laid a hand on her shoulder. “Oh no, of course babe, and that was fantastic. But Lila has like super duper insider information on Ladybug never heard before. It’s going wild.”

“You cannot be serious,” Marinette frowned. “Where is this chick, I need to have a quick chat with – ”

“Oh my goodness, I don’t think we’ve met yet!”

Marinette barely had a chance to finish her sentence before Lila practically skipped across the courtyard and slid up right next to Marinette, less than a foot away from her face. Marinette jumped in surprise and leaned her body away from her while Lila folded her hands behind her back and pinned her with a sly smirk. “U-Uh,” Marinette mumbled.

“This is Marinette,” Alya helpfully supplied. “She was that best friend I was telling you about. She’s also our Class Representative.”

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Hello! I see that you're a new blog and I want to wish you luck with it! I would like to see an RFA reaction to MC on some sort of talent competition (and she's rly good at whatever she's doing - up to you what her talent is!). Thank you!!

Sorry this took so long!!! D: -green


- Talent: Cooking


- he has been there helping you practice for the competition for weeks

- taste tested all your food and helped judge

- he doesn’t really help because he’s hella in love with you and won’t say anything that actually helps

- the day of the competition he is full of tension

- he is so nervous and is at the very front of the crowd small person perks

- he expects you to be really nervous like he is?? sweating a little?? maybe just A LITTLE RUSHED??

- but you are just in your element. he’s never seen you so focused and calm in his life

- honestly he is blushing wow you look cute

- w o  w

- he makes sure his cheers are 1000x higher than everyone else’s and it’s not that hard because he has such a squeaky voice ANYWAYs,,

- expect a thousand kisses afterward, he is so proud of his s/o


- Talent: Acrobatics

- he will not stop being a nerd

- your entire talent show he is either crying or saying “LOOK THAT’S MY S/O AREN’T THEY AMAZING LOOK AT THEM WHY ARE YOU NOT LOOKING

- “I sleep with them lol”

- you might just throw him out because of his comments because they are so distracting WO W

- you love him though and decide it’s fine. he wouldn’t have left ANYWAYs?

- if someone gets a higher score than you, you have to literally hold him back from trying to hack in the scores and make you win


- once the results are in, he doesn’t even care



- he is just so proud and in love please let him just cuddle you in front of thousands of people


- Talent: Fashion

- b o y

- he is always there to help you out and be your model, and loves it when you put together an outfit for him

- it’s honestly unfair to everyone in the competitions you go to though.

- you have all the best silks and materials, and you’re home alone a lot so ,, your victory is on lock??

- you kind of hate it but love it too.

- but mostly hate it THIS ISN’T FAIR???

- after your first competition it really wasn’t that fun having such an advantage

- so he tones it down a bit

- he just wants to SUpPORT YOU THE ONLY WaY HE KNOWS HOW


- Talent: Singing

- oh g o sh

- she loves supporting you as much as she can, and loves loves loves hearing you sing in the shower or just randomly throughout the day as practice

- sadly, because of work she can’t make it to every show

- i think she’s going to kill Jumin just because of this

- it makes her really upset to miss out on your shows, and when she comes home to you she’ll feel so bad and ask you all about the night

- you’ll sing her the songs you sang on stage and show her videos

- she still feels bad, but she’s trying her best to support you!!

- loves your voice more than anything, she’ll listen to your videos to help her relax at work


- Talent: Singing+Acting

- you purposefully don’t tell him you can sing or act

- one night you ask him ‘i want to take you on a date, you wanna go?’

- this boy is clueless and totally goes

- once he’s in the auditorium he’s chill. you brought him to a play?? aww babe

- you tell him your going to the bathroom and to wait where he was

- while he’s gone he observes the place and thinks what nice seats you got!

- he’ll definitely have to repay you!!

- but then when you’re gone for .. quite a long time?? he starts to worry

- the lights go off and he’s kind of … s t r e s s i n g.

- did you seriously just date ditch him in a theatre oh my god what what

- he’s about to leave but then sees you go on stage and he’s just like. ???????????????

- ??????????????????????????

- you start singing and dancing, acting. he realizes he is in a musical. he realizes YOU ARE IN A MUSICAL

- ???????!!!!!!!!!!


- he literally SCREAMS out in JOY and jumps from his seat

- he actually starts crying because he’s so shocked and overjoyed

- he roots for you and tries his best to sing along during the whole musical

- he’s the only one on the upper level so he can see everyone in the aisles below him

- he sees a fucker with his phone out and throws his shoe at him

- f u cker

- he doesn’t even care he’s shoeless at the end of the musical

- expect A LOT OF KISSES and singing when you two get home

- and woop surprise it turns into sex


170224 — Hyuna in Toronto

I had the privilege of seeing Hyuna in Toronto tonight on the second stop of her North American Tour, and oh my god. She is absolutely the sweetest, most talented, genuine woman I have ever seen. Hyuna went on every end of the stage, kneeling down in front of fans, posing for them, blowing them kisses, holding their hands, and making hearts for us. When the time for the high-touch/photo op came, she smiled brightly at everyone even though she must have been tired from just performing. She looked into my eyes and smiled at me. She looked into everyone’s eyes, I think, wanted to make them feel special and loved, and know that we’re just as important to her as she is to us. Hyuna is an incredible performer and an even more incredible human being. I love Kim Hyuna.

red light special; gigi hadid

Your POV

I rummaged through my drawers searching for my sketch book and pencils. Today was the big day - the day that I finally get to draw famous model, Gigi Hadid. After this, my collection of drawings would be published and printed. The start of my art career was on the horizon and I couldn’t be more excited.

Gigi was scheduled to show up at half past noon and it was already eleven. That gave me a little over an hour to set up everything. Being the perfectionist I am, of course it took me the full hour and a half to make sure anything was looking okay.

Just as I put the last pillow in place, you heard a buzz and three knocks on the door. She’s here. I took a deep breath and wiped my sweaty hands on my jeans before opening the door. I don’t know what I was expecting to see, but what stood before me took my breath away.

She was more beautiful in person, and unsurprisingly she towered over me. I stood in awe as I just admired her features. She was dressed in a black cropped sweatshirt, skin-tight grey leggings, and bright white sneakers. On her face sat black, wire-framed glasses which, oddly enough, made her look even more stunning.

“Um, are… you um..okay?” Gigi asked as she waved a hand in front of my face.

I quickly snapped out of my little trance. My face immediately getting hot.

 “Oh, I’m so sorry for staring! Um… I’m Y/N, it’s nice to meet you, finally.” I said sticking my hand out.

“Gigi, nice to meet you, too.” She said putting her hand in mine and giving me a light smile. A smile so small that you almost couldn’t tell, but it still managed to make my mouth dry.

I cleared my throat before speaking again. “So, let me show you where you’ll be posing for the next 2 hours.”

“Lead the way.”

As soon as we arrived in the room, Gigi stopped in her tracks. I started to panic when she didn’t say anything.

“Oh god you hate it! I could take away a couple of pillows? Or maybe it would be better if I moved the blanket over th-”

“Y/N, girl it’s okay. I was admiring the set actually. It’s beautiful really. Are these sheets silk?” She said sitting down on the couch.

“Why. yes they are.”

“They feel amazing.” She sighed leaning back and soaking in the feeling of the sheets.

Oh my god.

That sigh sounded so sexual. This is gonna be a longer day than I thought.

As Gigi was getting changed in the bathroom, I was putting some finishing touches on the set. Once I felt like it looked perfect, I walked to the window and admired the scenery to calm my nerves. I heard a noise from behind me.

“How do I look?”

I turned around and I felt my heart skip a beat. She looked beautiful. She had on a black lace bra accompanied by a thin, white dress shirt left unbuttoned. On her bottom half she wore matching black lace panties. Her hair was left down and she wore minimal makeup. Her cute glasses were left on her face, making her look adorable.

“Oh my, Gigi you look great!”

She gave a shy smile. “Thank you, Y/N. So, how would you like me to pose?”

“Okay so, I want you to lay down on the couch with your feet towards the window. Make sure to pull the sheets up to about your belly button. Now, rest one arm under your head and lay one on your chest but make sure it’s relaxed, don’t be tense. And whatever you do, do not move.”

“Yes, ma’am! But before we start, I do have one question.”

“What is it?”

“What are the red lights for?”

“Well, my dear. They’re to set the mood and I think i’ts pretty calming.”

“Oh okay, I’m ready when you are.” She said getting comfortable.



“Well, that’s it.”

Two hours and one cramped hand later, I was finally finished my drawing and I was completely impressed with myself. This could quite possibly be the best I’ve done.

“That’s it? Really? That went by so fast! May I see?” Gigi said sitting up.

“Of course.” I handed her my sketch book.

“Y/N, oh my god this is so amazing! You’re very talented.” She exclaimed.

“Thank you.” I said taking my book and setting it beside me. “Can I get you some wine? Or do you prefer champagne?”

“Champagne would be nice, thank you.” She said wrapping the sheets around her shoulders.

I poured her a glass and sat next to her.

“Thank you so much for posing for me. I couldn’t imagine having anyone else do this for me.”

“No problem. It was fun.”

Gigi and I talked for an hour and shared multiple glasses of champagne. Needless to say, we were both a little tipsy.

“It was ridiculous! I had so much glitter in my hair. I was washing it out for hours! Look you could probably still see some.”

I let out a loud laugh. “Oh my gosh you can!”

“My girlfriend was teasing me for weeks about it.” Gigi sighed scooting closer and resting her head on my shoulder.

Wait… girlfriend?

“Oh, um, I didn’t know you were-”

“Yeah, being a lesbian is not what people typically think of when they think of a super model. I wish people would accept me and get over it.”

“How could anyone not accept, you Gigi? You’re perfect.”

“Me? Perfect? Please, Y/N. If anything, you’re perfect. You have a beautiful body, you’re talented and kind. There’s literally nothing wrong about you. Hell, you probably have guys chasing after you all the time.”

I felt my cheeks heat up. “Thanks, Gigi. But, I’m sorry to tell you that your assumptions are wrong. Guys don’t want me. I haven’t even had my first kiss.”

Just then, Gigi grabbed my chin and turn my face so it was close to hers. I could feel her breath on my face.

“Can I kiss you, Y/N?”

Before I could answer I felt her soft lips on mine. It felt incredible. I stuck my hands in her hair and she wrapped hers around my waist. I tugged on her hair a little and she let out a moan.

Fuck, that’s hot.

I felt bold, so I smoothly stuck my tongue in her mouth. That motivated me to keep going. We were completely focused on each other until we needed to pull away to breathe.

“Y/N, have you ever thought about being with a girl?” She said looking me in the eye.

“I mean, I’ve thought about it but I never knew who to experiment with.”

“Well, I saw you admiring me earlier. And after that kiss, I know I want you now more than ever. So, what do you say? Will you let me be your first?” She whispered.

“I’ve never been more sure of anything in my life.”

Our lips connected again but this time, I pulled Gigi into my lap. Her arms wrapped around my neck and my hands trailed down her sides and rested on her ass.

Gigi started to grind her hips down on me and I could feel the wetness growing in between my legs. I let out a moan and gave her ass a squeeze, causing her to grind down harder. She pulled away and started trailing kisses down my neck.

“Gigi.” I let out a breathy moan.

“Does that feel good, babe?”

“Oh my god, yes.” At that moment, I knew that I wanted more than anything to fuck Gigi here on this couch. 

She grabbed one of my hands and placed it on her breast and I froze.

“Relax babe, don’t be scared.”

That was the little confidence boost I needed. I gave her breast a squeeze and she moaned into my mouth. She took off her bra and exposed her chest to me. The sight was mouth-watering. I peppered kisses across her chest and gently took one of her nipples in my mouth while one of my hands massaged the other.

She threw her head back and moaned my name.

“Oh my god, Y/N.”

She quickly pulled away from me and pushed my shoulders until I was laying back in the couch.

She pulled off my thin tank top and threw it across the room. She left wet kisses down my torso before she reached the button of my jeans. She toyed with it a little, making my already soaked center ache.

“Please, Gigi. Just take them off.”

As if she were trying to torture me, she slowly pulled my pants down my legs.

Once my jeans were off, Gigi just paused, staring at my panties.

“Damn, Y/N. I got you this wet? I’m going to make you feel so good, baby.”

She kissed my inner thigh and right above my clit. Just as I was going to complain about her teasing, she pulled my panties to the side and took my clit into her mouth and sucked.

“Fuck, Gigi.”

She moved her fingers from my hips and slowly towards my entrance. She slid two fingers in and I instinctively clamped my walls around her — encasing her fingers in wetness.

“Yes.” I wined, moving my hips against her hand. This only motivated her to move faster. She moved her face out from between my legs and just watched her fingers going in and out. She glanced up at me to see me toying with my breasts.

“Allow me.” She said as she took her free hand and started rolling my already hard nipple in between her fingers. Gigi was moving her hands at an agonizingly slow pace, but it felt so fucking good.

“Babe, I’m so close.” I said gripping the silk sheets on the couch and bucking my hips. Just as I was about to climax, Gigi pulled her hands away and say up. I whined in protest, instantly becoming sexually frustrated.

“You made me so wet, Y/N. I want us to cum together.” She said pulling down her panties and climbing on top of me. She lifted one of my legs up and slowly lowers herself down so our centers are touching. She let out a quiet whimper and started rolling her hips into mine. One of my hands rested on her waist and the other on her ass, making her move faster.

“Fuck, Gigi. I’m so close baby, don’t stop.”

This motivated her to move even faster. I slapped her on her ass.

“Shit, do that again.”

And I did just that. That seemed to send her over the edge as I felt her juices run down her thighs and onto me. Seeing her writhing above me was the last thing I saw before my eyes shut in ecstasy.

“Oh my god, Y/N. That was amazing.” Gigi said climbing off of me.

I just smiled in agreement. “I should hookup with girls more often.” I said pulling her down so her head rested on my chest.

“Indeed, you should.” Was the last thing she said before giving my neck a sweet kiss and drifting off into a deep slumber, right there on the couch.

Rogue Shadow: Say Yes - Moriel

Hi everybody! I’ve had this in the pipeline for a while but i just got back from travelling for like a month, hence the lack of activity.

This is another story about one of Azriel’s shadows that goes a little rogue when it comes to him and Morrigan. Of you would like to read the other one it’s here.


For four hundred years Mor had been asking. Four hundred years. Four centuries. Still every time she asked he said no. When Mor asked Azriel to come to Rita’s with her he would say no. But she would not stop, no matter how many times he denied her. Tonight Mor would try again, she would try her hardest into persuading him to come, get him to say yes. He had been brooding all day and she couldn’t bare to watch him spiral further into himself.

Mor pulled up a few locks of hair away from her face and secured them with pearl tipped pins. She was dressed, her make up done, all that was left was her hair. She had brushed out the curls she had set earlier so now her hair fell down her back in soft waves. With the front sections of her hair pulled back the shimmer on her eyelids easily stood out as did the bright shade of red on her lips. Her lips matched the red of her dress that hung delicately on her body. Checking the security of her hair once more in the mirror, Mor gave her appearance a final check before she left her room.

Walking to a sitting room where Cassian, Azriel and Amren sat, Mor smiled at her friends.

“Rita’s anyone?”

It’s master had been brooding, caught up in his own mind. Judging himself, so critical and demanding. It only sent him into a vicious cycle of self loathing. It knew she was coming, it could sense her approaching. The Morrigan. The shadow also knew where she was planning to go, dressing herself up and putting cosmetics on. It knew it’s master would say no when she asked, like he had for hundreds of years. The shadow gathered in close to his master so that when she appeared and the other shadows fled it would remain, so it could whisper to him. Help him see that he didn’t have to spend all his time in the shadows.

A whisper broke Azriel from his dark and hateful musings.

She’s coming…

A moment later she appeared and Azriel felt his shadows lighten like they always did when Mor was around. Mor was smiling as she entered the room and then in her ever bright, cheerful voice she asked, “Rita’s anyone?”

Azriel felt his shadows gather in again about him, falling about him like a cloak almost shielding him from answering. He didn’t want to go to Rita’s, rather, he felt as though he didn’t belong at Rita’s. With the life, joy and bright energy of those that congregated there Azriel would feel out of place with his icy demeanour and darkness. It was where Mor belonged, she thrived there, when she arrived the atmosphere heightened as the other regulars rejoiced in her attendance. Even those who did not know her… Mor was simply irresistible.

Mor looked first to Amren, then Cassian then finally her eyes rested on him. A small hopeful smile graced her lips and he felt his shadows flee. Well, almost all his shadows.

She looks beautiful tonight…

Azriel kept face neutral and gave nothing away as he heard the whisper. Mor always looked beautiful. It was nothing new, although every time he still found his breath stolen away. Cassian answered, pulling away Mor’s gaze.

“Sure, why not,” Cassian said and turned his smirking face to Amren. “How about you, Tiny One?”

Amren’s face was full of disdain, bordering on disgust, “Watching people in an over crowded room try seduce each other holds no appeal to me at present. Although it is very tempting just to see you fail so gloriously.”

“You underestimate me Amren,” Cassian said smirking a little wider, “you just don’t know because I’ve never turned my talents to you.”

“Oh please,” Amren sighed as she dismissed Cassian with a look and went back to the book in her lap.

“Rhys is meeting us there,” Mor chimed in, no doubt trying to sway Amren a little.

You haven’t seen her dance is a long while…

Again his shadow spoke to him and this time he shook his head a little to try and shake out the whisper.

“I am very content here,” Amren replied without looking up from her book.

Cassian drew Mor’s attention once again as he stood and stretched, “I’m going to change my shirt then I’ll be ready.”

Mor nodded encouragingly as he left, leaving his three companions in the room. With Amren clearly not open to further persuasion, Mor turned back to Azriel. Her confident and assured smile fell away and was replaced by one that was much meeker and almost shy. Azriel stilled as she approached and sat on a nearby chair. As she crossed her legs Azriel forced his eyes not to linger on the generous amount of leg that was revealed by the slit in her dress. Meeting her eyes again, Azriel noted she was still wearing her shy smile. Azriel hadn’t moved from his stoic position with his arms crossed in front of him.

“You don’t have to dance you know,” Mor said quietly from beneath her lashes.

Don’t dance, you don’t have to. Say yes.

Never before had this shadow been so persistent.

“Rhys hardly ever dances, you can sit with him at the booth.” Mor looked directly at him now. “It sounds a bit boring, but it’s really not.”

Say yes. She wants you to.

“It will be fun,” Mor said, her confident smiling almost returning.

It will be fun. Say yes.

Azriel was almost certain that it was, in fact, Mor’s own voice whispering to him. Not one of his shadows. And a traitorous shadow at that.

“Please Az.”

Please… say yes.

“Come?” Smiling and radiant she lent toward him and Azriel saw her hand twitch as though she had thought about reaching for him.

Go to Rita’s. She wants you to. It will be fun. Say yes.

Azriel took in a deep breath and Mor held her own. Along moment passed and then he answered,“Yes.”

You said yes.

The shadow almost sounded cheerful in response to Azriel’s answer, it distracted Azriel enough that it made him start when Mor jumped to her feet and let out an excited squeal. From where sat Amren raised one eyebrow in surprise.

“Well come on then!” Mor now unhesitatingly grabbed Azriel’s arm and pulled him to his feet and continued to drag him until they both reached the balcony.

Rhys entered Rita’s with a brief wave to the doorman. Tonight the dance hall wasn’t overly crowded, which he was thankful for. It made it much easier to spot his cousin and his brother on the dance floor. Rhys spied Cassian as he spied him, and he pointed towards their usual booth. Nodding to Cassian, Rhys started forward but came to a halt when he saw his shadowsinger of a brother sitting there. Azriel never came to Rita’s. Rhys had lost count of how long he and Mor had been asking him to come, Rhys himself has given up a long while ago. It seemed that Mor hadn’t.

As he made his way to the booth Rhys looked to his cousin. She was free and radiant as ever, tipping her head back and laughing on the dance floor. Then he followed her gaze as it turned towards Azriel. She smiled at him, and Azriel, well he could not help but smile back. Endearing, divine, relentless Morrigan. Rhys couldn’t believe it. Azriel had finally said yes.