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Imagine with joji- part one

THIS IS PART ONE OF A SHORT CONTINUOUS STORY ABOUT A NEWLY POPULAR YOUTUBER MEETING JOJI MILLER . I know they’re going to be incredibly long, and i hope you enjoy <3

You haven’t spent alot of time with joji, just a few awkward question panels at vid-con, you didn’t even really think of yourself as a YouTuber. It felt strange, when you uploaded a video of you ranting about things that were… personal. There was a sense of dullness, you were speaking to a camera not to your hundred thousand viewers. The hate was the worst, there was a couple persistent haters that were hell bent on getting your page deleted. When your agent told you that Joji wanted to do a video together you were… excited. There was always something about Joji that gave you butterflies, a nervousness that made your face feel warm…

ABORT…ABORT…ABORT… Your mind screamed at you as you boarded the plane, your stomach was in knots and your throat felt stiff. You board anyway, headed to New York City, in the middle of December. It was gorgeous outside, chilly, yet crisp and beautiful. Your plane had landed almost a full hour before the scheduled time, and you had no idea where Joji lived. People were walking last you every which way at a fast to normal speed. ‘great’ you think ‘this is the part where I attempt to make contact and get completely ignored’ bit you try anyway. “Ex-excuse me?” You ask a man, he looks to be in his thirties, extremely tall. The man smiles, stops, and looks down at you. “Yea?” He asks. You give him Jojis address and explain how you’ve never been in a town remotely this big, and he seems amused while he gives you directions.

The cold was pleasant, and aesthetically pleasing, but it was starting to take a toll as delicate white flakes began to fall around you. It dampened your hair, your shoulders, and your shoes were soaked through wetting your pant legs as well. Only one more block. You look straight ahead and spot the apartment building, smiling and rushing just a bit. Rushing as much as you can with two suitcases at tow. The warmth inside began to melt the frozen water that bound your hair, it dripped on your clothes. If only you knew which apartment was his… you began wandering the halls, figuring if you found anyone you’d ask of they knew a George Miller in the building. Finally as you looked up a man stood in front of you, locking a door behind him, he wore a black sweater and a light grey beanie. “Exc-c-cuse m-m-me” you managed to get out, you weren’t even aware of your shivers. When he turned you could see him, dark hair feathered in front of cute glasses, deep eyes framed with dark lashes, eyes that widened as he began to realize who he was looking at. “I’m not late am I??” He asked , you shake your head “my flight was early, I didn’t have your number” you squeak out, he smiles just a bit taking you in. “Let’s get you warmed up” he tells you which IMMEDEATLY makes you feel warm inside.

You sit in front of the fire your knees against your chest arms wrapped around them. Head leaning on your arms. “So…uh…how was your flight?” Joji asked, he seemed as if he didn’t even know what to say to you, he didn’t know you. “Amazing actually, the lights and the snow, it was like a big city painting.” You smile, the fire is helping warm you up. You decide to get unpacked, and changed into more comfortable clothes. You choose a pair of dark grey sweats and a black hoodie with white graphics on the front. you felt a lot better now that you were in some comfortable clothes, you walk down the grey painted hallway. Joji is walking out of his room as well, you blush a bit and he smiles “guess we had the same idea” he says looking down at your attire, he too had changed into more comfortable clothes, a light grey Harvard hoodie and some blue/green/black plaid pajama bottoms. You smile, how cute. “You hungry?” he asks, you’re suddenly extremely aware of just how hungry you are, you nod in agreement. “Starving” you say simply looking up at him, he smiles and you follow him to the living room, he heads to the door “shouldn’t we change?” you ask, he huffs a laugh “you can” he says, you half smile. Back into the cold weather, you walk beside Joji and admire all of the lights up in the city. “Holy fuck what is that smell” you’re overwhelmed by a savory scent before you even see the pizza place. “Pizza” Joji says smiling. You both walk in, order and take a seat in a booth towards the back. Nobody seems to be out, there are a few people in the pizza place, some teenage girls returning glances are starting to make you uncomfortable. “Jesus, how can you do this?” you ask, widening your eyes, Joji looks confused. Tilting his head “do what?” he asks, you glance at the girls who quickly look away. “Constantly admired from afar by your jail bait fan club” you laugh causing him to grin “its not even like that” Joji laughs, you like the rhythm of his laugh, every chuckle. A server approaches you with two large, very large, slices of pizza and a thought springs into your mind. You clear your throat and place your hands together solemnly. Joji blinks, taken back by the unexpected display of religion. You chuckle “I’m totally fucking with you” you bite into your pizza as his eyes widen and he giggles “you are not at all what i thought you were going to be like” he notes, you smile and catch movement from the corner of your eye. 

“uhm, hi! you’re Joji right?” a girl, maybe sixteen says, Joji looks up and smiles “yea” he says she grins and glances at you “oh my god! I’ve seen your videos too! you’re so blunt its awesome! I’m Anna!” she says, her friend is silent beside her. “uh thanks” you say. this is the first interaction you’ve had with a fan outside of vid-con. you’re not sure how to act… “can we take a picture with you guys?” the quiet friend asks. you shrug “sure” you answer. “awesome!!! can i sit between the two of you?” she asks, you stand awkwardly and she sits next to Joji. her friend slides across from you and holds her iphone up. “i have an idea” you say to the girl, she looks up at you with awe as if you’re going to share with her a hidden secret chapter of the bible. “uhm… look at Joji like you’re so in love you might die” you say, you look up at Joji and his cheeks redden a bit, the girl turns completely red and both giggle. she does so and you pick up your pizza. the girl taking the photo laughs and snaps the pic the girl between you and Joji immediately asks to see it. Anna is looking at Joji with lovey eyes, he looks as if hes scared, and you’re holding your pizza in the air gazing at it lovingly. you hear Joji laugh, a genuine laugh, and you smile. “alright your turn” you say to the other girl who cowers a bit. you smile. “you’ll regret it if you don’t” you say she smiles and stands up, sliding next to you, pushing you into Joji. above the delicious smell of pizza, you smell a musky scent, a sweet, sharp musky scent, and you realize its Joji. you look up at him just for a second and he catches your eye, you blush a bit and look at the girl. who is grinning, you smile, its great to see her so happy. you hear a click and look up. all finished. “thanks so much you guys are legit the best for this” Anna says “tag me in this” you tell her she grins “i will!” and you wave as they leave. Joji pulls your plate to you, it might be taken the wrong way if you move to the other side of the table. you pick up the slice. “wasn’t so bad right?” Joji says, you shrug “actually kind of fun, I’ve never had that happen before” you admit. Jojis warmth next to you is calming, you find yourself drawn to it. you stop yourself from leaning in. “alright, you ready to get out of here?” Joji asks, you glance up at him and smile with a nod, he smiles back. you glance out the door, those girls are smiling with their phone up, and start to walk away as you stand. you walk outside and the gust of cold hits you instantly, you shiver and relax as you walk. “its just strange i mean, not even four months ago i was right where they are” you say “well, not literally, they’re in high school, but i was just there yaknow nobody knew who i was” you say “its cool though, making people happy by having fun” Joji says. you nod, but when does it stop being fun…? “you… you tried to do more personal stuff didn’t you?” you ask, cautiously “yea” he says, shortly. “and you got alot of hate or it. you’ve been doing this so long, for me if i don’t give them what they want this could all end” you say. “i totally feel you” Joji admits “i felt weak when i took down my vlogs, like i was playing into this sense of celebrity bullshit.” he says, you make it to the door of the apartment. “but i have a life, i have friends i go out i do things i want to do. i mean, we just went to get pizza in the middle of the night in our pajamas. there are definitely perks” he smiles, you wonder if he knows you’re looking at him… you lay in your bed, eyes closed, thinking about what Joji said. perks, were you a perk? or did he just mean the freedom of pajamas in public…? you pick up your phone and look at the picture on your page. Joji smiling down at you while you smile at the girl. it makes you feel…good.