and oh lookie at this one

Ok, so, even after aaaalll this time I’m still seeing quite a lot of people who continue on bashing Sakura and saying how useless she is and how she always cries and how Hinata is much stronger and so on and so forth…

So let’s try to start from the very beginning. I get it, she was hardcore fangirl in the first part but c’mon, you have to admit that at some point in your life you acted the same towards someone you really, really liked… 
Sakura was taking care of those two, guarding them and staying awake for hours, keeping them safe. 

Then the three ninja appeared and even tho she was very tired, she still fought them and managed to hold them off enough so others can come and help too.

Later in the exams, despite loosing, she showed a nice power against Ino and please bear in mind that Ino is from a powerful clan unlike Sakura who is from a normal family. After that, she showed genjutsu skills, she was one of the few who didn’t get affected by the genjutsu and that’s how she managed to free Naruto and the others from it. Then when they tracked Sasuke, Naruto was scared, he was actually shaking when he saw the monster in front of him and when Gaara sprung ahead to kill Sasuke, Sakura was the one to stand and protect Sasuke which resulted in her getting caught. 

She shows concern for her friends and is selfless. She is ready to throw herself in between two of the most powerful attacks only to stop those two idiots. And imagine what would have happened if Kakashi hadn’t come in time.

They say that she placed a big burden on Naruto and that she is using him to bring Sasuke back and yet she realized her mistake the moment Naruto came back from the failed attempt in bringing Sasuke back. She swore to get stronger and take off the burden she placed upon Naruto. She started training with Tsunade and indeed got stronger. She healed a lot of people.

She saved Kankuro’s life. Even Chiyo was impressed by her skills.

Then when they were sent to retrieve Gaara. She defeated Sasori. Yes, Chiyo helped her but Sakura showed incredible skills on her own. Sasori praised her on a few occasions.

After that, Naruto was damaged by the Kyuubi’s chakra. It was Sakura who healed him. Even tho she was in pain, she did everything to make the wounds heal faster. 

Then, she had her little moments that I’m going to skip. Let’s concentrate on the bigger ones like the attack on Konoha. She helped a looot of injured ppl uncluding Hinata. If it wasn’t for Sakura, Hinata would have died. 

She even saved Karin and cried on her.

After that, war time, I don’t have to mention that she again saved a lot of people and caugh the White Zetsu.

She also activated her seal and managed to do some impressive work on defeating a lot of enemies.

She summoned Katsuyu and healed everyone on the battlefield… quite the amount if you ask me…

Of course Naruto being one of them :)) 

She also pretty much helped Shikamaru, she kept him alive and gave him chakra until Naruto recovered enough to give them all chakra.

Oh c’mon, I don’t have to say that she saved Naruto’s life.

They say how she was super scared when she encountered Madara. Then again, was Hinata going to be less scared? Or was she going to do that..?

Distract him a little so Naruto and Sasuke can think of sth. And look at her, she is enduring it, pushing the fear away and doing everything in her powers to fight him. 

It was thanks to her that Obito was able to find Sasuke, otherwise, they were doomed…

And she also saved Obito. If it wasn’t for her, the acid would have splashed him instead and … bye bye Obi~

If I remember correctly, Sasuke and Naruto were just about to seal Kaguya away but it would have been another fail. If it wasn’t for Sakura, Kaguya would have escaped them once again.

she also healed those two bakas when they fought

And what did Hinata do?

She did helped Naruto by protecting him from Pain. But don’t take Naruto’s rage that deeply ok. He thought that she was dead and she was his friend so it’s only normal to react like that. It would have been Shikamaru or Kiba or someone else from his friends, he would have reacted the same way.

And yes, she has the byakugan and is able to do a lot of things thanks to it but what would have happened if she didn’t have it????

and what the hell is that? Make your own Ninja Way girl, don’t copy Naruto’s

She is cute and compassionate and has decent power but some things I just can’t forgive about her character. Fuck Trollmoto tho…

I have to say that I do not hate Hinata but I at the same time I don’t like her that much. She had the potential to become more confident and strong individual but she was left submissive and with almost no confidence.

Now let’s pay some attention to the NaruSaku and MinaKushi stuff. They say that Hinata is like Minato. Indeed the both of them are on the quiet side but other than that what? Minato often throws jokes and he often smiles and grins and he tends to be a little goofy. He is also pretty smug when torturing Kakashi and Obito in their trainings and trying to make them work as a team. Hinata … errr…. 

Minato calms Kushina = balance. When did Hinata calmed Naruto? 

here??? (lets not mention how Neji was dead in her feet and she was thinking how warm Naruto’s hand was) *CRINGE*

I do know that it is war time and there isn’t that much time for grieving but she could have at least hugged Neji and told him “Thank you for always being there for me” or sth like that. At least a reaction like Rock Lee or TenTen would have been good but she just stood and watched…

And oh well, sorry to disappoint you but that scene is kinda copied..

*cough* *cough*

Say whatever you want but Kushina’s line stays the same 
“Find someone like your mother”  

And Minato considered Sakura as Naruto’s girlfriend and stated how she was like Kushina. And Sakura and Minato actually worked together.

And they also share some similarities…

If we include the movies. Naruto was saved by Sakura a lot of times. Like in Road to Ninja, she fought Obito/Menma. 

The Blood Prison, she kept him alive enough for Ryuuzetsu to help him.

And in The Last (which is the bullshit of the bullshits) she was healing him and transfering chakra into him for days. She saved his life again.

Even in Boruto the movie when they were attacked, she fought and evacuated the people. Later, healed them.

Including Hinata who instead of staying with her children in such dire situation, sprung to help Naruto only to be knocked out instantly and risking her own life against oponent she has NO chance at even scratching. (what would have happened if the enemy injured her more seriously or worse - killed her? the kids would have been without mother. She is too reckless.)

and that shit about Naruto loving her because of the rivalry? Oh well, you still remember 235 ep right? He said how he fell in love with her sweet smile and all those cheesy things. They shared so many moments.

First thing he mutters is “Sakura-chan”

Unlike Hinata, who was placed in Sasuke’s place in The Last. The moment when they were little and she “was with him from day one” Sakura actually was with him when they were little (alongside Shikamaru, Kiba, Sasuke and Choji and even Ino. Yes, they weren’t playing that much but they still shared some moments. Hinata tho, Naruto just saved her once from some bullies…)

And lookie, we even have the red thread of love

And let’s not forget how she cherished the flower and blushed the whole time

All and all

And also not to mention that Naruto and Sakura would have been not only like Minato and Kushina but also like Hashirama and Mito. Hashirama is a sunny guy like Naruto and Mito is Uzumaki and all Uzumaki are loud and cheerful and energetic like Kushina (and therefore Sakura). And we can also add Jiraiya and Tsunade, the way they acted was the same way the other couples act. Even Rin and Obito are the same (despite Rin being a little gentler) and Yaiko and Konan too. So this is going on through generations, ever since the Warring Eras with Mito and Hashirama to the other war stricken eras with Jiraiya and Tsunade, Konan and Yahiko to the more modern era with Obito and Rin and Kushina and Minato to the peace era with Naruto and Sakura.

And here is some amazing fanart, seriously even if I wasn’t a NaruSaku fan, I would have still being able to notice those things. Hinata is cute but she really isn’t that strong. If she wasn’t from the noble clan she wouldn’t have been able to fend for herself. Sakura on the other hand is not from such a clan but she manages to surpass Tsunade who is known as the strongest woman. I’m a person who sticks to facts.

I hope you can agree with me…. :)) I myself want Kishimoto to fuck everyone and just write a special NaruSaku manga where they end up together… no more bullshits!!!

Glowing Gnome

(I play as a CN half-elf sorcerer named Dante, my friend plays a CG gnome druid named Tiktik. Earlier in the session, Dante had been trying to seduce a local NPC maiden, and Tiktik had used prestidigitation to turn his hair pink. Now we are in a dungeon and the light has gotten too dim for our human monk and ranger to see)

Me: Is there anything around to make into a torch?

DM: No, just some pebbles on the ground, too small to use as lights.

Me: ok, I want to cast it on Tiktik.

DM: Light doesn’t work on living things.

Me: ok, I cast it on her leather armor.

DM: *snickers* ok, I’ll allow it. Tiktik’s armor is now glowing with soft light that illuminates the cooridors enough that your companions can see now.

Tiktik: Hey!!!

Dante: Oh lookie! A walking torch! Now we don’t have to carry one. Be a good lantern and light the way.

Tiktik: *casts prestidigitation to make Dante entirely pink*

*H U M A N

first, i was planning on making an art instead buuut i wanted to try making another speedpaint coz its so fun even though one hand is bothering the other hand HELP

oh and look its heavenfell papYRUS AAHK @heavenfell-au

Song- Alan Walker Faded (Sara Farell Cover)


Warnings: None
Characters: Sam & Dean Winchester, sister Winchester reader, Gabriel, Castiel, Balthazar, Rowena, Crowley, Lucifer
Reader’s Age: 5-6 years old
Word count: 1040

Y/N: Your Name
Y/N/N: Your Nickname

A/N: My frens helped with all the ideas so if it seems all over the place that’s because I tried to fit all their ideas into one imagine. (And I didn’t even get them all) But basically everyone is friends in this world! Happy Easter and enjoy!

Waking up with a yawn you stretched as your eyes fluttered open. You looked around your room and saw pastel colors like pink, purple, yellow, and green covering the walls and furniture. You hopped out of bed and trotted over to a small, pink basket with some fake Easter grass covering the bottom of it.

“Easter…” you whispered to yourself. You grabbed the basket and scanned your room, searching for Easter eggs.

Your eyes finally landed on a small blue egg sitting on your bed frame. You ran over, grabbed the egg and set it in your basket.

You opened your door and peeked outside. Streamers decorated the halls. With a smile and a skip in your step, you headed towards the kitchen, picking up a few eggs here and there along the way.

Once you arrived in the kitchen you looked to the table to see a bunch of food. From ham to carrot cake to even butter shaped like a small lamb. Looking around the room you spotted a few Easter eggs.

Picking up what you assume to be the last egg in the kitchen you were startled by a voice that spoke from the corner. “Enjoying the hunt?” You turned around and saw Gabriel finishing a cookie.

“Yeah! I has so many eggs!” You raised your basket to show Gabriel.

“The Easter Bunny was pretty busy,” Gabriel commented. You smiled, grabbed a mini doughnut and headed out of the kitchen.

You padded down the hall into the War Room. You turned the corner to see the one and only, Lucifer. Of course, you didn’t know he was Satan, you only knew him as Luci. He had his feet propped up on the map table and a pair of pink bunny ears on his head.

“Welcome!” he greeted. “Have you found all the eggs yet?”

“Not yet. I have lots of rooms to go,” you responded as you searched the room. Luci unwrapped a piece of candy and plopped it in his mouth.

You made your way into the library where you saw Sam and Dean towards the back by the giant telescope. Sam was sitting down and Dean was leaning against the wall with his arms crossed. They both had small smiles as they watched you run around the room looking for eggs.

Once you were done looking for eggs you skipped over to your brothers and showed them your basket. “Lookie! I gots lots of eggs!”

“Wow, you’ve been busy,” Sam replied, giving you a soft tap on your shoulder.

“Where are your eggs?” you asked, looking back and forth between your brothers.

“We don’t have any eggs,” Sam responded.

“Oh…” you looked down at your eggs. “Here!” you handed an egg to Sam, then one to Dean. Sam and Dean both smiled.

“Thanks, Y/N/N,” Dean chuckled and ruffled your hair.  

“Happy Easter!” a new voice spoke. You all turned your attention to the man standing in the library, Balthazar. “This is for you,” Balthazar handed you a bottle of wine.

Your eyebrows furrowed together as you stared at the wine. As soon as it was in your hands, it was snatched away, you turned around and saw Sam holding the wine with a disapproving face.

“What are you doing? That’s hers,” Balthazar pointed to you.

“She’s five,” Sam argued.

“And when she’s whatever age that bottle of wine better still be here for her.” Balthazar made his point clear.

Balthazar turned around to see Luci standing behind him trying to put bunny ears on him. “What are you doing?” Balthazar backed away.

“You need to get in the Easter spirit,” Luci continued to try and put bunny ears on Balthazar.

“Stop that,” Balthazar pushed Luci’s hand away, earning a giggle from you.

You took two eggs out of your basket and walked over to the angels. You put one in Luci’s hand and the other in Balthazar’s. They both smiled at you and Luci opened his egg.

“Did you forget about me?” Gabriel entered the room. You laughed and grabbed an egg then ran over to Gabe. You handed Gabe the egg and ran back over to your brothers.

“My, oh, my, doesn’t this place look beautiful!” a Scottish voice made its presence known. You turned around and saw Rowena admiring the decorations and Crowley was standing next to her.

“Oh! Dear, what are you still doing in your pajamas? Come, let’s get you in something different.” Rowena held out her hand. You grabbed two eggs and handed one to Crowley who gladly accepted the egg with a small head nod and handed the other to Rowena. You and Rowena then headed to your room.

Rowena dressed you in a pretty, yellow sundress. She curled your hair before taking strands from the front and pinning them back.

You two made your way back into the kitchen where everyone was gathered around the table that was covered with food. You walked over and sat next to Sam; Rowena sat on your other side.

“I feel like we’re missing someone…” Dean commented before sitting down.

“I believe that would be me,” Castiel spoke from behind you. You turned around and jumped out of your seat.

“What are you holding, Cas?” Sam noticed Castiel holding something inside his trench coat.

“A present for Y/N,” Castiel took his hands out of his coat to reveal a small, adorable, fuzzy bunny. You gasped and ran over to him. “Now remember, bunnies are a lot of work, you have to take care of it.”

“Cas, I thought we talked about this. Don’t get her a gift that requires work!” Dean stood up.

“Can we keep it?” you took the bunny from Cas and stared at your brothers with big puppy dog eyes.

“C'mon, Dean. You won’t let her have a dog, you’re allergic to cats, let her at least keep the bunny.” Sam tried to convince his brother.

Dean thought for a moment, staring down at your pleading face; he was already a goner. “Fine,” Dean huffed and threw his arms up, clearly upset he lost this battle.

“YAY!” you cheered and snuggled the rabbit in your arms.

“To Easter,” Crowley raised a glass.

“To Easter!” Everyone said simultaneously, raising their glasses.  

I hope y’all like this one and I’m open for tips on improving!

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Disneyland with a side of dessert

Chris Evans X Y/N.

Warnings:Sex, language. Not much else really.


Y/N is in a interview alongside Chris Evans, during so it’s revealed that  she’s never gone to Disneyland and Chris can’t fathom the idea. Being the gentleman that he is, he vows to take you to Disneyland because… everyone should go at least once in their life.  

Y/n  smile as her nerves tempt to get the best of her, James Corden is slowly making his way down the sofa, asking both fan and random questions that he found. Chris Evans was the first to go, answering the obvious questions. “What does he think about the new direction Cap is going? Does he see a real love interest with Agent 13 and Cap? How many dogs does he own? Is he more a dog man or cat man?” 

Y/N watched Chris answer the questions with enthusiasm and nervousness, he smiled too much and struggled to convey what he truly meant sometimes. However as James cards of question dwindled down, she knew it was close to being her turn. Which normally wouldn’t be a problem but she was late for rehearsals and had no clue what she would be asked. 

The English talk show host starts off simple, “where was she born, what was her favorite subject” and as the questions progress they become different in nature, some personal others ridiculous. It’s the second to last question that gets a reaction she didn’t expect. 

“Now, Y/N, is it true that you’ve never been to Disneyland?” Some of the audience members gasp with shock as James finishes his question. 

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Three’s a Crowd (Part 4)

Originally posted by girlmeetsyoongismixtape

Member: Taehyung x Reader x OC

Type: Poly au, Smut, Fluff, Angst.

Part 1. Part 2. Part 3. Part 4.

“So you’re left alone in the house with Taehyung while Mika is gone away for a business trip?” My best friend, Jungkook, repeated the words I had previously told him which made me nod. “That does’t sound so bad…I don’t now why you’re worrying so much, you don’t have Mika to tell you what to do or boss you around anymore”

“Unnie doesn’t boss me around Jungkook” I spoke, which earned me a look from him. “She doesn’t. She’s just really overprotective and wants what’s best for me”

“By bossing you around”

“Jungkook” I warned him. Jungkook laughed and nudged my side playfully before turning back to his work, scribbling a few notes down from the board at front. I nibbled on the lid of my pen as I began to think of last nights events. The delivery boy, the movie, saying he was mine, the nearly kiss. Would he have went through with it if Mika didn’t call? Probably not.

“What are you thinking about?” Jungkook brought me out of my thoughts, making me jump as he placed his hand on my arm to grab my attention.

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Being Number 1 isn’t Easy

The continuing story of Negan and Number 6

Catch up with Negan and Number 6 here

Negan x wife (reader - Y/N)

Y/N=your name

Ne - reader’s nickname for Negan

I switch between the reader and Negan’s POV in this, but I have labeled the changes

Warnings-sexy Negan times & language.

1300 words

Want on or off my taglist? Just let me know!

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Oh boy, here we go. Counting time.

While we’re here on this image, I guess now would be a good time to give each Ruby names for the sake of brevity. Going left to right:

GRuby (Garnet’s Ruby)
Chilly (The really calm one)
Smashy (The over-the-top fighter)
Looky (The intense quiet one)
‘Fraidy (The confused one)

Visor (The leader)

Girl-lie You’re a Badass Motherfucker

Anonymous asked for a LONG Badass!Reader X Carl imagine.

Summary: Carl wants to kill Negan. Even though she’s a badass, (Y/N) thinks it’s a bad idea after what they saw.

AN: ‘hock-a-lugey’ means to collect mucus in your throat and spit it out. Also, I hope you guys enjoy. I’m not very good at writing badass’

Negan is a complete and utter asshole. It’s common knowledge among his Saviors, they all fear him because of it. The day he had rolled on on her group she had not shown her fear. It was clear to her that she would have to act with courage. He was no nice guy, and she would have to prove she wasn’t someone to play with.

When he had walked past her and Carl as they knelled side by side, Negan had called Carl a future serial-killer. Then, he had the nerve to make a joke about her being the serial-killer’s psychopath. Anger soaring, the girl ‘hocked-a-lugey’ at him. 

With a laugh he keeps walking, “Since I like your boy, I’m gonna ignore that. It’s outta the kindness of my heart, girl-lie.”

She sits up, heart pounding in her chest as she looks around the room. She sighs in relief as (e/c) orbs land on the beige walls of her room. Only a flashback, a nightmare, one of many since that night. He may think her a psychopath, but it could only be (Y/N)’s resting bitch-face.

The (h/c) rolls out of bed, stretching as she rises to her full height. (S/t) arms span out above her head and her mouth drops open to release a breath stuck within her lungs. Letting out a sound of content as her joints snap soundly back into place she struts out of her room. Since Denise was dead, and Tara wasn’t home, she had the place to herself. The eerie quiet of the morning, being the earliest riser of Alexandria, didn’t dissuade the girl a bit as she followed her daily routine. First, she would use her restroom for about thirty minutes, grooming herself and showering. After feeling good and ready, the girl steps out of the shower, pushing unkempt hair from her face. She dries off, dressing in one of the few pairs of clean clothes she has left; some dark denim jeans, a grey cotton shirt, and a plaid button up. 

Her boot heels click as she descends the stairs and slinks into the lonely kitchen, the stools are cold plastic. The air is solemn, and she can’t help but remember that Tara still doesn’t know anything thats happened. (Y/N)’s second, currently only, guardian was out on a run and would return in three days. She doesn’t know what to do for Tara yet, and she won’t know until the time comes.

For now, she settles on making herself some breakfast. When they had been supplied eggs from the Hilltop, she had been the first to ask Olivia for a carton. Eggs really weren’t her favorite thing in the world, but it had been some time since she had tasted one. As she sits at the counter, boiled eggs in tow, she revels in the nostalgia. The scent of bacon litters her senses, and as her eyes close she can just imagine her mom setting pancakes down at the bar before her.

Then her eyes open, and she is brought back to reality.

She is oblivious to the passing of time, sitting there, alone. Her ears are deaf to the sounds of the Alexandrian’s moving around outside. She is blind as Saviors enter her home and take her neighbors things.

It’s in that moment, she hears it.

“Why do you need those balloons, little girl?” 

Anger shakes her down to her very core as she slaps her bowl off the table. She storms outside with a storm brewing in her (e/c) irises. (Y/N) marches down the road towards the Savior who had decided to toy with Enid. She stops behind the brunette haired girl, a scowl on her face as she meets eyes with, a just as angry, lone blue orb. The hate in that one eye is almost enough to mirror her own as she looks the man up and down.

“Oh lookie here, the poor baby can’t fight her battles herself?” The Savior laughs, Enid looks back at (Y/N) unshed tears in her blue eyes.

“She can, but she doesn’t have to,” (Y/N) nearly growls holding herself back, “Why do you need balloons, huh asshole? Mommy never come to celebrate your birthday? Or, did she die trying?” 

The Savior’s smirk drops as he pulls out a knife and puts it to (Y/N)’s throat.

“You watch your tone, young lady.”

“Why? Did I hurt your feelings? Why don’t you run off like a good boy and tell your daddy Negan,” she sneers. The man looks at her with shock, fear momentarily flashes in his eyes. He doesn’t move the blade away until the girl reaches up and squeezes his wrist enough to make him drop the blade. His gaze lifts to (Y/N)’s angry face before he throws the balloons down in front of them both. After he disappears, her facade drops and she turns to Enid again. 

The poor girl looks like she could burst any moment. She knew how much the balloons meant to Enid, to Maggie. (Y/N) bends down and picks them up, with the green balloons in hand she turns back to the older teen and pulls her into a tight hug.

“It’s okay, Enid. Everything is okay.” She mumbles as Enid softly lets out a small sob into her shoulder. The moment doesn’t last long as they both pull back.

“Thank you, (Y/N).” She smiles, wiping her eyes as the other hands her the pack of green plastic

“That’s what family does, Enid.” (Y/N) smiles brightly as the other girls eyes light up. Their once hardened faces now only express happiness.

(Y/N),” The two girls turn to the knew arrival, Carl. Behind him, Rick sends the teens a look of disapproval. Of course (Y/N) knew his plan, she was all for following it until her family was in danger. 

“What’s up?” She shifts, eyebrow raised.

“They’re taking our guns, all of them.” 

She found herself in her house alone once again. The Saviors had left only an hour prior, and after a long talking to courtesy of Rick; ‘I understand why you did it, you just shouldn’t have.’ She had prepared herself a single serving of sloppy Joe, the leftovers tossed in the fridge for tomorrow and the next few days. Denise once told her sloppy Joe was Tara’s favorite, and it was the closest she had to ice cream.


After a long moment, she glances over her shoulder at the door. She was only halfway through her meal when someone had interrupted. Swiveling back around in her chair she continues to eat after a shout of:

“It’s open!”

The front door slams against the drywall, whomever it was seemed to have no care for her drywall. Hopefully they hadn’t opened a hole.

“(Y/N), Enid climbed the wall.” Carl breaks the silence as he skids to a stop beside her. With as sigh she places her spoon back down. Would she ever get to eat?

And? She’ll be back later,” she just wants to eat the rest of her portion, “She always is.” Hurriedly, she shovels meat into her mouth.

“No she wont,” he adds now almost amused by her rush to eat, “She said she’s going to see Maggie.”

“Seriously?” With a groan, and only one spoonful left, she regrettably tosses her bowl into the empty sink. Her focus returns to Carl as she grabs his arm and tugs him from the home. She stops momentarily to grab a skateboard from her grass before tugging him over to the wall.

“What’s with the skateboard?”

Dramatic entrance.” The girl smirks, winking to him before throwing the board with all her might. It just makes it over the top before she starts climbing.

(Y/N) lets go of the bumper of the car as Carl turns into a stray walker. Her arms come up, ‘borrowed’ extra katana slicing through the head of another walker who was flanking a lone Enid. She skids to a stop, turning to face Enid who looked to Carl with a questioning look.

“We decided to take a drive,” Carl shrugs stepping out of the car. Enid can’t help but smile even as (Y/N) lets out a laugh and kicks her board up to catch it with her hand. 

“Alright love birds, lets get going.” She states sliding the katana back into the sheath tied to rest on her back. She doesn’t notice Enid’s blush or the frown on Carl’s face.

“Hey, (Y/N), come check this out!” Carl’s shout pulls the girl from her thoughts. Spinning around the (h/c) jogs over to him after shrugging to a curious Enid.


“I found skates, want to skate with me?” He laughs jovially.

“I have a skateboard, why don’t you ask Enid?” As she turns around she is once again oblivious to the crestfallen look on his face.

“Carl, why don’t you just tell (Y/N) you like her?” Enid asks skating up beside him. (Y/N) had since taken the lead, she was by far the strongest of the three since Carl had lost his eye.

“What? I don’t know what you’re talking about,” the look on her face looked as if she could smell the bullshit rolling off of him in waves.


“She doesn’t like me.” He protests, shaking his head.

“Tell her when we get to the Hilltop or I’m going to tell everyone you’re a chicken!” She laughs shoving the boy playfully.

Shut up!” He grumbles shoving her back with a laugh.

“(Y/N) wait,” a hand lands on the girls wrist turning her around, “I have to tell you something.” She turns around, eyes meeting Carl’s lone momentarily. Her eyebrows furrow as she looks at him questioningly before lips are covering her own. She melts into the boy eyes fluttering shut as she leans into him. After a moment they pull back and search each others eyes.

“I love you,” a blush appears on both of their faces as they both speak up at the same time.

“(Y/N), I’m going to kill Negan.”

“What- what the fuck, Carl? You can’t just spring that on me after kissing me!” She shoves his shoulders lightly, only a little ticked off.

“Sorry, (Y/N).” He sighs eye dropping.

“I’m going with you,” She frowns defiantly. 

“No, stay here with everyone. You’re a badass, (Y/N). You should take care of our family.” He nudges her towards Enid who stands a safe distance away. She glares back at him, but she knows this isn’t over.

Just as the truck pulls away from the Hilltop, and Jesus climbs in the truck he is greeted by Carl.

Up above, (Y/N) grins, ain’t no boy tellin’ her what to do.


I’m playing this adorably adorable game and I’m in love ( ´ ▽ ` ).。o♡

I just started this month and there’s an event going on and IT’S TOO CUTE! Spring/Easter event and lookie, I GOTS TWO RINRIN BUNNIES!! Oh, I think my heart just stopped from the cute (❤ω❤)

I also just obtained a flower Haru! So bootiful~ I’m one event fishie away from completing the set! Then after, my mission is to get a bunch of Rinrins, Souchkes, and Kisumis ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡

Alec Lightwood - A Weird Question

A/n: because of a tragic accident, a shadowhunter is placed to another Institute, where she meets Alec. He helps her to be happy again. The GIF is when the reader and Alec have a conversation about weapons. Also, he might be gay in the movie and serie, but here he is bi, and his weakness is you!

Warnings: Mentions of death, one of the readers parents died, so if you can’t handle that, please don’t read this!

Word count: 1210

Originally posted by marylandbiscuits

‘Okay, everybody, Jace, Izzy, if you please could stop talking? And where is Alec?’ A guy of the Institute stood for the little group of Shadowhunters next to you. A handsome, dark haired guy stepped into the room, making you smile a bit as your eyes met, but he just looked a bit grumpy at the ground. ‘Alec, finally. Okay, everyone, this is Y/N, your new bud. She comes from another Institute, but after an, um,’ the man looks at me for a moment, ‘after an accident with her family she had to come here because-’ 'you can just say my father was brutally murdered and that my sister, my mom and me each were taken to another Institute to protect us. Please talk to them as an adult, because they are, and they will understand.’ I spoke to them, and looked at them, one for one. Suddenly, the whole Institute sounded more quiet.

'Okay, yeah. That was all I had to say. I’ll leave the rest to you.’ the man said and walked off. 'Sorry about that,’ you said quickly after he had left, 'I know it’s not the most fun way to introduce yourself, but-’ 'but we get a view of what’s going on in your life and that’s the point of an introduction. Don’t worry about it,’ the Jace guy said. You smiled slightly. 'Thanks,’ you exhaled, 'I was a bit worried about meeting you guys. My parents were also my best friends and now they’re gone and away, and just not here-’ you began to tear up, and you quickly turned away from them and started to unpack your things. 'It’s really tough, but sorry for bragging. I shouldn’t… Do you…’ You sighed, and wiped a way one tear. 'What is our mission?’

‘Hey!’ Jace said, and turned you back around, ‘you have every right to talk about it.’ He smiled, took a step back and you saw Alec giving him an irritated look. ‘Also, I find it very hard to believe that no one has offered you some coffee. Shall I get you some?’ You nodded. Yes. You needed coffee. The sweet taste of caffeine. You and your father used to- fuck, don’t think about it, you told yourself. ‘If it’s not too much effort, of course.’ you said hurriedly, don’t want to think about yourself just too much. ‘No problem, I’m Isabelle, but you can call me Izzy. That,’ She pointed at Jace, ‘is Jace, and this-’ she hit Alec on his shoulder, ‘is my big brother, Alec. Jace, shall we get the coffee?’ She winked at Jace behind Alec’s back. ‘Sure.’ The two went off, leaving you and Alec alone.

‘I’m sorry about what happened.’ He said, toneless, like he was obligated to say it. I smiled vaguely. ‘I’m sure you are. Everybody is. Can we just… Talk about something else?’ You took out your weapons. Alec sighed, trying to think of something. ‘Okay then, what’s your weapon of choice?’ ‘These,’ you said while you took your bow and arrows out of your bag. ‘Definitely.’ His eyes widen and he smiled. His smile was beautiful, it was like he was glowing. Too bad he didn’t smile that much, he was gorgeous. ‘Yes! I like you!’ In exitement he raised his hand for a high five. I slapped his hand as he looked at my bow. ‘What a beauty!’ I chuckled. That was something I hadn’t done in a long time. ‘Yeah, I know. They wouldn’t let me keep her, at first, but after I showed some tears, I could.’ He giggled slightly. ‘Maybe I would cry too if I couldn’t keep this one.’

Alec and you turned out to have a really nice conversation, you really felt relaxed around him, and it looked like he did, too. When Izzy and Jace came back, they gave some information about the next mission, but it was too late to do it and the mission could wait, so you all went to bed early. As you were lookiing for your room, you overheared a conversation between Izzy and Alec. ‘So admit it, you like her, don’t you?’ ‘What? No.’ ‘Oh, come on. I saw you laughing with her. Laughing. My grumpy big brother, who never laughs, or even smiles. Admit you think she’s pretty’ ‘Izzy, stop it.’ ‘Oh yes, you are so caught! That look in your eyes, I can see when you’re lying, big brother!’ Eventually, you had to walk past them to get to your room, so you decided now was your chance. You quickly walked past them, saying a shy ‘hi’ to both.

As you tried to get some sleep, memories kept haunting you. You wasn’t used to being alone, and you hated it, especially now. You found yourself crying in a matter of seconds. You tried to calm down, but after a couple of minutes you couldn’t help but get up already. You needed to see someone, it didn’t matter who.  You quickly walked up to the commonroom Izzy had showed you earlier that day, and you saw Alec sitting on the couch. ‘Hi,’ you said. Alec jumped up. ‘Hi, uhm, did you overhear my conversation with Izzy by any chance?’ I lied, and shook my head. ‘No, why?’ ‘Oh. Uhm, nevermind. Are you okay?’ He said, looking at my wet cheeks. ‘Well, actually, no. I have er, this weird question.’ Alec’s face expression said: “what?” ‘I can’t sleep and I really need someone with me right now, so, uhm, can you…’ You stared at the ground as a tear runned down your cheek, ‘can you please hold me?’ Alec nodded with a friendly smile. You took place on the couch and you felt his strong hands surround you, you could hear his heartbeat beat in rythemn. You closed your eyes for a second, and almost immediately a flash of the past crossed your mind. You started to sob, but Alec whiped away the tears. ‘Sshh, it’s okay… I’m here. You’re safe.’  he spoke out the words so slow and carefully, so thoughtfull as his hands went trough your hair. ‘You’ll be fine, I promise.’ You nodded slowly. ‘Try to sleep, you’ll feel better.’ ‘But I’m so afraid that I’m going to have nightmares and if I wake up in the middle of the night I’ll be alone again.’ ‘You wont be alone, I promise. I’ll be there, if you want to.’ I nodded again, unable to say something because of the lack of sleep, you hadn’t slept in days.

Alec suddenly lifted you up like it was nothing, saying ‘it will look so weird if people walk tomorrow morning. It will be better to go to your room.’ He brought you to your room, lay you down and put you and him underneath the blankets. Then he put his arms around you. Your head rested on his chest and you felt so much better, like he had scared all the bad thoughts away. ‘Don’t worry, ‘m here. And I’m going to be here for a long time, if you want.’ You nodded one last time before falling asleep. He kissed your forehead. ‘Okay. then I promise.’

You couldn’t say anything, couldn’t move, do not anything but laying there, being held by Alec untill your eyes closed.


I literally have like six or eight unfinished bluepulse drabbles sittin’ on my computer. (Even a second part to the Laundromat au.) Plus, I just realized I’m almost to 100 followers. What a life, haha. I’ll try to do something special for you guys when I reach that point. 

Anyway, enjoy the babble below. 

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eileen2looryeaye  asked:

First off, let me say your work amazes me. I'm particular grateful for the makeup info as I have very similar coloring to Cait and it's tricky to get a natural look without looking like Dracula has had his way with me. The Tom Ford sunglasses Cait is wearing in the latest pic look very similar to a pair I have seen Sam wear. I'd have to think about which pic, but I'm sure he has a very similar pair. What do you think?

Oh I’m really not sure love, you’d have to find the picture of Sam and send it to me so I can have a lookie loo. And thank you so much for the sweet words, I’m very grateful her makeup artist replies and posts as much info as possible on Cait’s looks the morning after an event. I’m a redhead so I too have very pale skin and totally understand not wanting to look like one of the murder victims on CSI. I find blusher to be my best friend on that regard, so many people are terrified of it, meanwhile I’m like more more, I need to look remotely alive! Though I have yet to find a concealer for my under eyes that is lighter than my foundation. Even the 01 Ivory’s look terribly orange on me. 


Danny flopped onto the couch, grunting as he made contact. He was ready to crash. He rubbed his eyes with his knuckles. The past couple nights were taking its toll. Sleep. All he wanted was sleep. His gaze wandered to the hallway as he debated if he could make it to his bed room without passing out. “Danny!” He winced. His roommate was home… so much for sleep.‏

Danny yawned, attempting to wake himself up as he turned to his side, acknowledging the purple haired ball of energy. He wondered if Randy had the ability to drain energy from others. It would partially explain why he was so tired. “Could you please not shout?"‏

Randy blinked, "Oh there you are.” A frown formed on his face, “…Are you alright?"‏

"Yes, I’m fine Randy.” He said, sitting up on the couch, “What do you want?"‏

Randy raised an eyebrow, but seemed to pushed the thought away, "I was wondering what your plans were for tonight.”

“You want me to drive you and Howard somewhere don’t you?” Danny guessed while rolling his eyes. He sighed, “You’re gonna have to get your license soon, ‘cause I’m not some sort of taxi driver you could just hail down and take you wherever the hell you want."‏

Randy laughed nervously and scratched the back of his head, "ahaha yeaaaaah…” He grinned, “So can you?” Danny shook his head and attempted to get up from the couch to start lecturing Randy how much he owed him, when his vision turned black. “Danny!”

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Art of War      By: Y. Black

I’ve been plotting all day long. Planning my strategy how to dismantle your frivolous defenses. I say that because looming is a battle. You’ve brought this upon yourself, with sexy photos and nasty text all damn day. I will seek ultimate revenge. This will be no contest, more a domination. You’ll fight to keep the screams in and I’ll wrestle to pull them out of you. You stand not a single chance in this moment I will have what I’ve come for. The time has come for you to deposit this check that you so carelessly wrote earlier.

So many places to attack this stronghold, so many places I can wage war upon you. Ahhh…. I will snake my tongue along the crease of your labia minora and majora…. MMMM yes does it feel good baby as I bring my tongue up along the hood and back down slowly to your perineum. How does it feel as my hot wet tongue slides up the other side lubricating that crease as well? Yes… I can tell you want more as I try to slurp your whole labia majora in my mouth. I’m not sure it will all fit. Who am I kidding you know I’m a beast, I slurp that mother fucker all the way in and suck. Causing that pussy to open. Well would you looky here, I think we’ve sprung a leak. Oh by no means does this mean my conquest is over. Fuck that, put your legs over my shoulder, grip the back of my neck. Hold on tight baby girl. I hoist you up in the air cupping your ass in my hands, making sure you are secure. I know in your head you are pondering what is this man doing, what is the man made of, where did I find him, how did we get here.

Now you’re pinned up against the wall thighs resting on my shoulders one hand caressing my head the other feeling up the wall. The gates are down, I’ve crossed the mote. All of your defenses have been rendered useless at this point. Your river is flowing in to me and I have yet to reach my prize.

You shudder as I slurp your labia minora and low key tongue fuck that tight hole simultaneously. I let my lips trail down to your forchette, let my tongue linger a second before gripping the other side of that minora and slowly sliding my thick tongue in you. I’ve got you right where I want you, victory is all but mine. I hover over your clit and breathe heavy, you squirm a little awaiting my arrival. I methodically raided your fort and consume all there was to be consumed from every nook and cranny of this place. Now as I float over the Queens layer I have villainous grin. “Please…Please take me” you are trying to concede. Thing is though you’ve let me come too far to dial this back. I came to ravish and ravish I shall. I suck your clitoris in my mouth and let it leave with a pop, only to reel it back in. Now both of your hands have slapped the wall. I pull you from the wall gripping that ass tight, your hands find my head once more as I march you across the room. I feel for the bed and without warning I slam you down on it. Your tittes bounce, shake, and settle. I step back and look at your face filled with pleasure and defeat. I relish in the moment. “Spread em” I say. No friction, you comply like a queen would after she’s been conquered. I aim back at you perineum with vigor. This time I travel farther to your anus. Surprised? You shouldn’t be. You know I’m nasty, you know I will do anything to show you who is King. You hear that you? You moaning hard as fuck into the sheets. Though I love this ass, time to secure my victory.  I dive back in on that clitoris, this time lifting the hood exposing that pink diamond. I flick and lick; slurp and suck. All the while your hips shake and buck. Give me my reward, Give me that cum. Make it drip down my chin. Yes, this is my kingdom… I reign here.


The Art of War