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alex walking in on y/n + kara making out

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The movie in the background finally ended and went back to the DVD menu. You weren’t sure when you stopped watching, all you can think about right now was Kara Danvers below you as you were making out with her on her couch.

You continued your session, until you thought you heard a soft knocking at her door. You broke away from Kara.

“What was that?” You asked breathlessly. Kara didn’t even look around for the source of the sound and was busy pulling you back down.

“Ignore it.” Kara pulled you down and connected your lips again, making you forget about the sound as you got lost in her.

About a minute later, the sound of keys jingling and the door opening was heard, but neither you bothered to move…until you heard a familiar voice.

“Hey Kara, why weren’t you answe- Oh My God!” You heard your girlfriend’s sister’s voice in the apartment, making you shoot up off of Kara and onto the other side of the couch.

“ALEX!” Kara yelled, just as surprised. “W-What are you doing… why didn’t you knock.”

“I did! You were busy, apparently.”

You shifted awkwardly on the couch before you decided to greet your friend. “Hey, Alex.”

Alex rolled her eyes before looking at you. “Hi, Y/N.”

“W-What’s up?”

“I just needed to talk to Kara, but I guess this is a bad time.”

“Uh, no, it’s Ok. I can leave if you-”

“Don’t. I wouldn’t be able to talk to her right now anyway. Besides, it doesn’t look like she wants you to go.” Alex said as she looked at Kara gripping onto your arm. “Just, call me tomorrow Kara.” She began to walk out.

“Sorry, Alex!” Kara shouted after her sister.

“Just try not to swallow each other!”


JAT 2017, Fukui

SHINee! SHINee! SHINee!!!

always an awesome time with you my darlings! that was so worth the wait! The new songs, oh my god the re-arranged songs too, your voices, the choreography (ABOAB IS CRAZY!), the VCRs, everything!

And Jinki! On a mission tonight to steal everyone’s hearts! From sexy hot (slow humping the 45-degree angle floor?!!!!) to cute (round glasses and cutesy antics in your number) to that buttery voice (kiminoseide acapella!). Even when you were so tired, you still gave it your all and was so pleasant and smiley and.. i love you. i love you. i love you.

Get well soon too Jonghyun! Please rest and know that you are so loved! Taemin, that new look^^ So cute! Minho, i love hearing you sing!! And Kibum, you are amazing!

SHINee, 짱! 🙌


Imagine The Agents Of Shield Team After You’ve Been Tortured

For Anon

(I made this an AU in which Ward isn’t Hydra because I’m still in pain about that.)

All you’ve known for a long time has been pain.

One stupid arm twist and a knife held to your neck got you captured. Your smart mouth and unwillingness to share information got you tortured.

Their methods were unspeakable and you screamed so much your lost your voice completely.

A loud creek alerts you to your cell door opening. You don’t even raise your head. You’ve no energy to do so.

“Oh my god” a familiar voice gasps. May? You painstaking turn your head to see Melinda May standing in the doorway a gun in hand. Her usual stone face looks grief stricken. You just gently lay your head back down. “SIMMONS!”

“Yes M-oh no” Jemma squeaks and bends down to look you over. “This is bad. So very very very bad.”

“Simmons what’s-no…NO!” Fits yells then a he’s next to Jemma anger in his eyes. You can’t smile at them to let them know you’re okay because you aren’t.

“Oh please no. This is worse than what we thought. We need to get her out of here!” Phil exclaims.

“I’ve got her” Ward says and then puts a gentle hand under your neck and the other under your knees. Your mouth opens to scream when he moves you but not even a raspy cry comes out. You black out ignoring the pleas and cries to stay awake.

Ward destroys two punching bags and dents a car after getting you to safety. May has to stop him from kicking Lola.

Jemma and Fitz both cry while trying to patch you back together. After you’re somewhat stable they cling to each other and sob.

Skye nearly shakes the plane out of the sky. She has to icer herself to stop.

Mack endlessly tinkers with your motorcycle to make it better. He knows it won’t protect you but he tries anyway.

Phil plans and entire mission to destroy the whole organization that kidnapped you. He follows through with it a day later May helping.

May actually cries. It’s the first time since Bahraim.

Lance drinks and hovers by your comatose body. Bobbi can’t even pull him away.

Bobbi talks three of the men who tortured you too suicide in interrogation. The team doesn’t blame her.

When you wake up riddled with scars looking like hell they thinks it’s the most beautiful thing they’ve ever seen.

in a similar vein to the “fake it ‘til you make it” in my last reblog, here’s a good tip we all got during our first week of folk high school a few years ago:

when someone compliments you, tell them “thank you, I know”

“wow, your hair looks really nice today!”
“thank you, I know!”

“I love that art you made, it’s beautiful”
“thank you, I know”

“oh my god why have I never heard you sing before, your voice is great!”
“thank you, I know!”

it’s gonna feel weird and fake and shitty in the beginning but honestly it’s changed my life and made me feel so much better about myself. I stopped receiving every compliment with “eh I don’t know” and “nah it’s not actually that good” and started telling people “thank you, yes I’m really pleased!” or “thanks, I know! :D”, and I faked it for long enough for it to become real.

it’s not gonna work overnight, it took years for me and sometimes it still feels fake, but it’s helped so much!



She looks so determined. You go new waifu, you go! (I looooove her)

Look at this smug bastard. Look at him. I love him.

IRUMA I LOVE YOU CACKLING I COULD LISTEN TO YOU LAUGH ALL DAY??? (also your voice is so cute, i love your voice <33)

Oh god I love you. 



Yeah, yeah I love him <33

In conclusion… I love everyone. Why is it not january yet why is this game not localised yet WHY AM I NOT PLAYING IT RIGHT NOW? >.>;; 

What the heart wants pt. 2

AN: now that Alex has found his soulmate, what’s next?
Characters: Alex Summers
Pairings: Alex Summers X reader
Spoilers: none
Warnings: none

Your eyes clung to the strange boy as colors began to seep into his skin. For the first time in your life, you saw colors. Somehow, your mind named the colors as they appeared; hair like spun gold, eyes so blue they sucked you in, a burgundy sweater, and a rose colored blush dusting his sculpted cheekbones. Your eyes filled with tears, and you clapped your hand over your mouth to muffle a sob.

“It’s you.” You managed to say, with a teary laugh, “Oh my God, it’s you.”


Your voice cut through the fog in Alex’s brain more efficiently than any blade could and he let out a gasp of air. The color that had started with you was slowly spreading to the rest of the world and, although Alex imagined that it must be a beautiful sight, he couldn’t keep his eyes off you.

“It’s me.” He answered, his voice shaking with the weight of suppressed tears as he pulled you into a hug, burying his face in your silky hair, “Oh my God you’re really here.”

Your watery laughter made you shake in Alex’s arms and he instinctively pulled you closer, breathing in your intoxicating pomegranate smell and feeling your soft hair against his chin, so new, but tinted with an almost painful familiarity.

“I can’t believe it.” You said softly, pulling away to study your soulmate’s tear stained face, a disbelieving smile creeping onto your face, “I-what’s your name?”

Alex wiped your cheeks gently, the feel of your skin sending shocks of electricity through his entire body.

“I’m Alex,” he answered, “Alex Summers. What’s your name?”

“Y/N.” You answered; shaking his hand, the gesture seeming oddly formal, “I’m Y/N Y/L/N.” You felt giddy looking at the boy you’d spent so many nights dreaming about meeting and you heard yourself say what had been on your mind since that first instant, “Wow, you’re hot.”

Embarrassment flooded through your cheeks, turning them bright scarlet and making you seem even more adorable to Alex than you already had been. He laughed, wanting to pull you closer but unsure as to wether or not he could. You were his soulmate, his other half, someone he’d been destined to meet and love for his entire life but, on the other hand, he had just met you. The last thing he wanted was to scare you off now.

“You’re not too bad yourself.” He answered, feeling as though he were understating the obvious.

You smiled softly, feeling as an awkward silence began to stretch between the two of you.

“Do you-“ Alex started, scratching the back of his neck absentmindedly, “do you want to go get a coffee or something?”

You nodded, “Yes, that’d be great.” You looked down at your mismatched clothes and shifted from foot to foot, embarrassed again, “I don’t have my wallet on me though,I uh, I left home in a bit of a hurry I guess.”

Alex bumped his shoulder against yours, trying to let you know without words that he didn’t care how you were dressed, “No stress,” he assured you, “this is my treat.”

You sat with Alex Summers for hours, sipping disgusting coffee and sharing stories with one another. He had a dry sense of humor, one that complimented yours and when you talked, his eyes stayed glued to you, like he wanted to swallow you with the intensity of his gaze.
You liked him, you realized, and the feeling was mutual. To Alex, you were something especially fascinating; being with you was a sort of danger that he enjoyed dancing around. When you smiled, something in Alex’s stomach twisted and he felt a surge of pride at having been able to make you happy, even for a moment.

Deep down, Alex could see that you were hiding from him. He saw the way your eyes flicked from person to person, the way you scanned for exits before you’d taken a seat. Alex had taken careful note of the way you jumped whenever someone came too close to you, and how you’d occasionally look at him as though you were on the edge of saying something but couldn’t get up the nerve to say it. In those moments, Alex remembered everything he’d felt, all the fear and the pain, and wondered if that had something to do with your discomfort.

Your phone began to ring at around 5:30 that afternoon and Alex felt his heart drop. Surely you had someone to go home to, some family that was waiting for you to come home for dinner. He idly wondered how long it would take for you to tell that family about him, how they’d react, and he felt himself fill with shame. He was a criminal and, as much as you were hiding from him, he was hiding from you.
You glanced at your phone and Alex Summers watched as your skin paled and you turned it over with shaking hands. Impulsively, he clasped one between his own and pressed it to his lips, your fingers ice cold against his skin.

“I know we only met today Y/N, and I know I’ve missed a lot, but I’m here now. If you ever need me, I’m here.” He swore, startling himself with his own sincerity.

At the very first moment he’d seen you, Alex Summers had realized how pointless his objections to finding his soulmate had been. From the very moment his eyes had met yours, Alex had become hopelessly entangled in all the possibilities that you offered; family, companionship, love, things he’d desperately wanted since his family had abandoned him.

You paused, your skin tingling with electricity where it met Alex’s. Your phone buzzed, and you knew your father was on the other end of the line. You knew you should be afraid and deep down somewhere you were, but being with Alex made you feel a little bit calmer, like maybe everything would be okay some day. Maybe a time would come when you could just be happy sitting in a mall, with Alex across from you, sipping milkshakes and holding hands, no anxiety buzzing in your head like fruit flies, no secrets trying to force their way out of your throat. Just soulmates, enjoying each others’ company.

Maybe, you thought, that time could start now.

“Well I-“ you started, taking a deep breath to calm your jittery nerves, “as it turns out, I might need a place to stay tonight.”

Alex frowned, noticing that you hadn’t pulled your hand away, and noting that he liked the way it felt in his before refocusing on you.

“Of course.” He answered, “Of course you can stay with me. I-uh-I live in a school.”

You raised your eyebrows, relief flooding through you when Alex instantly offered you a place to stay.

“A school?” You asked.

Alex felt his palms start to sweat as he realized where this conversation was going. He wouldn’t be able to hide his mutation from you for much longer and, even though he was scared, he thought that maybe he didn’t want to.
Maybe sooner was better than later just this once.

“Yeah, I’m a teacher.” He explained, smiling with pride.

Seeing Alex smile made something in your stomach flutter and, despite your lingering uneasiness, made you laugh gently. There was a definite pride in his voice when he talked about his job, telling you stories about his students and his colleagues, people he obviously cared a lot about. From what you could tell, Alex taught Economics and Gym and he was equally as passionate about both. While he talked, Alex kept a hold of your hand, squeezing gently to emphasize his points and the gesture was so sweet that you felt your heart swell.

“And you don’t think they’ll mind?” You asked Alex, “Me staying there I mean.”

“Mind? Are you kidding me? They’ll be excited!” Alex smiled, squeezing your hand again, trying to force away your fears, “They’re going to love you, really.” Alex promised gently.

You forced a weak smile and nodded, letting Alex lead you through the shopping center, your hands still intertwined as Alex chatted away happily. As you reached the exit, Alex froze, his body suddenly rigid and unmovable.

“Alex, what’s wrong?” You asked nervously.

Alex swallowed hard, shooting you an anxious look, “I haven’t been totally honest with you.” He admitted.


“The school I work for,” he started slowly, “it’s not-ah-it’s not a normal school.”

You raised your eyebrows, “Then what kind of school is it?”

Alex avoided your gaze, looking somewhere just above your head instead.

“It’s a school for people like me,” he admitted after a long pause, “people with…abilities.” He finally met your eyes for a brief second, “Mutants.”

Your heart stopped beating, you felt the blood seeping out of your face and you squeezed Alex’s hand as something like relief flooded through you.

Misinterpreting your gaze, Alex continued quickly, “If you don’t want to stay there anymore I understand. I mean it’s not always the easiest thing to deal with and I-“

“Alex,” you interrupted, “you don’t understand. Your school-it’s not just a place for you, it’s a place for me too.” You smiled, squeezing his hand again, “Alex, I’m a mutant.”

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you broke me at "And I'm thinking maybe he knew that" great I'm in tears your voice cracked and oh my god I am not okay this is not okay it was beautiful and I love you and Azriel loves you and wow

RENEE I ADORE YOU BWJDKAOENOZP I actually considered bringing out the tears at that part (hashtag actor perks I can cry on command) but Feyre wasn’t crying in that scene nor would she… sigh… another time, perhaps I shall show off my mad crying skillz

Phoning Martha Jones

Recently I was listening to The Doctor’s Daughter commentary, and RTD mentioned offhand that he originally wanted Ten, when waving goodbye to Martha Jones, to make a “call me” gesture. It was cut out because they thought it would undermine the solemnity of the scene, which was probably a wise decision, but now I’ve set up a new headcanon that the Doctor calls Martha and moans to her whenever he needs a Doctor.

“Marthaaaa, nobody wants to travel with me.”

“Is it because you’re a right misery and you never wash your dishes?”

“….probably. Is that shooting behind you?”

“Yeah, Mickey and I are being shot at by three hundred troops of Mire on a planet that’s in the middle of a nuclear war and rapidly losing oxygen. Can this wait?”

“But I’m lonelyyyyyy, Martha.”

“Oh my god.”

“Marthaaaa, my stomach hurts.”

“Did your voice change?”

“Yeah, regeneration, try to stay focused, Jones. Does that pink stuff you left in the bathroom work?”

“DOCTOR, NO, that’s my shampoo!”

“At least my stomach smells like grapefruit now. Do you pluralize grapefruit? Grapefruits? Grapefruiti?”

“Oh my god.”

“Marthaaaa, I’m being erased from existence.”

“New phone, who this?“

“Oh my god MARTHA NO”

“Marthaaaa, River can’t come with me to the grand opening of the Iron Maiden Tree Nursery in the year 6577 on the planet Woot, are you busy?”

“Who’s River?”

“She’s got the space curls of a god.”

“I’m in a jacuzzi. I’m not getting out.”

“Well, okay, can Mickey come? I think this dress would fit him.”

“He says no. He’s in the jacuzzi too.”

“You two hang out a lot, don’t you?”

“We’re married, Doctor.”

“Marriage. That’s a good idea. I should do that.”

“Oh my god.”

“Marthaaaa, I’m lonelyyyyyy.”

“Sorry, is this you having flashbacks to 2010?”

“No. I’m living on a cloud in the Victorian era.”

“You—okay, you know, never mind. Look in the bathroom cabinet, there should be some antidepressants in there. NOT THE—”

“Yeah yeah I know, I know, not the pink stuff. I’m not an idiot, Jones. Are you—are you chuckling?? Do I hear Mickey? Are you chuckling at something Mickey said???? Well you just tell him—”

“Oh my god.”

“Marthaaaa we just saved Gallifrey!/Marthaaaa we just saved Gallifrey!”

“Is that an echo effect?”

“No, there are three of us on the line. Hello!/Morning, Jones!/Wait, who are we talking to?”

“What! Mickey, get over here. Which of you is it?”

“The attractive one/the one who isn’t an idiot/No, really, who are we talking to?”

“That is so funny. Mickey, go tell them we’ve got three over here.”

“What? What?/Go tell who? Jones, who are you talking to?/Is this somebody important we’re talking to?”

“Your fourth through ninth incarnations say hello. They’re having tea with us.”

“WHAT!/We weren’t invited?!/Oh, this Martha Jones, I remember now.”

“The one with the Northern accent just said ‘oh my god.’”


“Hello? Who is this?”

“It’s me, the Doctor. Why does everybody question who I am? Is it the voice?”

“Are you Scottish now? Blimey.”

“I regenerated—Clara thinks it’s because of Daleks, but actually I just ate the pink shampoo. Always lying. Never mind. Martha, I need you to look up dream crabs, all possible sources of them, what they like to eat, best means of transport, and what the capital of Denmark is. I’ve forgotten.”

“Doctor, I’m being attacked by Chumblies at a convention of masked lunatics, can this wait?”

“Well, I guess I’ll just crack into that new Ben and Jerry’s as I die from loneliness, a poor old man who can’t even get a friend to look up obscure alien fauna for him.”

“Fine. Mickey, give me your laptop.”

“Actually, no, wait, Santa just showed up. Never mind.”


Mickey: “Oh my god.”

i fucked someone else last night.
i don’t know, i thought it’d be good for me.

i thought i liked him,
or maybe i just made myself like him.

i’d hope that you’d text,
and i was disappointed when you didn’t,
but it didn’t hurt the way it used to.

so i didn’t like him.
i didn’t realize until after i had fucked him.
but i didn’t cry over you afterwards either.

but i remember.

i remember your hands - you’ve got nice hands.
your hips - the way you move.
your laugh and your voice when you say - oh god, baby.

it’s valentine’s day.

you told me you’d be alone.
you know you don’t have to be.
oh god, baby, you never have to be.

—  letters from drake’s ex; i thought you would’ve called by now, by now, you could’ve had my all by now, by now

“Y/n” Dean let out a filthy moan, his grip tightening in your hair, where one of his hands was entangled. “Oh God, just like that.”

“The lolly tasted better” you joked, your voice muffled by his length.

“I bet I taste great, actually. Now, finish me off before I start having second thoughts about getting my tongue up in your business afterwards” Dean growled.

(credit to gif maker/s)

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Oh my god your voice is so beautiful! And I loved how it fit perfectly with Yuri on ice's ending theme! I wanted to know what are the best exercises to practice when mastering your vocals?

Thank you! Also in all honesty, lip rolls + MUM MUM MUM on scales are basically all I do to warm up my voice! Also breathing excersizes where you inhale and exhale on a TSSS sound for 40 seconds 3 times 

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Oh my god your voice is so cute and you are cute and idk I saw you before, but animated experience was something else. Not to sound weird or something, just wanted to say you're awesome, drunk or not :)

sometimes it shocks me what comes out of my mouth but i’m glad i filmed this, because drunk me is truly something else!! :’) it was also kind of like an experiment to see how much i could handle and how i would respond. it’s interesting to note how drunk me talks. rather high pitched, finds it difficult to get through sentences without repeating words, words slur of course, sometimes yelling, sometimes whispering, everything is funny