and oh god doesn't he just realises all of this

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Okay but like, Chris and Emil working together to get Michele to realise his feelings, so Chris deliberately starts flirting with Emil right in front of him and he doesn't understand why he's jealous until it just suddenly clicks and he just leaps forward and kisses him (Probably in the middle of a medal ceremony)

Oh my god this is perfection! I can just imagine Michele getting all grumpy and Sara’s like “Dude you’ve got it bad for Emil” and Michele’s like “No I don’t I just don’t trust Chris that’s all I totally don’t have any feelings for Emil whatsoever… None… Zilch… definitely” Plus I feel like Chris is just the matchmaker for everyone like he is literally the mastermind behind most of the figure skater couples.

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oh god this is all so humiliating for bill it's like peridot without her limb enhancers and u realise she's a big nerd who doesn't understand humans. bill just ends up the subject of the pines family's experiments 'how many stickers can we fit on him' 'do his limbs stretch like chewing gum' 'can we use him as a fridge magnet' oh god soos having to bill-sit when ford and stan go on trips and he just becomes part of the mystery shack and gets prodded by kids and tourists all day

soos: and behold! the creepy demon that destroyed the whole town and almost took over the universe!!!

bill: …

soos: (c’mon bill say the thing)

bill: …*sigh* curses. i’ve been brought to justice by the mystery shack team. buy a t-shirt.