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 I think i finally found an official concept for my version of Manwë /Súlimo/ Mânawenûz Valahiru / Aran Einior/ Airbending master wait wrong universe nvm
Brad the Motivator's Character Sheet
provided by Stuart Wellington of The Flophouse Podcast

Very Cool + Brave Person ell @therockportslayer asked Stuart Wellington, the man from the flophouse what played Brad in the Camp Goodfriend ep, for his character sheet a while ago, and now here it is for everyone else to enjoy! (posted with Stuart’s permission, ofc)

tbh there’s a few disappointing things (including the lack of race. thanks stuart) but besides that it’s cool to have canon info! plus people passed taako and magnus’ sheets around a little while ago so w/e


i hate seeing responses to what are supposed to be boy-positive posts that are hateful and vindictive. like what was that thing tumblr always used to say? oh yeah, make your own fucking post you hateful shits. the world is not divided into good and evil by gender. nothing could ever be that black and white

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Do u also wanna defend my superrare otp that is canon character x oc (but I swear it's not as bad as it sounds ;u;) but which i love very dearly even though it's super dumb to everyone else

Ofc I do! I also have canon character x oc pairings and I defend them to the death! 

Listen I’m from that time that crack ship meant something like, for example, Puffin x Herr Schtick. Or APH Spain x Tomato.

Rare pairings are not crack ships to me. They’re just rare. And probably they are rare unfairly so I am more than happy to defend and support your otp!

dex + the olympics
  • they’re all in love with the olympics okay. they watch every event religously
  • ransom and jack are canada stans
  • the rest of the team loVE AMERICA!!!
  • except dex who literally only watches the gymnastics
  • dex used to be a gymnast, like that boy is flexible as fuck and he would definitely be at the olympics rn if it weren’t for the fact that his family literally could not afford to send dex to all the events he would need to attend if he wanted to go to the olympics
  • he’s not salty about it, he just doesn’t connect with any other sport like he did with gymnastics (except hockey ofc) and he doesn’t want to ruin the mood for everyone else so he’ll turn up to watch the gymnastics but he’ll have “coding homework” to do when it’s finished
  • but what surprises the rest of the team is the fact that dex doesn’t even support a specific gymnastics team, he just??? loves??? them all???????
  • especially marcel nguyen but we’ll come back to that
  • like when andreas bretschneider slipped and fell, the boy had leGIT TEARS IN HIS EYES “HE WORKED SO HARD TO GET THAT SPECIAL MOVE IN AND WHAT THE FUCK HE DIDN’T DESERVE TO FALL”
  • he cheers for every single goddamn team and does his best to make the best out of a shitty situation “it was only a little step back, he’ll be ok.”
  • when the us woman’s gymnastics team won dex had the biggest grin on his face because “hOLY SHIT THEY WORKED SO HARD AND OH MY GOD GUYS THEY DID IT THEY WON HOLY SHIT”
  • the only time he got kinda pissed was when he saw marcel nguyen’s ranking, “12th??? 12? ARE YOU FUCKING KIDDING ME. MARCEL WAS WAY BETTER THAN THAT. HOW ARE THEY GOING TO DO THIS TO MARCEL. THIS IS BLASPHEMY.”
  • that’s how the team find out dex has a crush on marcel nguyen
  • but listen the boy is an absolute sweetheart when it comes to the gymnastics team because he knows how hard it is to get into gymnastics
  • also he totally fights everyone on twitter who says gymnastics is not a real sport

Fury Road Modern AU – for @airagorncharda

Furiosa is the one of the best - and most famous - racecar drivers in the world. Notorious for the prosthetic arm she built herself, she has spent her whole life fighting for everything that her male peers were handed without question. Tired, frustrated, and angry, she meets a former soldier whose PTSD leaves him nearly mute and whose only friend is his puppy Nux. Together, and with the encouragement of Furiosa’s sisters, they leave their lives behind, travelling across the country to Furiosa’s childhood home, an acreage in the middle of nowhere known as The Green Place. 

Starting Over

Genre: Angst (and a bit of fluff?)

Character: B.I (Hanbin)

Request: Can you write a Hanbin scenario where you think he hates you because he is always messing with you but he really just likes you a lot and does it to get your attention.

A/N: I actually really like this request cause it’s really cute :D Hope the anon (and everyone else ofc) who requested this will enjoy it!


Kim Hanbin.

Just the thought of his name made you cringe. You absolutely hated him ever since he tried to help you out with your choreography. You were a trainee at YG along with Hanbin. At the time, you two were pretty close friends until one day. It was the day you asked for his help to fix your choreo. You always thought that you were a good dancer but Hanbin told you otherwise. He scolded you for not learning how to dance properly and since then, you had hated each other. 

You were on your phone, walking around the building without a clue of what you’re going to run into. You were so zoned into your phone that you accidentally bumped into someone hard. It sent the both of you over, you falling on top of the stranger. Without looking to see who it was, you quickly got on your feet and bowed. “Oh, sorry for bumping into you!” You apologized.

As you were getting up from your bow, You saw the socks of the stranger’s peeking out from their shoes. Mickey Mouse. You immediately knew who it was. “Aish, look what you’ve done!” His annoying voice rang in your ear. 

You looked up glaring at him. “Nothing seems to be wrong.” You sneered.

“Nothing seems to be wrong? Look at this!” He said, pointing to the smallest speck of dirt on his Mickey Mouse sweater. “You got it dirty, not to mention that you’d dare touch me.”

You rolled your eyes at him and started to walk away. “Stop overreacting B.I.” You emphasized his stage name. He hated it when you called him B.I, it drove him insane. “Stop being such a pansy.” And with that, you walked away. 

* * *

“Oppa, how was that?” You asked Yunhyung after singing. 

He smiled and gave you a thumbs up. “Wahh, you’re seriously so good ____-ah~” He said, patting your head. 

“Yeah, you should seriously debut already!” Chanwoo added.

You were with iKON while they practiced their routine. Luckily for you, Hanbin wasn’t there. The other boys were so kind to you, what happened to Hanbin?

“Donghyuk-ah, can you help me with my choreo?” You asked. 

Donghyuk sat up. “Eh~ You’re already so good at it, practice anymore and I think you’ll become a better dancer than me” 

“But it’s not perfect yet-”

“Yah, don’t listen to Hanbin. He doesn’t know what he’s saying.” Bobby interrupted you.

You were about to  reply when Hanbin came. “Speak of the devil..” You mumbled to yourself and Bobby started giggling.

Hanbin rolled his eyes. “What are you guys doing? You’re supposed to be practicing!” He said seriously. He then pointed to you. “You, get out.”

“We were taking a break Hanbin. And she’s here because she wanted help from us.” Jinhwan replied to Hanbin.

Hanbin laughed coldly, “Even if you guys did help her nothing would come out of it. She can’t dance, she can’t sing, what is there for her to do? She’s a talentless freak who shouldn’t be interrupting our practices.”

You kept your head down and stayed quiet. “Hey, that’s a bit too harsh don’t you think?” Yunhyung backed you up.

“Harsh? Why would it be, after all, it is the truth.” He scoffed. “Why else do you guys think she hasn’t debuted yet?”

You’d had enough. You stormed out of the training room, making sure to slam the door shut. Normally, you wouldn’t let Hanbin’s cold words get to you, but this time was different. He had constantly made fun of you, so why would the words he just said to you bother you so much? 

You kept walking, you didn’t know where, but you just did. Pretty soon you ended up at some random park. You sat down and leaned against a tree. “Stupid Kim Hanbin.” You muttered to yourself. 

Slowly but surely it had started to rain. Luckily, you were under a tree so it didn’t affect you that much. “I hate Kim Hanbin, I hate him so much!” You exclaimed.

“How can you hate someone who bought you a jacket?” A deep voice startled you.

You looked up to see who it was and sure enough, Kim Hanbin was standing right in front of you. He was holding his jacket and two bubble teas. You looked back to the ground. “What do you want?” You asked.

“I came here to apologize.” He replied, sitting beside you and wrapping you n his jacket. 

You shook it off, not wanting to deal with him at the moment. “Take your jacket and leave.” You said. 

“I’ll leave, but I’m leaving my jacket with you. You’ll get sick if you don’t put it on.” He took a sip from his bubble tea.

It was cold and you couldn’t get sick, you needed to be healthy in order to become an idol. You took his jacket from the ground and put it on. You didn’t see but Hanbin smiled. He handed you one of the bubble teas. “I’m sorry.” Was all he said.

 “Why are you doing this? I know the boys forced you to apologize.” 

“No, I did it because I felt bad for being such an asshole to you.” 

Your head snapped up. “W-what?”

“I said I’m here to apologize for being to rude to you. Listen ____, since the day you came into YG I’ve had feelings for you. That day when you asked me to help you learn the choreo made my heat beat so fast. ‘Out of everyone in the entire company you came to ask me’ Thats what I thought. You were so good at dancing I couldn’t believe that you wanted help. I started to be mean to you because I wanted to grab your attention. ____, I’m so sorry for treating you like dirt.” He apologized.

You couldn’t believe what you were hearing. You started to think at the time you came into YG. Now that you thought about it, you realized that you too had developed feelings towards Hanbin, though you never wanted to admit it. “I forgive you.” You smiled at him.

“Thanks ____,” He looked at you with joy in his eyes. He smiled and held out his hands. “Now, let’s start over shall we? Hi, I’m Kim Hanbin.”

Fire In The Sky

For: Kath @bioluminescentwriting

By: Hawa @cosanostrafiction

Summary: Ali Stanton is a police Officer, she likes to think of her job as more than serving and protecting the people of Travis, New York. Harry Styles is a protester of sorts, he likes to believe that he supports the people causes. A Cop/Protester AU where everyone is just trying to help everyone else.

Word count: 8.7K

Main Pairings: Harry and OFC

December 2013

On December 30th the wind blew just a little harder than usual in Travis, New York. Officer Stanton thanked the heavens that she remembered to wear gloves before leaving her apartment that morning. She was also glad that she tied her scarf from Kashmir around her neck just like the villagers taught her: it was thick and a simple knot but it kept her neck nice and cozy. She smiled as the sun began to show itself on her walk to work, and sipped from her second coffee of the day as she avoided ice on the pavement. It’s not coffee like Costa Rica but it’s enough to wake her up and get her in the zone for her exciting day of protecting and serving the people of Travis, New York.

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Okay so I work at the movie theatre by my school and its a really busy day (Batman vs Superman JUST came out) and we have this thing where you can get a free refill on large drinks and popcorn. We don’t have a separate refill line so guests stand in line with everyone else so ofc we get some complains abt it so what the managers do is ask someone who’s about to close out to just get refills at an unopen register real quick.

I’m the lucky person who gets to do this

So I stand at the register, close sign still up, and loudly call for refills and refills ONLY. People come over, it’s all good, until this old man comes over and starts ordering shit. I tell him in a polite tone “I’m sorry sir this line’s for refills only :)” and he looks at me with the most offended expression on his face and straight up fucking tells me “You made me get out of line for nothing??”

Dude, it’s not my fault you couldn’t hear me loudly and clearly state that I was only doing refills please do not try to blame me for your poor listening skills