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Beginner’s Guide to UP10TION

Now is a GR8 time to get into the ridiculous fabulous world of UP10TION! Having just dragged two of my friends into this amazingly talented group (muahahaHA), I thought this Informational Post may come in handy.

Warning: This band is full of silly adorable cuties and you’ll have a hard time not stanning at least three to ten of them

Basic UP10TION things
⦁ The name “UP10TION” means “to get excited”! The English word “tension” is used to mean “excitement” in Korea, not “stress” (though they stress me out sometimes tbh)
⦁ They debuted in September 2015 and they’ve already had two comebacks since then
⦁ They always upload dance practices (hallelujah)
⦁ Despite the Chinese names, they have no Chinese members
⦁ They do market towards China though, they debuted in China at the same time as Korea
⦁ Fans are called HONEY10
⦁ They have a show called Rising Up10tion from pre-debut which you absolutely must watch (though it’s a bit hard finding eng sub videos right now, check high10tion’s youtube, tumblr, or dailymotion as they should be reuploaded at some point. There are some videos subbed in other languages that haven’t been taken down. I highly recommend downloading any videos you like in case they disappear again. A general rule of kpop)
⦁ They also were on ASC, weekly idol, and the 1theK Let’s Dance which are all GR8, go watch them
⦁ They have a V app   
Here are some important dance videos

Here’s a guide to who everyone is in the MV’s

So Dangerous (CD - Top Secret)
Come As You Are (Top Secret)
Catch Me (CD - BRAVO!)
Attention (CD - Spotlight)
Stay (Spotlight) 

I mostly tried to avoid the memes about these guys but here they are just so u know:

⦁ Jinhoo - lips
⦁ Kuhn - acting
⦁ Kogyeol - rap god
⦁ Wei - tall pillar
⦁ Bit-to - the 4d one
⦁ Wooshin - group satan
⦁ Sunyoul - tiny. smol
⦁ Gyujin - eyebrows
⦁ Hwanhee - crybaby
⦁ Xiao - a e g y o