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The Signs as Quotes From the Crystal Kingdom Arc
  • Aquarius: Hot diggity shit, that is a baller cookie.
  • Pisces: We don't know shit about history, what are you talking about? We can't remember what we're doing right now!
  • Aries: It seems like the least you could do after getting my ass thrown off the back of a moving train is see to my plants and my begonias and my fruits and my lilies.
  • Taurus: Those rules of nature are there for a reason, so let's just stop running afoul of them as if this was all just sort of funsy-fun make-believe, what do you say?
  • Gemini: I can't tell if you're joking, which is kind of par for the course.
  • Cancer: People say that about Thomas Edison a lot, like, he invented the lightbulb. But like, they didn't have 'em back then, right? So if I'd been around back then, that would've been easy for me. Because they didn't have lightbulbs, they didn't have anything. So like, inventing stuff was way easier. These days I'd have to invent, like, a double-lightbulb.
  • Leo: I don't even know how that worked, like, with physics.
  • Virgo: I had a wedding invitation for you to come to my marriage ceremony, and instead of RSVPing to it, you murdered me.
  • Libra: No, it was great, I loved the way it ... was there.
  • Scorpio: Well, hold on, there's three of us, we work individually, we're not a hivemind. I would say at least one of us has a solid grasp, one of us is halfway there, and probably one of us just started paying attention.
  • Sagittarius: I stitched the word 'dickhead' on his body, just so you guys know. Shh! So we get our revenge, in secret.
  • Capricorn: Let me tell you something. That nerd is a necromancer.

This in 12x16 felt like another solid character moment, to me; not just the fact that Dean left, but that Sam stayed. I think it’s the same difference in attitude that prompts Dean to squash down and deny the things that worry him (or, the flipside of the same coin, to accept them with fatalistic helplessness) whereas Sam will stare steely-eyed and insistent into the face of his problems. (Of course, that can certainly be problematic too.)

Riei Stellaworth Short Story Translation

[The Little Mermaid]

(。-ω-)ノ  Sorry for the long moment of inactivity, folks! School got really busy. but I’m back in business now (yay summer) and I’ll be posting a lot more translations!

щ(ಥДಥщ) This guy is such a damn piece of work, my gawd hahahah.  MY GAWD THIS STORY. щ(ಥДಥщ)  HE’S SOOOO. TRASHY. щ(ಥДಥщ)  AGHAGA RIEIIII. I’ll be translating them in order of the original CD releases. Special thanks to Deea for getting the raws~

The storm caused me to fall from the ship I was aboard. Death was impending; my body was sinking towards the ocean’s floor. I was destined to drown… …until a girl appeared out of nowhere. She held my body and navigated the ocean’s waters with such ease, as if a storm hadn’t exist. Upon arriving at the shore, the girl whispered to me.

“Oh dear prince, you’re safe now.”

Her voice was as lovely as a bell’s ring. My condition wasn’t so good. Having drunk a bunch of salty seawater, I found myself barely able to move. Though, I managed to open my eyes and they would see who owned that lovely voice――Opened they did and saw clearly did they. The girl. Her legs. She didn’t have the legs of a human being. My rescuer was a mermaid.

There was a sign of a person approaching, causing the mermaid to rush back into the sea. A different girl came to help me. At the time, I was delirious and thought she was the one who saved me. I then became engaged to her.

Well, I thought it was all in good. Not only did I have a fiance, but I could also play around. My palace could only give me so much amusement and what’s a man to do when there’s plenty of beautiful women around? Even if I’ll be married, no matter how much I played around with girls, not a single person had an issue with it.

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gonna be super gross and mushy in the tags and it’s not even abt like hockey or anything lmao literally don’t read them i’m such an emotional mess it’s embarrassing

Last Words
  • "What are you gonna do, kill me?"
  • "Keep them safe"
  • "I need you to move on after I'm gone."
  • "Kill me"
  • "Of course I trust you."
  • "Just end it"
  • "I'll come back"
  • "I just want you to know that I love you, okay?"
  • "Watch this"
  • "Give them hell"
  • "What does this do?"
  • "I don't feel good"
  • "I can't fight anymore. It hurts too much"
  • "I'm scared"
  • "Tell _____ that I love them"
  • "Get out of here! Now! While you still can!"
  • "I'll see you in hell"
  • "It wasn't your fault."
  • "You need to trust me."
  • "Why is it so dark?"
  • "No! This cannot be! I am invincible!"
  • "I'll buy you as much time as I can. Don't waste it."
  • "Live. Do that for me. Just get out alive."
  • "Don't cry"
  • "It's a flesh wound"
  • "It's perfectly safe"
  • "I don't regret anything."

But seriously it’s perfectly acceptable among the “exclusionist” crowd to post negativity in positivity tags to collectively punish aces and aros. This tells you all you need to know.

They hate us, they don’t treat us like people. They will tell everyone a dozen times they totally think aces and aros are “valid” to make themselves look good/non-horrible, but in 99% of cases their actions could not make it more obvious their hatred for the ace and aro communities runs deep and that they think this hatred justifies anything thrown at us

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How do you think Harry would punish you, if you came when he told you not to? Personally, when someone tells me not to cum, and keeps on going when I'm literally on the edge, I can't help it. It's like impossible for me, unless you stop completely.

Of course he would KNOW that - I think just the constant control and you whimpering is enough for him to explode.

Secretly he loves it when you cum when he’s told you not to. Because not only are you soaked, you’re squeezing him so tightly and your body is shaking so violently and your eyes are so far back you had to close them - this is the sight he wants to see every second of the day.

But after you HAVE cum - and he’s told you not to - maybe he smacks your thighs as he pulls you closer.

“Daddy didn’t say his little girl could cum…. turn around” he’s got you by the hips before you can say no, maybe flipping you and pulling your legs up so he can maybe - push into your ass.

Or, he makes you sit up, while you’re still trembling, to take him into your mouth. Deep throat, a few gag tears, sloppy and wet.


You Should Get That Looked At
  • *I wrote this for the kink meme; the prompt was 'Prompto accidentally sends a dick pic to Ignis instead of Gladio'. I am very proud of how this ridiculous little thing turned out so I'm un-anon'ing to post it here for the lolz.*
  • Ignis: I could have done without seeing that first thing in the morning. Have you always had that mark, though?
  • Prompto: what mark
  • Prompo: wait what
  • Ignis: The mark on the underside of your penis.
  • Prompto: what mark?!? i don't study the bottom of my dick, okay?!
  • Prompto: and dude stop calling it that
  • Ignis: Perhaps you should get it looked at by a doctor. It could be a sign of a very bad medical condition.
  • Ignis: It's a fairly serious one, I wouldn't want you to suffer later.
  • Ignis: You could always try the home remedy. I hear it's very effective.
  • Prompto: TELL ME IT
  • Ignis: Mix oatmeal and honey with a cup of water. Apply the paste and leave on for fifteen minutes.
  • Ignis: actually did it?
  • Prompto: WAIT
  • Ignis: You're in no danger of a disease, Prompto. That's a mole.
  • Prompto: DUDE WTF I HATE YOU
  • Ignis: I do believe I'll screenshot that portion and send it on to Gladio, just for fun.
  • Prompto: NO DUDE DON'T
  • Ignis: Oh, I know. But perhaps next time you'll double check the number to which you're sending your 'dick pics'.
  • *~~~~~*
  • Gladio: prompto
  • Gladio: do i want to know why you stuck your dick in oatmeal for iggy

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I can't tell you how many times I've slammed my head off the top of a tanning bed while cleaning it over the past three years because a customer decided to pop in the room to let me know they're here because they "didn't want to scare me when I walked out into the lobby." Like wtf? Of course I expect to see people in the lobby. I don't expect to be snuck up on?? Where is the logic in this?

  • me: people are entitled to their opinions and we can't judge them or tell them they are wrong, unless, of course, their opinion are a threat to other people's life
  • person: I don't like Tolkien
  • me: you are so stupidly wrong I can't even begin to explain how- you know what I won't even bother you are too wrong for words also I hate you get out of my face

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Au idea: After Dr Ginny Baker performs heart surgery on one Mr Al Luongo he can't help but try and play match maker between his doctor and his catcher.

i feel like i should tell you all that while I love medical aus and approximately 70% of my friends in junior high were convinced they were going to become doctors (Thanks Grey’s Anatomy! and spoiler: none of them are), I know literally nothing about medicine or hospitals or doctors. Not that I’m gonna let that stop me, of course. Why let a little thing like reality stand in my way? 

Anyway, Al knows the minute he formally meets Ginny Baker, still a little groggy from the anesthetic they’d put him under after he’d collapsed at the Park—a heart attack, she tells him—that this is the kind of woman you don’t mess around with. Clearly, she’s got a brain that’s as impressive as her pretty face. 

It doesn’t occur to him that anyone would be dumb enough to try. 

Not until Mike comes to visit him, at least. And even though the boy is like the son he never had, even more than any of his daughters’ husbands, Al can’t help but cringe when Dr. Baker comes in to check on him—fresh out of a surgery no doubt since she hasn’t put her white coat back on—and Mike testily asks when they can expect to see a doctor around here. 

Ginny pauses and gives him a once over. When she asks when she can expect to see a World Series champion, Al knows that it’s meant to be. 

If only these two idiots could see it, too.

Another supposed essential character of fascism is its anticapitalist, antibourgeois animus. Early fascist movements flaunted their contempt for bourgeois values and for those who wanted only ‘to earn money, money, filthy money.’ They attacked 'international finance capitalism’ almost as loudly as they attacked socialists. They even promised to expropriate department-store owners in favor of patriotic artisans, and large landowners in favor of peasants.

Whenever fascist parties acquired power, however, they did nothing to carry out these anticapitalist threats. By contrast, they enforced with the utmost violence and thoroughness their threats against socialism. Street fights over turf with young communists were among their most powerful propaganda images. Once in power, fascist regimes banned strikes, dissolved independent labor unions, lowered wage earners’ purchasing power, and showered money on armaments industries, to the immense satisfaction of employers. Faced with these conflicts between words and actions concerning capitalism, scholars have drawn opposite conclusions. Some, taking the words literally, consider fascism a form of radical anticapitalism. Others, and not only Marxists, take the diametrically opposite position that fascists came to the aid of capitalism in trouble, and propped up by emergency means the existing system of property distribution and social hierarchy.

This book takes the position that what fascists DID tells us at least as much as what they SAID. What they said cannot be ignored, of course, for it helps explain their appeal. Even at its most radical, however, fascist’s anticapitalist rhetoric was selective.

—  Robert O. Paxton, The Anatomy of Fascism

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Okay, so I watch dnp all. the. time, but my parents don't approve of me watching youtube that much because of a bad experience a few years ago. Because of this, I can't tell them that I watch Dan and Phil, and I'm also not able to buy their merch without my parents knowing. What am I supposed to do?????

i spend my entire life not acknowledging their existence i find it liberating. but eventually maybe start slipping in that you have been watching youtube? i don’t know your situation in full of course but your parents are your parents and eventually they come around, especially if it was a few years ago. also saving money on merch is good.. i wish i was you

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Hey I would like if u write rfa+v+saeran could play soccer on an empty field with mc it would mean a lot if u cold if u can't I understand can't wait

Of course why not –  I hope I did this justice  

RFA+V+Saeran play soccer on an empty field with you



  • You are on walk with him when he spots the ball in the empty field.
  • He wants to show of to you and impress you with some soccer tricks but you have a better idea.
  • You challenge him to a match you tell him that if he can beat you get gets a price.
  • Now Zen is really motivated little does he know that you are quite good at soccer.
  • You warm up and let Zen run a lot after the ball.
  • Zen shows off with some fancy moves like the Rainbow Kick -I choose it because the name is perfect for Zen -
  • You just keep stealing the ball from him with your better moves you maneuver him out its quite frustrating for him
  • He loves you but he really wants to get his victory reward so he tries his best
  • He ends up loosing  9:1 -he was pouting so much that you gave him one score so generous
  • Zen is way to happy over that one goal he scored
  • Zen is really disappointed with himself even when he finds our moves really impressive.
  • But he is sad since he will not get a reward now but you won so you get a reward from him right ?
  • You agree so Zen kisses you really deeply till you get no air any more you take his victory you loose your breath simple logic
  • Zen is up for an other match but he will secretly train a lot he will get that reward next time for sure.
  • It ends 7:3 – Zen will not give up but you admit he got better.


  • He had this idea to exercise you are all up for that.
  • He really needs the exercise so when you see a empty soccer field you think this is great idea you really want to play.
  • Yoosung agrees but you have to promise to go easy on him.
  • So you do your best to take it easy you just playing back and forth for a while.
  • Till You ask him if he wants to play against you for a bit.
  • Yoosung is not so sure about that but you promise him a treat if he can score against you at least once.
  • Yoosung gets fired up from that you think you never seem his that passionate about anything.
  • He is actual not that bad but you are way too good for him.
  • You see he is getting slowly sad when he can´t score against you at all.
  • You can´t let him be that sad so you give him a score and he is so happy he feels so awesome I mean you are that awesome and yet he scored against you.
  • Yoosung does not care about the overall score (its 20:1 ) he feels like he won no matter what.
  • He is too cute to disagree sob you give him his reward as promised.
  • You kiss him what turns Yoosung red and he feels his victory tastes really so much sweeter now.
  • You are too nice to rub in how you defeated him.
  • Even when he brags about it in the chatroom you can´t wait to play against him some more maybe next time you play more serious though just to show off.
  • You still give him one goal though since you hate to see sad puppies


  • You enjoy some free time with her in  a park when you see that empty field you not have played in a while but you really want to.
  • You ask Jaehee if she wants to play against you.
  • Jaehee find the idea a bit childish so you offer her a reward if she wins.
  • That motivates her you see fire in her eyes
  • You are in for a surprise Jaehee is actual quite good herself she has good stamina so its hard to make run her tired and she has awesome reflexes.
  • You get all fired up when she scores one more goals then you
  • It becomes quite a heated match and you both are going all out.
  • You keep on catching up with her scores and you almost beat her when it gets 4:5 but then Jaehee gets a goal in and you both are really exhausted.
  • You both not want to give up its a really tight game but you somehow fall and Jaehee wins.
  • She feels bad that she won only because you fell you are quite a good opponent.
  • You not mind it so much though you had a ton of fun so you give her the reward in from of a kiss.
  • And since you both are really beat you tell her you will pay for dinner today in the shape of pizza.
  • That sounds like a great plan to her.
  • You will challenge her again just because you really love to play against her.
  • It ends with you barely winning against her now you have to rematch again.


  • Jumin and you are at a opening event for a hotel that one of Jumins business partners build.
  • Its really boring for both of you so you just take a walk around the hotel park.
  • You see a soccer field it looks really nice.
  • Jumin notices that you look like you want to play you do but not in this clothes.
  • You tell him that in his suit and with your fancy outfit it will be no fun.
  • Jumin just takes that as a challenge
  • -I needed a excuse to have Jumin play soccer in a suit because its so funny to image-
  • You you start to play the outfit is less hindering then you thought and once you got rid of your shoes you actual doing quite good.
  • Jumin kinda minds that you are scoring against him he is not used to loosing but he not shows it.
  • You have fun so he won even when he looses the game.
  • You not give him a goal since its cute to see him all frustrated about loosing a silly match like this.
  • Somehow he makes one point and he feels really good about that even when the ball just kind of rolled in the goal but you find it funny how happy he about that so you let him think its all due to his talent.
  • You defeat him 5:1 your game gets cut short when someone almost catches you playing.
  • Later you both look beat and everyone thinks you sneaks away to have some private fun.
  • Well you have that later since Jumin won the challenge of turning the game fun for you well now its your turn to give him some fun.
  • You not mind that at all.
  • Jumin asks you later for a rematch in proper clothes you agree and you beat him 10:0 in your face
  • You let him score the next time since he really is a bad looser so you have to let him get a goal here and their


  • In a plot twist he invites you to a date outside in a park.
  • He just wants a normal date like normal people have you not disagree you always tell him to get more outside.
  • You walk with him and then you spot a empty soccer field there is even a ball laying around.
  • You tell Saeyoung want to play
  • He sees that you really want to but he wants something in return after all this is suppose to be a normal date.
  • You agree and tell him if he wins he gets a treat from you.
  • Saeyoung smirks and you see that you made a mistake.
  • He is much better then you thought he has not proper soccer moves but he is fast and he gets to score a few times.
  • Saeyoung gets a bit cocky and you get fired up he does some silly backflip trick but you steal the ball from him and you catch up to him.
  • You tied at 4:4 You really want to win against him now and Saeyoung really want to get that treat from you but why is it so hot to see you so worked up about a silly game.
  • You majorly distract him and somehow win 6:4
  • Saeyoung its really disappointed the one time he really wanted to win he looses but you are not a bad winner you kiss him still.
  • Well loosing is not that bad after all but just you wait he will defeat yo next time and claim a proper reward.
  • Its a tie at 5:5 but Saeyoung admit he cheated and you win. He still gets a kiss anyway.


  • You are out with him to take pictures and you see that empty field.
  • First he thinks you want him to take pictures of that.
  • No of course not you want to play.
  • He does not mind that some sport is good for the body after all and he would do everything to make you happy.
  • You promise him a reward for scoring a goal well that is quite motivating for him.
  • You think he is probably bad but you have to admit he is actual quite decent.
  • You are impressed and compliment him turns out he played a few times before on his travels.
  • Well that is something you not imaged but its funny.
  • He actual scores 3 goals against you since he gets really motived and he has a lot of fun to play against you since you take it serious after he scored the first time.
  • It ends 7:3 But you both had a ton of fun so it does not matter to either of you.
  • V is more then happy to claim his price while you two are resting in the grass to rest you kiss him and he just hug you and not lets you go.
  • V wants do that an other time again with you and you look already forward to it.


  • He loves to be outside to relax you not mind that either but then you see that empty field.
  • Their is even a ball on it your attention is drawn to it.
  • Saeran asks you what is up and you tell him you would like to play.
  • He sighs and tells you to do whatever you want but you not want to play alone.
  • Saeran expects back payment for playing with you like truck load of sweets  at least.
  • You agree to give him some sweet treats for playing with you.
  • He is not really motivated what makes it zero fun so you tell him if he scores a goal against you you double his price.
  • Well now he is motivated he plays dirty though so you not count his goal.
  • Saeran calls you a liar but you tell him that cheating was not part of the deal.
  • Well fine then without cheating eventually he hits the goal without cheating.
  • It actually feels way better then the first time but he wants to claim his reward right away you tell him you play till ten goals.
  • Saeran sighs and you feel his motivation is going to 0 again.
  • You tell him that if he wins you be extra sweet to him later.
  • Well that certainly fires him up you never seen him that serious but he still looses 6:4
  • Its a tight match so you gotta give him kudos.
  • You give him two kisses as reward and he pouts since yo promised him sweets I mean you are sweet and all but still.
  • You roll your eyes but buy him candy still.
  • Saeran is still sad you will not be extra sweet tonight then but you tell him that if he shares his candy then you will.
  • Well you got a deal.
  • He wants to play against you again this time he offers you a treat when you win and you win 8:2 you where really motivated.
  • He gives you some cookies revenge you steal a kiss from him anyway he does not mind that.

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write-right-rite  asked:

What about the RFA +V and Saeran reacting to MC telling them she is pregnant. How would she tell them, what would they do, etc. (I know this would be harder for Jaehee since they would have to use alternate methods, so if you can't write that one I understand)

Anon, of course I’ll write one for Jaehee because she is simply amazing and excluding her would break my heart, because every type of couple can have moments like these. As always, I really hope you like what I come up with~

WARNING: SPOILERS for some good ends. Nothing too major though.


  • you hadn’t planned this exactly, but you both wanted kids so you agreed to stop using birth control, and lo and behold you became pregnant
  • you weren’t sure how you would tell him, so you decided to prepare a nice dinner and tell him in the evening
  • you’re eating dessert when zen decides to take some and feed it to you, and half of it ends up all over your face
  • you laugh and smear some on his face, and you play fight until the rest is gone, eventually getting up and cleaning it off at the kitchen sink

Zen: “MC, what a mess we’ve made!”

MC: “Well, you’d better get used to it because there’ll be three of us soon, and then it’ll get even messier!”

  • it takes a moment for it to sink in, but then he picks you up, spinning you around him
  • there are tears in his eyes when he sets you down, and he kisses you over and over
  • “MC, you’re pregnant! We’re going to have a child!”
  • he’s so happy, and he wants to start getting ready immediately, shopping for baby clothes and furniture


  • you had wanted kids for some time, so when you found out you were pregnant you were ecstatic
  • you wanted to let him know in a really cute but kind of cheesy way, so you made a little ‘player 3 will now join the game’ photo with your shoes, his shoes, and some baby shoes you bought
  • you make a card out of the photo and put it on his nightstand so he’ll see it when he wakes up in the morning before going to work
  • you fall asleep, and next think you know, he’s shaking you awake, tears pouring down his face
  • at first you think something happened but he keeps hugging you and sniffling into your hair, and when you see him clutching the card you finally get it
  • “MC, is it really true? Am I going to be a father?”
  • you tell him that it’s absolutely true, you took the test twice to be sure, and he’s overjoyed
  • he’s even more cheerful than usual, kissing you out of the blue and never letting go of your hand, he’s so excited for this child to be born


  • you were trying to get pregnant for some time now, finding donors and even trying to synthesize something with her DNA, but it wasn’t working
  • you were both a little discouraged, but decided to take a break for a while so you wouldn’t get too frustrated
  • then you found out you were pregnant, and you wanted to tell jaehee first thing
  • so as you’re closing the coffee shop one day, you take her hands in yours and tell her you’re pregnant
  • she gasps and smiles, throwing her arms around you and holding you close to her
  • “MC, we’ve wanted this for so long! I’m so happy!”
  • she’s really glad that you were able to get pregnant, and that you’ll have a child together soon
  • she starts planning immediately, trying to figure out what school the child will go to and whether you’d have to move so that your child could have their own room
  • you both work really hard to make sure that child has the best life possible, and she’s so happy that you’re doing this together


  • you were feeling off and decided to take a pregnancy test, clearly remembering the one night you forgot to use a condom
  • the test is positive, and you’re happy to be pregnant but you’re not sure how jumin will feel, so you bring it up over dinner
  • he’s completely silent at first, so to fill the silence you tell him that you want to keep the child
  • then he leans over the table and kisses you deeply
  • “This is some of the happiest news I have ever received, MC. I know this wasn’t intentional, but I would like for us to raise this child as best we can.”
  • he becomes really gentle and affectionate with you, running his fingers through your hair and holding you close to him
  • he debates letting jaehee handle the child’s room and furniture, but decides he would prefer to do this himself
  • you plan the baby’s room together, shopping for clothes and furniture, and you even order a fuzzy blanket with Elizabeth the 3rd’s picture on it because jumin insisted


  • he had really wanted kids for a long time, so you finally gave in and decided to start making your family bigger
  • you weren’t having much luck until his cat robot remarked that you seem to be experiencing mood swings, meow
  • you both scramble to get hold of a pregnancy test, and you take it and it’s positive
  • saeyoung is ecstatic, he’s leaping around and laughing, stopping only to hug you so tightly you think you might burst
  • he starts making sure you’re comfortable, and that you’re eating well he will no longer let you eat only honey buddha chips
  • he starts baby proofing the house because honestly there’s so much work that needs to be done
  • he builds some of the baby furniture himself, and he asks you to help him if you want to
  • he’s worried that he might not be the best parent, so he starts looking up youtube videos of babies and watching anime with children in them that’s not how it works saeyoung but you keep trying
  • “Never in my life have I been as happy as I am now, MC. We’re starting a family together, and that’s my biggest wish coming true.”


  • you hadn’t planned on having children, but you had discussed it and you knew he wouldn’t mind
  • so when you found out you were pregnant, you called him right away and told him
  • “MC, this is great news! I’ll come home right away, and we can celebrate together.”
  • he brings some of your favourite food and you cuddle on the couch, eating dinner
  • he’s really hopeful that everything will turn out, and he wants the child to grow up happy and healthy
  • he becomes really protective of you, even more so than usual, and pretty much refuses to leave your side
  • he takes care of you, insisting that you should rest more because you’re literally growing another person
  • you talk often about what kind of life you want your child to live, and whether you will still travel as much once the child is born
  • eventually you decide that as long as you’re together, everything else will work itself out


  • he noticed you were acting strangely and being moodier than usual, so he talked it over with you
  • you bought a pregnancy test and took it, and it turned out to be positive
  • you weren’t sure how he would react, so you decided to carefully broach the subject the next morning
  • you were surprised to wake up the next morning to saeran making waffles for the two of you, and you sat down to breakfast together
  • right before you tell him, he says that he saw the test you accidentally left in the bathroom, and he knows
  • “I’m not sure what kind of a parent I will make, but I know you’ll be a great mother, MC. This is one lucky child to have someone like you.”
  • he’s kind of flustered and he’s not sure what to do, so you give him a hug and tell him that of course he’ll make a great father
  • he gets really nervous about this child, and it’s really cute because he’s usually so stoic and composed
  • he tries to help you out as much as he can, making food and doing chores so that you can rest
  • he’s really happy to be starting a family with you because it’s not something he ever imagined would be possible for someone like him

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You can't say doctors have had as little as one day of nutritional study when you have literally had none yet give out dietary advice... I don't know where you get your facts from but it's unsafe to talk science when you don't know it. Doctors do years of study which includes entire courses involving metabolism, physiology & biochem relating to food & the body's response so please don't tell individuals they shouldn't listen to their doctors advice.

You should watch What The Health, it explains a lot about the industrys!

As I said what doctors learn is FUNDED by the meat and dairy industry and they are taught how to prescribe and medicate people with drugs.

Eg. (On average, students received 23.9 contact hours of nutrition instruction during medical school (range: 2–70 h). Only 40 schools required the minimum 25 h recommended by the National Academy of Sciences.

On average, U.S. medical schools offer only 19.6 hours of nutrition education across four years of medical school, according to a 2010 report in Academic Medicine. In a 2016 study, researchers at Case Western Reserve University examined data from 25 family medicine, internal medicine and OB-GYN medical residency programs throughout Ohio: What they found is that these programs averaged 2.8 hours of instruction on obesity, nutrition and physical activity counseling, and only 42 percent of them taught the residents techniques for how to perform health behavior counseling)

Ps I never wrote don’t listen to your doctors advice👍🏼👍🏼

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maybe a multiple parter? dan and you get in a fight at vid con about something but it gets pretty serious and then you go to walk out of the room because you need a break and he grabs you and tells you you can't leave because 1) you're not done and 2) there are people out there and they'll see the fight. but eventually you guys make up and QUEUE POUNDTOWN (😉😉😉😉😉😉)

Hey guys! It’s Sarah. You know me of course there is smut :) hope you like it! I stayed at home because I had a fever last night so I will be writing a lot today. Tell me what you think and enjoy.
Warning: Smutty Sarah in the house
“So are you ready to go to the beach?” you asked your youtuber boyfriend Dan. You both went to Vidcon this year and Dan promised that while you were there the both of you were going to do something special.
“Sorry Babe, I can’t. I have to be in this other interview at 4:00 and I have to meet fans again at 6:00. I was thinking of hanging out with some friends too-” He pouted snaking his hands around your waist.
“But you promised..” you murmured stepping away from his touch.
“Come on Y/N, going to the beach is not important right now. I have to-” He raised his voice in complain but was suddenly interrupted. “Wow so I am not important?”
“I didn’t say that!! Are you deaf?” Dan responded.
“I wish I was! So I couldn’t hear you, you extreme twat!” the argument heated up quickly, you didn’t know if you were feeling angry or sad by his harsh words.
“Sorry for being such a jerk, you self-centered bitch” he plopped on the couch ending the fight with silent treatment. You were done with his bullshit, with tears in your eyes you turned around and headed towards the door of the lounge until a firm hand grabbed your wrist. “Where the fuck do you think you are going?” He said looking deeply in your eyes.
“Out” you almost whispered, trying to avoid eye contact hiding the tears that were slowly starting to drop.
“Look smart ass you can’t go because 1) We are not finished with this discussion and 2) people are going to see you and reporters are going to ask what happened and I don’t want that kind of bad attention on you” he moved his hands slowly from your hands to your chin lifting your head up to face his.
You noticed that he was also holding back tears regret reflected in his eyes “I am sorry I said those awful things to you, my love. I will eternally love you I shouldn’t have treated you the way I did. If I could leave you to a better guy I would, I know you deserve better. But the thing is that I can’t. I want you to be all mine, I am crazy for you. You are my reason for life, you are my meaning of life and I couldn’t ask for more. I know I am a jerk but I will always be your jerk because you will forever be in my heart” he sobbed a little, tears falling down both of your cheeks.
“I am sorry for being a self centered bitch” you shivered.
“Stop, you are not a self centered bitch! You are the opposite of that okay? You will always be perfect in my eyes” he then in one swift motion leaned in into a long sweet kiss which quickly turned into a sloppy passionate one. Dan licked your bottom lip asking permission for an entrance but you teased ignoring the fact. Dan noticed and squeezed your ass tightly making you gasp clearing an entrance for his tongue. He explored your warm wet cavern as he slowly unbuttoned your blouse and slid you shorts down and threw them to the side revealing your matching black Victoria’s Secret bra and panties. (spon ^_^ ) Dan trailed kisses from your chin down to your neck sucking and biting on your g-spot.
“Mmm~” you moaned into his mouth as you felt his boner grow more and poke you between your thighs. He took off his shirt and pants revealing his already hard member. Dan pulled away his face bright pink from the intense make out.
He slid your panties off and started rubbing your g-spot in circles. He unexpectedly slid two fingers inside you making your breath hitch as he started to pump in and out of you faster. Dan stopped taking both his fingers out of you licking all your juices, he smirked when you groaned in annoyance at the sudden lose of contact. He took off his Calvin Klein’s and grabbed a condom out of your bag and slipped it on.
“Are you sure you want to do this?” Even though you have done it many times before he always liked to ask for your approval not wanting you to feel forced.
You nodded in response and Dan aligned himself to your entrance. He thrusted into you giving you time to adjust, he pinned down your thighs and thrusted in a slow pace.
“Shit you are so tight” Dan moaned moving harder and faster to the point where you could hear your skin slapping against each other. “M-Move F-faster Harder” you begged putting your legs on top of Dan’s shoulders so he could have a better access. He suddenly hit your g-spot making your legs tingle in lust “Right there Baby girl?” He smirked slamming himself hitting the spot over and over. “Ahh you feel s-so good” he said as he went even faster than ever before. He panted looking into your eyes as his thrusts became sloppy.
“Ride me” he demanded.
You agreed and bounced up and down Dan’s big dick.
“Mahhh~” you threw your head back in pleasure.
Dan took your boob into his mouth and started sucking your bud thought the fabric. You unclasped your lace bra giving him full contact with your exposed chest. You grinned your hips, a familiar knot gradually forming on your stomach.
Dan’s hot tongue continued to lick and tug your now sensible bud.
“Y/N I’m close” Dan whispered on your ear
“M-me too”
“Com-e with me baby” he moaned before one simple thrust sent both of you to your peak. You rode of your high and tried to catch your breath panting hard.
You collapsed and rested on Dan’s chest. You checked the clock on the wall that read 3:54.
“Dan, don’t you have to go to the interview?”
You looked up at Dan with his messy wet curls.
“Nah.. I have bigger priorities” he chuckled as he cuddled next to you in the couch.

Emotional Starters: Fear
  • "Oh, God... please, no..."
  • "This isn't happening... this isn't happening...!!"
  • "Help! Somebody, help me!"
  • "The screaming... it's so loud..."
  • "P-Please, just... put that down, and we can talk, okay?"
  • "You're not acting like yourself. I'm scared."
  • "Why is it so dark? I don't like it..."
  • "N-No, idiot! Of course I'm not afraid..."
  • "So much blood... there's... so much..."
  • "Please. Help me. I can't do this alone."
  • "I-I-I c-can't s-stop sh-shaking..."
  • "Was... Was that a wolf howl just now?!"
  • "Did you hear that? It sounds like it came from the attic..."
  • "Why are we doing this? I don't want to do this..."
  • "Don't go there! It's not safe."
  • "It's just a bad dream... just a bad dream."
  • "I don't know what to do. Tell me... what should I do?"
  • "What's happening to you/me?"

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Princess Lizzie here, wife of Hing Henry VII, and the first Tudor Queen coming to your inbox from beyond. You are of Tudor blood. Keep searching. Gotta go, but shall return. I can't wait to tell you what the King has been reading. 🤣👑🎭🍰🤦‍♀️

Princess Lizzie of York!?!?!? Perhaps you heard me summoning you while I was reading your bio last night (thanks for the fabulous reading suggestion @cmhoughton)??? I am overjoyed you have decided to grace us with your presence on this lovely Friday. And of course it totally makes sense that I have Tudor blood as it would explain my obsession. I will keep searching my queen. Please visit again as I have much to ask you, and I would love to know what the King has been reading. Is it SamCait shipper blogs? 

Hidden and patient,


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