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How do Doberman's deserve the tittle, "dangerous dog?" Sorry, it it's a stupid question I was just curious

And another anon:

What do you mean by well deserved reputation?

This is part of what I’ve said before about knowing the breed’s history. From the very beginning, this was a breed meant to intimidate, meant to bite first and ask questions later, meant to be tough to own and tougher to control. To give pause to “the devil himself”. To be so sharp that people would automatically think twice before approaching.

Of course, when you continually breed for that extreme and keep breeding for that extreme, you end up with dogs that are either unstable or unsuitable for modern life. In the 70s, the breed’s aggression was such a problem that it’s rumored dobes are the real reason behind the AKC’s rules on vicious dogs. There are dogs in our studbooks that were so quick to bite and attack that judges refused to approach them, dogs that should have been disqualified for missing teeth and undescended testicles that the judges couldn’t get near let alone touch to verify they had DQ faults. If you speak to any breeder who was in the breed during that time, they’ll have stories about a dog or several that no one could approach, that bit friend and foe alike, that made a game of attacking and mauling. In some places in the world today, these dogs still exist. They are part of India and Peru’s police force and a big reason why many people from those regions hesitate to approach the breed when they meet them in this country. If you look through breed history books written by people who were actually there and met the dogs, it’s almost treated like a badge of pride that a big name dog drew blood on the author. Even now, some working breeders want to bring this dog back in full swing, and brag that their IPO dogs needto be heavily monitored and heavily corrected or they will attack neutral strangers.

Landlords aren’t so quick to forget what the breed used to be. There was a big split in the 70s and show breeders began breeding away from that temperament and molded them into what we know of today as a happy, energetic family dog and visual bad-guy-deterrent. The working breeders wanted to tame a bit of that down so the dogs would be safer to handle, but did not want to be completely rid of it for protection reasons. This is where the majority of the split between the lines occurred, and why all the bad blood between the types feels so recent. It is. The 70s dogs, most of them take a very experienced eye to tell between the working vs the show dogs. You can’t pick out “euro” or “american” as easily. Both types had much more moderate conformation and had not been bred to the extremes you see today.

The reputation of the doberman being a vicious, uncontrollable animal is not undeserved and is tied very closely to the breed’s history. You can’t really expect people who were around at that time to suddenly forget what the breed is capable of just because that temperament is mostly gone in the US now. It’s also part of why the breed has so many temperament problems that must be combated through careful breeding, raising, socializing, and training nowadays.

Bark and Bite | 01 (M)

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Summary: Since getting a new dog, Yoongi has started to grow closer to you, his neighbor. Little does he know that you have something to hide.

Word Count: 7.1k

Member: Yoongi ft. Min Holly and Taehyung, mostly Holly

Genre: Fluff, Smut, Werewolf!AU

A/N: Dedicated to Min Holly. Also technically a late Halloween thing, but werewolves are always in season, right? Inspired by a drabble I once did for @pjimns.

​Yoongi didn’t consider himself particularly a dog person or a cat person. Sure they’re both very cute, but he never had a particular preference for either. In fact he’s not sure if he considers himself an animal person at all. Which is why he is completely baffled when Taehyung asks him to come look at a litter of puppies. Apparently, someone his friend knows just gave birth to a litter of toy poodles (well his friend’s dog, not the friend).

Taehyung dragged Yoongi with him to supposedly help pick one out. Yoongi had assumed the dog was for Taehyung, but that day he comes home holding a dog of his own. He decided on the name Holly, and despite never really being the biggest fan of dogs, he can’t help but want to coo over this adorable creature. His adorable creature.

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Bullet fanfiction welcome: Will being so surprised that Nico is actually a very morning person.

(?? i did not get this?? until now??)

  • will solace knows things about nico. he knows that he like techno pop, that he’s surprisingly good at helping out in the infirmary, that he’s a cat person but get’s along with dogs better, that he loves cooking and makes the best italian dishes, etc.
  • and will solace learns all these things only in the first couple months into their relationship. because they share all day together and they just talk on hours on end and by the end of the day, they’ve learned the most random things about each other.
  • of course, there are things that will just assumes are true. like how his favorite color is probably black judging from his wardrobe and how maybe he likes his coffee dark since he was never a sweets person, and definitely how he’s a night person—because really, why wouldn’t he be?
  • now, when they go on their first mission together, they camp out a lot. 
  • random places they can find, like a spot near the river or in some oddly suspicious cave (will insists that he’s not afraid of bears, but his high pitched shrieking at the crunch of a twig is enough to convince nico otherwise)
  • they’ve never really slept in this type of proximity ever before, but neither of them mind and the mission is exhausting so when nico flops down on his bed immediately after reaching their camp sight, will doesn’t really seem to notice.
  • will, on the other hand, is a night person, contrary to popular belief. sleepless campers will see him silently reading near his cabin at one in the morning and will always look twice because, “the son of freaking apollo is up reading at one past midnight???”
  • anyway, throughout the next few days, will starts noticing that nico’s really cranky during night hours. he goes to sleep early, at least by will’s standards.
  • will, on the other hand, is refining with his fingers a particularly fine strand of grass because there really is nothing better to do out in the middle of literal nowhere.
  • in the mornings, will starts to wake up earlier, adjusting to the timing for the mission’s hours. 
  • however, as time goes on, will starts to notice that nico not only sleeps early, but also wakes up just at the brink of dawn. on one particular day, will wakes up from an the sound of footsteps nearby to find nico situate himself on the stone near them, watching the sunrise as he taps his foot energetically.
  • at first, will wonders if he’s seeing things, and then gets slightly concerned. he calls out his name, and nico looks back, smiling and whispers “good morning”, as if he’s afraid to wake anything up.
  • will walks over to him, sits near him and looks at him. he has that pouty face on, the furrowed brows, and the look in his eyes that naomi gets whenever she’s confused or worried.
  • “what are you doing up at five in the morning? are you okay? did you have a bad dream? what are you thinking about? is there something on your mind?”
  • he asks about a million questions at once. but you can’t blame him can you? the kid wakes up at midday on a normal schedule, he’s about ¾ asleep at the moment.
  • nico hushes him quickly, and even laughs a little to himself, which concerns will even more, and he wonders if this is some type of side effect that children of hades get when their not waken too early.
  • nico just turns to him and shrugs and then looks out at the rising sun. his face gleams and will swears it glows, partly from the sunlight directly blaring at him and partly because nico’s face lights up whenever he’s in awe of something.
  • will tries looking at the sun in the same way nico is. his eyes burn immediately, and he curses his father under his breath. (”so the kid of darkness can look straight at the sun like it’s nothing but the spawn of actual sunlight cant. thanks dad, for once again ridding me of basic apollo kid abilities.”) 
  • “it’s nothing, im just a morning person, i guess.” nico, still admiring the scenery. he turns to will, whose brows are furrowed so tightly and jaw is practically on the floor. the expression, mixed with will trying ever so hard to keep his eyelids open make nico chuckle a little.
  • “you’re a morning person?” nico nods. “YOU?” nico nods again, and smirks a little.
  • will tries to stumble for all the confused remarks, but he ends up a bumbling mess and gives up, far too tired to speak any further and snuggles his head in nico’s lap.
  • nico whispers to will that he’ll have to get up soon, only to be replied with a barely audible mumble. so instead, nico just smiles and runs his hands through will’s sunlit curls that seem more bright and awe worthy than the morning sun

cheesy? overused tropes? lacking in basic creativity? welcome to lily’s writing corner

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Headcanons for Trini?

1. She really loves cooking. She loves Food Network and has the biggest crush on all the female Chopped Judges. She spends hours messing around in the kitchen and even makes Kim special vegan sides of whatever she is making. Even though she grumbles about it the whole time. 

2. She loves Kim. They’ve been dating for over a year and Trini cried Snotty Tears when Kim said “I love you.” It, of course, ended in a heated make out session. 

3. She cries when she sees dogs and sometimes Kim is On The Lookout for them so Trini doesn’t go into a sobbing mess because she loves them so much. 

4. She is a huge prankster and she has a current on going war with Zack. The score is 5-3 with her in the lead, of course. His hair is still pink. 

5. She loves just chilling? Laying in the sun and gazing at the clouds, or laying on her bead and listening to music. She just really likes to Relax. 

6. She can’t stand the fact that Kim is a vegan and is always staring distastefully at her salad while she is scarfing down her third hamburger because “you Need protein, Kim.” 

7. She is a huge troublemaker at school, she just never gets caught. She has spray painted lockers, beaten up bullies, the whole works and has never gotten caught until she punched a certain boys tooth out. But they put it back in. 

8. She hates being tickled and will literally fight whoever does it. It’s usually Jason and he has sported more than one black eye. 

9. Movie nights with the Rangers are her favorite things besides her dates with Kim. They always end up with some stupid movie that no one pays attention to and probably end up playing Scrabble. 

10. She is best best friends with Billy. She knows what it’s like to be judged and an outcast just because people consider you “different.”

KHR Prompt

When Tsuna was little, Nana had to be on guard against kitsune trying to kidnap Tsuna because hello there fire child clearly you belong with us. The sealing inadvertently kept Tsuna from being spirited away, so they relaxed a bit.

Then Reborn came and unsealed his fire, and to centuries old foxes a few years isn’t that long at all. Reborn is wondering what’s with all these foxes popping up in odd places. Nana’s reaction when she finds out, well, it’s always the nice ones.  

- OpalIstas


The kitsune come when Tsuna is little more than a toddler, playing around outside in the sunny weather. He’s smiling and clapping as he runs about and Nana watches him beneath her sunhat while she gardens with a fond smile. Occasionally his bouncy ball (a last-minute gift from Papa) will roll her way, and she’ll have to put down her trowel and bounce it back, but she doesn’t mind.

The real trouble starts when the next door neighbor’s dog, a tiny little terror that he’s named Akane, gets loose and rushes over, slipping through the fence and rushing up to Tsuna to bark at him. She doesn’t try to play with him, just bark. Nana hears the sound of her collar tags striking each other and turns just in time to see the little dog get through her fence, run up to a terrified Tsuna, who has stopped and is backing up, and begins to bark.

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Vincent’s Kindness

Yeah, I know it’s a weird title for a post right?  But hear me out…

Alright, so something that’s often talked about and disputed is that Vincent was actually a good father despite being the Queen’s Watchdog.  Ruthlessness, we can also assume, was part of his character as he got older and fell further and further into the role.  But something that’s often overlooked is his small flashes of self-awareness and true kindness.

Let’s take a trip back to his Weston days.

I circled the sound effect in the upper left, because it translates to ‘a defensive flinch’.   Vincent was honestly affronted by Dee’s assumption that all of Blue House could be judged by his character… something that’s very interesting when you think about it.  He goes on to reiterate that the entire house shouldn’t be talked down on just because he’s its prefect.  

Of course, he then works the situation into his favor by making a deal with Dee that results in him becoming his fag, and even more… his ‘loyal German dog’.  Basically, Vincent knows he’s kind of a piece of shit.  He’s antagonistic, sarcastic and teasing, but he’s also sensitive to the reputations of those who aren’t really involved with him and are just victims of circumstance.  So for all of his faults, Ciel inherited his kinder streak honestly along with the ‘evil blood’ that Yana likes to talk about.  

I think that should be talked about just as much as his cheeky, mean and downright demeaning side should be.

Bonus:  have some small Vincents from the same chapter


Catholic Schoolgirl Slave

I’d like to thank @babyteensfantasies for this idea. If any woman out there who go or went to catholic school and would like to be the subject of my kidnapping and white slavery fantasies, message me and give me the following info

In this one, you’d be abducted while going home from school in your uniform. Give me a description, head to toe of your uniform.

Your first name

Age(obviously have to be 18)

Physical description(again include if you have tattoos or body piercings. A photo, especially in your uniform, would be preferable but not mandatory)

Your sex stats

Include what kind of trouble you get into in school(say you got suspended for smoking)

Who you’d like to be sold to


As our slave business was becoming successful, we were starting to get more custom orders. One day, I received an email from an underground bdsm website called “Punished Teens”. They were looking for a catholic schoolgirl. That’s actually one of two types that are on the top of my list for favorites. The other was a mother/daughter combo. Of course the one problem was finding one who was at least 18. There was one line we would not cross and that was abducting minors. See we slavers do have at least some morals. We, fortunately were able to hack into the computer system of a local catholic girl’s school. We found one we really liked. Her name was Charlotte. She was petite with a nice curvy figure. She had long, thick, wavy dark brown hair. She had a small nose ring on her right nostril. Her file seemed to indicate that she was a bit of a trouble maker. She was a regular in detention and was suspended once for smoking. It would be another 2 days before she turned 18. That was fine. We could spend the next 2 days observing her pattern. She would typically, after school hang out with some other girls and smoke cigarettes. Then she would separate from them and her route to and from school included a wooded area. That would be the best area to grab her.

On the third day of observation, she turned 18. It was a Friday. We got to her school at about 2pm. It was me with my partners Bruce and Rick in our “slaver” van. At about 3pm, school let out.

Charlotte came out. She was dressed in a red and black plaid short skirt with a black button down sweater covering a white blouse, dark brown knee high socks and white with black trim saddle shoes. She was walking with 2 of her friends. If we had felt confident they were 18, we might have grabbed them 2 but it was hard for us to tell. They were smoking cigarettes.

After a couple of blocks, they separated. Charlotte then went into the woods. Another lucky break we caught was that Charlotte had earbuds on listening to music on her iPhone. We could sneak up on her and she wouldn’t catch on till it was too late. I sent Bruce and Rick to grab her. Bruce grabbed her first grabbing her arms.

“Hey what are doing!!! Let me go!!! Let me go!!! cried Charlotte. At that point, Bruce gave her a hand gag.

"Shut up bitch!!” Bruce ordered

“You’re our new slave” Rick said as he grabbed her legs and they carried her to the van.

Once in the van, we shut the door. We took rope to secure her wrists behind her back, tie her elbows together, tie her ankles together and then attach her ankles and wrists together to put her in a hogtie. We then took a harness ball gag to shut her up and then placed a black leather hood over her head to blind her. She fought us all the way. She was like a trapped animal. Love it when they fight when we acquire them.


I drove the van while Bruce and Rick were “keeping our new slave company”. That basically means feeling her up.

Rick sniffed her and told her “we’re gonna have so much fun together.”

Rick felt up her panties and rubbed against the cunt area.

“Check out this cunt’s panties. I think she’s liking this.”

“They all do” observed Bruce.

“I think deep down, they all want this” I chimed in.

Rick then pulled up her skirt. To his delight, Charlotte was wearing white thong panties. He started giving her a spanking.


“Mmmppphhh!!!” was all Charlotte could get out with ball gag on.

“Has daddy’s girl been a bad girl” Rick asked.

He then grabbed a hitachi wand and decided to give Charlotte some forced orgasms.




I’m sure she mean to do it, but Charlotte’s panties were soaked. She must have felt total humiliation. I think she also pissed in her panties as well.


After about 40 minutes, we arrived at the slave training facility in the sticks. We undid her ankle restraints and hogtie to walk the perp walk. Charlotte’s legs were too numb to run. We then took her down the dreaded elevator ride. We untied her but then replaced those restraints with leather cuffs that were attached to a spreader bar hanging from the ceiling. We then secured her ankles to leather cuffs that were also attached to a spreader bar and she was in an x-shape. Her hood and gag were still on.

We had already removed her sweater. That revealed her button down blouse with the bottom piece tied to each other and revealing a belly button ring. We unbuttoned the blouse and to our pleasure, no bra. We attached clamps to each nipple. I then lifted the spreader bar and lifted her slightly off the floor. She was trying to put her legs together but the leg spreader made that impossible. I then put her down and let her stand in that position for a few minutes. Again, making them wait is the worst torture.

After about 10 minutes, I took a flogger and whipped her tits for a minutes.


I lifted her skirt and took a sheer scissors to cut her drenched panties. I then took the flogger against her ass and pussy. Then I removed her hood. The 3 of us were wearing black ski masks to basically put fear in her. I stood behind her to feel her up, tits, ass and pussy. I then yanked on her hair, slapped her in the face and spit in her face. I then lifted her off the floor again and started spinning her around. I then took a riding crop and started working on her pussy. She was screaming and crying. I reminded our slave that her tears and screams make my cock hard.

We then brought a sybian over and put her on it. She was also impaled by a dildo. Initially I had it on slowly and she started begging me to let her cum. After about 20 minutes, I put the machine on full power. And she started to cum. Over and over and over again. By her third orgasm, she was in orgasm hell. Her screams were piercing. Her screams were beautiful music. And she must have enjoyed it judging by the big puddle of cum she was leaving.

After 40 minutes, we took her off the sybian. It was dinner time. Of course at this point, dinner was simply water in a dog dish. Her hands were cuffed behind her back. That was to ensure she would drink the water from her mouth. It was part of stripping the slave of her dignity.

After dinner, we took our new slave to the wash room to clean it. We stripped her and then suspended the slave by its wrists. We then hosed it down. We of course do have to clean our toys.

The slave was then strapped to a bondage chair that secured its wrists, ankles and neck with metal restraints. The slave was forced to watch a brainwashing video on a big screen tv that had many subliminal messages. Basically to remind it that it is a slave. We had the slave watch it for 3 hours.

Then finally it was time to retire the slave for the night. We would strap the slave in an arch back device securing its wrists, upper arms, neck, waist, thighs and ankles. The slave again would be forced to wear the harness gag and leather hood. We also attached an electric toothbrush vibrator to its clit. The vibe was set to go on and off every few minutes to edge the slave. That was part of sleep deprivation that we subject our slaves to for the first 72 hours of captivity. And the water we gave it was laced with a stimulant to increase its sexual urges. Finally, the slave would be forced to listen to the orientation(or is it disorientation) tape. The slave would listen on earbuds. It was on a loop to ensure it would go all night. The tape went as follows.

“Hello bitch. Comfortable. I guess not. Doesn’t matter, your comfort is unimportant. Right now, you’re being trained to be a sex slave. You actually have already been purchased. Once your training is complete, you’ll be turned over to your new owner. Till then you’re ours. That means your body is ours. Just tits and 3 fuckholes. Just a cunt to use and abuse for our pleasure. There’s no safe word. And you no longer have human rights. You’re to us just a cunt. A fucktoy. A piece of meat. A dumb brainless whore.

The quicker you realize that, the easier this’ll be.

Just 7 hours ago. She was Charlotte. A school girl that seemed to have her whole life ahead of her. Now the slave was starting its transformation. From an independent woman to an obedient and compliant sex slave.

To be continued

Like Father, Like Son (Dick Grayson x Reader)

Request from: @grumpycheshirecat
Prompt: “The carnival’s in town!”
Warnings: Cute fluff for the soul.
A/N: It’s taken me so long to get this written, and I am so sorry. Life sucks; that’s the only excuse I can use. It’s a bit shorter than I was expecting/planning, but again, life is rude and I kinda lost this story a few times so I forgot a lot of what I was going to implement and this is different, but I think it’s good. I hope you enjoy!

You’re just finishing up cleaning the dishes when your husband comes through the door, placing a kiss to your temple and wrapping his arms around you. His actions sluggish from Nightwing’s extra busy schedule last night.

“You let me sleep in,” Dick says, his voice husky with sleep.

“You seemed like you could use it,” You easily reply, and he sighs in content when you turn and peck his cheek. “The sun was rising when you got home.”

“And what were you doing awake so late?”

You roll your eyes, “I wasn’t awake until I felt a weight flop onto the bed next to me.” You pause for a second to glance at him, “Stop. I know that look, you don’t need to feel guilty, I fell back asleep pretty quickly.”

He hums, looking at the clock. “I’m surprised I stayed asleep for so long. Is Johnny at school or something?”

“It’s summer, hun.”

“Then how-”

It was kind of ironic how your little boy decided to come in at that moment. With an excited squeal of: “papa!” he runs over and leaps into Dick’s arms. Laughter fills the room as he’s thrown into the air and caught.

“Mama said we had to be quiet so you could get more sleep,” He says. “So we colored and watched TV!”

Dick gasps, “You watched cartoons without me?” He pouts dramatically when your son nods.

“Yeah, because you were sleepin’! I saved you some coloring pages though!” Johnny squirms out of your husband’s grasp in order to run and get the pieces of paper.

Dick turns to you once he’s out of earshot. “Okay, so who did you sell your soul to in order to keep Johnny quiet, and how do we get it back?”

You snort, and smack him playfully on the shoulder. “You know, Johnny is fully capable of being a perfectly calm and collected person when you’re not there to stir him all up with adrenaline.”

“I have absolutely no idea what you’re talking about, whatsoever.” He says, forcing a serious expression on his face. At your raised eyebrow, he grins innocently. “Alright, so I have the tendency to get him a little hyped up and playful, what’s the harm in that?”

“Most of the time, there isn’t a problem with it. You just have trouble figuring out when it is a problem. It’s fine that you get him all energized and excited in the day. However, when it’s way past his bedtime it gets a little frustrating when he’d much rather show me different tricks you taught him not even a full five minutes ago, Dick.”

You almost scoff when the man lets out a small sigh of relief when Johnny reappears. The boy excitedly hands the sheets of printed paper over, along with a box of crayons. Though, judging by how he keeps hopping from one foot to the other, you feel it’s safe to say he’s more excited about something else that must have come up.

“Something you want to tell us, Johnny?” You ask.

“The carnival’s in town!” He blurts out, revealing the newspaper he was hiding behind his back. “Can we go, please?”

You take a breath in order to prepare yourself, and look away from your son’s pleading face only to see your husband’s sparkling puppy dog eyes. Of course. You expected no less from these two.

You sigh. “Well, we don’t have anything major planned, so I guess-”

Both of them whoop in victory, and Dick picks up Johnny so they can high five each other. They each give you a kiss on the cheek with a quick ‘thank you’, before they’re both off to go and get ready.

You can’t help but smile when you hear their excited chatter throughout your small home, “Like father like son.”

Just a rant

I was just randomly browsing through some facebook fanpage making fun of moms that act in a rude or really stupid way on social media, including judging people for having no kids (or pets instead of kids, doesn’t matter). I must say it was quite entertaining but then i made an awful decision to read the comments…

How can people be so hypocritical? You are offended by some mom on internet telling you you are spoiled because you are 27, have two cats and don’t want to have kids? Yeah, you have right to be, because it’s rude. 

But it makes you a hypocrite and a sad human being if in the next sentence you basically judge women for becoming mothers before they get phds or whatever (maybe you have two, but guess what, it doesn’t make you better than other people), or focusing on motherhood, or just simply wanting kids at all. It makes you a hypocrite to spit out some bullshit about how “dogs can ruin your carpet but kids will ruin your life”, because yes, it’s rude and just simply… dumb? I mean, there is a difference between saying “starting a family isn’t something i want and it would change my life in a way i wouldn’t want it to change” and demonizing them as feces-producing monsters and parasites + claiming that motherhood is some inferior life path, that makes you a slave to man and robs you of intelligence.

There are probably educated, nice, cultured women around you, that have kids or want to have them in the future. Think if you would tell her the same thing, judging or questioning her life choices and making rude remarks about her children (because, yeah, saying they ruin someone’s life is kinda rude), just as some people may judge you for focusing on your career. (also if it’s your friend and you would comment like that then… yikes)

The saddest thing, I guess, is that moms that were made fun of in that group are clearly undereducated, coming from pathological background, which explains why they act the way they act (explain, doesn’t excuse of course) and their poor spelling. People commenting there seemed educated, quite smart and witty and yet they couldn’t process the thought of people wanting a child more than a dog and had an urge to ridicule them just for that. 

If you can’t understand why people want kids and judge them as stupid or automatically assume that they made this decision because they aren’t educated (for example because on the subject of pregnancy or feminism) or have no “””higher ambitions”””, then you are no different from those rude moms on facebook saying that you will die alone because of your childlessness and/or that you are spoilt and dumb for wanting cats over kids.

Seriously, i can see no difference. Both of you:
1) are getting triggered over other people’s life choices
2) feel like you are better than others because you chose a particular path in your life 
3) have an instant need to judge those who chose differently.

PS I am not saying that these people shouldn’t have critisized the rude behaviour of said moms. I am talking about ridiculing others for being moms, choosing motherhood over higher education or career, or, God forbid, having more than 2 kids and being a stay at home mom. Also i am not only refering to the fanpage, it’s a general trend i guess.

PS2 Yeah i know it’s tiring to get comments about you not wanting kids, but don’t lash out on others. There are many women getting very rude remarks because they have more than three kids (doesn’t matter if they were planned or not, if parents are rich or not). So you are not the only side getting judged, persectued in some conspiracy to pull women away from jobs and education. It’s just people being judgemental pr*cks (sorry for the language).

Fic: Perjury

Why did I write 2700 words of lawyer AU? Haha, who knows! I think I just really like the idea of illicit affairs in offices made of windows on the 10th floor of important buildings.

Here’s where I tell you guys that my familiarity with the law profession stems completely from one class I took five years ago and about fifteen minutes’ worth of wheatgoogling.

Also: Mature content ahoy.

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What games do you think each individual guard and coven member would enjoy most?

This is going to be the most overly detailed and long answer ever; so it will be partially under a cut. I will be focusing more on modern games because ancient history (well..history in general) is my worst subject. Also- I took “games” as more like board-games (rather than like manhunt, which I’m sure both Demetri and Afton like for different reasons lol) sort of deal, so I hope that’s what you meant! :)

Volturi Coven:

Aro: Red Flags

If you haven’t heard of Red Flags, it is a game where your friends will try to make the “ideal lover” (who you are required to date for at least 3 years) for you by playing two “appealing” cards face-down (e.g.: Iron Chief, loves video games, has an 8 pack, rescues dogs, cured cancer, owns a 5-star restaurant, etc). Then, their opponents will place a “sabotage” card on top of any two cards (e.g.: is a serial killer, will constantly interrupt you, sneezes without covering their nose, will only communicate with you via text message, etc). The goal is to convince the friend whose judging that your fake date is still the best for whatever reason, despite having this major flaw (arguing is encouraged). Aro, of course, is really great at sabotaging relationships. So, of course, he enjoys this game. He also knows exactly what everyone wants in a mate, and is good spinning the negative cards into positives because he knows how everyone thinks. 

Although, there will have to be edits to the game to make it more vampire friendly. When I played with my friends, they unintentionally created one that was “has 8-pack, world champion hunter, and serial killer,” which was a pretty terrifying combination. But, that probably actually describes Demetri, and I’m sure a lot of vampires like him for those qualities. Of course “is a vegetarian vampire, who will constantly try to convince you to switch diets” will be a card because yes. But, seriously if you haven’t played this game it’s hilarious and fun. 

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ShanceFluffWeek Day 5: Cuddles/Hugs

Shiro had the covers wrapped tight around his broad form. They wrapped around all the way up to his mouth so that just his runny nose and upwards could be seen. His hair was a giant rats nest on top of his head, his eyes were red and glassy, and his nose ran like a fountain. And despite the fact that it wasn’t the most ideal picture, Lance still found his sick husband cute.

He sat the hot bowl of homemade chili on the stand next to the bed and placed the back side of his hand against Shiro’s forehead.

“How you feelin’, Babe?”

A heavy sneeze.

“Like shit, Shiro sniffled out. Burying down deeper in his layered cocoon.

Hmm, cussing. Shiro never cussed so Lance is gonna go off a limb and say the cold medicine is probably not working.

“I made you chili. Mamas recipe too. Hot and spicy”

This garnered a peeking eye from the covers and another chattering sneeze.

“If I eat it will you cuddle me until I fall asleep?” Came his puppy dog reply and Lance cooed. Shiro was so cute and child-like when he was sick just ugh, bless~ it was so cute he could squeal.

He smacked a wet kiss to Shiro’s scruffy cheeks and nodded.

“Of course. I’ll have you know my Daddy said I had to most magical cuddles” he mocked bragged, hoping to get a smile from Shiro. And he did. Albeit a watery one, but one nonetheless.

“Well I’ll be the judge of that” he smiled, sitting up. “Your Daddy might have told a lie”

Lance grinned as he picked up the bowl of Chili. It was still hot thank gods.

“Fib” he corrected his husband. “My Daddy said lying is bad so he’d neverrrrr lie to me”

“Oh yeah?” He mused between bites of soup.

“Yeah. Or he’d have one angry baby boy ‘and’ wife on his hands and everyone knows you’d never want an angry wife”

“Right, Hubby” he challenged confidently, cocking and hip and Shiro gave a sheepish grin in answer.

“Right, now eat up cause I promised my daddy and sick husband some cuddles”

Shiro ate it all, between whines, sneezes, sniffles, and trying to give Lance kisses. Which he rejected unless on the cheek or forehead because they didn’t need two sick babies on their hands.

The clinking of the bowl being put down was what snapped him out his thoughts. Shiro wrapped still strong arms around his waist and dragged him under the cover cocoon, blowing a breathless raspberry onto the side of his neck which he squealed too with a giggle.

Shiro snuck a kiss on his lips.

“Mhm, these really are the most magical cuddles. I feel better already”

It wasn’t true, big Lance knew that but the compliment still tickled little Lance the right way and made him giggle deliriously as he cuddled Shiro back fiercely.

“You sick sap” he murmured as Shiro held him tight and burrowed his face into his neck. His breath wasn’t as ragged as it was before, just little wet pants and he squirmed, shuffling around when Shiro practically squeezed the air out his lungs.

“Too tight” he whined.

“Something, something, grumble, grumble” was all he got in return and he sighed exasperatedly fond.

“Fine you big baby, go to sleep while I die from cuddles no biggie”

He laid there contently. Shiro’s wet breaths ghosting his neck gently. It was hot and sweaty but still comfortable and soon it made him yawn sleepily.

Lance smacked a kiss to Shiro’s warm forehead before he drifted off to sleep.


You know, when you’re playing Skyrim every now and then you can end up meeting/talking to a God or Goddess and in order to get some mystical perk, some cool weapon, a neat piece of armour and yada yada you have to agree to their terms. These terms can space between creepy to PRETTY FUCKING BAD (like sacrificing a friend of yours on a spooky altar) most of the time, but you don’t care ‘cause you want divine presents (it’s the truth, don’t judge me).

So, of course, I was expecting some freaky request from lady Nocturnal too when I was doing the whole Guild of Thieves trip of quests. I was already expecting some nasty demand of hers and do you know what she wanted? She wanted me to guard her stupid sanctuary if it ever occurs.

To. Guard. Her. Stupid. Sanctuary.

Nocturnal. Noc. Nocty Noc. My boo. I’d do that out of selfless generosity. Out of the good of my heart. I’d do it whenever without you giving me anything in return. If you wanna go out to walk your dog, I’m gonna guard that shit, you hear me? If you want to go on a vacation with your lover, I’m gonna hunt down whoever tries to steal the silver service, do you understand? That’s NOT a damn holy request in exchange of very cool powers!!!! It ain’t, Nocty Noc, my boo!!!! That’s just common decency!!!! Ask me to burn a village for you!!!! Ask me to cut a hand for you, give up my soul for you!!!! Ask me to kill another God for you!!!! That’s a request!!!!! Not looking after a bunch of sculpted rocks!!!!! Get your head in the game, mate, the fuck are you doing??!!

Melissa is Taken Part 2

This is part 2 of my story of Melissa who was abducted from her office complex in the UK. Enjoy. This is based on a requested story by one of my Tumblr followers.


It was the next morning as the slave formerly known as Melissa had been bound on the arch back device being subjected to edging and listening to the (dis)orientation tape all night into the morning. When we took it out of its state, the slave was totally disoriented. Its legs felt like jelly. We walked it on all fours with the slave wearing a collar and leash. We then placed leather restraints on its wrists and elbows and gave the slave its breakfast. Its breakfast for the first three days would strictly consist of water in a dog dish. It was part of 72 hours of food deprivation just like we were subjecting the slave to 72 hours of sleep deprivation. The restraints ensured that the only way the slave would be able to drink its water was by its mouth. Part of stripping the slave of its dignity.

When the slave was finished with its “breakfast”, we brought it to Dr Richards office. Dr Richards, who was a gynecologist until he was fired for groping and fondling patients, would do an exam on the slave. After weighing and measuring it, he strapped the slave to a gynecology table with its legs spread on stirrups. The slave was gagged with a dental gag. The doctor would of course feel up his patient then would test the slave for std’s. Then, after injecting the slave with sodium pentothal, would ask it questions about its sexual history. Then finally, the doctor would test the slave’s arousal levels and pain levels. To test the pain levels, the doctor inserted a wired metal dildo in its pussy, a wired butt plug up its ass and alligator clamps to its nipples. He would test the slave with electro shock to test its pain tolerance.




After the exam, we brought the slave to the “exercise” room. We fitted the slave with a red latex catsuit and black ballet boots. We put it on a treadmill. We attached overhead straps to hold up the slave. We wired again its nipples, pussy and asshole. If the slave decided to rest on the straps, the wires had a built in sensor to give a nasty electrical shock. We handcuffed the slave behind its back, handcuffed its ankles and attached another chain to link the wrists and ankles. We ball gagged the slave and put its hood on and set the treadmill for 10 mph for 3 hours. To the slave, however, it must have seemed a lot longer. The slave would fall I think 4 times.


Following the slave’s workout, we gave it lunch which again consisted of water in a dog dish with the slave forced to drink with its mouth.

Then it was time for some sexual torture. We took the slave to the dungeon room and secured its wrists to leather cuffs tethered to a spreader bar and did likewise with its ankles. The slave was bound in an x-shape. We rose the spreader bar so the slave was standing on its tiptoes. We again applied the ball gag and leather hood. We let it wait there for about 5 minutes. Again making a slave wait and have to think about it is worse torture than the actual physical torture.

Finally I started with a flogger mainly concentrating on its ass, cunt and tits. Then I took a riding crop and whip the slave’s cunt continually for about an hour. By that time I figured its clit was very sore. Then I brought out a hitachi wand. For the next hour, I would continually edge the slave. Let the vibrator massage its clit for about 3-4 minutes. Then pull away, then vibe for another 3-4 minutes. Then pull away. Though its gag, made the slave unintelligible, I’m certain the slave was begging me to let it cum. Be careful what you wish for. So I attached the wand to it clit. Turned it on full power. And slave came. And came. And came. And came. And we continued that for an hour. By this time, the slave was totally in agony screaming. Of course it must have at least deep down enjoyed it judging by the puddle it left with its cum. After an hour, we quietly left the slave for a half hour and then Bruce, Rick and myself decided to take our frustrations out and gang raped the slave making sure all 3 holes were filled. The slave didn’t really resist as we pretty much took the fight out of it and it was now concerned strictly about its survival.


We then fed the slave dinner which again was water in a dog dish. After “dinner” we took the slave for a cleaning. The cleaning was suspending the slave by its wrists and applying a hose with cold water to it.

Then we strapped the slave to a metal bondage chair. Metal restraints secured its wrists, ankles and neck while leather restraints secured its waist and around its tits. The slave would watch on a big screen tv basically subliminal messages about submission and reminding it it is a slave. The DVD also included the whore’s mantra. We had the slave watch for 3 hours.

Then at 10pm, it was time to retire the slave for the night. That meant again securing it to the arch back device. Devoid of its senses except for listening to the (dis)orientation tape. And all night edging of the slave.

Just a little more than 24 hours ago, the slave known as Melissa was a free woman. Her whole life ahead of her. Now the slave was slowly starting to forget its previous existence. It was strictly doing what it had to do to survive. It seemed like the slave was a slave for days.

To be continued

Our Nightmares Come To Life

Author: AvengeSuperWhoLock

Word Count: 9633

Pairing: SamxReaderxDean

Summary: Annie, an old friend of the Winchester’s, calls up to drop off some books that Bobby owned before he passed. A meeting is set up but everything goes askew when Annie seems to have just disappeared. You help the brother’s re-trace Annie’s steps, discovering Bobby along the way as well as Dean’s secret need for your affection.

TRIGGER WARNING: Depictions of child molestation.

Part 1 / Part 2 / Part 3 / Part 4 / Part 5 / Part 6 / Part 8 / Part 9 / Part 10 / Part 11 / Part 12 / Part 13 / Part 14 / Part 15 / Part 16 / Part 17 / Part 18 / Part 20 / Part 21 / Part 22 / Part 23 / Part 24 / Part 25 / Part 26 / Part 27 / Part 28 / Part 29 / Part 30 / Part 31 / Part 32 / Part 33 / Part 34 / Part 35 / Part 36 / Part 37 / Part 38 / Part 39 / Part 40 / Part 41 / Part 42 / Part 43 / Part 44 / Part 45 / Part 46 / Part 47 / Part 48 / Part 49 / Part 50

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thestaffofra  asked:

27 A taunt... For Royai (Riza @ Roy but if you think it would come out better the other way then of course do that!) Good luck writing!

I had way too much fun writing this… I hope you guys enjoy!


Hayate’s soft growl echoed in the empty, moonlight-splashed alley. Riza, who was two steps ahead, froze in her tracks. When she turned, he was facing the emptiness of the alley behind them, the black fur on his back bristling. Riza slowly set down her bag of groceries and stuck her hand out towards her agitated dog.

“What is it, boy?” she asked in the sweetest voice she could muster, “Do you see something?”

Hayate didn’t budge, his growl ever intensifying. Riza stiffened and gently placed her hand over the handgun hidden beneath her long violet skirt. Hayate was known for his calm demeanor. It was the only reason he was ever allowed into Central headquarters or accompany the Colonel’s team on missions. She trusted his instincts. If he sensed danger, she didn’t think twice.

“What is it, boy?” she asked again, her voice growing slow and even as she noticed the dull scrape of shoes on cobblestone growing closer.

Hayate bared his teeth as Riza’s worked her fingers beneath her skirt to tighten around the gun. A dark figure rounded a corner into the alley. In a flash, Riza entered full combat mode and aimed her firearm at the imposing stranger.

“Halt! I’m armed!” she cried.

As the figure came into view, he revealed himself to be none other than her commanding officer, Colonel Roy Mustang.

“Evening, Lieutenant! How are you…” his cheery voice faded as he realized he was staring down the barrel of a gun.

He leapt back and raised his arms, “WHAT’S WITH THE GUN?!”

Riza sighed and lowered her weapon, “Colonel, I would appreciate it if you wouldn’t follow me without my knowledge. It was only natural that Hayate would become alarmed and I would react in a way to guarantee my safety.”

“Okay, for starters, I wasn’t following you, and secondly, you relied on the dog?!”

Riza grinned, “Of course! He possesses keener senses than I and is incredibly loyal. When he senses danger, he’s usually right. Too bad his track record was ruined by thinking you were a threat.”

Roy’s jaw dropped, “BUT I’M THE FLAME ALCHEMIST!!”

“I’m well aware of that, sir,” she replied.

Roy folded his arms, “Well, you’re still lucky it was me and not somebody who intended harm you.”

Riza laughed and held up her gun, “Have you forgotten I can handle myself alone just fine?”

Roy couldn’t help but smile. She was the Hawk’s Eye after all.

“– And judging by how you look at the moment,” she said while gesturing to his wrinkled white button-down and crooked red tie, “It seems you are in no condition to protect me even if you wanted to.”

Roy frowned and straightened his tie, “You know I was out collecting intelligence from some informants tonight! I have to look the part…”

Riza gave him a devilish grin, and suddenly, Roy realized that she, Riza Hawkeye, was teasing him.

“Any other excuses you’d like to make?” she asked coyly.

Roy ran his fingers through his disheveled hair as he tried to think of a way to beat her at her own game.

He gestured towards the gun Riza still held in her right hand, “Aren’t you going put that away?”

She shook her head, “Not in front of you.”

“Why not?”

“With the holster I’m using, there’s no way I could do it discretely,” she explained.

Roy grinned, “I wouldn’t mind.”

Riza laughed and shook her head as she bent down to pick up her groceries, “I believe there is a law you’re forgetting about, sir.”

She waved to the small black and white dog sniffing absentmindedly at a small daisy blossoming between some cobblestones nearby.

“Come along, Hayate,” she said.

Roy watched Riza’s receding form as she headed for home. Suddenly, she stopped, turned around, and gave him a small wave.

“Have a good evening, Roy!”

Before he could react, she was gone. He turned and started home himself, his head slightly bowed and his hands shoved deep in his pockets.

‘God, I love that woman…’


Lure Coursing

  • Coursing is the pursuit of game or other animals by dogs—chiefly greyhounds and other sighthounds—catching their prey by speed, running by sight and not by scent.
  • In lure coursing, dogs chase an artificial lure across a field, following a pattern that is meant to simulate live coursing.
  • Dogs must be able to run side by side, without interfering with one another.
  • Italian Greyhounds cannot compete with other breeds than there own, as they might be seen as prey themselves!
  • Dogs are judged based on their speed, enthusiasm, their pursuit of the lure, and endurance.

Eligible Breeds:

  • Afghan Hound
  • Azawakh
  • Basenji
  • Borzoi
  • Cirneco dell'Etna
  • Deerhound
  • Greyhound
  • Ibizan Hound
  • Irish Wolfhound
  • Italian Greyhound
  • Norrbottenspets
  • Peruvian Inca Orchid
  • Pharaoh Hound
  • Portuguese Podengo (Medio and Grande)
  • Portuguese Podengo Pequeno
  • Rhodesian Ridgeback
  • Saluki
  • Sloughi
  • Thai Ridgeback
  • Whippet
  • All dogs running in braces must wear a properly fitted muzzle while running. The muzzle must allow the dog to pant, open its mouth and breathe normally without allowing it to grab or bite onto the lure or other dogs.
  • To facilitate the releasing and retrieving of dogs before and after a race it is mandatory to keep a flat collar on the dog while it is running.
  • A sturdy yet comfortable set of racing blankets are a must for all racers. During each race all dogs will be assigned a number to distinguish them from the other racers in their heat.Each number corresponds to a specific color that the dog must wear in the form of a blanket.
  • Lure coursing events are held by a number of organizations, such as the AKC & UKC.

{azawahk}{rhodesian ridgebacks}{whippets}

Hey everyone! Like I said earlier I had a terrifying dream of @coffin-of-eternal-darkness walking into my house, sitting down and judging me for how long it’s been since my next #elizabeth103 challenge. I woke up in a panic of course, and like any reasonable person not wanting to be haunted in their dreams proceeded to get freaking drawing

This is an Elizabeth who was found by members of Beast Clan, an abandoned new born found lying in a field of snow with half eaten bodies, one of the elderly werewolves takes her in. No one but him saw her potential, the will to live in her eyes, the others thinking she wouldn’t last a single winter without a coat of her own. She did. And she fights with her bare fists. Her father is right proud, he is.

Meliodas has a habit of getting piggy back rides out of her. And Elizabeth has a habit of hurling boulders at him. They bonded and became close while freeing Beast children sold into slavery to the rich, and ended up burning down a whole sea port by while doing it– those assholes totally deserved it tho.