and of course my fav scene had to involve these two

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What do you think makes the caryl relationship NON platonic?

Non platonic? Okay *cracks knuckles*. Here we go.

Okay so I suppose I’ll add something first. Daryl is not a touchy feely person. So for him any sort of physical contact is something to be noted. Carol is the only one he has given a massage to, Carol is the only one to have kissed him (twice might I add) and they’ve shared numerous hugs.

Unfortunately the show being written the way it’s written it leaves very little time for our two love birds to actually blossom. One of them is always either gone or is going through a state of emotional hurting (making it very hard for anything other than comfort and non platonic shows of affection appropriate). Also any scenes we do get where there is a chance for progression is more than often rudely interrupted (you’ll see what I mean as I go though).

We’ll start with the biggest contender in the mix, (and one of my favourite Caryl scenes may I add) the season three bus scene.

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The idea of a platonic relationship does not involve making jokes about ‘screwing around’ nor does it about ‘going down first’ either. That moment in the gif above where Carol glances back at Daryl and his eyes flicker up from what he’s doing to meet hers and his movements stop, well, (and take this as you will) I feel like Daryl stopped because he realised how sexually under toned what he was doing was. Both of them obviously feeling the same hence Carol’s sexual jokes.

Moving swiftly on.

This scene below. A whole massive, shit load of feels for this whole episode, but this moment in particular. Had this scene been allowed to play out, not only do I think there would have been more room for Carol to actually vent her emotions, but I think something else could have progressed. I was rather content to watch them on a bed together for however long they would have chose to stay there. The fact that Daryl is even comfortable laying on a bed next to Carol is a notable point, he breaks so many of his no contact, no affection rules with her and honest to god I feel like they just need time to initiate that (season 8 I’m looking at you).

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Okay just imagine, they were allowed just 30 more seconds of lying there, heads gradually turn towards each other, Daryl’s hooded eyes glancing between her eyes and her mouth, Carol knowing what he was asking without him having to say a word and BAM…but of course, interruptions are key and happiness is not allowed for my babies.

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So this moment above is my all time Caryl fav and if Rick the Prick hadn’t been lurking to cockblock I honestly believe that this moment would have progressed to a kiss. I mean he goddamn fucking nuzzles her! Her hands cradle his face, all she had to do was pull him forward. I spent the whole of this scene anticipating a kiss, I feel like this was a moment just waiting to happen. But of course it was ruined.

Originally posted by alwaysthequietones

THIS. THIS RIGHT HERE. I feel like the first hug was more full of hurt, relief and unresolved tension. But this one? Do not tell me this was not full of pure romance, I wish he hadn’t had to leave. Again this was left with so much potential to open up that physical side of their relationship that is yet to be uncovered but is so clearly there. This goes past just platonic for me, for me I feel like there is something more that they want to establish, just never the right time or situation.

Bonus content - Eye fucks for daysss (no one looks at someone like that and does not want to bed them, end of):

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Thank you for your ask.


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Do you have any SKK fic recommendations?

Boy do I? Do I? Of course I do.

¬ All in the Night’s Work by ultramarcypan ; Mature
“When Chuuya heads in to service his customers for the evening, Dazai is not who he’s expecting to see.”
(Courtesean Chuuya, need I say more?)

¬ Days of our lives by setosdarkness
“You don’t have to sound so happy, it’s an insult.”
“…you called me your boyfriend.”
“It’s an insult. See this? This is a goddamn wedding ring. We’re already wed. Calling you my boyfriend is supposed to be an insult.”
(Chuuya + Agency, fluff, more fluff and more more fluff)

¬ Beyond All Logic by setosdarkness
“Like most things that involve them, it’s easy to explain the fact that they just can’t let each other go.”
(Agency!Chuuya ; Mafia Boss!Dazai, so many feels, too many angst)

¬ This Beautifully Cruel World by setosdarkness
“Dazai becomes the Boss of the Port Mafia. Chuuya tries to stop Dazai from ruining the organization, Yokohama, everyone. Most importantly, Chuuya tries to stop Dazai from destroying himself.“
(Mafia Boss!Dazai, this is like Dazai being a version of Light Yagami)

¬ Intoxicated by setosdarkness (like bruh, setosdarkness is my queen and my fav skk writer, i worship what she writes; fluff, this is too funny, i swear; porn with feelings, apparently)
“Chuuya getting into fights (and winning, somehow) is nothing new.”

¬ Not Safe for Work by Insomnia_Productions
“In which Dazai doesn’t come to work, and Kunikida and Atsushi go to his place to drag him to the Agency and faced with a very strange surprise.”
(fluff + Chuuya interactions with the ADA + skk wedding, too much fluff i swear)

¬ On the contrary, you’re happy by succocku
“Chuuya never changed apartments, Chuuya never changed numbers, Chuuya never changed at all.“
(one of the most read fic in my library; 897 words of dazai’s thoughts and pain :))) i love pain)

¬ Take Me With You by doubleblacked
“I’m home.”

The door of their shared apartment clicks a soft thud as eager footsteps hurry themselves towards Chuuya. Before he can even respond with a “welcome home”, Dazai’s hand had already sneaked around his petite waist; and somehow, this feels like home. Dazai’s voice sounds like home. Everything about Dazai is Chuuya’s home.An hour later, Chuuya finds out that when Dazai said he’s home, he really isn’t.
(pain pain pain :))), those damn ‘ps’ killed me, dazai stops being a dummy)

¬ Truth to be told, I was never yours by doubleblacked
“People might say you deserve better.
But no one would understand.
That you don’t want someone better.
What you want, is Dazai Osamu. “
(pain, pain, even more pain, i’m a sucker for second person’s point of view)

¬ 1893 by mountainlaurels
“5 times Dazai and Chuuya run into each other and one time Dazai decides to stop running.”
(I love 5+1; quiet angst)

¬ Lost in Translation by Lwin
“In which Dazai travels to France to handle a little business of the Port Mafia and meets their operative there. Of course, Dazai pisses him right off the bat.”
(!!! Fucking hilarious. French!Chuuya + nsfw ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°))

¬ Noir by Adargo
“In the past, he never truly understood that darkness growing behind Dazai’s eyes. Yet lately, Chuuya thinks, when he stares back into the black of his own, encircled by those pale-blue skies. He’s starting to catch glimpses of it .”
(angst!!! 💯💯 i swear this fic killed me; too damn good)

¬ One plus one by peppersnot
“The last time you said something like that you left. So, I won’t fall for that kind of thing again.”
(fluff; bless this!)

¬ Disqualified as a Human Being by fleetingspark
“Dazai comes back home to Chuuya after a long time.”
(angst, angst, angst, NHL, angst, i love this, ok!!!)

¬ Born Back Ceaselessly into the Past by protectginozasquad
“Pasts are like ghost, but far more permanent.”
(angst :))) hilarious, angst, 💯💯)

¬ Yesterday’s News is tomorrows chip paper by yaoyue
“In which Dazai and Chuuya are advice columnists for rival newspaper agencies and have far too much fun writing their columns.”
(hilarious as fck, idk how they should trust these two, fluff)

¬ 11 Things Chuuya does when he’s drunk by peppersnot
“He causes a scene that Hirotsu kind of wants to record, just for the sake of reminding himself that he should never invite Chuuya-san out for drinks again, and maybe also because it’s kind of amusing to watch.”
(the title says it all, waaaay too damn funny, god bless hirotsu and tachihara)

¬ after the war (we were free) by Insomnia_Productions
“The one in which Dazai and Chuuya rekindle their friendship after the war, and no, Ranpo, that’s not "friendship” with quotations, they’re both straight, dammit, who asked you?”
(no dialogue but still hilarious af, too cute ok)

¬ Consigned to Oblivion by ShesAParadox
“What is your name?”
“Nakahara Chuuya.”
“Do you know where you are?”
“I’m in the Port Mafia obviously, I’m a member here.”
“Do you work with a partner?”
“Do you remember ever having a partner?”
“No, I can’t remember ever having a partner.”
(dazai suffering!!! memory loss)

¬ Find Something Worth Dying for (and Learn How to Live) by Kibasix
“The boy was scared. This was nothing new. The boy cannot remember the last time he slept soundly without fear; the last time he felt love and affection; the last time he smelt clean air or felt the sun on his face. But this…this was a different kind of fear. The kind of fear that had the boy’s blood running cold. The kind of fear that had his breath wheezing from his lungs in panicked
pants. This was fear for his life. His legs are aching, they feel like they are about to collapse with exertion and yet he pushes on, willing himself to be faster as he flees through the dirty alleyways, zig-zagging this way and that with no comprehension of where he’s going. This city is entirely new to him and he is flying blind. The footsteps behind him are drawing ever closer. The boy doesn’t dare to look behind him, for fear of what he knows is looming in the darkness: the large hulking shapes, the glint of sharpened steel, the putrid scent of death. ”
(angst, 💯💯 best, one of my faves, one of the fics that caused me too much pain)

¬ Camellias in Full bloom by setosdarkness
(hanahaki!!! angst at the moment, this is too good to pass up idc if it’s on-going)

¬ Your love burns against my skin by setosdarkness
(angst, soulhate and soulmate au, chuffering bc i’m masochistic, one of my favorites!!!)

¬ Retrace by Kuronoa
(angst, angst, fuck you kura, angst :))) chuuya getting killed over and over again, oh, did i mention angst??? :))))

Levi was wrong; [love] could control the beast

Thank you guys for the favs and reblogs of my thoughts about Levi and Eren’s visual novel!! 

I wanted to add in that same post about what Levi meant by ‘not even love’ being able to control Eren’s true essence, but it would have made it too heavy! This is why I am posting my thoughts here. It also includes my views on Levi’s view of Eren.

There are going to be many references to the previous analysis, so here’s the link: How Levi sees Eren (Official VN)

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I got caught up in reading a bunch of the SW novels (read the Catalyst novel, you guys, it’s DELIGHTFUL and I think it really helped get me ready for Rogue One!), so this week I’m doing another compliation set on a theme: STAR WARS MODERN AUS.

NO WAIT COME BACK!! I had a hell of a time getting into them at first, I mean, what’s Star Wars without the laser swords and aliens and space ships and people being space monks?? But then I realized, oh, it’s a chance for these assholes to maybe be happy in a different universe or a chance to examine them from another angle. I wouldn’t suggest starting here, get your fill of more canon-based fic first, then come back when you’re hungry for more of this kind of thing, because it’s pretty amazing when you’re in the right headspace for it! (Fic recs every Wednesday.)

Dear Fellow Traveler by Glare, obi-wan/anakin, NSFW, human au, 17.4k
   When strangers Obi-Wan Kenobi and Anakin Skywalker both miss their flight, they become unlikely partners in the quest to get home. A modern road trip AU.
Plot Twist by skywalkersamidala, obi-wan/anakin/padme & ahsoka & cast, human au, 10.1k
   The supposed love triangle between Mr. Skywalker, Ms. Amidala, and Mr. Kenobi is all their students (and even their fellow teachers) can talk about. The only thing is, no one at Coruscant High School can figure out exactly which of them are together.
Negotiation by Glare, obi-wan/anakin & ahsoka & cast, nsfw, modern au, serial killer au, 30.4k wip
   Over a year ago, Coruscant Police Detective Anakin Skywalker vanished without a trace while hunting the prolific serial killer known within the media as “The Negotiator”.
i could teach you (but i’d have to charge) by pdotschuy, obi-wan/anakin/padme & ahsoka & cast, modern au, school au, 7.1k wip
   ( aka: that high school teachers au that literally no one was going to ask for, but needed to be done. featuring: anakin and ahsoka terrorizing the entire school, the clones as secretaries, and obi-wan, who definitely deserves a raise. let’s not even talk about dooku. )
A Sky Full of Stars by rubberbird, obi-wan/anakin, NSFW, 15.7k wip
   True love never did run smooth.
the comfort of this house by FoxGlade, obi-wan/anakin/padme & luke & leia & cast, 3.9k
   seven excerpts from a life where everything went right
Master by ARightCharlie (nerddowell), obi-wan/anakin & padme & quinlan, NSFW, human au, dom/sub, 6.6k
   “You know, it’s not kind to play with your food,” Quin told Obi-Wan as he glanced between his friend and the undergrad Obi-Wan was currently toying with.
let me photograph you in this light by QueenWithABeeThrone, obi-wan/anakin & ahsoka & padme & han & luke & leia, human au, 14.4k
   Obi-wan Kenobi and eight things he learns about Anakin Skywalker after Anakin comes to work for him. (alternatively: Obi-wan and Anakin make it work, amidst vigilantes, terrible tea, and kidnapping attempts.)
ghost coast by bloodonyrsundress, obi-wan/anakin & ahsoka & padme & barris & cast, NSFW, human au, supernatural au, 19.6k wip
   chapter six features more magic hand-wavey garbage, a supernatural #squad meeting in a graveyard, and ambiguous sandwiches.
In Color by Glare, obi-wan/anakin/padme & qui-gon & shmi, modern au, soulmate au, 13k wip
   Anakin Skywalker is six years old the first time he marks on his skin with intent. His classmates whisper to one another about soulmates on the jungle gym at recess or over toys during free time. They smear colorful paints on their skin and delight when, sometimes, there’s an answer. First graders do not understand the intricacies of the concept, but they know that soulmates are a good thing to have. Another person, who is a perfect match to you. What more could a lonely child want?

(AND MORE)full details + all recs under the cut! 

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Person Of Interest “BSOD” Review

POI is back with style and I’m so glad to see all these idiots on my screen again! This was a solid beginning to the season – fun, fast paced, a ton of non-stop action interspersed with a few really emotional moments. It was a wild ride from beginning to end! Special mention to that opening sequence set to The Kills – it was amazing!    

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okay but what about this; norway can't hold his alcohol at all and he ends up making out with romano while dennor is a thing and denmark sees and enjoy the drama dear child

*gasp* what have you done!? My otp of otps and my rare pair fav!? Hnng.

UHM UHM OKAY, …Im adding Spamano to this as well, since I’m trash.

The scene: Nor and Romano sitting on a couch during some sort of house party (engaged in polite conversation, drunken on Nor’s part), Den leaning against the wall nearby, probably chatting with others while keeping an eye on Nor, who has begun to show signs of too-drunk. The house is crowded and loud and smells faintly of cheap beer and popcorn. WHEN SUDDENLY, Nor grabs Romano by the back of his head and kisses him deeply. Too deeply…

At first Den would be 1006% shocked. His mouth would just hang open as he stared on, wondering if he was drunk enough to hallucinate. 

It wouldn’t last long, not with a surprised Romano being one of the involved parties - once he realizes what’s happening and can shove Nor off him with one hand and cover his mouth in shock with the other. Nor, meanwhile, looks quite smug. Do you know how often he has to hear Spain brag about Romano’s ‘fantastic kissing skills like omg I’m the luckiest guy on the goddamn planet!’

“Oi, SPAIN!” Nor would shout across the room and over the din of the party (he’s a lot more vocal when he’s had too much copious amounts of alcohol in his system)

“Yes?” Spain would materialize seemingly out of nowhere, grin plastered to his face, Den is still nearby looking stunned. 

“Romano,” Nor would point accusingly, his speech is very slurred, “is a bit like kissing a limp fish.” (Romano: WHAT?!) “It probably wouldn’t be half so bad if he didn’t taste like he licked the top of a dingy bar.” (Romano: Th-THAT’S YOU, YOU BASTARD!) 

Spain would throw his head back and laugh heartily, Nor would blink slowly, Den would make a strange noise in the back of his throat, still too shocked to pick his jaw up off the floor, and Romano would be shaking with rage - he does not take kindly to being kissed by surprise and then have his prowess insulted.

Romano would, of course, grab Nor by the collar of his shirt and drag him in for a very passionate, not-a-surprise-to-Romano kiss. 

Spain would give a low whistle and chuckle, Nor would take several moments to realize what’s happening before returning the kiss quite happily.

Den would… Den would blink many more times before finally snapping back to reality, especially when Spain looks so unconcerned and Nor and Romano are showing no signs of slowing. In fact, when Nor and Romano start to tip over sideways on the couch, Den jumps to his feet and launches himself between them, Ripping Nor from Romano’s wandering hands. 

Spain laughs again, slinging an arm around Romano (who stands to join his bf), Romano is the one that looks smug now, Nor is smiling lazily, rather unfocused, and Den is shaking in rage. 

“Alright,” Nor would say, allowing Den to pull him to his feet and hold him protectively against his chest (because one, he’d probably fall over if left to stand by himself and two, only Den should be allowed to experience those passion-filled kisses from Nor…!), “I can admit when I’m wrong. That was a much better performance. Well done.” Nor would laugh then and Den would be quite conflicted if he should feel enraged or delighted that Nor laughed. Before he can decide what to feel, Nor would speak again, “take me home, you idiot.”

And he would. Not before throwing a very dark glare at Romano and the ever-laughing Spain (Spain, you see, has a good sense of humour and knows there’s nothing to worry about. He allows Romano his small victory).

And then Nor has a lot to make up for, having made Den disgruntled almost beyond repair. And a killer hangover. And more apologizing and probably death-by-embarrassment. 

Nor would vow to steer clear from Alcohol. Den would suggest he steers clear from Romano. Spain would have flowers delivered to Nor’s house (signed very evidently in his own hand, “I had fun last night, xo Roma”). Romano wouldn’t react at all, except to look entirely too pleased with himself every time he saw Nor at a World Meeting. 

wdladiesweek17: Jan. 25 – favorite empowering scene(s)

I’m taking some creative license here, by which I mean that I’m gonna talk about two Carol moments that I don’t think typically fall under the ‘empowering scenes’ umbrella. For the record, my three favorite empowering scenes for Carol are probably (although this list might shift a touch on the daily):

  • Carol confessing to Tyreese at the end of ‘The Grove’
  • Carol saving the entire goddamn world in ‘No Sanctuary’
  • Carol putting a knife to Pete’s throat in ‘Conquer’ and telling him that he’s a “small, weak, nothing.” I’ve already written a meta about this one, so anything else would be retread. However, I will always consider that scene the definitive moment when Carol destroys the last of her demons that have haunted her since she married Ed. Of course that experience will always shape her, but confronting Pete as Ed’s proxy and unequivocally winning is such a huge psychological victory for her.

Okay so, on to the two scenes that I want to cover. First, the scene in ‘Not Tomorrow Yet,’ where Carol confronts Rick about the fact that Maggie’s with them for the assault on Neg@n’s compound.

[.gif by thewalkinggifs]

It’s vital to remember that although this scene is technically about Maggie, Carol is already a psychological train wreck at this point. She’s forcing herself to tally her kills, suffering from terrible insomnia, smoking, sleeping with Tobin in an attempt to make herself feel something other than soul-destroying pain dear god please do not come at me to discuss how Tobin sucks because I love him and I am So Le Fucking Tired™, and she is not even a little bit eager to be on the road with Rick in his murder coat, off on another mission that will clearly involve more killing.

It’s also vital to remember that Rick is the person who dumped Carol by the curb like last week’s garbage and by his own admission sentenced her to probable death. Yet she still has the courage, after all of that, to be the only person in the group who marches straight up to him and asks what the hell he thinks he’s doing bringing a pregnant woman while the group executes a highly dangerous assault on an unpredictable enemy. Rick (as usual), is thinking only in terms of numbers and winning. Carol is thinking of Maggie. Even when Rick tries to argue with her – to suggest that Carol should charge the armory with the rest of them because the more the deadlier – she stands firm, her chin tilted up in unwavering defiance.

The thing is, my fav fictional human is accomplishing two things by taking this stand.

First, she’s protecting Maggie, and this sets up the dynamic that continues through all of this episode and ‘The Same Boat,’ in which Carol somehow finds the courage to do what needs to be done because she needs to do for Maggie what she would almost certainly not do for herself, given her current mental state. (It’s still my firm belief that had Carol been captured alone, the outcome of that episode would have been very different.)

Second, she subtracts herself from the group of people who are going into Negan’s compound for the express purpose of murdering a bunch of people in their sleep. Carol hasn’t figured out how to handle her emotions about killing yet, but what she has figured out is that the more she kills, the worse she feels. (Of course, this goes all to hell in ‘The Same Boat,’ but that’s a different subject.) She openly defies Rick – the leader of the group and the person who has hurt her more than anyone else in Team Family – and in so doing both places herself as a protective wall in front of Maggie and attempts to reduce the chances that she’ll have to do more killing.

Rick gives in with very little fight, and tbh few scenes between these two delight me more than this one. As we learn from Rick’s comments in ‘East,’ he now understands exactly how goddamn strong Carol is – what she’s capable of doing when somebody chooses to screw with her – and he’s not about to mess with that take-no-prisoners voice and granite-set jaw.

Carol stays with Maggie.

The second moment I want to talk about can’t be summed up in one scene (although I guess you could count the voiceover reading of Carol’s letter as the summary of her choices). My second empowering moment is Carol’s choice to leave Alexandria.

[.gif by riveralwaysknew]

I’m well aware that so many people hate the fact that she made this choice, raging endlessly about “How could she do this to the people she loves?” and blah blah blah. Haters, please see yourselves out, because I see it differently.

From the moment Carol becomes part of Team Family, she automatically does the things that need to be done, regardless of what those things are or what they cost her personally. It’s just who she is.

  • Laundry needs washing? She washes the laundry.
  • Kids need babysitting? She babysits the kids.
  • All of TF needs to be saved from cannibals? She saves them from cannibals.
  • Alexandria needs to be saved from the Wolves? She saves Alexandria from the Wolves.

She never once makes a decision that is just for her, for her own mental health. Never once does anything that doesn’t automatically put everyone else first. (And look, the truth is that I still don’t think this decision is entirely for her. I think that in many ways she considers at least part of herself to be some sort of monster due to what she’s been forced to do, and she believes that Team Family will be better off without her. But that’s a different tangent.)

So she meticulously puts together all the supplies she knows she’ll need – food, water, clothing, weapons, ammunition – and she slips away alone, leaving only her heartbreaking note behind. (The gorgeous love in Carol’s voice as she reads that note cracks my heart into tiny pieces every single time.)

So why do I think that this is an unbelievably empowering moment?

Because in ‘Indifference’ she told Rick in no uncertain terms that her greatest fear had always been being alone. Yet here she is, choosing to walk away from all the safety she’s ever known and take her chances with all the men and monsters she knows she’ll meet on the open road.

As @geekyspinne​ just reminded me (as if I weren’t already dying from feels), consider the contrast between the Carol who drives away from Rick in ‘Indifference’ – pulling over to break down in tears the second she’s far enough away to guarantee that he won’t see her break – and the Carol who heads away from Alexandria in ‘East,’ psychologically and emotionally exhausted but dry-eyed and 110% determined. She barely blinks until the Saviors start shooting at her.

She’s brave enough to be on her own now. And when the Saviors in the truck come for her in ‘East,’ she’s terrified of what she knows she’s going to have to do to them, not what she fears they might be capable of doing to her.

Ymmv, but this transformation is everything to me. Do I think her position of staying away from Team Family is psychologically sustainable for her? Nope. Do I think she already regrets her self-imposed isolation to some extent? Yep.

But it’s no longer because she’s scared of being alone. She has nothing but confidence in her ability to handle being alone. And my god, I’m just so effing proud of her is all.

[huge thanks to @geekyspinne​ for reading this through for me and reassuring me that I’m not quite crazy yet.]

anonymous asked:

Wait has anyone done a Richonne timeline like how they were getting to know each other S3, became an open door in 'Clear" became friends, bestfriend, in like with each other, a family, and finally a relationship?? Like I would love for someone to do that because you all are the best ever in life with the breakdowns and analysis of Richonne.. also I would love for someone to ask Andy about it so we can know when Rick felt like yeah we are good friends etc...

My friend, let me see if I can help you out. Here and here are good sources for a very by-the-books analysis of Rick and Michonne’s relationship, starting from the end of 3x06 (when they first met and when a lot of us first started shipping them). It’s a very cut and dry explanation of what happened, being as the links are literally 1) a plot synopsis of each episode showing their progression and 2) a concise but effective summation of their entire relationship, which perfectly displays their evolution from strangers, to friends, to best friends, to parents, to two people in love. (Which, after reading ur ask, is something I think you would be highly interested in, and the video is honestly flawless/one of my favorites, so I highly, highly recommend it.) and also it existed!!! before they were canon!!! their love has always been so obvious!!! yay them!!! yay us!!! validation!!!

I also know there was an actual movie-type video that I saw floating around on Tumblr a while ago which put together literally every scene between Rick and Michonne (and maybe Michonne and Carl?) to show the progression of their relationship, although I don’t know if it’s still around or not. I sadly wasn’t able to find it.

However, if you’re looking for, say, another Richonne blog’s take/in-depth explanation of Rick and Michonne’s character and relationship development in chronological order via important episodes and lines of dialogue and thangs, I know I’ve seen (and liked and reblogged) other people’s posts like that, although I unfortunately haven’t found anything that goes too in-depth (probably because it would take up half a lifetime to complete). Although, now that I think about it, it might be fun to go back and rewatch their seasons together and write about the importance of what’s happening an episode at a time… Hmm… I mean, I’m pretty sure others have done it already. (For example, I know for a fact that Clear has been written extensively about [cuz duh – can u say “copious amounts of sexual tension” or “mother-son bonding time”???], and that I for one received an A+ on a project I did in regards to interracial relationships on TWD. I was going to get into Gleggie at some point, but ran out of time and obvi had enough material with just Richonne. Yeah….that’s literally my life. And, you know, not to brag or anything, but may I just say, I went off.)

AND NOW, IN REGARDS TO ANYONE READING THIS (YES, YOU!!! YOU READING THIS!): if you have any links to anyone’s Richonne posts or videos or vlogs or anything that’s along the lines of what’s been mentioned above, please reblog and add them!!! Make sure to include ur own lovely creations that u worked so hard on!!! I feel like we could all use a masterpost of the evolution of Richonne!! I know anon and I rlly want to read them!!! They’re seriously the best things!!!!! Thanks!!!!!!

Also, about Andy’s thoughts on what Rick thinks about Richonne: fret not, little one, for I believe the longer Richonne is around, and the more Rick and Michonne open up to each other about their thoughts and pasts and hopes and heartbreaks, the more likely it is that either on the show or in an interview they’ll start to discuss when these feelings first emerged, and elaborate on when and how that happened, as well as go a little more in depth on what they both meant when they said things like what appeared in this snippet of an International Business Times article:

“In a behind-the-scenes interview for the upcoming “Walking Dead: The Complete Sixth Season,” Gurira says she thinks her character, Michonne, has been “in love” with Lincoln’s character, Rick, for some time. Lincoln agrees, saying that he thinks it was “natural” for the characters to explore a more intimate connection. “I kept thinking, ‘Of course, it’s been right in front of me all the time.’ […] ‘It felt like a grown-up relationship that was always meant to be.’”

Also, I’d like to quickly address something just while we’re on the subject. After making my post about why I think Rick is a good (more like perfect) fit for Michonne, lots of people came up to me asking me for Andy Lincoln’s thoughts on the whole thing, even though 1) google exists, and I suggest you take full advantage of that and 2) the post itself was clearly not the right place for Andy to be getting involved. It was all about their relationship from Michonne’s perspective, and thus warranted only Danai’s thoughts on their character arcs/progression, not Andrew’s. She is a real, valid character, who is very underappreciated in fandom (if you ask me and a lot of others), and for many people their favorite character on the show - and rightfully so. She is strong, she is smart, she is soft, she is complex, she is a viable love interest. Please try not to make everything about ur fav, because it tends to push away someone else’s. Rick is not the only one involved in their relationship (obviously). Please stop making everything about him. There are already hundreds of thousands of posts/interviews out there just like that if you wanted to read up on them: about how Michonne is good for Rick, what she brings out of him, etc. Trust me, they’re there if you really want to look, but that wasn’t the question I was being asked to answer so it never came up.

That being said, there is a reason why Andy (and his mom) are the best captains a ship could ever ask for. Like honestly, before Richonne became canon (ugh, remember what an angsty, desperate, hellish place the world was back then?), he was the one who got me through it because I knew that beautiful man was never going to let it go. Andrew has repeatedly gone out of his way to bring up Rick and Michonne’s relationship (despite no one even remotely asking him about it), and often through the thinly-veiled excuse of his mom’s shipping of them, before finally getting fed up with everyone’s years of brushing him aside which led to him flat-out stating, just TO BE CLEAR FOR THE THOUSANDTH MILLIONTH TIME, “That’s what I want it to be. I want Michonne and Rick to get together.” Ahhhhhh. God bless him. He wasn’t going to give it up until it went canon. Danai could keep her cool, but Andy…

Just look at him light up every time someone so much as mentions them getting together, or the way he defends the idea at every possible chance he is given, or the way he interjects Danai CONSTANTLY just to talk about her and Rick’s relationship. Guys, he’s so obviously smitten with Richonne.

I mean, when one half of ur otp and THE MAIN CHARACTER OF THE MOST-WATCHED SHOW ON PLANET EARTH wants something to happen, it has a lot of sway over what’s going to happen. And if he saw that it made sense to him, and he thought it was the right place for his character to be, who’s going to tell him otherwise? Guys. He IS Rick. He knows that “he trusts her with his life, and with his children’s lives” and that “[they both have] a deep respect and a deep love for one another.” (ugh, just watch the video, it’ll help you sleep better at night).

SO IN SUMMARY: Andy never shut his mouth up about Richonne, using his privilege and his power to will it into being (cuz rlly, what could they do? fire him???? he had the upper hand and used it to his/all of our advantage), and now look where we are. In canon bliss.

P.S. “Like I would love for someone to do that because you all are the best ever in life with the breakdowns and analysis of Richonne.” I agree, there are so many great tumblrs out there that are always coming through with their interpretations of Richonne scenes and their beautiful second-by-second depictions of Richonne kisses that make me squeal <3 And the fact that I am a part of this “you all” is just… like….. the best thing to ever happen to me??? thank you??? I think I love you???? but it’s whatever

I’m terribly sorry I’m late again.  But it’s suuuper long, so I hope that makes up for it :P? 

Title:  Make You Mine

Rating: Explicit
Word Count: 2,400
Summary: Dean needed an extra elective so he ends up in Bobby’s history class. Except dammit he’s late and where is his pencil and for the love of God what is that amazing smell?

Note: This is so super short but uwu I love A/B/O fics

Title:  Dean Winchester is Not a Pervert

Rating: Explicit
Word Count: 5,600
Summary: Dean’s never had much patience for moral dilemmas.

Note: jfc I’ve read this fic a billion years ago and I was SO glad when I found it again. I LOVE LOVE LOVE IT. one of my all-time favs!

Title:  The Witch is a Bitch

Rating: Explicit
Word Count: 3,500
Summary: Witches are bitches, but maybe Dean can forgive them for this one. Maybe.

Note: The last line killed me. I love witch fics :D

Title:  Castiel is Clever

Rating: Teen And Up Audiences
Word Count:  914
Summary: Based on the seven minutes in heaven trope challenge… I don’t think it’s what you’ll expect but let me know~

Note:  This is so gosh darn cute. I can’t aaah. 

Title:  Blue Eyed Dream

Rating: Explicit
Word Count: 1,500
Summary: Dean tries to tell himself he’s going for the strippers but it’s not a very convincing argument even in his own mind.

Note: Why can’t this be a verse?

Title:  The Shard

Rating: Explicit
Word Count: 7,700
Summary: Dean and Castiel have been married in name only since their wedding night left both of them with emotional scars. However, both long for a real relationship with the other, but fear overstepping their bounds. Ten years after their wedding, Castiel can no longer stand to watch his husband throw himself at every pretty man or woman who comes to their feasts. He makes his stand for his husband’s affections.

Note: At first I didn’t want to rec this..BUT the flashback scene is beautiful. The rest.. skip it? It’s just not very logical and I..just don’t know. It was way too fast and come if you couldn’t talk to each other? 

Title:  The Tighter the Ropes, the Closer We Are

Rating: Explicit
Word Count: 5,600
Summary: Five. He wanted five rounds. Dean had started to tremble again from the anticipation as Castiel explained it to him. There would be four denials before he would be allowed to come. Four times he would have to go through the settings of their favorite vibrator without release. There were ten small buttons on the small remote control, each with a number beside it, each designed to take Dean apart gradually, at the pace determined by whoever held it.

And Castiel liked to take his time.

Note: I read this at uni and my friend was like ‘Hey what are you reading? Let me see?’ HHAHAHHAA NOPE. Oh hey just Dean begging Cas to come and asdfghjklll I NEED A COLD SHOWER

Title:  Perfect Strangers

Rating: Mature
Word Count: 2,300
Summary: Mother always said never talk to strangers.

Note: They have a ONS and.. jjjjup. PWP with cute ending :)

Title:  Ben’s Betrayal Might Just Be The Best Thing

Rating: General Audiences
Word Count: 911
Summary: “Et tu brute?’” Dean smiled and gave a little laugh to Ben, as he tried to hide his embarrassment.

“Well, now… A man who enjoys comics, Doctor Sexy, and Shakespeare…. lucky me.” he said with a smile.

Note: Daddy!Dean awwwww. Kid fics and destiel..gimmeee

Title:  A Destiel Rimming Ficlet

Rating: Explicit
Word Count: 726
Summary: Just Dean blasphemously rooting his tongue into the ass of an Angel of the Lord.

Note:  Short and extrem filthy. very good porn. Me likeeey

Title:  Finally!

Rating: Not Rated
Word Count: 1,400
Summary: I’m supposed to write a summary about this story to get you readers enticed but since I cannot come up with a summary that doesn’t involve spoiling the plot of the story, I came up with this instead. So I suggest you just read this one shot if you’re interested in Castiel and Dean being two dorks, playing video games, and ending up on the floor.

Note: Short and sweet :)

Title:  Making Breakfast

Rating: Mature
Word Count: 11,300
Summary: The lazy morning after Sam and Jessica’s drunken engagement celebration. Everyone’s crashed at Dean and Cas’s house so it’s up to the hosts to make breakfast for everyone. (Really just an excuse for shameless kitchen fluff with a bit of smut thrown in for fun.)

Note:  I bookmarked this so fast omg. THIS is what I want in life. To have a relationship like they do. It’s so perfect in this. And it is SO destiel. PERFECTION

Title:  Day 7 - Morning!Sex: “Freckles”

Rating: Explicit
Word Count: 1,500
Summary: A lazy sunday morning in the life of Dean and Cas.

Note:  I love that it is obviously an SU but with an established relationship. Lazy morning sex fics are great..almost as great as lazy morning sex :p

Title:  We’re the Movie

Rating: Teen and Up Audiences
Word Count: 11,000
Summary: In which Castiel has a disastrous first date, and Dean decides it’s his responsibility as his friend and coworker to remedy that immediately.

Or, the movie theater AU.

Note:  It’s so cute how they get to know each other and just awwwwww. 

Title:  A 'guy’ named Charlie

Rating: Not Rated
Word Count: 1,600
Summary: In which, Dean gets jealous and over dramatic about Cas’ new office mate, a guy named Charlie, and Sam is just so done with his older brother’s drama.

Note: This is so typically hurts omg. It’s all in your head bae..staaaap.

Title:  I’m Freezing, Dean

Rating: Explicit
Word Count: 2,500
Summary: cuddle!dean and cuddle!cas come into play! Along with doctor!sam and matchmaker!sam


Note:  Bunker fics will forever be the best. Let’s just pretend s9 never happened. SCHMOOOOOOOOP

Title:  Just like Honey

Rating: Teen and Up Audiences
Word Count: 4,500
Summary: Dean,“ Cas says. His hand is still flat against Dean’s heart. "I’ve been- will you do something for me?”

“Sure,” Dean says. He doesn’t even have to think about it. Cas’s eyes are starring over, gleaming at the edges with the faintest track of unshed tears, even though he’s smiling again. Dean’s never actually seen him cry: happy, stubborn, tireless Castiel and his bees and guacamole and perfect coffee and perpetually bare feet, Cas, Dean’s hardy dandelion blooming in the middle of the sidewalk. Dean would do literally anything he asked right now, jump off a cliff or ford a river, hand to hand combat with a mountain lion, an eight-course dinner with all Cas’s jerkoff fundamentalist relatives. Dean would learn Esperanto or become a bonds trader, whatever the fuck that is. Dean would die for him. Dean would do it smiling.

Note: I honestly don’t know what’s going on with me..but I’ve been craving tooth-rotting fluff. 

Title:  Recipe For Disaster

Rating: Mature
Word Count: 856
Summary: So Dean is failing a class, which his mom is not going to be happy about… luckily, his closest friend has promised help him practice for this weeks practical home eco exam. The only problem is that baking is the last thing on their mind.


the one where they almost burn down the kitchen… twice…

Note: This is so sweeeeeet

Title:  Bad Day Gone Good

Rating: Teen and Up Audiences
Word Count: 1,500
Summary: Castiel misses the bus at the end of an already horrible day, but his day improves considerably when the gorgeous and popular Dean Winchester saves him from a long walk home in the pouring rain.

Note:  Some High School Fluff for when you’re feeling down :)

Title:  Secret Admirers’ve Got Nothing On Castiel

Rating: Teen and Up Audiences
Word Count: 1,500
Summary: So, long story short, Dean didn’t know who the notes were coming from and, as nice as they seemed to be, Dean wished they would stop. Dean really didn’t want to have to let the poor guy or girl down, not because he was dating anyone or necessarily uninterested in them, but because he had a middle-school-level crush on the literal guy-next-door.

(Dean’s got a secret admirer, but he’s got too big of a crush on Castiel to appreciate it.) Note:  This is diferent from any other secret admirer fic I’ve ever read I think. AND I LOVE IT

Title:  ♦ (I Can Get No) Satisfaction

Rating: Explicit
Word Count: 3,000
Summary: Sex Pollen AU

Dean didn’t even look at him. He dropped his bag halfway into the bunker, and Castiel noticed belatedly that Dean was heading in his direction. Had he done something? The Angel didn’t remember committing a slip of any kind, but Dean seemed angry with him, as if he were the cause of – and also the solution to – all of his problems.

Note:  This is hoooooooot but also cute uwu. Well.. after the rough sex :p

Title:  Caffeine Dependency

Rating: Teen and Up Audiences
Word Count: 1,200
Summary: It was a Tuesday, and Dean never got coffee on Tuesday mornings. He tried to keep himself from becoming too dependent on caffeine and kept himself from having it every single day.

But damn it, he needed it today, and he was getting a cappuccino, with like, seven shots of syrup because he deserved it.
Except, when he entered the little shop, inhaling the rich scent of coffee, his eyes scanning the warm wooden interior, his eyes caught on a guy.
A guy with messy dark hair (fuck), light stubble (fuck), full pink lips (fuck), and the absolute bluest eyes he’d ever seen. (Fuckfuckfuck.) Note:  AWWWWWWWWW

Title:  Fireworks

Rating: Teen and Up Audiences
Word Count: 1,400
Summary: The quiet beneath the chaos of the sky has put Dean in a weird mood, like no one’s watching him, and like it wouldn’t suddenly be weird to shoot Cas a stupid mundane text.

you havin fun?

Note: Aaaaah tfw holidays. Is there anything better? Oh yes..tfw holidays with Destiel :D

Title: Boys and Their Toys

Rating: Mature
Word Count: 3,500
Summary: Dean had secretly hoped like crazy to see the man again, though never, in a million years, would he have thought he’d see him in a sex shop 75 miles out of the city.

Note: Meddling Charlie and Gabriel. awwwwwww. and omg there’s nothing better than meeting the boy you like in a sex shop lol

Title:  Bowlegs Aren’t Really My Thing

Rating: Explicit
Word Count: 2,000
Summary: Cas meets Dean in a bar and he’s impressed by his looks, but not his attitude. Once he takes him down a peg, though, he’s more than willing to find out if Dean can live up to his boasting.

Note:  I love love bottom!Dean from the bottom of my heart! (lol)

Title:  Of The Night

Rating: Explicit
Word Count: 1,700
Summary: Camp Counselor!Dean and Camp Counselor!Cas fool around between shifts.

Note:  I would have liked to read more about them sneaking around in the camp, stealing kisses between their activities..the kids whispering and gossiping about the gross camp counselors being so obviously in love. gross. :D

Title:  Own A Bee Hive With You

Rating: Teen And Up Audiences
Word Count: 1,300
Summary: Dean takes Cas out on a not-date and things get merry.


Title:  A Way Not Steep

Rating: Mature
Word Count: 13,300
Summary: Dean’s twenty-six and his roommate’s a guy who cries during E.T.

(Or, the one where it takes a few tries to get it right.)

Note:  There’s a short part Lisa/ if that is a huge no-go for you.. I could bear it and I’m not her biggest fan, tbh! HAPPY END YAY

Title:  Day 1: Frottage “To Boldly Go”

Rating: Explicit
Word Count: 972
Summary: Dean and Cas are supposed to be watching a movie and keeping it off the couch.

Note:  Short PWP with nagging Sam and Dean and Cas can’t keep their hands off each other.

Title:  Five Times Sam Almost Caught them (and one time he did)

Rating: Teen and Up Audiences
Word Count: 4,700
Summary: Sam and Cas are roommates. Dean is a selfish jerk who can’t clean up after himself or listen to anyone. Especially when Sam said “don’t try to screw my roommate, Dean.” Cas is so frigid Sam didn’t even think it would be an issue. Clearly he underestimated them both.

Note:  Oh yes Iove this :D 

Title:  Does this require a pick-up line?

Rating: Explicit
Word Count: 9,000
Summary: An introvert and an extrovert walk into a bar- awkwardness ensues, until suddenly it’s not awkward anymore. Instead Dean thinks Castiel is never going to get the hint that he’s trying to come onto him, until suddenly Castiel is all over him. Dean is not complaining.

Note:  A ONS that turns into more. Top!Castiel YAY. I will never get enough of Destiel. Someone help me I’m addicted. AAAH Thaaaat’s it for now :) My dearest followers.. I’m sorry to announce that there probably won’t be a fic rec until after GISHWHES. I have exams next week and I’m studying my butt of rn. After my exams I have to write an essay and THEN is GISHWHES and my team 'FreeWill’ will kick ass and I will be super duper busy! BUT THEN I have aaaaall the time in the world. I’ll probably upload the Sub!Dean rec list I’ve been working on. I also want to start writing again soooooo.. enjoy this fic rec list. See you soon :)♥ If you like this you should totally check out my other recs  ♥
Matthew B. Roberts Twitter Q&A

Since I’m in the holiday spirit… How about a short Q&A? #Outlander 

Q: How long has it been since you’ve read the whole series?
A: I read the books as they were published #Outlander

Q: Are you going to South Africa, Matt?
A: Yes, I’ll be in South Africa the whole time…

Q: I love your photography.  Will you every publish a book with your photographs?
A: One day I’ll do a book or exhibit of photographs but right now I’m just too busy with #Outlander

Q: Hi Matt, it’s my birthday today and it would be a real gift if you could share your favorite quote from Voyager
A: “Is that you Geordie?” #Outlander

Q: Hit Matt.  Is it difficult when you have to change the storyline a little for tv?  Besides people complaining lol
A: It’s a challenge to fit all the juicy parts of the books into 59 mins. And as you know there’s a lot of juice in these books

Q: Did you have to work the entire holiday?
A: Most of it.  My guess is you want to see #Outlander S3

Q: Whoa! I’ve never been on here when one of these starts. Where to begin? My mind is blank! #Outlander
A: What a time to have writer’s block Arrgh!

Q: Somewhere you and your camera want to go that you haven’t been before?
A: Iceland, New Zealand, Australia, Norway… and the list goes on

Q: Matt what do you do when you have writer’s block? or do you get writer’s block?
A: Reading and research is the best cure for writer’s block (for me).

Q: How many months in advance a location need to be chosen latest to start prep on time?
A: It depends on how complicated the scene is but at least 6 weeks some even more. #Outlander

Keep reading

“Only my mother calls me ‘Napoleon’”

I considered reblogging the conversation, but decided against it because this is got overly long and morphed into a huge meta about Movie Napoleon instead.

I’ve spent months watching, learning, and writing  TV Napoleon, movie Napoleon, and hell even attempted a hybrid version of the two. Because of this, I have a lot of opinions and headcanons that will not jive with everyone. This is my interpretation and is not meant to be the right one in any way. Just one interpretation of many scattered across the fandom.

In general, I treat the two versions of Napoleon as two very different people both due to narrative circumstances and the routes the actors took in developing their character.

Now, some points about Movie Napoleon:

1) He is not to be considered the same Napoleon as TV Napoleon. That much is clear the moment you realise he is not working for UNCLE already at the beginning of the movie, which is set in 1963.

2) Henry never watched the show before taking on the role. He decided to interpret Napoleon in his own way and from the script alone. This makes a lot of people (me included) that did watch the show before the film or have watched the show after the film a bit uncomfortable or grumpy in general because hot damn, TV Napoleon is a gift. 

3) Piggy-backing on point 2, it is clear that the movie wanted to interpret Napoleon and Illya in a grittier way that they thought would appeal to modern audiences more, so it was a given they would be different (though to be honest, I never expected them to be that different when the movie finally came out).

In my opinion, doing that actually hurt the movie as much as making it an origin story (that takes places in 1963???? why????) did. From what I can tell, the modern audience now that has watched the show or is starting to love TV Napoleon because he is so different from the popular spies we see these days in film and television. He stands out on his own as a character that you cannot immediately compare to another type of spy or movie protagonist right off the bat.

4) That said, if Ian Fleming were alive or had his way with developing Napoleon Solo beyond the name, I’m sure movie Napoleon would be a closer match to what he originally intended. 

Now onto the quote itself and what it revealed to me–

A lot of people take Napoleon saying that line to Victoria as meaning he doesn’t own up to his name and doesn’t like it. I never saw that line like that. It isn’t him seriously saying ‘man, I only like my last name because it’s cooller than Napoleon’–c’mon guys, this is a guy that stayed on in Europe for awhile after the war and probably worked on becoming more European to blend in and do his thing. He probably learned to own up to Napoleon and took pride in it and how European and/or exotic it sounded.

I saw that line he says to Victoria as Napoleon being facetious in the face of a woman that was gloating about catching him. She calls him ‘Napoleon’ in a fond, condescending way because after all, she just caught him and defeated him. Napoleon, in a final act of defiance before he succumbs to the drugged scotch decides to say this line to her. She certainly seems to understand this because of the way she smiles and drops herself over the top of that couch. I mean, guys, Napoleon doesn’t really have many moments in the film where he is sincere or honest, so what makes you think he was being sincere or honest when confronted with a woman that is 100% likely gonna kill him when he wakes up?

I find the quote also brings to attention just how lonely Napoleon Solo as a character is in this film. No one calls him ‘Napoleon’ save for the woman that he knows will likely be the person that will kill him. He has 0 expectations of being saved and it’s clear he’s resigned to his fate by the time the torture scene rolls into place. He has no close personal ties with anyone in the movie, despite being the most social of the trio of agents. His own charm is his armor against letting this mission and the people involved get too close to him. 

Unlike in the show, Napoleon is not doing any of this spy business because he wants to, but because it is his literal prison sentence. Granted, he does seem to take some enjoyment from the whole thing in the form of sleeping with two gorgeous ladies and having a mini picnic by the dock, but those are temporary, physical pleasures and hell the second time he sleeps with a woman, it was out of necessity to maintain his cover.

But back to the name, note how Gaby and Illya are actually called by their first name more than once. Gaby and Illya grow close with one another while Napoleon maintains his distance, smiling all the while. Gaby and Illya obviously gain some respect for him over the course of the movie, but neither make any attempts to get to know Napoleon as a person. He is a means to an end. 

It does not even occur to Illya that Napoleon is anything more than a temporary partner (a good one and one he does not want to kill, given how they had just finished saving the world and all) until Napoleon returns his father’s watch to him. That gesture and the fact that Napoleon called him ‘Illya’ during the extraction mission are clear indications that Napoleon saw Illya as more than an agent and as a person. Illya, however, does not see or think Napoleon even cares about him until the watch moment. The return of the watch unsettles Illya to the core and makes it impossible for him to do as his handler wants because here is a man that is more than his record. Here is a man that cared enough to go out of his way to get back his watch despite all he went through.

In my opinion, it is only after the watch scene that we begin to see the start of a true partnership between Illya and Napoleon and the beginnings of a friendship. Should we get a sequel, we will probably continue to see their friendship and bond grow into something more like what we are familiar with from the show.

However, do I think movie Napoleon could ever become someone like TV Napoleon? Possibly, but then again, this reboot has things set up so differently that movie Napoleon will never become TV Napoleon exactly just like Reboot Jim Kirk will never be the same as ToS Jim Kirk.