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This Darkness Is The Light-a Castle AU Chapter Five

Rating: Teen
Summary: Leo Fitz has just killed off his most beloved character and has no idea what to write next. But when a series of murders are staged like the ones in his books, Fitz finds himself working along side Detective Jemma Simmons; she’s kind, stern and the perfect inspiration for his new book series.


Jemma, who had been going to collect something out of her desk drawer, stopped and smiled at him, “It’s my job, Fitz. Of course I like it.”

“Yeah, well, not everyone likes their job,” he replied, making a face somewhere between deep thinking and regret, “I mean loads of people hate their jobs.”

“Name one,” Jemma said, straightening so that she was nearly eye-level with Fitz. He folded his arms, taking a step forward, a smug and determined look on his face. Clearly, he loved a good challenge.

He pointed over her shoulder, she turned so she could see. A pasty middle-aged man was being walked to one of the interrogation rooms. She turned back to Fitz, raising an eyebrow.

He leaned down toward her and whispered, “Bet he’s not enjoying his job right now, is he?”

She froze, realizing their close proximity. Heart-rate inclining, she replied, “Probably not, no-”

Fitz opened his mouth, seemingly unaware of the position they were in, but whatever he was about to say, she never got to hear it.

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