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Request: Imagine being Malcolm’s protégé 

You couldn’t help but frown as you followed Malcolm down to what would be your new homes. You had been there with him throughout everything, from his plans for the Glades to uniting him with his daughter, but this was different. The scale of this was beyond anything you ever could have imagined, and for once you weren’t entirely certain your boss and mentor was doing what was best. Of course, many would argue that he hadn’t done the right thing when it came to the Glades either, and while you didn’t exactly agree to mass murder, you could at least see where he was coming from. But this was different, this was the entire world.

“Y/N” Malcolm drew you from your thoughts, holding his arm out for you as you reached a staircase leading down. “You seem distracted” he points out with something akin to a smile.

“I’m fine” you reassure, smiling back at him as your hand wraps around his arm.

“You’re thinking about all the people who will die” Malcolm nods knowingly. “I would be worried if you weren't” he whispers conspiratorially, making you smile, no matter how bleak things seemed, he could always make you smile, it was one of the main reasons you had stuck by him for so long. “I’m not going to lie, Y/N, many will die, but we will live.”

“Do we deserve to?” the question left your lips before you had a chance to stop it, and you couldn’t help but cringe at your own words. You had never questioned Malcolm, at least, not out loud. But as your gaze lands upon Malcolm you’re surprised at the look you receive. There is no anger, no disappointment, only a sad recognition of your words.

“The world needs a do over, you know this. There is so much evil, so much violence… this will give us that chance” he replies, not touching your question. A moment passes and you think you won’t get an answer, but as Malcolm continues to lead you down the stairs he starts once more. “We can not always stop what is coming, but we can make sure that we, and our loved ones, are safe.”


Is there anything better than Malcolm scaring the absolute living hell out of someone twice his size?  And it’s not fake either: according to one of the commentaries, Phil’s terror was NOT acting.

But take heart, Phil!  At least if Malcolm tears your fucking skin off he’ll keep it in the family and not, you know, sell it as a [extra-long] sleeping bag to a fucking NORMAL person.

(And Ollie of course is only laughing because it isn’t happening to him.)


Another important piece of the Malcolm Tucker origin story.

Of all the things America has given to the world…this is perhaps from the more unexpected end of the scale*.   

What I find most interesting about it, is 1) the distinction Peter makes between the Real Life people who certainly inspired the FACT of Malcolm’s particular job in TTOI Downing Street, but who didn’t in any specific way inspire HOW Malcolm carried out that job, but even more than that

2) how it fits in with something Peter says in one of the early TTOI episode commentaries where he talks about realizing that Malcolm’s shouting and swearing doesn’t cost him anything in the emotional sense. 

He absolutely means it when he’s doing it, but for Malcolm (at least in the good old days) it was just a performance of rage in a particular moment for a particular purpose and when that moment passed he could be all charm and smiles again.

(Poor Hugh)

Although sometimes of course the charm and smiles is completely in anticipation of the shouting yet to come. 

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Malcolm, meet the Doctor.  The Doctor, meet Malcolm.

I know you fellows don’t mean to have anything in common –beyond the obvious of course – and yet here we are again with the things that are the same.

(Or, you know, *pretty damn close to it* anyway.)