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Chen the type to convince Baekhyun and Minseok to go on late night Wal-mart runs with him for ‘team bonding’. 




Even though Hank and John (and sometimes I) went into everything from the Big Bang -> Future in Season 1, this new six-part series is going to fill in a bunch of gaps and go into further detail on some topics that were skimmed over previously. 

I hope you watch, enjoy, and have your mind blown as many times as mine was! 


Turns out we couldn’t teach the entire history of the universe in 10 episodes, so Emily Graslie is back for more Big History!

We’re on the edge of a brave new future, Juno. It’s exciting, isn’t it?” -Peter Nureyev, Juno Steel and The Final Resting Place

For my graduation cap, I knew I wanted a quote from the Juno Steel series, but it was hard to narrow down. I re-listened to the entire series and it wasn’t until I heard this line and I just knew. This was the line that I want to embody graduation day.

I could write a whole speech about the impact the Penumbra Podcast has made on my life, but suffice it to say: Thank you. Thank you to the cast and crew of The Penumbra for giving me the stories I never knew I needed.

Now, I’m off to start my brave new future!

people may have differing opinions, but please remember to discuss these opinions with civility, respect, and kindness

if your goal is to pass along an idea and give something to the other person to ponder and reflect upon, approaching with hate is not the way to do it.

if you go to someone and say, “hi, i’m right, you’re dumb,” they’re not gonna listen to you. 

i’d imagine approaching with, “hello, i’d like to give you a different perspective, if you’re willing,” would be accepted much better

so please, be kind


Some things are really hard to watch.


Mother, what would you say if I wanted you right here on this table on a bed of spinach?