and of all of the wonderful gifts he has given us

Gifts of the Holy Spirit

Have you ever wondered how you can do some things that are quite not normal? Have you ever wondered who gave you the ability to do these things? or maybe you’re still trying to know what was given to you. 

Well, there are actually a lot of gifts that the spirit could give to you. Just ask the Lord with all your heart that He may reveal to you what gift that He has in store for you. There are actually a lot of gifts and yes I don’t even know what are the other gifts. In this post I’ll just focus on the 9 gifts coming from the Holy Spirit. 

These are the 9 gifts of the Holy Spirit:

  • The word of knowledge
  • The word of wisdom
  • The gift of prophecy
  • The gift of faith
  • The gift of healing
  • The working of miracles
  • The discerning of spirits
  • Different kinds of tongues
  • The interpretation of tongues.

God gave each and every one of us gifts for us to use for His glory. Whatever gift that we’ve received from Him these gifts are for a God-given purpose and I hope and pray that we use these gifts to the purpose that it’s meant to be.

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It is a beautiful day. I’m thankful for the life God has planned for me. I’m thankful for all that He wants to do through me for His Kingdom. 

Lord, use me and the gifts you have given me to glorify you and demonstrate your love. I want others to see your wonders and to have a great passion for you and what you want to do through us.

The Power of Words

“There is one whose rash words are like sword thrusts, but the tongue of the wise brings healing.” - Proverbs 12:18

It has always been my passion to write. Having the heart for words is such a wonderful God given gift that I’ll never trade anything for.  

I began writing at an early age. As a child, I’d stay in my little corner writing poems and stories for my mom who’s working abroad. I’d keep them all and would trade it for gifts she’d bring home. As a little kid, I enjoyed the use of my imagination. Instead of challenging myself in physical activities or the arts, I chose to challenge my mind.

My father’s a composer, he’d write songs and for some time I’d write with him. I fell involve with music and would be thrilled to sing the songs we wrote. Although those splendid memories were short-live because our relationship fell apart during my teens until early adulthood, those times were close to my heart. Perhaps I got my talent from dad, that’s what I have been telling myself before. So, when the gap happened between us, I started to turn my back at writing and tried exploring for other things to spend my time on. Years went by, but God certainly has a sense of humor. As I pushed myself to build a career in fashion and media, I ended up becoming a writer. But since I was writing about stuffs I wasn’t interested in, writing has become limited to my job. I’d write empty words just to have something published and it sucked big time. I felt like my career was built in mediocrity. I’ve always questioned myself if I find fulfilment and meaning in what I do. I’d usually end up saying that it is a mediocre lifestyle. Something that would just help me get by. Something that I would never excel in. It’s true that words these days are cheap, and writers aren’t paid enough with the effort they do. It was a struggle that I’ve been battling for years… until I was found by Jesus.  

Christ has been pursuing me since the beginning, I was just to distracted to see. He gave me a gift that was far more powerful than I expected. Just as I received the good news and fully accepted Jesus as my Lord and savior, I saw writing at a different light. It’s not a mediocre talent! Just like all other gifts from God, it’s a wonderful blessing!

Slowly, it became clear tome. I realised that writing is more than just creating fiction or writing reviews. It was more than just fashion advice or a research paper. It’s more than just being paid for the words you put in paper. It’s a powerful tool to glorify God. To introduce Jesus to the world. Writing can save lives, it can touch souls. Through Jesus, words can heal and words can bring light to the lost.

Now, I choose words to express my love in Him through love letters that I write, Christ-centered advices I give and the insights the Holy Spirit would display through me. It takes the form of long articles and even a 180 character tweet.

My eyes are now open to the truth that writing is not just a tool to escape the ugliness of the world, but a beautiful way to bring light in the world of darkness. An effective way to influence others and an expression of the true beauty of reality and truth in life, Jesus.

As I am “maturing” (because it is a lifetime process) in Christ, I discovered how words could enrich the souls of both the writer and readers. How words could change lives that were priceless. Apart from writing, I’m also an avid reader. (Oh, how I love words!) I’ve been reading countless of books about God and humanity. And I’ve experienced how these books would influence my life and how I see things.

My most recommended book? The bible. It may sound cheesy, but it’s true. The scriptures which I would always call as “God’s love letters”, is our modern day source of knowledge and wisdom bridging our relationship to our God, our creator, who holds our life’s mission. It’s amazing how this book, and the words in it introduces us to our Messiah. Through the bible and the many godly writers made it possible for us to believe and have faith in someone we couldn’t see, truths beyond our comprehension. Together with the Holy Spirit, those words are our weapon against sin and our means of discipleship. With words, testimonies are told, prophecies are made known and the most relevant stories in history are recorded. How powerful words can be, and it should never be underestimated.

Truly, I feel so blessed to have the heart in writing. And certainly, everyone of us have their own gift to share the world. Gifts that would be of help to fulfil the will of God. Some can sing, some serve with their hands and some use their voices to preach. But for me, I’ve been given a gift of writing which I’ll make use to display His glory. I will be forever grateful.