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Hi! Do you think there will ever be Hamilton on this blog?

I’ve blogged about Hamilton-related things before (such as this post by Mod Finn @nerdsagainstfandomracism), but as far as blogging about the show itself, I haven’t here on DHF for a couple of reasons:

1. This blog focuses primarily on genre (fantasy, scifi, comics, horror), with occasional posts about historical revisionism and race.

2. As much as I like the music of Hamilton and the casting choices, it’s really neither of those things.

3. The racial issues in regards to fandom and Hamilton are in a league of their own. What other fandom has white people romanticizing slaveholders via black and brown actors? There are so many complicated things going on regarding Hamilton, its reception, and fandom that it deserves to be covered by someone who is an active part of the fandom. Which I’m not.

That said, theater is a major part of my life (I’m a professional theater reviewer), and I definitely appreciate what Hamilton’s doing as far as creating roles intended for actors of color. I see all of the touring Broadway companies that come to town, and the lack of color can be glaring. These shows rarely cast creatively – yes, I love that there’s inclusion in shows like Kinky Boots and the Rent revival, but most of the touring shows have a nostalgia angle and feature no actors of color in major roles, if at all. (This isn’t so much the case with local shows in my town – a community theater here recently did an almost all-Black (literally one character was white) version of Cabaret and it was AMAZING. The touring Cabaret company – the one that earns professional wages – is all white.) 

And while some big shows like Les Mis have diversified and any respectable Shakespeare company is going to be inclusive, the whiteness of professional American theater is still an issue. So, everything else aside, I love that Hamilton came in with a cast of color that challenges the audience’s perceptions, and that has to be cast with actors of color to be true to its vision.  

How about NDRV3 boys making their s/o laugh so hard tears come out? Like, what would they do to make them laugh? Thank you!

Sorry this took so long, friendo. But I know for a fact that you’ll enjoy it.

Korekiyo Shinguuji

  • He stands in front of you with his voice as even and calming as ever
  • He’s telling you about youkai that are basically objects that come to life after neglect
  • The stories about the sentient futon and lantern are pretty cool
  • Then he tells you a youkai that’s basically a dude with a lute for a head
  • You start holding back a laugh
  • Then he tells you about umbrellas that come to life with a completely straight face
  • All they do is hop around and try to scare people
  • You start giggling and ask if he has any pictures of them
  • Surprisingly, he pulls out a little black notebook
  • On the corners of note pages, you occasionally see silly and crudely drawn umbrellas with single eyes and a tongue sticking out at you
  • Just the mental image of Shinguuji drawing these…
  • You burst out laughing
  • He looks incredibly confused and asks you what’s so funny
  • This only causes you to laugh harder every time he asks
  • He eventually gets you a phone charm that looks like one

Rantarou Amami

  • Now Amami may seem smooth
  • But you’ve witnessed those far and few between moments where he messes up
  • One time in particular, he offered to show you a movie
  • When you asked him what kind, he started listing them out
  • Action, comedy, drama, horra-

  • “Excuse me,” he said, “ho-were-
  • …That’s not it either.
  • He spends the next eight minutes trying to say it correctly
  • But the longer he goes on, the less like a word it becomes
  • You were already laughing after the first attempt but now you’re struggling for breath
  • His face is bright red nearly the whole time
  • Eventually he just gives up and blurts out “A scary movie, okay? A scary movie.
  • You two never really talk about it but it just sort of became an inside joke
  • Now you occasionally mispronounce the word “horror” on purpose just to see the look on his face

Kokichi Ouma

  • Now, he’s always cracks jokes at you so you’re used to his humor
  • But recently he’s started this little habit of naming things
  • It was something cutesy that made you giggle so he kept doing it
  • It reached a peak one day while the two of you were sitting on the couch
  • One second he’s eating grapes
  • The next you hear an overdramatic “JUNIOR NO”
  • Your head snaps over to see Ouma almost jump off the couch to catch the grapes that somehow slipped from his grasp
  • You just burst out laughing
  • Your boyfriend, a supreme leader, is fumbling to make sure his grapes don’t hit the floor
  • When they do, he has exaggerated tears
  • And you start laughing harder until you have tears in your eyes too
  • He looks almost offended
  • How dare you laugh over the death of Junior, you monster
  • You pause in your laughter long enough to remind him that he was going to eat “Junior” anyways
  • He just kinda goes “Oh yeah”, remembers the five second rule, and eats the grapes

Shuuichi Saihara

  • Now, your boyfriend isn’t really one to yell
  • He gets easily exasperated, sure, but he rarely gets angry
  • So you weren’t expecting much when you decided to show him this terrible movie
  • He did his usual routine he did when he watched movies
  • He deduced them and snarked at them to the point where even a three-year-old could tell who the villain was
  • But then the actual reveal happened
  • He paused the movie and got up
  • He took in a deep breath
  • He flew into a rant that had him pacing around the room and flailing his hands
  • Because that is not how you mystery, movie, that is not
  • You barely register a word of it because you’re on the floor laughing

Kaito Momota

  • Seeing him with bedhead is still, hands down, the funniest thing you’ve ever seen.


  • You two still aren’t quite sure of how it happened
  • You were just taking a walk
  • Then Kiibo tripped over air and fell face-first into the ground
  • His whole posture was stiff and his feet were still up in the air
  • You feel bad about it but you burst out laughing
  • Because when’s the next time you’re going to see a robot faceplant directly into the grass
  • He gets up on his hands and knees to get off the ground
  • You notice the flowers stuck to his hair and start laughing harder
  • He almost pouts at you and tells you that it’s not funny!
  • But eventually your laughter infects him and he starts chuckling along with you
  • He’s a bit more cautious on walks now

Gonta Gokuhara

  • Gonta isn’t quite sure how he ended up like this???
  • Gonta was sure that he was running late
  • And now he’s locked in the room an hour early?
  • While Gonta’s glad that he can see you through the glass
  • And he’s really glad that he could make you laugh this hard…
  • Could you please stop laughing long enough to help Gonta get out?

Ryouma Hoshi

  • You were just playing Metal Gear Solid when he came in
  • He sat down beside you and said something
  • Then Snake said something
  • That’s when you notice and giggle
  • He starts blushing and asks
  • “What? Did I say something funny?”
  • Almost immediately after, you hear another voice clip from Snake
  • You laugh harder
  • He starts getting frustrated until it finally clicks
  • Wow does he sound like Snake
  • He says one of Snake’s lines with as much enthusiasm as he can for you
  • He’s still not over it either
Since a lot of people want to unsub Jon; here's some really cool people who do the same thing as him, are just as funny, and much less racist.

JordanUnderneath - Does horror reviews. Occasionally talks about his depression or loneliness in general, but not in a bad way or an attention seeking way, more in a way that says “this is how and why this game reached out to me and personally effected me.” Pretty damn funny and one of my favorite reviewers right now.

BrutalMoose - Does a lot of old cassette reviews and a LOT of point-and-click games. Great sense of humor, and uploads much more frequently than Jon.

ProJared - it’s ProJared

PeanutButterGamer - Kinda shouty, but if that’s your thing, that’s your thing! Has a very straight to the point sense of humor. Pretty dang good video editing too!

Game Grumps - Not a review show, but it’s Jon’s old Let’s Play show that he’s since left. In my opinion, it’s doing much better without him, Dan is a fantastic person and the channel uploads daily.

  • My computer: makes horrifying glitchy aborted sounds every once an hour or so
  • Me: gently pats and shushes it before continuing like nothing's happened
Random Homestuck Headcanons

At least for my OT3 + Dave

- Karkat’s voice range can go from Jimmy Urine’s dog whistle soprano to Sully Erna’s satanic growls in 0.3 seconds and every time his voice changes that drastically every living person within earshot will have a panic attack and or turn around like someone just insulted their lusus. They get really surprised and jumpy, he doesn’t know why.
- Karkat wears boyshorts. Not boxers- the girl’s version of boxers. He’s a huge total dork and they’re just a lot more comfortable and you can physically fight him on that. Besides, anyone who’s seen them won’t deny that they look perfectly fine.
- Terezi doesn’t actually lick people randomly, but she WILL give Karkat the sloppy dog kiss on occasion, just to freak him out while actually dishing out the affection that poor kid deserves.
- Terezi is actually pretty tall and slightly chubby, but she wears it well and uses tree-skipping as a daily exercise.
- Terezi has actually learned to sew and makes her own Scalemates when the other ones “mysteriously” disappear. Contrary to popular belief, they actually have nice color patterns and palettes, and each color choice has a specific, personal meaning. One of her favorites is a shale-and-blue one with a single red button eye.
- Karkat actually messaged Kanaya to learn to sew as well, and made his first Scalemate as a Wriggling Day Present to Terezi. It’s a shoddy gray-and-black one and he has never once not seen her without it while taking a nap or sleeping in her coon. He pretends not to notice.
- Sollux’s lisp is actually quite minor and doesn’t completely butcher his sentences, but the little hiss he lets out is a weird little quirk Karkat secretly admires.
- While Karkat’s horns feel more like a smooth pebble or porcelain, Terezi’s feels like sandpaper (scratchy and awful if you go the wrong way, but nice and smooth if you go the other way). Sollux’s horns feel more like polished wood.
- Sollux plucks his eyebrows
- Karkat has broken his nose at least three times
- Terezi, surprisingly, has not broken or cracked a single bone in her body and the worst injury she’s gotten is a mild sprain in her ankle.
- Dave is very fair-skinned, but instead of stark albino white his hair is more of a light, creamy color
- Dave has a severe case of freckles
- When Dave’s guard is down and he’s not playing off the coolkid charade, he’s actually the worst flustered virgin about absolutely anything and it’s honestly the cutest yet infuriating thing Karkat has seen in his life
- Karkat and Terezi have a movie marathon every perigree that consists of old spy movies and cheesy romcoms along with the occasional horror film.
- Sollux is actually the crybaby of them all, not Karkat. Karkat is only a sobbing mess during movies, but Sollux will throw a tantrum if somebody leaves a sock in the room. 
- When he’s not throwing a fit and glued to the computer screen Sollux is actually a very chill, surprisingly cuddly troll
- Karkat and Sollux have no real label on their relationship, but it seems to be a huge messy metronome of Moiraillagence and Kismesisitude. Everyone calls them Kisrails when they’re not around. 
- Karkat also has black feelings towards Dave, simply because of his sheer stupidity, but on the very special occasion he flushes sometimes, as well
- Terezi is the main red interest in Karkat’s amazing love life
- Sollux and Dave compete regularly to win over Karkat’s attention and in the very back of his sketchbook there are black Soldave scribbles. Thankfully no one’s found them. Yet(???)
- Terezi and Sollux actually have no comment on each other
- Terezi and Dave get along pretty well, but both of them have decided that dating each other wouldn’t really work after what happened last time
- Karkat’s drawers are actually filled with stolen clothes, and it’s not a surprised to see a disheveled Vantas wearing a Libra T-shirt, record boxers and fuzzy bee socks. 

@wallathewalrus @paradoxcuddle and @panic-at-the-discovery-kids are my proud huge polyamorous family gathering of Karkat ships
Also happy birthday to the lispy douchebag @paradoxcuddle because they’re the reason I made this mess

Just got a pretty big wave of new followers. Hey guys, great to see you. Friendly reminder that this blog does feature NSFW content (always tagged with #nsfw) will occasionally feature discourse (all discourse is tagged as #wank), and will occasionally feature body horror content (always tagged with #body horror). I’m happy to have y’all here, ya lovelies! 

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What do you think would happen if everyone from Reverse!falls and regular falls met

OH dang so first of all I have some Opinions on Reverse Falls.

So like. Reverse Mabel is like. A dorky cartoon villain. Like, think Doofenshmirtz or Draken or Bowler Hat Guy or Dan Backslide. She’s that kind of over the top campy villain. Everything is poofy dresses and over the top musical numbers and elaborate traps and all the death rays end in -inator.

Reverse Dipper is a villian (read: sidekick) who takes everything way too seriously but is actually 12. Like he’s trying to be Shego and Doris and Drago and he’s really. He’s really just a twelve year old edgelord.

So they wind up being this… weirdly ineffective crime duo and Reverse Stan is just this… nice and mild mannered guy who has absolutely no fucking idea what Dipper and Mabel actually get up to, he thinks they’re kids just playing around and shit. Like they’ll be all “Hey Grunkle Stan can we go take over the town” and he’s like “Oh that must be the new monstermon game the kids are playing. Have fun!”

Reverse Stan is just this nice, charitable guy who wants his employee, Reverse Soos, to be like the son he never had and Soos (who is tbh kind of rude and has committed a ton of crimes both small and large and he’s that guy from Ratatouille who’s all “I killed a man… with this thumb” but Latino instead of French) is like “dude chill” and meanwhile Reverse Wendy is a super feminine lesbian instead of a super butch lesbian and solves problems through makeup and other traditionally feminine things and appears stressed but is actually a really chill person. Over time, Reverse Stan slowly becomes less and less chill and eventually joins in on the family’s plots to take over the world.

Reverse Ford knows what’s up with the kids and wants to teach them the family business (pure evil and occasionally summoning eldritch horrors for funsies) and he’s got this whole lovecraftian mad scientist aesthetic going on and even though they’re all evil they all love each other and they’re all family and Rev Stan and Ford don’t really fight. 

like, when Rev Ford’s project was sabotaged he came home in tears like “You finally did something mean I thought you were going to be this pushover forever I’m so proud of you!” and Ford just vows revenge on West Coast Tech for failing to see his genius (Because in Rev Falls he actually has confidence in himself) and all who mocked him in his youth. And when Rev Stan saved Ford from the portal Ford was just “YOU FOOLS, NOW I SHALL WREAK HAVOC UPON THIS WORLD! THANKS TO MY BROTHER, GRAVITY FALLS WILL SOON BE MINE!” 

So if the pines meet up with their reverse selves it’d be like

a brawl at first and then an awkward thanksgiving dinner type thing?


((Hi everyone!

Just wanted to let you know that during this arc of the blog, Average’s posts might be viewed as disturbing to many. This might include the occasional post of body horror or just creepy content. I’ll make sure to tag accordingly, but if you do not wish to see that sort of stuff, feel free to unfollow.

Take care!))

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Oh come on, fuck you, your game graphics is fucking awesome D: i'll never do something like this

you totally can if you put the time into it!! a few months ago our deer looked like this:

and he animated like this:

even now we still occasionally accidentally summon eldritch horrors that destroy worlds:

but yeah, follow your dreams man,

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Omg are you for real?? You not only admit to stealing other people's hard work, but publicly boast about it? Next thing you publish will be traced and celebrated as well?? What then? Sell the prints?! Seriously this is exactly all that's wrong with the art community these days. Stop copying like a thief and pay for proper art college like the rest of us.

I’m just going to leave these two random (but definitely two out of many, many teaching books) examples here:

↑  Pen&Ink Techniques – Frank Loha – ISBN 0-8092-7439-6  ↑

↑  Figure  Drawing for Artists - Making Every Mark Count – Steve Huston – ISBN  978-1-63159-065-8  ↑

As a side note, it’s hardly a thievery since not only I admit (as you have keenly noted) to copying, but I also provide either a link, or at least a source (artist/book/art) of my target practice.

As for a college degree…I am 32. A mother of three. Living in a country that doesn’t offer an art degree in college, or has a college for it in the first place, let alone for an expat housewife. And if it did, I wouldn’t be able to afford it. 

But, lacking the proper education such a prodigy as you obviously gets together with an innate talent to draw everything without a reference…(how do you do that, actually? Do you…close your eyes while drawing, not to accidentally copy something from life?)…I try with the tools provided and available, by myself, be it by referencing, copying, and even, yes - oh, the horror - occasional tracing if I want to focus on, let’s say, crosshatching practice but do not want to dwell on straight lines for it first. It’s called practice and exercise for a reason, my dear child.

Now, that you don’t like it, I care not for. Simply move along and do not dwell on a lowly copy-cat blog such as mine. I’m sure you’re busy drawing reference-less masterpieces for your college art degree anyway.

May your strokes never falter,


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reader getting hurt on a mission and kurt is like AH OH No

Originally posted by munichsbluedevil

Eyyy! Shout-out to the lovely @broknglasskid for helping me with the German! :D you’re awesome!

Title: Fear Death Itself.
Pairing: Kurt Wagner x Reader.
Words: 892.
Rating: T. (Mild violence.)

Saving the world and protecting humans wasn’t always fun and games, you told yourself constantly. There was always death, and fear, and pain… Things that no one could stop feeling, even if they try their hardest. There are things that are inevitable, that will always happen, no matter the outcome. Kurt told you that, the first time you two were out on the field together. And, it was something you always told yourself when faced with the enemy. Live and let die, you figured. What happens, happens. There’s no way of stopping the flow of life.

The last thing you could consciously remember, before being throwing back by a blast you hadn’t even realized was  a few feet in front of you until the moment it happened; your head banging against the wall and ricocheting, was Kurt’s face. The familiar markings that took place on his forehead, swirling down his cheekbones, down his body. He was beautiful, peaceful even, to remember, and even more so to look at. He was shouting something that you couldn’t quite understand. Something that still echoed inside of your mind as you came back to life. He locked eyes with you before you went unconscious, his mouth moving to tell you something. Your name, maybe. That’s what it looked like, from your experience of watching his mouth form words and noises.

That was only two minutes ago. And, a lot can happen in two minutes.

Your breathing felt like it was on fire. Every intake of breath that you took, every exhale, seemed to fan it, expanding and growing into something uncontrollable. You could taste blood in your mouth, a taste that disgusted you to no ends. Your eyes were still shut, as if wired and afraid to open to your surroundings. What were you fearing?  Death? You tried to shift your body, a sudden, sharp scream of agony escaping your lips as you did. Movement was restricted, breathing was unpredictable, like you could stop at any second. Twitching your fingers, you grasped at the ground below you, trying to deduct your surroundings. It felt metallic and cold. With buzzing ears, you swallowed thickly, pushing back all anguish your head, and focused. Your mind was still a fuzz, but one thing was clear. And that was Kurt’s face.

Dirt was stuck to your face, mixing in with the irony taste of the blood, and the salty stench of sweat. The face paint of war. If you had it in you to gag, you would have. Your head was beating, as if there was someone inside beating on drum at a rapid, unfreezable pace.

“(Name)!” You knew that voice, and it was drawing closer. “(Name)… Please… Don’t leave me…” Kurt.

His tail flicked behind him wildly, hitting the edges of the seats on the jet, creating a unique pattern of pure horror. Occasionally, it would strike metal, and that would echo like a strange song. Kurt was working quickly, his hands pressing a cloth to any parts of your body that were currently bleeding. “(Name).” Kurt whispered more adoringly this time around, as if this was the last time he was ever going to see you.

 “I know you can do it just… öffne deine Augen[open your eyes]…” His voice droned inside of your head, and it took a few processing moments to realize that he had just spoken in German. Cradling your head in his lap, he continued to help your battered body and sighed shakily.

“Bitte, öffne deine Augen[Please, open your eyes]…” Kurt sniffled softly, focusing his eyes on your chest, and your breathing, “If you open your eyes… I’ll do anything you want me to…” He paused, pushing back his tears, “If you open your eyes… I’ll… I’ll ask you to marry me… And I’d let you choose the wedding colors and everything just… Bitte…”

Your jaw slacked open, a small groan of pain peeping from your lips, your eyes flashing open only slightly. Blue. “K-Kurt…” You gasped for air.


“… Ah!” You shouted out, clenching your jaw shortly afterwards.

“I think you have a few broken ribs,” He sounded panicked, “and I didn’t know what to do, so I transported the two of us onto the jet. The fighting is still going on, and I couldn’t have just left you there… (Name)…” He sounded like a child, saying your name so gently and tearfully. “I’m so scared… I’ve never been this scared before… I can’t lose you…” His face twisted slightly, and it took you a few seconds to realize that he had begun crying. “I can’t.” Kurt repeated, holding your body closer to his, making sure he wasn’t hurting you further in the process.

“I-I… Am not goin’ any-w-where…” You managed to peep out.

Kurt licked his bottom lip, which was still quivering with emotion, “you better not.”

“Pr-Promise.” You smiled slightly at him, “A few b-broken ribs aren’t go-gonna ke-keep me from a-annoying you for the r-rest of my li-life, Kurt.”

He laughed quietly, craning his head down to press a warm, and feathery kiss to your lips. It lasted a few seconds, and spoke what he was feeling. Relief, joy, love, happiness… “Good to know…” Kurt gave you a smile against your lips, diving in for another kiss. “Ich liebe dich…”

“I lo-looove you moreeee…”

Between Shops & Friends

He’d been down the row interspersed with colourful and confusing items for a good fifteen minutes. The staff would think he was a pervert of some kind, lingering in the sanitary napkin aisle. Not that John had wanted to linger especially, he’d postponed this bit of shopping for ages, filling his trolley with all kinds of important items, besides frivolous ones, stalling even the tiniest bit with surveying the savoury aisle more than he’d needed. 

It wasn’t like Mary hadn’t asked him to buy this sort of thing before, though those few occasions were often months apart, and in his own opinion the entire collective line of sanitary packets had altered appearance. He couldn’t wrap his mind around them at all, and he was a doctor. It was only blood, but he didn’t know whether she wanted scented ones or ones with patterns on the inside.

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Throwback Thursday: Fangoria’s Weekend of Horrors, 1990 & 1991. The top picture, which you’ve probably already seen, is me with Gunnar Hansen in 1991. The bottom two pictures, of me with Bruce Campbell and Linnea Quigley were taken at the 1990 convention. I was 14 and 15 in these pictures. I feel like both of these cons were in the San Francisco area, but I’m not totally sure. I still can’t figure out how I was able to convince my parents to let me travel 8 hours with my brother’s girlfriend’s sister to come to these convention with no real adult supervision. It was such an exciting time for a teenaged me who loved horror but lived in a tiny city with no real access to much of it, aside from the occasional big budget horror movie or sequel that occasionally played at the theatre in town.

Here’s the grumpy old man part of my story: I wish horror conventions were still like this. You paid the ticket price, which I’m pretty sure was around $20. A lot of money back then, especially for a kid (even though I did have a job at this time). But you’d pay to get in, and aside from buying stuff from the dealers tables, everything else was free. Autographs were free, photos with the guests were free. special panels were free. If they did any sort of special movie screening or premier, that was free. I still love horror cons and I go to one every year, but I hate that I have to pay to get an autograph or photo. Some guests make you pay just to come to their table and say “hi.” Fucking unreal.

Fun facts: I still have the Maniac Cop poster that Bruce is signing for me in the picture. I also have the Texas Chain Saw Massacre poster that Gunnar signed for me, as well as the Fangoria with Return of the Living Dead on the cover that Linnea signed for me.



how did tbirds know that i’m a sucker for those explorer-type movies? tunnels of time appealed to me in all those fun, cheesy ways. plus, parker and penny were my favourites in the 60s series, and i really like 2015′s gordon. so it was a whole lot of fun for me

please enjoy this silly indiana jones-style poster! it was a labour or love, and occasionally, horror when i thought i hadn’t saved and the program froze up.

Have some outsider POV, because there’s never enough. (AO3)

If anyone asked her, Marion would honestly not be able to give any good reason for doing what she did. It was stupid. Incredibly stupid. Stupid and reckless, and dangerous, and had she been murdered in her sleep, she would’ve accepted full responsibility from the afterlife because, again, it was incredibly stupid. There was no universe in which a single woman, on vacation alone in an isolated cabin in the woods, taking in two bloody and beat up men was a good idea. None.

She’d known this at the time; she hadn’t had a momentary lapse in judgment (debatable) or a sudden blossoming faith in the power of love and good of people. She’d looked at the two guys stumbling through the chilly woods, both beaten and bloody and looking like they’d been kicked around a busy freeway for a few hours, and thought I should run. Now. Very far.

She watched horror movies occasionally, she knew how this story ended.

But then one of them collapsed and didn’t move, and the stark fear and worry in the other’s voice hit something deep in her heart that was currently growing three sizes in her chest. Though it might’ve just been the paralyzing fear in her throat. They probably felt similar.


Marion looked down at the small bundle of firewood in her arms, up at the pair, back down to the firewood, and told herself to just take her firewood back into the cabin and leave well enough alone while sipping irish coffee in front of a cozy fire. With the door firmly locked and the couch pushed up against it.

She should. That was the smart and safe thing to do.

She dropped the logs and started jogging—away from cabin, right towards the two mystery men who looked like they were straight out of The Walking Dead. Maybe. She’d never actually seen the show because she was a little squeamish, but it seemed like the kind of scenario in which a lot of characters ended up covered in blood.

Kind of like the guys she was running towards.

This was not one of the brightest moments in her life—which was probably about to come to a swift and bloody end.

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