and occasionally he'll sleep in it

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Headcanon: when Shinsou and Ojiro sleep together, Shinsou gets really cuddly but has a habit of kicking off the blankets and pillows from the bed. So occasionally, he'll mistake Ojiro's tail for Ojiro and accidentally kick Ojiro off the bed. Being the heavy sleeper he is, Ojiro just wakes up in the morning hanging off the side of the bed with his tail in Shinsou's arms.

Ojiro would be hanging real awkward off the bed. He’d probably pull himself back up onto the bed and proceed to lie on Shinsou and cuddle him. Sometimes Ojiro will get tail cramps when he’s sleeping and his tail will just jerk and toss Shinsou clean off the bed.

Ojiro is extremely apologetic in the morning when Shinsou tells him about it though! Poor Shinsou is already sleep deprived without being tossed off the bed!

Why You Want the Hetalia Characters as Your College Roommate--And Why You Don't.
  • Italy: He'll never let you go hungry, and can definitely cook something better than that top ramen you're about to microwave. But, he's loud, kinda clingy, and too lazy to really keep clean.
  • Germany: Will keep everything super clean and organized, but will yell at you if you don't clean up your own messes to his anal standards.
  • Japan: Quiet, won't bother you, also clean but not going to yell at you. He's a shut in though and will complain if you're being too loud.
  • America: He's fun, knows how to party, and will probably bring home McDonald's. You have to put up with his loudness and general ridiculousness though.
  • England: Like Japan, he won't make much noise, but your entire building hates you guys now because he's the reason the fire alarm keeps going off. Also you're going to need a new microwave... again.
  • France: Fun guy and a great cook, and might not notice if you occasionally borrow his really fancy shampoo. On the other hand, he spends hours in the shower and he sleeps naked. Plus, he'll probably try to get in your pants at some point.
  • China: The way he makes sure you're fed and generally takes care of you reminds you of your mother, but so does his scolding.
  • Russia: Generally nice, will defend you in a fight, knows some random parlor tricks that will make you guys popular at parties. Unfortunately he's also generally scary and the tricks are kind of dangerous so you're in charge of the fire extinguisher.
  • Canada: You'll barely even know he's there, plus he can make awesome pancakes on a hot plate. He can get really passive aggressive though.
  • Prussia: Always has booze, always, and he's more than happy to share, plus he keeps the place impeccably clean to boot. Super obnoxious though, and he passes out in weird places when he's drunk, and talks to himself a lot.
  • Austria: Spoiled rich kid, will share some of the fancy cakes and whatever else that his parents send and will take you with him to eat out on the weekends. Basically your sugar daddy except he's your roommate so the catch is you have to do all the cleaning and anything else that's too much effort for him.
  • Spain: Laid back, down to party or just hang out and chill any time. The problem is he's kind of thick and doesn't take hints well. If you leave a sock on the doorknob he'll probably barge in and ask you if you're missing a sock.
  • Romano: Has a cool car, will drive across town to get good pizza from an Italian place instead if you suggest ordering delivery. Otherwise he's really not a great roommate, messy, pissy, and occasionally wets the bed.
  • Hungary: Generally kind, does her share of the cleaning, will kick someone's ass for you any time, but will also kick your ass if she thinks you deserve it.
How'd they sleep
  • Eren: His sleeping position wouldn't be anything special, considering he probably just falls asleep on his back. What would be interesting is the way he'd jerk a lot in his sleep, whether be it because of dreams or because he is just getting disturbed by sudden noise.
  • Armin: He could feel cold easily, so he would love to just curl up like a fetus and sleep like that. He'd fall into a deep, deep sleep once he's comfortable, and it would be a challenge to wake him up. There would be times where he'd relax his body, then suddenly curl up tightly again.
  • Reiner: I can totally see him snoring the night away as he lays on his stomach. It would be pretty amusing to listen to or to tape him because not only does he snore, but he'll also have a variation of snores, from high to low and all. He would also sleep mumble if he's disturbed or whenever he just dreams of something.
  • Bertholdt: There may not be anything unusual about the way he sleeps, save for the fact that he'll be on his stomach as he lets out weird sounds. The way that he snores/sleep mumbles would be pretty strange to hear, and that's going to make it strange. He also seems like the time to let out a groan whenever he'll shift position.
  • Jean: He'll sleep with his hands behind his head and his eyes open. I'm not sure why, but I can just imagine him doing so. He wouldn't move too much during his slumber, except for when he pushes off or pulls in the blanket since he looks like he'll have the too-hot-too-cold problem.
  • Marco: Sleeping on his side with his arm stretched out or wrapped around a pillow would work best for him. He might sleepwalk a little, but it wouldn't be anything too serious. He could get up in the middle of the night to check the time or something, and would completely forget about it the morning after.
  • Connie: He wouldn't have a definite sleeping position, because he'd be moving around a lot. When he's not moving, however, he would sleep with his legs spread out, and he may end up invading the personal space of the person beside him, or worse, fall off the bed. He would try to stay still to avoid this, but his body just has a mind of its own.
  • Levi: His sleeping position may be as proper as his personality, meaning he'd be completely still, except he could be easily mistaken for an unflattened sheet lump. Cocooning himself in the sheets would be something he would find extremely comforting, even if looks silly. He would also shift around in his sleep, and grind his teeth.
  • Erwin: The expression "sleeping like the dead" may be taken a little seriously when it comes to him. He'll lay on his back with his hands on his chest/stomach, and he wouldn't move the whole night. Along with that, he'll also let out noisy breaths and hissing snores.
  • Mikasa: Even if she's a cold person in general, she'd look completely angelic and peaceful when she sleeps. She'll be in a semi-fetal position with the blanket up to her chin, and she'll let out soft sighs and breaths throughout her sleep. If she was really in a deep sleep, she'll occasionally let out hissing snores.
  • Annie: It would be quite hard to distinguish if she was just sleeping or dead, because she'll be completely still and silent during her slumber. Moving her around would be quite easy since she wouldn't rouse from her sleep, although she might mumble something here and there.
  • Sasha: I could just imagine her sleeping on her stomach, except that she would have her butt in the air. Out of all the girls (andboysmaybe), she'll probably drool the most and snore the loudest. Her room mates may complain, but it wouldn't be a problem for her, since she'll be happily making her way in Dream Land.
  • Christa: In order for her to sleep comfortably, she would love to be curled up next to a body pillow. Moreover, she would sleep mumble and let out light but audible sighs/breaths as she sleeps. It would also be quite easy to wake her up; the slightest sound will make her open her eyes.
  • Ymir: Since she looks like the type who'll go to bed because she's really tired, she'd just flop down on her stomach and sleep that way. If she's really really tired, she might let out a few soft snores and maybe a small puddle of drool on her pillow.
  • Hanji: She'd be spread out on the bed, leaving no space for anyone who would want to bunk with her. Besides that, she would also be a sleep talker. It would be pretty entertaining considering she'd do it loud and clear. Plus what she'd say would be totally strange.
  • Petra: If you saw her sleeping form, you'd think that she's a character in a cartoon since she'll have her hands tucked perfectly underneath her cheek, and she'll be in a semi-fetal position. The only sleeping habit she'd having would be grinding her teeth in her sleep. It would be quite annoying, but bearable.
How the Hetalia characters sleep
  • Italy: when alone he sleeps all curled up on his side, and is pretty still except occasionally rolling over to the other siden if someone else is with him (or if he has extra pillows there or something) he'll cling to them and probably won't move all night as long as the other person is still.
  • Germany: sleeps like a log, on his back, arms at his side, feet together. Only if Italy or someone actually asks to cuddle will he oblige and roll onto his side to fulfill his role as big spoon. Although he never moves, he does grumble in his sleep.
  • Japan: can sleep on his side or his back, and will shift between them trying to get comfortable, but is perfectly still once he's asleep. He prefers to have his own space when he sleeps so he's not fond of cuddling or sharing a bed.
  • England: sleeps like a mummy, legs crossed and arms folded over his chest, but he moves in his sleep and somehow always ends up in a blanket burrito by morning. Somehow seems to only snore if France is there because no one else has ever complained about it.
  • France: is happiest when he can wrap an arm around someone before falling asleep. If there's no one there, he will sigh longingly at the empty space in his bed and grab a pillow to cuddle with instead.
  • China: usually sleeps on his side, slightly curled in. Talks in his sleep, a lot.
  • Russia: nestles under a mountain of blankets because it's cold and he likes to be really nice and warm when he sleeps. Usually is smiling in his sleep, unless he's having a bad dream.
  • America: the king of flopping around. Anyone who shares a bed with him will get slapped, kicked, rolled on top of, and have the covers stolen.

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oh my god but i bet kylo is really bored at all of the meetings and stuff he's more or less required to go to (he used to skip them, but recently Hux made him attend) and so half the time he just dozes. occasionally he'll fall completely asleep and all everyone can hear are these weird sort of rasping noises through his mask and it's awkward as hell. No one wants to wake him up and hux always ends up yelling at him. kylo jerks awake and sullenly crosses his arms and glares at everyone

But like if he doesn’t make any noises nobody even realizes he’s asleep, because he sits exactly the same and nobody asks him about anything anyway, so Kylo ends up sleeping through the whole thing. Then everybody stands up an leaves Kylo just stays in his chair and Hux just leaves him there. Kylo wakes up after 2 hours all sore in the empty conference room angry at everyone thet they didn’t wake him up.

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yesss grif is very casually affectionate in lazy ways like he'll just sort of latch onto simmons and probably fall asleep super quickly but it lulls simmons asleep too


Simmons has never had an easy time sleeping.  He spends bedtime going over the day’s successes and failures, making to-do lists and itinerary for tomorrow, and occasionally wondering where it all went so wrong (what started as a stint in the Army to pay for college turned into this, and he hasn’t had R&R in years and what is this about Grif getting paid overtime, what the fuck?).  Not to mention all the legitimate worry about the constant life or death situations.  So yeah, sleeps only comes after long, and sometimes upsetting, staring at the ceiling.

But that changes once he’s sleeping with Grif.  Grif is soft in the right places and warm all over, and his arms are surprisingly strong and he just grip Simmons really tightly and Simmons realizes, for maybe the first time in his life, that he’s not alone, and he’s not unloved, and he has someone to face the next day with (though obviously the to-do list is still exclusively his).  Usually between the warmth and the sound of Grif’s heartbeat, the rise and fall of his chest, Simmons falls asleep within a couple minutes.

He still has bad nights, though.  It’s the nature of being a person who thinks too much.  And on those nights, long after he thinks Grif has already fallen asleep, Grif will say, “Stop thinking so loud,"  And if that doesn’t make Simmons laugh, Grif will reach his arm around and squeeze Simmons’s hand and say, much more quietly, "You’ll be fine.  We’ll be fine.  We always are.”

(Then, of course, if you put this into a post-s11 context, the whole thing is sad somehow, but whatever.)