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Safe and Sound

The Request: The reader and Negan get into a huge fight over something (what it’s over is up to you, lol) and the reader is fed up/hurt and decides to sneak out and leave The Sanctuary. She comes across another group, and they seem fine at first, but it turns out they’re not, and they’re horrible (to her, and to other people, to what extent is up to you). Because they’re horrible, one day they fuck with the wrong person (Negan, lol) and they steal his stuff or maybe ambush his people (like Rick did, only they do it to get supplies) and so, he’s obv gonna find and punish them. When he comes to punish them, he sees the reader and can tell they’ve been awful to her, so after he’s through giving the assholes what they deserve, he saves her, tells her he’s sorry, and that he loves her?  And basically, just as happy an ending. 

Characters: Negan, Reader (OC), Simon, Other OC characters 

Rating: Mature (For Swearing & Dark Situations)

Warnings: Swearing, Threat of Rape (not by Negan), Abusive Situations, Some Fluff.

Notes: I absolutely adore the person who requested this, so I hope it’s okay. I thought of making this multiple parts because it’s kind of long, but decided in the end to make it a short story one shot. Hope it’s good enough! 

AO3 Link: (I had the wrong one in there originally. Oops)

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I’m not a Sendrick shipper. Personally I think the whole idea of shipping real people is weird. BUT. I do adore the friendship that Anna Kendrick & Brittany Snow have (along with the other Bella’s cast obvs).

Like, they’ve blates had their own hardships in life. Hollywood is a crappy bubble to be in at times (believe me, I’ve been there, I’ve seen things, I know how awful it can be once you delve beyond its ‘perfect aesthetic’). 

Kendrick and Snow have both been in the industry since they were kids. They’ve both undoubtedly battled with their own demons physically and mentally (who hasn’t eh?). But I love that they have found each other and the rest of the PP cast and are together part of such a tight, supportive little family. Because support and close friendships in the crazy Hollywood limelight is so important. 

Plus for 6 months of the year they’re the same age. I mean, that’s nice <3

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HIIII i'm on a road trip and bored :/ do u happen to know any angsty long sparrabeth fics?? :))

Oh god, yes, I live for asks about fic recs!!!! tbh i’m more of a one-shot person, but i’ll do my best!

First and foremost, let me direct you to the Sparrabeth Chronicles tag, where the Queens™ share their impeccable taste, recomending a new Sparrabeth fic each week. The count is up to 35 of the bestest sparrabeth fics, so check them out!

Said Queens™ are also incredible authors themselves, so check out their AO3 profiles too:

My (long and angsty) faves are: 


Vulnerant Omnes Ultima Necat (mid-AWE fic where Elizabeth time travels to the past to say goodbye to Jack because when they find him in the locker he is seemingly dead for good (which he obvs isn’t)!!)

With This Ring, Or Fate Intervenes (mid-COTBP AU where they stay on the rum runner’s island waaay longer (and get up to many wonderful things ;)) oh and also Jack knew Liz as a little girl when she was climbing mango trees!)

The Twelve Days of Christmas: A Sparrabeth Celebration (post AWE fix it, and my personal headcanon of how Elizabeth spent the first 10 years gap ;))

The Pearls Series (well not really angsty, just loads of smut but hey you can never have too much smut right???)

At the end of the world (set right after the parachute moment, Will is dead for real, and Jack and Liz land on an island instead of the ship and are stranded for a while)

I hope this is helpful, dear. Have fun on your trip and stay safe, nonny!

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lmaooo you and I both know that if their fave had been shirtless, they would have fucking lost their shit. sit the fuck down bethany and let us enjoy this moment lmao. Also I don't understand the correlation between being shirtless and being a douche but okay, whatever they say... (btw I'm so happy that he felt confident enough to do that and you could tell how much he was enjoying himself)

When is it a rule that shirtless = douche?!?!? Bieber had questionable antics that made him a douche…what did liam do that similar to that? Harries are feeling threatened again… stay in your lane ffs.


Okay but it’s not even like their presh faves haven’t gone shirtless, because they totes have:

Louis’ gone shirtless on his ig recently too. WHAT KINDA DOUCHEBAGS, LMAO. Yes, I had no clue either on how shirtlessness equated to douchebaggery but it MUST have been so since the start of humankind, after all a Larrie decreed it. 

Like you say, Justin has done a lot of random unnecessary shit. I don’t follow him personally so I can’t say with confidence if he really is that awful or not but rest assured, it’s not his shirtlessness, it’s his preposterous behavior like walking out of shows, spitting on fans, and a whole other bunch of reasons as to why he is problematic. He’d come for a show to my country and the ticket rates were exorbitant. I obvs didn’t go but I saw it on TV for 10 mins, the guy didn’t even sing? He lip synced throughout. He didn’t even know the lyrics to Despacito right, so yeah, those are a few other reasons that make him appear eh. But anyway, this larrie really needs to gather her cronies and actually stay in their lane lmao bye.

Listen, we all know Liam has body image issues even when he absolutely didn’t need to but it only worsened with the media and the fuck all fandom. And while I agree that Liam is comfortable in his skin and has gained the confidence to show off his beautiful body, Liam’s always been confident, even when he was getting shit for nothing. NOW that’s the kind of confidence I aspire to achieve, not merely just the confidence to be comfy in my skin when I am conventionally slim but also to accept and embrace my body the way it is. Because say what you will, Liam lost himself while performing, he embraced his body and immersed himself wholly into the frenzy of performing:

So, yes. I am proud of confident baby today as I was of all his kickass moves and energy in 2014! Xx

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so i've started to watch and fallen completely in love with the west wing over the last month, then realized you've be blogging about it idk since when - all hail CJ!!! also ♥ donna and josh ♥ - and now just saw a post of yours from last year that you wanted to write some sort of sterek west wing au :DDD is that sth you're still considering?

Ahhh omg isn’t it great?

Also I would love to still write that West Wing au!!! Finstock would be the president (obvs) spend all his time yelling compliments at his team and cursing the awful alt right. Stiles would be the deputy chief of staff, running around after everyone and trying to hide his heart eyes for Derek, who would be the president’s speech writer. And obv would say more with his words on paper than he ever did in person. He and Stiles would stay up late in Derek’s office trying to put the world to rights and pretending they’re not madly in love with each other. Scott would be the president’s aide, super caring and passionate, devoted to vice president’s daughter Allison. Erica would be the take no prisoners press secretary, bossing it both when talking to the press and keeping everyone on the team going (Boyd would be her steadfast favourite journalist and lover obv).

There would be political hijinx and crazy drama and intense arguments and Derek would get too close to issues that he feels strongly about and Erica would constantly get in trouble for telling the press where to go. Allison would get kidnapped, leading to Scott showing a wild and scary side when Finstock’s all “I don’t negotiate with terrorists” and Scott would yell “I don’t care Mr President! I mean… sir… I’m sorry… you’re right” and then Finstock would make him tea and promise they’d find a way to get her back. Erica would bribe all of her sources to help find her.

Stiles and Derek would be so busy bickering and snarking all the time they’d not notice everyone putting bets on them getting together, even the PRESS have a pool going and every so often there are shots of them in the papers that make Finstock crazy like “dammit Stilinski, you’re supposed to be looking at ME, your PRESIDENT, like I hung the moon, not HIM!” But Derek’s all chicken about his feelings and how it would look on the White House (to start with) until Stiles gets shot and then there’s these awesome pictures of him heroically carrying Stiles through a crowd and the bodyguards fuming that Derek won’t let them do their job and Derek all “well I wouldn’t have had to do that if you’d saved him first dammit!!!” And tense moments in the hospital and then Stiles waking up and Derek’s there and Stiles is like… “dude the President needs a speech for this, you gotta stop and go help him” and then Derek obv says “Stiles, it’s you, I wouldn’t stop for red lights when it’s you”


dad nams

firstly i would like to say i have no personal experience with adoption, and i researched some of it, but that doesn’t mean this is 100% accurate. if you find this info incorrect or offensive in anyway, please tell me so i can fix it

also the baby has a name because they don’t just not give them names, and all the agencies i checked out gave them english names so

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  • i feel like an awful person because i have so many namjoon things that never get done because nobody ever requests namjoon ever like i’ve had like two for him but this is one i want to finish up and get to right away because namjoon is precious and perfect and i love namjoon and you all should too
  • okay so this was requested obv and your girl wants to stay true to the request and i’ve tried to make them all a little different and i want to include a variety of people and this one wasn’t an angle that came to mind immediately so thank you so much for suggesting it because it definitely could refer to a lot of people!! not so much the specifics, like the not having kids part anywAY
  • here we go
  • namjoon is running the “never having kids in my life” camp alone and he says he will do so for all eternity
  • like all the other boys have their lil tiny babies waddling around and while yes, namjoon agrees that they are absolutely adorable, he wants nothing to do with them
  • heck the other boys are a little wary of him having anything to do with their babies cause he’s clumsy and god knows what might happen when namjoon is holding a small delicate child
  • hoseok though is super trusting and he’s like namjoon you can hold my baby!!! hold him hold my small child and you’ll realize why children are so wonderful and beautiful and perfect!!
  • if you’ve read the other scenarios you know that jung junior had a complete meltdown when he’s not with hobi so namjoon takes the bean in his arms kinda like?? okay?? and then the kid starts to shriek and namjoon almost drops him he’s so startled
  • and that makes hoseok scream and soon him and his baby are screaming and namjoon is like hell naw there’s no way i’m having a kid!!
  • but there’s an issue with that
  • because you also, as namjoon’s babe, have been hanging around mini bangtan, and you’ve absolutely fallen for all the little kiddos
  • and you’re like i want a baby kinda…
  • but namjoon is adamant about NOT having a baby like he’s even more adamant than yoongi
  • “babe look i know that babies are cute and that they have chubby cheeks but uh, have you seen me, i almost dropped hoseok’s child,,, who knows what i would do around a child every single day like”
  • “honey i’m a rapper i don’t have time to raise a child maybe when we’re like forty”
  • “i have the entire world to travel and i can’t do that with a baby”
  • and he gives you all these douchey excuses tbh but they’re like actual excuses but still kinda douchey
  • namjoon is stubborn though and it’s such a lovable kind of stubborn he’s so determined but now it’s becoming upsetting
  • so you’re like bye nams i’m gonna go hang out with jimin and his babe and their kid and not you if you’re gonna be a jerK
  • although while you are really wanting a baby you’re also like… he’s happy right now and he’s really taking the time to producer more solo work and you’re happy as long as he’s happy you don’t want to stop him from living his dream ya know??
  • okay but then it happens
  • you have a dentist appointment one day and you haven’t been in a while because you hate the dentist because it’s painful
  • namjoon is at the studio when he gets the call
  • “excuse me is this kim namjoon?”
  • and he’s kinda like who the fu- “yah that’s me?”
  • “sir, your significant other came in for an appointment and while doing work, they began to bleed, as usual during a dentist visit. the issue is the bleeding wouldn’t stop and we had to call an ambulance”
  • and namjoon freaking loses it he freaking loses it his first instinct isn’t to be scared so much as to be angry because people don’t just bleed on like that what the hell did he miss is there something wrong with you, are you super sick??
  • he rushes down to the ER and he checks in and he gets to your room and you’re doing okay you’re laying on one of the beds and you’re chilling and you seem pretty good
  • they stopped most of the bleeding a while ago but still they want to run blood tests to make sure nothing is super wrong
  • namjoon sits in the edge of the bed and strokes the hair from your face and holds your hand and he’s such a panicky mess he keeps stammering and shaking and you tell him that you’re fine, if anything a little light headed
  • the doctor comes in and they’re holding a clipboard and some papers and namjoon is like plz tell me what’s wrong before i exploDE
  • “according to your blood results, you seem to have von willebrands disease”
  • and you and namjoon are like wth is that nobody even knows what that is
  • “it’s characterized by excessive bleeding, from the gums, from cuts, nosebleeds. things like that.”
  • and the doctor continues to talk to you right and they’re like in your case your blood seems to be too thin, so you’re going to have to be extra careful when it comes to surgeries because the chances of you bleeding out are insanely high
  • oh also don’t have children because there will be excessive bleeding during childbirth that could prove fatal for you
  • your entire world stops spinning
  • it’s like someone hit you with a car and knocked all the air from your lungs and you can’t breathe and suddenly your vision is blurry and you’re disassociating with reality for a second
  • the doctor tells you that you’re lucky that the caught it now before you had serious surgery or anything of that sorts but you can’t even find solace in that because your entire dream of having kids, having a family with namjoon? well so long to those dreams because they’re not going to happen now
  • your case isn’t super serious like some people experience random bleeding fits and your case is more like excessive bleeding with a razor cut or something but you just thought that was normal?
  • but like… you won’t have a child unless you seriously want to risk your health and that scares you more than anything that you would leave namjoon alone with a child or worse yet hurt the child in any sort of way
  • namjoon is so busy stressing over your physical health that he doesn’t realize the emotional toll that this it taking on you
  • he seems like someone who would really, despite being deep and philosophical all the time, would focus on the physical aspects of any situation, or what’s right in front of him
  • he attacks the obvious and works with what he has directly before him, and then tries to see things from a different angle if that makes sense
  • so to him, the obvious main concern of this situation is that if you ever end up injured or something, and you should need surgery, you have the high risk of oh, i dont know, bleeding out
  • and the fact your blood is too thin?? does he need to get you treated? do you need to take something for that? should you change your diet?
  • he’s so busy thinking in the here and the now that he doesn’t take the time to recognize the other problems that might arise
  • but you get home that night afterwards and he has you wrapped in like seven hundred blankets and he’s making you some hot chocolate (and doing his best not to burn himself on the stove in the process)
  • and you’ve been bottling up all your emotions about the situation and you just sit there and start to sniffle because how can life be so unfair, how can it be that the one thing you’ve wanted forever is suddenly taken away from you??
  • and you don’t want to be jealous but you suddenly you can’t help all the other bangtan parents like they don’t realize how much they take for granted that they can have their own babies that they can hold in their arms and kiss their little baby heads and hold them close when they’re crying and watch them grow up and before you know what’s happening you’ve burst into tears and you can’t stop now that you’ve started
  • namjoon comes running in (trips and nearly topples onto you in the process) and his first immediate fear is that you’re in pain or that you’re hurting or scared or something and he feels his heart plummet into the pits of his stomach because seeing you crying isn’t something he sees very often and when you do it absolutely shatters his heart into a million pieces because he feels so helpless and he feels like the smallest, most insignificant human being on the face of the planet
  • he takes you in his arms and he nearly crushes you to death and you can’t help but laugh at this because he’s smashing you and you’re so fed up and emotional that you just laugh because you don’t know what else to do?
  • “don’t worry babe if it comes down to it i will give you all the blood in my body” and he says this so seriously and he looks so like?? serious?? and you laugh more at this because your teddy bear boyfriend is actually deathly afraid of needles and here he is saying that he would give everything for you
  • but still no matter how much namjoon kisses your face and promises to bubble wrap you to make sure that you don’t bust open your knee (like yours truly) and bleed out that way or something, you still can’t get over the nagging feeling of despair
  • like just yesterday you were talking about having a family, with little kids that have namjoon’s dimples and his brains and passion for learning, and now that dream has been completely turned upside down into some sort of sick twisted nightmare
  • you don’t want to tell him that this is the main reason you’re upset because you know that he doesn’t even want kids and that this isn’t that big of a deal to him so you don’t want him to think that you’re overreacting or making a big deal out of nothing
  • it’s a totally irrational fear yet it still settles itself in the back of your mind
  • you don’t tell namjoon
  • and for a while he doesn’t seem to catch on
  • but one day tae gets everyone on the squad group call and from second one namjoon can sense you’re upset when hoseok’s kid starts creaming his hellos to all the other kids through the speaker
  • like the boys are trying to have a serious group discussion but there is major interruptions from small children (save mini min who is taking a nap on yoongi’s chest) and you’re growing more and more upset because it’s like a flood of hurt all at once, a reminder that you will never be able to experience this happiness
  • and then tae drops the bomb
  • “we’re having another baby!!”
  • you can’t even pretend to hide your emotions at that point
  • there’s always a breaking point and this happens to be yours
  • you excuse yourself from the couch where you were snuggled up to namjoon, and race upstairs to your room, where you fling yourself on the bed and immediately proceed to bawl
  • namjoon hadn’t really brought up the topic of your health with any of the other boys save yoongi, he’s more of a private person so he doesn’t blame anyone, save himself for not realizing this is what had upset you all this time
  • like it finally clicks with him why you’ve been upsetting and avoiding mini bangtan gatherings and he feels like shit realizing he spent so much time focusing on your physical health he didn’t even take the time to consider the emotional aspects of it
  • he comes upstairs to find you crying into his pillow
  • he comes and sits down beside you and starts to massage your shoulders and get you to calm down and he’s silent because he knows that sometimes people just need to cry it out before they spill what’s on their minds
  • after what seems like an eternity you whisper “i wanted a baby namjoon”
  • that’s when his heart really breaks
  • he knows in regards to the situation, he was pretty selfish, but he thought about it from your perspective? to be the only one without kids? to be the only one who never gets to experience what it’s like to have a mini you running around the house? what it’s like to be the only one who doesn’t have their own bundle of joy?
  • he secretly thanks the stars above that he was so !! about not having a kid because god knows what would have happened if you went through with it before being diagnosed, like you could have died
  • still, he hates seeing you so broken and so upset and so lifeless and he vows that he will whatever it takes to see the stars in your eyes again
  • the next few days, he seems distracted
  • like really distracted
  • always taking phone calls, always typing something away on his laptop, always checking the mail anxiously
  • won’t explain what’s up though, and you don’t ask
  • you’ve fallen into a fog, and you spend a lot of time laying on the couch, head in namjoon’s lap as he tangles his fingers in your hair, watching some trashy sitcom that neither of you really enjoy persay, save the stupidity of it
  • but then one day namjoon comes home, and he has the mail in his hands and he’s sorting through everything and one letter in particular catches his eye and his whole face lights up and he just screams and starts to flail around and you almost fall off the couch tbh you’re so startled
  • “namjoon did you subscription to bird watcher’s weekly get renewed or something?”
  • he doesn’t reply
  • instead he runs over to you and he snuggles up to your side and he’s holding the letter in his hands like it’s a hundred dollar bill or something and all the other mail lies on the floor in a heap
  • you’re so confused to what in the world would have him so excited
  • he rips it open and he scans over its contents and his breath hitches in his throat and you think oh my gOD IS IT THE DRAFT
  • or something dramatic like that
  • but he just hands you over the letter
  • “Dear Kims” it starts and your eyebrows furrow because we aren’t married (and namjoon is just low key thinking you just wait for it)
  • “We are happy to inform you that you preliminary application for adoption has been approved. We will be sending you the full application, and if that is also approved, we will schedule your in-agency visit right away”
  • you drop the letter
  • no words need to be exchanged
  • you stare up at namjoon and breathe a “thank you” before burying your face in the crook of his neck and beginning to cry softly
  • believe it or not your application does get approved!!
  • it’s the day of the visit and idk how adoption works, but for the sake of this you’re going to visit the agency and talk about all the details and they’re gonna meet you guys and make sure you’re actually ready to be parents
  • you’re really nervous, but namjoon is like twenty seven million times more nervous, like so nervous that you end up doing most of the talking while he just sits in the chair next to you and knocks his knees together
  • and you guys get approved!! and namjoon breathes this audible sigh of relief and he kisses you quickly because overwhelmed in the moment and they tell you guys that the in home inspection is next
  • the boys are so happy for you guys and they’re so ready to help coach you and namjoon okay they’re like we have all the low downs on how to raise a small child
  • because you and namjoon have decided that you want to adopt a baby, an infant, from korea because namjoon is so adamant about helping his home and helping kids find a home there, so the boys all definitely willing to help however they can
  • they throw a parents party for you two!! and it’s not a surprise but it is at jin’s house, because the two of you are trying to keep the house spotless for inspections and all, and having six kids run around the house is not the best way to handle that one
  • and so there’s the party, and namjoon does his best to hold as many kids as possible, and jimin’s little girl especially loves him and she just chills on his lap the entire party and sucks her thumb and watches the other kids crawl around and shriek
  • and namjoon, who never thought that he would ever be a father, finds himself counting down the days until he can hold his own child in his arms and he’s so excited but so nervous he will not stop asking questions and the other boys are laughing save yoongi who’s like lmao you think i actually figured this out yet
  • like seriously he’s trying to think how you guys should set up the baby room and he’s like “probably some gray, some white, really simple, really chic”
  • “namjoon this is a baby we’re talking about”
  • like he’s the same way about the clothes he’s picking out vests and jeans and little dresses with ruffles and everything and you have to again remind him that this is a baby
  • oh party anyway
  • you guys are chilling and playing with the kids and the boys are giving some god awful advice like don’t shampoo the baby if they don’t have hair (thanks jeongguk??)
  • namjoon’s phone rings and he excuses himself (and jimin’s kid who waddles on after him and jimin low key cries about it because his baby!!)
  • you sit and stuff your face with cake and share with princess kim cause she’s mooching off everyone
  • and namjoon comes back and he’s like “they want us to come in tomorrow. to go over final details and talk about taking our kid home”
  • everyone screams and cheers and the babies try to clap and namjoon comes over and sweeps you off your feet and kisses your face all over!!
  • and all the boys crowd namjoon and coo that their leader is finally gonna have a baby and now everyone will be complete
  • okay in a few days you go to the agency, you’ve sent your dossier over to korea and it’s been approved so now it’s just about choosing the child you want to adopt, though in a sudden change of heart namjoon wants to adopt all the kids
  • you didn’t care about gender, so there are more opportunities available to you
  • but something isn’t sitting right with namjoon and he says to wait just a bit for a miracle
  • they flip to the last picture and bio and it’s a little boy, probably four years old, standing there with the brightest smile and cute dimples in his cheeks
  • his hair is black as night and his eyes are dark too, and his skin is fairly tanned too
  • he looks pretty lanky too, save his chubby lil cheeks
  • “what’s his name?” namjoon can’t help but ask
  • you give him a look because the both of you were so keen on adopting a baby but you can’t deny the way this little boy causes your heart to stir and a smile to pull at your lips
  • “his name is aidan. he’s four years old, located in wonju. he’s still on the waiting list to be adopted because he is an older boy.”
  • she shows you some more pictures and talks about when he entered the agency and why
  • you and namjoon don’t even need to talk this one out, you know that you two are already in love with the child you’ve only seen a few pictures of
  • but you’re dead set on this
  • they send in the submission form
  • you two take back all the baby clothes and the crib (which never got built…) and baby toys in exchange for a cool race car bed and kid clothes and lincoln logs and scooters
  • the months count down until you meet him and take him home and you and namjoon have finished your parenting classes
  • you’ve child proofed the house
  • and before you know it the day comes and everything is a blur as you go through customs and as you step onto the plane
  • all you can think about is seeing your child for the first time and holding him in your arms and actually getting to be with your child, your baby
  • in your carry on bag is a stuffed teddy bear that namjoon’s mom sent over when she first heard about the adoption
  • when you guys get to korea you first visit his parents and stay with them for a while; they give you a crap ton of more advice but you can’t even contain it all because you’re so focused on your baby
  • after a few days there, it’s off to meet your little boy
  • you’re shaking walking into the building
  • namjoon is shaking too and both of your hands are clammy and your hearts are racing because this process has taken so long and you’ve waited what seems like ages to see your son
  • there’s a lot of kids around the place, but none of them are your baby and you’re getting this irrational fear that some other family has whisked him away
  • but after you two fill out the final paperwork and make everything absolutely official, an older woman comes up holding a little kid by the hand and you need point two seconds to realize this is your son in the living flesh
  • you tug on namjoon’s sleeve and he spins around and his breath hitches in his throat
  • aidan waves to you guys, like absolutely zero fear then hurried over to you guys and latches himself onto namjoon’s legs
  • tears are streaming down your face as namjoon picks up your kid and puts him on his hip
  • and soon namjoon is crying and the both can’t stop the happy tears from flowing
  • aidan adapts well to being home
  • he calls you mom and dad from day one
  • at home he usually ends up sleeping in your and namjoon’s bed
  • his favorite part of the day is when the three of you sprawl out on the living room carpet and play lincoln logs or building blocks
  • he speaks korean most of the time but slowly but surely he’s warming up to english
  • he and namjoon like to sit at the dinner table when you’re making dinner and bang their forks and spoons on the table, trying to get you to hurry up
  • he’s not very musically inclined but loves loves loves sitting with his dad and playing with the soundboard (namjoon and yoongi get into fights over whose kid is a better producer)
  • aidan claims to be the big brother of all of mini bangtan and he loves playing with them, especially the older two (who ironically are the other kims)
  • he loves to make you things okay like always draws and paints you pictures and they hang on the fridge and the mantel as well
  • he sleeps with his teddy bear every single night
  • after dinner, you guys religiously sit down and read story books together, snuggled up in bed
  • this kid has no fear and is wide open and blunt and always talking to everyone
  • not very graceful like you guys put bubble wrap on the railings because he has a habit of running into them or tripping and hitting them
  • he loves sports from a young age though and namjoon always takes him out and they play soccer or catch or something
  • he’s always wearing sunglasses too like the cute baby sunglasses with the hearts
  • all the other boys spoil him rotten okay he has every thing he could ever want plus unlimited attention from all his uncle’s
  • he’s the cutest kid and y'all are the happiest family in the world
  • part two to come eventually!!

it makes me so sad that julie has to go through this awful season. she’s such a huge fan of the show (obvs), loves intense/cutthroat seasons, and great houseguests, and this year has been such a disappointment. you can tell she really hates it and i feel bad for her.

anonymous asked:

tbh I'm actually really angry at david and joyce in lisbts. like david obvs bc he's just awful but even joyce bothered me. like yeah chloe isn't the easiest person to handle but telling your child to "go be someone else's problem now" is really fucked up and a great way to make your kid feel like nothing but a chore they have to put up with. and ignoring literally everything chloe has to say about david and chalking it up too "you've just been rude"???? yikes.

oh same lmao i already lowkey didnt like joyce and highkey hated david but i REALLY kinda hate them both now lol. you gotta be a pretty shitty mother to put your boyfriend over your daughter tbh!!!! ive never liked the way they treated chloe and bts is just solidifying it for me


im gonna,,,,, i thought you were the innocent one (nvm margarine said she expected this of you)
okay so when did i follow you? ermmm i dont remember but you always seemed the intimidating person nd i was just like,,in awe of you (obv i was wrong you’re a lil goof who enjoys drinking a lil too much)
But i think it was marjiodj who introduced us? nyways that’s one thing im grateful for lmao. FORREAL THO, LET’S GET TO THE SAP!! ermmm you’re basically the perfect mum and i trust everything you say, you’re the designated Trusted Adult ™ and if you could adopt me, i would accpet in a heartbeat. 
Bless you for answering my asks with references to kpop even though you know only a lil bout it, but it means a lot :’) nd everything you do means a lot :’)))

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sarah you're always the one i go to when 1d things are getting me down.. i felt so sick after reading that human trash wooton's article even though i feel like a lot of it isn't true. you don't think that stuff is true do you? obvs louis and harry aren't close anymore and neither are ot4 and zayn but like.. the rest of it?? was all so awful and i just need someone to tell me it was just nasty journalism

Okay, before we begin: One Direction are real people. Real people, even genuinely happy ones, pretty reliably have messy personal stuff and negative feelings! We don’t know what The Bad Stuff is for 1D, nor should we know, because it’s not our fucking business, but we are not doing ourselves any favors if we pretend like there’s no way there is any Bad Stuff. It’s life, and even though there’s SO MUCH GOOD STUFF, there’s also always gonna be Bad Stuff.

We all need to find a way to come to terms with the Bad Stuff. My personal tactic is to take whatever rumors are flying around and say “I doubt it and I’m not going to dwell on it, but how would I feel if it turned out to be true?” If the answer’s just “it would suck” or “I’d be worried for them,” then, well, that’s fine - I can file it away as a possibility and go back to focusing on the Good Stuff, aka 99% of everything because 1D are incredibly good to me always. I don’t think I’ve come across a situation yet where something seemed plausible and my answer went beyond “it would suck” to “I couldn’t be a fan anymore if that were true,” which is great.

BASICALLY, try to find the balance between focusing on the Good Stuff and being realistic about the fact that Bad Stuff exists. Don’t cling to “THIS DEFINITELY ISN’T TRUE SO THERE’S NOTHING TO BE WORRIED ABOUT” as your only reassurance, because bad stuff happens, and if you don’t find a way to process that and then set it aside, you’re either going to end up TOTALLY FUCKING BLINDSIDED by eventual bad news, or you’re going to end up refusing to accept it, which isn’t a great look.

So with all that said, while I generally encourage everyone to get in the habit of asking themselves “how would I feel if this turned out to be true?” as a means of self-preservation, LET’S RIP THIS THING TO SHREDS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

There are, unfortunately, some UNDENIABLE TRUTHS in this piece that we all must learn to live with:

  • Louis has taken leadership over the business stuff.
  • Louis is a little shit.
  • Louis is a little shit who may or may not have pissed off some anonymous dude at Sony by making the “ridiculous decision” not to perform at the Brit Awards because it would have cut into the one significant stretch of time off they’ve gotten in the last five years.
  • Niall loves everyone. Everyone loves Niall.
  • Liam and Louis are great friends.


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perimele  asked:

I look up to you a lot and you're a very comforting presence on my dash and for some dumb reason I see you as a big sister type. Idk I just found out that my first real boyfriend who I was convinced loved me has been cheating on me and I feel so sad and dumb and empty do you have any advice to make me feel a little better? sorry to bug you thank you so much xoxo


without fail, we will encounter slimy people who will betray us and make us feel slimy too but don’t forget, it’s them that made awful decisions and it’s not a reflection of ourselves

we may feel awful by association with them and we may wonder why we weren’t good enough for them but it’s all a reflection of their greed and shitiness, not of ourselves

if it wasnt you, he’d cheat on another (and he probably will in the future)

i’d recommend some solo dolo time for you

i personally love lush so obv i would buy so much from lush and i also like anime so i’d watch that to feel better lol