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Something There

Pairing: Bucky X Reader

Words: 871

Warnings: Fluff

Anon asked “Can you write a Bucky x reader fic where they have been best friends for ages and Bucky loves the reader (platonic) and one day they are doing something and he watches the reader smiling or laughing and it’s he realizes he is in love with her and kisses her or something fluffy please”

A/N: Some fluff to mend your broken hearts after that last request. Let me know if you want to be tagged.

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some craig/mc post-epilogue headcanons

BC IM IN  PA I N, some hcs made by me and my pal @live-at-the-apollo

  • craig and MC have their ritual talks about their college days and the like, giggling like children at the stupid and silly stuff they have done in their youth
  • MC loves to card is hands through craig’s hair, whether it be in bed, lounging on the couch, or a hug. MC never passes up a chance of messing with craig’s hair. 
  • craig loves to play with MC’s hands, entwining their hands, running his thumb on MC’s hand,  he’ll always, always have his hand entwined with MC’s somehow.
  • since craig is the early rise of the two, he loves watching MC’s serene, sleeping face, cupping his face. mc wakes up through craig’s light touches but they just gaze lovingly at each other and stay there for a while as if time has slowed down
  • saturday sleep-ins will always include spooning and tender kisses all over each other, as well as an abundance of confidence-boosting and lovey comments.
  • MC, with the help of craig, works towards becoming healthier, with little baby steps, MC is able to little by little last longer on their exercise escapades. craig will always be there if MC feels insecure about his body, and vice versa for craig, too.
  • “you’re my whole world bro” “bro” “bro ily” 
  • you know those bro text posts? that’s them. all the other cul-de-sac dads are sick™. eventually joseph breaks the chain with “broh my god, you guys”
  • their dates always have something engaging/active in it. always. 
  • that doesn’t mean they can’t have a fancy dinner. 
  • they still do bro brunches, and as mc dad’s cooking improves, they have “bro cook offs”
  • they do those cute couple activities where they surprise each other with a brunch dish they think they’d enjoy
  • mc becomes more involved with the maple bay flapjacks and learns some softball himself so he can support the team with less confusion + eventually helping craig with coaching
  • craig secretly has fairy lights in his office at work that he discreetly hides, but takes pride in


  • MC is that parent that yells ‘YOU’RE DOING GREAT SWEETIE” during the twins’ softball tournaments
  • in your face janet
  • the first time hazel and briar call MC dad, he cries. craig can’t help but watch with contentment and joy as mc and amanda are accepted by the twins as another part of their family now 
  • river loves MC, and sometimes refuses to go into her own crib when she’s comfortable in the confines of MC’S chest and ‘superior dad arms’
  • amanda had to do a photography series on a certain theme an she asked if she could use craig and MC as her muses
  • who would turn down amanda? no one.
  • craig and MC take it so seriously, they just want the best for amanda + the best mark. quote “you’ll get a+ i guarantee you!” (she does)
  • craig and amanda bonding, wanting to be someone she can talk and turn to if she needs a shoulder to cry on; just like MC
  • amanda introducing craig to photography to manage his anxiety
  • craig is so thankful, and uses the newfound skill to make simplistic, heartfelt series and collages to thank amanda (he also makes one for MC) 
  • he now makes 6th grade art projects to show how much he appreciates everyone
  • amanda and craig (the twins and river are obviously in on it too) create the biggest photo album of MC with the kids . craig is soo extra. he takes it so seriously
  • craig and MC tell amanda about their wild college adventures as a way to encourage her to have fun-but there are things that can and cannot be done
  • craig and MC takes turns sending amanda sweet messages like “don’t stay up too late”, “stay active”, “you can alays ask us if you need help”
  • it’s always topped with a new story from their college days
  • “be like me though, fall in love with your college roomie” 
  • in all seriousness, they both amanda for the best, and eventually amanda helps the twins through high school, giving them pointers, eventually, she also does help them for their college years.

anyway the grass is greener on craig’s route and my pal and i literally cried over the 3rd date


An eyewitness on the set in Los Angeles near the end of shooting remembers that one day during a looping session, John Phoenix showed up obviously drunk. “River tried to laugh it off saying, ‘My dad, well, he gets funny sometimes.’ But, you could see the kid was hurt and embarrassed.” “He was very protective and very secretive,” remembers Eric Luke, the show’s writer. “It came through into his character”

- In Search of River Phoenix (2004)

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Just barely sliding in the time limit! Apologies if it's been asked before, but of the countries in CoM and the Tortall books, which would you most like to visit if it were a real place?

Hmmm. Tortall. Corus, obviously, and the River Drell. I’d like to go to Tyra and take rides riverboats. I’d like to voyage down the Drell. I’d like to see the City of the Gods, and I’d like to visit Carthak, but not for long. And the Copper Isles. And Pirate’s Swoop. 

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River Song for the character thing?

  • First impression

See, Time of Angels was like, the second episode of DW I properly watched bc I was being shown the Weeping Angels, so with my bad memory I’m assuming it was confusion, but “she seems cool”. 

  • Impression now

I think she’s genuinely my favourite character in the DW universe other than the Doctor. She’s my morally questionable but good at heart wife and I adore her more than words could ever say. 

I think a lot of people don’t appreciate just how much of a standout character she is when you look at female characters in general. 

For a start, she’s an outlier in the ageist/sexist tradition of casting any woman over 40 as a bitch/villain or a mother (River could have been played by a 25 year old with zero difference to the story, but it wouldn’t have been the same, we all know that, they cast Alex and she’s perfect). She’s mature and badass and owns her sexuality. 

And then you have the fact that you just… can’t put her in a box. 

She’s allowed to take charge and flirt and lie and cry and make mistakes and grow, and she’s cruel and kind and cold and warm and playful and lethal and determined loves fiercely and would murder certain kinds of people without a second thought, and she’s able to be all of those things at once and have it still make sense. 

She’s stripped of her agency from birth and spends her life taking it back and creating herself, living on her terms and being no less than the woman she wants to be. 

Also, she’s a great example of a bi/pan character being in a committed relationship and being no less committed for being bi/pan. (Like, alright, anyone with sense knows that it’s an open marriage and that River is obviously very poly, something the show itself does lowkey acknowledge, but really it’s just about as plausible to consider that the marriage IS monogamous as it is to consider that it isn’t, so she’s kind of simultaneously poly representation and committed bi/pan representation,in a way, especially since being poly doesn’t make her less committed anyway, since her devotion to the Doctor is never in doubt.) 

  • Favorite moment

Oh god, there’s far too many. I think her speech from Husbands of River Song will always win, though, the “[loving the Doctor] is like loving the stars themselves, you don’t expect a sunset to admire you back”. 

In addition to just being beautiful in the moment and the reveal that came after, it also sheds a whole new light on her character that had only been hinted at before, the realisation that all this time, she’s never believed he loves her back. That she has, in words of a later episode, without hope, without witness, without reward, loved him all that time, because that’s her truth. 

Her moment of realising it’s him, realising that god, maybe he does love her back, is just so incredible. 

  • Idea for a story

Anything about Darillium is always fun, or things that involve her flirting with ladies. I’m working on a thing with her and the Doom Coalition audios companion Helen, because they’re really beautiful and gay together and I have a lot of feelings. 

  • Unpopular opinion

I mean I know a lot of people have dumb opinions about River but I’m pretty sure most of what I’ve already said goes against those, so… yeah. Haters can hate but they’re missing out on one of the best female characters to ever exist in Doctor Who ever so… their loss, really. 

  • Favorite relationship

Her and the Doctor, obviously. What a fucking power couple did you see how quickly they jumped into action in THoRS once she knew who he was? 

I’ll never be over them, frankly, because they’re heartbreaking from the beginning but also fun and silly and adorable and passionate and devoted and I just…. they cover almost all the bases you could possibly want, they’re hot and cute and silly all at once. 

(Runners up are River and her parents, and River/Helen(/Liv) in Doom Coalition bc g a y c u t i e s

  • Favorite headcanon

Her numerous wives, including Benny, Clara, Helen, Liv, and Quill. (I’d say Missy but like, they’d just murder each other probably imo, lmao)

She 100% helped Helen Sinclair come to terms with being a lesbian and is very soft with her 1960′s wife okay that’s very important to me. 

this got super long but I love River Song so so so so much like fcuk there will never be enough words she’s so important

The Library

So guess what? This is not a request. It’s a story I thought of, following the trio of Team Tardis from ‘Sweetie, Darling, Love” It’s a two-parter to follow the canon episodes of The Library. This here be part one. As you may imagine, there may be tears. This is, in fact, the Doctor’s first meeting with you and River. So, here we go then, the day Team Tardis met.

Word count: 2080


“The Library is breached. Others are coming. Warning, the Library is breached. Others are coming. Warning…”

“Oh shut it”

With one quick movement you pulled out your gun and shot the node point blank, destroying it as one of the people behind you screamed. You simply placed your gun away calmly.

“What were you attempting to achieve?” River asked, walking in front of you.

“Shutting it up, and I did achieve” You corrected, glancing around once more as you walked.

“Warning, the Library is breached. Others are coming”

You groaned as the repeated message played again. You couldn’t keep shooting all of them, your battery would run down. Besides, River likely wouldn’t let you. You scowled at the sound of her laughter through the speakers of your helmet.

“I hate this thing, River. When can I take it off?” You whined.

“Soon enough, Sweetie. We need to establish that the air is safe first” She reminded you. The group walking behind you remained silent. River turned into another room, you following close behind and the others behind you. You grinned excitedly at the sight of the man inside, stopping in front of him beside River. The two of you cleared your visors in synch.

“Hello, Sweetie”

“Hello, Darling”

You both smiled at the man, who simply stared back at you.

“Get out” he said sharply, but neither of you were fazed.

“Doctor” The woman beside him chastised.

“All of you turn around, get back in your rocket and fly away. Tell your grandchildren you came to the Library and lived, they won’t believe you” He continued. You grinned at his attempt to scare you off and he frowned slightly at you.

“Pop your helmets everyone, we’ve got breathers” River declared. You were the first to yank the damn thing off.

“Much better” You sighed, tossing the helmet to the man, who caught it. He was still giving you that look, where he was trying to work you out and trying not to be obvious, which he was failing at.

Lux was complaining again and River quickly told him the two of you had lied before turning back to the man, the Doctor, the younger one at least.

“You came through the North door yeah? How as that? Much damage?” She asked, seriously yet kindly.

“Please, just leave” He all but begged. “I’m asking you seriously and properly just leave- hang on. Did you say expedition?”

“My expedition. I funded it” Lux spoke up.

“Oh, you’re not, are you?” He whined, looking back at you and River. “Tell me you’re not archaeologists”

“Got a problem with archaeologists?” River asked quickly.

“I’m a time traveller. I point and laugh at archaeologists” He spoke seriously.

“Ah, Professor River Song” River introduced with a grin.

“Professor (F/N) (L/N)” You followed, matching with a grin of your own.

“Archaeologists” You spoke together.

“Thank you” You told the Doctor, smiling genuinely as you glanced up at him from where you sat on the desk beside him. Why did he have to be so tall? This one was taller than the last. Or the next.

“For what?” He frowned.

“The usual” You shrugged, dragging your fingers over the table and looking down at it as you spoke. “Coming when we call”

“That was you?”

You nodded.

“You’re doing a very good job, acting like you don’t know us. I assume there’s a reason” River spoke up, handing you your diary as she did. Yours matched the pattern of hers but was (f/c) while hers was blue. The two of you picked carefully through the small books.

“A fairly good one actually”

You smiled, glancing up at him through your lashes before returning your eyes to your book.

“Okay, shall we do diaries then? When are we this time?” River asked, looking over her pages.

“Going by his face, I’d say early days” You pointed out, gesturing up and down with your pen at the man in front of you, who frowned in response.

“Yeah” River agreed. “So, umm, ‘Crash of the Byzantium’, have we done that yet?” You both looked at him, who just watched who both with a blank face.

“Obviously ringing no bells” You pointed out, glancing at River.

“Alright. Um, oh…” She trailed off with a smile as she found one.

“What is it?” You asked, tilting your head slightly.

“’Picnic at Asgard’. Do you remember that?” She asked you. You nodded, the same dreamy smile crossing your face. “Have we done Asgard yet?” The Doctor didn’t respond.

“Obviously not” River realised. “Blimey, very early days then. Huh, life with a time traveller, never knew it could be such hard work. Um…” While she looked through her book once more, you had occupied yourself staring at the Doctor. He glanced over at you and you smiled softly.

“Look at you” You mused, propping your chin on your hand with your elbow on your knee, your other arm crossed behind it. “You’re so young”

“I’m really not, you know” He corrected, seeming almost amused.

“No but you are” You insisted, sitting up straighter and setting your diary down beside you. He watched it for a moment before meeting your eyes again. “Your eyes…” You couldn’t describe it. “River, look how young he is” He turned to her and she slowly placed her diary down, putting a hand to the side of his face.

“You’re younger than I’ve ever seen you” She realised. You nodded in agreement.

“You’ve seen me before then?” he asked, glancing sideways at River’s hand. You froze, your mouth dropping open in shock as you realised and River moved her hand away slowly.

“Doctor… Please tell me you know who we are” She pleaded. He opened his mouth to answer but hesitated, glancing at you.

“Who are you?” He asked, confused. You could swear you felt your hearts break at those three words. You looked down, closing your eyes tightly and ignoring the world even as a ringing filled the air. Even as the Doctor stood and walked over to Proper Dave to see what he was doing. River placed a hand on your arm gently but you didn’t move.

“Are you okay?” She asked quietly. You hesitated.

“No” You answered bluntly. “Are you?”

“No” She copied. You opened your eyes, looking up to meet her gaze. She looked as broken as you felt, but was trying her best to keep herself together. You knew it was because of the Doctor and his friend and Lux’s group but you also knew it was partially for you. The two of you moved at once, pulling each other closer for a tight comforting hug. You rested your chin on her shoulder and found yourself meeting the Doctor’s eye. He looked almost worried about the two of you, but also confused and intrigued. You couldn’t bear to see it, so you lowered your eyes and buried your face in River’s shirt.

“I wish our Doctor was here” You whispered brokenly. You heard River swallow tensely.

“So do I” She admitted.

River went over to help the Doctor, knowing you’d rather time alone right now. After a bit the Doctor moved back over to the computer you sat next to. You pulled your legs up and hugged them close as you shifted away from him slightly. Just giving him more room, you told yourself. He glanced at you worriedly as he worked before his eyes found yours and River’s diaries stacked up next to the computer. You had refused to meet his gaze and since he was facing your direction you were making sure to face the other way.

River walked up beside him, taking the diaries from his hand.

“Sorry, you’re not allowed to see inside the books. It’s against the rules” She said curtly, handing you yours, which you took silently.

“What rules?”

“Your rules”

River walked off with her book and you could feel the Doctor’s stare. It wasn’t long before you followed River, needing to get away from him. He may have been the Doctor, but he wasn’t your Doctor. He didn’t even know who you were. And that broke you.

The Doctor ran in behind the girls, shining his torch around the room.

“I’m gonna need a packed lunch” He announced. You were confused at the request, but you knew to just go with it when he had a plan.

“Hang on” River spoke first, going to kneel beside her bag. You did the same, digging through your own bag beside her. The Doctor kneeled down in between the two of you, looking at each of you in turn.

“What’s in those books?” He asked.

“Spoilers” You spoke in unison.

“Who are you?” He asked, still looking between you.

“Professor River Song”

“Professor (F/N) (L/N)”

“University of-“

“To me” He interrupted. “Who are you to me?”

“Again, spoilers” River told him, glancing at you. You stood and walked away, standing against a desk as you watched River handing the Doctor her lunch box. You looked away quickly as he glanced up and found yourself looking right back at Donna. She was staring at you unashamedly, glancing at River and the Doctor every once in a while.

“Right, you lot!” The Doctor announced, getting everyone’s attention. “Let’s all meet the Vashta Nerada” He tossed his torch in the air, catching it again without looking down. You found yourself smiling at the familiarity of the move, looking down to try and hide it. But as you glanced up again Donna hadn’t looked away.

This might be harder than you thought.

You were standing next to River, both of you watching the Doctor work, when Donna walked up beside you.

“You travel with him, don’t you?” River asked her. “The Doctor- you travel with him?”

“What of it?” Donna asked in return. There was a moment of silence between the three of you as you watched the Doctor continue with his work, making Proper Dave move from his spot as he went.

“You know him, don’t you?” Donna asked slowly. You couldn’t help but laugh, albeit rather bitterly.

“Oh, god, do I know that man” River agreed.

“We go way back, that man and us” You told her, hesitating before continuing. “Just not this far back”

“I’m sorry, what?” Donna frowned, confused.

“He hasn’t met us yet” River clarified. “We sent him a message but it went wrong, it arrived too early. This is the Doctor in the days before he knew us. And, he looks at us…” She paused, trailing off with a glance in your direction. She knew this whole ordeal hit you harder than even her, and she was worried for you.

“And he looks right through us” You finished, your eyes fixed on the man. “He looks right through me, and it shouldn’t kill me, but it does”

The Doctor sonicked Proper Dave’s suit.

“800%, pass it on” He told you, holding out his sonic screwdriver.

“I got it” You told him, holding up your own that he had given you.

“What’s that?” He asked, confused.

“It’s a screwdriver” You told him, sending him a ‘duh’ face.

“It’s sonic” He pointed out. You glanced at him as you continued on, increasing the mesh density of everybody’s suits.

“I know” You said simply.

The Doctor was working on an overhead light with his sonic screwdriver, standing on a chair as he talked.

“Trying to boost the power. Light doesn’t stop them but it slows them down” He explained.

“So what’s the plan? Do we have a plan?” River asked, glancing at you before looking back at the Doctor.

“Do we ever have a plan?” You returned, holding up your sonic and brightening the light the Doctor had been working on. He took his hands from the light, staring at it.

“Your screwdriver…” He started, climbing down to stand in front of you as he took your wrist in his hand, looking down at your sonic screwdriver.

“…looks exactly like mine”

“With a bit of an upgrade” You reminded him. “You gave it to me”

“I don’t give my screwdriver to anyone” He insisted.

“I’m not anyone”

“Who are you?”

The two of you stood still, staring at each other. No one else spoke, staring at both of you, River watching you closely. You tore your arm from his grasp and but he continued to watch you as another moment of silence passed.

“What’s the plan?” You asked, effectively finishing the conversation. 

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What do you think would happen if the Paladins were to meet the Serenity crew? (Let's ignore that Firefly takes place in another solar system but if it weren't for aliens the furthest humanity would be from Earth in VLD is Kerberos)

Uh, I’m going to just take this down to the macro-level and do person by person rather than the crew as a whole, because I think overall the Serenity crew would try to avoid all this Voltron nonsense.

Also keep in mind it has been a while since I last watched Firefly.

Shiro would have respect for Mal as a leader and interest in Wash as a pilot, but I think it’d be Zoe who he looks up to.  She’s cool and in control and military and badass and so Shiro’s just a bit starry-eyed.  Then, obviously, there’s River, who I think Shiro would actually be wary of at first?  He can very easily draw the line between his symptoms and how she is, and I think at first that’s a little too real.  Shiro spends a lot of time downplaying/ignoring his symptoms so having someone have them so helplessly openly displayed would creep him out for a bit.  But he’d get past that quickly and I think they’d really get each other in a way no one else in their respective crews really does.

Lance and Wash would immediately hit it off and the universe is doomed.  Doomed.  They’re best friends now and Wash is teaching Lance how to pick up the ladies, because he landed Zoe and man oh man, Wash wins.  Lance probably also takes a lot of solace in the fact that Wash is so cool but still feels outclassed sometimes, but it’s okay because he’s still rad.  It helps contextualize Lance’s own self-esteem issues.

No, wait, I take it back, Kaylee meets Pidge and Hunk and then the universe is doomed.  Her sunshine attitude immediately endears her to Hunk, along with her sheer technological prowess and ability to improvise with hardware (which is also Hunk’s thing: Pidge is big ideas and bigger applications but Hunk is ‘I made this thing work and otherwise we would have died, and Kaylee understand that with a heavy heart and a proud smile).  Meanwhile, Pidge also appreciates someone who can be so girly and also so mechanical.  Kaylee would immediately want to play dress-up with her, and Pidge finds it nice to be a little girly after so long of enforced not.  It’s a little like being Katie again.  

Pidge also immediately takes solace in Simon, I think.  She gets the sibling devotion on a visceral level, and she finds it awesome to see it from the other side.

Meanwhile, Jayne has little patience for all these kids running around.  They’ve got jobs and places to be and these rugrats are underfoot.  He does take the time to corner Hunk and ask where he got that gun because Jayne likes those bayard things.  He likes them a lot.  Hunk has to say they have the only five in the universe, and then it’s immediately a battle to keep Jayne from stealing one.  He does manage, and is very distressed when it won’t react to him at all (Jayne, honey, if there was ever a lion for you, it ain’t Green).  He is, however, the only one can eat the Space Goo without blinking, which at least makes Coran very happy.

Jayne thinks he might be okay with this Keith kid, because he’s like, the fighter one, right?  But no, Keith is not fond of Jayne in the least.  Mostly, Keith finds the Serenity crew really Loud and so not really people he wants to spend a lot of time with.  The exceptions to this are Simon, Book and Inara.  Of them, he likes Book best, so long as he trusts he’s not getting preached too.  Loud people follow Simon around, and Inara has too many instincts to draw him into conversation.  Simon does remind Keith a little of how Shiro was.

Allura might be a little… distressed by Mal?  Who is not only not very Leaderly tbh, but he’s also still in the process of stomping around and pretending he doesn’t like these kids at all, no sir.  He doesn’t want to be associated with Voltron, he doesn’t want to stop when they need a job, nope no no (no one on his crew is fooled in the slightest).  She’s also taken by Zoe for many of the same reasons Shiro is (and Zoe is a little pleased that both of them take to her), but I think the one she ends up sticking with is Inara, actually.  She appreciates that Inara makes time for her world and culture, even out in the Black in bad situations, and she really likes swapping stories with her.  Shiro will also join in for the tea ceremonies if he’s asked, because it’s not the same but it’s close.  Allura finds the whole thing fascinating.

Meanwhile Book and Coran are BFFs now.  Calming older-relative kick-ass types with words of wisdom and possibly darker pasts need to stick together.  They radiate so much combined I-must-tell-you-a-moral-story that most of both crews are avoiding them.

I won’t do the ‘who would get what lion’ thing because I don’t think it works when there’s already paladins.  But there is definitely a lowkey plan to steal a lion.  Not serious ones but… just in case.  Always good to be thinking.

It’s nice for the Paladins to get a taste of home, if nothing else, and everyone comes out of it with some brand new, very dirty curse words, and basically each other’s business cards.  If you ever need a hand (”If you ever need saving”, thinks Team Voltron.  “If you ever need to hire us and pay us money,” thinks Team Serenity)

“You’ve been the leader for… how long?”
“Ten years,” said the mayor.
“Isn’t it hard?”
“Oh, yes. Oh, yes. Everyone argues with me all the time,” said the mayor. “Although I must say I’m expecting a little less arguing if all this works out. But it’s not an easy job.”
“It’s ridiculous to have to shout all the time just to get things done,” said Darktan.
“That’s right,” said the mayor.
“And everyone expects you to decide things,” said Darktan.
“The last leader gave me some advice just before he died, and do you know what it was? ‘Don’t eat the green wobbly bit’!”
“Good advice?” asked the mayor.
“In his world, yes,” said Darktan. “But all he had to do was be big and tough and fight all the other rats that wanted to be leader.”
“It’s a bit like that with the council,” said the mayor.
“What?” said Darktan. “You bite them in the neck?”
“Not yet,” said the mayor. “But it’s a tempting thought, I must say.”
“It’s just all a lot more complicated than I ever thought it would be!” said Darktan, bewildered. “To be a leader you have to learn to shout! But after you’ve learned to shout, you have to learn not to!”
“Right again,” said the mayor. “That’s how it works.” He put his hand down on the desk, palm up. “May I?” he said. “I want to show you something.”
Darktan stepped aboard and kept his balance as the mayor carried him over to the window and set him down on the sill.
“See the river?” said the mayor. “See the houses? See the people in the streets? I have to make it all work. Well, not the river, obviously, that works by itself. And every year it turns out that I haven’t upset enough people for them to choose anyone else as mayor. So I have to do it again. It’s a lot more complicated than I ever thought it would be.”
“What, for you, too? But you’re a human!” said Darktan in astonishment.
“Hah! You think that makes it easier? I thought rats were wild and free!”

– on reaching an understanding | Terry Pratchett, The Amazing Maurice and his Educated Rodents

what I reasonably want from riverdale s2, starting in 9 days

  • Thornhill-wise, the wig display is satanically intact. would also appreciate the temporary Blossom home being the picturesque cabin in the never-before-mentioned Maple Bacon Island, cue And Then There Were None episode (which would make like no sense since this river island’s obviously connected to the town by a macabre but probably reliable footbridge. idk, guys, make it work)
  • Betty does weird shit. just—in general. also, Jughead’s motorcycle falls off a cliff in episode 2 and all this Easy Rider Jughead content is a farce, just so that we’re caught unaware by his real storyline this first half of the season (doing taxes for the Serpents, being possessed for a week by a demon that Archie summoned in hopes of it revealing the location of Fred’s shooter, etc). Bughead fucks in a sugar shack.
  • dark magics!Archie is naturally a reenactment of the only thing we remember about Spider-Man 3
  • snakeparents, some fucking, some scheming against each other, 2% of fondness
  • football on TV’s only been interesting in FNL so let’s just drop that without explanation and embrace this show’s Schrödinger’s Canada status by having curling as the most beloved sport in Riverdale
  • Cheryl, somewhere: sad. Jughead, somewhere else: sad for slightly different but also deeply similar reasons. me: wow…… t-this…. is art……………….

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It just dawned on me that Cas seems to die near water. In seasons 7-9 and I believe 12, Cas dies near/in water. In season 8 he doesn't "die" but it's almost like he is dead to Sam and Dean and there's obviously the river where there's that memorable Destiel hug. And in season 9, it rains just hours before April stabs Cas. I was just wondering if there was any sort of reason you could think of for this? The only connection I could think of is that with all these deaths Dean is *ahem* distraught.

There is so much meta on Cas x water and Cas x fish :)

I personally love this obvious symbolism after Rowena calls Cas a fish at the end of s11, Dean says he loves ‘that fish’ in 12x11 and then immediately:

and water:

Re: water, absolutely there’s a running theme. He is also found by the river, naked, by Daphne in s7 which for me was a huge one, as a Classical Mythology and History student :) But there’s a ton of references to Cas and water.

Water and fish are associated with Jesus. It’s a part of my #cas is jesus tag and theories, where all of TFW at various points represent or are associated with being a messianic figure, they also represent the holy trinity overall in many regards. Imo Cas is the Angel’s Jesus figure (as a guide and example rather than a leader, culminating in his ‘sacrificing’ his grace for humanity and by that I do mean for himself to have humanity, not just for Dean, showing the Angels the ‘good’ and righteous path, to start loving humanity again themselves and happier). I hope that’s where this theme is heading.

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“That’s a fairytale

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Can people realise that the doctor can love multiple fucking people over his lives and not ignore any of them please I am annoyed at people pretending rose was nothing she was a thing and I like River but Rose was just as important to him (and I'm annoyed and venting sorry)

I agree tho, like I was love/hate with River, but obviously she was very important to the Doctor, and they can keep places for them in their heart, but that doesn’t mean they can’t move on and love again.

And I’m not even saying the Thirteenth Doctor NEEDS a love interest, I’m just saying it would be nice to have a woman love interest for a woman Doctor, but I’m fine with no love interest at all (as long as there’s no man love interest for a woman Doctor, ew heteronormativity).

And I’m just… over River. I personally just never got her hype. Like, she’s kind of funny, Alex Kingston is gorgeous and a wonderful actress, but in my opinion, she was a bit over used, and used wrong. The concept was cool (backwards but parallel timeline between the Doctor and a lover), but the characterization of River (and the whole Eleven leaving her to rot in prison whenever they’re not on a date thing, wtf lol that ain’t love, that’s a power play, that’s a mark of ownership, like she’s his toy that he can take out of the box to play with whenever he wants, and put back when he’s done, ew gross) just missed the mark a bit for me.

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i don't think Dave looks WAY younger for being a dad, he it's just normal, like Queen Moon or marco's parents, but when you compare him with River obviously he would look way younger because River's beard makes River look older af (a goddamn beard always will make you look older)

Honestly the reason he might look bizarrely young to some people is because well, he IS surrounded by other adults to kinda compare to. We’ve seen river and Moon as younger kids, and seen how much they’ve changed.

Plus the show clearly has methods to make characters appear older, and Dave’s only defining feature is the age lines ((Like Mina))

 it would probably help to hear his voice tbh, i get the feeling people would buy into it more if:

A. He was standing up, so we could see his height in comparison to others.

 B. He had an voice, because he doesn’t speak in the clip, so we can’t tell what he’s supposed to sound like. His voice is not as deep  as River’s clearly, but it’s still hard to get a feel for how he’s supposed to sound.

C. You put him next to Tom to compare features. you can tell they look alike,But maybe the fact Dave looks like Tom quite a bit might make people think he looks too young since his own features don’t look much different. Dave also has the same body type as Tom, which could also play a role into that.

I think most people did somewhat have a visual idea of Tom’s father, so seeing him for real could be a little jarring to what ppl were expecting.

It probably has much more to do with how little anyone has seen of him so far that might just leave that impression. It will probably change once the fandom has properly seen or spent time with him.

For River and him to break out into a fight, you kinda have to figure alongside the tom and star plot, Dave is getting some screen time with River ((Maybe Moon Too?)). And unlike Wrathmelior so far, he clearly talks, so we’re gonna get an idea of him one way or another.

If we didn’t spend time with him and River at any point before the fight, the fight would come out of nowhere. Even if it’s execution is claimed to be funny for this episode, you have to build it up beforehand.

So i get it, but I’m sure it’ll end when the ep airs.

Unless it’s intentional for Dave to seem younger then he is, and that’s what the crew is going for. Mina apparently is still young for a reason, so it’s ok to be a bit suspicious about it when the crew addresses another character and their youth like that.


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