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What do you want from your relationships?

Aries Venus – Excitement

Taurus Venus – Security

Gemini Venus – Entertainment

Cancer Venus – Intimacy

Leo Venus – Romance

Virgo Venus – Improvement

Libra Venus – Equality

Scorpio Venus – Trust

Sagittarius Venus – Growth

Capricorn Venus – Status

Aquarius Venus – Freedom

Pisces Venus – Fantasy


2.4.17  ♡  24/100 days of productivity

One of the best things in the world is guessing on a bunch of questions on a test and actually getting them all right. On another note, I’ve been having a crisis over how I’m paying for college. I could probably sell a kidney or two.

running a studyblr as an adult is so strange. i see kids as young as 13 having breakdowns about grades, isolating themselves from everyone because they don’t quite fit in, not knowing how to deal with very real mental health problems… it’s not my place as someone significantly older than you to try and intervene in your personal life, but i hope you all know that if you ever want advice - about studying, dealing with life, or just which colour to change your blog to - or need someone to listen to you when you’ve had an awful day, my inbox is always open. things will get better for you, and you will be okay, i promise.