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Dancing (Young!Sirius x Reader)

I am currently supposed to be studying hardcore for this huge AP Chemistry test tomorrow, but I’m not. Because who needs education right? Just kidding, stay in school. I am also running out of ideas for writing, so I need all the requests I can get right now, I NEED MY INBOX OVERFLOWING PEOPLE!! I would also like to mention that although the Marauders Era is obviously not during this generation, I am going to be using bands from this generation, because I am that rebellious. Just making sure I clarify before I begin, enjoy!

The 1975 was playing throughout the common room, while Sirius and I were finishing up an assignment for Transfiguration, that we had procrastinated on for far too long. We were the only ones left considering it was extremely late, and everyone went to sleep. I was getting pretty sleepy myself, it was raining, which always tended to make my eyes feel a little heavier than normal. I could tell Sirius noticed by the way he started talking slightly louder and jumping all over the couch, distracting me a bit from the assignment we were supposed to be working on.

“Sirius, I can’t concentrate on the assignment that well when you are jumping all over the couch like a two year old.” I said, tugging at the end of his robes, indicating I wanted him closer.

“I wouldn’t have to ‘jump all over the couch like a two year old’ if you would stay awake long enough to finish.” He said back, mocking my tone.

“Well, I can’t help it. The rain is making me so sleepy, and this album is so calming.” I said. Our favorite album from The 1975 was “I like it when you sleep, for you are so beautiful yet so unaware of it” Many of the songs were very calming, and I always found myself falling asleep to it.

“It is quite calming isn’t it? The rain, and the music.” He said, staring down at me.

“Yes, I could honestly fall asleep right here.”

“But you most definitely will not.” He said standing up from his seat.

“What are you talking about? Of course I am not going to fall asle-” Before I could finish what I was saying, Sirius had grabbed my hand, pulling me up to stand beside him.

“Do you know why we aren’t going to fall asleep on this couch, right here, right now?” He asked jokingly.

“Please, do tell me.”

“Because why fall asleep to the sound of rain and music, when you can dance to it?” He said. To be honest, I didn’t know if he was joking or being completely serious. (lol, he is Sirius…I hate myself) Sirius was the type of guy to dance with you one minute, and then laugh at you for that very reason, the next.

“Are we now?”

“Why yes.” He said, holding out his hand. I gladly took it and once I did, he pulled me close, pulling me tight, holding onto my waist.

It was kind of funny. Just Sirius and I dancing to “Please be Naked” and the sound of the rain, in the middle of the common room. Our assignment was unfinished, almost done, but still needed work. I wasn’t worried about that right now. Occasionally, we would bump into one of the couches or chairs when he dipped me, or tried to spin me around; causing me to squeal or giggle.

“Be quiet love, can’t get caught dancing, I’m terrible at it.“

When the record player stopped, giving off it’s usual white noise when it was time to flip, or change it; we stopped. We sat there in each other's arms, listening to the rain, and each others breathing.

"Maybe we could go for one more round?" He asked, pulling us back into the proper position.

"I would like that." 

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Anyone who supports pewdiepie after the shit he's pulled obviously doesn't understand how much of a horrible person he is.

PewDiePie isn’t a horrible person though?? Okay yes he made a few edgy jokes and maybe some of them went too far but that in itself still doesn’t make him this horrible anti-Semite a lot of people seem to believe he is.

At the end of the day he fucked up, he knows this and he’s apologised. I really think this whole thing is being thrown way out of proportion.

Long post coming up, but I’m not putting a read-more on it because the font on my blog is terrible. Also, if you read the whole thing, I spent hours writing this please talk to me about it.

So I was thinking about the Mortis arc in the Clone Wars, in particular about the dysfunctional embodiment-of-the-Force family.

Obviously the Daughter and the Son are the personifications of the light and dark sides of the Force, but the Son, at least before he went pyscho, didn’t strike me as an evil character. Sure, he was volatile, and as a result of being the embodiment of the dark side eventually tried to manipulate Anakin, but I found that his actions were kind of justified? (Not the killing Ahsoka part, that was unacceptable, but he was trying to escape a controlling environment, like a certain trash bag Jedi. It’s just that they both went too far.)

Also, I was thinking about the Father’s insistence that Anakin had to stay behind to control the Son and Daughter because he was the Chosen One. It’s just I don’t think that he was correct about that. Not that Anakin wasn’t the Chosen One, I believe that he was, but I don’t think he was ever supposed to be the one who balanced the two Force siblings.

Although Anakin is a good person- at least until he devolves into a murdering Sith- the majority of his decisions are not driven by typical Jedi light-side values. They are driven by dark-side values, based upon Anakin’s wish to keep particular people safe, not necessarily ‘people’ in general. According to the Jedi, putting singular lives over a planet, or a concept as a whole, is defined as ‘attachment’. This in turn is recognised by the Jedi order to be from the dark side. As a Jedi, Anakin is supposed to think of people as a whole, republic and separatist, not as individual beings whom he feels loyal to separately.

Was there a Force-user who said that one did not have to be evil to use the dark side? This is thinking of the grey Jedi, who used both sides in balance, and were not considered evil. So, if the grey Jedi were not evil, the Jedi order was not evil, doesn’t this mean that those who purely use the dark-side are not evil either? More corruptible, certainly, but not evil.

(Believe it or not, this is going to turn back around to address why I started talking about the Son and Daughter.)

The light-side of the Force is not evil, but neither is the dark-side. Stemming from my own personal beliefs, an object cannot be ‘evil’ unless it is made to be so by a person. It can do evil things, but is not, in itself, evil. Neither is it good.

Despite the fact the dark and light sides are not evil, they are, however, different, and can both be used for good and evil, but only when in balance. (This is why I admire the grey Jedi.) However, when the dark and light are used in excess, they can lead to evil. Passion is not evil, and neither is the sort of logical removal of emotions. Passion in this case means that one values individual people over a population as a whole, while the sort of apathy the Jedi order values allows the Jedi to put a whole over individuals. Neither of these are evil points of view; in fact both are admirable. But passion to the extremes is very dangerous, which does lead to anger and the emotions the Jedi condemn, as is apathy, which can lead to callous indifference which can be just as harmful.

I think it’s very reasonable to suggest that a dark-sider could be good, just as a light-sider could be bad. I think that detachment in an evil person, despite it being a Jedi quality, is just as bad as evil driven by passion. “Thinking of the bigger picture, I’m going to blow up this nuclear reactor because, even though everyone in the vicinity will die either quick painful deaths, or much slower and agonising deaths, it’ll be doing the world good.” (Think the Samuel L. Jackson’s character in Kingsman: The Secret Service), as opposed to “I’m going to murder this person because they murdered my friend, and I feel the need for revenge.”

Both the light and dark side are more greyish than specific shades; really, the only difference are the traits that are valued by each ‘side’. Passion and peace, etc. This is why I think the grey Jedi had far better ideals than the Sith and the ‘light’ Jedi. They could examine the bigger picture and they could place value in individual beings. 

So, the Son is a dark-side being, powerful only in that aspect of the Force, just as the Daughter is powerful only in the light-side. Neither are ‘good’, neither are ‘evil’. Although it seems that they can use only the side of the Force they embody, I find that I see them as grey figures. (I think an interesting thing I must point out is that the Daughter, after being confronted by Obi-Wan, was willing to have the Son killed. And even though the Son fought the Daughter when she tried to stop him, he completely freaked out when he accidentally killed her, the ‘only person I ever loved’.)

(Hahaha first draft RotS Anakin/Padme parallels no not at all.)

*Wipes away tears* Anyway.

Until Anakin, Obi-Wan and Ahsoka land on Mortis, I don’t think (correct me if I am wrong), that there were any problems with the Son and the Daughter. Both obeyed the Father, right? (Here, I’m thinking of that scene where the Father had the Son and the Daughter threaten to kill Ahsoka or Obi-Wan unless Anakin chose between them. Which is, I might add, a really horrible cruel thing to do, and that’s a reason I cannot stand the Father.) They were generally good kids, the Son rebellious and passionate, but all in all, a good kid.

(Also, I found that the Father treated the Son an awful lot like the Jedi council treated Anakin. You know, kept them cooped up out of concern, which literally only made them more resentful.)

(I’ve gotten really, really off-track now.)

Now, heading back to my child Anakin, who uses, I believe, the dark-side of the Force. I don’t actually think there’s a difference between the two, it’s just the Force responds slightly differently depending on what the user is like. Anakin relies on his passion and his instincts, while the Jedi, Obi-Wan in particular, uses his head. (Admittedly, Obi-Wan is reckless as well, but in comparison to Anakin… well.) The Jedi can’t tell the difference between the light and the dark in general, but they can if the dark side is being used for evil (see numerous actions by Anakin Skywalker). (That’s why Anakin has always seemed like a grey sort of Jedi. ‘Light-side’ activities, stemmed from the dark-side.)

What am I saying? The Son is so alike to Anakin it isn’t even funny.

So now, I have finally gotten to the point, which was backed up by some of the above (the rest being word vomit) to support my stupid headcanon.

Anakin was not meant to replace the Father, he was meant to replace the Son. Which, by extension, means that there was, at some point, a replacement Daughter. 

Ah and here is my stupid headcanon: Shmi, at some point in her life had a daughter. Whether this was Anakin’s twin, elder, or younger sister, I think it’s pretty clear that she died young. Maybe a miscarriage, maybe she was stillborn, maybe she died as a very young child from disease. 

(Also, I’m very partial to an idea from one of Irnan’s fics where Anakin has a stillborn twin sister. This may have stemmed from that.)

In conclusion, I think Anakin was meant to replace the Son, he had a sister who died, and I literally wasted hours typing this crap up. 

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How come everyone suddenly knows who I am?” (High school au? They went to a party and got drunk as fuck and ryro did questionable things? Like maybe even Micah's low key like 👀 about it?)

The party at the weekend had been amazing and although they had gotten far too drunk Micah remembered every moment of it but hadn’t seen Ryan since. Micah had been waiting to meet Ryan for lunch outside when his friend practically cornered him and asked the question. Micah blinked owlishly, glancing around as a few people obviously were staring at Ryan. “You really don’t remember? Ry even I was embarassed for you.” He said with a mischevious grin.

Normally Micah would be the one to be an embarrassment, usually acting like a complete slut when he was drunk. People knew that and he was used to his ‘easy’ reputation.

((Hope that was okay 🙈 ))


ok I’ve been delaying this because I thought the fandoms would come to their senses but here goes:

Tyler Oakley and Troye Sivan used to be the epitome of friendship. They used to give off all of them during videos, and even display the flirtatious side of their friendship without shame and with full on comfort because that’s how it felt natural. Yes, they gave the fans something to chew on, but unfortunately, the fans took it too damn far. I was a troyler shipper myself, but I never harassed or grilled them/ implicated my opinion that they should get together/ proclaim that they are lying about their relationship status /make either feel uncomfortable about being around the other / or forced them (verbally or over the internet) to do something that they obviously did not want to do. I enjoyed their friendship and closeness and supported them with everything they do. After the troyler kiss (which was done to raise money and not to announce their relationship) some fans went batshit crazy. A lot of them were running up to Tyler or Troye and shouting things about troyler at their faces, and basically doing stuff that put Troye and Tyler in an uncomfortable position. A lot of “shippers” stopped caring about the content that either of them presented, and only focused on the fact that Troye and Tyler are in the same room, further claiming that it’s “proof” that they are in a relationship. Slowly, Troye and Tyler stopped being flirtatiously friendly online, and a lot of “loyal fans” were angered. They started trashing Troye and Connor (aka “tronner”) and sending hate to the aforementioned youtubers and those who shipped them. All the interviews that Troye and Tyler did grilled them about each other, and did not focus on the accomplishments that both of them achieved, but whether or not they are in a relationship. The last video Troye did with Tyler broke my heart. They were forced to suppress the nature of their friendship in front of the cameras. The first time I saw the video I denied that, but after watching it over and over I simply can’t deny it anymore. They are not the same people we saw on the camera last time, and it’s obvious that the atmosphere was awkward, rigid, and professional. That absolutely fvcking sucks. Compare their “Boyfriend Tag” and “Tumblr Tag” videos with “Getting that Tingly Feeling” and “Gurgling with Tyler Oakley”. It hurts to see they had to hide their nature from the camera. Please stop forcing them to do that. It affects not just them, but us as well. Us, the real fans, who only ever want to see both of them happy. Please stop spreading hate. Please stop harassing them about each other. Let them fvcking be. Thank you.


Castiel, your very awkward angelic boyfriend, wasn’t one for romantic gestures. Giving you flowers that you were allergic to. Gifting you with someone else’s dog after you commented on how cute it was. Trying to cuddle with you, but instead suffocating you. But you learned to deal with these short comings, knowing that sooner or later, Cas would get the hang of it.

But it wasn’t until Castiel learned about pet names that he went too far with trying to be a normal boyfriend.

“Y/N, you’re my snuggly pooh bear.” Cas said out of no where one day. Dean had heard the angel, and almost died laughing. The words he just spoke surprised you, and made you want to laugh.

“I’m your what?” You uttered, heat rushing into your face when you realized what Cas was attempting.

Castiel blinked, obviously not expecting your confused reaction. He looked away, as if trying to think of something else to say. “Are you not my cuddly love monkey?” He asked, eyes wide and innocent.

This sent Dean running out of the room, laughter echoing through the bunker. You laid your head in your hands to compose yourself, then looked up at your very confused angel boyfriend. “Cas, stop with the pet names, please.”

The dejected look at Castiel’s face made you feel guilty, so you stood and pulled him into a hug. “I’m not your….cuddly love monkey, Cas. If you really want to use terms of endearment, stick to simple things. Honey, sweetheart, baby, things like that.”

You felt Cas nod at your words, letting this new information sink it. You bit your tongue to keep from laughing, counting yourself lucky to have such a sweet boyfriend, no matter how clueless he was.

Things we all want Bellamy to say to Clarke (and about Clarke)
  • “Don’t ever leave me again.”
  • “You’re the most amazing person I’ve ever met.”
  • “I did/said it because I care about you!”
  • “You can’t run, Clarke.”
  • “I love your daughter.” (to Abby obviously)
  • “I’ll always be here for you.”
  • “Everything’s going to be okay in the end.”
  • “I’ll never leave you.”
  • “Clarke’s strong. She’ll make it.”
  • “Clarke did.” (Murphy: “Who inspired you to stop beating my ass? Or anyone’s, really?)
  • “I’ve got you/you’ve got me.”
  • “I NEED YOU!”
  • “Marry me?”

Okay so maybe I went a little too far on that last one (not even sorry, though)

Wait for Clarke’s part!

Hey can I just say that if you are going to be rude at anyone involved im not going to support that? I don’t mean Simon obviously, this just went too far. But please don’t come in my askbox telling me that Louis let this happen and Louis allowed this, because we don’t have any idea what’s happening behind the scenes. Don’t come insulting the innocent human being in my askbox either what the fuck is wrong with you if you have the need to do that. I don’t post asks with you calling B names either, as much as I don’t like her, there’s no need to do that and it’s hypocritical as fuck. Don’t come in my askbox insulting larries.

Don’t come in my askbox insulting me. The wave of bullying happening is sickening and I am sick of being treated like this, just because I believe in love of two people that you decided to not see. I stand firm in my beliefs. If I see someone being rude to larries and mocking them, I will not stand for that and you need to realize that people are actually deeply affected by this whether you get it or not. And you are literally treating human beings like shit and nope. I just want to say that some of you are so rude, that I can’t wait for the denial to come just to see you react.

Larries, babes it’s okay to take a break. Obviously this has gone too far and it’s stressful and I have been a fan for so many years and I know that this is the worst that we have been through for sure. It will blow off eventually. There is no way this is real, now, more then ever, I believe in Harry and Louis. You are gong to be okay. They are going to be okay. Take care of yourself in the first place please and stay safe.


i just had my big interview with the head of the science department at this school in NYC and we chatted and it was really chill and then she was like “oh how about in the next 2 weeks we fly you out to our campus in New York so you can see it” im likE YES YES PLS OH MY GOD 

sO obviously it went really well!!!!! i cant believe they offered to bring me to campus so quickly, im SO EXCITED, my mom is like wow schools usually never do that, but ahhhhhh so!! a really great friday so far and ahhh i hope all of yall are having good fridays too <3 <3 <3 thanks for all the good vibes~~~


Subject Alpha killed me while I was in an amazing pose in a crystal, and so Reed glitched and got stuck in said amazing pose.

So obviously I had to stop what I was doing in the dungeon ( after asking teammates of course, you don’t just stop a dungeon without permission ) and take a few screens.

What you don’t see / hear here is me laughing off-screen until I started crying, and guildmates on mumble joking about it and being patient as ever.

Sorry for the poor gif quality - I didn’t want to take too long and push the dungeon time too far back, so I just took some low / medium quality screen recordings, and when turned into gifs the quality just went even further down.