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deal | pt 1 (m)

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summary: the years spent working hard had really paid off and was it so wrong to want to rub that in a few faces? The cliché mean girls that often teased you for not doing anything with your hair or clothing, wouldn’t it be great to show off someone like Jungkook? High school reunion au + ceo!jeon

word count: 6,366 

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Eyes like ice, cold and calculating narrow over the rim of a wine glass. Soft lips press to the polished glass, the crimson complimenting tan skin. If it weren’t for the soft dent between his brows you would have assumed he had not heard you. He takes his time allowing the wine to caress his palate, eyes closed as he savors the taste.  As always, he makes you wait until the wine glass is drained of it’s dark contents. You ponder on the taste, if it is bitter upon his tongue much like his words.

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About Mortal-Apo//o (now spooky-apo//o)

I know there have been many posts explaining who she is, and what she’s done as you all can see on her tumblr. Here’s a good masterpost of some of the stuff she’s said on here if you don’t already know, you’ll need to see that for the rest of this. 

While she has done and excused some horrible things on here for you all to see, there’s more that you don’t know about. In the discord group chat she mods, and within our personal or group chats. I’ve been afraid to bring it to light for awhile, because the adults running said discord terrify me and would rather shut up a kid who’s in trouble or unsafe than remove a harmful adult from the group. In fact, just today my girlfriend was kicked from the discord immediately after telling the admin (who is 30 years old) what Mary has done to us, and the ways shes caused me trauma (which we’ll get into later.) It was this call to kick her from the server rather than try to protect the children (some under 13) still in that server that prompted me to make this post. If nothing else, I hope those around Mary see this, and can take caution, distance themselves, and stay safe.

Before you click the read more, please be cautioned. There’s mentions of trama, panic attacks, anxiety, grooming, adult/minor relationships, and more.

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“You better not flip kelpie and try to drown me.”

wow this took way too long, i started this when that chapter came out btw. anyways if you’re still in the dirkjake fandom and you haven’t read this please go fix that. super super IC accurate canon characters in a very not canon setting, obviously. not just dirkjake either, awesome wholesome alpha friendships too.

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When I was 11 and training in martial arts (internationally​ competitive and consistently​ placed in every competition) I had to spar against an adult in clads for practice and did break their ribs with a well placed kick and because they'd forgotten their chest padding. So, just speaking from personal experience that a child could break an adults ribs, but I was a very highly trained kid who'd been in karate for several years at that point.

Well, that was the point of my response. The character in question had no training. You know as well as I do what someone with no martial arts training throwing a kick looks like. What chances would you give them in a managing to successfully perform the technique in a fight for their life? The odds are not in their favor.

Just from my experience teaching martial arts, the number of kids who could what you did at age eleven in a sparring match is tiny. Possibly by dumb luck. If you competed internationally then you were obviously in the top tier, and that puts you in a league far beyond what most kids are capable of. Most adults too, for that matter.

Consider though, the amount of time per day you spent training for your competitions in comparison to your classmates including those in whatever school you went to. In all the karate students in all the world, you were probably in the top percentile of a select group that ever makes it that far. I can list on one hand the number of martial artists I’ve known who went to international competitions. That’ll really skew your perspective.

And, of course, the chances of sparring injuries increase substantially when we forget our pads.

While we’re on the subject of injuries:

My brother almost lost his leg, for example, when he decided to throw a roundhouse kick at Starke when they first met. My brother was eighteen (and a fourth degree black belt, who should know better) and Starke had police self-defense training from a cop in Wyoming when he was a kid. The cop was a little on the crazier side and taught small children the standard joint breaks they were teaching at the time to regular officers. One of them was the defense against the roundhouse kick, which includes a knee break. My brother came very close to walking with a limp for the rest of his life. Instead, he went on to become a boxing national champion in the welterweight division.

Those of you who’ve heard about my brother before might remember the time he almost lost an eye when our instructors were dumb enough to let two young black belts spar with UFC fiberglass gloves and perform head blows. To this day, he is (just a little) walleyed.

Then, of course, there’s the story I got off Starke from one of his karate friends in college. The two brown belts that the black belts let spar without restrictions and each of them ended up with a broken leg.

Not everyone highly trained is smart or responsible. Sometimes, they’re really, really dumb. Or not paying attention. Or criminally negligible.

Let this be a lesson to every writer out there who wants to write a “No Pads” sparring session with beginners or… just in general. There’s a really good chance that if no one’s paying attention someone will be leaving with broken bones even if the match started with the best of intentions.

This also isn’t counting what happens when the kids decide to spar and no one with sense is there to stop it. That happens too.

And then there’s the part that’ll horrify some of the readers out there, which is martial artists swap these kinds of stories around with each other and laugh about it after the fact. The explanation for this behavior is injuries get normalized when you’re in a culture where the chance for experiencing them is high. This happens with soldiers and cops too, in regards to their own. Then martial artists, soldiers, and cops will swap these stories with each other, because its one of the parts of all three cultures which cross over. It’s like the stories you tell about family vacations, and stupid things your friends did, except its about breaking ribs, dislocating joints and the time you watched someone’s leg turn into a screw. Panic in the moment, but funny later.

If you’re outside that culture, the casual disregard will sometimes sound absolutely bonkers. That casual attitude, however, is a nice tell for someone who’s been in the business awhile. The chance being injured or seeing an injury happen on a training mat or walking the beat is something you’ve adjusted too. Not that you want it to, but you’ve seen it. Plus, you’re getting little minor injuries all the time which helps when it comes to handling them.

Figuring out how to present various normalized mental states for characters of different backgrounds is hard because we’re so used to thinking about our state of normal. The problem is everyone’s version of “Normal” is different.


Enemies Pt 1 (Jungkook Smut)

Words: 3203- ish

Warning: Rough smut, teasing.

Reader x Jungkook

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Part 2 | Part 3

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Jeon Jungkook. That was the name that you groaned and clenched your teeth for. That was the person who had been bothering you in the last 3 years at school. He had been making jokes with you all the time, like calling you stupid names, teasing you, shooting you with paper balls, messing up your hair…
And teasing means: touching your butt and pretending it hasn’t been him and stuff like that. Ok, you knew that if you talked seriously with him he would stop, but you always melted into his touch, but not perceptively enough for him to do something more. But that also made him the one who you often thought about at night.
And yes you hated him, but if you didn’t, you would probably have a crush on him. No… You had a crush on him. He was so damn sexy. That really was an ambivalent feeling.
He, on the other hand, didn’t hate you. He just liked to be a jerk with you. A child.
You were in the same class, so it turned everything worst than it already was, and when the teacher gave the students a pair homework, of course the fucking teacher had to put you both together.
“But Mr. Thompson…” you begged to the teacher.
“Enough, Y/N! It’s time for you and Jungkook to resolve this problem of yours once and for all! Besides it’s a real short work, you just have to talk about a theme”, the teacher said
“This won’t resolve anything! I hate him, please let me do it by myself” you complained
“Ok. You do not have to do the homework with him” the teacher said
You sighed deeply. Yes.
“Ah, thank y-” you started saying but were cut off by him,
“But if you don’t, then you really don’t. I mean if you don’t do this with him, them you don’t need to do it at all, and say good bye to your grade. Now leave, go home. The class did finish many minutes ago” he said. You wanted to kick his ass, but just turned around and left the classroom.
When you left, you went to your locker to take your things and go home - since your class was over - only to find jungkook leaned against it. He smirked devilish when he saw you. The hall was already empty.
You decided to ignore him and just open your locker. He grabbed your waist and did spin you around to face him.
“So, princess, my house or yours?” he asked, tilting his head to the side.
“Don’t call me that, asshole” you said and he laughed “I don’t want you in my house. Let’s go to yours” you said, not daring to look into his eyes.
“Great. I like to play in places I know well” he said and you felt yourself blushing.
“You can leave now” you said, pushing him off and turning around to take your stuffs but he grabbed you, stopping you from moving. He leaned in, his warm breath touching your nose.
“You know…” he said as one of his hands squeezed your waist. “You look so damn hot wearing this uniform…This skirt” he said and his other hand grabbed the edge of your skirt, his fingers barely touching your thighs, sending shivers to your entire body. You managed to catch your breath back and found forces to push him away. Or try at least. You couldn’t melt into his touch.
“Get off! Don’t touch me, jerk. I don’t like you and if I could choose, i wouldn’t be doing this with you” you said quickly. His eyes widened and he pulled away. You turned around and closed the door of your locker, and when you did he pushed you against it and you gasped. He pressed his own body against your back and grabbed your waist again. He leaned in, his lips brushing on your earlobe as his hands traveled up and found your breasts. He squeezed there slowly, and you couldn’t help but moan a little.
You tried to move away but his grip didn’t let you.
“8:00 pm at my place. Today. Don’t be late, baby girl” he said.
“Fucking let me go I-im gonna scream” you said and he just laughed. One of his hand traveled down and touched your inner thigh, making you shut your eyes closed. ‘You don’t have to melt into it. You don’t’
“You really look hot on this skirt” he said and pulled away, exiting the building. You just watched as you fought with yourself inside.

It was 7:30pm. You had taken a shower and were now picking up your clothes. You choose a simple thing, just a shirt and skirt. You had to admit yourself that you had picked up the skirt to tease him. But you couldn’t say you were enjoying that. You still didn’t like him. For all those things he had done to you. Last time you had been at his place - in another homework but that time it was in group - he locked you outside the house for thirty minutes. You left your house and walked towards his. When you got there, you prepared your psychological and knocked the door. He opened and looked at you with a smirk.
“Hello, nerd. Come in. Don’t worry, i’m not going to lock you out this time” he said and your jaw clenched.
You got in and looked around, looking for his parents.
“Where are your parents?” you asked, not turning to look at him.
“They’re out. Business travel” he answered from behind you “The stuffs are in my bedroom. Let’s go” he said.
Once there, you both sat on the carpet. You crossed your legs since you were wearing a skirt and he noticed your movement.
“Skirt, huh? You knew this would tease me so you wore it purposely” he said and you blushed immediately.
“M-my world does not spin around you, Jungkook” you managed to say. You started doing the homework, talking and discussing about. It was going well.
But then he started.
You stopped for a while to write on your copybook when you suddenly felt his hand on your thigh. You looked up at him, confusion obviously reaching your eyes.
“Admit it, Y/N. You feel attracted by me. The more I bother you, more you like me” he whispered and you groaned. Was he really doing that? Bothering you again? Why couldn’t he just act like you were? You felt yourself getting angry and breathed heavily.
“Fuck, can’t you just leave me alone? Stop fucking teasing me. Let’s just do this shit of homework so I can leave” you almost yelled at him and his eyes widened, he was obviously surprised by you.
He laughed out loud at you and you couldn’t contain yourself anymore. He was so cynic. So stupid. So beautiful… argh!
Before you could stop yourself you slapped his cheek and he stopped laughing immediately. You got up and went downstairs, to the kitchen, and leaned against the counter to calm yourself down. What had you just done?
You were about to go back upstairs to apologize, you knew you had gone too far but when you were about to turn around and go you couldn’t, because there was jungkook, his weight pressed against your body from behind. His hands grabbed your thighs, his fingers purposely brushing against it as he leaned in towards your ear just as he did earlier on your locker.
“What the fuck” you groaned, trying to free yourself.
“How can I stop bothering you?” he whispered, “How can I stop teasing you when you are on this skirt?” he said as his hands grabbed the edges of your skirt and pulled it up, exposing your ass. You froze as the cold air did hit your skin, not knowing what to do or even say. “how Can i stop now, when all I’m thinking is how you dared to slap my cheek?” he said as one of his hands slapped your ass cheek, making you gasp. “And how can I stop now, when all i Want to do is fuck you till you be wrecked?” he groaned and brushed his lips on your earlobe, bitting at it slightly. You felt yourself getting wet by the second the words left his soft lips. Your heart stopped. He turned you around to face him, his eyes darkened with…lust?
Both of his hands were squeezing your ass now, his touch making you shiver. He attacked your neck, sucking in your sensitive skin.
“J-Jungkook” you started saying, trying to push him away but failing, “I’m sorry, i didn’t mean to…to hurt you” you said, your voice trembling. He left your neck and looked into your eyes.
“I know I know. But you know what?” He said and started leaning in, “That only made me want to fuck you harder” he said and closed the distance between your lips. At first you couldn’t kiss him back, you were in total shock. But as his hands started working on your body, your ass, your clothed boobs, you couldn’t contain yourself anymore.
You kissed him back, melting into the kiss as your brain screamed for you to stop and he smirked. Your hands made their way to his hair, pulling him even closer as he lifted you up so you were sat on the counter. He placed himself between your legs and his lips traveled down to your jawline, then your neck. He sucked so roughly you knew it would leave marks.
“I knew you wanted me” he whispered. You pulled at his hair roughly, earning a groan from him. You knew he was right. And there was no reason to contest him. His hands played with the edge of your shirt and soon he started lifting it up. He took it off, exposing your semi clothed breasts. He leaned in and sucked it, his hands searching your back and unclasping your bra. He pulled away and stared at your boobs, making you blush immediately.
“Stop looking at me like that” you complained and he laughed.
“Do you want me to suck them?” he asked teasingly. You nodded. Fuck you wanted his touch so bad.
“Then you’ll have to beg me” he said as he took off his shirt. Little bastard. That moment you stopped for a moment. First because you had a shirtless Kookie in front of you. His toned abs getting you wetter by the sec. That gorgeous V line…
All you wanted was to lick that shit. Second, Your mind was screaming at you, saying to not fall for him. Saying that it was not too late to get in real.
“Cat got your tongue?” He said when you didn’t answer.
“Please Jungkook, please suck them” you said, ignoring the last piece of dignity you had and he grabbed one of your breasts on his hand, massaging it as his tongue played with the nipple of the other. You arched your back against his touch, you could feel his smirk on your skin. You managed to unbuckle his belt as well. “You want my cock that bad? You can’t control yourself?” he teased and you just moaned. He kissed your lips again and wrapped your legs around his waist, lifting you up from the counter and walking back towards his bedroom. He let you fall onto the mattress and took off his pants. He let it fall, his boxers following soon. His erection freed, almost slapping his stomach. You licked your lips. He was naked.
God… A naked jungkook. Your clit was screaming at you to be touched. To be touched by his thick fingers…his hardened cock…
“Take off your skirt and sit on the edge of the bed” he said and you quickly did.
He pumped his dick a few times and walked towards you. You realized what he was about to do and looked up at him, hungrily.
“Now you’ll pay for what you did. My cheek is still burning” he said and grabbed your hair, his other hand guiding his dick towards your mouth.
“Suck” he groaned. You grabbed his dick and pumped it a few times, soon licking his tip that was dripping with pre-cum. You decided to tease him, to push him, licking only his tip as your hand ghostly touched him.
“Don’t fuck tease me” He said and thrusted inside your mouth, so you reached his base. You felt his tip hitting the back of your throat and you gagged a bit.
You tried to pull away but he didn’t let you. Your cheeks hollowed around him and you managed to control your air. His salty taste was so fucking good. You cupped his balls, massaging it slowly and softly. He tightened his grip on your hair, bobbing your head in and out, controlling your speed.
“Fuck” he groaned as you deep-throated him. You started feeling your juices falling down your legs. You were desperate to feel him inside you as soon as possible. He stopped you from moving, his hips moving roughly against you, cutting your air off. “Don’t fucking move, im gonna fuck this pretty mouth of yours” he groaned.
He walked forward, resisting his hand on the wall, eventually forcing you to walk backwards with his length still on your throat. His thrusts became faster and more violent, you were sure you were going to have your throat wrecked the next day.
“You take my cock so fucking well” he groaned.
He suddenly pulled you off him and grabbed your arms, lifting you up. He threw you onto the bed and crawled over you. He took off the test of your clothes so you were naked. He kissed you, exploring your mouth as his hands explored your body. He found your clit and you gasped at the touch. You had never thought that that homework would turn into that. Your enemy almost fucking you.
“You sucked me so well… I’m gonna give you a treat” he said and traveled down, kissing your neck, your breasts, your stomach and finally found your pussy. His tongue teased your clit while his fingers circled your entrance. You moved your hips, trying to meet his fingers but he didn’t let you.
“I’m wondering if I can make you cum on my fingers” he said and introduced one finger inside you easily. You gasped as he started pushing in and out. “How many can you take? Two?” he asked and pushed in one more finger, curling it inside you and occasionally hitting your gspot. Your pussy were soaking wet, the room was being filled with wet sounds, if you weren’t so excited you would have thought it was awkward.
“Can you take three?” he said and introduced one more finger, you started moaning louder and louder, but that wasn’t enough, all you needed was his dick.
“Please” you begged.
Fuck that was feeling so good. He was pushing you over the edge, when you were about to cum, he felt your walls clenching around his fingers and pulled away. You whimpered at the emptiness.
“Don’t worry, baby girl, I just wanna make sure to make you cum around my cock” he groaned and you moaned in response. He sat in the bed and leaned against the headboard, taping his lap.
“Straddle me” he said and you did. He grabbed your hips, lowering you slowly but you couldn’t help but low yourself faster and completely. He chuckled.
“Eager and impatient, huh?”
He let you adjust and started moving you up and down. You found his neck, sucking on his skin and managing to not leave marks. He slapped your ass cheek and pulled your hair, making you face him. He crashed his lips on yours as he thrusted into you, your skin slapping against each other. You rolled your hips, he let his head fall back in pleasure.
“You like that? You like being fucked that rough?” he groaned, his words pushing you closer and closer to your climax.
“Fuck yes” you said.
Then he wrapped his arms around you, moving to lay you down onto the bed while he was still buried deep inside you. He was now on top. You wrapped your legs around his hips as he started thrusting again. You liked to feel his weight against you.
“How does it feel, huh?” he groaned.
“It feels so fucking good” you moaned.
He was massaging your boobs with one hand as the other was playing with your clit to add some pleasure and you bit your lip to stop you from moaning.
“Don’t. Let me hear you” he groaned “I wanna make you scream my name”
He placed one of your legs over his shoulder, getting deeper and deeper. You were almost screaming, you had never felt so much pleasure.
“That’s it. Take my fucking cock” he groaned. His dirty talk was driving you even wetter.
He stopped moving again and pulled himself out of you, but only long enough to lay by your side, turning you so you both were now laying sideward. Your back pressed against his chest. He lifted up one of your legs and did hold it up. He thrusted into you from behind, his thrusts were so FUCKING rough.
“Fuck, Jungkook” you screamed. The sound of your skins slapping filled the room, mixing with your groans. You felt your climax getting close again, and a few thrusts later, your walls clenched around him, what made him cum soon after you.
He did lay beside you, both of your breaths calming down.
A few minutes later, the reality snapped you. You had had sex with Jungkook. Your half crush half enemy. What was he going to do about that? What were you going to do?
You stood up, grabbed your clothes and ran to the bathroom. You cleaned yourself and got out. He was completely dressed too.
“So, that’s how you treat enemies? you fuck with them?” he asked.
Was he talking serious? Or was he just making a really stupid joke?
“You kidding me?” you asked, your voice almost disgusted.
“Don’t think i’m gonna stop bothering you, nerd.” he said and you groaned. You wanted to slap him again but you controlled yourself.
“And don’t think I started liking you after that” you said “Or even that I’ll”
He stepped closer and grabbed your face between his hands.
“How can you start liking me when you already did?” he teased “Not gonna lie. I liked that. I enjoyed as much as I thought I would” You blinked. You liked that too.
Your head was spinning. Your feelings were mingled. You didn’t know how to face that in that moment. You just wanted to leave and go home to think about had just happened.
“Bye, Jungkook” you said and walked towards the door.
You were about to leave when he grabbed your arm. You turned around to face him.
“Are you leaving like that?” he said. That was the first time you had seen him talking seriously.
You just looked into his eyes and sighed before you go downstairs and leave.  

A/N: It’s gonna have a part 2 :D

corensv  asked:

Now I'm kinda curious. Why can't you see Fiona and Scourge together?(Neither can I. But probably for a different reason then yours :P) You don't really have to answer if you don't want to. I just like hearing the reasoning behind stuff like this. Nice to hear how other people see characters.

Okay,I was waiting for this question. I’m going to say what I think (yeah you read right MY opinion, NOT EVERYONE will have the same ideas so don’t throw hate on me) ((also English it’s not my language so, sorry if I make mistakes))

First of all we have to know who are we talking about, Fiona Fox (Gal that was first good, then bad then good again… oh no, she was evil all along, need to keep that in mind) and Scourge (”Sonic’s evil twin” who was born in a twisted world and had to grow up without attention or love, what made him the villain he’s now). I can see how people blindly ship them because they are cannon on the comics and they kinda get along and work well together, I thought that too, for a long time. Then I was re-reading Sonic Universe to remember the good old times and I saw this line:

This… THIS. I realized Fiona’s true intentions, she wasn’t there to help her loved one, she was there to get him and finish their job, some job for Dr. Finitevus that we never got to see because SOMEONE… *coff*kenpenders*coff*

We know Fiona’s past, she can’t trust anyone.

This is why I belive that she’s just using Scourge as backup for her plans, he’s really powerful and she’s not stupid, being his girl allows her to get close and manipulate him. Here’s an example of how Fiona can change Scourge’s mind when she wants to get something:

She’s not trying to help him, she’s just telling him to do what was part of her plan to begin with. This reminds me to mention the fact that Scourge alone did all that stuff, think how Fiona might feel knowing that she can use him for different works.

To finish with her, we’re talking about Fiona… I can’t see her really loving anyone as far as the comic’s stories went with her development. Sorry if there are some Fiona fans, I’m not saying she’s a bad character, well she’s… You know what I mean.

And about Scourge… Well…

 He’s clearly attracted to her, there’s no doubt of that. But I’m talking about a character better developed and with more personality (in my opinion) For me he’s just too cool to be with her. And we saw how he’s easily manipulated, I find funny the way he thinks he knows or controls everything and obviously that’s not the case.

 Now, knowing how Fiona feels I can’t stand people saying this

I get the part of “they’re evil” but I don’t care. Sally and Sonic have a proper relationship, they get along, they respect and trust each other, you can see the love between the two (Sorry Sonamy fans, I’m talking about Archie Comics and it’s cannon) You can’t say that it’s the same relationship but evil, even with their personalities the should be able to show more love, all their interactions are calling each other “babe” and hugging with an edgy pose. This may be because the short time we got with the characters, they’re not the protagonists so I get that it’s not the same

This are my reasons why I can’t ship them (and some more, but this is too long already) and I get kinda annoyed when people say they are a great couple when they’re just… Together. 

Okay, that’s it. I said it.

Dawning in Dust: Part VIII

Previous chapter

Over the course of the next four days, Jamie began to heal and Claire began to distance herself. They would chat idly over neutral topics every morning and evening when she examined his wounds, but the conversation never flourished as it had during their first days together. Jamie never pushed and Claire could tell he was carefully controlling himself. She would pass his daily care off to his family and explore the farm and the lands surrounding it.

An outlander in this new community she found herself in, Claire tried to stay out of the way by searching the land for medicinal plants and fungi that grew in the area. The smell of wet mud and heather hung in the air, along with the crispness of the coming evening. Despite the lush Scottish landscape, Claire knew fall was coming on quickly; another reason to leave Lallybroch as soon as possible.

“Whatever makes you feel like less of a coward Beauchamp,” she muttered, digging through the shallow water of a small pond for water pepper.

Considering her situation, staying would probably be the wisest decision. Food, shelter, and a way to pass the harsh winter. She could continue using her nursing skills as well, especially if her suspicions about Jenny Murray were accurate. Claire was no midwife, but she had attended births in school. Inclement weather also brought with it inevitable illnesses. She could be useful here.

Then, there was Jamie Fraser.

Claire tossed a clump of water pepper into her basket, ignoring the tightening of her chest at the thought of him. His imposing height and self composure; hair of red, copper, cinnamon, and auburn that curled over his forehead and at the nape of his neck. The slight twitch of his mouth when she amused him; the way his brow would furrow slightly when she was silent and lost in her thoughts.

It wasn’t unusual for a medical professional to become attached to their patient in various ways. Traumatic and difficult ordeals naturally brought people together, after all. Claire had seen it happen during the War many times. Young men and women pushed beyond their limits; comfort found in the darkest places of the world. What troubled Claire most wasn’t the connection they shared, but the absence of darkness in all of it.

Claire shook off the thought, squelching out of the mud as carefully as she could. The sun dipped below the tree line, casting shadows and rays of light through the heather. Birds called softly from the trees, flittering madly, about to prepare for whatever it was birds do at night. Claire closed her eyes, breathing in the last scents of day and the beginning of night.

She could have stood there five minutes or thirty. The cold Highland breeze lifted the curly hair from her neck, sending a chill down her body. Opening her eyes, Claire froze as she saw a figure leaning with its forearms on the fence, watching her. Feeling too serene to glare at him, she merely raised an eyebrow and made her way over to lean in from the opposite side, her own forearms braced on the rail beside his.

“When I said you could start getting up and moving, I believe I instructed you to take it slow at first,” she said conversationally.

Jamie sniffed out a laugh, eyes crinkling a bit in amusement.

“Aye well, I walked instead of ran.”

“Could you run?”

He grinned. “God no.”

Claire laughed, bumping his shoulder lightly with her own. His body, always warm, radiated heat; she slowly leaned back into him, barely touching. She glanced down at his shirtsleeves that were rolled up to the elbow. Just the sight made her shiver again.

“Aren’t you cold?”

“Nay. We Highlanders are made of sturdier stuff than you blue-nosed Southrons,” he replied, only wincing slightly as he straightened and held out his arm. “I brought ye a coat. I could see ye shivering from inside the house.”

“Blue-nosed huh?” she retorted, smiling a bit as he helped her into the large coat, clearly his own from the size and scent of it, the tartan fabric still warm from the heat of his body.

“Hmm,” he hummed lowly, looking her over in a way that made Claire’s belly tighten suddenly. He raised his hand slowly, watching her face, then very lightly ran a knuckle from the bridge of her nose down to the tip.

“Red then,” he all but whispered, face mere inches from her own.

Claire could feel her cheeks flush; she parted her lips for a comeback, but couldn’t think of anything to say. Jamie’s eyes never left hers; he swallowed, and she shivered. One corner of Jamie’s mouth turned up and he looked away from her as he shifted and pressed his side along the length of hers to warm her. Claire melted into him, trembling from cold and nerves, joining him in watching the last of the sun disappear. She could tell Jamie had something to say and waited for him to find his words.

“Do you..” he began, then cleared his throat, apparently changing his mind. Claire nudged him gently.


“I dinna want to pry, Sassenach,” he said, glancing at her, then down at his hands. “I’m wondering what your plans are now? I ken ye told Jenny..” he trailed off.

Bloody hell, this was it. Claire took a deep breath, then exhaled slowly before answering.

“I mean to leave soon. You’ve healed quite well in such a short amount of time. You have your family to keep you from doing something completely idiotic, if needed.”

The last was said in jest, but her heart squeezed a little.

Why is this so hard? God, get a grip Beauchamp!

“True, but none of them order me around quite like you do, Sassenach. Scold me, curse me for bleedin’ to death…”

He turned his head to look down at her, face controlled but eyes warm and bright. They matched the sky, blue and black and violet pinpricked by the soft light of Lallybroch’s windows.

“I want you to stay, Claire.”

The words hung between them, echoing through Claire’s brain along with the beating of her heart.

I want you to stay.

Jesus H. Roosevelt Christ.

“I dinna ask just for me,” he went on hurriedly, obviously seeing something change in that damn transparent face of hers. “I ask for my tenants. My family. For you, Sassenach. It’ll be winter before too long. You’d be safe here. Ye wouldna have to worry about food and shelter. It-”

“I can fend for myself, thank you,” she replied, nervously playing with the long sleeves of his coat. “I’ve managed so far.”

“Aye, ye have,” he agreed. He sighed. “My sister’s pregnant. Have ye noticed?”

Claire paused, then nodded.

“I suspected.”

Jamie sighed again, looking worn. Claire mentally kicked herself for letting him stay on his feet for so long.

“You’re worried about Jenny? The pregnancy?” she asked softly, looking up at him again. His features were dark. Only the edges could be seen in the relief of the cloudy night sky; curly hair, high cheekbone, mouth pursed in thought.

“My mother… she died in childbirth, ken,” he started. “I was eight. It… it wasna usual, wi’ medical advancements but… it happened.”

Claire stared at him, wide eyed. She slowly reached out, gently squeezing his forearm.

“I’m so sorry, Jamie.”

He covered her hand with his own, then met her eyes.

“I ken ye have yer reasons for wanting to leave and I’ll no’ ask what ye dinna want to tell me. But I will offer ye a home, however long ye wish to claim it. I only ask that ye stay until the bairn comes in the spring. After that, I’ll take ye wherever it is ye wish to go.”

Claire stared at him, piecing his words together in her mind. His fear. An offer of a home, of usefulness. Protection and a future. Several possibilities, if only she would grab at them. In her heart, a flare of hope that was matched by the blue eyes that waited intently for her answer.

She stepped away from him, and held out her hand. He glanced down, surprised, but smiled as he took her hand and shook it. Claire smiled back, not noticing he didn’t let go until he brought her hand up to his lips and kissed it formally.

“Thank you, Sassenach. Truly.”

To cure the case of Mondays, imagine Varric Tethras walking into the Hawke Estate. In search for his friend, he walks in on the love interest, naked and posing seductively for the Champion’s arrival. Both obviously expecting Hawke, their eyes meet in awkward horror.


Varric: Look, Blondie, I know mage freedom is a high priority, but if you’re gonna make things work with Hawke, you might want to invest in personal grooming. I know this great shop…

Anders: Get. Out.


Varric: …Elf.

Fenris: Varric…

Varric: …Not gonna lie, I WAS curious how far those markings went.

Fenris: You saw the opportunity to make this more awkward, and you took it.


Varric: Hey, Rivainni, what’s going on?

Isabela: Oh, nothing new. Just…

Varric: Hanging out?

Isabela: Boo. That was too easy.

Varric: Sorry. Couldn’t help myself.

Isabela: And me with only one dagger. How embarrassing. 


Merrill: You must think I’m very silly.

Varric: Never, Daisy. We just need to bring some accentuating light in here. You want Hawke to actually see you, right? 

Merrill: But what if someone else looks out a window?

Varric: On the second floor, I think you only have to worry about birds crashing on the glass.


Sebastian: Oh! Um…hello, Varric. Fancy meeting you here.

Varric: By the Maker, I will never be clean again.

If You Were There, Beware

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Michael Gray x Reader

Request: You could write about Michael and the reader married at a young age and have a child before moving to Small Heath and finding Polly?

This is going to have multiple parts. As always, let me know what you guys think!

Y/N peered out of the kitchen window, drying her hands on a cloth. There was a well dressed man talking to a perplexed Henry. Henry looked to the ground, still listening, but Y/N didn’t like the look he had. Nor did she like the look of the fellow speaking to her husband. Henry gave a nod in the direction of the house, the other man looked at Y/N in the window. He gave her a small smile and a polite nod, yet she stayed stoic.

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Request: hey are you taking requests atm?? if so do you think I could have a collins imagine where you’re a nurse in the water from a gone down ship who happened to be where his plane landed and you try and help him get out of the cockpit and then he and you get pulled onto the dawsons boat??? flirty/fluffy sort of thing?? thanks so much !!

A/N: contains spoilers for Dunkirk


You had been floating in the waters for nearly an hour now. The destroyer you had been on was torpedoed and there hadn’t been anywhere for you to go.

Some of the men had decided to try and swim home. You knew it was useless, home was over 20 miles away. Their heavy uniforms and exhaustion would weigh them down long before they would even see land.

So instead of trying to swim somewhere, you saved your energy and allowed your body to float. You were praying that another boat would come by soon.

What you weren’t planning on was having a spitfire get shot down right over top of you.

Jumping into action, you quickly swam out of the way. Moments later the plane had crashed right behind you.

You then heard another sound, the sound of a boat crashing against the waves. Spinning around in the water, you waved down a civilian sail boat.

Swimming once again, you made your way towards the plane. You noticed the pilot was banging against the window, having a hard time getting it unstuck.

You moved faster, panting as you swam your way to the struggling pilot. Once there, you pulled a knife out of your pocket.

Growing up with 4 brothers and a father that hunted, you learned early on to always carry a knife with you. For once you were glad for that lesson.

Gesturing for the pilot to move to the side, you smashed the knife against the window. It instantly shattered, allowing you to help the pilot out moments before the plane was submerged.

“Are you ok?” You asked, helping him swim towards the boat. He merely nodded, focusing on catching his breath.

Once you got to the boat, you helped the young civilian get the pilot into the boat. You climbed in after, slumping against the side of the boat.

“Thank you so much.” You spoke to the civilian, sending him a grateful smile.

“How long were you out there for?” Another civilian asked, an older gentleman who was obviously the captain of the boat. You noticed another man in the opposite corner of the boat, an obvious soldier.

“I think the destroyer went down an hour or so ago. The others decided to swim back. It was too far though, I don’t think any of them will make it.” You explained, a frown forming on your face.

“Are you a nurse?” The young man asked, noticing your outfit for the first time. “My friend got hurt earlier. Do you think maybe you can take a look at him?”

“Absolutely. Lead the way.” You responded, getting to your feet. “What’s his name?”

“His name is George. My names Peter Dawson by the way, and my dad’s the captain.” He explained leading you downstairs.

“I’m Y/N. Thanks again for bringing us on board.” You replied, stepping down into the room. You instantly saw the boy resting in the corner, making your way to him.

You noticed there was a hastily wrapped bandage around the boys head, obviously the boys work.

“Do you have a first aid kit?” You asked, unwrapping the bandage so you could get a look at the wound. Turning the sleeping form to the side, you noticed the wound was over the occipital lobe.

Peter handed you a first aid kit, allowing you to clean the wound and wrap it. You propped George on his side, keeping weight off the wound.

“He’s going to have some trouble with his vision, but the fact he’s alive is good. If it was serious he wouldn’t have made it this long. He should see a doctor within a day though, make sure there isn’t something else going on.” You told Peter, throwing away the old bandage.

“Thank you.” Peter sighed in relief, a smile on his face. He lead you back upstairs, where the pilot and captain were talking.

“Is he going to be ok?” The quiet soldier spoke up, causing everyone’s attention to turn to you and Peter.

“Y/N says he should be fine, just might have some problems with his vision.” Peter spoke, glancing at you for confirmation. You nodded, a smile on your face.

Mr. Dawson seemed relieved at this news, thanking you profusely. You just shook it off, saying it was nothing.

“Y/N?” A Scottish accent spoke, the pilot being the source of it. You turned to him, gesturing for him to continue. “Can I talk to ye fer a moment?”

“Sure.” You nodded, following him back below deck. He sat down on the bench in the corner, gesturing for you to do the same.

“Ye saved me life out there.” He told you, angling his body so he was facing you. “Thank ye.”

“Well I wasn’t just going to leave you there.” You teased, brushing off his gratitude with a shrug. He didn’t need to thank you.

“Still, I probably wouldn’ have gotten out o’ it weren’ fer ye.” He persisted, leaning his elbows on his knees as he bent closer towards you. “Isn’ there anyway I can thank ye?” He murmured, face dangerously close to yours.

“I-uh, nothing that I can think of.” You breathed out, voice faint. His eyes were staring intensely into yours, causing goosebumps to rise on your arms.

“Nothin’?” He whispered, eyes flickering briefly to your lips before locking back on your eyes. “I can’ buy ye a drink? Or take ye out to dinner?”

“I wouldn’t say no to dinner.” You replied, a slight blush forming on your cheeks.

“Perfect, it’s a date.” He stated cheekily, bending down to kiss your cheek. “We should probably head back upstairs. The others migh’ think we’re doin’ somethin’ we shouldn’ down here.”

“You wish.” You said, standing up and walking towards the stairs so he wouldn’t see your red cheeks.

“Believe me darlin’, I definitely do.”

Okay! SO! Time for me to do my part and address the queerbait argument in this fandom.

First off, hi there, I’m Robin, but you can also call me Spencer (middle name) and I’m a science nerd. Not that that bit of info has anything to do with either Gotham or Nygmobblepot directly, but you’ll see why I thought to mention it.

Now. The term ‘queerbait’ is obviously a Thing the fandom likes to talk about. A lot. However one thing struck me as strange, and that’s the definitions people were using in their arguments. Some said it applies, to queer-coded relationships that never ender the realm of confirmed romance, others lean towards it being about queer-coding a character and never having them confirmed queer. You can see how this ends up getting confusing and then the next thing you know, everyone it clawing at each other’s throat because they KnowTM  their definition is the right one. So my goal here is to try and see if I can somewhat settle the argument.

Being the Science ChildTM that I am, I decided to employ science’s good friend, the scientific method!

Basically I did a shite ton of research into the subject and on average the definition I found was this:

Queerbaiting: a tactic employed in fiction where a relationship is queer coded and never addressed as a romantic relationship; a queer coded relationship that gets played off as a joke (no homo humour); a character that has been queer coded, but never confirmed queer (the ‘played as a joke’ bit counts here as well).

So now that I had a proper definition, I could go back and analyze everything Nygmobblepot! (which i did, also during the time I was making docks memes).

Definition part one: “a queer coded relationship that is never addressed in the romantic sense”

This is the part where all the arguments originate. Despite a large amout of queer coding, Nygmobblepot is not currently cannot. However, because the show isn’t over - hell, the third season isn’t even over yet - and because we’re using the scientific method, we will have to check this as unknown variable.

(Because c’mon, obviously Os isn’t gonna stay dead, that leaves us with more data to gather.)

Definition part two: “a queer coded relationship played off as a joke

Call me unobservant, but I never once noticed any ‘no homo’ jokes through out the entire Gotham series so far. In fact, loving another man wasn’t even a struggle for Oswald to accept, he just went for it. Not to mention, no one else in Gotham even makes a big deal of even the idea of queer relationships. Obviously we can check this part as a negative for queerbait.

Definition part three: “a queer-coded character, never confirmed queer and/or passed as a joke

Here, too, we have negative as queerbait. Ed was never queer coded except for certain instances with Oswald, and these were quite subtle. In fact, these are also behaviors enacted by people that feel a close, platonic connection with someone else. Oswald was the heavily queer coded character in this series. He’s also confirmed queer.

Okay, so now what? We have two definite not-queerbait results out of three. How do we settle this?

Well, I vote for another science (also political) favorite method: Majority rules. Which, mind you, is a method that exists to avoid as much discourse as possible even if politics is broken.

Therefore, my conclusion is this: Even if Nygmobblepot is never confirmed cannon, based upon majority rules within the proper definition of queerbait calculated on the average results in the data, Nygmobblepot is not queerbait.

Feel free to point out anything I may have missed, but try to be civil about it. I assure you if you can prove any of my points wrong, I will retract my statement without a fuss.

“you know, we’re gonna have to be convincing for her to actually believe us, right?”

“obviously, you dick. what makes you think i don’t know just the right things to say?”

“well, anyone can just say anything they want, even if it’s not true. hell, i went around saying straight things for so long, and you guys never believed a word of it!”

“that’s because you are the least straight person we know, asshole.”

“that’s my point. you can say what you want, but no one’s gonna believe it unless what you do matches.”

“okay… and how do you propose we do that?”

“here, come sit next to me. no - come a little closer, that’s too far. it’ll look weird to her if our legs aren’t touching.”

“yeah, good point, i guess.”

“dude, relax, you’re so stiff. do you want her to think you have something up your ass?“

“uh, no? wait - maybe! what if she thought it was a butt plug, that’d be good, right?”

“what? no! god, why would you even be thinking about butt plugs right now? here, i’ll put my arm over your shoulder, and you put your arm around my waist.”

“like this?”

“yes, exactly. give me your other hand.”

“…what are you-”

“wouldn’t it be weird if we said we’re a couple, but we didn’t hold hands?”

“oh. i guess you’re right.”

“yeah, i know i’m right. now come here.”

“what now? mac - what - mmmph-”

a beat.

“all couples kiss, dude. why do you look so surprised?”

“um. show me again.”

You had practically grown up with the younger sons of Ragnar Lothbrok. After Ragnar had left when his sons were still pretty young, your father Floki had stepped in and taught them to hunt and fight. So you had spent a lot of time with the boys when Floki took the five of you into the forest or told you stories about the gods. Sometimes even Björn would join you but he also had his own family to care for now. You had become good friends with all of them, but since Ivar and you had always been a little bit cast out – him for not being able to walk and you for being a girl and the youngest of all - you two had gotten extra close. You knew he could act like a brat but he never had towards you.

One day the brothers had planned to go hunting on foot. Ivar obviously couldn’t go, so you decided to stay behind with him. Out of boredom you went to a little beach hidden in the woods not too far from your house.

“Would you teach me to swim?”, Ivar asked as you reached the water.

You raised an eyebrow at him. “Do you think you can do that?”

“Of course I can.”, he said, sounding a bit offended.

“Well then, why not.”

You spent the next few hours in the water. It was not easy for Ivar but he refused to give up and in the end at least managed to keep his head out of the water by only using his arms.

“I think that’s enough for one day”, you finally said. “Or we will fall asleep in the water and drown.”

You got out of the water and dropped against the small bank between the beach and the woods to let the sun dry your bodies and remaining clothes.

You had fallen asleep and when you woke up the sun was already low.

“We better head home”, you said and stood up but before you could go to pick up the rest of your clothes Ivar grabbed you by the wrist. You looked at him in question but he didn’t say a word; he just pulled you back down and towards him. You came to sit in his lap facing him. He still didn’t say anything and just looked into your eyes. You felt a shiver going down your spine. Slowly, he raised one hand and pushed a strand of hair behind your ear. As his hand came to rest on the side of your neck you could feel he was shivering too. Softly he pulled you closer. As your lips touched his other hand went to the small of your back, pulling you even closer to him. You couldn’t help but smile into the kiss. It felt good, it felt somehow right.

When he broke the kiss, he leaned his forehead to yours and kept holding you close. You had your eyes closed and almost startled when he finally spoke.

“I will go to England with my father. We’re leaving tomorrow at first light.”

You smiled. “I will come with you.”

“No, you can’t.”

“Why? A raid to England. Ivar, that’s what we’ve been dreaming for all of our lives. Both of us.”

He sighted and you could see that he was very uncomfortable. “My mother had a vision”, his voice was almost a whisper. “There will be a storm, all of the boats will be destroyed. That’s why you cannot come.”

You looked at him in shock. “Then why are you going? Ivar, I love you. I think I have for quite a while, I just couldn’t admit it to myself.”

He smiled a sad smile. “I love you, too.” He looked down. “But I have to go. You know why.”

You nodded and fought against the tears that were swelling in your eyes.

“Did your mother see you drown?”, you asked in a shaky voice.

“Maybe I won’t, now that you taught me to swim.” He tried to smile but wasn’t convincing at all.

“I just found that I’m in love with you and now I might lose you.” A tear escaped your eye and rolled down your cheek. Ivar rubbed it away with his thumb and looked you straight into the eyes.

“Listen Y/N, we will be together. Either when I come back or someday in Walhalla. But we will be together. I promise you.”

I really hope you enjoyed. This is the first imagine I ever wrote and I’m not a native english speaker, so don’t be too harsh on me.

okay not to be That Person but what if Todd was the one who found Dirk’s brand new Red Jacket for him like~

-Todd’s literally overwhelmed with emotions when they finally get Dirk back from Blackwing

-he sees firsthand how Dirk looks in the CIA jumpsuit- remembers how unhappy and uncomfortable he looked- and finds himself wanting to do anything to keep that look off of Dirk’s face for good

-he finds himself missing the familiarity of Dirk’s colorful jackets more than he anticipated, and makes a point of finding one that’s as similar to Dirk’s previous, lost jackets as possible

-when Dirk receives the jacket he’s elated, and spends hours trying to find the ties and shirts that match best with the gift

-Dirk refuses to take the jacket off, even for a minute, and Todd doesn’t want to think about the implications behind that; think about how Dirk’s other jacket had been taken from him, along with his newfound sense of security (he’s just happy that Dirk seems to like the gift, and happy to see that bright, happy smile on Dirk’s face again)

(i obviously went a little too far with this but there it is)

Some of my favourite Norwegian songs

Since I discovered Skam, I’ve been on a (pretty successful) quest to find more Norwegian artists. Here are some of my faves:

1) Highasakite
• Someone Who’ll Get It
• My Mind Is a Bad Neighborhood
• Deep Sea Diver
• Iran
• Science & Blood Tests
• God Don’t Leave Me

2) Astrid S
• Hurts So Good
• Running Out
• 2AM - Matoma Remix

3) Aurora
• Runaway
• Running With The Wolves
• Conquerer
• I Went Too Far - MK Remix

4) Gabrielle (obviously)
• 5 fine frøkner
• Vekk Meg Opp
• Mellom skyene
• Ti kviner
• De beste
• Venter

5) Emilie Nicolas
• Let You Out
• Nobody Knows
• Pstereo
• Charge
• Us

6) Hjerteslag
• Sang Til Sonja

7) Hkeem, Temur
• Fy faen

8) Silja Sol
• Ni liv

9) Arif
• FakkerMedMeg
• Sulten
• 7 - med Unge Ferrari
• Mandem

10) Karpe Diem
• Gunerius
• Lett å være rebell i kjellerleiligheten din
• Hus/hotell/slott brenner
• Jens
• Porselen
• Kardemommeloven (feat. Promoe)

And of course, the entire SKAM - NRK P3 Spotify playlist gets a special shoutout for being able to break and repair my heart simultaneously.

Diabolik lovers Lost Eden Ayato Sakamaki (heaven 1) ~translation/traducción~

*Sorry for the mistakes~

Esta traducción esta en español abajo de todo

Place: City center

Ayato: —Where do you want to go now?
Yui: Hmm… Is there somewhere you want to go?
Ayato: Nope. I’m accompanying you today
Yui: Well then…
Yui: (Let’s go to the store we usually frequent)
Yui: (Wah! The people are bumping into me…!)

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pairing: ben platt x reader

prompt: there are a lot of firsts in a relationship. this is the story of your firsts with ben.

warnings: a little swearing, enough fluff to stuff a teddy bear

word count: 2,200+

a/n: hi!! sorry it’s taken so long.. i couldn’t get this to post right. the part 2 to “you’re drunk” should be out soon! take this fic as my apology :)

Prompt List


The first time he asked you on a date, you weren’t expecting it. Hell, you barely knew the guy. But his eyes made you cave - not that you would ever tell him that.

You had barely spoken to him before today. A few casual hello’s in passing, some “you dropped this,” and once an “are you okay?” after you had fallen on your face in front of him. That one made you keep your distance. So when you mentioned needed a new lamp in your apartment after your cat had broken yours, you were shocked that he was he first one to speak up.

“My cat knocked my over last week,” Ben said quickly.

You laughed a little, unsure. “Maybe we should be dog people.”

He gave you a smile - one that felt more real to him than any of his smiles in the past week.

“Maybe we should get lamps together. Maybe with coffee first?” It was smooth, like it had been planned. (It wasn’t.)

You blinked, taken aback. Had he just ask you on a date? Sure, he was gorgeous, but you didn’t really know him. Just about everything you knew was that his name was Ben and he was an actor.

Ben’s stomach dropped. He shouldn’t have done that. What the hell was he thinking? You’ve barely talked to one another. That didn’t stop him from noticing how your hair dell so flawlessly over your shoulders, you how your laugh was so bright it lit up any room. When you met anyone, you were always so genuine, so he didn’t understand why you were also so guarded. Ben dropped it until now - when he fucking accidentally asked you out. All he needed was a lamp -


He blanched.


“Sure, but you’re buying.”

Don’t guys usually do that on dates? Ben wondered. It made sense when he picked you up and made a comment about the “date.” You slapped his shoulder lightly, insisting it wasn’t a date. You barely knew him. That’s why the butterflies were in your stomach, you told yourself - not the incredibly handsome man in front of you.

Ben wasn’t expecting his first kiss with you to be only a few weeks later. It was three weeks, eleven dates that you insisted weren’t, in fact, dates, later. He had walked you to your apartment.

You were shuffling, playing with the hem of your dress. You almost turned to leave, sure that he wasn’t going to kiss you. He gave you this smile though - the one you were positive he reserved only for you.

He was close to you. Like, kissing-proximity-close. Ben leaned in, kissing you softly and far too quickly. It was barely a peck. When he pulled back, you all but slapped him. Pushing his chest a little, you were frustrated. This guy that had you up at the brink of dawn thinking about him kissed you like that? This guy that had your heart doing jumping jacks when you saw him kiss you like that? This guy that understood you better than anyone kissed you like that?

“What the hell, Ben?” You asked, a little more than frustrated.

He almost fainted. He had completely ruined everything he had made with you. God, he actually was stupid enough to believe that you could like him like that. It’s not like you were “dating.” Ben was tripping over his words, trying to apologize.

“I’m sorry I just… I don’t know, I wanted to do something and I thought - I shouldn’t have. I just…” You cut him off, kissing him hard and deep, swallowing his words with kiss.

His hands immediately clung to your waist, pulling you as close as he could. Your hands wrapped around his neck, savoring the moment. It was heavy and you were sure that your landlord would be pissed if he saw you making out at the front door to the lobby. It didn’t stop you from tugging him closer, wanting nothing more than to stay like that forever.

You pulled away only because you desperately needed to breathe. When you finally could, you smirked at him, “Now that’s how you kiss someone.”

He smiled, unsure if he was more amused by how forward you had been or if he was just trying desperately not to fall in love with you so soon.

The first time he brought up his parents, you were petrified. Ben had mentioned that his parents were coming to town for the week and he wanted to introduce you.

“I mean, it has been like four months,” he said softly, as though not trying to scare you too much.

You couldn’t breathe, “What if they hate me? What if they don’t think I’m good enough for -“

He cut you off with a quick, chaste kiss. “You are more than enough for me. And if they don’t like you, I’d tell them to shut up.”

This made you laugh, it was sweet of him to try and do this - ease your paranoia - but it was no use. You were terrified to meet them, and no matter how much you tried to deny it, you were terrified they wouldn’t like you with Ben.

In the four months of your relationship, you had tried to tell yourself to stay calm. It was early and the odds of you breaking up were sky-high. He was working on a new Broadway production, you were slaving to get through college at Columbia. For that, you told yourself, he would likely break up with you and hurt you. It was inevitable, you told yourself. He won’t want you forever, you told yourself. You continued to dig yourself this grave, that maybe his parents wouldn’t like you and he would end it quickly, while there relationship was still early.

You told yourself this because in reality, it wasn’t that you liked him little enough that you wanted him to break up with you and just end it already. The opposite rather - you like him far too much for your own good. And lov - liking a guy so much this soon was not safe.

A week and a half you met them anyways. They loved you, which almost hurt more, because if Ben still wanted you now, how long would he after?

Maybe this wasn’t so much about the first time you met his parents, but more the first time you realized how much you cared for him.

It was a month after that when he said it. It was all too perfect: he was holding you, half kissing half watching TV in your room. His lips were grazing your shoulder and you hadn’t felt this comfortable - this peaceful in ages.

“I did something stupid,” he says softly against your skin. You turned quickly, almost pulling yourself from his arms. A look of part venomous jealousy and part utter rage clouding your eyes. He smiled almost, loving your overprotectiveness. “I think I went and fell in love with you.”

You took in a sharp breath, your hands tremoring lightly, “You love me?” You said so softly that you weren’t sure he caught it until he smiled.

He shrugged nonchalantly, “Kind of a lot.”

Your heart was beating far too fast to be safe, so instead of spitting the words out that have been stuck in your throat for months, you simply softened and allowed yourself back into his arms.

It was one of your favorite things about him; he never pressured you. He was patience, obviously, and supported you through everything you did. He held you, squeezing you gently. Ben knew you’d say it when you were ready. He knew (or at least hoped) you felt the same, but he didn’t need to hear three words to know it. After all, somethings don’t need to be said to be felt.

The first time he saw you cry was just as hard for you as it was for him. Ben was always the sensitive one in the relationship, but would only cry when you watched Finding Dory or Moana or something like that. You on the other hand had always been a rock.

Since you were a child, you rarely cried. You mom always thought it was a gift that you could sleep through the night as a baby and thought it was more “funny” than scarring when you would fall and scrape your knee.

But between the pressure of being a junior in college and working as an intern in New York, you started to get overworked. Nothing really had happened that tipped you off the edge and made you start sobbing. It was really just a combination of the past few weeks.

So as you sat in your room, bawling your eyes out, you felt so helpless - so frustrated at the world. Someone had tried to buzz into your apartment but you couldn’t even see straight, your glasses were covered in tears and no matter what you did you couldn’t bite them back.

Still, you figured it was your roommate who had just forgotten her key. What you weren’t expecting to find when you opened your door was Ben standing there with a smile on his face holding a pint of ice cream.

The moment he saw you, though, he almost dropped the ice cream, immediately sweeping you into his arms.

“Oh my… What happened? Talk to me, babe… What happened? Shh… It’s okay…”

You were sure that at this point his shirt was soaked through and despite your embarrassment, you still couldn’t pull yourself from his chest.

Ben stayed there for God knows how long, rubbing soft circles on your back and occasionally pressing his lips to your hair. After a while, when your tears had begun to slow and you were positive the ice cream he had bought was completely melted, you slowly detangled yourself from his arms.

He wouldn’t tell you this, but that was one of the hardest nights for him. No one likes walking in on someone crying. He never knew how much worse it was when the “someone crying” was the one girl who managed to make the heart his most recently used emoji. (And the only girl who made him understand what love was).

Ben’s eyes worked over your face: swollen eyes, tear-stained cheeks, shaky breath… At the sight of you so broken and raw and exhausted in front of him, all he wanted to do was help, to take this awful pain away from the woman he was so completely in love with.

You noticed the strained expression on his face and lightly pressed your lips to his cheek. You walked him over to the couch and started to explain your cry, being sure to keep him as close to you as possible. He was a rock, listening so closely your voice felt like a microphone. He nodded and held you, telling you that he wasn’t going anywhere, that he was staying right there no matter what.

And for the first time, you really believed it.

The first time you stayed over, your had expected your heart to race through the entire night. It didn’t though. Instead, you had never felt more comfortable than lying next to him where, just maybe, you belonged.

It was the middle of January, and there was the biggest snow storm in years just outside Ben’s apartment. You probably should’ve stayed home. There was no way of you getting back to your own complex in the weather.

Still, you eventually went to put your scarf on and Ben almost laughed.

“What the hell do you think your doing?” He laughed, tugging your scarf from around your neck.

“I want to head home before it gets worse,” you said.

This only made him laugh again, “Y/N, it’s 11:30 at night and there’s a monster blizzard going on outside. The cabs aren’t even running! Babe, how do you even think you’re going to get home?”

“I figured I’d walk…” You mumbled.

Ben shook his head, a gentle smile on his face as he helped you out of your coat.

“C’mon, I’ll make the bed up for you and I’ll sleep on the couch.”

You immediately pulled his hand back to you as he started to walk towards his room and everything thing felt warm and intimate, and a little nerve-racking.

“No,” you finally decided. Ben’s face dropped, realizing that he could’ve just completely ruined this entire relationship by moving too soon, but when your face softened, his heart dropped from his throat back to his chest. “I’ve seen your bed, it’s huge. And you’ll hurt your neck on the couch. We can both stay there.”

Ben’s heart leapt back to his throat. He forced out a small nod, taking your hand again in his and walked the two of you towards his room.

You didn’t have sex that night, no. But honestly? Laying beside him, curled in his arms felt much more intimate than anything you had ever experienced.

That night, just before you closed your eyes, you whispered, “I think I did something stupid too.”

Ben’s heart was beating so fast he hoped you couldn’t feel it against your chest.

I think I went and fell in love with you too.

Azure Blue

Words: 8711

Genre: Fluff, So much damn cuteness (you could die), Adventure, Fairy!Au

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Notes: Gif. This was supposes to be a lot shorter and somehow it became 8k…Whelp, here’s my early birthday present to Chim~                     

Fluttering your wings, the wind blows against your face, slipping through the strands of your hair and tinting your cheeks pink. For one slight moment, you forget about your sickness until a certain someone screams your name.

“Y/N! Y/N!” Your heart accelerates and you try to fly away faster and faster.

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