and obviously everything is harry potter


-wears sunglasses indoors
-covers his mouth when he smiles
-reads and reads and reads and reads he always has a book
-is very extremely respectful of personal space
-layers. lots of layers. he is always cold.
-smells like vanilla and green apples and aftershave
-can do complicated math in his head, is a total show off about it
-loves to be kissed suddenly out of nowhere
-also loves kissing someone suddenly out of nowhere
-likes to have the covers tucked under his feet bc it makes him feel safer
-says he likes rough sex but actually prefers slow love making
-laughs rarely but beautifully
-sometimes forgets that everything is okay, Harry reminds him daily
-really really white teeth
-perfectly clean and shaped fingernails
-cries a lot
-very much in love with Harry Potter. He’s doing alright.

Being best friends with Draco Malfoy would include...

° Growing up with him having gone to the same pureblood primary school
° Constantly hearing about “perfect little potter” once you get to Hogwarts
° Making him put money in a jar every TIME he said Potter
° Making bets with his other “friends” about how many times he’d mention Harry in one day
° Getting away with teasing him and even throwing insults his way
° Laying your legs across his lap while you read and he either did homework or ranted about Potter
° Being mistaken as a couple obviously
° Both of you laughing whenever someone asks because Draco is very gay
° Being the only person who knows that little secret of his
° Being there for him when he needs someone to tell about everything he’s being made to do
° Telling him that everything will be alright again after the war
° Not fighting for either side of the war
° Helping him get back on his feet after the war has ended
° Smiling widely when he mentions Potter for the first time after the war
° Laughing when he told you they had a date because you always knew that hatred for the other boy wasn’t true
° Him making you his best woman at the wedding
° Being auntie (y/n) to his and Harry’s kids
° Having been through everything with him and never giving up on him
° Having never given up on him even when he told you to leave
° Watching him grow from the small scared boy his parents raised him to be into the man he was actually meant to be


Hey guys! Here’s another one. I’m kinda screeching, I’m really excited about this one. I’ve been waiting to post it and I hope you like it. Thanks to all the new followers and tag listers for reading and to all the regular readers and comment leavers. You guys are really the best! Happy Sunday!

No Warnings, just cuteness.

Today was your day off. You, Steve, and Bucky were all excused from the mission today because the three of you hadn’t had a day to relax in a couple weeks. And boy, were you excited to unwind after a month of non stop missions. 

You enjoyed your perfectly regular morning in the tower. You woke up, ate breakfast, trained with the boys, showered, and now you were sitting in your favorite spot on the couch reading a book. Bucky and Steve had done the same and were now watching a movie.

You were sure an outsider would laugh at the three of you. While you were nestled into the corner of the couch, neatly folded under a blanket, the two men took over the other side of the sofa. Steve was hugging the armrest, his head leaning on his fist with his legs attempting to touch the other side of the room, while Bucky was slouched next to you, his legs open in a deep v while he absently ran his flesh fingers over the seam of the cushion. They were peas in a pod, those two.

You felt your eyelids slipping closed while you turned the page of your book. The whole team had been up late the night before, fooling around and sharing a bottle of Tony’s high quality liquor. He insisted on opening it, who were you to refuse a good drink?

After reading the same paragraph for the third time, you gave into your heavy eyelids and weak limbs. You closed your book and placed it safely next to you on the couch. Snuggling under the blanket, you allowed slumber to overtake your busy mind.

Next to you, Bucky had heard your breathing slow and simmer. He stole a glance your way and couldn’t stop the grin that was invading his features. In the back of his mind he knew you were one of the few who wasn’t afraid of him. You trusted him enough to let your guard down around him, which gave him a sad hope that maybe others would soon see him as less of a monster.

His eyes wandered from your closed eyes, to your slightly turned up lips, to the fuzzy blanket hiding your frame, to the cover of the book you were reading. The bright orange sleeve told him it was another Harry Potter hardback. He chuckled quietly. He had seen you read this one a couple times. He guessed it was your favorite. 

He shrugged and carefully slid the book away from you. Time to see what this prisoner did, he thought. But he was surprised to see a contrasting title on the first page. 

Recovery: Managing Post Traumatic Stress

Bucky felt his heart sink. He didn’t know much about you, only that you were a S.H.I.E.L.D. agent who joined the team after the agency’s untimely fall, and simple personal things that he learned through his growing friendship with you. You adored Harry Potter. You fell in love with any animal you ever saw. You were from New York. You had a brother. But that you were hiding some sort of PTSD? That one you never mentioned. 

Against his better judgement he flipped through the pages. Gravity forced the pages to fall until he reached a dogeared page, one that the deep crease in the binding suggested you had studied. His finger hovered over the first page of a chapter on nightmares. 

Bucky’s stomach flipped. He prayed to whatever was out there that you weren’t having nightmares similar to his. His eyes flew down the pages, looking at words you had scribbled in the margins.

have a routine, journal, music, chew gum after

The pencil of your neat cursive was smudging, but he could still read the faded words. He recognized the tactics to calm a victim of nightmares. 

He wondered why you were keeping this all a secret. Didn’t you know you could talk to him about this? You really felt like you had to hide a self help book behind a Harry Potter binding? 

He felt his bruised heart shatter. You poor doll. He didn’t want to bombard you with questions or betray your trust. So he told Steve to do it.

That afternoon, there was a soft knock on your door. Without ceasing your cleaning, you invited whoever it was to come in.

Steve leaned on the door frame with his bulging arms crossed over his chest, his face one of concern. 

“Oh, boy. What’s goin’ on?” You teased once you looked up and saw his nervous state. 

His expression lifted as he chuckled. His sad blue eyes fell to the floor as he shook his head. “That obvious?”

You hummed in confirmation as you tossed a shirt into the hamper against the wall. 

You knew something was coming when he let out a deep sigh. You sat on the edge of your bed and waited for him to find the right words. 

He joined you on the duvet. “(Y/N), is everything alright? With you? Are you okay here?”

Woah, three questions at once, he was really worried.

“Yeah, Steve I’m good. Why?

“Uh, um, We just-I, um…” You giggled at his struggles. He was obviously tip toeing around something big.

“Steve, spit it out.”

“Your Harry Potter book… isn’t a Harry Potter book.”

You closed your eyes and sighed. Caught red handed. You felt him stiffen next to you. You opened your eyes and gave him a reassuring smile. You weren’t angry at his snooping, honestly you should have been more careful about it. At least Bucky didn’t see it, you thought. 

“It’s not mine. I-I mean, it’s not for me.”

He cut you off. “(Y/N), you don’t have to be shy about this, we all-”

“No really, Steve, I’m good. It’s not for me, it’s for, uh, it’s for Bucky.”

Steve’s brows met and the creases in his forehead deepened, encouraging you to explain. 

“Umm, a few nights back, I heard Bucky screaming in his sleep and… I couldn’t do anything. So, I got this book about PTSD so, maybe I can help.” Your words we slow and deliberate. This was the first time you admitted to yourself why you were doing this. Most of the time you tried to stay out of Bucky’s business but seeing his nightmare tear him apart changed your mind.

Steve just nodded and stared at the floor like he didn’t know what to say. Finally, he looked up at you from his bent position and thanked you.

You understood. You knew how much Bucky meant to him. “Just don’t tell Bucky, okay? I don’t want him to take it the wrong way. I may be crossing a boundary here.”

Steve nodded and braced himself on his knees as he stood up. After sauntering to the door, he touched the top of the frame and said, “You should tell him.”

Steve left you alone in your room and you continued your cleaning. You knew you should tell Bucky. You just didn’t know how to.

Later that night, you were making yourself a cup of tea when you heard Bucky call your name. 

Your response was covered by F.R.I.D.A.Y.’s. “Miss (Y/L/N) is in the kitchen, Mr. Barnes.” You couldn’t help but laugh at the AI. You still weren’t used to having her around. 

You brought the steaming mug up to your lips and puffed on the liquid, trying to cool it down. You heard heavy footsteps coming toward the kitchen and you waited for his appearance. 

He landed in the kitchen, slightly winded from his jog through the tower. 

“Hey you,” you threw your usual greeting his way as you placed the mug on the counter before it burned your hands. 

“You-” he stopped himself. When your eyes lifted to his you saw him shaking his head incredulously. 

It was then that you noticed his expression. His chest was still rising and falling at an unusual pace, his cheeks pink and his hair tousled. His eyes were still and wide. They held something you couldn’t quite place. 

Your eyebrows lifted, inviting him to explain himself. 

“You’re somethin’ else.”

Shit. He knew about the book. Shitshitshit. Time to come clean.

“Listen, I didn’t mean to- I’m sorry, Bucky, I just wanted to help you.”

Then he was coming after you. But, instead of yelling at you for invading his privacy and patronizing him, he wrapped his arms tight around your shoulders and landed a kiss to your temple.

“I’m not angry, sweetheart,” he sang. 

You sighed in relief and relaxed, hugging his waist.

Over Bucky’s arm, you saw Steve peeking his head around the corner to watch the two of you.

“Steven Grant Rogers.”

You unwound from Bucky’s embrace, but felt his hand remain on your hip. You tried to ignore the fire on your skin as you glared at Captain America hiding behind the door. 

“Can’t keep a secret for his life,” Bucky mumbled loud enough for Steve to hear. 

“Secrets aren’t American!” you announced with allegiance. 

“Secrets aren’t righteous or patriotic!” Bucky caught on and helped you tease Steve. 

“I’m leaving now,” Steve grumbled as he made his way down the hall to the elevator.  

You giggled and turned back toward Bucky. You tried to act nonchalant as his fingers reached to coddle your waist. “But seriously,” you started counting on your fingers, “They say writing your nightmares down helps, and you should have a routine before you go to bed that calms your mind, and I don’t know why, but having a jar of coffee beans near your bed helps, I guess they’re supposed to ground you-”

“The coffee grounds ground me?”

“No, no, coffee beans, the strong smell-” You stopped in your tracks when you realized he was teasing you. You couldn’t help but laugh along, but you slapped his chest for good measure. His smirk brought a red blush to your cheeks. 

He leaned down to you until his lips were almost touching yours. “Thank you.”

His breath fanned your face and you drowned in his arms, his scent completely intoxicating. You couldn’t even feel your feet on the floor. 

“I could use a jar of coffee beans right about now,” you whispered. 

Bucky chuckled and closed the distance between your lips. He was like candy, you couldn’t get enough. His lips were soft and warm, smooth. Your tongue reached out to taste more of him, and he gladly took you in.

You felt like you were dancing, your tongue with his, your hands grazing across his body, his strong arms supporting you and pulling you closer and closer until there was no air between your bodies. 

When both of you were panting, the only area of your bodies that parted was your lips. To make up for it, he dropped his forehead to yours. When the world stopped spinning around you, you leaned back in his arms and smoothed his hair in your fingers. 

You finally knew what his eyes had been telling you all along. He loved you.

You gazed into his baby blues and then traveled to his pink cheeks and his puffy lips. It was like you were looking at a new man. He seemed at peace. Happy.

“Hey, you,” you whispered. 

He shook his head. “You’re somethin’ else.”



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Help Me [Draco x Reader, Two]


Word Count: 1,446

Warnings: A N G S T. Self blame. Tears (lots of ‘em). Harry x Reader (I mean this is technically a love triangle series but–)

Summary: Part two to Break Me.

Chapter One / Three / Four / Five

Tags: @fandomlover03 @tiny-strawberry- @i-wished-upon-a-star-one-night @1amorales1


“A year, Harry! A year! I can’t believe it I just- What did I do wrong?!” She paced back in forth, unknowing if she should scream or cry. The Golden Trio looked at each other and then looked back at (Name) sympathetically.

“This may not be the best time, but I feel like I should say I told you so,” Ron muttered. (Name) looked at him, tears welling up before she broke down completely. Hermione smacked him on the arm exclaiming “Ronald Weasley!” under her breath. Ron looked panicked at the sight of (Name).

She sat on the ground, breathing heavily while tears rolled down her cheeks. Her nose, eyes, and lips had become a bit puffy and pink from crying. Her breaths were shaky and heavy. They came in uneven patterns, and Harry recognized this immediately.

“No no no, (Name).” He was crouched beside her, gently shaking her shoulders. “Stop, you have to stop. Breath, please.”

(Name) was having panic attack.

“(Name), breath.” He inhaled and exhaled with her, shoulders loosening as she did just that. Her sobs resolved into shaky breaths and small hiccups. She couldn’t form words as her breath got caught in her throat in the middle of her words. He left Hermione and Ron to her as he went off to find the culprit of all this mess.

Draco didn’t regret what he had done. He really didn’t. But he was still doubtful. Should he take action? Should he had just ended it with her? Why Parkinson if all people? He didn’t even refer to her by her first name. They weren’t close.

But the sex. The sex is what drove him. There weren’t any strings attached like it was with (Name). He didn’t have to worry about hurting Parkinson’s feelings. Parkinson would willingly put out for him.

But in the end, was it all worth it?

Draco wasn’t a completely cold hearted person-He did feel bad. But was it for himself, or was it for (Name)?

“Malfoy! What have you done!” Before he could even snap out of his thoughts, his shoulders were shoved back on the brick wall. Draco didn’t have time to comprehend what was happening before Harry Potter was shouting in his face. “You worthless little rodent. You idiot!” Harry usually wasn’t a person to confront someone with violence, but this needed to be done.

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HI EMMA! I LOVE YOUR FIC RECS!! YOU'RE LIKE MY LIBRARY! I'm currently a law student and after a long day of reading hundreds of pages of law text, my bedtime stories are your Drarry fic recs! Do you have any Case fic recommendations? I enjoy that mystery genre where Harry and Draco fall in love while solving cases together, for example, but NOT limited to, when they are Auror partners or Auror/Healer I especially loved Crossing Lines by Ren that you recommended! Thank you so much!!

Hi there!! Thank you for this sweet message, I’m so happy to hear you’re enjoying my recs. ♥ Here are some more for your downtime reading!

Drarry + mystery/case fic recs

Nightcall by femmequixotic and noeon (116k)
A hideously mauled corpse is found sprawled across the paving stones of Brick Lane in the East End of London. Inspector Harry Potter–widely believed to be the lead candidate for next Deputy Head Auror–is called in to investigate a possible magical crime. To make matters worse, his occasional lover and former school-nemesis, Viscount Draco Malfoy, now billing himself as a consulting criminologist, shows up at the crime scene to aid in the investigation of the suspicious death. Neither man will go away from the case unchanged, but will their combined forces be enough to fight the tide of danger that is sweeping London in the summer of 1910? And if they plumb the depths of the case, what bones of the past will they uncover?
(This is a super fascinating story with a case that is both exciting and scary at times. So many interesting details, such creativity, and passionate Drarry.)

When Hearts Are Freed by oldenuf2nb (23k)
When Draco Malfoy’s gallery is robbed and a priceless magical artifact is stolen, he finds himself working with Chief Auror Harry Potter to both recover the fabulous necklace, and to prove he didn’t steal it himself.
(Featuring the Romanov jewels!! Anastasia is one of my favorite childhood movies, so this is a treat. Nice mystery, and assertive!Harry like woah.)

The Darkness Before the Dawn by Ren (55k)
A mysterious creature is loose in London, stalking and killing people. Auror Harry Potter requests the help of a liaison from the Beast Division and gets saddled with Draco Malfoy. Will they be able to stop the creature before it claims more lives?
(Very interesting case with scary perpetrator. I freaked a bit. I love the way Drarry are in this, all cute but also arguing. Draco is a sweetheart!)

Reparations by Sara’s Girl (87k)
Harry is about to discover that the steepest learning curve comes after Healer training, and that second chances can be found in unexpected places.
(So this isn’t even supposed to be a mystery fic, and yet it has one of the best-written mysteries I know? I ADORE everything about this fic. A++.)

The Boy Who Only Lived Twice by lettered (54k)
Harry Potter is an Unspeakable. Draco Malfoy is the wizard who shagged him. Adventure! Intrigue! Secret identities, celebrities, spies! It’s all right here, folks.
(This is all kinds of excellent, I love the writing and the secret identities and the pure pure love. We get some great action scenes in here as well!)

Running on Air by eleventy7 (74k)
Draco Malfoy has been missing for three years. Harry is assigned the cold case and finds himself slowly falling in love with the memories he collects.
(Such slow-burn in everything from the love story to the resolution to the mystery behind Draco’s disappearance. Beautiful. I cried rivers.)

The Mystery of the Dead Man’s Curse by Astardanced77 (30k)
An unsolved mystery, an ancient curse and a new librarian. Harry is back at Hogwarts where strange things are afoot!
(A recent discovery of mine, I love the writing, the funny details, the mystery of the curse, the pining, and the way Harry is so obviously in love.)

Eternally Consistent by kitsunealyc (44k)
Draco Malfoy and Harry Potter assumed they would never be anything but civil enemies, until Potter lands on Malfoy’s doorstep, bleeding, covered in curses, and acting very strangely indeed.
(This fic is one of my long-time faves, I love it so much. It’s really cool, Draco in particular is brilliant, there’s sass and wit, and time-turner mystery!)

And for everyone who hasn’t already read it:

Crossing Lines by Ren (47k)
While investigating a ring of smugglers, the Aurors receive a tip saying that the European Express is being used to move contraband across state lines. To solve the case, Harry has to unmask the smugglers and find the hidden contraband before the luxury train reaches Bulgaria. Draco Malfoy is also on board… but that’s just coincidence, isn’t it?
(Previously mentioned and definitely worth a read. Nice case set on a train of all things, sassy!Draco, oblivious!Harry, the works. Oh, and there’s pining~)


((Okay, So I’m doing a MC that has really bad vision, and so they take her to the eye doctor and get her her first pair of glasses))


  • MC was always squinting, and Yoosung was somewhat concerned
  • She was always asking him what signs said, and he was rather worried when she said that the world was quite blurry
  • After a lot of convincing, Yoosung managed to get MC to go to the ophthalmologist
  • “I don’t know why you didn’t come in sooner miss MC. You are very nearsighted”
  • They asked her to go and pick out some frames.
  • She was really worried because she couldn’t see any of the frames without them already being on her face and two inches from a mirror
  • “Yoosung…can you pick out some glasses for me?”
  • Yoosung brought over several frames, and MC put them on one by one and Yoosung either said keep or never mind
  • Eventually, he found the perfect pair. It made her beautiful eyes stand out and he loved the color on her. They were turquoise frames with purple arms and the metal on the frames made her bright eyes that much brighter
  • About a week later, the glasses came in and MC went with Yoosung to the eye doctor’s clinic together
  • She put them on, and for the first time, she could clearly see Yoosung and his beautiful purple eyes and adorable smile. He had the most wonderful hair, and MC smiled brightly
  • The world was no longer a blur, and she ran over to the mirror to see what she looked like
  • The glasses were very thin, yet cute, and they really brought out her eyes and framed her face
  • “Yoosung! I can see again!”


  • MC was trying to help Zen rehearse for his upcoming play
  • But she kept messing up the lines, and holding the paper out an arms length away
  • And she was still unable to see the stupid small print
  • So Zen, who was worried, told her to go to the eye doctor. 
  • Apparently she was far sighted, and the ophthalmologist wasn’t sure how she was able to text at all
  • Apparently she had a text to voice program
  • MC went to go pick glasses, and after looking for a moment, she chose some rectangular black frames. Just the right amount of cute and attractiveness.
  • A week later, she went in and the frames were all ready
  • She put them on and went home to surprise Zen (Don’t worry she took public transportation)
  • When he got home he was stunned
  • She was gorgeous, not that she wasn’t before, but something about the glasses just made her that much more attractive
  • “Wow, Zen! You’re so …pretty! I wanna play with your hair!”


  • MC kept running into the edge of tables and things, and Jaehee became very concerned
  • So she dragged MC to the eye doctor 
  • MC started crying, and admitted that she didn’t want glasses because she was afraid of people making fun of her
  • “People will not make fun of you. I will make sure of that”
  • They ended up going in together, because MC was scared to go alone
  • When MC was told to choose her frames, she freaked out because there were so many options
  • They eventually settled on a pair of frames that looked suspiciously like the faux glasses that Jaehee wore
  • Jaehee made sure to wear her glasses when they went to go get them
  • “OMG you two are twins! That’s so cute!” The eye care assistant said as they gave MC her glasses
  • MC put them on and Jaehee took a selfie of the two of them just to prove to MC that they were adorable and they deserved the world
  • “Wow…we do look like twins Jaehee!”


  • When MC couldn’t distinguish between Elizabeth 3rd and a pillow, Jumin knew that MC needed glasses
  • He actually brought the ophthalmologist to MC
  • She actually fainted when she saw Doc Lee
  • So he brought in another ophthalmologist in to see her
  • This one was much less scary and MC was more willing to work with them. 
  • She ended up needing pretty thick glasses, and she started to cry. 
  • Jumin soothes her telling her that she will look beautiful with glasses, and if she didn’t want them, she could get contacts.
  • She ended up getting brown oval frames, and they looked adorable on her
  • Jumin showered her with praise and told her how beautiful she looked
  • Now he’s starting an aesthetic glasses project for cats
  • Run Jaehee run
  • As soon as they got home to the penthouse, MC ran to the window and gazed out at the beautiful scenery
  • “Jumin! It’s so beautiful! Come look!”


  • MC was always on the computer, and she seemed to be having a harder time seeing the screen than normal
  • Saeyoung tried to lend MC a pair of his glasses, but that didn’t help either. 
  • Saeyoung knew that she needed glasses though
  • So they went to the eye doctor to get her glasses
  • Apparently, she needs glasses badly, because she was very nearsighted
  • So the glasses were going to be rather thick
  • So she decided to get awesome frames like Seven’s
  • They were a pastel pink with what looked to be a brown print inside of the plastic. They were rather large and round, but MC loved them
  • Both of them now had cute glasses and neither could see anything without them
  • “Oh look, I can see more than a tomato now!”


  • V…um…how do I put this…he’s blind too
  • So he couldn’t tell that MC was losing her sight
  • Until one day Jumin brought her home after Driver Kim almost hit her because she couldn’t see the car clearly
  • They went to the eye doctors, and V heavily reconsidered the eye surgery 
  • He ended up calling Jumin to ask him to set him up with the ophthalmologist while MC got her eyes checked
  • She wasn’t quite as blind as V, but pretty damn close
  • She ended up getting harry-potter-like glasses
  • They looked really cute on her, like really good. 
  • A week later, V had an appointment for surgery on his eyes, and MC got her new glasses
  • “V I can see again! The sky is so pretty, wouldn’t you agree?”


  • Saeran could tell right away that she needed glasses
  • She squinted at everything and it made her look like she was angry at the world
  • So he dragged her to the eye doctor
  • She really didn’t want glasses for some reason
  • “Why do you not want glasses.. You obviously need them.”
  • “Because I’m going to be teased again”
  • Apparently, MC used to wear glasses, but stopped when people started calling her names
  • Saeran told her that if she wanted she could get contacts like him and if anyone teased her they were going to get decked
  • He led her in, and he saw the cutest pair of glasses. 
  • They were black on the arms, and had a wire frame around the rims. 
  • He had her try them on and she just looked so cute
  • She got them a week later and she just looked adorable in them, even though she didn’t think so
  • He decided to convince her by bringing her on the roof to watch the sun set
  • “Wow. it’s so vibrant and colorful. Thank you Saeran. Maybe glasses won’t be horrible after all”

English is not my mother language, and I used to know the world of Harry Potter only in my language and traslations. Basically all “special HP words” (like Quidditch etc) are translated, including some names, names of potions or spells, animals, and so on. So when I started reading fanfiction, I obviously read it in my language. Then I have kind of read everything available, and started reading English ff. And I am so glad! My english improved and since I started learning Latin, all those name of spells and things makes much more sense! Also I think characters like Snape are much more entertaing in English. I want encourage everyone to try and read in a foreign language. You will catch up quickly, and realize beauty and deepness of original texts!

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#12 On Quote Prompts with Sirius, pretty please?

#12: “Are you going to make a habit of winning arguments? It’s very unbecoming.” “Was this an argument?” “Obviously not. I don’t lose arguments.”

Divination class was a bore, and it took everything in you not only to pay attention yourself, but to try to coerce your boyfriend into maintaining his focus too. At least it became a little easier when it came to the tea leaf reading, which Sirius took a keen interest to.

“It’s a falcon.” He stated, squinting at the cup. “Yep, definitely. Have a look love.”

You peered at the black leaves, frowning as you consulted your book. “No, it looks more like a club. See.” You pointed at the illustration in your text book.

Sirius sighed, taking the little cup back into his big hands, engulfing the tiny handle. “But that’s the beak!” He complained, pointing at the triangular section of the image.

“Okay, then why do its ‘wings’ look so round?”

“Maybe it’s not in flight?” He suggested with a shrug.

“So you’re saying its head is the same shape as its oddly circular looking wings?”

Sirius ran a hand through his hair with a groan. “Fine. It’s a club.” 

You smiled triumphantly, making Sirius scoff.

“Are you going to make a habit of winning arguments? It’s very unbecoming.” 

You pouted your lips teasingly. “Was this an argument?” 

“Obviously not. I don’t lose arguments.” Sirius poked your arm, raising a brow. “Now, since you’re such the expert, what does this club have in store for us on this fine day (Y/n)?”

“Well the club symbolises an attack. But it says here that most often times its not in the form of anything physically violent.”

“So a kiss attack would fit the bill?” Sirius wriggled his eyebrows, puckering his lips.

“You wish.” You giggled, pushing him away. He managed to swoop down and plant a kiss on the side of your mouth before the professor cleared his throat.

“Sorry.” Sirius threw his hands up innocently. “I was just fulfilling the prophecy.”

The Kitchens

Sirius and Remus: A king and a commoner from two different worlds who will break all the rules for love.

Part i

(This has been mostly re-written from previous posts and this is how I will be continuing the story from here on out!)

Sirius set out for the West parlor, wondering if maybe he could sleep a while on one of the couches. His bare feet were cool against the July-warmed stone, even at night. He wished he could enjoy this more, like he usually did, with the absence of prying eyes. But his head ached, spinning with thoughts of the ever-looming events that summer’s end promised. There were fall’s many festivals, hunting trips. And among these things, the promise of a bride. He’d be eighteen in November. He’d known what eighteen meant for as long as he could remember. It was inevitable, a pressing weight on his chest. He could hear his mother’s voice in his head: Alliances are needed, Sirius. You’ll be a king one day and you’ll need a powerful Queen at your side. And besides, fall weddings are lucky.

Sirius rubbed at his eyes, huffing as he turned blindly into the room he knew to well, only to find it bathed in a soft warm glow, not dark and quiet like he’d expected. He let his hand drop to his side, taken off guard by the light-soaked walls, and he froze. Because there was a boy there. His heels were coming out of his shoes as he crouched over the softly roasting coals of the beginning of one of the Black castle’s many fires. Sirius realized too late that he’d been standing there too long to make any sort of proper introduction.

Of all the words in his grand vocabulary, his mind decided to settle on, “Oh.”

The boy jumped. He went to stand up too fast and ended up thumping his head painfully against the brick under edge of the fireplace. Sirius cursed at the same time the boy did.

“Christ James, I told you to do the East Wing-“

The boy spoke at the same time that he turned. He cut off just as he saw Sirius.

“Oh.” He inhaled sharply, eyes widening for a fraction of a second, “My Lord. I didn’t realize…”

And Sirius watched it happen, just as it always did. He watched the boy’s back straighten, he watched the front go up.

Sirius huffed, annoyed. He made his way around the sofa slowly, fingers trailing against the plush fabric as he did, “Didn’t realize I’d be in my own castle?”

The boy frowned. He looked like he wanted to narrow his eyes but thought better of it, “Not at these hours. My Lord.” He added the last part hastily, half-heartedly, and a bit heatedly.

“I’d ask you the same question.” Sirius did narrow his eyes. He was allowed to.

The boy looked like he was biting his tongue before he spoke, “I was to light the fires this morning, my Lord.”

Sirius froze, expression flickering, “Morning?”

The boy glanced out the window briefly, “Morning, my Lord.”

Sirius followed his eyes, only to see that it was morning. He blinked at the dawning sky, the world still pink, and cleared his throat, “Oh.”

“Have-“ The boy hesitated until Sirius looked back at him. His expression slightly softer but guarded still, “have you been out all night? Around the castle? My Lord.”

Sirius hesitated, then sighed, rubbing his face, “You don’t have to add that after every sentence.” He pressed his thumbs into his eyes, as if trying to rub the fatigue out, before looking back at the boy. He had flour on his cheek, a bit of ash on his temple.

“Yes.” He looked back out the window, “I guess so.”

He didn’t think he’d been walking all night and yet there was the sun, peaking over the mountains.

The boy crouched down, scraping the iron fire poker back up and prodding at the coals with it, “Sometime on your mind, my Lord?”

Sirius felt annoyance flare up again, “I said-“

But he stopped, words catching in his throat. He shouldn’t admit it—really he couldn’t admit it—not out loud anyways—but, now that he was looking, really looking, the boy was a bit of a beautiful sight. Maybe it was just the firelight, or lack of sleep, but the thought sprang to the front of Sirius’ mind so quickly he just… thought it.

He shifted, clearing his throat, “No.” He meant to turn away, maybe leave, but instead he sat down, “No. I simply lost track of time.”

The fire light made the boy’s eyes look like a a pot of melting amber when he turned towards Sirius, expression forwardly quizzical, “Yes, my Lord.”

Sirius frowned, “Do you not know my name?”

The boy raised an eye brow, “My Lord?”

“Do you not. Know my name.” Sirius repeated, “Is that why you refuse to use it, even upon my request?”

It was still quite dark, but Sirius could have sworn the boy flushed. He turned back to poking the fire.

“You know, you aren’t doing that right.” Sirius continued when he still didn’t answer.

The boy kept poking, not looking away, “I’m not usually in charge of the fires.” He mumbled.

Sirius leaned forward, “No, you see, they aren’t going to stay alight like that. Didn’t you- no, stop, stop.” Sirius swiftly moved to crouch next to the boy, putting his hand over his on the poker, “Watch. You need it to be…” He guided their hands to push the embers towards the center, “Like such. That way the smoke goes up and the heat goes out. See now?”

“I… Yes. How did you…”

Sirius shrugged, “It’s from hunting trips, really. Probably the only useful survival skill I know. Proves I’m not completely helpless.”

“That’s not what James says.”

Sirius did his best to look aghast but it ended as more of a smile, surprising himself, “That’s how you address your superiors?”

The boy looked like he was trying not to smile too, “A moment ago you were begging me to call you Sirius.”

Sirius turned sharply away from the coals, taken off guard. He tightened his grip on the iron. It wasn’t that he hadn’t heard his name from a servant’s mouth before. James, his valet, called him Sirius. He had just never heard his name quite like that. Soft, gentile. The way this boy said it… it almost made him sound like a good person.

Sirius continued with the fire, “So the truth is out. You do know my name.”

The boy wrapped his arms around his knees, watching the coals. His sandy hair flopped nicely into his eyes, “Everyone in the world probably knows your name.”

Sirius laughed softly, and he found that it lightened the heavy feeling in his chest considerably, “Well. I think you’re sorely misjudging the size of the world.”

The boy looked at him, features extraordinarily soft in the firelight. Sirius’ heart caught.

“That wouldn’t surprise me.” He said quietly, “It isn’t like I’ve seen any of it.”

“S’not that great, really.” Sirius said softly. It was, but Sirius wasn’t about to say that. He cleared his throat instead, “Well, there’s the fire for you-“

He cut himself off again, this time with a curse. He tumbled back on his heels, the poker clattering to the floor, his left hand burning.

“Fuck-“ He unclenched his fist, seeing an angry red mark already forming across his knuckles.

The boy cursed, “Shit, the coals. I forgot to put the gate up- one rolled out- I- your highness-“

“I’m fine,” Sirius grit his teeth, “It’s just a little hot, I-“

“Oh come off it, that’s more than a little hot-” The second the words were out of the boy’s mouth his eyes were wide, “Oh god. I-“

“It’s fine, it’s fine.” Sirius resisted the urge to roll his eyes at the your highness, at the horror on the boy’s face when he’d slipped and spoken to Sirius like a normal person.

The boy pressed his lips together, the hollows of his cheeks pink. He directed his gaze to Sirius’ injured hand, “We should really get something for that.”

Sirius nodded, “You can rouse Pomfrey for me.”

The boy stood, “I think I can help you, actually… if you like.” He offered Sirius a hesitant hand.

Sirius took it. He didn’t even think about it, he just let this boy pull him up, cradling his injured one to his chest, “I don’t even know your name.”

The boy arched an eyebrow, “I’m sure I can help either way.”

Sirius stretched his knuckles hesitantly, then flinched, “What’s your name?” He asked again.

The boy’s face fell a fraction, and Sirius suddenly realized he had been trying to be friendly, maybe funny even, and Sirius had taken it for disrespect.

“Remus.” He said shortly, “It’s Remus.” He turned, leading the way out of the room.

“Like the myth?” Sirius followed him.

“What myth?”

“The Roman one. With the wolf. The founding of Rome, surely you know it.”

Remus glanced behind him, “Sorry, no.”

Sirius furrowed his eyebrows, “Didn’t you learn it in school?”

Remus raised an eyebrow as Sirius fell into stride with him, “You’re assuming I went to school.”

Sirius’ steps faltered, “I- oh.”

“Not all of us grow up in castles, not to mention princes.”

Sirius glanced at Remus’ profile as they walked down the servant’s staircase. It was hard to read. He’d been the one trying to lighten the mood that time and, once again, they’d misunderstood each other.

“I didn’t mean any offense.” Sirius offered.

Remus sent him a small smile, “And yet…”

Sirius suddenly felt very aware of his words, his accent, even his attire, all in comparison to Remus. He felt overdressed in his maroon robe, the gold embroidery feeling flashy and unnecessary next to Remus’ plain white shirt, littered with stains from work.

Remus shook his head gently at him as they entered the kitchen, “I’m joking. It’s alright, you didn’t know.” he nodded towards the countertop, “sit there.”

Sirius rubbed at the back of his neck, “I suppose I should have known…” His eyes widened, “I mean-“

Remus rolled his eyes, “Sit.”

“-not that I would assume you didn’t have an education-“

Sit, Sirius.”

Sirius pushed himself up onto the counter, silently kicking himself. Silently relishing the way Remus said his name. He watched wordlessly as Remus set ingredients out on the counter next to him. Honey, and a lemon.

“Well… this is odd.”

Remus looked at Sirius, “You’ve never seen this before?”

Sirius shook his head.

Remus smirked, slicing the lemon in half effortlessly, barely even glancing down, “Well, you’re obviously not learning everything with that education of yours, are you?”

Sirius straightened a little, almost prepared to snap a retort, but he caught onto the joke this time—just barely. Sirius looked away but smiled.

Remus held his palm out, “Give your hand here.”

Sirius glanced nervously at the lemon, “Won’t that hurt?”

Remus huffed out a laugh, and held out his hand more insistently, “What do you think the honey’s for? It will only sting for a moment…”

For the second time that night, Sirius relinquished his hand.

Sirius watched Remus’ brow furrow as he gently pressed the the cross section of the lemon across Sirius’ slightly blistered knuckles. Sirius hissed, then tried to turn it into a cough. He pointedly ignored Remus’ smirk.

Remus’ fingers were cool against the irritated skin around the burn, and Sirius drew his lip between his teeth as Remus carefully smeared a bit of honey over the aching cut. The thick paste relieved the throbbing to a duller pain.


Remus wiped his hands on a kitchen rag, “More useful than a Roman myth, huh?”

Sirius scoffed, “I apologized.”

“Is that how world affairs are settled then? Apologies?” Remus smiled, producing a bandage from the same cupboard the honey had come from. His long fingers worked nimbly as he wraps Sirius’ hand.

“This is hardly a worldly affair..” Sirius said under his breath. Remus glanced at Sirius, looking at him flatly, then sighed, finishing the wrap.

“There. If it starts to hurt again, I- or I mean Madame Pomfrey can-“

“I’ll find you if it hurts.” Sirius’s mouth said it before he could think on it, and he slid from the counter.

Remus nodded slowly, “Oh. Right.”

Sirius drummed his fingers on the countertop, looking down at Remus, “Right.”

Remus glanced around Sirius nervously, “People will probably be waking soon.”

Sirius nodded, although he hadn’t really heard what Remus had said. They were standing quite close, “Right.”

Remus seemed a bit breathless when he spoke again, “We have to prepare your breakfast…”

Sirius arched an eyebrow, “Do you prepare the breakfast?”

Remus huffed out a laugh, “I prepare your breakfast.”

Sirius blinked, “Really?”

Remus shrugged one shoulder, “When you take it in your room at least. Which is-“

“-most days.” Sirius finished. He cocked his head slightly, “But how do you know?”

Remus shook his head, confused, “Know?”

“That I’m having it upstairs.”

Remus paused for a moment, as if waiting for Sirius to continue, or to laugh. Then his eyebrows raised very high to his hairline and he let out a burst of laughter, “Honestly?”

Sirius stepped back a step, cheeks heating, “What?”

Remus quickly stopped laughing, noticing Sirius’ offended gaze, “No- No, I’m sorry,” His eyes filled with something that looked like dissapointment. Sirius felt that same emotion stirring in his chest, although he didn’t quite know why, “It’s just… you really don’t know how we work down here, do you?”

Sirius shuffled uncomfortably, trying not to jostle his hand too much, “Well…” He tried to think of some excuse, shrugging, “When I come down here everyone stops working to ask what I want.”

“They’re suppose to do that.” Remus points out.

“Yes, but that explains why I don’t know how it works.” Sirius spluttered.

Remus smiled, “Fine, fine… Lord, I’m sitting here arguing with a Prince… James tells me.”

Sirius, fully prepared for a defense again, deflated some, “Oh.” He contemplated for a moment, “Well, I guess I should have thought of that.”

Remus shrugged, eyes teasing, “I guess.”

Sirius found he much preferred this boy to look at him like that than how he had just been, “Education… Education’s not everything, I suppose.”

When Remus smiled shyly at his own words being reflected back at him, Sirius felt something, some wall, crack a little. He smiled.

There was a creak from the floorboards above causing both boys to look up, then back down at each other. They were nearly nose to nose, and Sirius quite enjoyed that he had to look down a bit to meet Remus’ eyes.

“I- you may want to go.”

Sirius nodded. The thought of being surrounded by bustling activity, having to answer why he was down here in the first place, was suddenly very unappealing, “Yes. I should. I-“

The stared at each other, unsure of what to say.

“Well. Thank you… for the honey. Not for the burn.” He nodded shortly, not moving away just yet.

“Oh. Yes.” Remus was breathless again, eyes fixed on Sirius, “Thank you for… the myth. Not for the condescension.”

When he was safe in his room again, the sun peaking through the seam in his dark, heavy curtains, Sirius couldn’t help the soft smile that crossed his face; at the eyes that filled his thoughts, at the boy in the kitchen, at the eggs he woke up to a few hours later.


“Sirius, you have dinner in a half hour. And it isn’t you your mum kills if you’re late, its me, so, please, if we could just-“

Sirius looked up from the hot water surrounding him to where James was leaning against the doorway, making frantic hurry up motions.

“James, I am naked and thoroughly enjoying my bath so if you could stop staring at me. Also, I don’t know if that statement is entirely correct… I recall being murdered quite a few times. Pass me that cloth, would you?”

James rolled his eyes, reminding Sirius with a pang of his late night run in from just a few hours ago, and more threw it at him.

Sirius glared, “I can have you fired. Turned out of the castle.”

James glared, lying down on the plush bench along the bath, feet by Sirius’ head.

Sirius raised an eyebrow, “For that too.”

James laughed at the ceiling, hands behind his head, eyes closed, “Yes, but you won’t.”

Sirius grinned, then hissed as his burned hand touched the hot water. James raised an eyebrow.

“What happened there, anyway?”

Sirius started, making a show of soaking the towel and squeezing the excess water out, “Oh. Just a burn. Some clumsy-one of your lot didn’t know how to handle the tea.”

James scoffed, “Well, that wasn’t rude at all.”

Sirius blinked, then sank further into the water, sighing, “I didn’t mean it like that.”

James sighed, closing his eyes again, “I know, don’t worry.”

“You seem to be the only one that does…” He grumbled under his breath, images of disappointed and disapproving amber eyes crossing his mind.

James peaked one eye open, “Huh?”

Sirius let the cloth go and watched it slowly sink to the bottom of the large tub, “Nothing.”

James looked at him for a moment longer, but knew better than to push. Instead, he stood, snagging a large towel and laying it in his place on the bench, “I’m getting your dinner clothes ready. You’ve had long enough, get out.”

“Yes, mum.”

“Don’t insult me.” James called over his shoulder.


Sirius, despite the torment, sat perfectly still through dinner. He felt like a caged animal that had been trained to do so—especially with guests around which, given the fact that they were the royal family, there was always the nobles and some duke and duchess from god knows where around to dine with. He listened his mother talk politics, he watched his father talk politics—if not in a slightly more slurred fashion and into his whiskey glass. He watched his brother, Regulus, sit there silently, glaring at his food as if it had personally offended. He was only glad his cousins weren’t in town. Well, maybe Andromeda. She never was the worst of the lot at least.

He wished for probably the thousandth time in his life that James could sit at the dinner table with him, or that maybe he could sit at James’ dinner table. He almost didn’t care that it was with the rest of the servants—no. No, he didn’t care. He glared at his mother, shoving a piece of duck into his mouth. He knew he had her to thank for those elitist slip-ups.

As if this wasn’t torment enough, his hand positively ached. Remus’ remedy had long washed off in the bath, and with the dry cotton wrap rubbing against it every time he cut his food, it felt like there was a coal being pressed against his skin all over again. Highly distracting. He told himself he would go to Pomfrey after dinner, perhaps skip dessert for it all together.

That’s what he told himself he would do.

When the time came for puddings and cakes he stood, scraping his chair back and pointedly ignoring his mother’s look.

“And where do you think you’re going?”

He waved his hand dismissively, “Some idiot servant burned me with tea this morning,” The slur rolled as effortlessly off his tongue as the lie did, “I’m going to seek Pomfrey.”

He didn’t wait for a reply, only for a man to open the dining room doors for him. He swept through the halls, hand cradled to his chest, with the full intention of making his way to the castle infirmary. His found his feet straying, however. He took a turn, trotting down the staircase he had taken the previous night, not realizing where he was or what he was doing until he was already hovering in the doorway.


Remus all but collapsed onto the stool by the large island, letting the heat still radiating from the kitchen fireplace warm the aching muscles of his back.

“Well, that sorts it then,” Mrs. Potter, the cook, rubbed her hands together, dusting flour residue from then, “Another dinner done right, Remus, hm?”

Remus gave her a tired, half smile, “Right.”

“Splendidly done, of course!” James entered the kitchen, carefully avoiding the various things dusting the table—he was still in his valet tails—as he took the stool next to Remus, leaning over to press a kiss to his mum’s cheek, “Please tell me you saved some-“

Remus pushed a plate of three Walnut cookies towards him. James all but growled.

“You’re a saint.”

Remus rolled his eyes, “Not quite.”

“I believe he was talking to me.” Mrs. Potter chuckled kindly, “I’m off for some tea and then bed. Remus, make sure that fire is out properly before you go up, yeah?”

Remus nodded, accepting a half of cookie James broke off for him. He watched her kiss her son and then exit, chewing in silence.

Remus felt the question rise back to the tip of his tongue, the one he’d almost asked at breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Only it was ten times stronger now that he and James were alone.

He cleared his throat, “Um. James?”

“Hm?” James took another cookie, offering half to Remus again who shook his head this time.

“Is… Is the prince…”

James arched an eyebrow when Remus trailed off.

Remus huffed, “What’s he like exactly?”

James snorted a little, smiling and popping another bit into his mouth, “What do you think he’s like?”

“Rather rude.” Remus said before he could stop himself, “I- I just mean. He doesn’t understand much, does he?”

“About us? God, no.” He shook his head, “Barely realizes the things he says sometimes… I suppose that’s where the rudeness would come in.”

Remus nodded, silently begging James to go on. He didn’t know why he was so curious but he’d practically had to will himself to sleep last night, and even then it was restless. Even then a certain rude, condescending prince invaded his thoughts. He’d ended up coming down to make the bread an entire hour and a half early.

“But, that being said and all… he’s not all bad. He’s just…” James shrugged, “he’s sheltered, I suppose. Doesn’t have a clue what the real world’s like. I wouldn’t be surprised if he thought everyone got their breakfast served on a silver tray in bed each day.” Remus snorted with him, “But, y’know, he treats me well. If he does say something and I correct him, it takes him a minute but he apologizes-“

“You correct him?”

James waves a hand, “We’ve been together since we were kids, I’m more than allowed.”

Remus nods. James had grown up here. He tried to imagine a younger version of the boy he’d met last night playing with a servant boy. He frowned.

“Why so curious all of a sudden?”

Remus blinked, snapping out of his thoughts, “What?”

“You’ve never asked about Sirius before.”

“Oh.” Remus shifted in his chair, “I. I just- I…” For the life of him, he couldn’t think of something to say. With James still looking at him so curiously, his shoulders deflated and he sighed, “I met him. Last night.”

James’ eyebrows raised to his hairline, “Really? How?”

“I was doing the fires in the West Parlor and he walked in—I think he’d been walking all night… And- and then I burned his hand.” Remus finished miserably.

You burned his hand? With tea?”

Remus blinked, “What? No. He took it upon himself to show me how to do my job,” fresh annoyance bloomed in Remus’ chest, “and I forgot to shut the gate. Then I took him down hear and wrapped it for him-“

“Jesus, he didn’t mention any of this.” James laughed.

Remus stuttered for a moment, willing the disappointment that closed in, snuffing out the annoyance to dissipate. Why would he mention it? Sirius’ words echoed in his ears.

This is hardly a world affair

“Well. I-“ Remus huffed, “I just wondered what you thought. He started spewing all this shit about Roman myths and what the world was like and he practically assumed I didn’t have an education…” Not quite true, but Remus was suddenly a little furious at the prince. For depriving him of sleep, for the way he spoke, for the way he dressed, for everything he was. Everything he stood for. Everything Remus wasn’t.

James laughed again, shoving the last bit of cookie towards Remus, “Think you need this more than I do.”

“Shut up.” Remus fought the soft smile that played on his face.

James held his hands up in surrender and pushed back from the table, “Alright, alright. I’m going up. You need anything?”

Remus shook his head, “No, got most of everything done already. Just the fire. Might stay down here a while longer. Clean the counter… or something.”

James nodded, rapped his knuckles on the table twice, and set off for the stairs. Remus listened to his footsteps fade, and then leaned his elbows onto the table, head in his hands. He really should go to bed too. He’d had an even longer day than usual, but he was restless, mind working overdrive—annoyingly so.

Another set of footsteps approached from the main stairs leading to the house. He assumed it was a waiter, Peter maybe, and didn’t bother looking up, even when they stopped and hovered in the doorway.

“Fancy meeting you here.”

Remus started so hard he banged his knee painfully into one of the pans hanging on a hook under the island. He spun, standing up and swaying slightly on his feet. He tried to ignore how hard his heart was racing at the sight he was met with, the person he had been thinking about since five this morning.

Sirius chewed on his lower lip before offering a small smile, “I keep doing that to you, I apologize.”

Remus finds himself unable to answer for a moment, eyes locked on stormy gray ones.

Sirius shifted uncomfortably, glancing downwards, and it is then that Remus realizes he’s holding his injured hand gingerly against his chest, the wrap he’d given him yesterday clumsily falling apart to reveal his knuckles, looking rubbed raw and worse off than before.

“I’m here fore further treatment.” He says matter of factly, spine straightening, “I’m afraid the pain has returned. Although I’m not sure it ever really left.”

Remus wanted to narrow his eyes at the tone. Sirius didn’t seem to be giving him an option in the matter. Instead, he sighed.

“Yes. Right. Um. Sit there.” He pushed the stool forward with his leg and busied himself with the honey and lemon like before, trying to ignore the fact that he could feel Sirius eyes on him. He took James’ seat, scooting it until he was close enough to rest Sirius’ hand on his knee, his knee that he realized too late was slotted rather snuggly between Sirius’ thighs. He cleared his throat, ignoring the heat that rose on his neck.

“You probably should have come sooner. The skin’s irritated now.”

“You’re the expert, you could’ve come to me.” Sirius pointed out.

“Right, okay, would that be before or after I was making your meals?”

He couldn’t help it. He slipped, the anger coming through. He didn’t look up to see it register in Sirius’ face. When Sirius didn’t retort, guilt started to set in. He rolled his neck a little, trying to stretch out his sore muscles, “Sorry.”

Sirius was silent for a moment longer, “It’s alright… You’re tired.”

Remus couldn’t help the slightly bitter laugh that escaped, “You’ve got that right. Didn’t sleep much last night.” No thanks to you.

“Oh.” Remus thinks he hears a small note of interest in his voice, surprise maybe, “Well. Hot water is relaxing. Might help. Maybe with some oils. Chamomile is-“

“That probably would help.” Remus interjected, only a little heatedly. He shouldn’t say it, he knows Sirius is just trying to help, maybe even make up for his snide comments if what James says about him is true, but he’s tired and confused and restless, “If we had hot water.”

He regrets the words the instant they’re out of his mouth. This time he does glance up at Sirius who, to his surprise, closed his eyes, a pained expression coming across his face. He breathed harshly out through his nose. Remus’ hands stills where they’re holding Sirius’ injured one.

“I don’t mean to do that, you know…”

And Remus’ heart speeds up a little. Because it sounds genuine enough. It’s sent racing when Sirius’ eyes blink back open slowly. He looks sorry, he really does.

“Yeah…I’m catching onto that I think.” Remus says softly.

Sirius’ teeth worry his bottom lip, “Yeah?”

Remus nodded, “Yeah.”

They stare at each other for a second longer, and Remus realizes with a start that his eyes have moved to his lips at the same time as Sirius clears his throat, glancing at the plate that was previously filled with walnut cookies. There’s still a bit of one, the bite Remus had never taken.

“I don’t suppose you’d have any more of those?” He asks timidly.

Remus looks down at Sirius’ hand, which is only half bandaged and tries to finish the job as quickly as he can, “Did you not just eat?”

“I skipped dessert. Hand hurt to bad. It’s really the least you could do since you were the cause of this…”

Remus jerks his head up, fully prepared to fucking bite Sirius’ head off, when he sees the smirk.

He rolls his eyes, not even bothering to feel off about it, and smirks back, “Yes, your highness.”

He’s surprised when Sirius’ face falls, and he looks down to his hand, retrieving it from Remus’ grasp quickly and cradling it back to his chest.

“Sirius.” Remus corrects himself quickly, and relief fills his chest when Sirius glances up once more, smile just beneath the surface, “And yeah, I think we have a few.”

Arranged Marriage

Request: Hiya! Could you please do and Newt x Reader where the reader is already in an arranged marriage but Newt takes her on an adventure to get away from her horrible family so they could get married in their own. But she’s scared because she doesn’t want to hurt him or put him in danger so he’s always there to call her nerves and protect her. P.s. Your writing is amazing! I hope you get to go somewhere big with it, have an amazing day!❤️
(A/N: Thank you so much! Your request is amazing and I had so much fun writing it!)
(A/N #2: This is gonna be a long one, y’all.)

Originally posted by reddie-eddie

You sat on the edge of a bed that would never truly be yours. It was too fancy, too elegant, to be your own. You missed your bed with it’s tattered handmade quilt and beaten down pillows. You twisted the fabric of the long white dress in your fingers. You would soon have to wear it down the isle to marry a man you had only met once in your entire life.

Jeremy had proposed two days ago. It was, of course, filmed and set to be aired on international television. It wasn’t often that a descendant of royalty proposed to a commoner. The ring was nice, expensive, a luxury you didn’t need. It was bigger than your finger and slipped off every time you washed your hands.

It didn’t fit like the ring you had hidden in the bottom of your jewelry container. That ring fit perfectly. It had a single diamond that glowed perfectly in the sunlight. You only got to wear the ring for one full day before you had to hide it away from the world.

The ring was given to you by your now ex-boyfriend. Well, ex-fiance. Newt Scamander. He had proposed to you only 4 days ago. You were ecstatic. The two of you had been dating for seven years. You had started dating in your 5th year of Hogwarts. You had graduated top of your class. Newt had been there to support you through all of the good times, and all of the bad.

You heard a faint knock on your door. “Come in,” you said, barely a whisper.
Your dad opened the door. He had been the only one in the family on your side through this whole ordeal. You burst into tears as he walked into the room.
“Oh, no. Come here, sweetheart,” he said, pulling you tightly into his chest.
“I can’t believe Mum’s making me do this,” you cried out.
“Your mum is mistaken, (y/n). She thinks that this marriage will unite the magical and non magical world. I’m afraid that that won’t happen if you aren’t happy in the marriage,” your dad whispered.

“What if I don’t marry him? What if I run away?” you ask quietly.
“It’s technically illegal to force you into an arranged marriage, but the royal family will find a way around that. You’d have to be on the run for quite some time. You could only return once the prince was married off to another girl.”
“What about you and Mum?” you ask with a small sniffle.
“We’d have to act like we didn’t know where you went. Well, your mum wouldn’t have to act. I obviously wouldn’t tell her about this. We wouldn’t be able to see you.”

A sob escaped your throat. “I don’t think I can do this without you. Who would I even stay with?”
There was a knock at your door, louder than your dad’s. You opened the door. “I heard someone needs a rescue,” Newt said, case in hand. You flung your arms around him, almost tackling him to the ground.

Newt shut the door behind him. “I’m afraid that the Ministry is most likely tracking apparation as well as the Floo Network. The only chance we have is by car.”
You looked at your dad. “You’re okay with this?” He nods.
“You’re my daughter, (y/n). I will do anything to make sure you live a happy and fulfilled life. Even treason.”
You hugged your dad tightly. “I love you.”
“I love you, too. Now I need to go before your mum gets suspicious.”

Your dad exits the room, leaving only you and Newt.”Do you have a case packed?” Newt asks quietly. 
“I do.”
“I wish I could hear you say that at an alter,” Newt whispers, pulling you close to him. 
“You will one day,” you say, your words muffled by his chest. 

You grab a coat from the closet and slip on a pair of sunglasses, pulling the hood over your head. You grabbed your case and walked hand-in-hand out of the bedroom. The two of you were practically running to your car. You got in the driver’s seat and began driving. Far. Far. Away. 

One year later and your nerves were getting the best of you. The sat on the floor of your new house, sobbing into your husband’s shoulder.  The two of you got married at the courthouse three weeks after you ran away from the alter. 
“They’re going to find us.” you sob. 
“Now, now, love, you and I both know I would never let that happen.” 
“We’ve bought a house now. And furniture. They’re going to find us!” 
“I don’t think the wizard cops are on the lookout for wizards buying chairs. They’re going to be looking in the muggle world, (y/n), I promise.” 

Another sob leaves your chest and Newt’s shirt is covered in tears. You try to calm the crying, but that leads to you heaving in breaths. Newt gently rubs your back, while holding you to his chest. The two of you rock back and forth to the beat of a song that Newt was humming. 

“I will always protect you, (y/n),” Newt whispers. 

Two years later and you and Newt were married with a baby girl on the way. You still hadn’t had contact from either of you parents, and it crushed you. Today you were sprawled out on the couch in your living room. 

“Newt, come here quick!” you yell across the house. 
Newt came sprinting in. “What’s wrong? Are you in labor? Do I need to call an ambulance?” 
You shook your head. “No, love, she’s kicking.” 
Newt gently placed his hand on your stomach. “I feel it.” He smiled up at you. 

The telephone began ringing and Newt answered. “Hello, yeah she’s here.” 
Newt hands you the phone. “Hey sweetheart,” you hear through the receiver.
“Dad?” you ask, tears filling your eyes. 
“Yes, love, it’s me. The prince is married now. You’re free.”

A noise leaves your throat that is somewhere between a laugh and a sob. “Really?”
“Yes,” your dad replies. He’s obviously crying, too. 
“Oh! I have big news!”
“Spill it.” 
“Newt and I got married!” you begin. 
“Congratulations, sweetheart!”
“That’s not it - we’re having a baby girl. You’re going to be a grandpa!” 
The two of you talk for hours while Newt sits beside you, contently waiting. You hang up the phone and lean onto Newt. “I guess everything worked out perfectly.”

Tell me about the one who loved him - A Sirius Black Imagine (part five)

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Hello! This is part five of Tell me about the one who loved him, but this is also a flashback, I guess to understand a little more what is going to happen, next, if I’m not ending this series. 

Part II, Part III and Part IV


October 31st, 1981

There was this strange feeling in his gut. Something bothered him but he couldn’t tell what it was. That was just an impression, like something strangely bad was going to happen. Sirius looked outside the window, it was a dull night, Halloween, where kids were trick or treating with their parents, disguised into vampires, witches and animals, all sorts of curious things. Sirius scoffed. If only they knew. He wished he could have spent this night with his godson. But James’ son was safe, at home, with his two loving parents. It reassured Sirius. He thought about Y/N. Usually, Saturdays were their night together. They’d be wandering in London’s street, they’d grab a bite, laugh louder than they should, annoying everybody with their love. But dark were the days and dangerous was this time. He really wished to be with her that very moment, hiding into her dark locks as she’d play with his hair. Feeling her chest rise while she was breathing, making sure she was really there. He never really knew what good he did in his young life to deserve somebody like Y/N. He knew she was safe with her parents. He wished Moony was there, but they were not talking anymore. Sirius wasn’t sure where Remus’ loyalty laid nowadays. He didn’t trust him and it was hurting. If they could only stop Voldemort once and for all, if they could just only carry on with their lives… But no such thing was certain. They were at war. Gone were the days when they were just arrogant teenagers, when the only thing that they’d worry about was the next Quidditch match or the upcoming exams. Where James’ biggest interest was into fancying the gorgeous girl that was Lily Evans. When the darkest time was when they’d have to spend a full moon night to protect Remus from himself. Sirius sat on the couch and sighed. He didn’t know what to do. Getting out was dangerous, Dumbledore had forbidden anyone to go out and wander if not necessary. But he had to do something, he thought, he felt like he must go. He couldn’t just sit and wait anymore. After some annoying and worrying thoughts, he finally fell asleep, completely dressed, in a very, very uncomfortable position.

A loud crack woke him up by surprise. He jumped on his feet.
‘Y/N?’ he asked.
But she wasn’t there. Instead, outside the window, was an owl holding a parchment in its beak. Sirius opened the window and took the letter in his trembling hands. He started carefully reading it.
‘There has been an attack at Godric’s Hollow…’ 
He let the letter fall on the floor, his vision started to blur. He grabbed his leather jacket and helmet and got out of his flat, running. His heart was beating louder and faster in his chest. He took his motorcycle and started the motor with a roaring sound. 

While he was on his way to James’ house, all he thought was he hoped they’d be fine. James was a powerful wizard; there was no way he was in danger. Lily and Harry would be okay.
‘Come on!’ grinned Sirius, already driving the fastest he could. ‘COME ON!’ 

He finally pushed on a curious button alongside the handlebar and the engine flew in the air. This was the fastest way to get into the small village where the little family lived. It seemed like he flew in the air forever as he reached Godric’s Hollow’s sky. Up there, he knew he’d find James, Lily and Harry, surrounded and protected by the Order and the Ministry. 

‘You didn’t need to run to us like a dog, Padfoot! See, we’re okay! It was just a scare’ would say James to him, patting him on the shoulders. They would be laughing. Sirius wouldn’t admit to James that he had the fear of his life, but his best friend would know it anyway. 

He finally touched down the ground and reached the street corner. As soon as he stopped the motor, he knew something was going on, he thought. There was an oddly radiating light coming out of the Potters’ house.
Then he saw it. There was no cottage anymore, not like he knew it. Blown up wood was all around, laying and shredded on the ground, some walls were not there anymore. Sirius felt like he wanted to run into to the house at once but he feared what he was going to discover inside. It’s like if an invisible hand was pulling him from behind. He could not believe something like that happened. James was supposed to be fine. Finally, he stepped on what was left of the porch and entered the house, shaking nervously. He felt like he watched himself from outside his own body. Everything felt so silent. As he turned around the living room, he looked down at the body down the staircase. His worst nightmare was now reality. It was a pure vision of horror he would never be able to forget. It couldn’t be. It wasn’t happening.
‘James?’ whispered Sirius, like his friend was asleep and he didn’t want to scare him by waking him up abruptly.
But James was not asleep. His hazel eyes were fixing the ceiling, frozen in death and there was this horrible expression on his face. James died worried, James died knowing Lily and Harry might not survive that night. Tears started to pick Sirius’ eyes. He kneeled next to his best friend and looked at him, completely devoid. He finally dared to touch the cold body and closed James’ eyelids softly.

‘I’ll see you on the other side’ he muttered, tears slowly blinding him.

 He’d never hear James’ laugh again. He was gone. Sirius sniffed and started to climb the stairs leading to the second floor. He knew there was nobody alive in this house anymore, but he had to see it for himself. He had to know they were all gone for good. He had to make sure his whole world had really collapsed. He moved very carefully, like his footsteps would disturb the awful silence that was reigning in the cottage. His heart jumped when he saw Hagrid standing in the middle of Harry’s bedroom, sniffing and whimpering like an infant. He hadn’t seen the giant man since he left Hogwarts five years ago. At his feet, dark red locks were reflecting the strangely lit room. He didn’t need to see more. Laying on her stomach, Lily almost looked peaceful. Sirius made the floor crack as Hagrid turned around snappishly to face the intruder, pointing a pink umbrella at Sirius’ chest. He was holding tightly something in his other arm, something he needed to protect.
‘Hagrid?’ muttered Sirius, facing Hogwarts’ gamekeeper.
‘Sirius Black?’ replied the big man standing.
‘Is Harry…?’
‘Found him in his crib like that, crying for his mum. Poor Lily…’ cried Hagrid, looking down at the dead woman.
Sirius glanced at the child, wrapped in a blue blanket, now sound asleep into the giant’s arms . He stepped towards Harry, but Hagrid stepped back as well.
‘Don’t’ he said rudely.
Sirius laid down his wand. He opened his arms and reached out for Harry.
‘Give me the child, Hagrid.’
‘No. Dumbledore told me to keep him. Bring him to safety.’
‘I’m his godfather’ replied Sirius, now crying.’He’s safe with me.’
Mercifully, Harry was alive. Sirius knew that he was going to live to protect this child from now on. He’d be right for James, right for Lily. He’d take care of their son like the Potters took care of him. 
‘Ye’re not going to have him, Sirius. Dumbledore told me to take him to the Dursleys.’
‘The Dursleys? What are you talking about? Give me the child Hagrid!’
But Hagrid pointed again his pink umbrella to Sirius’ chest. He put his hand in the air.
‘What happened Hagrid?’ he cautiously asked.
Hagrid’s eyes opened widely.
‘Ye don’t know? The Dark Lord, he gone!’ he replied between sniffles.
Sirius’ expression changed. What could have happened in this house that his best friend and wife, along with Voldemort, were all dead? Life had no meaning anymore. If he couldn’t even take care of Harry, if is best friend lost his life to the hand of Lord Voldemort, what was left for Sirius? He failed at protecting them and he’d be failing as a godfather as well if he couldn’t take care of Harry.
‘Who has been here?’ Sirius asked, his chest beginning to become tight.
‘Only Dumbledore and me’ Hagrid replied, looking at Harry’s face.
Sirius followed Hagrid’s gaze to his godson’s forehead where a bloody scar formed a lightning bolt shape.
‘Nobody else?’ asked Sirius, his thoughts starting to put the pieces together.
‘Well, only ye and that Pettigrew boy, he came earlier, saw the scene and vanished.’
‘Where did he go? When was that?’ asked Sirius, panicked.
‘Not long ago, he didn’t say where he was going’ sniffled Hagrid. 

Police’s sirens could be heard. They needed to get out.

Sirius turned his back and wiped his face stained with tears. The giant followed him and started to walk out of the house.
‘Where’re you going?’ shouted Sirius, trying to fight back the unbearable pain he felt. He didn’t want to leave James and Lily behind. But he needed to go.
‘Told ye, I need to bring the boy to The Dursleys’ Hagrid replied. ‘Dumbledore’s orders.’
‘You’re not going to get there by walking!’
Hagrid turned around, Harry seemed so small in his arms.
‘Take the bike’ Sirius said. ‘I won’t need it anymore’
And without looking back he disapparated. He found himself into a poorly lightened backstreet. Outraged, he knocked on Wormtail’s door. He waited. Nobody came to answer.
‘PETER!’ he shouted, trying to stop his body to shake with anger.
He drew his wand off his pocket and blasted the door with rage. He entered Peter’s hiding place. Obviously he wasn’t there. He looked all around; everything seemed to be in its right place. Sirius started to pace inside the little flat. Everything was in order, why was everything in order? Oh, what a naïve and fool he had been!
Nervously he put his hand in his face and fell on his knees.
‘No, no, no!’ he shouted, panting and sweating.
There was this knot inside him, tearing him off completely.
At that moment, Sirius realized the mistake he had made. He should have stayed the secret keeper. He never should have trusted Peter. He couldn’t be right; James and Lily couldn’t be dead because of this, could they? Because of him?
Sirius got up. Filled with rage, he clenched his fists together when he saw a tiny man looking at him through the opened door. His watery eyes were crammed with a mix of panic and fear.
‘YOU!’ said Sirius, getting out of Peter’s lair in a hurry.
Peter was running as fast as he could, soon reaching the crowded streets of London.
But Sirius didn’t care anymore. If Muggles saw them didn’t matter.
‘YOU TRAITOR!’ shouted Sirius, jumping on Peter’s back.
They both fell on the sidewalk, where horrified people dispersed themselves from the two fighting men. Sirius lifted Peter by the collar and punched him.
‘They trusted you! Why did you do it? Why did you tell him where they were?’
Peter looked around for an issue and bit Sirius’ hand. Sirius released him as Peter ran away. Sirius looked at his bleeding hand, losing focus on Peter.
‘You come back! I swear with my life you’re going to pay, Pettigrew!’
Leaning on a brick wall, observed by a dozen of eyes, Peter turned his back from the crowd and Sirius saw him doing something odd, like he was messing with his hands. He heard a childlike little scream of pain escape from Peter’s mouth as he saw a strange little shape falling on the ground followed by a trail of dark blood. Sirius observed him, confused. Peter turned around with a smirk on his face. Although he looked in pain, he also looked like he was about to laugh. Sirius looked down at Peter’s hand, where a missing finger could be noticed.

‘YOU KILLED JAMES AND LILY!’ Peter shouted, like if he was performing in front of an audience. ‘YOU BETRAYED THEM TO THE DARK LORD!’ 

‘Oh, don’t you dare…’ growled Sirius, reaching for his wand.
But before anything could happen, the ground disappeared under his feet as he felt a massive pain in the head. He felt his body flown into the air and banging in the cement soil. There was this incessant buzzing, his head felt suddenly heavy. Sirius tried to open his eyes filled with dirt. He finally sat down and he looked all around him. Beside him laid a dozen of people among the debris as the sound of a blown up fountain post could be heard. Sirius noticed Peter’s absence. His heart felt crushed again. Everything seemed to be absurd, what was this living nightmare? Life was just dissolving before his eyes. How many had to die tonight? The only thing he knew is that if he had been the secret keeper, like it was supposed to be, he’d be the only dead one. He would never have given up on James and Lily, surely leading to his death, but Harry would still have his parents. He hated himself and he hated life’s unfairness. 

Through his silent tears, he scoffed. Everything did not happen the way it was supposed to. He started to laugh uncontrollably. Nervously at first but his laugh became louder and louder. He was laughing the pain away, he was laughing the guilt away. As the Aurors arrived on the scene, he felt arms grabbing him by the shoulders. His laughter was echoing in this sinister night where he knew, he really knew, everything was never going to be the same again. Although he was still alive, he felt like he wasn’t anymore. 


Don’t you understand how she must be feeling? Well, obviously she’s feeling sad about Cedric, and therefore confused about liking Harry and guilty about kissing him. Conflicted because Umbridge is threatening to sack her mother from her job at the Ministry and frightened of failing her O.W.L.’s because she’s so busy worrying about everything else.

unpopular opinion: why severus snape is among the best characters in harry potter

hey! so recently i’ve seen a lot of extreme discourse on severus snape on tumblr, which i suppose, considering the character, is inevitable. i mean, to many, he’s quite a ‘grey’ character. i wanted to pitch in my own two cents.

what are my aforementioned two cents? well, i think severus snape is one of the best character’s in the harry potter series. but unlike a lot of my fellow snape fans, i can back up that claim with substantial evidence.

i’ll set a brief premise, though. one main reason why severus snape is viewed unfavorably is because, quite honestly, that’s how he is written until the chapter “the prince’s tale”. jkr deliberately paints him as a villain (with the greasy hair and seemingly-malicious intent), so that the final reveal is even more shocking. so disregard all the glances that harry interprets are evil, or how he is described as looking. go by the facts, only.

firstly, he was just as brave, if not braver, than the trio. this claim may sound preposterous, but hear me out. it takes guts to stand up to an oppressive regime outright, but it takes even more to do so undercover. severus snape spent around a decade pretending to be a death eater, even though he was now thoroughly disillusioned with what they stood for, and he played his part well. for merlin’s sake, he fooled the best legillimens in the world - the dark lord! he spent years in a profession he didn’t like, put up with people he hated, and risked his life day in and day out for the exact same cause that the order of the phoenix fought for!

secondly, he had a miserable childhood. living in an abusive household like the one he lived in (bc let’s be real, we know that tobias snape wasn’t a kind father) couldn’t have helped him, and his school days weren’t much better. the only person who was really kind to him was lily, and bullying has a terrible mental effect on a person - of course he would go to the death eaters for solace and company. he takes solace in his skill in the dark arts and in potions, and he spends so long being manipulated by dumbledore. it’s incredible how he manages to still be so strong and brave, but he does.

thirdly, he was so incredibly loyal. there are two main cases to this - let’s start with the less weighty one: dumbledore. snape was obviously blown away when he overheard that lily potter was to be killed, and immediately told dumbledore, in the hopes of saving his childhood love. so dumbledore requested something of him, something that snape did until the day he died. 

“In — in return?” Snape gaped at Dumbledore, and Harry expected him to protest, but after a long moment he said, “Anything.”

dumbledore asked for something no one else would dare to do - to spy on voldemort. and snape delivers.

and here’s the most important point: everything he did was for the sake of his lost love, lily evans. indeed, this is inarguably the romantic highlight of the books. severus snape fell in love with his childhood friend, lily, the only person who was ever truly kind to this outcast. but she ended up scorning him for someone she hated, someone she knew tormented severus - james potter. it would be so easy for severus to turn his back on her for this, but he doesn’t - lily’s safety is still his number one priority. he keeps fighting for her, both in hogwarts and later in life. especially after when he finds out that she is to be killed, he immediately goes to dumbledore.

“You know what I mean! He thinks it means her son, he is going to hunt her down — kill them all —”

he’s frantic, and absolutely petrified of his love dying. and he promises to do anything necessary to prevent this. and when lily does die, snape is absolutely distraught, and spends the rest of his life protecting her legacy and protecting her son. he doesn’t forget her - how else could his patronus be a doe? he loves - not loved, loves - her so much that he is willing to put his own life at risk even though he knows she will never return his love.

this is pretty brief, that’s why i believe severus snape is an amazing character who deserves so much more credit than the fandom gives him. i’m not saying this is the final word on this - everyone is entitled to their opinions - but this is what i think.

I think you all should start thinking about how you treat people on here. Don’t go hating on someone because of their ships. Don’t abuse them by sharing their post with horrible captions. Don’t put them down for things they’ve posted about; things that they obviously think is funny or artistic etc. Those are things that they’ve spent effort and time on. If you don’t like me, my ships, my content, my header, my name, my fucking neighbour Frank, then just block me instead of being a horrible person. 🚫🚫🚫🚫🚫🚫🚫🚫🚫🚫🚫 Just don’t do it.
Just don’t be a dick like that.

Secrets || Hogwarts AU! || 02

Pairing: Jungkook x Reader // BTS x Reader

Genre: Fluff, Angst

Word Count: 3k 

Warnings: Swearing, Violence, Torture, Slight Smut, SLOW UPDATES! UNEDITED!

Description: With the first day over at Hogwarts, you slowly grow closer to each of the boys individually, especially Taehyung. Along the way, you end up meeting Hyuna and Choa.

A/N: Taehyung is not my bias I swear! This is for @blessjiminnie for being my first best friend on Tumblr since the start <3 

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The loud hooting of owls awoke you from your slumber. Glancing at the clock on one of the bedside tables you inwardly groaned when it was 6:30 am. For your first full day here, you really didn’t want to be waking up this early, but there was no way you were going to get back to sleep with the owls being so loud. You stared at the other female Ravenclaws who all slept peacefully in their beds, either hugging their pillows of drooling. Quietly you climbed out of bed and grabbed your uniform. Changing was a challenge as you had almost knocked over your clock and various other items around the dorm. Luckily for you, the others were deep sleepers, so you didn’t have to worry about being extremely quiet.

After getting changed you made your way out into the small corridor and down the stairs. Your eyes widened in surprise when you had noticed Namjoon sitting where he had sat yesterday by the fireplace.

“Good morning Namjoon. Why are you up so early?” you questioned as you took a seat next to him.

“Well, firstly I was awoken by the owls,” Namjoon growled lowly. He clearly wasn’t a morning person.

“You too huh? To be honest I think it’ll be good for me. I always manage to sleep through my alarms,” you muttered.

“And secondly, I was waiting for you.” Your head snapped to look at him when he mentioned you.


“Well, I still need to show you around don’t I? And plus, while we go around the school, we can go get breakfast at the great hall which is at 7:30,” Namjoon explained.

“Sounds like a good idea,” you replied as you stood up at the same time as Namjoon, and made your way out of the common room and onto the grand staircase.

“Would you prefer to work your way from the top and go down? Saves us having to walk back up again if we start at the bottom?” Namjoon suggested, to which you nodded in agreement. “Alright, well the 7th floor is where the Gryffindor’s common room is, so if you ever want to hang out with Jin or Jimin just ask head on up and ask the fat lady to see them. She tends to like visitors and would gladly let you in,” Namjoon began as you took mental notes.

“The 6th floor is there Professor Finnigan out potions teachers office is. If you ever have a problem with a spell or potion just go to him, he’ll help you out, normally with a bang though,” Namjoon laughed at his joke while you stared at him completely confused. “Professor Finnigan has a terrible habit of blowing things up unintentionally,” Namjoon quickly finished.

“The 5th floor is obviously our the floor of our common room. The 4th floor can be accessible through the study area, and it accesses a balcony. Also to travel between the west tower and Gryffindor tower, you need to use this corridor,” Namjoon carried on rambling about each of the floors while you stared at the moving pictures in awe.

An old lady in one of the paintings had noticed you staring and greeted you with a smile and a small wave. Shyly you waved back.

“Welcome to Hogwarts dear,” she waved back and spoke gently, to ease your nervousness. Nodding your head in reply you turned back to Namjoon who had stopped talking to watch you interact with the paintings.

“Sorry,” you muttered.

“It’s quite alright. I understand explaining everything can be a bit boring. How about I show you Hagrid’s hut and the Owlery. I and the others like to visit Hagrid’s hut often, he normally tells us stories of when he knew Harry Potter and the amazing adventures he had with him,” Namjoon explained.

“Wow really! He knew Harry! That must of been an amazing experience,” you beamed a huge smile spread across your features. “Could we go with the others too? Not that I don’t enjoy your company, I obviously do. But I’d like to get to know them better that’s all,” you muttered clearly embarrassed.

“It’s fine. Breakfast isn’t for another 30 minutes, are you willing to wait that long for them? Normally they’re a lot later,” Namjoon laughed.

“I’m up for waiting, plus I can get to know you better too while we wait,” you replied as you began to make your way down the stairs, Namjoon following behind. 

Upon entering the great hall you giggled when Namjoon’s jaw fell open in shock. At the Ravenclaw table, sat the boys and 2 girls who you assumed were Choa and Hyuna.

“They’re never up this early,” Namjoon said in belief as he slowly made his way over to the group. “Who are you and what have you done with my friends,” Namjoon joked.

“It’s almost like we’re not allowed to be up early,” Jin rolled his eyes at Namjoon’s comment before placing his head back down on the table to rest.

“Oh this is Choa ad Hyuna, (Y/N), they’re the girls we were on about yesterday,” Namjoon explained as he gestured to the 2 girls.

“Hi!” the one who went by the name of Choa exclaimed happily. She was definitely a morning person. 

“Please quieten down Choa, my head’s beginning to hurt,” Jungkook scolded quietly. Choa blushed lightly and apologised as her arm slithered around his shoulder and brought him in a warm hug.

Totally obvious crush, you thought to yourself as you internally rolled your eyes.

Hyuna, on the other hand, gave you a nod before she closed her eyes to get some sleep.

“Choa, yesterday we were talking about the upcoming ball, and (Y/N) over here has never been to one. Do you think it would be okay if you could take her shopping for a dress in Hogsmeade? Normally they open a dress shop just for this occasion correct?” Hosoek questioned.

“Of course there is! I’d gladly help out with it. I’ll find you the perfect dress,” Choa giggled happily.

“Have you gotten a date yet?” Hyuna suddenly asked.

“No, I don’t. I just got here yesterday so…” you mumbled.

“That’s all right, I’m sure we can find someone to go with you. McGonagall made it clear however that it’s boys who ask girls. It’s not fair! What if we wanted to ask someone,” Choa pouted. 

“Anyway we should really get going, we’ve got something to talk about with Professor Longbottom,” Hyuna explained as both the Slytherins stood up and left the hall.

“They seem nice,” you muttered under your breath.

“But it’s so obvious that Choa likes Jungkook. Do you see the way she clings to him?!” Taehyung replied in frustration. “I’d want a girl to be that friendly with me. All I have is Hoseok, and in no way is he cute!” Taehyung pouted when Hoseok reacted by hitting him over the head.

“Don’t make me hex you!” Hoseok warned jokingly. They both began to giggle like school children.

“Aww poor Taehyung,” you said in a baby voice and you pulled him in for a hug. “You happy now?” you giggled when his face had turned bright red.

“I could get used to this,” Taehyung whispered dramatically, as his arms wrapped themselves around your small waist and pulled your closer. 

“Ew get a room,” Namjoon gagged as he pretended to be sick.

“We’re just messing Joonie,” you laughed. Namjoon blushed at the nickname,

“Joonie?” Jimin questioned.

“Yeah, I think nicknames for all of you should be good. Now I understand, that some of you already have nicknames. So you’ve got Tae and Joonie. Do you guys have anything, in particular, you want me to call you?” you asked as you tilted your head to the right slightly.

“You can call me Hobi!” Hosoek yelled happily. “And we normally call Jungkook Kookie, cos he’s cute,” Hoseok laughed when Jungkook blushed deeply.

“Yoongi doesn’t really have one,” Jimin sighed sadly.

“How about Yoongz?” you asked instantly. “And I’m definitely calling Jin, Jinnie! That’s so adorable,” you squealed excitedly. “I’m calling you all by your nicknames now, and I don’t care if you don’t like it I do!” you playfully stuck your tongue out at the boys who just laughed.

“Now. How about we go down to the Owlery and Hagrid’s hut since we’re all here?” Namjoon suggested. Everyone nodded in reply and gathered their stuff, before exiting the great hall. 

“How about we go to Hagrid’s first? We haven’t seen him in a while and I’m sure he misses us,” Jimin pouted.

“Oh, that reminds me! Namjoon, could you show me where the library is after? I need to get the book Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them. Magical creatures is a major weak point for me so extra studying on that will be helpful,” you explained.

“How did missing someone make you think of magical creatures,” Yoongi asked, his face scrunched up in disgust.

“I was too busy thinking about what I had forgotten,” you snapped back playfully. Yoongi gave you a small nod in reply and turned around to talk to Jimin.

“I can help you with magical creatures if you need it (Y/N), I love learning about them, so I do whatever research I can about them whenever studying,” Taehyung stopped walking for a moment, allowing you to catch up.

“Really? Oh that would be really helpful thank you Tae,” you smiled as you hugged his arm.

“It’s alright, and besides, I like going over it more than once, so it really sticks in my head,” Taehyung replied as he sent you a playful wink, which caused you to blush. 

“Oh my god guys please stop flirting for 5 minutes,” Jin groaned as he looked back and glared at the 2 of you.

“No can do Jinnie, she’s mine,” Taehyung clung onto you like a koala and didn’t let got for the next few minutes.

“Tae, as much as I love you hugs, your slowly beginning to crush me,” you breathed out slowly.

“Oh sorry,” Taehyung answered apologetically while loosening his grip from around your stomach. Dramatically taking in a deep breath you gasped for air.

“We’re here guys,” Namjoon spoke up, pointing to a small hut in the distance. It was small and looked about 30 years old. In front of the hut, laid a small garden filled with pumpkins and a large majestic hippogriff.

“Wow! What a beautiful creature,” you said in amazement as you moved a little closer to the creature.

“Careful, he bites. And his name is Buckbeak,” a loud voice boomed. Turning your attention to the owner of the voice, you eyes widened when your eyes landed on a very tall long bearded man who looked down at your small frame.

“Am I allowed to touch him?” you asked nervously.

“Of course you can, but when approaching him be very slow. If you move too quickly he’ll think you’re a threat,” the man explained. “I’m Hagrid by the way, nice to meet you,” he smiled.

“Hello, I’m (Y/N), a new Ravenclaw student,” you replied. 

“Now go on, and pet him, he’s calm just now so be careful,” Hagrid warned.

“She won’t be able to pet him. You told me only Harry Potter got to touch him and ride him!” Jimin exclaimed, a little too loud, causing Buckbeak to snap his head up and stare at you wide-eyed. Instantly you froze and slowly turned your head to glare at Jimin who mouthed you an apology.

“Okay calm down, you can do this,” you muttered under your breath. Slowly, as you took a step forward. Buckbeak stood up and got up onto his rear feet. Panicked Hagrid went to grab you when Buckbeak landed and trotted over to you.

Shocked by Buckbeaks change of behaviour he watched as the hippogryph cuddled into you, making you giggle as you scratched behind his ears. 

“That’s a first,” Yoongi spoke, amazed. The others nodded in agreement as you slowly stepped away from the Hippogryph. However, upon stepping away, Buckbeak grew agitated and began to act up causing the others to panic. 

“I think you should stay with his for a little while, I’ll bring out a few chairs and we can sit and talk out here,” Hagrid suggested as he ran back inside.

“I didn’t realise I had a thing for animals,” you laughed lightly to yourself, taking a seat on the ground next to Buckbeak, who laid down next to you and laid his head on your thigh.

“I wish I could pet him. He’s such a lovely creature, but he doesn’t like me for some reason,” Taehyung said sadly, his eyes on the ground.

“Tae, come here,” you ordered. Taehyung looked up at you nervously.

“I-I can’t, Buckbeak will become annoyed,” he stuttered in reply.

“It’s okay, trust me,” you smiled as you held you hand out for him to take. Shakily, Taehyung slowly grasped your hand, his grip tighter than usual. Pulling his slowly towards you, Taehyung began to freak out and started to pull away. “Tae, it’s okay. See?” you soothed the older boy who had now allowed you to guide his hand.

“Buckbeak, please be nice,” you whispered into the Hippogryphs ear. Carefully you manoeuvred Taehyungs hand to the top of Buckbeak’s head. Gently you placed his hand on the Hippogryph’s head and he smiled brightly. 

“Thank you so much,” Taehyung whispered in relief as he slowly pressed his forehead against yours.

“It’s alright, you help me with studying, I help you make new friends,” you replied while giving him a cheeky grin. Taehyung removed his hand and went back to the group of boys, who were now sat down in the chairs Hagrid had brought out.

“So what bring you boys, and girl down here today?” Hagrid asked as he leant back in his seat, to get more comfortable.

“We just wanted to introduce you to (Y/N), she’ll mostly be with us when we come down to visit from now on, we’re currently showing her around, so we thought we’d come and see you first,” Jin answered. “I don’t think we’ll be staying too long, however, We’ve got a lot to do today.”

“I see, well I was actually pretty busy myself, so if you want to leave now I’m alright with that,” Hagrid suggested.

“Oh alright, sorry to disturb you,” Jungkook spoke for the first time in a while, but quietly.

“It’s alright Jungkook, I just wasn’t expecting any company that’s all. Now off you go,” Hagrid shooed all of you away and carried on with whatever he was doing. Buckbeak let out a saddened whine when you began to stand up. 

“I’m sorry Buckbeak. But I’ll tell you what, I’ll come back once a week, and I’ll bring you a present every time. How about that?” you asked as you rubbed the Hippogryphs head. Soon after, you stood up and left with the others, heading up the owlery.

“We only ever really come here when we want to send mail to our parents or relatives. But sometimes it’s a nice place if you want peace and quiet, especially if you’re trying to think. The castle can get a bit… Loud sometimes,” Namjoon explained.

“Yeah, I guessed that,” you muttered in reply. “Can we go check it out, I want to see if my owl is here,” you spoke excitedly.

“What kind of owl do you have?” Jin asked.

“A barn owl and his name is Otto, don’t ask. It’s the family owl, but my mum wanted me to have him,” you responded, embarrassed about the owl’s name.

“Yeah sure we can go in,” Jimin grinned as he led the way up into the tower.

“Wow, there’s so many of them. And they’re all beautiful colours,” you said in awe as you looked up to the top of the tower. “God there is no way I’m going to climb those stairs, I did enough stair climbing yesterday and earlier this morning,” you laughed. “Let’s go, we can do this another time.” One by one you stepped out of the owlery and turned to Namjoon who spoke.

“So where should we go next?”


It was not 12 pm. Meaning lunch. You all sat at your house tables, feasting upon the large amount of food scattered all over the oak wood tables. You began to grow slightly nervous as the time for your dance lessons was getting closer and closer. Completely lost in thought you hadn’t realised Taehyung was behind you until he placed his large hands on your shoulders, making you jump in fright. Quickly Taehyung extracted his hands from your shoulders and apologised over and over again.

“It’s fine Tae. I was lost in thought again. Is there anything you wanted me to do?” you asked as you turned around to get a better look at the tall boy.

“Well actually I wanted to show you where the library was so I could help you find that book you were on about. Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them?” Taehyung asked.

“Oh! Yes. Thank you for reminding me, let’s get going,” you grabbed your cup of water and downed it in one gulp. “How about we get Hoseok to come along as well. You don’t know how long it will take find the book, and I don’t want to be late for these dancing lessons,” you mumbled shyly. Taehyung’s expression changed once again.

“That’s a great idea! Hobi hyung!” Taehyung yelled. Moments later Hoseok walked up to the 2 of you and smiled.


“We’re going to go to the library, but (Y/N), here was thinking it would be a good idea for you to come along too,” Taehyung explained to the older boy who nodded in agreement.

“Yeah, alright I’ll come,” Hosoek replied with a big grin.

“We want to come too,” another voice said from behind you. Turning around you noticed Jimin and the others looking at the 3 of you, pouting.

“I don’t mind,” you smiled as you grabbed hold of Jimin’s hand and pulled him up out of his seat.

“Well, should we get going?” Hosoek grinned…

to be continued…

I’m trying to sleep but I can’t because I can’t figure out how the fuck they made Buckbeak enter 12 Grimmauld Place without anyone noticing. And now I just can’t stop laughing as I imagine Sirius and Lupin trying to push him inside with Dumbledore supervising everything from the inside but not doing anything to help (obviously), then making him go up the stairs to go in Sirius’s bedroom -yet, another door to pass- (and of course he probably made everything fall and break on his way in the hallway) with the portrait of Sirius’s mother screaming at them.

Saw Wonder Woman, it’s amazing and inspiring and everything I wanted it to be. 

The only thing that ruined it for me was somebody implying that I only thought it was good because the lead is a woman. 

Even if that was the reason (obviously its not), this is the first major female lead superhero movie thats ever been released, I grew up with characters like Harry Potter as my heroes, Aragorn, Iron Man, Batman, Han Solo, and thats great! 

But just imagine how much better it’ll be for a generation of young girls to grow up with Wonder Woman as their hero, to see such depictions of blatant, unapologetic female strength as a kid, where the character you relate to isn’t just a love interest or the princess for some bland hero to save. 

I guess what I’m trying to say in a very long way here is no, I didn’t just like Wonder Woman because “ooo theres a woman in it” but even if that was the reason, its not a bad one, representation is important and Wonder Woman is giving people that!
Rant over