and obviously baby but he says that a lot so

GOT7 reaction: Asking for Cuddles

Mark: Giggles. All you heard was giggles before Mark took off his shoes and laid in bed with you, wrapping his arms around you. Lightly kissing your cheek he’d say, “You’re just the cutest thing ever." 

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Surprised. Not because you guys didn’t cuddle a lot, it’s just usually he initiates it. So a smile would just grow on his face as he basically jumped on top of you and began the cuddle session, which you were obviously regretting. Pressing play on a movie he’d tell you, "You know you love to cuddle with me baby. Don’t lie.”

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Slightly against it. Only because he really didn’t want to get up. However, after a pouty face was thrown his way, he would get up and lay down next to you. You smiled while laying your head on his chest as his hand began to run up and down your side. "The things I do for you love.” 

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If someone was in the room he would be like, “Umm why?” And alone, we all know it would be him asking for cuddles and not the other way around. Still, wrapped in each other’s arm he’d be happy. "Your cuddles are the best,” he would say before pecking your lips. 

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Eager. Kinda like Jackson lol. You would be laying on the couch and he’d come in and just look at you for 0.2 seconds before rushing to get a few blankets and a couple of snacks. Before you knew it, he would pull you up so he could lay down and you would between his legs with his arms wrapped around you. Peppering kisses on your cheeks he’d say, “Time to relax baby.” (this gif kills me every damn time… you’re welcome)

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He’d accept it. Like not in a rude way, he’d just be laying there on the bed after practice and you’d kinda just crawl on top of him and drag a blanket around the two of you. He’d chuckle and lazily put his arms around you, kissing the top of your head. “You make me happy, sweetheart.”

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He’d be so ready. Like he’ll put on your favourite movie, and grab a few blankets because curling up with you on the couch. He could tell that you were stressed, so he’s rub your arms and leave light kisses all over your face. “You are the cutest little cuddle bug, baby.”

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I just thought you’d all like some GOT7 since no one has asked for it! ~Member A

a/n: i know i have more prompts to fill, but i had a stroke of inspiration for another high school au that’s way more feel-good fluff than my previous one (which i love but it was hard on me personally and this made me feel better [please note these fics are not prequel/sequel but two separate works, despite their similar structure]), so i had to get it down. nothing happens but it’s a fun, banter-y, makeout nothing with a lot of run-ons and italics, so have a look and enjoy.

dare me to do it

all you do is sit and stare
beggin’ on my knees, baby, won’t you please
run your fingers through my hair?

—joan jett & the blackhearts

[jonxsansa, modern high school au ~4k+]

Jon wouldn’t say that he flirts with his best friend’s sister—“It’s called being polite,” he’s pointed out to an obviously perturbed Robb on more than one occasion—but he also wouldn’t necessarily say that he doesn’t, either; he just wouldn’t say that to Robb.  

But he absolutely doesn’t go to Robb’s soccer practices because that just happens to be when the cheerleaders practice, too. That’s a coincidence. Sam covers sports for the school paper so thoroughly that it’s practically inhuman, and Jon will tag along to keep him company, that’s all it is. He can’t help it if Sansa, you know, just happens to be there.

Not to mention, it’s not his fault that the muscles in her upper arms strain when she piles her masses of crimson hair into a bun on top of her head. He’s not some sort of pervert, either, but the sparrow tattooed on her lower back is expertly shaded so if anyone asks, he’s only admiring its craftsmanship. And it’s hot out this early in the autumn so, yeah, Sansa’s gonna strip her shirt off and lead practice cheers in nothing but a bright yellow sports bra and black leggings that have got to be tailor-made, he swears, because the way they fit the curve of her ass is just like… But he’s definitely, most decidedly not looking at her ass, Jon reminds himself, so how would he even know?

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I love Giles, he like the Oncers and Rumbelle so much… 

A lot of people cached the fact ‘Morpheus’ smiled like both Rumple and Belle… He did it on purpose. 

This is this kind of thing that actually make the fact that they’re supposed to be related believable.

He apparently love his tv-dad…

Awww look at that, he’s such a mama boy :D

He say a lot of nice things about both Emilie and Bobby on twitter, but this is my favorite tweet : 

Apparently his real-mother is Australian an his real-father is British, so yeah he’s totally the Rumbelle’s son xD

Giles also say on twitter that yeah obviously he ship Rumbelle and that he’ll try to take a “family picture” the next time he’s on set. 

I really like this actor, he seem like a great guy. I really hope that we’ll see him again and that Morpheus is really the Rumbelle-baby-boy :D

I’m not one for spreading rumors but I was told by a friend that apparently Dex called the other guys R*tards bc of them banning him from CT.

Like he’s being a real child about that and seems to be rude to the guys about it. Like it was on him to learn what’s right and wrong. To listen to fans. To give an apology without a fight.

People who are supporting him obviously have the same mindset. Like calling the fandom cancer? Not cool. Saying we’re the babies for getting so offended? Not cool. People go through a lot. You don’t know what people go through in their life. Just because you aren’t affected by what he says doesn’t mean it’s okay. Sure there were people asking for Dex to be fired but most of us just want to see this issue fixed. If being banned is the way to do it then that is what has to happened.

He has shown no actual care for this whole fandom. Tweets he made prove it. He was sad that he had to make content for people like us. Nobody asked him to. He’s doing that because he wants to.

I honestly hoped he would change and learn from his mistakes. I’m sad to see things come to this and hopefully now he’ll stop and think about his actions.


posted 3 February 2016 (here’s the full transcript):

Louis Tomlinson is so positive that this is his baby, he doesn’t even need to take a paternity test.

Hey guys, it’s Nicki. So, since Louis Tomlinson has announced that he was having a baby with Briana, a lot of One Direction fans have been saying that this is not his kid.  However, he is so positive that it is, that he doesn’t feel the need to take a paternity test.

Any lawyer would probably tell Louis to take a paternity test because he’s around girls all the time, he’s this big-time celebrity, you know – and he feels that he doesn’t need to because they were dating for a year, and he has zero doubt that Briana was faithful. 

Obviously One Direction fans are so invested in One Direction that they have come out and said that Freddie Reign is not his kid, and that Briana is faking this whole thing, that she was unfaithful – everything.

But, Louis is taking this so serious that he got Briana a house, so when she has Freddie she can stay there. And he even rented a place nearby so that he can take this daddy duty really serious.