and obviously baby but he says that a lot so


GOT7 reaction: Asking for Cuddles

Mark: Giggles. All you heard was giggles before Mark took off his shoes and laid in bed with you, wrapping his arms around you. Lightly kissing your cheek he’d say, “You’re just the cutest thing ever." 

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Surprised. Not because you guys didn’t cuddle a lot, it’s just usually he initiates it. So a smile would just grow on his face as he basically jumped on top of you and began the cuddle session, which you were obviously regretting. Pressing play on a movie he’d tell you, "You know you love to cuddle with me baby. Don’t lie.”

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Slightly against it. Only because he really didn’t want to get up. However, after a pouty face was thrown his way, he would get up and lay down next to you. You smiled while laying your head on his chest as his hand began to run up and down your side. "The things I do for you love.” 

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If someone was in the room he would be like, “Umm why?” And alone, we all know it would be him asking for cuddles and not the other way around. Still, wrapped in each other’s arm he’d be happy. "Your cuddles are the best,” he would say before pecking your lips. 

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Eager. Kinda like Jackson lol. You would be laying on the couch and he’d come in and just look at you for 0.2 seconds before rushing to get a few blankets and a couple of snacks. Before you knew it, he would pull you up so he could lay down and you would between his legs with his arms wrapped around you. Peppering kisses on your cheeks he’d say, “Time to relax baby.” (this gif kills me every damn time… you’re welcome)

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He’d accept it. Like not in a rude way, he’d just be laying there on the bed after practice and you’d kinda just crawl on top of him and drag a blanket around the two of you. He’d chuckle and lazily put his arms around you, kissing the top of your head. “You make me happy, sweetheart.”

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He’d be so ready. Like he’ll put on your favourite movie, and grab a few blankets because curling up with you on the couch. He could tell that you were stressed, so he’s rub your arms and leave light kisses all over your face. “You are the cutest little cuddle bug, baby.”

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I just thought you’d all like some GOT7 since no one has asked for it! ~Member A

anonymous asked:

Happy birthday! I <3 your writing and this is so sweet! If possible, I'D love some modern-day domestic bellarke arranged marriage for something like adoption reasons and cute parental bellarke if you can swing it!

Thank you so much anon! Hope you like it!


“Thank f– goodness, I thought you’d never get here.”

Bellamy smirks and holds his hands out for Sophie, who is babbling and reaching for him. She’s always been a friendly baby– takes after Wells in that respect, he thinks– and he’s been around enough the past few months that she’s used to him, but it always makes him a little smug that she likes him enough to leave her favorite place, which is Clarke’s arms.

“What’s going on?” He asks, wincing when chubby little hands clench at his hair. Clarke makes a tutting noise and works his hair out of Sophie’s grasp, giving her a toy to hold instead. The baby immediately puts the stuffed giraffe’s ear in her mouth, which Bellamy takes as her seal of approval.

“Come inside,” Clarke sighs, running a hand over her disheveled braid and making a face. Hair-pulling has been a pretty common theme lately, just another thing Clarke had to adjust to after being suddenly thrust into parenthood.

Bellamy was a little surprised she wanted to take the kid. Thelonius had kept Sophie for a while immediately after the accident that killed Wells and Maya, but that hadn’t been a permanent solution. He and Clarke had sat down with a social worker, who suggested that Clarke take Sophie on a trial basis, a few months after which they would all decide if it was the right placement for the eight-month-old.

It hasn’t been easy going. Clarke had no idea what to do with a baby, so naturally she’d called in reinforcements (Bellamy for the most part, Abby on occasion). He spent a lot of nights on Clarke’s couch at the beginning, but after a few weeks she decided she needed to be able to handle it more on her own if she was seriously going to consider adopting.

(Bellamy still worries about her, of course, and still comes over all the time, but if he calls it hanging out instead of helping out, she allows it.)

So he’s pretty surprised when he gets an SOS text a week or so before Sophie’s first birthday.

“Seriously,” he says, the baby looking up at him with her big brown eyes, giraffe securely in mouth. “Are you okay?”

“I don’t know.” He can hear the fatigue in her voice more clearly now and it makes him frown. “I had an appointment with Anya today.”

“The social worker?”

“Yeah.” When she sinks to the couch, she pulls her knees up against her chest, smiling a little as Sophie tucks her head under Bellamy’s chin, her eyelids drooping. It’s probably time for her nap soon.

“Did you guys get started on the adoption paperwork?”

“Not exactly.” Clarke bites her lip. “It turns out I might not get to keep her.”

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boyfriend au ☁︎; samuel

brave entertainment’s trainee, kim samuel as your bf

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- cutest baby ever !!

- stares at u 35/8

- ok sososo story time

- u guys have the same 4th period, which is math

- which is the subject u hate the most

- but hey samuel’s there like y would u complain abt that amiright

- anyways, when class is done, u kiddos have lunch

- so u put ur belongings away n u go to the big ass tree on the school’s courtyard

- and u just sit there, reading books n listening to music, eating ur homemade lunch everyday

- mr. kim here always looks at u while hanging out w his friends at the nearby bench

- u never notice his staring bc ur nose is all up in a book, like wow gOOD JOB (Y/N)


- samuel comes up to u, and his friends r all like “dayum my boi” and ur like “heLLO”

- okok so samuel sits by u, and asks what ur reading, and ur like blahblahblah books yo, and then he’s like omg wow, w the biggest heart eyes (she just put heart eyes under my pic)

- so u guys just talk all lunch, until the bell rings, and ur both highkey sad, but don’t show it

- yall say ur goodbyes, and repeat the same thing the next day

- so one day, this lil dorky kid asks u out in the cheesiest way possible, he brings i flowers n chocolate and confesses, and just spills his heart out to u

- and u obviously accept his confession, bc shIT

- end of story time yo

- u guys cuddle a lot, like A LOT A LOT

- when u hold hands, he blushes dockekxksk

- his contact name for u is “my baby 🍰💘💕🌷”

- ur contact name for him is “sweetheart sam 💘😤🤦🏽‍♀️”

- y'all r legit the most cheesy yet cute couple at the school

- this bitch climbs up to ur balcony, and knocks on ur sliding door, just so he can cuddle w u like awawawaw

- study dates !!

- almost everyday after school yall go to a convenience store, and get a bunch of snacks for the study dates

- overall the most cutest, most sweetest bf ever, and i wish he won pd101 and i’m still salty abt it ☕️🐸

pls don’t repost w/o permission and credit, pls do not remove caption. pls like and reblog if you would like go see more of this content ! have a great day ! ☆〜(ゝ。∂)

Little Love:

Words 1.6k - First Person

Those days were the easy days. Now my biggest problem is figuring out whether my ex who was sleeping with and got another girl pregnant was the father of my baby or if it was my best friend of years that I had drunken rebound sex with.


My hand shook and so did my chest as I tried to take a breath in. My eyes zoned in on the stupid little plus sign on the stupid little stick that I had to pee on and wait for what felt like forever to get a result from.

“Shit,” I whispered to myself. “Shit, shit, shit.”

My teeth sunk into my bottom lip to fight the sting of tears that wanted to slip from my eyes. It almost seemed that the weather outside was in tune with how I felt as the sound of the heavy rain beating against the window rang through my ears and echoed against the tiles of the bathroom.

Throwing the positive pregnancy test in to the bin beside the counter I take a deep breath and lean against the counter looking at my reflection in the mirror. I looked like shit, as if I hadn’t slept in a week and in truth I really hadn’t but I suspected that my pale, washed out face was more from the vomiting every time I got a whiff of a flower or anything else that carried a strong scent.

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older brother!seungcheol

ta-da!!! the first of my older brother series. sorry it’s quite shorter than my other works

ps. i lowkey based some of this off my own relationship with my brother

edited because it was brought to my attention that some of my wording seemed awkward

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Summer renison

-Imagine Allison taking Renee shopping for summer clothes, where she literally empties an entire rack of cute pastel crop tops, throws them at her and ushers her into the changing rooms.

-She gets her to twirl round for her with each new one she tries, complimenting her beautiful girlfriend each time. She quickly runs out of words she hasn’t used before, so settles for kissing her.

-just so you know, Renee is very distracting in those tops, and Allison is very distracted.

- Picture them both tying eachother’s hair back on a really hot day to keep it out of their way. Renee leaning back on Allison’s shoulder, struggling not to fall asleep as she runs her fingers through her hair, because it’s just so relaxing.

-Allison helps Renee dye her hair pretty summery colours, which results in the bathroom looking like a rainbow exploded somewhere in there.

-Happy girlfriend’s going to the beach together. Splashing each other in the sea, helping each other apply suncream, making sandcastles, walking hand in hand across the sand, Allison sunbathing while Renee reads on the towel next to her.

-Allison in very distracting, even more so than usual in that bikini. Renee has been reading the same page for fifteen minutes, and oh no, I think Allison has noticed.

-Renee ends up reading to Allison, because she kept asking her questions about what she was reading. They alternate between Allison’s head om Renee’s lap and Renee leaning on Allison’s shoulder.

-Taking icy cool showers together to try and cool down because it is like the surface of the sun out there.

-Getting into silly fake disagreements over the weather. Allison loves summer, because of the nice weather (and being able to regularly see her girlfriend in crop tops and swimming costumes doesn’t hurt) but Renee prefers spring because it is cooler and there are lots of baby animals around.

-Sharing an ice cream together. Then complaining about how cold the others lips/tongues are when they kiss.

-Painting each other’s toenails (and grabbing any available fox and trying to convince them to let them paint their’s too.

- Dan says yes, so does Matt and Neil, who goes bright orange, obviously. Andrew just looks at the girls, which they wisely take as a no. Aaron tells them to fuck off. They manage to paint one of Kevin’s feet while he is distracted watching a match on tv. He is not overly impressed.

-Braiding flowers into each other’s hair.

-Possibly a summer wedding?

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Got7 react to another idol hitting on you when they have a crush on you? ^^

Just as a side note before I begin, I feel that all the boys would take into consideration as to who was actually flirting with you. If it was an older idol, I feel that they would ALL hesitate on what to do because in Korea it is expected of you to have a level of respect towards your elders. So with that in mind, let’s begin!

Jaebum: JB would be the angry silent type. He’s trying to control his anger inside while he see’s this other idol flirting with you, playfully laying his hands on you. JB is watching the way you laugh with the other idol and thinking to himself “I can make her laugh more than you, dickhead”. I can imagine that JB would go very quiet and clench his jaw, debating on whether or not he should go up and pull you away or be calm and collected about it, before eventually making some sort of excuse to go up and get in between the both of you making it look like he just wants to join the conversation but lowkey just wanting to grab your attention away from the other idol. He would stand close to you, his arm ever so slightly brushing up against yours while silently giving the other idol knowing looks. I think this would be a turning point for JB as he realises that he will have to confess to you soon, before someone else swoops in and takes you out from his grasp!

Originally posted by polarbeom

Mark: His heart would literally sink. I don’t think he would know what to do. He would see you both talking together and I think Mark would be the type to walk out of the room and go be by himself. He would probably get the wrong idea and think that you might actually like this other guy. If he spoke to anyone about it, he would probably ask one of the other boys for advice on what he should do. I can imagine him then texting you, being very aloof about the situation, asking you what the guy meant to you. And if you replied something like “He was actually really annoying me and wouldn’t stop talking, so I was just trying to be polite seeing as he’s my senior”, he would be relieved but he would obviously feel kinda stupid for acting the way he did. He just likes you a lot and the thought of another guy flirting with you would just make this little baby feel sick >_<

Originally posted by yugyeom

Jackson: Jackson would be over there SO FAST you have no idea. He would make it seem like he’s actually up there to talk to the idol who’s hitting on you, saying how much he respects his work and how much he looks up to him as an artist. Meanwhile you’re like “What is going on” to yourself as you see Jackson getting closer and closer to you before saying that he needs to talk to you in private for a moment, taking you aside and away from the guy. I think, like Jaebum, Jackson would tell you his true feelings after that because he would regret it SO much if he just let you slip through his fingers. He would be so soft with his huge brown eyes telling you “I got so mad when I seen him with you, I want you to be mine…not his…”

Originally posted by subears

Jinyoung: Similar to Jackson, I can see Jinyoung going up and adressing the situation head on. Except when he gets there, he can see the obvious awkwardness and how uncomfortable you are with this guy flirting with you. I think Jinyoung would be upfront and say something like “Can’t you see she doesn’t want you flirting with her? Why are you still here?” (obviously like I said, it depends on who this idol was, but I feel like he would say something to that effect). He would take you aside and ask you if you were okay and apologise for being so direct in the situation. I can even see him going as far as embracing you and saying “The only guy I wanna see hitting on you is me…”

Originally posted by yugyeomism

Youngjae: I feel that Youngjae would try to read the situation and not jump to any conclusions. Of course he would feel jealous of this guy, but he would also realise that you are not his girlfriend either so there was nothing he could really do about it. I can imagine that later on Youngjae would be hanging out with you and he would casually slip in the question “So…is there any guy you like?” and you would immediately giggle at this little smol because OBVIOUSLY you like him but you have just been too shy to tell him. When all is out in the open and you both know your feelings for each other, I think Youngjae would laugh and tell you that he seen the guy flirting with you earlier and it made him feel bad. Youngjae strikes me as the type of person to be very honest and vocal about his feelings.

Originally posted by got7ish

BamBam: I think that BamBam would definitely confide in the other boys. He would have told them before how he has a crush on you, and now right in front of him there’s this guy chatting you up and being really flirty. I can see them closing ranks and all coming together to go up there and distract this guy long enough so that BamBam could continue being his lovely, goofy self to you. I can imagine that later on, he would confess to you, telling you that he doesn’t want to imagine what would happen if he has to look at another guy holding you the way that he wants to hold you. To which you would literally DIE BC THAT’S SO SWEET WTF

Originally posted by huang-zitao

Yugyeom: Okay I feel Yugyeom would be the hardest to read out of all of them in this situation. Yugyeom is the type of person to smile or giggle when he’s uncomfortable, so I feel like he would literally act like there is nothing wrong, even to the other members. In his head, he would be screaming that he really wants to go up there and just whisk you away and confess to you, but he would be too shy and embarrassed to do anything really, so he would just let it happen. Afterwords, I think he would be a little hesitant to talk with you because he would be concerned that you don’t like him and maybe you actually like this other guy, but like in the case of Mark when you tell him that the guy was really creeping you out, he would feel so relieved and think he was silly for being so shy and embarrassed and go back to casually crushing on you and being the cute little baby that he is~

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Scars - Chapter 13

Reader x Yoongi

Warnings: Swearing

Words: 1,934

Chapters: 12


3rd person P.O.V

“Hey beautiful”, Yoongi said as he moved Kaia’s hair. She made inaudible sounds in response, also grabbing ahold of one of Yoongi’s fingers, putting it straight into her mouth. “Ah, is my baby hungry”, he pouted at her, before picking her up and placing her to rest her head on his shoulder.

Yoongi walked down the stairs to the kitchen and went straight to the fridge, taking out Kaia’s milk bottle. He took out a pan placing it on the stove and used it to warm up her milk. Once done he gave it to her as he sat in the living room. As he fed her he stroked her cheek, “i don’t deserve you or your mother, but am thankful that you are both here with me right now”.

y/n P.O.V

“I am not going with you, so, let go!”, i spat out, trying to remove his hand from my arm, but was failing at it. “y/n, i’m losing my patience…”, he sang out as i continuously pushed him away from me, “i don’t want to hurt my girl”, i internally rolled my eyes and carried on with what i was doing. “Nor our scrap”.

I froze and Jinyoung noticed, not hiding the smirk on his face, “ahh, so that got your attentio-”, “how?”, i demanded, trying to hold back my tears, which he also noticed. “Aww, baby don’t cry”, he cupped my face with one of his hands, “come on, then i’ll explain or our scrap can”.

I made my mind up straight away, no matter how much i hated him, i needed to go. He seemed happy with himself when he saw me taking his hand, waiting for him to lead the way.

3rd person P.O.V

Kaia cried out, she wasn’t hungry, she didn’t need her nappy changing, she wanted to sleep and that was one of the things Yoongi found the most difficult. Kaia continued to cry, ignoring her father’s pleas to stop crying, “Kaia please stop crying…,ughhh where’s your mum”.

y/n P.O.V

We arrived a Jinyoung’s house, it looked the exact same as before, on the outside it looked like a warehouse, but on the inside it was something completely different, it was a very modern looking place, that was on the floors higher up.

“It’s the same as when you were living here, right?”, i ignored him, instead asked him what i wanted to know, “where is-”, “our scrap?”, he interrupted, “don’t call-”, “ah, y/n, something tells me you’re only here for that one reason”. I just let out a bitter laugh, “i’m sure if you blackmailed anyone with something important, they would follow”.

Jinyoung rolled his eyes and lead me through the hallways of the first floor. I remember this floor, i remember hearing screaming and shouting coming from down hear when the two of us were together, also his men storing the drugs he sold in multiple rooms. And as before men were everywhere.

As we began reaching the end of the hallway he stopped in front of one of the many wooden doors, telling the man standing near it that he can leave. Once he left Jinyoung finally opened the door.

“Scrap…”, he sang, “someone’s here to see you”, with that he pushed me into the room and slammed the door close.

The second my eyes met his i began crying, as did he. “M-mommy”, “Xavier”, i cried out, rushing towards him, hugging him tightly. He winced, but held onto me just as tight. I moved back slightly, he kept his small arms wrapped around my waist, “what has he done to you”. Xavier was covered in bruises and little cuts. “I-i missed you”, he whimpered out, “i missed you too baby. Ugh, how did he even take you”.

“Daddy took me when i was going on my school trip, nana and baba don’t know and he lied to my teachers”, Xavier began crying again as he came to the end of his sentence, “it’s gonna be okay baby, i’ll get us out of here”

Xavier began to get sleepy, he was exhausted as he barely slept and the crying didn’t help, so i lay with him on the mattress on the floor, covering him with Yoongi’s jacket, as there was no blanket. I rubbed his back as he cuddled up to me, his head resting on my chest.

Xavier was now six, I remember when i first got pregnant with him, it wasn’t soon after the whole club incident. I was going to run without telling Jinyoung, but one of his men found my pregnancy tests and showed him and he didn’t leave my side once he found out. He also found out that i was planning to run and told me if i ever did, he would find me and Xavier and…and do something sick to Xavier, his own son.

But when Xavier turned one, i was able to get away whilst Jinyoung went away on business, i took the both of us to my parents house, somewhere i knew we would be safe. My parents were both angry and upset when i explained everything to them, they didn’t want me to leave, but i had to for the safety of my son. I got my parents to leave the city for a while with Xavier, whilst i went on and dealt with Jinyoung, no one but my parents were aware of my son, not even my two best friends.

After a few months i was able to finally rid him from my life and well went on to meet Yoongi and started a life with him. I would always contact my parents and talk to Xavier whenever i was alone, at times i was thankful that Yoongi literally trapped me at home as it meant i had plenty of hours to talk with my baby.

I never told Yoongi about Xavier because i knew he would want to bring him home, i’m not saying that it would be a bad thing, but knowing Yoongi did do some drug trades and did get violent, i didn’t want Xavier to grow up with that going on, as one day it would effect him.

I later got pregnant again and i obviously found out lot more about what Yoongi did and was contemplating to do the exact same thing; sending Kaia to live with my parents. Just so she was living a normal life, being like other children like Xavier.

When i went to my parents after the whole Sofia thing, i was excited to finally introduce Xavier to him new baby sister, but that didn’t happen as my parents did say he was on a trip. But in reality my little man was made prisoner by his own father.

I was woken when i left pressure on my body, my head was tilted to the side, so when i fully opened my eyes i saw Xavier lying further away from me, the jacket was still covering his body thankfully as he was only in a pair of shorts and a t-shirt.

It turned my head to see why i felt so much pressure on my body, only to see Jinyoung basically sitting on me and touching my body, i realised that he had taken off my pants and was now attempting the same with my top. “What are you doing?!?”, i tried not to shout for Xavier’s sake, i tried pushing him off, but he grabbed my hands before i tried anything and pinned them above my head, so he was now face to face with me.

“What do you think i’m doing? Our family is finally together and i just want some pleasure, it’s been a while”. I felt sick, was he really going to do it whilst i was asleep.

“You’re disgusting”, i spat out, “i would never sleep with a pathetic, disgusting excuse of a human. Trying to play happy families as if you didn’t abuse me or your son and now you were also trying to have sex without consent. You’re honestly vil-”, he cut me off by gripping my face tightly with one of his hand, “i suggest you be fucking quiet, or i’ll put on an amazing little show for our son”, he gave a wicked smile, whereas i turned my head in disgust.

I kept my head turned, but i could feel his stare in me, as he was about to speak up, my phone began to ring.

3rd person P.O.V

“Hello y/n?!”, Yoongi exclaimed, relieved that y/n answered and he finally got Kaia to sleep, “y-yeah?”, Yoongi could tell that something was wrong the second she spoke. “y/n where are you?”, no reply, “y/n,, tell me and i’ll come get you”, “n-no don’t, i’m fine”. He tried to believe her until he heard her sniffle, “don’t lie to me wher-”, he was interrupted by y/n, her voice was hasty and panicked, “Yoongi i’m FINE, i’m just staying at a friends, seriously, just believe me for once in your life okay”.

He knew, he sensed something was wrong, but didn’t push, “okay, ring me if anything happens and erm…come back soon”, “o-okay” and with that she hung up.

Yoongi let out a little laugh before kicking the coffee table, “ughh, i am going to fucking.kill.him”.

y/n P.O.V

“Thats a good girl”, Jinyoung cooed, combing down my hair as i silently cried, “see next time just comply straightaway or next time the knife may, accidentally slip and accidentally hurt that scrap”, he kissed my cheek, before standing up and leaving.

I quickly rushed over to Xavier, who was silent, but his face was covered in tears, he began sniffling and soon broke out into a cry. As i hugged him he began to talk, “mommy, is it my fault that dad hates me?”, he sobbed out, “no, don’t be silly”, i pulled him away from me so i could cup his face and wipe his tears.

I eventually calmed him down and that’s when he asked about the phone call. “The person i was talking to was…who mommy is going to marry”, “m-marry?”, Xavier’s eyes began to tear up, “oh, what’s wrong?”, “i’ll be alone, mommy’s getting married and will forget me and have a new family”, “Xavier i will never forget about you, you mean everything to me”.

He rubbed his eyes before talking again, “then why did nana and baba stay with me and not you”, i sighed loudly, he really had in his mind that i didn’t want him or care for him, maybe what i thought was best for him, wasn’t.

“Listen, i love you so, so much and i promise when we get out of here, you are coming to live with me and you will finally be introduced to-”, “Yoongi?”, i nodded my head and smiled, “and also, your baby sister”. His mood finally changed, he began smiling for the first time, “i have a little sister, what’s her name?”, “her names Kaia, she looks just like you, same eyes, same nose, just beautiful”, “mommy, i can’t wait to meet her”.

I’m glad i got his mind elsewhere, although physically and mentally, he may already be scarred, but i hope to get those awful things out of his head.

But right now, the two of us just have to wait and hope that Yoongi is on his way.

Finally chapter 13, I hope you enjoy bubs, feedback is appreciated tank you


anonymous asked:

I feel kinda sorry for JK sometimes. I think he wishes Jimin saw him as more than just a dongsaeng and gave him some kind of credit for trying to be more mature over the years, but in Jimin's eyes he's always going to be just the cute maknae, when he's so much more than that. It's kinda sad to see this, idk :///

but i’m sure jm knows and is proud of jk becoming the mature “big giant baby” (his words, not mine) he is now. being jikook trash, i obviously think jm sees jk as more than just a dongsaeng. it’s important to remember that, even though we get a lot of footage of them, we’ll never get to know what their relationship really is like off camera (although we’ve got some wonderful backhugs thanks to them not knowing they were being recorded on a couple of occasions). what i’m trying to say is that i don’t think there’s all that teasing that we’re seeing from jm to jk off camera, jikook’s relationship is so much deeper, and jm definitely sees jk as the young man he is, even if he is and always will be younger than jm. btw me saying that their relationship off camera is much deeper isn’t a random conclusion i came to, there are some things that prove to me that they’re REALLY close and jm sees him as more than just a dongsaeng.

jk once wrote he thinks he and jm are the same mental age. that’s huge, like, jk really sees them as equals.

so, on jk’s side, they’re equals, and it’d be understandable for us to feel sorry for him IF jm didn’t let him think so. and that’s where the thing that proves they act like equals off camera, and therefore we shouldn’t feel sorry for jk, comes to play: jm lets jk talk to him in banmal. so jk wrote that he sees them as equals, and jm lets him act like they are, so i don’t think jk is really frustrated.

tl;dr: even though jm acting like he sees jk as a cute dongsaeng is obviously the image that they have to show, i think he sees him as so much more than that, and the fact that he lets jk talk to him informally is a giveaway that he does.

anonymous asked:

Your blog is awesome <333 Request : (rfa+ V and saeran) MC brings a friend along to meet their s/o, but the moment they leave for a second the friend says something mean to the s/o and tell them mc can do better. I would love to see their reaction.

(Eeeekk!! Thank you so much!! :D Gladly. Thank ye for the request!)

• He’s actually genuinely enjoying your friends company. He thinks she’s really nice, and he’s glad that you have someone to rely on, for the rare times he couldn’t be there for you.
• Oblivious to your friend’s rude glares at him when you aren’t looking.
• “hey, I’ll be right back! I’m going to the restroom.” You said, before walking off.
• Yoosung turned around to look at your friend with a smile, and in return, he received an eye roll.
• “I can’t believe (Y/N) would go for a loser like you. I mean, look at you. You’re a game junkie, and you look like you’re 12. Are you sure you’re in college?”
• Yoosung’s eyes widen at your friend’s sudden outburst, unable to speak.
• Actually starts bawling his eyes out.
• You were shocked to come back and see your boyfriend sobbing, while your friend was just giving him a disgusted glare.
• “Yoosung?! What the hell happened?!”
• Your friend looks over, putting on a fake expression of worry.
• “He just started crying for no reason…I hope everything is okay…”
• You looked to Yoosung, who only glared at your friend, before wiping his tears.
• “Yes…that’s right…I had no reason..”
• He just didn’t want to tell you your friend was the reason. He knew they meant a lot to you, and he wasn’t going to come between your friendship.
• But you knew.
• You could read Yoosung’s face.
• “Is that so? Well, in that case. (F/N), I’m afraid Yoosung and I are going to have to leave.” You said, taking Yoosung out of the place, before your friend even had the chance to respond.
• After you had him explain exactly what your ‘friend’ said to him, (he starts to cry again, while explaining), you vowed to never speak to them again.
• After all, they were always a little on the fake side.

• Never even liked them.
• He didn’t just straight out admit he didn’t, but you could kind of tell, anyways.
• He never once cracked a smile, from the moment you brought your friend in, to now.
• You were trying to get them to bond over cats, when your phone began to ring.
• “Ah, I’m sorry. I have to take this. I’ll be back in a moment, alright?” You politely said, before walking out of the room with your phone.
• Jumin made no effort to start a conversation with your friend, however, your friend was getting pretty fed up at how emotionless he seemed.
• “So you’re the guy (Y/N)’s been going on about? Pathetic. (Y/N) can do far better than you. You’re only good for your money.” Your friend scoffed, hoping to get a reaction out of Jumin.
• Jumin only stood there, taking in everything your friend said to him.
• After a moment, he gets a smug little smirk on his features, before glaring down at (F/N).
• “Considering (Y/N) could care less for my money, I would have to say you’re mistaken.”
• Just then, you walked back in, giving the two of them a smile that sent Jumin weak at the knees.
• He quickly recollected himself, before he gently grabbed you by the waist, dragging you out of the building without a word.
• “J-Jumin! What the hell?!”
• He explained to you what happened, and straight out told you he didn’t want to stay with them any longer.
• You were confused at first, but decided to believe your boyfriend.
• After this, you didn’t really keep in touch with your ‘friend’.

• 'Something about them…’
• ^ that is what he thought tHe wHoLe tiME.
• He wasn’t impressed, to say the least.
• He was pretty good at detecting fake people, and he knew that they were one of them.
• Regardless, he gave them a shot.
• If it was for you, it was worth it to him.
• “Shoot! I think I left my phone in the car! Zen, (F/N), I’ll be right back.” You said, giving Zen a quick kiss on the cheek, before rushing out side to get to your car.
• Your friend looked Zen in the eyes, raising a brow as they studied him.
• “Weird. I thought (Y/N) had higher standards. Your looks are the only thing you have going for you. She could do far better..”
• Zen was expecting this, really. So it wasn’t much of a shocker.
• Still, he couldn’t help but feel hurt to hear such harsh words.
• “Is that what you think? Then you don’t know (Y/N) at all. She’s kind, and she looks at people’s hearts, not their looks. I’m sorry, but we must go.”
• And with that, Zen left the building with a slam of the door.
• He met you in the parking lot, as you were on your way back inside.
• “Zen? What are you doing out here?”
• “(Y/N), let’s go home, baby girl. I’ll explain on the way.”
• Needless to say, you didn’t see it coming.
• And from that day on? You never saw (F/N) again.

• Part of her saw it coming..the other, not so much.
• Your friend was obviously shocked to learn that the person you had been talking about was a girl.
• Apparently, your friend was homophobic.
• Which, this was something you didn’t know, considering they were mostly the supportive type.
• “Hold on, guys. I need to go to the restroom. See you in a second!” You smiled, getting up to leave.
• The second you were out of sight, your friend turned around to face Jaehee, giving her a hateful glare.
• “A girl?! (Y/N)’s gay now?! Disgusting…you both are! Now, I didn’t want to hurt (Y/N)’s feelings..but I can’t take it anymore! I’m leaving. I’m going far away from you sinners. HAVE FUN IN HELL.” (Cringing while writing this)
• Jaehee was taken back by your friend’s outburst, biting her lip as people began to direct their attention towards her.
• Your 'Friend’ stormed out, just before you came back out.
• “Jaehee? Where’s (F/N)? And why do you look so upset..?” You ask, tilting your head to the side.
• Jaehee sighed, running a small hand through her hair.
• “It seems your friend wasn’t fond of the idea of us being together..”
• You sighed, knowing what she meant.
• It wasn’t surprising. You almost expected it.
• But you had an idea.
• You pulled out your snapchat, bringing Jaehee close to you.
• You gave Jaehee a soft kiss on the lips, and snapped a photo.
• Jaehee was surprised by the sudden action, but enjoyed it nonetheless.
• When you pulled back, you admired the picture for a few seconds, before sending the picture to your now ex friend~

• All throughout the night, Seven was just joking around.
• He tried not to make eye contact with your friend, a little intimidated by them.
• He wanted them to like him, in all honesty. And maybe..he was trying too hard?
• You laughed as Seven pulled a cheesy pick up line, getting nervous when your friend gave a fake laugh in reply.
• Needless to say, they were unimpressed.
• “So..Uhm. Seven, (F/N), I’m going to go make a quick call to Jaehee. She was asking me something earlier, and I’ve yet to tell her. I’ll be right back!” You said, awkwardly walking out of their sight.
• Seven watched you walk away, then turning his attention to your friend, with a nervous smile.
• “You can’t be serious. You’re him? God. What a joke.”
• “You mean, jokester? Ahaha. I get that a lot.” Seven tried, hoping your friend just misspoke.
• “You’re the joke, idiot. (Y/N) can do way better than you!”
• Seven was hurt.
• In fact, he sort of agreed.
• He always wanted to be someone great to you. But was your friend right? Was he only a joke?
• little did your friend know, you never had a call with Jaehee. You just wanted to hear them get along..but that wasn’t the case.
• You knew you should step in, before Seven got even more upset.
• Walking back into the room, you watched as your friend put on a fake smile, giving you a small, welcoming wave.
• They were surprised when you greeted them with a slap.
• “That was for being a dick. I’m going to ask nicely. No, scratch that..I’m going to TELL you. Get out. Of. Here. Seven is not a joke. He is my boyfriend. And I love him. Wrap that thought around your minuscule brain, and leave.”
• Your friend gave you a glare, opening their mouth to speak, but decided against it. Standing up, and leaving you and seven all alone.
• “you know, you’re pretty cute when you’re mad.” Seven laughed, giving you a wide grin.
• You smiled, playfully flicking him.
• “I love you, ya dork.”

• He couldn’t tell that your friend was giving him glares all night.
• Mostly because he couldn’t see them.
• You thought the night was going pretty well. It seemed to you like your friend was enjoying the time you were all spending together.
• “Hey, I’ll be right back. I need to run to the restroom real fast.” You said, making your way out of the room.
• V intended to start a small conversation with your friend, but was interrupted by their laughter.
• “I’m so shocked! (Y/N) must have been pretty desperate!! I mean, just look at you..oh wait. You can’t 'look’, can you? God, you’re practically blind! That’ll only burden (Y/N). I wonder how she’s put up with it, this long..”
• V was hurt.
• He tried his best not to show it, but he really was pained by this.
• Was your friend right? Is he only a burden? Is that how you saw him?
• There was a lot of things he felt like he didn’t deserve. And to have a girlfriend like you..was one of them. You didn’t deserve to put up with having a practically blind could he have been so selfish?
• V didn’t say a word to your friend, as he was lost in his own thoughts until you returned.
• and even when you did return, he didn’t speak. He only continued to scold himself for making you suffer.
• You didn’t want to make a big deal out of it, trying not to make your friend uncomfortable, but you did notice his sudden change in behavior.
• When it was time for you and your friend to part ways, you said your good byes, before driving V back to your house.
• “V, honey. What’s wrong? You’ve been acting weird since I got back from the restroom. Did (F/N) say something?”
• V tensed when you mentioned this, and you knew you were right.
• “V…come on, you can tell me anything..please, don’t hide things like this from me..”
• v sighed, before he finally explained what had happened. To end it..he asked if you saw him as a burden.
• And boy, were you pissed.
• “V, don’t you dare think that. Don’t make me pull this car over, because I won’t hesitate. You are not a burden, V. I love you. We all have our struggles, and this isn’t a big deal, okay?”
• You watched as V nodded, a tiny smile tugging on his lips.
• You loved him, and he loved you. And that’s all that mattered.
• And so, you decided to never talk to (F/N) ever again.

• Well, he sucked at talking to people, so. You can imagine how this one is going.
• Your good friend, (F/N) was over at Yours and Saeran’s house while Saeyoung was away, and Saeran wasn’t exactly enjoying it.
• Honestly, he just wanted to spend some time with you. But instead, your friend had to come over.
• Still, he tried his best not to be rude, and attempt to get on your friend’s good side. Even though he ended up just being really awkward.
• “Saeran, (F/N), I’ll be right back. I’m going to go grab us all something to drink.” You smiled, pulling yourself off the couch, and making your way to the kitchen.
• Saeran waited patiently for your return, feeling awkward just being left alone with your friend.
• That is, until (F/N) spoke up.
• “So, you’re Saeran, Huh? Pathetic. (Y/N) could do so much better than you! I just can’t believe it. I’m dreaming, right? You just don’t deserve her…”
• Saeran listened to them, his emotions going from angry, to sad, and right back to angry.
• His hands shook, as he grit his teeth.
• “Get out of my house..” He whispered, making your friend raise a questioning brow.
• “What was that?”
• “GET THE HELL. OUT. OF. MY. HOUSE.” He growled, shaking with anger.
• You heard the yelling on your way back to them, and instantly set down your drinks, rushing to the room you left them in.
• By the time you reached the room, however, (F/N) was already rushing out of the house in fear.
• “I’m never coming back here, (Y/N)! He’s crazy!” Your friend yelled, slamming the front door behind them.
• You cautiously made your way into the room Saeran was in.
• He sat there with his head in his hands, as he lightly cried, his body still shaking.
• “Saeran..?” You quietly asked, sitting down beside him.
• He lifted his head, before he pulled you into an almost bone-crushing embrace.
• You knew it had to be something your friend said, and decided not to question him about it.
• “(Y/N)..I- I love much..I-”
• “Shh, it’s okay. I love you, too. They’re gone, now. Don’t worry.”

Love yourself

Inspired by Justin Bieber’s song ‘Love yourself’! And honestly, ‘My momma don’t like you and she likes everyone’ is so iconic! Hope you guys enjoy!

She was the type of girl that was so beautiful it sometimes hurt to look at her. As he turned his head to look at her he had to breathe out sharply.
Her full lips, the long wavy hair, her cute nose, long eyelashes and perfect body where sometimes hard to handle.
She was the epitome of pretty.

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the-adorkable-asian  asked:

Hi! First of all I just wanted to say that I am so so happy I stumbled upon your blog by chance because I have been BLESSED by the awesomeness. Also, I just had a thing I need to share: let's say that Dark is obsessed with Chica (because who wouldn't be), but Chica doesn't like him because obviously he gives off evil vibes. How does he try to gain her affection? Does he try baby-talking her with his super menacing multi-pitched voice? Does he attempt to pet her with his glitchy hands? Thoughts?

Hiya, dear! I’m so happy my blog hasn’t disappointed yet, and thank you for thinking I’m worth your time! It means a lot to me!

Hmm…I say that he’d try to gain her affection by wearing Mark’s clothes to hide his own scent, taking her out on walks even tho he doesn’t want to, playing with her and generally loving on her! Hell, maybe he’d go through extreme measures and try to make it so his voice doesn’t fluctuate! ;)

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It's time to retire the idea that there are no kids. Choose to believe they aren't Sophie's - you'd probably be right. Let's say he wanted kids by 40 (we KNOW he wanted this, bad) but didn't have a partner in mind. So SH becomes the rc/gf/wife stand-in & he gets a surrogate. His time w SH may be up, but he has the kids he's always wanted. It is mental that he would say "we have to clarify in the era of fake news.." and then lie. Ben doesn't have exp. w kids & travels & works a lot. That's all.

So…. Ben wanted kids desperately by 40 because his biological clock was ticking and he got them via surrogacy and chose a woman he doesn’t like who clearly can’t stand him so she would be a wife stand-in.  When the first child arrived, he decided he’d let the world know the kid was real, so he did a pap walk around the block pushing a pram in a residential area (probably one of the most set-up looking pap walks in the history of set-up looking pap walks), then he did another set up pap walk during the baby’s christening because… not a PR stunt, then he did another obviously set up pap walk in NYC with high resolution pictures that went up for sale for months upon months, but no one bothered picking up the unblurred set because no one likes circulating pictures from obviously set-up pap walks, then he went on record saying his wife and baby were not a PR stunt, then he decided to go for a second baby via surrogacy with the same woman he doesn’t like who doesn’t like him back, and he went to all this trouble for two children he barely ever sees because he travels and works a lot.  But when he’s back in London not working and traveling a lot, he prefers to spend his free time going to the theatre alone and also going to pubs with friends.  Because… bathtime is just so 2 years ago…


And let’s not forget he chooses to treat the woman who’s doing him a solid favour (posing as his wife and mother of his surrogate children) like shit, making sure she remains mute, inconsequential and fetchless when walking red carpets and attending events, but mocking her on interviews by saying their marriage is not a PR stunt and also putting on the face of a veritable saint when he says she’s a hero and basically mocks her by saying she works, although she hasn’t worked in years.

Sounds perfectly legit…

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Bite me - Yugyeom (Got7)

You sat in your living room couch skyping with you best friend Kate whilst you waited for your boyfriend, Yugyeom to come visit you. Kate’s boyfriend was also a vampire and she was gushing about him, telling you how sweet he was and how amazing he was in bed. You weren’t a boaster like she was so you didn’t tell her that Yugyeom was absolutely amazing in bed and the best boyfriend in the world. 

“And oh my god when he bites me it’s the best feeling in the world. It’s pleasurable if you know what I mean.” she said winking at you making you frown for Yugyeom had never bitten you because he was afraid of hurting you.

“He bites you?” you asked in amazement.

“Obviously, that’s the best thing about having a vampire for a boyfriend, a human could never make you feel like that. Wait wait wait you mean Yugyeom’s never bitten and drank from you?” she asked curiously.

“No he always says he doesn’t want to hurt me.” you mumbled.

“It doesn’t hurt at all well it does a little but that just adds to the pleasure and trust me you’d want him even more after he’s bitten you.” she said smiling at you. You bit your lip thinking about everything she had said and making you mind up that you’d have him bite you when he arrived. 

“Ok Kate, tonight I’ll make him bite me.” you said to her.

She giggled “Trust me after that you’d be begging him to do it all the time especially when you’re in the mood.” After that she left the call because her boyfriend had arrived. 

You took out your phone and texted Yugyeom to hurry home because you needed to discus something with him. He replied back and said he was very close. You thought that maybe if you dressed sexy he would be more inclined to do what you asked. So you put on just a lacy black panty and a thin strap top with no bra on so that your boobs printed out. You went back to the living room and sat on the couch waiting for him. 

A few minutes passed and then the door opened, closing back shortly after. Your boyfriend walked into the living room wearing a loose white shirt and skin tight black jeans and he looked so sexy as always. As soon as you saw him you ran up to him jumping into his arms and wrapping your legs around his waist. He supported you without a problem. You wrapped your arms around him tightly engulfing him into a tight hug. 

“I missed you baby.” you told him with a pout making him chuckle.

He pecked your lips softly “I missed you too princess.” he whispered as he took his shoes off still holding you up. 

You jumped off of him and took his hand in yours “Come I wanna talk about something.” you said excitedly pulling him to the couch. He sat down and you immediately straddled him. 

He smiled at you putting his hands on your bum and squeezing it slightly. “Why do you look so nice tonight babe?” he asked talking about the very minimal clothing that you had on. You giggled and shrugged innocently as he eyed your boobs in your almost see through top.

“Yugyeom babe I want something from you.” you said cutely and he smirked obviously thinking about something dirty.

“You know I’ll give you anything you want babe.” he said, his voice deeper than usual which was a sign that he was in the mood. He squeezed your bum again.

“Good because I want you to bite me and drink from me.” you replied smiling at him.

His smirk immediately turned to a frown as he said “No.”

You pouted at him pulling yourself closer to him so that your barely covered boobs pushed against his chest. “Please baby. Kate says it feels so good, she says it gets you so fucking horny and I’m already horny as fuck, I just wanna feel that baby please. She says it doesn’t hurt.” you said running your hands through his hair. He gulped obviously getting turned on by your words. “I promise I’ll stop you if it hurts.” you whispered against his lips before biting his lower lip.

He moaned loudly. “Now bite me Yugyeom.” you said seductively and he nodded looking at you through dark, lust filled eyes now. 

You tilted your head to the left side leaving a lot of space on your right side of your neck for him to bite. He brushed your hair back and moved in to your neck. He placed a soft kiss on it sending shivers down your spine. You then felt his tongue licking your skin softly making you close your eyes and bite your lips in pleasure. Yugyeom could do the slightest of things and it could make you wet.

He pulled away from your neck and looked at you. “You ready babe?” he asked. His eyes were slightly glowing and his teeth were bared, he looked so sexy. You pulled him in and joined your lips to his heatedly loving the feeling of his against yours. You stuck your tongue into his mouth and grazed it against his teeth gently. You moaned against his lips. 

“I’m ready.” you whispered. He smirked and reattached his lips to your neck giving you a final kiss on it. He grazed your neck with his teeth just teasing you at this point. Finally it happened. You felt the tip of his teeth on your neck before it sank into your skin. You moaned loudly as it sent bolts of pleasure straight to your core making you wetter than you already were.

He began sucking on your neck softly and you swear you could have came from that alone. It felt so good. You moaned yet again as you began grinding down on him now. His boner was poking you by your core so you were now moving against it, dry humping him. He moaned into your neck from your movements.

“Fuck Yugyeom it feels so good.” you whimpered taking one of his hands that were at his side and slipping it under your top and onto your boob. He squeezed it immediately earning another moan from you. You continued grinding on him as he squeezed your breasts and sucked on your neck. You’ve never wanted him more than you did at that moment.

He stopped sucking on your neck now licking on it before placing a soft kiss to the bite. You stopped moving against him. He pulled away and you could see the lust in his eyes as he seductively licked away the blood that was on his lips. You moaned loudly pulling him in and attaching your lips to his, kissing him greedily. 

Your lips were moving quickly against his but he pulled away making you pout. He just smirked at you and took of your top. He leaned in and immediately took your boob in his mouth sucking on it and swirling his tongue around your nipple. “Yugyeom.” you moaned making him pull away from your boob.

“Get up princess.” he whispered and you did as he said. His face was now level with your panty covered heat. He reached out and pulled down your panties moaning when he saw that you were literally dripping wet. He leaned in and placed a kiss on your thigh teasing you and making you whimper. He looked up at you. “What is it that you want?” he whispered.

“You.” you whimpered.

He chuckled, “Sit on the coffee table.” he said and you looked down at him in confusion. “I said sit on the coffee table.” he said narrowing his eyes at you. You nodded and did as he said, sitting on the coffee table in front of him. “Now open your legs wide for me to see baby.” You opened your legs so that he had a perfect view of your dripping core. He smirked. “ Touch yourself baby and show me how much you need me.” 

You moaned at his words. One hand instantly began trailing down your body towards your core. You moaned as it came into contact with you core. You stroked yourself a few times at first and then began rubbing your clit, throwing your head back at the pleasure. You attached your other hand to your hard nipple and began gently squeezing it.

Yugyeom sat in front of you biting his lip and staring at what you were doing in lust. He was also palming his crotch slightly. You moaned over and over as your hand worked delicately against your clit. He stood up all of a sudden and you stopped what you were doing.

“Did I tell you to stop?” he asked glaring down at you. You shook your head and started back pleasuring yourself. He smirked and slowly took off all of his clothes, his dick now standing erect. “Suck it but don’t stop what you’re doing baby.” he said darkly. 

You leaned forward and licked his tip slowly and sensually making him groan. You did that for a bit before he wrapped his hand in your hair and forced some of him in your mouth “I said to suck it not lick it.” he said making you moan. You loved when he was being dominant. You sucked him greedily as you kept rubbing your clit moaning on him only increasing his pleasure. 

He was looking down at you the whole time, he loved seeing you take his cock in your mouth. “That’s my good little girl.” he said rubbing your head and you moaned. You could feel yourself close to the edge and just like that he pulled his cock out of your mouth and snatched your hand away from your pussy. You whined. He chuckled and leaned down putting your fingers in his mouth and sucking your juices off of them, “Delicious.” he whispered. 

“You’ve been so good baby. I’ll reward you with my cock.” he said pulling you up off the table and pressing his lips to yours hard. You moaned into the kiss and he pulled away. “Since you’re so good tell me where you want it baby. Over the table? On the couch? On the kitchen counter?” he asked.

You bit your lip and said “Against the wall.” he smirked at your answer. He carried you over to the wall placing you between him and it. He took one of your legs and you wrapped it around him giving him access. You moaned as he entered you.  He slipped right in because of how wet you were.

“You feel so good baby.” he moaned into your hair as he picked up your other leg wrapping it around him so that he now supported. He began to thrust powerful thrusts into you and you held onto his shoulders for support. You loved when he fucked you from this angle because it went in deeper. 

His hands were around your back as he fucked you. You loved how perfectly he fit inside of you and how pleasured his face was whenever he was in you. You pulled him in burying your face into his neck where you began to suck on his neck harshly. He grunted. He used his hands on your back to pull you into him with each thrusts making his dick go deeper into you and making you moan loudly into his neck.

You pulled away from his neck looking at his face and biting your lip in lust. “What baby girl?” he asked and you could see that his teeth were bared once again. You couldn’t even answer you just moaned and clenched around him.

“Fuck.” he grunted as he joined his lips with yours kissing you heatedly. You moaned into his mouth as he hit your g spot hard, it felt so good. He kissed you so passionately you never wanted him to stop. He bit on your bottom lip and pulled away. His fang had pierced your soft lip for mistake. 

He leaned in and licked the little blood that had escaped before gently sucking on the wound. You whimpered, it made you feel so good. You pulled on his hair making him stop what he was doing and look up at you. “Bite me.” you whispered and he immediately sunk his teeth into the same bite making you scream with pleasure and throw your head back. 

He thrusted into you harder and harder as he sucked on you and you could feel it. You screamed his name as you came. Your whole body feeling blissful at that moment. He pulled away from your neck, his lips stained with some of your blood as he moaned your name and came as well shooting his cum into you. He pulled out of you after a while and you removed your legs from around him resting them on the floor.

“Kate was right that felt amazing.” you whispered to him and he chuckled. 

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a/n: i know i have more prompts to fill, but i had a stroke of inspiration for another high school au that’s way more feel-good fluff than my previous one (which i love but it was hard on me personally and this made me feel better [please note these fics are not prequel/sequel but two separate works, despite their similar structure]), so i had to get it down. nothing happens but it’s a fun, banter-y, makeout nothing with a lot of run-ons and italics, so have a look and enjoy.

dare me to do it

all you do is sit and stare
beggin’ on my knees, baby, won’t you please
run your fingers through my hair?

—joan jett & the blackhearts

[jonxsansa, modern high school au ~4k+]

Jon wouldn’t say that he flirts with his best friend’s sister—“It’s called being polite,” he’s pointed out to an obviously perturbed Robb on more than one occasion—but he also wouldn’t necessarily say that he doesn’t, either; he just wouldn’t say that to Robb.  

But he absolutely doesn’t go to Robb’s soccer practices because that just happens to be when the cheerleaders practice, too. That’s a coincidence. Sam covers sports for the school paper so thoroughly that it’s practically inhuman, and Jon will tag along to keep him company, that’s all it is. He can’t help it if Sansa, you know, just happens to be there.

Not to mention, it’s not his fault that the muscles in her upper arms strain when she piles her masses of crimson hair into a bun on top of her head. He’s not some sort of pervert, either, but the sparrow tattooed on her lower back is expertly shaded so if anyone asks, he’s only admiring its craftsmanship. And it’s hot out this early in the autumn so, yeah, Sansa’s gonna strip her shirt off and lead practice cheers in nothing but a bright yellow sports bra and black leggings that have got to be tailor-made, he swears, because the way they fit the curve of her ass is just like… But he’s definitely, most decidedly not looking at her ass, Jon reminds himself, so how would he even know?

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Let's talk about episode seventy

• kevin obviously like carlos

• the way he says his name 

• and that moan when Carlos spoke of blood



• Janice is too pure for this world I heart her 

• cec said STEVE a couple times with out sounding like he was plotting his death?


• violet the good head???!!!


• Carlos being the mother hen 


• I’m dying help

• hiaTUS???!!!!???!?!?!??!?!!!!!???!


• IT WAS PART OF A DRAGON • brave violet my baby 



Dating Noam Dar would include:

× before he came to wwe, you were his crush.
× even if he looks confident, he always stutter every time you’re around.
× he just look at you from the distance.
× you making the first step saying that he is amazing on ring.
× “you.. you think so? Wow, thanks, I can teach you some ri-ring skills but I’m not saying that you’re not amazing, actually, you’re one of the best he-here…”
× “well, I’m free tomorrow”
× and after that he become your best friend.
× it took him just a few days to be comfortable around you
× him being cocky sometimes
× him being the first person you hug when you won the women’s championship
× sharing hotel room.
× you hear a lot “you and Noam would make a beautiful couple” every day.
× forehead kisses
× you caught him jerking off.
× ”oh shit, I thought you were in Summer’s room”
× him saying in that moment that he’s in love with you because weird af.
× a lot of sex after that.
× him making sure EVERYONE knows that you’re his
× cuddling everytime.
× his accent that makes you weak.
× him saying dirty things in your ear when you are with friends.
× He loves taking his time when you’re having sex, teasing you until you beg him for more
× “did you like this, baby? you know that you’re making daddy so happy, right? You’re such a dir… baaabe, why are you laughing?”
× he loves when you’re in control
× Obviously you two have morning sex a lot.
× him always taking your face into his hands
× he loving to see you on ring
× “that’s it baby, show them who’s in charge”
× and viceversa
× he’s not the type of jealous man
× When you’re feeling insecure about your body, he would whisper how beautiful he thinks you are while making love.
× You love him but oh shit, he is so clingy
× “Love, I tought you die”
× “I just go to the bathroom, Noam”
× A lot of flirt, it doesn’t matter how much time you’re together.
× He is one of the best humans that appears in your life and you’re so grateful because of that.
× He still can’t believe that you’re his. And he loves to spend every minute with you because obviously he doesn’t know when it’ll be the last.

[SCENARIO] How the Vocal Team will Propose (DK/SK)

A/N: AND HERE IT IS! How would the Vocal Team propose! This is the Dokyeom and Seungkwan edition, and they are such babes in our hearts i swear we almost died from flutter just thinking of ideas to write about what they would do. Anyways, please look out for our Jeonghan, Woozi and Joshua edition, which is coming out really soon! :)

A continuation of one of our earlier scenarios (How the Hip Hop Team will Propose). We will also be doing one for the Performance Team as well, so we hope you look forward to it!


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SYNOPSIS: I think we all know that the Vocal Team are definitely the shyer, less expressive ones (other than Seungkwan) in the group, so we can see them turning to simpler, but sweeter ways to propose to their significant others. True to themself, their proposal methods may be really cliche but it will definitely melt any girl’s heart.

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Nanny Protects

Imagine Castiel protection you as a baby while your father Dean and uncle Sam are gone on a hunt.

“Okay, Cas, you remember what I told you?” Dean asked for the hundred time.

“Yes, Dean. You don’t have to worry, I’ll take care of her” Castiel replied.

Dean nods, even though he doesn’t feel good leaving you, he’s one years old daughter alone with an angel in a motel room.

“You remember, the diapers are in the bag beside the bed, her food for supper is already on the counter and she goes in bed by seven, okay?”

“Dean, I think he will remember” Sam assured adjusting his bag on his shoulder.

Dean looks down at you in his arms. You play with his shirt with your small little fingers.

“Okay, okay” Dean sighs “see you soon baby girl”.

He kisses your forehead and you giggle.

“Here you go” Dean passes you in Castiel arms.

“See you later” Sam said before exiting the room.

“Call if you need anything” Dean added.

“I will” the angel assured.

Dean nods and takes a last glance at you before leaving the door. He doesn’t know if it is a good idea to leave you alone with Castiel, but he and Sam have been aching for this hunt. Since they got you, they haven’t done a lot.

“So, what do you want to do?” Castiel asked.

You make a few baby noise and glance at the door, realising that your father is gone, this is something Dean didn’t warn Castiel.

You start crying, Castiel bounces you in his arms, something he saw Dean do a few times. Though, you continue to cry, and Castiel doesn’t know what to do.

“Are you hungry?” He asked “what is wrong?”

Obviously you don’t answer, you don’t really understand quite what he is saying, you just feel like you need the strong arms of your Daddy.

“Da-da-da-da-da” you cried.

“Dada?” Castiel repeated “you want Dean?”

Now he understands, he remembers Sam saying that babies love to have their parents nearby with them.

“Okay… shhh” Castiel hugs you closer to his chest.

Finally, hours later, Castiel had managed to calm you down, make you eat and put you in your crib. He sits on the couch, wondering how can a human do that without being exhausted, how can they do that each night? Each day?

The angel surfs through the few channels of the television, seeing learning things about humans.

Suddenly, he hears a noise coming from outside, his angel senses feeling something is wrong. He gets out, taking a quick glance at you, still sleeping. He checks the salt lines Sam had made before leaving and see’s one is broken.

“How?” Castiel asked to himself.

He moves to you, taking you in his arms, only to be safe.

He takes out his cell and calls someone “Dean, I think something is wrong”.

“What? What is it?”

“Salt line been broken, I don’t know how, (Y/N) is fine, but I think someone is here, more of a demon”.

“Okay, Cas, I’m on my way” he hangs up.

Before he can think about anything, the door gets knocked down, waking you up and of course cry.

“Oh, well” the female demon laughed “I’m so sorry little one”.

“What do you want” Castiel snapped.

“I want the baby of course, we want to make the Winchesters suffer for what they did, so… an innocent little Winchester, daughter of Dean, it’s perfect”.

“You won’t get her” Cas said.

Holding you with one hand, he makes his angel blade fall out of his sleeve.

“Oh, come on nanny” she smiles evilly.

Dean enters the room with his gun out.

“Cas! Cas!”

“Yes Dean”.

Dean stares at his friend for a second and glances at the crib where he sees his little girl, sound asleep.

“Cas? Did something happen?”

“A demon came, but I took care of the body and I took care of it and the body”.

“Thanks Cas” Dean sighed relieve.