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Clark actually has a pretty bland, tv newscaster type accent (because Kansas is midwest, not south) but he consistently fakes it whenever Bruce is around. He was originally trying to be funny/make a point about rural stereotypes, but Bruce never actually caught on, so Clark just kept cranking it up and trying to push it far enough that Bruce would HAVE to realize it was fake.... Ten years later Bruce STILL doesn't know why everyone else turns red and starts choking when Clark talks to him.

this week on “batman is hilariously obtuse, superman takes full advantage of it, and hal jordan can no longer actually breathe” stay tuned for more exciting adventures

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I'm a gay trans boy dating a cis boy who has only ever dated girls, we've been going out almost 6 months but now he says he doesnt know because he's not actually gay? I dont know where it's come from but I've been crying all day and i dont know what to do, then he says he still wants to do things like holidays with me? I'm so confused and i love him and i have no idea what I'm meant to do? Sorry

no wonder you’re confused, he’s being so obtuse. does he want to be with you or not? you should push for a straightforward answer from him. if he’s breaking up with you, then he should own up to it. if he’s not, then he needs to make tht crystal clear. i hope you’ll give yourself a moment to figure out what it is tht you want and then have a sit down. wishing you all the good luck turtledove. *hugs*

Female archaeologist: Maybe women in the Paleolithic made art

Some asshole: Um :) Sweetie :)) Actually women have only ever had value as baby-making machines and men created everything in the archaeological record :) It’s totally a coincidence that the dominant interpretations of the distant past replicate & implicitly validate my modern biases :))

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I love your style so much!! Would you be willing to talk about the eratzia stuff? I love the character designs, and Im super loving esme!

thank you!!! here’s a pic of esme getting art block.

Waaa anyone whos followed me for a while knows i’ve been drawing eratzia stuff since foreverr and i never explain it, I HOPE TO ONE DAY?? on the surface i guess, it’s about childhood friends who are separated and spiral into vastly different life journeys that link up in a cataclysmic fashion. and theres a bunch of war and mystery in between all that. eratzia is the name of a TURBULENT city under occupation in which most of the important stuff takes place

Spider-man: Homecoming basically stole from Miles Morales

I’ve been seeing some willfully obtuse shit regarding this where Marvel fans essentially ignore that Peter stole traits from Miles’ origin and story. So here is the list of the ways it was done.

1. Ganke Lee/Ned Leeds

Of course, I had to start with the most obvious.

Not only that he looks like Ganke, but he fucking acts like Ganke. Has Ned Leeds been Asian before? Yes, in Spectacular Spider-man Tv Show, but it would be hilarious that Disney and Sony actually stole from Greg Weisman after they both collectively screwed him twice. The thing about this character is that he acts more like Miles’ Ganke than he does Peter’s Ned Leeds.

Peter’s Ned Leeds was never a close friend of Peter’s, let alone went to the same school as Peter. He was an acquaintance at best or a fellow work mate at the most. 

Ganke, however….

..Is Miles’ best friend. He was introduced in Miles’ second issue ever. He has been a constant character ever since. That is Miles’ number 1.

If you noticed that Ganke was playing with Legos, guess what hobby Ned Leeds’ favorite hobby is?

That is a Lego Deathstar. And before you say, well in the panels’ he’s just playing with it. He doesn’t seem that interested in Legos.

And why Legos are integral to Miles and Ganke? Miles is not as Science smart as Ganke or Peter Parker so he cannot remake the Web fluid. Ganke is that smart and Legos are suggested by Chemists as great toys children to play with because it helps them visualize molecular models. Ganke is as important to Miles’ Spider-man as he is to Miles.

For all intents and purposes, Ned Leeds probably is just his best friend on account of Peter not telling Ned Leeds that he is Spider-man. Speaking of which, the whole Peter having a confidant in on his identity situation…

He never had one. Peter never told anyone that he is Spider-man. He never once shared that info with Gwen Stacy, Mary Jane(she always knew, but never revealed that she knew), Harry Osbourne, or anyone. In Ultimate Spider-man, Peter did confide in Mary Jane, but that was a case of her being his only friend.

Miles only revealed his identity to Ganke and eventually his father.  Well in the case of Ganke, Miles never had to reveal anything because Ganke was there to help him become Spider-man. It just the scene how Ned leeds found out.

Look familiar?

The same parallel as Peter’s.

Also, Ganke is girl obsessed like Homecomings’ Ned Leeds is. And yes, you are a little too infatuated with the opposite sex if you know by heart what a woman has worn previously and what she hasn’t.

The first thing Ganke does when Jessica Drew presents Miles with his new costume is to declare that he will start talking to girls.

After a deep conversation about what to do with Miles’ thieving ass Uncle, Ganke is pressed to go with Miles’ not to provide comfort, but to stare at his mom(who is really attractive).

As soon as he meets Mary Jane Watson and Gwen Stacy, Ganke immediately switches gears and starts hitting on them.

Ganke making a gift out of Legos for Gwen Stacy.

And it working…

Ganke trying to use Miles to hook him up with Dagger, and refusing to believe anyone is too hot for him.

Ganke is girl obsessed. It’s part of his charm.

So Peter took Miles’ best friend. Great.

2. Miles motivation of proving he is a superhero

I remember when I called this out and some moron said Peter had to prove himself to the Fantastic Four in his debut. No.

He wasn’t trying to prove himself with the Fantastic Four. He wanted to join the Fantastic Four so he can earn money.

The FF did not have an opinion on him, except Ben who did not like Spider-man for being a show off like Johnny. 

Just for your closure…

Miles’ however, had to go through a proving ground to not just be Spider-man, but also be qualified as a hero.

Instead of Tony Stark being the one supervisor of Miles, it is Captain America. It’s a long story as to why Cap feels the need to restrict Miles, but he is the one Miles has to prove his worth to.

After fighting with Captain America, Miles pops the question.

And to tie it into the Civil War, Miles’ asks to be the Ultimate equivalent of the Avengers, the Ultimates.

This is not a coincidence. You may say that they needed Peter to join MCU somehow, but how they are going about it is eerily similar to how they went about it with Miles. Peter never once had to gain recognition from his fellow superheroes. He never once had to ask to join the Avengers because they respected him as a hero. Miles’ did.

This is not the first time Peter took this from Miles either. The Ultimate Spider-man cartoon has Peter,again, taking Miles familiarity with Nick Fury and forming a super team just like Miles Morales. It’s annoying.

3. Younger Aunt May/Parental figure and having stability

Before I start this, yes, Ultimate Spider-man had a younger Aunt May and Uncle Ben. I know this. You seen her above when she is talking to Miles and you see her when Gwen kissed Ganke. But she did not look like this.

Now Marissa Tomei is a young looking 52 year old woman. Girl fucking looks good. Slay.

But Ultimate Aunt May did not look like she was pulling dates off tinder. Ultimate Aunt May also did not stay in an upscale Queen suite. Peter was not raised in an economically stable environment. There was always bills to be paid and Aunt May did not work.

Miles however lives in Brooklyn. His mom is a nurse and his father a cop. It is a stable household.

As you can see, Rio is hot!

Anyways, what contributed to Peter’s anxiety and neuroticism was that he never had a stable household. They were always just above the red. With Ben gone, Aunt May had to take care of the household in spite of Peter’s new adventures.  Peter is lower middle class. Miles’ is middle class when it comes to living in Brooklyn.

4. The charter school

This especially pissed me off. 

Miles goes to an advanced charter school for gifted children. How he did so?

You ever see the documentary, “Waiting for Superman?”

Okay, so there is a literal lottery for gifted urban youth(usually youth of color) for them to attend advanced schools. If they do not get the right lottery, then they are sent back to attend the shitty Inner City schools where they most likely won’t excel in life. They will most likely excel if they go to Charter School. It sucks, but that is a reality youth face.

Miles had to enter this lottery to attend his charter school(with the number 42, Jackie Robinson’s number to mark the significance). Peter has never been placed in a situation where his race and environment did not cheat him out of a future or reduce his options. His intelligence has always gotten him out of academic situations and guaranteed his success. Miles had to enter a fucking lottery to ensure his future was stable. And that is highly fucked up that Peter just took that trait from Miles without the significance of it being appreciated and realized.

That is four things that Spider-man: Homecoming leeched from Miles Morales and his story. And people want to act dumb as if these characteristics have always been attributed to Peter. Bull fucking shit. They wanted a relative character that was not presented on screen or the audiences did not already know. They exhausted Peter’s story, characters, and even abilities through 5 movies, several cartoon, and several video games and a fucking live action play. 

What pisses me off is that people have called Miles the inferior Spider-man or not the real Spider-man, yet Peter, this motherfucker, is literally taking aspects from Miles and no one is calling it out. You love everything about Miles when it is on a white character, huh?

It is also an aspect of Marvel canabalizing off of legacy characters. DC gave Wally a chance to be the Flash over Barry Allen. DC gave several Robins a chance and did not create an amalgamation of Robin. DC gave Jon Stewart a chance ahead of Kyle Rainer and Hal Jordan. Fuck, Marvel you gave Scott Lang a chance over Hank Pym in spite of making Hank Pym’s main villain the villain of Avengers 2(And Hank Pym fans did not deserve that). 

We heard every excuse in the book as to why Miles could not be the first to enter MCU when Peter’s story has been told 5 fucking times on screen.  Miles Morales was trending when it was announced that Marvel was making a Spider-man film. People wanted his story to be told. And we heard every excuse in the book as to why Miles could not be selected. There was fucking press release that basically said Peter Parker had to be white yet you don’t mind diversifying the rest of the cast. We heard that his story was too new, but that did not stop you from making Robbie Reyes the new Ghost Rider. That Miles is a legacy. Yet you made Scott Lang, the legacy to Hank Pym, the first Ant Man on screen while acknowledging that Scott Lang is the second Ant Man. You just did not want him on screen because Miles is not white. End of story. You liked his story so much that you attributed to Peter. You took his cast. You took his financial situation. You took his precarious school situation. You took one of his arc. And you gave them to Peter. By doing that, you all but ensured that Miles would be stuck in his comic book and not being getting a damn thing.

The only reason I am interested in this film is Zendaya because black women, even bi-racial women, are hardly romantic leads in super hero in general. They are rarely presented as such and that sucks. I really don’t are about this movie outside of that. It looks good, but whatever.

saying that we “still need more m/f couples” so that media can include more trans and interracial relationships is so obtuse no matter how you dress it up bc like. literally almost everything is m/f. straights don’t need more of it in order to be more inclusive, they need less racism and less transphobia lol. we have been saturated with m/f since literally forever and we probably will be forever. we’re beyond capacity and you’re out here asking for more at the expense of lgbt media (which also faces these issues in case you forgot) and lgbt people. you can advocate for diversity in straight media without acting like there’s a shortage in straight supply

The Intimate Tourism of House Maps

Creativity is hard. Really hard. I regularly run into people who claim to simply not have an imagination, and while I’m not one to insist that every human being is a boundless font of wondrous fantasies waiting to be uncorked, it seems far more likely that they’ve just underestimated the difficulty involved. Creativity without bounds is even harder: confront most people with a blank canvas and they’ll probably struggle to do more than doodle idly, or fall back on some reliable standby, like a still life of a fruit bowl or a drawing of that cool S that every primary school kid knew how to make.

It’s the same story with level design, naturally. When granted the infinite power of the Hammer editor—alright, not so much ‘infinite’ as ‘modest, obtuse, flexible, a little bit buggy’—a lot of people tend to forego alien landscapes and secret laboratories, instead opting to recreate… their house. Or their school. Or their office. Familiar, mundane spaces; the sorts of places that the designers must’ve seen every day. Such maps litter the Counter-Strike community’s ageing archives, passing slowly into total obscurity alongside de_dust2 clones and deathmatch yards with misaligned textures.

As far as most people are concerned, the appropriate response is “good riddance to bad, unplayable rubbish”. They were crap. Counter-Strike, contrary to its gritty, tactical façade full of burly men with military hardware strapped to every inch of their body armour, doesn’t actually perform well with faithfully recreated realistic spaces. They’re too cramped, or too wide-open; too cluttered, or too empty; too full of areas that are impossible to hold down, or impossible to assault. You ever do that thing with your housemates where you’re both heading towards one another in a corridor and neither of you can pass because you keep picking the same side to pass each other on? Right. Now imagine that you have the size and flexibility of a fridge freezer. Also you’re stuck in a door that won’t stop trying to open, and you’re being shot in the shins, and your housemate is actually a man in a balaclava who fucked your mum.

What I’m saying is that these maps had very little value as spaces for play, which is—rather understandably—the only metric we ever really gauge them by. We see level design as a means of creating a product; an arena for twitchy young men to gun each other down in on a lazy Sunday afternoon. A map is the platform on which experiences play out, not the experience itself. Nevertheless, like any blank canvas, the level editor’s grid is a creative medium through which aspects of the designer can seep, and while most maps are pretty outrageously poor at getting such aspects across, it’s a different story when the map itself is a recreation of somewhere the designer has personally left their mark on.

Have you ever wanted to see inside a stranger’s home? I don’t mean in a creepy, antisocial, ‘stake out for twelve days working out when it’s safe to break in and sniff the toilet seat’ kind of way. I’m talking about seeing a single incandescent square on the side of a darkened apartment block on your evening train ride home, and wondering what kind of life that person lives. I’m talking about waiting in the living room of a stranger while they fetch the television you bought off them on Craigslist, taking in every possible detail out of mild curiosity; I’m talking about wanting to be a fly on the wall, not of somebody you know, but of a person you have no connection to and will never meet, just to see all the little ways that their lifestyle differs from yours. It’s a special kind of intimacy, driven not by perverted fantasy but by the knowledge that everybody’s life is a different story, and the honest craving for just a tiny slice of that story.

When people recreate the spaces that are important to them as maps, they inject a little bit of that intimacy into them. They’re inviting you—all of you, even the requisite weirdos—to explore these recreations, use them as stages for play, get familiar with every last nook and cranny and work out which ones can be best abused. They may be crude imitations of physical locations, limited by the constraints of the engine, tweaked for gameplay and cobbled together out of whatever ill-fitting assets the designer had to hand, but they still reflect reality, hinting at their creators’ lives, the things they value and the things they notice most about the world around them. In a community for a game played all over the globe, by people from a wide range of socio-economic and cultural backgrounds, a diversity of physical spaces is only to be expected.

And not to overstate my part in this, but in my endless archaeological digs through the GoldSrc community’s not-entirely-lifeless ruins, I’ve seen them all. I’ve tossed flashbangs through the living-room windows of suburban homes, perfectly clone-stamped across canvases of freshly-trimmed grass; I’ve led hostages down the stairwells of ageing Soviet housing tenements, pausing only to check out the album of reference photographs that guided their creation; I’ve played grenade dodgeball in the halls of American elementary schools, pondering the kind of reactionary panic such a map must have had to endure around the turn of the millennium; I’ve been in college dorms, glass-filled offices, upper-class mansions, inner-city apartments, country abodes, public libraries, terraced houses and oh-so-many net cafes, all crafted by people who would have seen them in the flesh—or at least, in the mortar—on a regular basis. They invited me into these spaces, in a form quite unlike amateurish camcorder footage or photographs. You only see what they choose to put there, and however sanitised that may be, you can explore what’s been made available to your heart’s content.

You can learn a lot from the small details people choose to spend their meagre polycounts on, too. Much like in rats maps—a phenomenon we should probably leave packed away for another day, I think—many choose to flaunt possessions or taste, meticulously placing game boxes, planting functional stereos, or modelling their workstations, complete with monitors displaying their favourite forum boards. Others are careful to map out every last inch, from closets to crawl-spaces, clearly as invested in exploration of the real-world space as the virtual one. For some, what matters is a perfectly accurate, to-scale floor plan; others wrap blurry photographic textures, clearly sourced from their own camera, around barely-fitting brushwork. They’re no substitute for a hefty autobiographical tome, but they’re a similar sort of avenue: an outlet through which a creative work can serve its functional purpose, yet still say “this is who I am, and where I come from”.

So remember, even in the world of flashbangs and sick headshots, level design doesn’t have to be primarily for the purposes of play. For a multiplayer game like Counter-Strike, inherently built for those who already live in a connected world, designers sharing works that allow an occluded peek into their everyday world seems almost inevitable; a kind of obtuse ‘About Me’ for a world that had yet to be engulfed by the full force of social networking. Perhaps, with time, designers so inclined will learn to consciously throw away all pretences of balanced gameplay, and simply invite people to freely wreak havoc in minutely-detailed recreations of the spaces they call home. It’s cathartic, y’know?

Advocating for the death of entire races isn’t an “opinion”, like don’t be obtuse. It’s an action worthy of removal from society. Accepting all “opinions” on the basis of freedom is so fucking stupid, that liberal thinking will literally get you killed


Percy makes friends at a college party, but her intentions aren’t what he expects.

“Oh, thanks!” Percy smiles as the girl - Cassie? Casey? He thinks it’s Cassie, but the music was so loud when she introduced herself he couldn’t quite hear - hands him a fresh cup. “Just Coke, right?”

“Yeah,” she says, matching his smile with her own. “Though I still don’t get why you’re not drinking.”

He tries to subtly sniff the drink before taking a sip, just to be sure. It smells okay. “Not a fan,” he says by way of explanation, taking a small sip.

Cassie tags a swig from her own cup, gagging slightly as the vodka hits her throat. “Yeah,” she coughs, “I can - ah, I can understand that.”

He laughs, and she laughs too, and when Percy settles back against the wall she comes and stands next to him. 

She nods out at the crowd and says, “So, what do you think of the party?”

“It’s pretty fun,” he says, which is mostly true. He’d prefer to be back in his dorm, snuggled up in bed with Netflix on in the background and Annabeth curled up beside him. But, as far as college parties go, he thinks this one is all right. The music isn’t terrible, at least. “Although, to be honest, I don’t have that much experience with parties so I’m probably not the best judge.”

Cassie turns to him with a knowing look. “I thought you were shy, hanging out by yourself over here with that brooding expression.”

“Brooding?” he says, lips quirking up.

“Well, you’re not brooding now. But you totally were before.”

“I was not brooding.”

“You were.”

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So people think Rowan and Rhysand are abusive - they’re not. Here’s some reasons why. I’ve highlighted some stuff in the above passages to show how in both cases (although their actions aren’t morally correct but are justified) they are not abusers.

Highlight 1
> Rowan isn’t highly suspicious or jealous, he has excellent self control, he doesn’t show signs of mood swings and as we know from the introduction of the character Cairn, he doesn’t approve of unnecessary and obtuse violence
> Rhysand may show signs of jealousy and suspicion but we know that he has a lot of self control and doesn’t let these feelings get the better of him. Also he doesn’t show signs of mood swings either and we know from ACOTAR that he doesn’t like to kill people in a painful way or put them through unnecessary suffering

Highlight 2
> in both cases, neither Feyre nor Celaena/Aelin were strangers nor were they intimate female partners

Highlight 3
> burger Rhys not Rowan have personality disorders

Highlight 4
> Rowan and Rhysand are very REMORSEFUL over their actions and regret what they did - this isn’t what an abuser would do

Highlight 5
> Rowan and Rhysand don’t need to control Celaena or Feyre or assert power over either of them because both these girls know who they are and the power they hold - they’re not stupid!

Highlight 6
> neither Rowan nor Rhys show signs of low self esteem, they don’t live in poverty, they are neither resentful towards women nor men, and they don’t have personality disorders.
> they may have genetic and sociocultural influences but this is because they are Fae (MYTHICAL CREATURES GUYS THAT CAN’T BE APPLIED TO REAL LIFE SITUATIONS) and potentially Rhys has unresolved childhood conflicts but that is more towards men and specifically Tamlin.

Highlight 7
> Rowan is training Celaena so that she may have control over her power, this is rather backwards because then Rowan wouldn’t be able to have so much control over her as Celaena would be able to fight back more easily. Also he doesn’t try and control Celaena, sure he brings her back to the fortress but she was willing to go because HER LIFE WAS IN DANGER AND HE WAS PROTECTING HER.
> Rhys also trains Feyre so she might have control over her powers (again BACKWARDS) and gives her plenty of freedom and choice in ACOMAF.


“It’s funny that minorities think people are arrested just to fill prisons.”

That’s exactly what happens tho. Anti-sjs will forever be willfully obtuse and ignorant about the ways of the world while having the nerve to complain about safe spaces and echo chambers.

A guide for the Icelandic names of the Lazytown characters because I'm bored af

Íþróttaálfurinn - Sportacus
Solla Stirða - Stephanie
Siggi Sæti - Ziggy
Bæjarstórinn - Milford Meanswell
Stína Símalína - Bessie Busybody
Nenni Níski - Stingy
Glanni Glæpur - Robbie Rotten
Goggi Mega - Pixel
Halla Hrekkjusvín - Trixie
Maggi Mjói - Jives
Eyrún Eyðslukló - Penny Pestella
Lolli Lögga - Officer Obtuse
Pósturinn - The Postman
Haninn - The Rooster

Edit: Glaumbæjargengið - The MayhemTown Gang