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Just a few more GWash facts to brighten up your day! ✨ • At Christmas time, he would rent a camel for Mount Vernon for the amusement of his guests • He had a weird obsession with pineapples at one point and at times rented one for his table (which was a trend at the time to show off and as a sign of hospitality) • Being a foot shorter than her husband, Martha would often pull on George's shirt collar if she wanted to tell him something to bring his face to level with hers. Hope you liked 'em! 😄

i like these very much !!!!! thank you,,,

i also support the last one, not gonna lie. tug ‘em to your level !

these, um, make good drawing prompts.

consider the pineapple

Big, bad scary bitch that I am.

For two months, these little punks have been hogging the gym equipment while I teach my Physical Conditioning class. They are loud. I know they are all Physical Therapy students. They are dicks. They score free tips from my class (fine) while they openly discuss what I’m doing or wearing. It’s not cute. It’s not flattering that you admire “a little mind-body-spirit action”. I do intimidating poses to do just that. You passively harass my female students and not so passively obstruct my males.

I’ve been calling out their behavior. I’m over it. They continue to grouse, but they concede to my rules. I hear them. It’s annoying, but if they are so obsessed with everything I do, then I’m living rent free under their mental beds like the boogie man.

Good! I’m a scary bitch, don’t fuck with me.

@prairiepirate I started watching it about a fortnight ago and I’m obsessed! I rented season 2 on Saturday and it’s Tuesday now, and I’ve finished it.

I just… oh my god, this show is freaking genius! The writing is amazing, the characters are so morally ambiguous, it can get pretty brutal and the music is amazing as well…

It’s my new favourite show, hands down. So happy that Australian drama is making it big overseas, again.

I’m gonna have to wait til I finish season 3 to get to see Bernard though…

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overshare! tell us about your music journey ... what kind of music did you listen to when you were little? middle school? high school? college? now? 🎧💛

i’m actually kinda…not all that engaged with music?? like, i have an interest, but the idea of cultivating a knowledge and taste for all the music that is out there exhausts me. but okay

really little, i listened to a lot of hilary duff. she was My Girl. and anything that my mom had playing on the car radio – lots of phil collins and 80s pop.

middle school and high school was the peak of my musical obsession. i loved rent and in the heights and next to normal and the last 5 years.

high school was also the time of glee, when i discovered motion city soundtrack, and when i got into degrassi – which is relevant because i tracked down a lot of the music featured in the episodes.

college…i don’t think i got into anything new. but my interest in musicals went down a little.

now. um. i downloaded a lot of the music from the 100 (lololol @ me) and from buffy. @whedoncon introduced me to sleater kinney. that’s about it.

all that being said, anyone who has recs, i’ll take ‘em gladly. i’ve definitely stagnated in the music area of my life. hardcore. so.
i like stuff with thoughtful lyrics and i really like acoustic music? okay thanks.

ask me stuff!! let me overshare!!! 

i rent a postage-stamp studio in portland
and dye my hair black. i learn to like coffee
with a beautiful girl who knew me before
the poems came. i start wearing more flannel
and walking the dog along the river.

i sell everything and fly to london, take up residence
in a shoebox flat that smells like mold out in zone 3.
i cut my hair short even though my american friends
don’t think it suits me. i write poems about men
for whom english is a second, third, fifth language.
in the winter, the dog and i stay under wool blankets
and i learn how to make tea.

i make my house in georgia a home until i have
the means and the courage to leave.

—  A SERIES OF DREAMS, by jones howell
a day in the life of someone obsessed with Something Rotten!
  • Friend: *posts about Rent*
  • Me: ...some musicals are very serious.
  • Bookstore: *has Shakespeare section*
  • Restaurant: *serves omelettes*
  • Me: When life gives you eggs... *ugly cries into breakfast*
  • Forever 21: *has sweatshirt that says "To Thine Own Self Be True - William Shakespeare" on it for sale*
  • Me: EXCUSE ME I THINK YOU MEAN NIGEL BOTTOM *buys sweatshirt anyway*

Food for thought:

The reigning trend in the fandom is that eggsy cheekily tosses his bespoke suits to an fro with no regard to their care, mainly to get a rise out of Harry.

I argue that Eggsy would in fact be the opposite, don’t you think? Being gifted with these suits, the fabric and tailoring costing more in one suit than an entire years rent for him. 

I imagine eggsy is near obsessive with the care of his suits, hanging them perfectly, smoothing out wrinkles, learning to iron them properly, or being diligent in sending them off to get pressed and dry cleaned. 

Because these suits are what separates him. They are the only thing that proves he isn’t some street scum. No one is any wiser that he grew up in the estates under the fist of a potentially abusive step father, that he never went to college, that he quit all his potential, when he wears his suits. They are the physical proof of his worth.

That’s not to say that he abandons his old style, or is ashamed of it. His chav clothing proves his strength and perseverance, that his appearance isn’t actually what defines him.

Wearing a bespoke suit projects finally on the outside what has been on the inside of Eggsy all along.

And on the other end of the spectrum, I can see Harry actually being the flippant asshole with his clothing. Because he is used to them, his entire wardrobe is them, everything he owns is nearly all bespoke. The suits don’t mean as much to Harry because they are utility to him, yeah? They are a tool moreso than a gift. He probably goes through five full bespokes a year at least, having no qualms trashing them on missions or when he’s particularly sloshed.

Everyone writes how caring he is when he allows Daisy (or what name you want to give Eggsy’s little sister) to put her grubby fingers all over his lapels, like he is so genuine that fucking baby food and vomit mean nothing because it’s eggsy’s sister’s vomit. Nah, man. Harry don’t care because he has hundreds of those fuckers. 

He’d be the first to toss his jacket aside in the heat of the moment, to pop buttons and break zippers. Eggsy might be horrified by it all, if he weren’t so caught up in his fantasy that harry the gentleman is letting go for him and not caring about his precious clothing because he’s just so far gone on eggsy lol.

Not to say that this isn’t the case for harry at all, i’m sure he’s smitten as hell, but i don’t think he’d be showing it through going feral on his clothing. He had no qualms fighting in the black prince and getting blood on his hands there, about swearing, breaking rules, indulging eggsy. He is quite rebelious, and i think his care shines through in his restraint instead of his violence.