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1. Their first kiss: They both went the same direction and bumped noises. After they decided which direction each of them would go, Neville got a little too excited and kinda ate her face.
2. Asked out first: Luna
3. First Date: Their first Date was in the Forbidden Forest. They walked around and talked; Luna fed the thestrals.
4. Said “I love you” first: Neville
5. Can’t stop touching the other: Both of them
6. Pays for dinner: Neville
7. Cooks: Neville
8. Is always jealous: Neville
9. Takes things too seriously: Neville
10. Is a hopeless romantic: Neville
11: Proposed: Neville
12. Pet names: Luna calls him “sunshine” and Neville calls her “moonbeam”

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Signs as HP ships
  • Aries: Nuna (Neville X Luna)
  • Taurus: Dramione (Draco X Hermione)
  • Gemini: Blackinnon (Sirius X Marlene)
  • Cancer: Ronks (Remus X Tonks)
  • Leo: Wolfstar (Remus X Sirius)
  • Virgo: Hinny (Harry X Ginny)
  • Libra: Scorbus (Scorpius X Albus)
  • Scorpio: Drarry (Draco X Harry)
  • Sagittarius: Ronmione (Ron X Hermione)
  • Capricorn: Harmony (Harry X Hermione)
  • Aquarius: Scorose (Scorpius X Rose)
  • Pisces: Jily (James X Lily)
What your Harry Potter OTP says about you:

Romione: You’re loyal and kind. You may be a bit of a romantic, even if only for characters in books. You will protect Ron and Hermione, as a ship and even just as characters, until the end of time. Very protective of fictional characters in general. Likes to refer to things as “My son/daughter” even if they’re like 43. You were probably very unhappy about the movie kiss scene.

Hinny: You’re brave and will defend your favorite ANYTHING to the death. Conventional, but maybe only because you’re stubborn. The older sibling of your friend group who is serious and mature, but would probably buy the younger ones alcohol and throw an awesome party. You love Ginny more than life, and weep sometimes at how she was written in the movies.

Dromione: It’s canon in your eyes. You probably tend to have a lot of “fanon” OTPs unfortunately. The yin/yang dynamic is your weakness. You see the good in everyone and have few very close friends, but you trust them completely. You have seen and probably regularly think about Dramione AMVs. You will ship it until you die.

Drarry: You read a lot of fanfiction. You probably even write a lot of fanficiton (We all know it’s smutty too just own it). You’re an expert at reading between the lines. You, like the Romione shippers, are rather romantic, although it’s hidden under a colder exterior. They DEFINITELY love each other. You will ship it in the afterlife.

Harmony: You shipped them, even as a child which might explain why you are so dedicated to them and why when you have a crush, you crush HARD. While not as romantic as Romiones, you’re are intelligent and believe that the best kind of relationships are slow, steady, and bud from mutual respect and friendship. You also have probably dreamed about owning a library.

Snilly: You weren’t loved enough as a child.

Jilly: Get outta here with that weak ass teen romance shit. Marriage AUs are your favorite and you’re a firm believer that if you can’t imagine your OTP bitterly assembling Ikea furniture together, than they probably aren’t your OTP. You’re compassionate and gentle. Probably the mom of your friend group.

Deamus: You are the funniest person in a lot of peoples’ lives. You’re spunky and maybe a bit of a bro when it comes to people you care about. It’s not that you’re bad at affection, but “I love you” is usually followed by “Bruh” or something like that. It’s canon. Everyone knows it. But you ALWAYS knew it.

Nuna: You live for fluffy fanfiction because that’s basically all your ship is. The last twenty minutes of the movie was just one big Nuna fanfiction and you’re fine with that. It’s the only change they made for the movie that you’re 100% ok with. You’re funny, charming and you’re friends with pretty much everyone you meet.

Wolfstar: You read more fanfiction than Drarry shippers. Or at least, you would, if there were any.

Snarry/Snamione: The creepy uncle that everyone knows, but never talks about.

Huna: You’re a dreamer. You’re the softest of the shippers, silently knowing that yours is the best, but you won’t brag about it.

Ronks: Everything about the way their relationship was portrayed in the movie pissed you off. Like Jilly shipper, except more emotional and like 6 times more deadly. Your favorite AUs are the ones where your OTP literally is just still alive.

Fremione: Like Romione, except you cry a lot more. You ok over there?

170223 BTS - Aladdin Fansign

- Jimin said he’s about 60kg.

- Jungkook looked at his white bunny Kook doll and said “Oh it’s me!?”

- Namjoon said he usually rides a bike to Yangjae Citizens’ Forest. (a park in Seocho, Seoul)

- Hoseok said he will work hard to compose music this spring.

- Yoongi said his ear has basically all healed.

- Seokjin said the thing he wants to do the most this spring is winning the lottery.

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my favorite thing ever is when people send me really long and detailed arguments about why my otp won’t work because they literally have no effect on me. like, honey, i know you’re trying, but there is nothing you can say that i haven’t already heard or that will change my mind. you will have to pry my otps from my cold, dead hands

Have you ever read such a well written fanfic that when you go back to the canon material, you start mixing up what actually happened. Because you so badly want the fanfic to be canon.


Harry Potter characters - The Core Seven

‘I’m just Harry, just Harry’.

‘I’m hoping to do some good in the world!’ 

‘Don’t let the muggles get you down’. 

‘Anything’s possible if you’ve got enough nerve’. 

‘I’m worth ten of you, Malfoy’. 

‘Don’t worry, you’re just as sane as I am’. 

‘Don’t you get it? I have to do this, I have to kill you - or he’s going to kill me’.

  • [After trying to talk Neville into asking Luna out]
  • Harry: And I ended up telling him that...
  • Luna: What?
  • Harry: You had a two-year-long relationship with a guy named Tad.
  • Luna: What? Why?
  • Harry: Well, he seemed to... bum hard when I told him that you'd never been in a serious relationship.
  • Luna: If you hadn't just had a baby with my best friend, I swear to Merlin, a pack of Blibbering Humdingers would be feasting on your danglers right now!
Okay but what if your OTP lived next to your house?
  • OTP: *goes out*
  • Me: Follows with high tech binoculars and camaflauge outfit.
  • OTP: *eats out*
  • Me: *hiding under the table with bugging device*
  • OTP: *laughing and talking in lawn*
  • Me: *in next lawn with huge newspaper with eye holes*
  • OTP: *chilling inside*
  • Me: *outside window eating popcorn*
Because I feel like this needs to be said

Shipping doesn’t always have to mean that you want them to fuck all the time

Shipping can also mean you respect the bromance or friendship between two characters

Shipping also means that you experience the ups and downs to any aspect of character relationships (even friendships)

You can ship their hate for each other

You can ship basically any possibility

Why limit yourself to thinking that they have to do the sex all the time

Because that’s really not how real relationships work

You can be friends first

You can be enemies first

You can hate each others guts

It’s called perspective. Things can happen that changes the way you perceive a person.

Not every ship pair just says, “hey! Wanna fuck?”

And you’re severely misled if you think that’s how it happens

Okay, end PSA ^_^


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