and nows cans is a pretty princess

Calls with Daddy: Bedtime

*When it starts getting closer to bed time*

Me: *is coloring* *yawns*

Daddy: Kitten, it’s getting pretty late, you should lay down in bed

Me: *yawns* I’m just coloring daddy!

Daddy: I know, but you can finish in the morning

Me: But I’m almost doneeee

Daddy: Princess, put the coloring book down and lay down in bed

Me: *closes coloring book, puts away colored pencils, and lays in bed*

Daddy: That’s my good girl

Me: Only for you!

Daddy: I love you

Me: *yawns* I love youuuu

Daddy: Now try to sleep, I’ll be right here if you need me

Me: *is already falling asleep* you’re the bestest

Daddy: Sleep well kitten

“Beauty and the Beast” sentence meme

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  • “Think of the one thing that you’ve always wanted. Now find it in your mind’s eye and feel it in your heart.”
  • “I want so much more than they’ve got planned!”
  • “Hello? Who said that?”
  • “What are you reading?”
  • “I am NOT a beast!”
  • “My room? But I thought…”
  • “Once this door closes, it will never open again!”
  • “Have you really read every one of these books?”
  • “As a specimen, yes, I’m intimidating!”
  • “I never thanked you for saving my life.”
  • “It just occurred to me that I’m illiterate and I’ve never actually had to spell it out loud before…”
  • “You’ll join me for dinner. That’s not a request.”
  • “Oh, you are very strong! This is a great quality!”
  • “I want adventure in the great wide somewhere.”
  • “You are the wildest, most gorgeous thing I’ve ever seen! Nobody deserves you…”
  • “It’s more than I can bear.”
  • “You have to help me. You have to stand.”
  • “Hello! Pleased to meet you! Wanna see me do a trick?”
  • “Come into the light.”
  • “Oh, I’m not a princess…”
  • “You’ve taken me as your prisoner, and now you want to have dinner with me? Are you insane?”
  • “There must be something there that wasn’t there before.”
  • “Do you realize what you could have done? You could have damned us all!”
  • “Just a little change, small to say the least.”
  • “I will escape, I promise!”
  • “How lovely to make your acquaintance!”
  • “When we return to the village, you will marry me.”
  • “Pretty eyes, proud face, perfect canvas! Yes! I will find you something worthy of a princess!”
  • “Are there any other tasteless demands you would like to make on my artistry?”
  • “I was the one who had it all.”

Oh you thought I’d forgotten about this artist collab series thing? Naah I’ve been busy drawing other horses for con prep. But it looks like @silfoearts, aka @royalsketchbook, is helping me get back to the swootie this time and god bless

I actually learned a lot from just working with silfoe’s sketch, holy cow she knows how to draw legs that *aren’t* marshmallow. Unbelievable. I mean look at that sweetie’s legs! I always edit collab sketches to try to mix a bit of our styles, but I couldn’t touch those things, they’re perfect! And get this, she can draw ponies with *eyebrows*. I can’t do that I don’t have that kind of technology. Anyways safe to say I really loved working with her sketch not only because I can now… steal… a few style things, but also because it was cute as hell. Wanted to tie in with her blog stuff so the idea was that Sweetie is being babysat by Twi/Luna while Rarity runs around doing canterlot things. I think they’d make for pretty good parents, it’s almost as if a wedding is coming up on royalsketchbook or something.

Anyways, thanks again Silfoe! As for all y’all, enjoy some pretend princess sweetie with not pretend princess princesses

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Dr Who but each incarnation is swapped with one of their companions.

omg?? I love it??

The First Doctor: 

She’s not completely unfriendly, exactly, she just doesn’t have time for humans being idiots. In the right circumstances, she can actually be very warm. She loves history, which is lucky because her granddaughter Susan does too (they tell people Susan is her daughter, but even then it’s a bit of a stretch, human ages are weird). Of course, then two of Susan’s teachers follow her home one night, and next thing the Doctor knows she has a crotchety old history teacher and a handsome young science teacher on her spaceship with no way to get rid of them that isn’t morally questionable. 


The humans help her lose some of her haughtiness. She leaves Susan in the 22nd century to become her own woman. 

Along the way and against her better judgement, she falls hopelessly for Ian Chesterton. He wants to stay with her forever, but she knows it would never work, and encourages him to go with John Foreman in the Dalek Time Machine to get back to his own time. 

Later, in other lives, she checks in on him occasionally. 

The Second Doctor:

The baby face is a problem. It takes a good twenty minutes on a lot of occasions to get anyone to take her seriously. On the bright side, a lot of Polly’s clothes fit her now. 

She finds a best friend in Scotsman Jamie McCrimmon, whose rather naive approach to futuristic technology is extremely refreshing, as is his unique insightfulness. 

After Ben and Polly leave them, they rescue Victoria, who Jamie is utterly taken with. Victoria is unsure about living a life so unsupervised by someone older and won’t listen to the Doctor’s insistence that she is in fact perfectly qualified to look after them all. 

She and Victoria spend a good many nights aboard the TARDIS talking about women’s history and the things to come for women in the future and how women act on other planets. Victoria is fascinated, occasionally horrified, and often quietly thrilled at the things she learns. 

It’s a shame to see her go, but all she ever wanted was a family and security, and the Doctor can’t provide that. 

They meet an eccentric man on a space station, with funny trousers and an obsession with the recorder. The Doctor and Jamie like him instantly, and invite him on board only to learn that the man had been considering stowing away if not invited. 

The Time Lords take her friends away from her. She is forced to regenerate and exiled to Earth, as punishment for her interference. 

The Third Doctor: 

Shrewd, passionately devoted to science, and not one to take kindly to interruptions or anyone trying to talk down to or even disagree with her, it’s a wonder the Doctor even gets hired by UNIT at all. But then again, beggars can’t be choosers. 

On the bright side, this fellow John Smith from Cambridge seems to be the one person around with an actual brain and not just a penchant for attacking first and thinking later. 

They’re friends instantly. Or, they are once she makes it perfectly clear that she is the cleverer of the two. The look on his face when he realises is a memory she’ll treasure forever. 

He eventually leaves to go back to his own research, upon realising she doesn’t need him. 

It’s a shame and she misses him, but then Jo Grant comes into her life. Despite an awful first impression, the two women are soon fiercely devoted to each other. Jo keeps going on about women having to stick together amongst all the army boys, and while the Doctor could usually not care less about gender politics, if it means Jo hangs around her more, then so be it. 

The Master turns up. It’s exhausting and exasperating and oh so much fun

Meanwhile, the Doctor’s told herself to not let herself fall for humans, after how much Ian hurt. But with Jo, it’s impossible not to. (Not that she hasn’t noticed the Brigadier’s lingering stares, or failed to appreciate him in his uniform. But he’s far too professional to ever do anything, and too trigger happy besides.) 

Jo is like sunshine and she’s always there and smiling and pressing herself against the Doctor out of fear or shock, until one day they’re in the supply closet of a spaceship and they’re kissing furiously instead of listening out for their pursuers. 

It’s wonderful, being with Jo. Until Clive Jones comes along, and the Doctor has to tell her to forget about her and marry the nice young man who can grow old with her and give her the life she wants. 

She drinks more champagne than she is proud of that night. 

Luckily, along comes Sarah Jane Smith, who is exactly the kind of human that the Doctor automatically adores. Inquisitive, sharp, and a vocal feminist. What a woman. 

Of course, then giant alien spiders happen, and it’s time for a change.  

The Fourth Doctor:

Or… not. Apparently, she’s doomed to be young, attractive, humanoid, and pale skinned throughout all her lives. There are worse fates, but she wouldn’t mind a little variety, frankly. And being so small is getting infuriating. 

Harry takes a long while to take her seriously, but once he does, he is steadfastly loyal. Sarah Jane takes the regeneration in stride for the most part. 

And after them, Leela, who is so strange and savage but so utterly charming in her honesty. They share a few kisses, but nothing more. 

Then comes Romana. A young Time Lord who looks older than her, is far taller than is sensible, and has an even more absurd grin. She can’t stand him, with his bragging about his grades and thinking he knows everything. 

She soon teaches him that experience wins every time. 

Of course, then he spots some pretty princess on Tara, and next thing she knows, the moment the whole Key To Time mess is sorted, Romana is now a less taller, less ridiculous, utterly beautiful Time Lady in her first regeneration. 

She tries to argue against what she can only consider body theft, or at least copying, but it is a relief to not have to crane her neck up to speak to her companion. 

Romana becomes a most dear friend. She’s missed being around someone like her, someone who understands. It makes it all the worse when she leaves, leaving the Doctor with only Adric and his incessant questions. 

The Fifth Doctor: 

There’s something about this body, a regality, that commands a little more respect than the ones before it, despite it following the pattern of her others. 

Adric’s questions exasperate her, while Tegan’s demands to be taken home are met with gentle requests for patience and promises of Heathrow airport, and this Traken prince she’s picked up is thankfully one of the most polite people she’s ever had in the TARDIS. Decent brain on him, too. 

Tegan’s smile sometimes makes her stomach do backflips. The Doctor ignores it. She’s learned her lesson. It’s almost a relief to see Tegan reach her breaking point and leave, except it isn’t, because for a long while it feels like a part of her is missing. 

Turlough is a curiosity, but a nice one who makes for surprisingly good company in the absence of the others. 

Perpugilliam Brown is a surprise. The Doctor remembers why she has tried to avoid America where possible in her travels. Americans are loud. But in the case of Peri, it involves shouting at the Master, and as such, the Doctor decides that Perpugilliam Brown can stay as long as she likes. 

Between the two of them and soon Erimem, uncrowned Pharaoh of Egypt, they make quite the team.  

The Sixth Doctor:

It’s about time! Finally, a more weathered model. Peri is surprised to say the least, and seems a little disappointed to lose out on her best friend who had until now looked a very similar age to her, but soon realises very little has changed. 

And now she lets the Doctor take care of her a bit better. Thank goodness for that! The maternal instincts in this body are absurdly strong, she has no idea what she would do if she couldn’t express them. 

Now, the borderline narcissistic but quietly lovable history professor she accidentally picks up some time after losing Peri is a trickier matter. Still, at least he shares her love for chocolate cake. 

The Seventh Doctor: 

Bright, bubbly, and able to get most people to like her within ten seconds. Now this is a regeneration she likes. Plus, her most impressive set of lungs yet. Handy, for calling companions who like to wander off. 

She tries to not encourage Ace’s use of explosives, but it’s difficult when she sees how genuinely happy they make the girl. She’s getting soft in her old age, she knows. 

Still, at least her brain makes up for it. She can out-think a computer, easily. The universe is her chessboard and she’ll do whatever the hell she pleases with it. 

The Eighth Doctor: 

She’s a jolly thing. Always keen for adventure, ready to shout at anyone who deserves it, and just wants to have a good time, really. 

After a rather rocky start involving amnesia and kissing the cardiologist who had caused her regeneration in the first place, the Doctor is just minding her own business when she accidentally messes with history. 

It seems that saving this stowaway on the R101 might not have been the best idea after all. But he’s so charming and sweet and genuine, sharing her utter passion for life, that by the time she realises her mistake, she’s not willing to part with him. 

That goes… about as well as one might expect. 

The Ninth Doctor: 

It’s funny, being a weathered old war veteran with a guilty conscience, and simultaneously looking like someone who could be on the front of a magazine. 

Life is hard, after the time war, but she meets a man with big ears and blue eyes and things get better. A lot better. It feels good to smile again. 

The addition of Captain Jack Harkness is an interesting one, but she’s always said the more the merrier. Their other companion is not quite as happy about this development, but before long they’re the best of friends. 

The Tenth Doctor: 

She’s gentler now, somehow. Oh, she has her anger and her snark, and boy does this body have a set of lungs on her. But she’s so much softer, underneath. 

Losing her friends from her last body takes its toll. She at least manages to avoid comparing Martha to them that came before her. Martha is wonderful, always completing even the most impossible tasks that the Doctor puts to her. They part on good terms, after the Master’s ravaging of the Earth. (The Master had not been so impressed with this version of her. He had trouble seeing the strength within, seeing that she was more than the duality of compassion and shouting.) Martha needs to look after her family, and that’s probably for the best. 

And then there’s the skinny idiot in the suit. He actually talks faster than she does, which is absurd, but she wonders if that’s simply because of his questionable family. Perhaps not letting them get a word in is how he survives. 

Either way, they get along like a house on fire. Losing him, wiping his memory and seeing him stare right through her and smile that stupid smile, is almost enough to break her. 

No more companions, she swears. 

The Eleventh Doctor: 

It’s all about fun, now. Impressing the little boy whose garden she crashes in and then impressing him when he’s grown up and has waited 14 years for her. (To hell with her rule about no more companions. Her old self was full of dumb ideas anyway.) 

Oh yes, she likes Rory Williams a lot. And his best friend John isn’t bad either. Mind you, that nose… 

She has her spaceship, and her boys, and life is good. Well, there’s River Song to worry about, but she can never be sure if the archaeologist is more interested in her or John. Just one more mystery, it seems. 

Losing Rory, and then John, is hard. But she knows that they’re happy, and that’s enough. 

The Twelfth Doctor:

Short, bossy, a control freak, and a slight obsession with tartan. Also, her English teacher companion is secretly a rock star wannabe, disguised as a reclusive Scottish nerd. 

What’s a girl to do? 

(Apparently, find out that her best enemy is alive, and now also female. And Scottish like her companion. The first kiss had been… shocking to say the least. The ones after, against her better judgement, decidedly less so.) 

She cares about her companion more than she will ever say, and when faced with losing him, takes things too far. Further than anyone should ever take anything. And when it is all said and done… she can’t remember his face, or his voice, or how he sounded when he mocked how large her eyes were. 

River is there to comfort her, though, in those 24 years on Darillium. 

And then Bill. Brilliant Bill. Oh yes, they make quite the team. And Nardole helps sometimes too. 

Send me an AU and I’ll expand on it! 

dating brad would include...

• forehead kisses

• bear hugs

• cuddle, pizza & movie dates

• falling asleep while cuddling

• neck kisses

• tickle fights

• “can I kiss you now?”

• calling him cute all the time

• “stop calling me cute, I’m manly”

• only getting into fights when he’s jealous

• him pouting when he wants a kiss

• waking up in his arms

• him complimenting you during sex

• “you look so pretty right now babe”

• playing with his hair

• this boy is definitely a top

• “come her princess”

• your parents loving him

• he’s cheeky when no one is around

• slow and sweet kisses


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I’m crazy into black dusty backgrounds, the mother-son dynamic of Princess Leia and her son and Daughter lyrics … So I combine that shit.

Can we talk about how great the female characters in Mario are? Like especially now that Pauline is being developed in Odyssey, it has some of the strongest female characters, probably in games in general.

Princess Peach - Standard princess. Girly girl, prim and proper, much stronger than she looks, even pretty sassy in the Paper Mario games.

Princess Daisy - Loud, proud and rambuctious. Incrediby extroverted and loves sports. Happiest around her friends, and commonly thought to be close with Peach (though this is never confirmed).

Rosalina - Badass space princess. Calm and stoic, but not free of emotion. Has a genuinely heartfelt and beautiful backstory. Can handle a situation on her own, and only needed Mario’s help because she had to keep things up and running on the Comet Observetory.

Pauline - Had a messed up, stressful past having been kidnapped by gorillas twice, two more than most people. Hasn’t let it get to her, and has stayed pretty casual and happy. Supportive and kind. Great leader. Mayor of New York, or whatever the Mario equivalent is.

Like people give Mario way too much shit on its characters, but it’s like. What? If you take a look beyond the base elements of the platformers, then you find that the characters are actually really well developed and fun!

Touch Me, Touch You | 03 (M)

Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 | Part 4 | Part 5

BTS; Yoongi/Suga (Ft. Hoseok/J-Hope)

Genre: Smut | a touch of angst

Word count: 3.6k

Description: Yoongi gets a surprise when he thought he had the apartment all to himself.

Anonymous requested: Voyeurism with Yoongi was supposed to be a drabble but turned into this mess…

Warnings: Masturbation, dirty talk, sexting/phone sex

A/N: What am I doing actually… Look, I had to make this into an angsty story.. I can’t just not make it angsty. This is still like pwp basically, but we are getting to plot I swear…


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Mr. President (M)

Genre: Smut, University!AU
Word count: 3k
Description: Getting some private time gets harder and harder when both you and your boyfriend are busy with responsibilities. Seems like it’s your turn to be bold and make a move on your stressed man.
Warnings: Mature content
Author’s note: It’s been a while since I wrote anything and even though I wasn’t particularly skilled before, now I’m extra rusty. This was more practice than anything and hopefully I’ll like my next works more. Or maybe I’ll even like this one more in the morning, who knows. :D I didn’t proof read this one yet, I’m just eager to finally have something to post… I’m almost done with university but I will have other stuff going on this summer, so I’m still not sure how often I’ll be able to write. However I do have a chaptered work started so I’d love to release that. ^^

Dating the student council president meant busy and conflicting schedules, constant worrying when you’d see the dark circles under your boyfriend’s eyes during your morning coffee dates, and that tiny feeling of inferiority you’d try to hide whenever someone mentioned how smart and charismatic your partner is. The fact that you recently took up editing the university’s newspaper did help in boosting your ego; however making time for dates became an impossible task during busier weeks. On the other hand the student council president you were dating was Kim Namjoon, which meant constant messages no matter if he was in the same lecture hall or attending a conference across the country, deep meaningful talks about everything and nothing at all, sweet dates and mind blowing sex, which would leave your lower body sore for the next day and your skin painted in poorly hidden blotches of blue and purple. To your delight, Namjoon himself would also look like a glowing disaster when you’d spot him in the halls the next day – the usual hickey on the sensitive part of his neck making you bite your lip in satisfaction.

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Prodigy Lance Fic Part 8!!!!

Lance was floating. He was actually, literally floating. He was back on his home beach, laying on his back, floating on the ocean. But something was…off. He couldn’t feel anything. Not the water lapping over his fingers, the sun on his skin. None of it. He felt..numb. But he welcomed it. The last thing he remembered was insufferable pain. Did he get stabbed? Shot? He couldn’t remember; it felt as though it was a sort of dream. Lance closed his eyes. It really didn’t matter too much to him. He was finally home. Except..he wasn’t. Lance swam back to the shore, toes sinking in the sand. He listened. Silence. He frowned. No, this wasn’t home at all. There wasn’t any of his siblings squealing or splashing in the water, his mom wasn’t yelling at them to play nice or they wouldn’t get any dessert. But..this place still calmed him. It was peaceful, even if the silence was a little unsettling. Lance walked along the shore, water lapping around his ankles. Why couldn’t he feel any of it? Lance stared at his feet, almost commanding them to feel the sand and water, when suddenly, he came across a very bright light. He observed it curiously. “Is it a star?” Lance placed his hands in front of it. “It isn’t emitting any not a star.” Lance walked around it studying it. Sensing no danger, Lance raised his hand, allowing his fingertips to lightly grace the light. Suddenly, he could feel. But it wasn’t pleasant. Everything part of him felt as if it were on fire, especially around his abdomen. He jerked his hand away, and he felt numb once again. “Okay, never doing that again.” Lance went to turn away when he heard someone screaming. “Shiro! Shiro!! His heart, his pulse, I-I can’t FEEL IT!!” It was coming from the light. Lance gapped, slowly reaching out for the mysterious light. “Keith…?” He said disbelieving. “Hunk! Get more towels to try and stop the bleeding! Princess! Do you have anything that can shock his heart?!” “Yes, Shiro! Coran?” “Already getting it!!” Lance stood frozen in place. Who were they talking about? It sounded like they were in pretty bad shape. “Shiro!!” “What is it Pidge?” “He’s not breathing!” “Shit..get the defibrillator ready! We have to shock Lance! Now!!” Lance turned rigid. It was him. They were talking about him. He was…dead. “I guess that makes sense.” Lance thought. “It explains why I can’t feel anything.” Lance turned to face the beach. He really hoped he wasn’t dead. This wasn’t his heaven. There wasn’t his family, his mama, his friends…there wasn’t Keith. “Lance, Lance! Don’t you give up on me! Come back to me, your hear me!? If you leave me, I’ll fucking kill you!!” He turned back toward the light. “Lance you gotta come back! Whose gonna take me to Cuba? To see the beach and your family? You promised me, remember?!” He did remember. Throughout the duration of being in space for so long, he and Keith had gotten closer. They’re fights turned to teasing bickering, inside jokes were formed, as well as new feelings. They never really talked about it. Didn’t really know how to. Lance made that promise to him one night when they were on the observatory deck, watching the stars. They were talking about Earth and when Keith told him that he lived alone in the desert, it was decided. Lance was taking him back to Cuba with him. Keith responded with a bone-crushing hug, in which Lance wholeheartedly returned. He pulled back and gazed into his eyes. They both started to lean closer. He honestly thought they were going to kiss. If only it weren’t for that damn alarm. In fact, it was that alarm that got him in this situation to begin with. “Okay, everybody stand back, now!!” Shiro exclaimed, breaking Lance’s train of thought. “Clear!!” Lance gasped as he was brought into the light. The pain returned, stronger than ever. He tried to cry out, but nothing would work. He almost broke the surface, but he suddenly found himself at the beach again. “Shiro, it didn’t work!! Do it again!!” “Keith, we can’t! If we do, we’re just gonna hurt him more! He already has burn marks from it!” “I don’t care!! Just bring him back to me!! Please!! I didn’t tell him-never go to-he has to know-” “Keith. I-I’m sorry. He’s gone.” Lance held his breath. Soft sobbing filled his ears. With each breath, they grew stronger until they were gut-wrenching sobs. Lance grit his teeth. He didn’t care about the pain. All he cared about was Keith. With fire in his eyes, Lance ran. Straight into the light.
He felt like he was drowning. The pain was too unbearable, and he almost wished he were back on the beach. He couldn’t breathe. His lungs wouldn’t work and his finger and toes felt numb. He tried to break the surface. It was as if he were swimming in tar. His moves were sluggish, but he didn’t give up. He couldn’t. As he grew near the surface, the pain grew. If he were able, he would’ve been screaming with hot tears streaming down his face. He was almost there. He could hear muffled voices, as if they were underwater. In determination, Lance gave a final push. Lance broke the surface, and took in wrecked, ragged breaths, his lungs greedily taking them in, begging for more. His face became wet with tears, and the pain was too much. Unbearable. He wanted it gone. He almost wished death to come back to him when he heard several broken gasps and someone choking on a sob. “LANCE!!!”

Hold It

A/N: So good, it hurts.

“You really piss me off sometimes,” Dan grumbled. He currently had a grip on my wrist and was leading me upstairs into the flat. I rolled my eyes, he was so dramatic when he wanted to be.

We’d been having a perfectly fine evening, until I’d decided to annoy him. Usually he would either ignore me or bother me just as I did him, but there were also times like these. He’d suddenly steam up and would be in an irritated mood for the rest of the night. It had long since stopped intimidating me, and now I knew he just needed space when he was in these moods.

As he locked the door I went to head toward the living room to do just that, leave him alone. Dan’s grip on my wrist didn’t let go, though. He still had his jacket on, just standing in front of the door with a hand on me. I shook him, starting to get annoyed myself. “Hey, hulk man? Yeah I’m gonna need that arm back now.” Dan yanked me as I started walking. His eyes were literally on fire while he looked down at me. “Alright well, you got me. Now what? You gonna throw me outside for the night?”

My body was pressed against his chest now. His face got closer to mine, until our noses were touching. “You,” he growled, “are going to go to our room, strip naked, and wait for me to come in there. Do I make myself clear?” Usually I hated being told what to do, but Dan rarely called the shots in bed, it excited me. I only nodded and let him release me so I could fast-walk to the bedroom. When I entered, I peeled my clothes from my body. They fell and joined the piles of clothing on the floor. There was anticipation running through my veins, Dan and I had had a few fights that ended in hot sex, but it only happened when were were both upset. If one of us was mad we’d usually keep our distance. Dan’s steps got closer and closer while my body climbed up the bed and then sat in the middle. Dan entered the room, his shirt was off and in his hand but he dropped it to the floor as he came toward me.

“Come down here.” I cautiously headed toward where he stood at the foot of the bed, getting up on my knees and looking up at him expectantly. “Now what, big man?” He bit his lip and remained silent, long enough for me to get uncomfortable under his gaze. “Since you love to push me right to the edge…” Dan pushed my shoulder and I fell back. He dropped down to the floor and his hands were placed on my knees. “So let’s see how you like it.” I swallowed hard. His voice was deep and soft.

Slowly, Dan pushed my knees apart and I was on display to him. I wanted to close my legs out of shyness, but wanted to see where he was going with this. Without preamble, he started leaving wet kisses along the inside of my thighs. His hands slid slowly on along the tops of my thighs as well, sending tingles down my legs and right between them too. He knew they were sensitive, my body was getting hotter. Moments later, his left hand was skirting dangerously close to my center. By then I was more than ready for him to do more to me, sighing every few seconds. His finger teased me, tracing over every bit of me without hitting my clit, just gathering wetness and spreading it around. “C’mon, Dan. Do something,” I whined. “Alright, baby. As you wish.” The evil finger that had been teasing slid slowly into me. It wasn’t enough, but I still gave a gratified sound. He pumped it in and out of me while still littering kisses around where I wanted him most. Soon another finger was added, and he picked up speed. In a few minutes I was close, moaning loud and begging him not to stop. Dan stopped kissing me and looked up.

“You wanna cum?”

I nodded so hard my neck cracked a little, “Please don’t stop I’m so close!”

“Well too bad.” Dan ripped away all contact he had with me. Instantly I was falling away from that ecstatic moment he’d been driving me toward. I tried to chase it but without any stimulation I knew it was gone. I propped up on my elbows and looked at him in anger. “What? Didn’t like that? Didn’t like feeling good and then having it all stop?” I pouted and pushed my hips toward him, hoping he’d actually go back and finish me. Surprisingly he started up again.

Three almost-there moments later and I could feel tears in my eyes. “Dan…I’m begging you just-” I tried to catch my breath and speak at the same time. Plump pink lips pulled away from my overheated, soaking center. “You think I should let you cum now?” I didn’t even bother answering, just whining out softly. “Hey, don’t give up. Maybe I will this time.” Dan waited until he was sure I had calmed down enough, then proceeded to work me over again, faster this time, until I was right there, just about to let go. “On second thought…” I cried out. My fingers were gripping the sheets impossibly hard. “I’m still pretty mad at you.” I wiped the tears from my eyes and sat up halfway. “Bear, I’m sorry I made you so upset tonight. I promise I won’t bother you anymore just please please let me cum baby I’m going to explode!”

While sex between us could get a little on the kinkier side, nothing one of us did had ever pushed the other to beg; not until now. Dan seemed genuinely shocked at my words. “Did I push you too far, princess?” He uttered in a soft voice. “No no no I’m good. Just can you…you know.” I gestured to my nether regions. For the first time during the hour he’d been torturing me, he gave a genuine smile instead of a smirk. This time when he leaned in, I knew he would finish me properly. His tongue and lips went back to my clit, his fingers playing with that soft spot inside me. In less than a minute I had a grip on his hair and I was all but screaming his name with a mix of “Daddy” and “thank you”. Dan rode me through it, until I was too sensitive and he had to stop.

My vision blurred with tears and I tried to catch my breath. Distantly I heard Dan remove his pants and climb behind me on the bed. Carefully, he pulled me up where he was, and held me to his chest, idly wiping at the last of the frustrated tears on my face. “I really am sorry if I made you mad,” I said. Dan stopped and turned my head to look at him. “It’s fine, pumpkin. Sorry I pushed you so much tonight.”

“Don’t worry. I actually kind of liked it. Maybe I should piss you off more in the future.”

His face got serious, “Do it again and next time you just won’t cum.”

Maybe it was because he’d just made me cum, but I didn’t really believe him.

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hello and welcome to my mobile interactive version of my fic recs! despite not having the time to actually sit down and read stories, i still have a pretty large collection of fics i enjoyed over the past couple of years of being in the kpop community! please send all of the writers mentioned love + likes, and support them and their stories! ♡

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What Happens In Vegas...

Pairing: Dean x Reader

Warnings: Smut, fighting, smut, rough smut, Sub!Dean, Dom!Dean (sorta), Dom!Reader, Sub!Reader, gambling, smut, use of sex toy, smut, oh…did I mention smut?

Word Count: 3819

A/N: This was written for @avasmommy224 birthday smut challenge. My prompt is in bold and please forgive me for this lol I had an idea so out of my comfort zone and ran with it. Please leave feedback! it is welcome and appreciated

There will be a part 2 later today!!!! Maybe even a part 3 in the future!

You love your job, plain and simple. You were probably one of the few people who had the pleasure of saying that but it was true. Sometimes things got a little heated but you were more than equipped to handle just about any situation tossed your way. You had just dealt the halfway mark of the current blackjack game at the casino you worked at. It was a table full of testosterone to say the least. One guy is burly with tattoo sleeves down both arms, definitely someone to steer clear of in any kind of hostile situation, the next is a bit smaller than him and drop-dead gorgeous. He’s slightly built and has the most stunning green eyes you have ever seen and every now and then you catch those eyes travelling up and down your physique; what’s visible due to the waist high blackjack table that is. You catch yourself having to fight a smile back every now and then whenever he looks up at you and sends you a flirty wink or two. Casino rules and expectations can be very tricky and the wrong hand gesture or facial expression can throw up red flags, cheating was severely frowned upon and anyone was a suspect.

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(My hand slipped…)

Imagine Mark as Robin from Teen Titans. He’s worked alone for years now, trying to make a name for himself, but crime-fighting, even for a prodigy, is pretty difficult. He’s gotten his butt kicked more times than he can count, but he’d rather not crawl back to Gotham with his tail between his legs. So, he keeps at it. It’s not until he stumbles across a team of rag-tag, barely human heroes struggling just as much as he is, that he really finds what he’s meant to do.

Imagine Amy as Starfire, an alien princess lost on Earth with no way of getting home. She’s tearing through a city one night, confused and afraid, when Mark finds her and tries to stop her. She tries to explain her predicament to him, but in her native tongue, he cannot understand. So, she kisses him, her people’s way of gaining knowledge of language, and Mark is immediately infatuated with this princess from the stars.

Imagine Ethan as Beast Boy. He’s been trying the solo hero thing, too, but it hasn’t gone well so far. He’s picked a fight with the wrong supervillain when Mark has to jump in at the last minute and save him. Ethan tries to hide the fact that he’s impressed with Mark, and when he joins the team, he tries his hardest to impress them with his abilities. It’s taken him years to get this far, and he only wants to get better.

Imagine Tyler as Cyborg, the guy who’s more titanium than human. He’s constantly upgrading his prosthetics (and his car), but he doesn’t really consider crime-fighting until he gets caught in the middle of a supervillain attack. When he fights back, he catches the attention of the other Titans, and they ask him to join. He becomes the team’s strong-arm, and he is an immense help in the building of Titan Tower. Though his designs are… a little on the nose.

Imagine Kathryn as Raven. She’s travelling the universe in search of knowledge and a way to put her father behind her. When she comes to Earth, she’s just looking for a little peace and quiet before running into the Titans. One look at their sloppy team, and Raven knows she’s got to keep them from getting themselves killed. Even though she likes to pretend like they do nothing but get on her nerves, she really does care about the others.

Imagine Dark as Slade, coming onto the scene in all of his villainous grandeur. He’s cunning and manipulative with just the right amount of creepy to make your skin crawl. Soon, Mark becomes obsessed with stopping him, but nothing Mark does comes anywhere close. Dark is the Titan’s biggest threat, and he’s intent on control, power. He wants to crush them under his foot, and he knows just how to make each of them snap like a twig.

Separately, they’re a bunch of freaks with powers, but together they’re an unstoppable force. When they’re not fighting crime, they’re playing video games and devouring more pizza than humanly possible (so it’s a good thing that half of them are aliens). But how will they fair against Dark’s litany of supervillains that he calls The Egos?

(Yeah, so this happened. I love the idea, but let me know what you guys think! If I have any good ideas, I might continue this AU because IT’S JUST SO GOOD… Anyway, stay gold, cutie pies!)

  • Zelda: Link, only women are allowed in Gerudo town. Please wait here while I gather some information and find Urbosa.
  • Link: ...
  • Gerudo Guard: Best do what the vai says. No voe allowed.
  • Link: ...!
  • ~~~~~
  • Zelda: Some peace away from him is good. Now let's see...oh you have got to be kidding me.
  • Link dressed as a girl: ...
  • Zelda: I could tear off your disguise and they would arrest you.
  • Link: ...
  • Zelda: Fine just don't get in my way.
  • ~~~~~
  • Urbosa: Ahh, Princess. Good to see you, again. And whose this pretty vai frie-
  • Urbosa: ...Meet me by the sand seal stable.
  • Zelda: OKAY THANKS BYE! *storms off*
  • Urbosa: ...I know it's you. Has everyone been calling you cute this whole time?
  • Link: *blushes*
  • Urbosa: The princess is jealous. How cute. Green seems more your colour though.
  • Link: ...
BTS reaction to you having a bad temper


Jin would be a little scared of making you angry somehow. But when something got you angry, weither it was him or someone else, he would always try to soothe you and calm you down. He’d pull you into a hug, rub your back and hum to you. “Just breathe, baby… it’ll all pass soon. Just breathe all the stress away and then we can talk about it.”

Originally posted by jinkooks


Yoongi wouldn’t really know what to do. He wasn’t a person to get mad about too many things so he wasn’t quiet sure why you had such a bad temper. Though, when you did get mad, he’d just let you go and give you space. After about 15 minutes, he’d come over to you with a nice cup of hot coco and sit next to you. “Are you ready to talk about what’s wrong? You can yell if you want. I don’t mind. Just don’t keep it bottled up inside.”

Originally posted by jeonsshi


If you weren’t mad at Hoseok, he would kinda get turned on. He liked how you fought for what you thought was right, even if you weren’t. But if you were mad at him, he’d be kinda scared. He’d try his best to explain himself and say he’ll do better next time. He’d kiss your hand, hug you, rub your back, sing to you, apologize a million times. Anything for you not to be upset anymore. “J-jagi…? Please don’t be upset…”

Originally posted by ohhobi


Namjoon would try to help you rationalize why you were angry. He’d try to talk you through both sides of the argument and see which one is best. He’d always give you time to cool down and respect you in every way he could. “Now that you’ve calmed down, let’s just talk through this, okay? Let’s start slow.”

Originally posted by bangtannoonas


If Jimin saw that you were angry about something, he’d get angry, too. No one should ever make you angry so he’d just share your anger and talk to about how they had no right to do that to you. If you got into an argument, it would be WWIII. Jimin has a pretty bad temper, combine that with yours and that would give you a furry argument. But after he’d try to make it up to you the best he can. “I’m sorry for yelling, princess… I was wrong… let’s make up?”

Originally posted by vminv


He would be kinda scared of your temper. If Tae saw you angry, he would try his best to act silly and make you smile. If it didn’t work, he’d just pull you into his chest and cuddle you softly. He’d kiss your forehead and give you a small smile. “I’m always here for you, sweetie. We can talk whenever you want.”

Originally posted by goldseok


Jungkook would get a little frustrated if he didn’t understand why you were so angry. But one he did he’d just try to get your mind off it and cheer you up as best he could. “Maybe a little ice cream will help you cool down?”

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pretend you’re Jiminie

what your favorite romantic composer says about you
  • beethoven: will kick your ass. will kick your dog's ass. will kick their own ass.
  • paganini: releases fire mixtapes.
  • rossini: waiting for the day for wagner to rise from the grave just to kick his fucking ass
  • schubert: cries a lot. crying right now probably. sinnamon roll, 0 social skills.
  • strauss ii: cinnamon roll. believes they can dance. cannot dance.
  • robert schumann: emo af
  • clara schumann: pretty feminist and is done with the scrubs
  • liszt: still jumps up to hit the top of the doorframe, usually misses. likes to use hand gestures to emphasize points.
  • chopin: tired all the time. mostly of everyone else's bullshit.
  • brahms: really good at babysitting. always ends up playing tea party with the little cousins at family get togethers but does not care because they are the fairy princess and nobody can take that away from them.
  • wagner: either the biggest dick you'll ever meet or the biggest sweetheart you'll ever meet. there is no in between.
  • tchaikovsky: gay and loves christmas. actually can dance unlike strauss ii fans
  • grieg: questionable at best
  • cecile chaminade: will kick your ass and look fine as hell doing it.
Promise? // Lee Mark


the prompt(s): 1) Could I request a scenario for Mark like the Jungkook one you did? Except he doesn’t have to be King yet, he and the reader are just kind of sneaking around the castle and being all cute and in love then they get cAUGHT and I’m sorry this is so long!! 2) Could you write some mark Lee fluff?? Just some cute, first love type of thing?

words: 2134

category: fluff

author note: ah, mork. my precious, smol, overworked son. may he get the rest he truly deserves~ also, this is for two different requests since they both fit the same genre. please enjoy!

- destinee

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The Secret (9)

prologue; part one; part two; part three; part four; part five; part six; part seven; part eight; part nine; part ten; part eleven; part twelve; part thirteen; epilogue.

Baekhyun could feel his heartbeat pounding hard against his chest, loud and fast as he slowly weaved through the chairs towards you and a shy Zoe. He’d never felt this nervous for anything in his life, not even when he debuted and performed at his first showcase with the rest of EXO. He didn’t want to mess this up: his daughter was too important and this was his chance to make up for the years he’d lost.

He introduced himself cheerfully, trying not to let his nerves shine through his voice. He flashed his daughter a bright smile that he hoped would comfort her a little. On the inside however, his stomach was doing somersaults.

“I’m your dad.”

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