and now... now he's literally just DIED

  • Wizard101 Commercials: Oooh look at all the bright colors and whimsical magic! This is a fun game with no blood or guts or gross stuff that will scare you children! This is totally rated E for everyone!
  • Wizard101 Game: Yea, it's like that up until you get to Dragonspyre. You're literally surrounded by spikes and lava throughout the entire world. Then you have to kill a man in cold blood and reunite him with his dead wife he was trying to revive. It's kinda nice until you realize the guy you killed's brother has now just lost both of his only two surviving family members, and is now alone forever. Then you got this new evil chick named Morganthe who's a general villain until you get to this placed called Avalon and find out her Brother died, and that he kinda of forced her to kill the king after he died ahaha. Oh also later on you find out she was/is suicidal b/c she told her brother she might kill herself he dies lol. Have fun defeating all the monsters who want to drink your blood and eat you alive. But don't worry, you get this really cool companion named Dyvim, until he dies. Yea, he dies, and it's all your fault. Did i mention you failed to save an entire world? Yea, they're all dead too. You fucking asshole wizard you let an entire civilization die, how could you. Some Wizard you are. Now go defeat and collect some shit from those scary ass mobs over there ya whinny bitch.

I’ve never seen The Sword in the Stone and I was planning on watching it tonight, so I looked on wikipedia to see what it was actually about and I saw that it was released into theaters on December 25th, 1963.

The film came out literally exactly 50 years ago and I just happened to plan to watch it on its 50th anniversary on Christmas. Whoa, crazy right?

Do you ever forget that at the beginning of Danny Phantom the Fentons had canonically never even seen a ghost? It’s one of the first things Jack says. They literally don’t even have visual confirmation that ghosts exist. Now consider: unless Danny had somehow managed to see a ghost that his parents missed, when he died and became Phantom it wasn’t just “oh man I have ghost powers” it was “HOLY CRAP do not only do ghosts apparently actually exist but now I AM ONE??? But also… not actually dead????”

Can we talk about how strong Sammy is? He lost his mother before he was even a year old, he went through who knows what shit during his childhood, he finally got out of the shitty life and then he goes and loses his girlfriend the same way his mother died. He lost his father not too long after that. His brother has died, twice. The first time because of him. And not to mention he literally went through his brother being a demon, literally went through being chased down by his big brother with an axe. And not even a year later that big brother who he has looked up to his entire life then goes and wants to kill him. Sam has been through so much shit and he still comes out being a beautiful angel.

Can we talk about how strong Sam Winchester is.

I landed in Des Moines from the Rob Zombie tour. I turned my phone on and my manager rang. He said, ‘Paul just died.’ I’m like, ‘What?’ I’m on the plane next to people, trying to hold my composure, literally wanting to just fucking destroy everything. I’m trying to talk calmly, saying, ‘Why are you telling me this right now? I’ll be home in 30 minutes – can’t it wait?’ Then I realised they didn’t want me to hear it from anyone else. I just went into a blank shock. My phone lit up like a Christmas tree. I was trying to calm myself down, trying not to fall into tears – so I just broke my phone, right there on the plane.
—  Joey Jordison [x]

Beth: “That’s how unbelievably stupid I am.”
Daryl: “Maybe I’m stupid too.”

Still killing me now that somebody pointed it out. Literally breaks my heart, because Beth was just so good. She always talked about just wanting a family. Her family (her siblings/dad) and maybe her own. “I always wanted a baby.”

And she talked about how she just wanted normalcy. “It’s just what people talk about, to feel normal.” She talked about how she wished her father had gone peacefully, instead of the violent way in which he died.

Beth talked about wanting to see Glenn and Maggie have a baby, and now she’s pregnant.

Beth talked about good people and that they still exist and now Daryl spends a lot of his time searching for the good ones, even to the point of losing his motorcycle and crossbow. He changed so drastically from the old Daryl who stopped caring and stopped searching for people and that is because of Beth. It’s heart breaking because Daryl was so effected by who Beth was that it changed him.

Daryl: “Everyone we know is dead.”
Beth: “You don’t know that!”
Daryl: “Might as well cause you ain’t never gonna see them again. Rick. You ain’t never gonna see Maggie again.”

You can’t tell me that Daryl doesn’t feel guilt for that fight especially now that she’s gone. She could still be alive and quite frankly, more and more things are pointing to this. I believe that now more than ever. It’s just really heart breaking that all these things have/will happen and Beth isn’t around.

I know everyone’s giving Bucky Barnes a.k.a the Winter Soldier a ton of attention but dont forget to give Steve Rogers love too

  • he lost both parents
  • the woman he loved is now elderly (and has what appears to be dementia)
  • his best friend has been experimented on and doesnt remember who he is
  • he now, quite literally, lives in an age he hardly understands

and yet, despite all of this, he remains  as one of the most resilient, brave and strongest men in the Marvel universe.

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Mariskas bodybuilder father and bombshell mother would be is so so disappointed in her.... she has gained even more weight! She's the size of a yacht! Like her dad saw her pregnant and unhealthy big before he died but she was still pregnant. Now like a decade after the fact she is very fat. Did you see her "running" in Debra's snaps? She literally waddles. She needs a fucking trombone following her now. I mean Christ... those thunder thigh. Larger screen than tree trunks.

Since I am assuming you wrote this load of bullshit to get some sort of reaction out of me, and I am currently in huge amount of pain and annoyance because of my wisdom tooth. I am going to just give you the reaction you are wanting.

Here it goes.

I will admit that if I was able to laugh I would but since I can’t really open my mouth, I just rolled my eyes and sighed loudly.

You blatantly disrespected Mariska parents with assuming they would think in such of way of her. Your assumption of them thinking that their daughter is over weight is completely irrelevant to her success in the business, and since both of her parents grew up in the same business; it would be safe to say that they are more than proud that their baby girl thriving in a business that could break a person as we have seen with other actors.

Mariska Hargitay is in every way shape and form of role model to all people. And I could go on and on, why she is an amazing person inside and out but I won’t because you clearly could give two shits of what she truly is on the inside but you are focus on the outside, meaning her looks.

If you think she is fat, oh lord honey. I can’t even imagine how you are when you see regular person walking down the street or at an mall. I am not going to pass judgement on you but smh.

Mariska is no where near to being fat, or some sort of hippo like size as you probably see her as. She’s perfect and healthy for her height and age. Mind you, she is 52 years old and her metabolism isn’t the same as it was when she was in her 20’s -30’s. Regardless she is perfectly healthy and looks absolutely great!

And I will have NO problem getting in between her “thunder thighs” and eating her right out. I will gladly volunteer to do so. And I will do it so good that she will forget about that dear hubby of hers ;)

*DING DING DING* my thoughts on jac's new storyline there will be spoilers this is ur warning

I’m very tired so this may not make a whole lot of sense but here we go.

So we know Jac may have cancer - Arthur had cancer. Jac provided support to Zosia after Arthur died when no one else did and right now Jac is all the loving/maternal/family etc support Zosia has right now.

Quite literally, bc Guy is now gone, Arthur is gone and Dom is preoccupied by Isaac (as seen by the last episode.) Ofc there’s still Mo and Ollie, but they haven’t stepped to Zosia the way Jac has - Oliver did both ulterior motives, he wanted a grief shag and when he didn’t get it he went for Jasmine. Mo didn’t either, maybe just by virtue of being preoccupied with her own Mr T, Inga, pregnant business?

((I know oliver was supportive etc to zosia in song of self part 2 but I’m just ignoring that, that’s not relevant to the Arthur storyline atm))

For the last few months Zosia has had some massive traumatic upheaval in her life with little to no support from the people closest to her.

Similarly, jac is about to experience her second pregnancy and possible ovarian cancer. She also has few close friends.


The second baby storyline links back to last year when Fran took Emma and Zosia joined Jac in risking her own life to save her child.

So yeah I was just thinking maybe it’s time for Zosia to support Jac like come on Mr Simon Harper bring on the jasia 😉😉😉😉😉

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The other day, one of my favorite YouTubers uploaded a video titled "My Future Husband." What if Sonny wrote a letter like that for his future husband, pre-SVU, and stumbles upon it all years later, after he and Barba are married and have Elisa? And just about dies of happiness because he didn't think what he has now was even possible, and literally has everything that he could've ever dreamed of.




And he shows the letter to Rafael and lets Rafael read it, and when he’s done reading it, he looks up at Sonny’s face, the sweetest smile on his lips and tears streaming done his face as he chokes out, “I got it all, Rafi. When I wrote that, it was - it was me almost writing a fairytale, ya know? Because I never thought that I would have any of that. Any of this. But I got it all. And it’s all because of you, Rafi.”

And then Rafael is leaning forward, squeezing Sonny in his arms, holding him so close and safe, pressing their lips together over, and over, and over, again, and Sonny doesn’t think that his life could be any better than this, with the man who loves him holding him in his arms and their baby girl sleeping just a few doors down.