and now... now he's literally just DIED

I’ve never seen The Sword in the Stone and I was planning on watching it tonight, so I looked on wikipedia to see what it was actually about and I saw that it was released into theaters on December 25th, 1963.

The film came out literally exactly 50 years ago and I just happened to plan to watch it on its 50th anniversary on Christmas. Whoa, crazy right?

Can we talk about how strong Sammy is? He lost his mother before he was even a year old, he went through who knows what shit during his childhood, he finally got out of the shitty life and then he goes and loses his girlfriend the same way his mother died. He lost his father not too long after that. His brother has died, twice. The first time because of him. And not to mention he literally went through his brother being a demon, literally went through being chased down by his big brother with an axe. And not even a year later that big brother who he has looked up to his entire life then goes and wants to kill him. Sam has been through so much shit and he still comes out being a beautiful angel.

Can we talk about how strong Sam Winchester is.

I landed in Des Moines from the Rob Zombie tour. I turned my phone on and my manager rang. He said, ‘Paul just died.’ I’m like, ‘What?’ I’m on the plane next to people, trying to hold my composure, literally wanting to just fucking destroy everything. I’m trying to talk calmly, saying, ‘Why are you telling me this right now? I’ll be home in 30 minutes – can’t it wait?’ Then I realised they didn’t want me to hear it from anyone else. I just went into a blank shock. My phone lit up like a Christmas tree. I was trying to calm myself down, trying not to fall into tears – so I just broke my phone, right there on the plane.
—  Joey Jordison [x]

Beth: “That’s how unbelievably stupid I am.”
Daryl: “Maybe I’m stupid too.”

Still killing me now that somebody pointed it out. Literally breaks my heart, because Beth was just so good. She always talked about just wanting a family. Her family (her siblings/dad) and maybe her own. “I always wanted a baby.”

And she talked about how she just wanted normalcy. “It’s just what people talk about, to feel normal.” She talked about how she wished her father had gone peacefully, instead of the violent way in which he died.

Beth talked about wanting to see Glenn and Maggie have a baby, and now she’s pregnant.

Beth talked about good people and that they still exist and now Daryl spends a lot of his time searching for the good ones, even to the point of losing his motorcycle and crossbow. He changed so drastically from the old Daryl who stopped caring and stopped searching for people and that is because of Beth. It’s heart breaking because Daryl was so effected by who Beth was that it changed him.

Daryl: “Everyone we know is dead.”
Beth: “You don’t know that!”
Daryl: “Might as well cause you ain’t never gonna see them again. Rick. You ain’t never gonna see Maggie again.”

You can’t tell me that Daryl doesn’t feel guilt for that fight especially now that she’s gone. She could still be alive and quite frankly, more and more things are pointing to this. I believe that now more than ever. It’s just really heart breaking that all these things have/will happen and Beth isn’t around.

I know everyone’s giving Bucky Barnes a.k.a the Winter Soldier a ton of attention but dont forget to give Steve Rogers love too

  • he lost both parents
  • the woman he loved is now elderly (and has what appears to be dementia)
  • his best friend has been experimented on and doesnt remember who he is
  • he now, quite literally, lives in an age he hardly understands

and yet, despite all of this, he remains  as one of the most resilient, brave and strongest men in the Marvel universe.

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I died a little inside when Nero admitted he couldn't shoot anyone on that night. I vaguely entertained that possibility and wondered what would it mean for Angelo if he found out and now that it turned out to be true, I'll be literally losing my sleep over it. It really came to me as a shock even though I did think about that, whether Nero did indeed shoot or not.

OH MY GOD RI GHT LIKE I HAD BEEN WONDERING IF NERO ACTUALLY KILLED THAT NIGHT OR NOT AND NOW THAT WE ALL KNOW IT’S JUST LIKE FU CK i’m now entertaining the idea that nero will question why avilio cares so much about his first job too cuz avilio gets a little careless sometimes with nero and his emotions slip out– BUT THE POINT IS IS THAT AVILIO K N O WS NERO DIDN’T KILL HIS PARENTS!! like he was present and that’s condemning enough, but i think it’ll make it even harder for him to actually kill nero now