and now... now he's literally just DIED

Viktor-sans-Yuuri is an “I want to go home” type of drunk

When they’re together, Viktor and Yuuri are definitely ‘oh dear oh god oh no’ type of drunk. The worst of bad influences on each other. One-tequila-two-tequila-three-tequila-floor type drunk. They’re let’s play stripping games in this club type drunk. It’s literal canon at this point and we are #blessed to have had this knowledge bestowed upon us.

But Viktor by himself rolls up on a club and is like “Waddup I want my HUSBAND do u feel me??”

Yuuri by himself mostly reverts back to his old drunk self–mostly a normal person, kind of sad, does the same stupid shit only by himself–but catch a singular Viktor sitting at a table by himself, squinting into the distance and waiting for someone to tell him he can go home .

I miss you 😢😢😢 he texts Yuuri when he’s only been gone for an hour.

We agreed that you would stay there for two hours Yuuri texts back. You’re halfway there, baby. Don’t give up now.

“Aren’t you glad to be out of the house?” asks someone, probably someone Viktor doesn’t like very much, probably one of the sponsors Viktor is currently trying to shmooze. “God, it’s good to be away from the ball and chain! You’re married now, Nikiforov, you understand.”

“Literally the only thing I want to do right now is go home and hug my husband for an entire hour,” Viktor tells him, mournfully scrolling up his text history with Yuuri. “I miss him so much.”

“Did Viktor’s…husband… die?” that guy asks a colleague across the room several minutes later. “He’s acting like he…died?”

“No, Petrovich, he just married someone he actually likes.”

Viktor is now staring deep into a champagne cocktail. “Yuuri loves these,” he says.

“Are you totally sure,” says Petrovich, “That his husband didn’t die.”

“I saw him in an elevator on Tuesday.”

Petrovich watches Viktor down the entire champagne cocktail. “I thought only strippers drank those things.”

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i remember when saeyoung said "should I ask mary vanderwood to cut my hair?" and I made mc reply "should I cut your hair? lol I want to" so whenever you're not busy, can you write a fluffy short hc about this? thank youu!

A massive shout out to @thedisadvantagesofbeinganellie (check out her new artblog @ellieartcave) for creating this amazing piece for me. She drew it a while ago but damn, if this didn’t fit this little request perfectly! Thank you beautiful, you gorgeous talented lovely human you!!! 

Now on to the drabble… (has some swearing in it, nothing too serious)

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Things that seriously bothered me about ACOWAR

Now don’t get me wrong I love SJM and I liked ACOWAR, but the more I linger on it the more stuff just frustrates me. It’s gotten to the point where I just get mad because I can’t stop thinking about them. So, without further ado, here are my critiques/complaints. 

Get ready kids because here tf we go

We never found out what kind of magic Mor has!!! Like are you kidding me? She’s named The Morrigan but we never find out why. Her magic is intrinsic to her character and yet was left out. There was all this hinting and it just came to nothing. 

- Elain and Nesta never apologised for how they treated Feyre for goddamn years and yet here I am supposed to like these two people and care about them. Like no thanks. 

- Not only that but they never had to deal with real consequences of their actions. Sure, they were kidnapped and turned into fae but that would’ve happened anyway because of Feyre’s relationship with Tamlin/Ianthe. 

- I need a reason as to why Nesta loves Elain so so so so much and was a fucking bitch towards Feyre for so long. Feyre was the baby of the family. And I don’t take Feyre looking like their dad as an excuse. Nope. Not good enough.  

- Lucien having a bloody last name. And then even better, Cassian teasing her about it when WE LITERALLY DON’T KNOW THE LAST NAME OF ANY FUCKING CHARACTERS RHYS INCLUDED AND HE HAS A GODDAMN POV. Give all the names or none of them.

- Speaking of said POV, was it really necessary?? Was it really needed to break out of Feyre for that minuscule part at the end?

- Remember that time Feyre had a namesake that seemed like it would become important? Yeah me neither since it was never mentioned again. 

- I feel there was no real sacrifice made. 

- The reunion scene just wasn’t good fam. There was no slow burning passion like in acomaf, and (this one is probably more opinion) it was just a bit too animalistic. 

- Feyre being concerned about the bond showing her scent but never just asking Rhys if it would or not?? Like pretty sure he would bloody know.  And was she really planning on being there that long that it would become an issue? I think not. 

- Her father (another character without a bloody name) just comes out of bloody no where and it’s so sudden and stupid and ugh I need backstory. I need an explanation. This one I will admit though could be cleared up with a novella. 

- Speaking of hearing more story, WE NEEDED TO SEE THE OUROBOROS SCENE. THAT WAS SO IMPORTANT, AND WOULD HAVE BEEN A GREAT CHANCE FOR CHARACTER DEVELOPMENT. There were so many scenes that just did not need to be in the book (VANSERRA I’M LOOKING AT YOU) that could have been sacrificed so that this could’ve been included. 

- I love SJM, but I’m just gonna say it. ACOWAR didn’t need to be that long. There, I said it. I’m going to go crawl into a pit now. 

- Jurian, Miryam and Drakon take time out of fighting a goddamn war full of their soldiers dying to have a chat. Probably not the time for it dare I say. 

- I’m just gonna say it again, but there was no real sacrifices in this book. Sure, Rhys died, but he came back five minutes later. Go full V Roth or go home. (Just kidding love you Rhys) (but like actually tho)

- Now this is a weird one but bear with me, there is literally so many ellipses in this book. Go open to a random page. 9/10 there’s probably one or multiple there. 

- There’s going to be conjecture on this one but I think there was too much smut. Now God know’s I’m here for it, but a lot of it just didn’t serve a purpose in ACOWAR. Like any scene that is written, there needs to be a reason for it. Maybe it would’ve been okay if the book wasn’t as long, but it was huge and it just didn’t need to be. 

- We are made to believe that the fae are immortal, right? And yet Feyre comments about how she meets a fae that has aged. So are they just creatures that age really really slowly? 

- That dumbass death bargain. Did they even think? What if one of them dies and they don’t have an heir or someone to leave Velaris to. You don’t get to choose your closest relative, and Rhys could just as easily pass his powers to Keir then he could Mor or literally any one else. And going with the above point on how ageing works, does this mean that Feyre could prematurely die hundreds of years before she should? 

- As my final point, I’m just going to say her editor really let her down on this one. Her deadline should’ve been longer, had more revisions and plotting/workshopping, and she needed to have a tighter leash when it came to a word count.

And as I said before, I did like ACOWAR!! I just felt like it needed a bit more refinement. I still gave it 5/5 stars, I will still read anything in this world that I love so much with the characters that I adore. 

I might add some more later, these are just the ones I can remember right now. 

hey so

anyone else notice it’s fucking RAINING

in the scene where Hughes dies

…and “it’s raining” now has another layer of Maes-Hughes-related pain. Thanks, movie, I didn’t need my heart intact.


I CAN NOT get over the fact that, apparently, the crystal gems (including Steven) were just going to leave the rubies out in space.
I mean, think about it. Steven is such a sweet kid who is against any kind of unnecessary suffering and hates the thought of shattering gems. Yet, now, HE IS TOTALLY OKAY WITH DOOMING SEVERAL OF THEM TO FUCKING FLOAT THROUGH AN ENDLESS ETERNAL HELL OF NOTHINGNESS.
A gem never dies, a gem lost in space means that they will literally float in nothingness for an eternity. Now, i can just speak for myself here but that is the absolute worst thing i could imagine, i would RATHER DIE ARE YOU KIDDING ME??
So basically, our “heroes” are suddenly completely fine with doing this. I don’t get it, why the fuck is this glossed over? I can’t get over it.

I can’t for the life of me understand why the crewniverse decided to have Steven say they were going to get the Rubies on the way back from the zoo because all it did was call attention to this glaring problem with the writing. I hate it so much, god.

A push

Prompt: Just a little push for someone to confess their feelings. 

A/N : Grammar… yup.

Pairing : Jason Todd x Reader ft. Superboy

Warnings:  Swearing, fluff. 

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-My name’s Richard Grayson, but all the kids at the orphanage call me Dick.
-Well, children can be cruel

Everyone burst in laughter at that quote. Really, this was the best idea ever, looking at lego Batman with all the family at the Manor, since the movie began everyone has been laughing for minutes, even Jason.

“Bruce, please tell us you thought that!” Tim said as he tried to control his laugh

“Right! Have fun with my nickname, I don’t care… At least I’m cute” Dick said with a chuckle but with a frown as he heard his brother laughing.

“Awh, let it go…Dick” Steph said but when she said his name she lose control on her laughter again.

“Who had this idea?” Dick asked with a scoff.

“Me” you said with a bright smile, as you tried to hold back a chuckle.

“I hate you Y/N, you knew this was going to happen” he said with a smile as he returned his gaze to the big screen.

“That’s not true! It didn’t happen that way” Dick said when he saw the scene where his lego-Dick, had the list with attributes.


“Don’t you dare Bruce” Dick said with wide eyes.

“Ohhh!!! Bruce, Bruce, Bruce” everyone wanted to know if Dick actually made something similiar to his lego being.

“Well, Dick actually did something like that” Bruce said with a smirk as he looked at the first Robin.

“I hate you forever if you continue that story” Dick said with pleading eyes.

But, of course Bruce did, so everyone was laughing hard, really hard. You couldn’t help your eyes but stare at Jason, he had tears of joy, his smile was big, really big, actually a toothy smile.

God, he was beautiful, he looked so handsome when he was all happy, you wish you could saw him everyday like that, he was gorgeous.

“Y/N” You escaped your own world when you felt a hand on your shoulder, you turned your head towards the person, Tim.

“Tell him” he told you in a whisper and your face turned red as a tomato

“Tim! not now!” you whisper-shouted at him and he chuckled.

“Y/N, you literally looked at him when the (I Just) Died in Your Arms played in the movie” Tim said with another chuckled as your cheeks turned more red.

“Shut up” You told him while biting your lower lip.

“Did time really froze when you look at him?” Tim asked you

“Did my fist leave a mark on your eye last time?” you asked him with a raised eyebrow.

“Woah, I get it, I’ll leave you now” he said with another chuckle.

“Thank you very much” you said and you returned your gaze to the movie.

“She looks cute with red cheeks, right?” Dick told Jason as he stared at you and Tim

“Totally-wait what?” Jason turn to see Dick who has a smirk on his face.

“Jay, tell her, you are too obvious” Dick said with a chuckle.

“I’m not” Jason said with a scoff

“If you say so…” Dick said with a smirk as he returned his gaze to see the movie.

The movie ended, it was understandable seeing Damian fast asleep on your lap, everyone called the night and went to their bedrooms. Bruce wanted to take Damian to his bedroom, everyone was shocked when Jason told he wanted to do it, still you couldn’t move, you wanted to wake him up. So everyone leaved the room, leaving you with Jason… great.

We kneel in front of you to look at a peaceful Damian sleeping, he smiled and then he chuckled.

“He will never say it out loud, but he really loves you” Jason told you, his eyes finding yours.

“It’s because we are blood brothers, Jay” you told him with a smile

“Still, you know, he is weird and don’t fight me on that” he told you with a chuckle.

“True” you tell him with another chuckle as you yawn.

“Right… I take Damian” he tells you and you nod with your head.

Jason takes Damian like if it was a Teddy Bear, your heart melt at the sight and you stare at them, until you see Jason’s mouth moving, what he was saying????

“Sorry what?” you tell him as you rub your eyes with the back of your hands.

“You want to come with me? you know to leave Damian” he said and you saw a light shade of pink on his cheeks.

“Yeah sure" you told him as you stand up to walk beside him.

You two walked with a sleepy Damian to his bedroom, you couldn’t speak but you could totally hear your heart hammering inside your chest full speed, you were praying to anyone who could hear you to not say something stupid or that your cheeks turn red in any moment.

“So, did you liked the movie?” Jason asked you.

“Yeah, I mean, it’s Lego after all, and it’s funny to look at our Bruce that way” you said with a chuckle.

“Yeah, it was… I’m grateful that Superboy wasn’t in the movie” he tells you with another chuckle.

“Come on Jay, why you hate him so much?” You asked him with a yawn.

“He is a brat” he tells you with a scoff.

“His not, his nice” you tell him without catching your words, fuck, you didn’t mean like you like him! you liked Jason!

“You like Superboy?” he asked you as he stood in front of Damian’s door.

“What? No, no! I don’t! I like someone else!” you said once more, without catching your words. FUCK

“So, Y/N Wayne likes someone?” he told you, but you couldn’t help to notice something, he had a smirk but it didn’t reach his eyes, he was jealous? sad?-

“I don’t know what I’m saying anymore Jay, I’m more asleep than alive” you tell him with a chuckle, trying to forget the topic.

“If you say so. Well, you should, go to sleep now, I have everything under control” Jason told you with a smile you nod your head.

“Okay, goodnight Jay” you tell him with a tired smile, which he returns and then he gives you his back.

You walk to your room and you wanted to slap your face after that. You go to your bed and in minutes you are fast asleep.

Next morning at 8 am you were already in the kitchen with Damian and Alfred for breakfast. How you managed to be up so early? one name. Damian.

You were sleeping when someone came to your room at evening, like 3:00 am, then you heard someone calling your name, and it was Damian, he will never say it out loud, but you knew him, he had a nightmare and he didn’t want to sleep alone, that had happened a lot of times before, so he fell asleep by your side.

For a reason you still don’t know why, your little brother enjoys mornings so he woke you up, at first you wanted to kick him out of your room but, one day couldn’t hurt anyone, so you tried or managed to get out of bed, looking like a total zombie or after an entire apocalypse, but you were now in the kitchen, falling asleep in front of your breakfast.

Why this situation was a bad idea? well, when you are asleep, you take very bad decisions because you are not thinking at 100%, you are half dead hald alive, so, this was very, very bad idea when Bruce stepped in the kitchen

“Damian, are you going with Tim and Dick today?” you heard Bruce somewhere in the kitchen, you eyes still focused on the fruit Alfred chopped for you.

“Tt, father, Todd it’s coming too, he wanted to know Dick’s friend” Damian said with a scoff, it was obvious that he didn’t enjoy so much Jason’s presence.

“Did you know who carried you to your room last night, Damian?” Alfred said, his back facing everyone as he keep chopping food.

“Father” Damian said.

“Master Jason did” Alfred said with a chuckle

“What?! You let him touch me! I’ll burn myself later!” Damian yelled as he looked at his arms with disgust, when he slammed his hands on the table, your milk somehow flew in the air, making you return to life for few minutes.

“Godamit Damian, be more careful” you told him as you tried to dry the table with a napkin.

“Y/N” Bruce said as he had a new idea.

You looked at thim with a raised eyebrow and you couldn’t decode his face, I mean, have you looked at him? he had no emotions on his face, it’s like a white wall.

“Yeeees, father?” you asked him with a tired voice.

“What are you doing today?” he asked you, but your mind was totally dead, if you had any appointments today, right now you couldn’t remember them.

“Aaah, I don’t know… why?” you asked him confused.

“Tt, you should said ‘yes’ ” Damian told you in a whisper causing Bruce to give him a glare.

“I need you to come with me, be ready, we leave in two hours” he told you and then he leaved the kitchen.

“What the fucked happened?” you asked Damian, Alfred look at you with his famous 'language’ glare and you smiled at him.

“Sister, never tell Bruce you had a free day” he told you with a smirk.

“What does that mean?” you asked to no one in particular.

“It means, Lady Y/N, that your father it’s taking you with him to visit Master Kent” Alfred told you with a smirk

“Oh hell no! There’s no way he is taking me with that family, haven’t he learned about me and Kara?” you said with wide eyes.

“Lady Y/N, Mr. Kent told your father that Kara or Jon wasn’t at home” Alfred said with half smile.

“Hm, so… it’s going to be a boring meeting?” you asked him, it was getting worst.

“You can take a book from Jason” Damian told you.

“Next time I’m going with you to the Teen Titans Tower” you told Damian as you started eating your breakfast.

“Bruce! Y/N!, it’s good to see you two” Clark said as he hugged you like a bear, fuck this man was going to kill your father and you just with a hug.

“Likewise, Clark” Bruce told him as he adjust his suit once more.

“Nice to see you too Clark” you tell him with a smile.

“Come on, he’s waiting for you at the main room” Clark told you as you looked at him confused, Clark saw these as he looked at Bruce.

“You didn’t told her, right?” Clark said with a sigh you looked at your father even more confused.

“I forgot” he said with a shrug.

“Who it’s waiting for me?” you asked Clark.

“Y/N!!” Conner said as he made his way beside Clark at the door.

“Oh my God, Y/N, I haven’t seen you since that day!” Superboy tells you as he hugged as hard as Clark.

“You are choking me” you tell him trying to breath.

“Oh, sorry, sorry, just that I’m happy to see you!” he said with a wide smile.

“Likewise” you tell him with another smile.

Someone kill me please, you thought as you entered the house with Bruce behind you.

Jason was having the most boring day of his life in the Tower, because Dick was a total boss here, so it’s wasn’t so much fun for him. He had already seen all the Tower three times, until he reached the sofa again.

He tooked out his phone, he looked at Tumblr for minutes and then he went to Instagram, the first photo nearly made him threw his phone.

Long time no see this pretty Lady @Y/N !’ said the photo from Superboy in which he was giving you kiss on your cheek, still the only visible from you was your lips and chin.

“This motherfucker” Jason said under his breath feeling his blood boil with every passing second, was he really jealous of Superboy kissing you cheek and spending his time with you?

“Everything alright Jay?” Dick said as he sit beside him on the couch.

“Look at these” Jason show him the photo and he started to laugh.

“What’s so funny?” Jason said with a glare as he looked Dick still laughing, soon after Damian and Starfire appared on the room.

“Is Grayson finally dying?” Damian asked with a raised eyebrow

“I hope, i showed him these” Jason gave Damian his phone and Damian just looked at Jason with a 'really’ - glare.

“Listen Todd. I hate you, but I hate more this guy, so fix these, now” Damian said and starfire chuckled.

“Let me see the photo” Damian gave Jason’s phone to her.

“But they’re so cute together, since that day-”

“No they don’t look cute together!” Jason said with wide eyes and Starfire laughed too.

“I still don’t know what’s so funny!” Jason said with a scoff.

“You are jealous because you like her!” Dick and Starfire said in unison.

“No I don’t” Jason said, but his cheeks were red by now.

“Tt, just go and fix these, Todd” Damian told him with a scoff and he returned his phone to him.

21:30 you read at your clock, how many hours does Bruce needs to stop talking with Clark?, you don’t have any fucking idea, you have been here since morning, you had meal here, you are now at dinner and they haven’t finish?!, what the heck.

You have done your best to keep it cool with the superboy, but it wasn’t easy, he wanted to hold your hand every minute which you denied gently, he had hugged you all day, like if you were his favorite teddy bear, he had taken more than a hundred pictures with you or about you, he had talk enough to make a trilogy in books, you just wanted to leave right now.

You were looking at tumblr and instagram and you arrived at Damian’s 24 hrs, story, you took a look, you would kill him when you arrived at the Manor, he took photographs of you asleep and when you were dying at breakfast. That little shit, the story kept moving with cute animal videos and then pranks with Tim, you laugh as you looked at your brothers yelling in the video.

“What are you watching?” Superboy asked you as he tooked your phone from your hands.

“Some videos my brother took this morning” you told him with a tired voice.

“Hm, which brother?” he asked you confused.

“Damian” you told him as you rubbed your eyes.

“Oh, that little guy, Jon and he are really close friends, like you and me” he told you as he keep looking at the videos.

“Yeah, exactly the same” you told him, trying to make clear that you were friends.

“Yeah, or it could totally change” he told without looking at you, but you were totally taken aback. What.the.heck.

“Right, like, super-friends” you told him as you looked at your nails.

“You know what I mean Y/N” he told you and his super cool-attitude changed as the story changed. 

Now it was Jason’s story, you and him the night before.

You looked at his hand, in a swift motion he closed it so hard that your phone broken inside his hand.

“What the fuck is wrong with you!?” you yelled at him as you picked the pieces of your phone

“Heck, sorry Y/N, I just, sorry, please forgive me” he told you as he helped you picking up the pieces.

“Fuck, don’t. don’t worry, maybe Tim can fix these” you told him trying to stay calm, which you clearly wasn’t and he sense it.

“Y/N, really I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to break you phone, it’s just -”

“Y/N, we are leaving, say your goodbyes” Bruce told you and you looked at Conner, he was kind of sad for breaking your phone so you gave him a kiss on his cheek. 

“It’s okay Conner, really, don’t worry, Tim can fix it, but I gotta go, right now, take care“ you told him as you stood up to say Goodbye to Clark. 

You arrived at the Manor, and Bruce went straight to the Batcave, you went to the kitchen for a glass of water when you heard the famous song again. I just died in your arms tonight, you thought that maybe Damian was looking again the movie because he fell asleep last night.

You grabbed your glass as you made your way, when you arrived to looked at Damian, in fact, looking at the movie, but Jason was with him. They heard you and Jason stood up, you looked at him confused as he walked towards you.

“Having fun with Superboy today?” he told you with a raised eyebrow, he hadn’t asked with anger, more like curious.

“His like a puppy you know? How was your Tour in the Tower?” you asked him as you looked at Damian in the distance.

“Go to another room!” Damian said as he get annoyed by your chat, you and Jason chuckled and made your way outside the Manor, to the big back yard.

“Well, you know, it was kind of boring, Dick it’s really a bossy man back there, and it’s like a kindergarten” he told you, and this made you chuckled.

“I promised Damian that next time I will go with him, but Bruce tooked me with him today” you told him with a chuckle.

“But everything…fine? you have some news for us?” he asked you, and for his tone of voice, you were confused, he wanted to know id something happened between you and Conner, and you knew what.

“Yeah, my phone paid the price tonight” you told him as you showed him a piece of your phone.

“What the heck happened?!” he looked at you with wide eyes.

“He got jealous” you told him with a smile.

“About what?” he asked you confused.

“You” you told him with a tender voice, at this point you just really wanted to kiss Jason on the lips, you couldn’t help it anymore, being with Conner for hours really made you realize why you liked Jason so much.

“You’re joking, why he will be jelous of me? a normal guy? he had superpowers and shit, I just know how to fight” he told and it broke your heart a little, he didn’t knew how amazing he truly was.

“He’s jealous because I don’t want a guy with superpowers and shit” you told him with another smile as you touched his hand.

He looked at you with confusion in his eyes, but somehow, curiosity made their way to those sweet blue eyes.

“So, what are you looking for?” he asked you as he leaned a little.

“I had a thing for guys that are totally badass at fightning” you told him as you watched his lips getting closer to you.

“I may know someone that fits in that description, but he has much more things to show” he told you as he looked at your lips too.

“I take that as a bonus” you told him as you lean further.

Jason kissed you as if you were made of glass, it was tender, soft but full of love. His hands rested on your hips and yours went straight to his hair, caressing the soft raven hair. He hummed in the kiss and you felt him smile on in, you didn’t want it to end, you wanted to kiss him every day now on. 

You broke apart after you felt like you were going to black out for lack of oxygen and you looked at his eyes. He was looking at you as if you were the most amazing thing on earth, so you blushed. 

“I wanted to do that long ago” he told you with a smile as he caressed your cheek. 

“Took you long enough, don’t you think?” you said with a chuckle as you smiled at him. 

“Well, it was worth the waiting, it was even better than I imagined” he told you as he kissed your forehead. 

“Likewise, Jay” you told him as you buried your face on his chest. 

“We should get in, Bruce brought Dick a Lego pajama and I need to kill Damian” you told him with a chuckle, he chuckled too and you made your way inside the Manor, holding hands with Jason.

RFA HEADCANONS: AU: They're in a Famous Boyband~

(THANK YOU SO MUCH TO THE ONE WHO SENT IN THIS REQUEST. I didn’t know my ask box wasn’t open at the time, and they very kindly pointed it out, and gave me an amazing request. So, thank you.. I think it’s open now. Let me know if it isn’t, but if it is, pls send requests and stufff, I loved getting this.

This is basically an AU where the RFA is all in a boy band like BTS or something, and Jaehee is the manager. It will tell what mc’s (your) occupation is, and so on.)



The two of you met at a meet and greet.

The moment he saw you, he knew you were going to be someone important to him.

There you were, all Smol, and nervous. He was just impatiently waiting for your turn to come up. He had everything planned out in his mind. What he wanted to say, how he’d pose in your picture, and then he’d casually slip his number to you.


Shit happens.

He completely froze up when you got there, stuttering on everything he said.

You made a small comment on how you were a bit thirsty, and HE ACTUALLY HAS JAEHEE GET YOU A WATER BOTTLE.

So, he smoothly writes his number on the water bottle paper before he gives it to you.

You two ended up hanging out quite a bit, trying to go to the most private places you could without getting bombarded with paparazzi.

When he finds out you’re just a college student, he finds it to be extremely adorable, and will probably attempt (key word) to help you with your homework.

When he fails at said homework, he asks his fans for some answers (me if I was famous, LMAO JKJK? Maybe?? I mean.)

The other boys tend to tease him a lot for this, but, hey. Yoosung always comes back with “well, at least I actually have a girlfriend to do it for.”

S A V A G E.

High key cries when he has to leave you on tour.




Let’s be real, you’re also pretty famous yourself.

You are a solo singer, and one year, you just happen to be joining them on tour as their opening act.

Zen and you instantly click, and whenever you both have free time, you bet your ass he’s spending it with you.

You’ll be preforming up on stage, and tHIS BOY IS GONNA COME UP BEHIND YOU, AND INTERRUPT THE WHOLE OPENING SHOW..just to ask you out.

Probably leaps into the air and screams into his Mic. Gets really excited the rest of the night while he’s preforming.

JAEHEE IS PISSSSEEEDDD. Will tell him that he should not be having a relationship when the two of you are just so busy. But, he doesn’t listen.

Now, you guys tend to be completely out there when it comes to your dates. Paparazzi are A L W A Y S catching you kissing, or doing some form of PDA.

Again, Jaehee is pissed. She’s probably going to contact your manager, and start complaining, trying to reason with him.

Your manager is cheap, so he doesn’t care, as long as he’s getting paid.

You manager thinks it’s good for you, because you’re gaining attention from Zen and your relationship.

“Any publicity is good publicity.” He says.

So, poor Jaehee. You and Zen rock your career out together~



He’s the jokester out of the group.

So of course, he meets you, a fan…

Right after he kicks a full water bottle into your face at a concert.

You’ll be sitting in the front row, just enjoying the show. WHEN THAT HAPPENS.


He probably starts busting out laughing, and pulls you up on stage.

Stops laughing when he sees hOw beAUTIFUL YOU ARE LIKE SHIT.

Starts violently apologizing.

When you start laughing, he gets really happy, (and relieved.) and gets you back stage passes.

Now, before he see’s you again back stage, he’s gonna ask Jaehee to be his wingman (wing woman???) and begs her to get your number.

Ends up paying her extra money to get her to do that but hEY.

The moment he sees you he just dies.

You were so cute, and now wearing one of their band shirts.

You two begin talking, and he finds out that you’re a clothing designer.

Literally hires you to make his outfits for the shows.

He loves wearing stuff made by you (probably asks you to make him dresses every now and then.)

Tries being really serious when he asks you out, getting you a rose, and writing it in a cake.

Drops the cake.

Freaks out, but you had already glanced and saw what it said, so of course, you said yES.

He will probably not be open to go on many dates at first, afraid that if you two got too close, fans would try to hurt you.

Once you’ve assured him that it is 100% okay, you’re fine..he’s gonna be taking you E V E R Y W H E R E.

Probably makes you help prank his fans.

Scare cams the other RFA members (including jaehee OOPS.)



You’re an interviewer! So, one day he comes in for you to interview him 1 on 1, and of course, you bring up his cat. Asking him how it’s been, what he does when he’s away on tour.

And he’s just shocked that your questions seem to be actually curious on him and and his cat, rather than just how much money he makes, and whether he has a girlfriend or not.

As soon as the interview is done, you two start talking about your cats, showing each other pictures of them.

He exchanges his number with you, and makes sure to talk to you everyday, even when he’s on tour.

He’s probably going to stop leaving Elizabeth 3rd with Jaehee, and start letting you take her while he’s gone. (The cat, not Jaehee.)

Hates to see you interview other people, but he knows it’s you’re job, so he keeps it to himself.

Actually starts getting mad when you talk to other RFA members.

He asks you out by taking you on a fancy dinner date at an Italian restaurant (or somewhere else if ya don’t like Italian. JUST THINK FANCY.)

He will have this really nice pizza thing, and the toppings will spell out “will you go out with me.” AND YOU JUST


Dates are always fancy and mildly expensive. Sometimes you would just want to stay at home, but he loves to treat you like a queen.



You are also apart of the boys management.

You and Jaehee like to just rant about the things those boys make you do. Like. loRD.

On a day off, you take Jaehee out for coffee..and this is the day..where o shit. She gay.

She actually has feelings for you. You. Another woman?? What??

She’s really confused, and gets really nervous out of no where.

Poor thing gets a little coffee cream on her upper lip..AND WHEN YOU BEND OVER THE TABLE TO WIPE IT OFF HER. She almost faints.

She accidentally confesses to you one day while you were making sure the hotels were all booked and in check.

She’s actually going to start stuttering, and is almost on the verge of tears, because she’s just so scared that you don’t feel the same.

You reassure her that you feel the exact same, and she just..WHAT.

You two share a passionate kiss, and that’s when the boys come in.


lil bi-

You two tend to get VERY over worked, but if one of you were having an extraordinary hard time, the other would be there to support you in no time.

Jaehee constantly worried about you and your health, and hardly even worries about her own

You have to make sure she knows that she is what’s important to you. And if she needs to rest, you are going to do everything you can to make sure she cHILLS ABOUT YOU, AND GETS SOME DANG SLEEP.

You two probably eat out a lot, but try to cook together whenever you can.

Lots of coffee dates.

When there’s no work, snuggles on tour bus. ;)




You’re a photography journalist.

The two of you meet when he’s just trying to get away from all of the fans.

He somehow sees you (lol) taking photos outdoors at the park.

Casually asks to see your pictures.

He starts talking to you about how he liked to take pictures in his free time, and that he just never got around to it like he used to. He finds out that you do it as a profession, and he gets a bit nervous that you may recognize him, and start bombarding him, thus blowing his cover.

You start to notice he looks a bit familiar, and point it out.

He practically sweats, but doesn’t want to lie to you.

He admits that he is a part of the boy band thing, and your just like OH


He gets confused, because why weren’t you begging for pictures?

You seem completely calm in the fact that you were talking to a celebrity, and he is just so grateful from that moment on.

Before you two part, he realizes that you were a genuine person, and asked for your number.

He loves to take pictures with you, (casually slipping in photo’s of you every now and then.) and loves showing them off after word.

Probably makes really aesthetic posts on his social media, all pictures that the both of you took.

If a fan is being rude to you?

Surprisingly, he loses his cool, and goes off on them. If it’s in person, he will make a comment on Twitter or something afterwards on how immature they acted, and that it shouldn’t happen again.



You’re his makeup artist~

You’ll be doing his makeup as gently as he could, and literally it fEELS SO NICE. He loves when you’re touching his face, doing your best to make him look good up on stage.

If anyone else even tries to do his makeup, he will go off. He doesn’t care if he has to go look like a pale ghost on stage. No one else can do his makeup.

One day, he gets really frustrated, because he likes you? But how does he even show that?

As you finish his makeup one day, like any other day, HE LITERALLY STANDS UP, AND PINS YOU TO THE WALL.

He doesn’t want to force you to do anything you didn’t want to, so he awkwardly asked if he could kiss you, rather than just going for it like he had planned.

When you agree, he gets really happy (but doesn’t show it.) and just goes for it.

The two of you kissing before a show becomes a regular thing, as he claims it to be a good luck charm.

Asks you out back stage one day after you two share a passionate kiss. Gets really energetic on stage when you say yes~

Magisterium pain

My brother just came into my room screaming. Like literal full-on yelling.

And guess what he had just done?

Read Magisterium 1-3 in one day and had just found out that Aaron died. He was crying and sobbing his heart out while I stood there, amused and laughing now that the pain had gone out of me (and I was sure he would come back)

He’s still crying now as I make this post…

Guess that taught him not to steal my books and read them without warning, hehe

The fucking IRONY of Jafael fans telling Villadero/Michael fans that we’re being dramatic for saying we’re going to stop watching JTV now. The same fans who couldn’t wait to post on every JTV Facebook post or YouTube video about how they would quit the show if Jane married Michael. Literally threatening the writers to get what they wanted or they’d quit lmao. Even after the marriage when S3 started, they were doing the same thing. Now we’re being dramatic and it’s not that serious when Michael DIES. He didn’t just lose Jane or they broke up, he is actually gone from the show and our ship is destroyed. I’d say that’s way worse than simply not having your ship happen.

Us Villadero fans stuck around this show for TWO full seasons as Jennie jerked us around. Some of us have been rooting for Jane and Michael from the start and had to sit through forced Jafael for the majority of S1. Then we finally got what we wanted only for the writers to do that bullshit in S2x5 and have to wait another like 10 episodes to get them back. Now after going through all of that, then Michael almost dying, OF COURSE WE’RE FED UP.

Save your, “you can’t do that to Gina” because y’all didn’t give a damn about Gina when you all were quitting on the show way before us.

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Not bloody vikings


I’m a Heathen because I live in North Lancashire, in the Danelaw, because my ‘ancestors’ were here - even though I’m Cornish born and bred. My one-eyed grandfather used to preach in Lancashire and Cumbria. My mum remembers holidays here and the Lake District. I’m one of the Hanged God’s cos I was hanged in the womb, but also because I began my proper magical life in Hanging Town.

When I can, I honour our literal peer, Baron Ashton,on Good Friday/Easter Saturday, with cigars and rum, at home, or at his memorial if I can.. This place’s dead are my dead now. Its water has nourished me for 17 years, its isotopes are in my teeth, my bones.

When Legba told this white Cornish boy the lwa weren’t his ancestors, but that he had ancestors here up North, that was what he meant. Dead in the ground, some become landwights, some just *here*.

And now my Mum’s ashes are here - she died in Preston. My Dad just moved to the building next door.

I’m not a Heathen cos I want to play Viking. I’m one cos this place got into my bones. And yeah, I’m a Brit, but moving 300+ miles from an an area where you’ve had traceable kin since 1400? That’s a wrench, for me. Sounds like nothing, but, it isn’t.

But what people forget is roots grow in all directions through the earth, Wherever there’s the water of memory. The proper nutrients. They’ll grow sideways, upward, downward. Find things to climb up, entangle round, embrace.

Connections, roots, they happen through the dead and the land. You just have to learn to notice them. And that’s a *skill*, it really is.

As a FB/Mugtome friend wrote, emphases mine:

If ancestors are considered at all, it is either in the narrowest possible terms - such as deceased family members who you knew in life but might not have had the best relationship with, or who might have been fundamentalist Christians that would disapprove of such practices, etc. Or else with this weird 400-year disconnect, where they want to edit out the whole complicated ugly history and horror of their ancestors’ actual lives in the Americas, and hark back to a romanticized idea of their ancestors as they were in Europe.


There often seems to be an underlying desire to absolve one’s ancestors of any complicity in genocide and slavery by conveniently skipping over that section of their ancestors and instead venerating “nice” imaginary idealized ones from before colonialism when their hands were clean. But nobody’s hands are ever clean, and certainly not within the history of Europe prior to colonization of the Americas.

Your ancestors are going to include some reprehensible fucking bastards, no matter who you are, and you have to own your own dead. You don’t have to condone their bullshit or justify what they did in their lives, or make excuses for them, or even sit in judgement over them - but you do have to own them. You are your ancestors - the sum total of all of the desperate day-to-day lives and entanglements that culminated in your birth - and you will always dance to the tune of your own nature and nurture. But you are also the only one with the choice and free will to decide where you’re going to take that ancestral inheritance from this point forward[.]

Our contemporary moment - right this instant - emerges out of our ancestral past and its myriad entanglements of joy and suffering, and it’s our responsibility to shepherd that moment into tomorrow. The conductor’s baton is in our hand for a minute, and you have to make that minute count. It’s harder to do that, or to do it constructively, if you are estranged from your own ancestors - or if you are in denial about who they were or what they did. 


To engage with the mysteries of landscape is to engage with the mysteries of the dead, and engaging with the mysteries of your own ancestral landscape can be a means of approaching your own ancestral dead, nameless or otherwise. The streets they walked down, the places where they drank, the types of food they ate. People always go on about how America doesn’t have history like Europe does, but it totally has history. If it has dead in the ground, it has history. Even Miami, which has less history than most pubs where I used to drink in London, is a landscape teeming with the dead.

 […]You are who you are, your ancestors did what they did. You can’t change any of that, but you *can* pay close attention to the voices of the dead as they emerge through landscape. You can take uncompromising ownership of the emergent process of human lives that culminated in your own life, however raw and ugly, and decide what the next sentence of that narrative is going to be. You can have an ancestral practice that is rooted in the realities of your actual dead within America, and the landscape and history that they weave through.

 Ancestor work is not really about that, [it’s] about giving the future a solid foundation - and that might not always be easy or comfortable to engage with as a process - but nobody else is going to do it. Thorny material may arise, but the strategies of ancestor work are replete with methods for mediating such difficulties. It’s not a half-hour sit-com, and you are not going to cheerily resolve all the gnawing torment and wickedness that wracks that landscape and churns through those dead, but you can do your bit. You can set your light in the darkness, and contribute to creating a foundation for the future that is a little more solid, a little more aware of its past, and a little less in denial about the realities of its history. It’s the work.

Cas and Deans ‘true’ Deaths

ARGH Tumblr just ATE my ask response… so I hope you see this… an ask about Cas’ season 12 death and Dean’s season 3 death being much more final than their others in the show…

I love that we can meta about how deathly a death was in Supernatural….

But yeah I totally see what you mean. season 3 Dean suffers a ‘true’ death then in 4x01 Dean stabs Cas after being resurrected, 12x23 Cas is stabbed before dying a ‘true’ death…

I wrote a whole post about Death in supernatural and how it is much more like the tarot style Death than a true Death in that it usually means a new chapter for someone, to do with self - awareness and a transformation (these are standard tarot term, not mine by the way, and yes they totally fit with this show, I love it).

Dean literally clawed his way out of his grave and started a new Chapter in 4x01. Aided by his ‘sunshine’ Castiel (even non shipping, Cas is Dean’s sunshine and always has been, for himself and also for the ways that for Cas himself he is associated with Sunshine and Jesus).

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And now Cas died just before sunrise… hmmm

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So… the ‘true’ death of Cas is partly as his counterpoint to Crowley in the metaphor of making up Dean but also I hope it means now he is resurrected (at sunrise please) as entirely his OWN character as Dean after 12x22 is “done” and Crowley is dead, so Cas is just CAS now and not a metaphor for a part of Dean….

These deaths are yes massively a big player in their ‘new chapters’ and I cant wait to see how this transpires for both Cas and Dean now in season 13 as they are now so closely intertwined (again, even without shipping, they and their endgames are canonically intertwined).

politicalbloodtea  asked:

“I’m right here. I’m not going anywhere.” Jimon

“Jace! Hey, hey. Stay with me,” Simon says, a pleading to his voice. There’s the sound of seraph blades clashing behind him, and a burst of magic suddenly surrounds the space where he and Jace are.

Simon hears Magnus yell something, but he’s too busy cradling Jace’s head, watching as he activates his iratze rune. “I’m right here,” he says. “I’m not going anywhere.”

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First Love -9- Suga Au

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First Love, Suga AU

Parts; Masterlist, | 01, | 01 | 02 | 03 | 04 | 05 | 06 | 07 | 08 | 09 | 10 | 11 | 12 | 13 |

Pairing; Min Yoongi x Reader

Genre; Romance, angst

Word count; 3.187

Synopsis; Meeting the genius of the music class was something you looked forward to, that is until he opened his mouth but even though he treated you like crap, you couldn’t help but feel attracted to him when he was playing the piano, how could you fight against feelings like this and was it something you wanted to fight against in the first place.

When you opened your eyes you were surprised to see your surroundings because you weren’t at home in your bed but in a hospital bed and for some reason everything hurt, not sure about all of this you looked around and stopped when your eyes fell on a sleeping Yoongi, he looked terrible and definitely needed a shave, you didn;t want to wake him up but you were really thirsty and he was the only one in the room. “Yoongi?” you were a bit startled when you heard how awful your voice sounded, it was like someone else was talking, he, on the other hand, shot right up when he heard your voice.

“You’re awake.” you nodded which hurt more than you would think but talking was tiresome. “How are you feeling, ah sorry that’s a stupid question, let me get a doctor.” he quickly pressed the red button and sat down, gently inspecting if you were okay but you really just wanted to have some water. “Oppa, water please.”

“Of course, wait a minute.” he gently caressed your cheek but you cowered away from his touch and not because you wanted to but it was a reflex and the look in his eyes, boy did you feel even more awful. He tried to hide it though and as he was getting water, the doctor walked in. “Ah you’re finally awake, how are you feeling?” he was checking your reflexes with his little light, which was annoying as hell, as it was shining in your eyes. “Doctor? What’s wrong with my leg, why does it have a cast?”

“Can you tell me what you remember?” Yoongi had returned and sat down curiously and as you tried to think what had happened your mind draw up blank because you really couldn’t remember it. “I’m not sure, I know that we were at his house but other than that I don’t know.”

“Hmm,” he said this more to himself than to you and as you looked at Yoongi, he sat there shocked and you really wondered what had happened because it must’ve been something bad as you were in the hospital and you felt the frustration build as you tried to remember what had happened. “Why can’t I remember anything doctor?:”

“I’m not sure but I think due to the shock you are protecting yourself and that’s why you can’t remember it and as much as I need to tell you something, I promised this young man that he could do it, so I will leave you two for now. Make sure you explain it good, okay?” he said to Yoongi who was looking as if he could throw up any minute. As soon as the doctor left the room, Yoongi took a seat on the bed and grabbed your hand, you could literally see him plucking the courage, which made it only worse because you began to feel nervous as he was contemplating how to say what he needed to say. “What’s wrong Oppa? Please just say it.”

“You really don’t remember what happened?”

“I don’t, so please tell me.”
“I really wish I didn’t have to do this but you’re here because of my father.”


“You defied him and he didn’t like that, so he almost killed you.”

“Sorry, what?!”

“You were protecting me because I had a panic attack when I heard his voice and you protected me till the end but in the midst of doing that he crushed your leg and knocked you out.” you could hear the shame in his voice but the one thing that stuck with you was that he had crushed your legs. “He crushed my leg?” you asked carefully and that’s when the guilt appeared on his face.

“He did and you know, the doctor said that you, um can’t dance anymore.” You closed your eyes because suddenly you felt really nauseous. You couldn’t have heard him right, there was no way he had said that you couldn’t dance anymore. “I know you don’t want to hear that but it’s the truth, I’m so sorry.”

“So if I’m hearing this correct you are telling me that you father crushed my leg and I can’t dance any longer and the only thing you can say is that you’re sorry?! Where were you, why did I have to protect you in the first place?!”

“I’m so, so sorry, I| really wish I could turn back the time.”

“I’m not asking about that, I’m asking why I had to protect you against your abusive father, why is it that I’m here and why is it that I can’t dance any longer?” you sounded unreasonable but you couldn’t help it, as a bitter taste spread through you mouth, you had been biting your cheek, to keep yourself from yelling at him. “I’m so sorry but I couldn’t move, I was suffering from a panic attack and I only realized what was going on when it was already too late and before I could even do something he had snapped your leg and when I tried to get you away he had put a knife to your body and before I could get to you, he had already put the knife in your back.. There was nothing I could do.”

“Just leave please.” you pulled your hand from his and the sadness that appeared on his face, made your heart break but he was literally the last person you wanted to see because thanks to him, you couldn’t dance anymore and that felt as if you died anyway. “I don’t want to leave you.”

“And I don’t want you here right now.” you turned your head away from him and closed your eyes again. “I will leave for now but I will be back tomorrow, so please rest a bit.” you ignored him and waited till he was gone before you let yourself cry because you had been acting tough but in reality you were in so much pain, it was really indescribable and the fact that you could never dance again well that didn’t help because dancing had been your passion since you were little and now it was just taken away and only because you had to be stupid enough to protect Yoongi.

“Noona!” you opened your eyes to see a worried Jin Soo staring at you. “Jin Soo.” you couldn’t even sound happy anymore not even for Jin Soo, who looked happy to see you awake but you wanted nothing more than to just be left alone. “Don’t ever do that again, don’t scare me like that.” he hugged you but you just couldn’t bring yourself to hug him back, you felt distant from him, from everyone and Jin Soo felt this as he let go of you and studied you, eventually you couldn’t stand his glare and turned your head away, only to see your mother standing in the door opening, it was clear that she had been crying and before she could say anything you closed your eyes again. “Please just leave.”

“But Noona.”

“I’m fine Jin Soo-ah, just take mom home.”

“Will you come home soon Noona.”

“I will when the doctor tells me to.” this seemed to work as he smiled a bit and as he gave you a kiss on the cheek, he told you to stay strong and get better soon but it still didn’t matter, You spoke to the doctor and told him you didn’t want any visitors whilst you were here and at first he tried to persuade you but eventually did what you asked. You know Jimin, Taehyung, and Jungkook came by and were almost demanding to go in but they never got a chance. Yoongi didn’t give up easily and even called out your name a few times but you didn’t care right now and the only thing you wanted was to get out of this hospital. This was the case a few days later, you still were recuperated but you could do this at home, so that was a plus, you had to use crutches but that was fine, the only problem was that you were still aching from the stab wound but it was manageable, you didn’t tell anyone that you got released from the hospital so when you walked into the house, your mother was shocked to see you standing there.

“You should’ve called.”

“Why? You can’t pick me up, so this was the only option and I took a cab so no worries.”
“You could have asked Yoongi.”

“I don’t want to ask him.”

“Why not, he is your boyfriend.”

“I don’t want to talk about this mom.”

“Did something happen between you two?”

“I’m tired, I’m going to sleep for a while.” you said ignoring her question because this meant that Yoongi hadn’t told her what had happened, he probably told her a safe version of the story, not that you could really remember what had happened but he had been honest with you.

“Are you going back to school?”

“No I’m not.” with that you slammed the door and sat down on your bed, feeling completely exhausted. How could she ask you if you were going to return to that school, it’s not like you had any business there, as you couldn’t dance anymore, that would just be pure torture, you looked at your other passion and as you stared at the keyboard you suddenly felt a blinding rage and as you got up you grabbed your keyboard and with all your strength you threw it through your room and as it slammed against the wall, it broke, which was fine by you, as you weren’t planning on playing it anyway.

“Is everything okay in there?” you heard the panic in her voice but you just walked into your bathroom and slammed the door shut. Never once did someone protect

you, it had always been you, who protected other people and look where it got you. You looked at yourself in the mirror and you suddenly started laughing, till the tears were running down your cheek and your breathing became shallow. “Y/N! Please let me in!” Yoongi was screaming through the door, this made things even worse because even though you hated him right now, you also loved him and wanted to cry in his arms but your mind told you to ignore him because if you let him in you’d be hurt again, so you just stayed there on the ground and cried as if you just lost a person, this was the first time you allowed yourself to cry about everything that had happened to you and you didn’t even notice that Yoongi had gotten in until he crouched down in front of you, he even put his hand on your face to wipe away the tears.

“I’m so sorry. I should’ve protected you, please just forgive me.” you shook your head because right now you didn’t have it in you to forgive him but you did allow him to lift you and tuck you in, he sat hind you and as you inhaled his scent you felt slightly at ease but the crying never stopped and eventually you must’ve fallen asleep. You woke up and was startled when you saw Yoongi lying next to you, you carefully tried to get out of bed but the second you finally had your leg of the bed, he woke up. “Where are you going?”

“You shouldn’t be here.”

“Where else should I be then?”

“Just stay at your own place.”

“I don’t want to, there is still blood on the carpet, which I can’t get out and it reminds me of what I did to you.” you clicked on a light and turned to look at him because this self-pity of him was making you furious. “You didn’t do anything to me, your father did, so stop feeling guilty and just leave already.”

“I can’t.”

“Why not Min Yoongi?”

“Because I love you and I have to make this right.”

“Give my ability to dance back then.”

“You know I can’t do that.”

“Then stop saying you want to make things right because that’s impossible.”

“Why did you break your keyboard?”

“I don’t want to make music any longer.”

“Why not?”

“I just don’t want to.” He sighed deeply before he pulled his hand through his hair, this was a gesture he never did, this was something Jimin usually did but not Yoongi. “You know losing your ability to dance isn’t the end of the world, I’m really, really sorry that it happened and I will always feel bad about it but don’t give up on the other thing you love.”

“I don’t want to get a lecture from you min yoongi, so please just leave me alone.”

“I won’t, I will bother you every day and I will play piano where you can hear it, I won’t give up.” he was determined and you knew that once he was like this, he wouldn’t give up, which meant there was just on solution and that was to move away so that he couldn’t find you. “Just leave.”

“I will this time but I will be back tomorrow.” he kissed your cheek and left the room and that’s when you decided to look for a place to stay in Busan, it wasn’t too far away but far enough to get over him and to get your mind at ease. You had a place to stay there and as you packed your stuff, you couldn’t feel guilty about leaving the people you loved, it was for the best, as you needed time to sort everything out. Within an hour you were all packed and the cab was already waiting for you and as you got in, you thought you saw your mother looking through the window but you couldn’t say goodbye because you were already wavering and as the cab drove away, you left your feeling behind.

The minute you saw the sea, you felt better, it was like you could breathe again and as the cab started to slow down, you couldn’t help but smile at the location, because you had rented a lovely home which looked out over the sea. “Thank you Ahjussi.” you paid him and made your way into the house, which was spacious enough to live and even do some training to strengthen your knee. You had called the hospital on the way and asked them if it was okay to visit the hospital in Busan, to get training and that was okay and that’s how you started your life in Busan, you walked a lot and after a while you didn’t even need the crutches any longer but the most important part was your mind and after you started to talk to a psychiatrist, you slowly started to heal but you never once listened to piano music or music in general, you only listened to music when it played in the background of a tv show but other than that you avoided listening to music.

You had been in Busan for a few weeks and as you passed by a little cafe, you saw someone familiar and when he turned you were shocked to see Jimin and Jungkook, luckily they didn’t see you at least that’s what you thought and as you quickly walked away, you suddenly heard your name. “Y/N!” this was definitely Jimin and your heart dropped. “Y/N, wait a second.” you sighed and stopped walking because you couldn’t run away anyway. “Do you know how worried we were about you! You just disappeared and Yoongi, my god he walks around these days as if he has died.”

“Why should I care?”

“You can’t fool me, I know you and I know you try to hide your feelings but I’ve had it. I won’t stand for it.”

“You won’t stand for it! Do you know what happened! How can you say something like this.”

“You need to stop pitying yourself, be happy you’re still alive, so what that you can’t dance anymore, it’s not the end of the world!”

“How could you say this! Dancing is your life, what happens when they tell you, you can’t dance anymore?”

“I don’t know, what I would do but I wouldn’t be like you, that’s for sure! Do you even know how selfish you have been!”

“Selfish!!! This is the first time in my life that I’m taking care of myself instead of others, so don’t tell me that I’m being selfish!” you were right in each other’s face that you forgot about Jungkook.

“Noona, please just come back with us.” you broke eye contact with Jimin and focused on Jungkook, who was in tears but you weren’t going to give in, not even by Jk’s tears not this time, you weren’t going to weak. The only thing you could do now was turn around and walk away even though you knew they would follow you but you didn;t care, you just wanted to go home and as you crossed the threshold you quickly closed the door and hide in your bedroom and after awhile everything grew silent and this is when you finally decided to get up and change, you took a shower and dressed casually and without bothering you pulled your hair in a messy bun and laid down on your bed, so you could watch some tv, this was the only way you could fall asleep lately and luckily nothing bothered you during the night, which was a good thing, it probably meant that Jimin and Jk had given up.

As you started your daily walk, you didn’t notice that someone was following you and as you reached the point you wanted to walk to you sat down and looked out over the sea, which was a bit rougher but it looked beautiful. This continued the next few days, you started to feel comfortable again as you thought that Jimin and Jk had left and the weird feeling you had, disappeared as well but according to your shrink you couldn’t heal as long as you didn’t face the things you lost, which sounded ridiculous in your head but in your closed of heart you knew he had told the truth but you weren’t ready to admit it and as you walked to the same spot again you started to think about how Jin Soo was doing and that you could use a hug from your mother and you even allowed yourself to think about Yoongi and the resentment you felt towards him, wasn’t there anymore and it was a good thing right? You sat down and took in the view, when you heard someone stop next to you but you decided to ignore it as it was probably another person who wanted to enjoy the view so after awhile you even forgot there was someone there as well and when you finally got up, you locked eyes with none other than Min Yoongi himself.

“It’s been awhile.”

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Prompt 84 "im dying" clarke saying it to bellamy

Bellarke, Canon-verse future fic, ~1,100 words

For the prompt, “I’m dying” from this list.

I was torn between taking this not at all literally (like “I just went on a long run and now I’m dying!”) and utterly literally, and went for something n between. Rest assured that no one dies in this fic.

On AO3.


Bellamy’s daily routine has long involved stopping by medical in the afternoon to see Clarke. But only for the last week has his wife been a patient, instead of one of the doctors just getting off shift.

He’s more than familiar, by now, with the sick, the wounded, the hopeless, the dying. Years on the ground, years in the Guard, have given him macabre experience. He’s gotten pretty good at knowing what to say in almost every circumstance. But not this one.

“Hey,” he greets her, pulling a chair over and coming to site down by her bedside. They reach for each other’s hands on instinct. He judges by the strength of her grasp how well she’s feeling: weak today, but holding on. Clarke is a fighter; this is what she does.

“Hey,” she echoes. Her face is pale, a light sheen of sweat across her cheeks and brow, and her hair is pulled back in a messy braid that someone who’s no good with hair must have helped her with. His fingers itch to fix it. Maybe later she’ll let him. But she smiles anyway when she sees him and tries to sit up.

They have this argument, wordless now, every time he comes to visit. She wants to force herself up, scrambling with the heel of her free hand for purchase against the sheets, and he wants her to conserve her energy, to stay safe right where she is.

Today, he wins, but he doesn’t always.

Clarke settles back against the pillows with a put-out sigh and rolls her gaze up to the ceiling. “Fine, fine,” she murmurs. But she’s up again in another second, not of her own volition this time, coughing violently, fitfully. Bellamy holds her hand through it, his other arm around her, keeping her steady until she can regain her breath, soothing her with wordless murmurs until she’s calm.

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Though Levi’s lived on the island for nearly ten years now, there are some things he’ll never grow accustomed to. Sure, the swaying palm trees and the easy-going and friendly attitude of the locals are what had prompted him to move there for good, not to mention the sunny weather. Winters are his favorite, because that’s usually when the flow of tourists eases at least a little and the temperature remains pleasantly warm.

Now, during summer, the sun is just a little too unforgiving for his tastes. Their guests seem to love it, though, many of them sunbathing by the pool for hours, and of course coming to Levi for refreshments. On particularly busy days like this he’s been allowed to snatch Hanji from the restaurant to help him serve drinks, a privilege that he uses quite often. Even though they have a fan whirring away behind the bar, it gets really damn hot and humid working through the sunniest hours of the day, so it’s no wonder Levi’s constantly reaching for a tissue to wipe off the sweat on his face.

They reach a bit of a lull and he finally gets the chance to sit down for a moment. He downs the rest of his water bottle in one swift gulp, swallowing the already lukewarm water before muttering, “Fucking hell.”

“I know,” Hanji calls out from where they’re wiping down the counter. “That one woman with the pink hat kept insisting that the ice in her drink wasn’t ‘cold enough’. People are horrible.”

He and Hanji have known each other for a long time, so it’s not uncommon for them to catch up on gossip and complain amongst themselves whenever they’re working together. Thankfully, no matter how wealthy, tourists are still tourists, and the vast majority of their customers don’t speak a word of Spanish, which leaves the two of them to talk to each other about whatever they feel like. Hanji seems to know everything about literally everyone, and even now they move to nudge Levi lightly as they nod towards the pool area.

“Have you seen the eyecandy that’s staying in the penthouse suite?” they ask with a waggle of their brows. “He’s just your type. The one who’s getting out of the pool just now, near the showers.”

Levi chuckles at that, but the laughter dies on his lips as soon as he notices the eyecandy Hanji’s referring to. “Damn,” he states, his gaze trailing from the strong lines of the man’s shoulders down to those shapely biceps and even lower along his sculpted abs as he follows the small trail of dark hair that disappears under the waistband of his shorts. His beautiful bronzed skin is shimmering with moisture, droplets falling from his wet hair as he rakes his hand through it. Unfortunately he’s soon covering up all those gorgeous muscles as he dries off with a towel, making Levi let out a disappointed sigh. “That body is a work of art.”

“Told you,” Hanji drawls out. “I heard he’s some German businessman. The lady who’s been cleaning his room claims that he leaves a tip for her every day.”

“I’d clean all of him, if you know what I mean,” Levi says flatly, still busy appreciating the hot German businessman’s back and thinking about how good that tan skin would look with his marks all over it. “I mean with my tongue.”

Just then the man happens to look over his shoulder and those brilliant green eyes lock on to his, almost as if he’d heard Levi’s words. He’s several feet away and supposedly German so it’s most likely not the case, but it still feels a little eerie. And damn, that shining green of his eyes does cause little nervous flutters to run through Levi.

He gives a polite smile before turning his attention back to Hanji. “He could tip me any day and in any position, if you catch my drift,” he goes on as he moves to restocking the fridge with more juice and lemonade. “Penthouse suite, huh?”

Hanji nods with a slight laugh. “Yeah, it’s the first time I’m seeing him around the pool, though.” They’re about to say something else but suddenly there’s a couple of British ladies asking for another cocktails by the counter, and Hanji reaches for the glasses with their usual customer service smile. It’s the same ladies who’d asked Levi to give them Sex by the Pool yesterday and he’s still not sure whether they’d been asking for some absurd drink or for actual sex by the pool, though their frantic blushing and giggles had hinted at the latter. He remains behind the counter just in case until Hanji’s handed them their drinks, inspecting the soda cans for a needlessly long time until he’s sure the sound of their footsteps has faded into the distance.

After the two ladies Hanji moves to serve a yet another customer, and Levi hears them pointing out the drinks menu to them in German. Maybe it’s the language that catches his attention, and as he turns his head and catches a glimpse of tan skin and messy brown hair he instantly knows who it is. He glances down along at the man’s body, you know, just to make sure, and yeah, those are definitely the abs he’d just been admiring.

He steps closer to the fan to soak up the gentle breeze blowing from it as he remarks, still in Spanish, “Look at that stomach. I would definitely do shots off of his abs.”

Hanji’s eyes widen as they sputter a little before barking out a laugh. “Damn, do I need to shove you into the pool in order to cool you off or something?”

“Probably, yeah. Shove him in with me while you’re at it,” he states as he discreetly steals a look at those sharp, handsome features. The German man seems completely oblivious to what they’re talking about, instead smiling at something on his phone while glancing through the list of drinks. “Seriously, that is the most gorgeous tourist I’ve ever seen.”

Just then he appears to have made up his mind, ordering one glass of orange juice and one Papaya Dream from Hanji. Levi hands them the juice and then resumes desperately trying to cool off by the fan. It’s not very effective, but then he gets the idea to also fan himself with one of their menus, and oh, God, what sweet relief from the humid warmth it brings him.

“He’s probably travelling with his wife,” he wonders out loud as Hanji passes him by on their way to grab the vodka. “Because that is our fruitiest cocktail.”

“Hey, I think it’s pretty good,” Hanji retorts, a little defensive.

“That only proves my point,” Levi replies with a cackle as Hanji rolls their eyes at him.

Hanji makes the man has drinks quickly enough and wishes him a good day. Just then Levi decides to pay specific attention on his ass as he’s walking away since he hasn’t yet had the chance to check out that part of him. His plan is severely impeded by the fact that the beautiful man happens to look up at him right at that moment, and before Levi knows it, he takes a few steps and is standing right in front on him on the other side of the counter.

Then, those green eyes alight with mischief, he says in perfect, if slightly accentuated Spanish, “This is for you.” He slides the glass of orange juice over to Levi. “Sounds like you’re a little hot.” His gaze flickers over Levi’s body appreciatively and he adds in a low voice, “Looks like it, too.”

“Uh.” It’s all he manages to get out, growing even redder and sweatier than he was before with those smoldering, playful eyes fixed on him. Hanji looks like they’re desperately trying not to laugh, which is not helping the situation at all.

Hasta luego, cariño,” the man says with a quirk of his lips before walking off, leaving behind the orange juice and a very flushed and mortified Levi. That apparently does it for Hanji and they burst into uncontrollable giggles, and amongst all the confusion, Levi doesn’t even remember to check out the man’s ass.

He does drink the orange juice, though, since it would just go down the drain otherwise, and despite of his embarrassment, he can’t help but to imagine how it might taste when licked off of the gorgeous stranger’s belly button.

so i just watched robert watching his mother die hahhaa and now i’m having feelings about it can you even imagine that at this point in time she was literally the one person he loved above all others (he loves jack don’t get me wrong but he’s still mad at him when she dies) and he watches her die. if you think that isn’t still fucking him up even now i cannot even stress how much it is.

lets talk about, then, the fact that aaron asks him to leave when they’re in the car. he wants robert to leave the one person he loves above all others in a car to die. can you imagine in that moment why roberts reaction was so strong and almost hysterical when he screams no?? aaron’s asking him to relive that nightmare only this time he’s asking robert to make the conscious choice to leave.

as if robert could; as if robert could live with himself after that; wanting to save his mum and being unable to, and having the ability to leave and just not.

what a parallel.

  • Wizard101 Commercials: Oooh look at all the bright colors and whimsical magic! This is a fun game with no blood or guts or gross stuff that will scare you children! This is totally rated E for everyone!
  • Wizard101 Game: Yea, it's like that up until you get to Dragonspyre. You're literally surrounded by spikes and lava throughout the entire world. Then you have to kill a man in cold blood and reunite him with his dead wife he was trying to revive. It's kinda nice until you realize the guy you killed's brother has now just lost both of his only two surviving family members, and is now alone forever. Then you got this new evil chick named Morganthe who's a general villain until you get to this placed called Avalon and find out her Brother died, and that he kinda of forced her to kill the king after he died ahaha. Oh also later on you find out she was/is suicidal b/c she told her brother she might kill herself he dies lol. Have fun defeating all the monsters who want to drink your blood and eat you alive. But don't worry, you get this really cool companion named Dyvim, until he dies. Yea, he dies, and it's all your fault. Did i mention you failed to save an entire world? Yea, they're all dead too. You fucking asshole wizard you let an entire civilization die, how could you. Some Wizard you are. Now go defeat and collect some shit from those scary ass mobs over there ya whinny bitch.

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'#he really does consider aaron his' ohhhhh goddddd i didn't even think of that now im emotional *loud sobbing*

I’m always so emo about aaron and cain. He loves aaron like his own son. He would do anything for him just like he would for debbie. I swear every single word he said during the abuse storyline has stuck in my head. Especially that one and our ‘aaron on the other hand now i think he’s amazing he’s the bravest bloke i know’. I die. Or like when james died and cain’s just well i’ll take that over our aaron any day. He literally does not give two fucks about anyone outside his small circle. (reminds me of someone else i know)

I was going to go on a nostalgic little look through my intense meta love for a particular aspect of the FitzSimmons relationship, but my emotions are basically screaming right now so suffice it to say that when Jemma reacted as strongly to Fitz’s killing someone/loss of innocence/whatever you want to call it as she would have (and did) when he actually literally (could have) died, I couldn’t believe my eyes. It falls right in line with this whole thing I have, where she loves him, she wants to protect him, she wants to protect his soul and to see that corrupted is just total agony and I don’t even know how to put it into proper words right now, but basically to see that very specific aspect so vibrantly displayed in canon pleases (and totally, totally stabs) my heart.