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I just want you to know that I've seen you in my orbit a few times as "lance-lance-" and only now have I decided to follow you. So when I saw your full url it was not only pleasently surprised but also hilarious and I would like to inform you that it is beautiful and incredible and you win at urls. That is all, have a nice day thank you


Happy Birthday to my favorite seiyuu!!!!!!

Hiroshi Kamiya, I

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You’ve made me laugh

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Laugh AND cry

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and I just love it like some sort of sociopath.

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I’ve watched heard you so many times that

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I can recognize your voice at once.

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And my question “Is that Hiroshi?” 

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is usually followed by 

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“IT IS!”

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It never fails to warm me up.

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Plus, you voice

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my all-time

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So, thank you so much

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Kamiya, Hiroshi

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YEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEAH ! We reach the 2K Fans ! OMG it’s amazing all the support and love your giving me everyday ! thank you so much for everything guys,  thanks for letting me share all that crazy stuff about marvel ! I don’t have words to describe this feeling but I’m just like Loki right now. It’s just that 2k fans are so much for me and I never expect this, but now that it happens I’m just …. just, thanks. 

—Avengers Memes 

I Am Allura
I Am Allura

[06/12/2016, 15:27:40] mushy embarrassment patrol™: ….. i AM ALLURA
[06/12/2016, 15:27:42] mushy embarrassment patrol™: oh shit
[06/12/2016, 15:27:45] mushy embarrassment patrol™: moana paraody
[06/12/2016, 15:27:49] mushy embarrassment patrol™: I AM ALLURA
[06/12/2016, 15:28:09] Mari®: omG

/ as soon as i saw moana this moment™ just GAH destroyed me. and i really wanted to do a voltron parody for it. i’ve been planning to do this for a while between King Alfor and Allura in episode 9 in their own moment™ - but I only got round to getting to it now!

the backing is all orchestrated/arranged by yours truly. there wasn’t one online so i figured i’d just make it myself and it’s fun exercise to do it all from scratch. mostly this was following the main components from the original recording. but i have added some of my own touches to the score as you will see ;) ……. happy holidays everyone!! 

And when that voice starts to whisper
Allura, you’ve come so far
Allura, listen
Do you know who you are?

full lyrics below:

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OMG - can’t believe I hit 500 (511 now!).  You guys are all so great.  I can’t tell you enough how much your comments mean to me.  My goal is to build/decorate houses that people would really want to live in - I think I accomplish that sometimes!

Soooo - 500 follower gift is my Modern Industrial house.

Most cc is included, but you will need to download Peacemakers Lennox Kitchen and Shaker Kitchen here: 

Beautiful CC by: @daer0n @leo-sims @michelleabstuff @13pumpkin31 @sympxls @mxims @pralinesims @dreamteamsims @bluehoppersimming and more. Amazing windows and doors by @minc7878

Download here:


Here’s a phone wallpaper of The Defender of Justice 707! I drew this in hurry because I’ll have a math test and supposed to be studying but lol, I just want to procrastinate on studying I want to thank you for the 100 followers! I’ll do the other RFA members as well after exams, but for now I don’t think i can sneak sometime to draw again because if my parents know that I’m drawing instead of studying they’ll kill me /asian kids screaming/

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Hiiiii. So, 2016 is almost over (thank god), it’s christmas eve (i know most of you will probably see this until tomorrow so merry christmas and i’m sorry) and since i haven’t made a follow forever in a while, i decided to make one now to let you all know how much i love and appreciate each and every single one of you.

i’m especially grateful for all of my mutuals, thank you guys for following me 💕 some of us have been following each other since i started this blog which is just crazy omg.

Anyway, thanks guys you are amazing, i love you and your blogs and i just wish everyone nice holidays and a wonderful 2017!!!

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If Lexa Got Twitter
  • Lexa (pointing at phone): Clarke, what does this mean? It says Aden just started following me, of course he follows me, I'm the commander!
  • Clarke: OMG you've got Twitter? Let me follow you so I can slide into your DM's.
  • Lexa (blushing): Slide into my WHAT? ClaRKe.
  • Clarke (rolling her eyes): It stands for direct messaging.
  • Lexa: But we're standing right in front of each other talking now, isn't that direct enough?
  • Clarke (throws phone): ByE Lexa!
  • Lexa (shouting after Clarke): Clarke wait! what's a hashtag?????

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Hey there, bless your blog <3 shit happened to my tumblr account and I had to create a new one while previous got deleted. Hopefully your url was written in my heart and here I am now asking for help. I'm struggling to find artists that post (pr posted) Otayuri comics as well as any other artists because I started following them ages ago and now I cannot recall their urls and my dash is dead :c Maybe you could link your favorite Otayuri blogs? Pleeease

HEY THERE MY DEAR ANON!!!!!! ;///7///; <333333333333 

WAHHHHHHHHH, I’m so sorry to hear that…!!! ;-; *hugs you super tight* 

That is so freaking sweet tho??? I’m so honored you remembered me of all ppl >///u///< OMG, I’D LOVE TO HELP YOU!!!!! 8DDDDDDDD Lemme see, lemme see, I want to make sure I don’t miss anyone… I would write a paragraph about each person but I wouldn’t be able to stop myself from ranting forever so I’m just gonna… not even gonna go there hehe… :’D


Favorite Otayuri blogs (mostly Otayuri blogs anyway haha):































@ hawberries (way too intimidated to @ mention *sweats nervously*)

I hope I’m not missing anyone??? Feel free to reply to this if you’re a blog who mainly posts Otayuri so I can follow you HUEHUE 8D

Hope this helped my dear anon!!!! ^7^b <3333333333333

Omg you aaaaall! there are now 14K cutie pies here on tumblr! YAAAAAY!  💕 💕 💕 💕

Thank you so much for following my potato self and for all your support and kind messages!

 you always help me believe in myself when I’m feeling doubtful, and always make me smile! 💕 💕 thank you so much!

so i have the most votes for a q&a video for hitting 2k followers!! ive been postponing it a bit so now i’ve hit 2.3k but i want to do something!! so since i’ll be filming the q&a video after christmas (once i get my camera) id like to get some questions!!


  • mbf me
  • reblog this post
  • send me a question + your name if you want a name meaning edit!
  • i’ll probably only choose a few questions to answer but please send in any you can think of!
DW evolution with Eddie Redmayne
  • 10th Doctor: Why are you following me? I'M NOT YOUR MOMMY!
  • 11th Doctor: Where are your parents? Omg please don't cry
  • Next Doctor (Eddie): Shh... Come here your little hurt soul everything is gonna be alright It's okay you're safe here in the T.A.R.D.I.S no one can hurt you now just focus on my hearts beating okay Mommy's here.
Blog rates! (no more pls)

hey, so i’m very bored right now and i thought it would be fun to do some blogrates!

rules are:

  • follow me!
  • reblog the post to spread the word
  • send me and ask about anything! your friends, your day, your favorite color, etc

format is under the cut!

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Sondertale: Prologue - Part 9

Start from the beginning of the prologue here!

Previous <—–> Next

I’ve been wanting to get to this part for weeks <3

(psst I have a surprise planned for the next update, to celebrate 100 panels of the comic done (AND NEARLY 100 FOLLOWERS OMG THANK YOU FOR YOUR SUPPORT) so hang tight! :D)

jose does blogrates!


hey! so recently i just hit 200 followers and i thought “hey, why not do some blogrates?” i then put down the idea but here i am now!

also huge thanks to @tinysuzy for the banner (ily suzy you’re the best)


mbf me!

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and send me an ask with your favorite song! (or album, or band, i just want new music to listen to :D)

i just wanna say thanks to every single one of my followers, i love you guys so much adn tbh i never thought i’d get this far :’)

- format under the cut -

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HENRIK SAW THE DRAWING AND COMMENTED ON IT AND NOW HE'S FREAKING FOLLOWING ME ON INSTAGRAM SEND HELP [aka 'not enough of my friends watch skam and i need someone to understand why i'm yelling haha <3]

OH MY GOD OH MY GOD OH MY GOD OMG I AM SO HAPPY FOR YOU!!! Honestly you deserve this so much. You are so freaking talented and incredible. CONGRATULATIONS! Ahhhhhhh I am dying for you hahahah I can’t deal! This is so freaking cool omg omg omg. 

Also if you ever ever wanna scream about skam i’m your girl <3 



I Lied! I’m uploading today!!! 

OMG Stakes is my favorite thing of all Adventure Time! 
+ the “Everything Stays” song oh my god, I loooveee it!!! 
If you haven’t watched the eps go do it NOW! 

And now my fellow fans, followers should I make an extra card?
I’m torn between “The wheel of fortune” and “The Lovers” (becuaseI’mbubblinetrash) leave your comments or send me a message!

Also for the vampire king I had a difficult choice because at first I thought he would be “The Emperor” and some people has set him as “The Strength”
but, “The Chariot” made more sense to me. :V 

He’s become one of my favorite characters, although we might never see him again : (

EDIT: Added “The Lovers” 

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I started following you when I was like 12 for Davekat content and then fell in love with Bubblegum Karkat, and now I'm 15 abt to turn 16 and I'm getting into TAZ and like idk your art and the way you talk abt stuff has really helped me grow more as a person and explore new interests iddkk.

aw shit dude,, omg,, ik i have a few bloggers ive followed like that and its wild bc there are people who have made huge impacts in my life and would never know and it never rlly occurred to me that i could be doin the same thing for other people,, oh man,, i hope ive made a good impact in ur and in like other kids lives too god dang i gotta step up my role model game

idk where you’re all coming from but i hit 100 last night!!! thank you to all of you omg?? for a very long time i wanted to make this blog but wasn’t sure i’d be able to do charles justice. the fact that i made it past 10 followers even amazes me. i love you all so much and want to thank you for making this such a wonderful experience for me. now, without further ado, the pure humans i must acknowledge for giving this blog meaning <3

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