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feelin real bad about my lack of musical talent friendos. like do any of yall actually listen to the pieces of shit i call arrangements? or do you just like them out of pity? Idk i’ll shut up now, it just gets to me sometimes. and i feel really really skeevy for putting the stuff on bandcamp even if it is for free. now that i’m p much done with the leitmotif stuff i don’t even know what i’d do next. maybe i should just stop.

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so i'm only 14 but i have known i was a trans guy for years. i have a binder and all that good stuff but i'm hoping in 2 or 3 years i can start T. my mom does not want me to start T until i'm 18. i don't know what to do. i don't think i can wait another 4 years. help

Kai says:

You can start puberty blockers now until you are older, with parental permission. There will be no negative effects and it will not masculinize your body, only prevent it from developing further - talk to your doctor about it

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I'm new to SG and aside from some of the things that have happened this season I love it. I also love Katie and I'm thrilled that she is a big part of it now. However, all the fandom fights make me sad. Especially the ones between the supercorp and sanvers fandom. I would've thought they would get along really well, I was surprised to see the opposite. And I know there's some bad eggs, like in any fandom but it also makes me sad that because of certain people all the fandom gets 'typecast'

First of all, allow me to welcome you! I hope you are able to enjoy the sunny side of this fandom!

I agree with you completely anon. I just had a long post about this type of stuff. It is unfortunately something you will see in any fandom. There are always going to be problematic fans. There are always going to be those that insist on ship wars. There are always going to be those that insist because your ship isn’t canon (and probably won’t be) that you are lesser than for appreciating them or that your ship isn’t deserving of the attention on screen.

I have seen some very generalized hate posts out there that are aimed at an entire fandom and I have gotten to a point where I just ignore the minimal hate and block the persistent ones. Rather than combating them, I seek to be supportive to those that feel put down, or even triggered because of other fans’ behavior. That is why you will never see any blatant hate on this blog.

Expressing your opinion is always encouraged, but respect is key. There are plenty of good people in this fandom that love their ships and even have multiple ships or no ship at all! So it has been my advice for a couple months now to look to them. Pay no mind to those that intentionally seek to tear characters, fans, ships, or actors down with the sole purpose of hurting another. Stick to the positivity and you’ll find that your experience is much more enjoyable.

Thanks for the ask anon! I hope this helps you feel better :):)

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Positivity: My dad is verbally abusive and I opened up about it to someone I thought I could trust since she has gone through some of the same stuff. I didn't really know her that well but she asked her mom if I could stay at her house if I ever needed to and now I have a backup plan if I ever feel unsafe. Thank you so much Portia. We aren't the greatest of friends but your amazingness has saved my life.

This is amazing, I’m so happy you have someone like that in your life. Sending all my love to you! <3

Tell me about something nice/awesome/lovely/unexpected that happened to you and that made you smile and/or brightened your day :) Let’s spread some positivity :)

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I'm finding myself considering attempting suicide more and more frequently. I know I need to go to a doctor/therapist to talk about this stuff and get diagnosed but part of me doesn't want to get better. I think I'm addicted to this feeling of emptiness

i know how it feels honey. that was me 2 years ago, but look at me now! i’m getting better! and you will get better too! i hope you get the courage to go to a doctor soon so they can help you. love you honey! im always here. xoxo

you know, I’m glad I never came down from the rogue one high over the weekend because I didn’t even bother trying to care about other stuff and now we’re heading back into the actual digital release and apparently the leaked blu-ray bonus content and I’m just chilling in the ‘lost my cool and learning to live with it’ space while everyone else who pulled it together this week is heading back into the descent :p

@dailystufful-salandit replied to your post: Awe man your stuff always blew me away im glad the blog helped you with your art!

Aah! I phrased my post a little bit confusingly! I was talking about when I first started tumblr back in like 2010! ^ ^ Not for this blog in particular ! Thank you though!! I feel a lot more comfortable with my art now, but I definitely know I still have a lot of room for improvement!! 

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Why am I to afraid to ask things with my name showing? Like, the introvert/extrovert question and this super akward compliment and a few other questions came all from me but I am terrified of the idea that I say something stupid and then you ( who probably doesn't even remember me) think of me as a creep. Whoops and now I feel odd again. Sorry for writing this much byyye.

First of all: Of course I remember you, dear! You are kind and lovely and I don’t know how other people think about this but to me it always means a lot if someone isn’t just here for the stuff I write (which is of course great as well) but also sees me as a person. You are in no way a creep and I really hope that my blog will at some point be a place where no one feels the need to hide their face!
You can always message me, other than send an ask, but take your time, I just want you to know that I appreciate every single one of you so much.

Planned Parenthood is fucking amazing, y’all. I haven’t been there yet…but just talking to their HRT line on the phone…

They used my respected name right off the bat. Called me Riley all the way through. Used he/him pronouns. Didn’t slip up once. Asked me and “What’s your legal name? I’m sorry I have to ask that.”

Then asked me “Now is it okay if I send things with Riley Roswell to your home?” not wanting to out me accidentally and then “Is it okay if I send stuff with planned parenthood labels on them or do you want me to be discreet about it?” knowing there are people who could get in trouble with family or partners or others for going there.









…cannot be killed or swept aside. now fill the world with music, love, and pride.

Introducing TD and Chastity Play, What i did wrong......

To me FLR has SO many different angles and when introducing your partner its important to be careful. See where as i took my time, slowly introduced more and more bits into it before eventually plucking up the courage to put the cage on and show her, i still made some real big mistakes.

See my wife is not a Domme, i dont really want to know about her previous life before me but im kinda guessing im the first person that really wants to explore all these roads and possibility with her. I originally made this Blog to share things i found sexy in some way shape or form with her and looking back now i should have kept it more Vanilla and slowly introduced my interest in things like pegging. See you follow all these people then one day they reblog some Sissy stuff, some Anal Torture, Some Ball Busting. From my wife’s perspective she probably sees that and thinks FUCKING HELL.

The reason i am writing this is because somethings have been lost in translation, see she was under the impression that i wanted to become her bitch, a groveling sissy whore who wanted to wear her clothes and make up and suck strapons all day long. Now if that’s your thing im all for it but that wasn’t what i wanted.  

I came across chastity play and tease and denial play a while back, i have always been aware of bondage and always had a thing for tying or being tied up sexually. I saw it as a fun way for a male and female to have a laugh, be intimate and grow together as a couple. As much as i love her Locking me up, tying me up, teasing me and laughing as i quiver on the bed in a desperate need to cum only to deny me for another day i also would love to do the same for her. Its about exploring each others bodies, each others fantasies.

Its only fun for me if its fun for her, if she wants to lock me for a day, a week, a month or a year ill play the game as long as she finds it exiting and gets a kick out of it. If she doesn’t want it its just not going to work. But don’t give up that easily pick it up and put it down, its keeps it exiting. After a chat with my wife in the week she said she likes the cage but doesn’t want a bitch of a husband, so i explained the above and below to her and now i think it makes sense.

I am writing this because i get lots of messages from people asking how did i break the news? how did i get her on board? Truth is we are still working on it, still exploring it. I haven’t been in the cage for months, as real life is more important. This morning after our chats and fun this week i put it on.

I guess im very lucky to have such an amazing wife, i put it on gave her the keys and she smiled. That’s all i wanted. She is one of a kind, trusting and fucking gorgeous.

For anyone out there toying with this i hope this has helped, below are few images i have stolen from others. I hope they don’t mind. Good Luck and go have some fun.

I love making her moan, and its true i work harder when my dick is locked up and im working to earn a release, its common knowledge you put more effort into thngs if your getting something in return. (Or at least you think you are) 

Then there is this, after a night of teasing and a great time she didnt let you cum, your going to wake up in the morning and WANT to do this for her because your still super horny. You know your not going get to cum but pleasing her is at least some sexual activity.

Then on the other hand there is nothing sexier than doing the same to her, make her feel how you feel, i remember once back in the early days i edged my wife and then just turned the wand off and said nah, night night. She was mortified, grabbing my cock, trying her hardest to get me to fuck her. In the morning she woke up horny and we fucked. But it can work both ways.

This is also one that i agree with, the lust i have towards her, the want to constantly touch her, to kiss her its just amazing. Then once you cum its takes a good few days to get that back. Its the strongest drug i have ever felt and its awesome. 

I love it when she feels sexy the sexier she feels the more she glows the better the experience. 

Turn it into a game, a guessing game and have fun with it.

Tease him, if he is anything like me he will enjoy it.

But most importantly talk about it, discuss it find out what you both want from it and just have fun.

I guarantee it will bring you closer together. 

The official SU page on Facebook posted a clip from the episode with this description and, I dunno, I just really like that they did that

A Plea

Hi guys! Yesterday, I found out that Tumblr decided to flag this blog as NSFW. If you follow me, you know I don’t post any sexually explicit photos or videos of people committing suicide or any other content one may consider NSFW. I just write scary and weird stories. So, until I get this straightened out with Tumblr, this is now considered an adult blog.

What does this mean?

It’s really hard for me to get new followers now :(

Tumblr delists the tags I use like “scary stories” and “horror stories” and stuff like that and prevents my blog from showing up in searches. For all intents and purposes, unless someone encounters this blog through a reblog or finds it through another indirect way, no one will know it exists.

Here’s what I’m hoping you can do until I get this fixed:

If you have friends or acquaintances who are into scary stories who may not know about @unsettlingstories, ask them follow. If you think a story I write may appeal to your own followers, reblog it and ask people to follow. Tumblr has made it extremely difficult for me to grow this blog now, and I need your help.

Thank you <3

In which Lee Kwangsoo sums up a k-pop bias perfectly.

For people who are nervous about starting conversations with professors:

I just emailed a guy who is, academically speaking, a huge deal, who doesn’t know me from Adam. Like, my opening line was, “I hope you’ll pardon me for writing to you out of the blue, but…” And then I proceeded to just ask him if he might be willing to tell me some stuff about his recent research, and you know what he did? Replied within two hours with a four-paragraph email full of exclamation points saying how glad he was to hear from me and that I was interested in his work. Now, obviously this doesn’t happen every time, but the worst response I’ve ever received to this kind of communication is an “I’m so busy right now, can I direct you to my colleague Professor So-and-So instead?” Basically, you have nothing to lose. Be polite and professional and reach out. There’s a lot of potential reward and very little actual risk involved.

Let me clarify something

Otabek just turned 18 on October 31st. Yurio will turn 16 on March 1st. That means that Otabek is barely only 2 years older than Yurio.
And I KNOW that Otabek is technically an adult now but 2 years apart is NOT pedephillia or wrong in any way. I don’t see you guys complaining about this stuff in the Haikyuu fandom? Tsukki and Kuroo? It’s the same for them. OR Victor and Yuri? Victor is LITERALLY 3 years older than Yuri, now that Yuri is 24. But no one is complaining about that?
Give it a break guys, and let people ship what they want. It has nothing to do with you.

I’ve been sat at my desk for a while now, trying to think of a way to describe my feelings for you. I don’t love you, or at least not yet. That kind of stuff takes time, but I feel like I could love you one day. I already love so many things about you. The way you look at me when we pass in the hall, your smile, your touch. It’s a funny feeling, knowing that your falling completely in love with someone.
—  Kiannah Joylinn
“The things I say to and around my roommate” sentence starters
  • Have fun. Don’t die. Don’t kill anyone. 
  • The coffee table bit me again dammit! 
  • I’m sorry that I woke you up by setting the smoke alarm off by cooking bacon but I’m definitely not sorry enough to give you any.
  • Welp, there goes my hopes and dreams. 
  • Welp, there goes my hopes and dream: wet and dirty. 
  • Keep your dirty socks from invading my dirty sock kingdom!
  • This donut’s for you- the other eleven are for me.
  • Of course they gave two bars of chocolate! One’s for me, the other one’s for future me!  
  • I wonder if I can buy the sweet embrace of Death at the store. 
  • *giggling* They’re freshly harvested potato people.
  • What is this gross stuff falling from the sky? 
  • My hands are as cold as my heart right now. 
  • My toes are turning purple and honestly I don’t know how to feel about this. 
  • Look at my lobster socks! 
  • No, ice cream! My socks do not want you! 
  • Your butt makes a good foot warmer. 
  • Suplex me to space and call it a day.