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Been desperately wanting a new cutie mark and I’m beside myself over this one made by @sirenibe ?? It’s seriously so perfect for me I actually wanna cry every time I see it pffbt, I tweaked my ponysona’s design to match it a little more and to reflect my shift towards liking purple a lot while still making her look like me so she doesn’t become her own oc pffbt

Just wanted to share this story before bed

Woman and her son and daughter come in wanting to buy a betta. The son has a 5g set up with a filter. I’m thinking, great! Look at this kid go!! And so I ask them if it’s heated as well and the mom goes no and so I explain they’re tropical and need warm water and why a heater is a must. Instantly the mom starts bitching about how she doesn’t want to spend money!!! So she asks if the fish will die if it doesn’t have a heater. I said not immediately but it’s life won’t be as long and it will be sluggish and slow. The kids instantly go “ok we need a heater then”. Mom’s not having it. She asks if we just have some goldfish and I say no the only live animal we have are bettas, and even then, goldfish need more than 5g etc etc

She finally agrees to buy a heater so I go grab the one model we have. Now the kids are picking out a betta. As I’m about to go ring them up, she goes ok now let’s pick two more and I go hold your horses ma'am you cannot cohab them they will slaughter each other.

She explodes at her son!! Yelling at him how he hasn’t done his research and how she wants at least four fish in the 5g. I explain why they can’t be together and how there really is no other fish that can thrive in a 5g. The kids both go “ok we are fine with one fish we will pick one out together” but this mom is not!!! Having it!!! She puts the fish back and says they’ll just go to Petco to go get some other fish. I know instantly that the dorkuses (no offense fellow Petco employees) there will tell her it’s fine to put a goldfish and ten guppies in there or some shit so I instantly tell her that my LFS is much better with prettier fish, hoping the good people there will help her….

Some people I swear to God…

Fic: Rare Is This Love (Keep It Covered)

Fandom: The Walking Dead

Pairing: Caryl

Word Count: 4018

(A/N: This is a season 7 finale speculation fic, loosely based on spoilery rumours. Also available here on AO3. Hope you all enjoy. Forever nervous about writing Caryl and getting them right.)

When Daryl next lays eyes on Carol, the day the Saviours attack Alexandria, riding through the gates with Ezekiel and two dozen other people like some damn post-apocalyptic Joan of Arc, his first reaction isn’t relief, it’s terror. Because she is here, in the thick of it again, doing the exact thing he’d tried so hard to protect her from, and if she doesn’t die today, she’d told him there’ll be nothing left of her anyway if she is forced to kill again.

She’ll disappear for good, fade away, and if that happens she might as well take him with her. He’d been fighting, holding on, for her, and without her it’ll all be for nothing. And so he throws himself into the fray, the chaos of bodies, bullets, and horses, trying desperately to reach her, to not lose sight of her.

Whilst she’d been tucked away in that house, he’d told himself she was safe. Or safer than the rest of them. He could focus, breathe, and do what needed to be done so she wouldn’t have to… She’s not supposed to be here. And she’s even more of a target right now on that damn horse.

For a split second their eyes meet and time stops; he sees her inhale sharply, eyes wide with relief and fear and need, mirroring his own, then a body barrels into his chest, knocking him to the ground and the breath from his lungs. He lands hard, with the weight of his attacker crushing him further, and his hands fly up to land punches, grabbing and yanking at clothing, anything to throw the other man off.

There’s the glint of a knife, and he catches the wrist of the hand holding it just in time, holds it, shaking, inches away from his eye as the man (stupid moustache, sadistic grin, Simon says) forces it down.

“Found you,” Simon smirks, “Didn’t beat any sense into you then.”

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Aaaaand that’s it for the April’s Fool horse friend extravaganza! Probably the oldest horse friend in the entire tumblrverse!

I couldn’t go further because the horse isn’t available anymore, but Kat has a decent age for a horse now and she’s more than happy to retire!

It was fun, plus believe it or not it gave me ideas for a video game.

Sorry to my followers who don’t like April’s Fool jokes, I got a little carried away with this one…

It is DAMN hard to get a good photo of a horse while you’re lunging it

Have an interview for a 24 hour per week job next week (in my actual industry yaaass. Entry level job tips appreciated as always) but trying to figure out what hours it will be… i think the hours are normally 9-530 but that would only be 22.5 if it’s 3 days… if it’s 4 days of 6 hours that will kinda suck. Unless it’s 8-2 no lunch break. It’s an hour and 15 minutes travel and then half an hour out to arthur before 3… about 45 minutes if it’s between 3 and 4 and after 4 it becomes an hour in peak hour traffic. So if i could finish at 2ish i could hopefully be there at 4 and have a 445 or 5 lesson by the time i get changed, tack up and lunge… otherwise if it’s 3 full days and a half day then i will have to ride 4 days a week and then maybe ride at about 815/30ish… fuck it’s hard. Why do i live in a sprawling city. Why.
5 short days would be a pain in the arse probably… but also mean riding 6-7 days a week…
I have probably been spoiled by being able to ride so much. Lots of people ride only 4 days a week. If i can train mum up to lunge well mb i could convince her to lunge him once a week or something and justin to do a ride when i can afford it… but aghhhh

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Actually, on the Oedipus complex thing, it is still studied and used in France, at least in the universities I studied in. And while everybody (except for a few Old People) agrees that Freud is full of shit and that his theories are less scientific than worms in glasses, we tend to think... meh, maybe he was onto something. And a few case studies show that some children may suffer from learning difficulties if they don't "go through the stages". So... period piece or romance in France ? :)

If you’re talking about the psychodynamic school or the Neo-Freudians, sure. There are some adaptions / repurposing of Freud’s theories that do make sense.

The thing with case studies is that…they’re case studies of a single person. Nowadays, we don’t do research like that. We use randomized clinical trials to objectively determine if a kind of therapy is effective. 

I will concede that Freudian therapy has been found to be more effective than no therapy at all. But would you rather have treatment that has been found to work for 100 people, or treatment that has been proven to work in 100,000 people? And guess what? The second treatment is much less time intensive (once a week for a few weeks/months vs. 2-3 times a week for at least two years) and cheaper.

It’s like having horses in the military. Yes, they were once an integral part of warfare. There are still some horses in the American military today. But now that we have so many better, more efficient alternatives to horses, it doesn’t make sense to use them anymore.

I did mention in my post to only use it if you’re writing a period piece. If it’s still actually used in France, by all means, go for it. Just know that it’s a laughingstock everywhere else, and using it in a modern setting promotes the misconception held by many people that all therapy is Freudian.

PS: I love the phrase “less scientific than worms in glasses.“

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*sigh* it’s a children's movie, why get so upset over this? you don’t even know the story behind the new movie. maybe there’s a good reason as to why the main character is not the age/gender/color you’d want them to be. but then again, it’s FICTION, written for children. they could make the main character a green alien if they’d want. it’s a movie.

I’m upset about a children’s show because Spirit means a lot to me. Maybe there is a good reason why the main character is a white girl from the city, but I don’t believe there is. 

“When city-turned-country girl Lucky meets a wild mustang named Spirit, she feels an instant connection to the untamable horse” (source: x)

Not even Little Creek was allowed to ride him at first, and now this girl randomly connects with him and they become friends? Spirit: Stallion of the Cimarron ended with Spirit finally becoming free again, returning to his herd after a long and dangerous journey for his freedom.

I am sad and disappointed that Spirit, after all that he went through for his freedom, is now someone’s horse, even more disappointed that the girl is white. They shouldn’t have made the show in the first place. Spirit: Stallion of the Cimarron was whole on it’s own and didn’t need a show to make the story about Spirit complete.

I won’t even complain about how unrealistic it is that this “city-turned country girl” is able to tame Spirit in the first place because this is a children’s show, I get it. I won’t even complain about the animation.

I heard that the show is going to be about Spirit’s son, but that does not make me less salty about any of this. That makes all of this even weirder, why is he still named Spirit?? I guess I’ll have to watch the show to find out.

If you are excited for Spirit Riding Free or if you’re still going to watch it or whatever, that’s cool! I just don’t care.

↳「royal!au.」data file 001; I imagine Yuri-ne being into nature and was the one who convinces her father the KING to have an acre of their land within the palace to be filled with all kinds of exotic flowers and the most spectacular roses you have ever seen. She then convinces him to ship over some variety of insects especially MANTISES and a PEACOCK from the oriental lands in the far east to complete the aura of the place. 

Sometimes sneaking in a mantis into her brother’s room just to see if he gets scared or even notices it. The peacock doesn’t really like the guards and is the main reason why she drags Nnoitra out to the garden as they don’t DARE disturb the wrath of the bird. The garden is one of the few places she can safely call her happy place other than the horses stable where she has to convince her brother to even go out to as it not the most pleasantly smelling area.  

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Tom Hiddleston’s interview at the UK premiere of War Horse in London, 2012

This one is a little treasure, it’s Tom Hiddleston in his best Henry V mode speaking these words, “… our capacity for kindness and for compassion and courage in a time of atrocity and horror…”, which of course here are related to a horse but could not be more relevant right now.