and now with more horse!

This was first thing I saw on my Facebook this morning. I can’t put into how many words how much this just really sucks (to put it mildly).

horse #100

This is it! I finally, finally drew 100 horses! (In fact I drew SO MUCH more, but some were just too crappy to post :D )
Thanks for your encouragement and all the nice mails I got!! This was a big help! I feel much more comfortable drawing horses now and have learned so much, it was definitely worth it.

I will continue my challenge with another topic, that I really can’t draw for the life of me: motorcycles! Feel free to unfollow me, if you hate motorcycles. I promise, I won’t cry (much) :D

For those of you, who won’t do without horse drawings I can highly recommend following @eworthylake She draws such beautiful horses, I can only stand wordless with admiration. (This last horsedrawing is a present for her, because przewalski horses are her favorite)

I really want summer to be here already, only getting to see this boy once a month lately has really sucked. I mean, he’s more or less become my mom’s horse at this point, so he’s still getting loved, but I miss him. I hate that I’ve lost a lot of drive to ride while I’ve been away at school. Just need to make it through a few more months.


There are some things in Homestead that makes me, an avid collector of felines, very happy.

Then there are some things in Homestead that makes me, an admitted completionist collector of felines, angry and furious as I look at the Storm Atronarch mounts I got EXCEPT for the feline one, till I finally had enough and could get the senche. God I dislike Crown Crates.

unconditionallybellarke  asked:

Correct me if I'm wrong. It doesn't matter if it was her horse, it wouldn't have known where O.ctavia had washed up, especially that fast. If I'm right and she hadn't done anything to stop the bleeding, O.ctavia would have bled out before the horse even stumbled across her. Idk. A lot of this doesn't make sense. I mean how do you get away with falling a thousand feet from a cliff, manage to not bleed out, AND have your horse come save you?

Actually, as someone who works with horses everyday, I can tell you that horses can be used as bloodhounds of a sort. It’s called “equine air-scenting”. It’s not something that’s widely practiced now, but it is effective. 

In fact, horses can actually be more effective than dogs in tracking scents, because the air typically carries scents upwards and horses stand much taller than dogs.  Horse also have larger noses than horses, and actually flare their nostrils when they are tired, which only increases the ability of their olfactory senses, whereas dogs pant when they are tired, which diminish their scenting capability. 

Horses also don’t require a piece of clothing or another article from a lost person, they just search out the most recent scent. The “hottest” scent in other words. Horses also “talk” a lot, using their neck swings, ear flicks, snorts, sighs, body movements and even “say” different things when “talking” about different things, which helps make them effective trackers. They are also ridiculously easy to train in this art.

So…Helios finding Octanakin? One of the most believable scenes in the whole show, and some of the best science they’ve ever shown us!

  • tiniesmagneto: i am growing more nad more convinced that horses are Fake
  • ialpiriel: u should come visit me this summer, u can probably touch a horse, if that would make it real
  • tiniestmagneto: or would that make ME fake too
  • tiniestmagneto: touch a horse and i no longer exist
  • ialpiriel: turns out fakeness is a zoonotic viral infection

//Official designs for the @annualponyprom !! Honestly I didn’t think I’d do it, but then I changed my mind, lol. 

I’ll try to do a small comic with these two in the upcoming weeks. Also, huge thanks (AGAIN) to @askdarlingadelaide who designed that beautiful prom attire for Sweetie!

Growing up I LOVED big horses, I always wanted one. I was used to riding the big ass ex-racers whose stomachs I could pretty much walk straight under without crouching. That shit was my jam, the bigger the better. But now, after riding more “appropriately” sized horses, I think I’ll stick to the 15-16hh range. 

Like, yesterday at work I was trying to saddle this fucking mountain of a horse, I couldn’t even reach his back to put his saddle on. Just… I still love big big horses but for my own horse I think I’ll take the smaller ones from now on thanks.  

tinyblek  asked:

Weiss Schnee for the ask meme!

First impression- Proud to the point of arrogance. Short-sighted. On a high horse, needs to be knocked off.
Impression now- Slightly more chill, but the horse seems to have eaten a large number weed brownies and climbed the Sears Tower.
Favorite moment- any time someone calls her “Ice Queen.”
Idea for a story- Someone puts an illusion on her and everyone treats her like a faunus (no I’m not still miffed about the lack of resolution or even reference to her prejudice against faunas why do you ask?).
Unpopular opinion- I dislike her. Like, as a person. She’s a good character, because she makes me feel things (mostly annoyance), but I’m not always sure that that’s how the narrative wants me to feel.
Favorite relationship- I… kind of ship her with Jaune?
Favorite headcanon- Her first foray into using her platform thingy powers left her stuck on the ceiling somehow.

Heathens (Bucky x Reader)

Warnings: Being HYDRA’s captive, it’s not bubbly, abuse, needles


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   His screams echoed to the HYDRA base as they erased him over and over again. He had remembered things this time, things that almost cost them the mission. He had to be reformed, reshaped. A perfect weapon. A puppet. No more.

  The man screamed again and the girl shifted to her tiny cell. Eyes red and underneath them deep purple half-moon shaped marks from the lack of sleep, her hair was oiled and matted, her skin was paler than ever from her imprisonment. The screams haunted her already dark dreams and she couldn’t listen to him screaming anymore. Her heart wanted to break and she shivered as the screams kept coming more horse and pained now. She curled herself into a ball at the corner of her ‘room’ and tried to cover her ears as she shook back and forth.

  Blank. Like paper. What was paper? How did it feel underneath his skin? Did it have a certain smell?

  Blank. Emptiness. The pain on his temples raising. He felt his whole body shake. He didn’t have any control over it.

  Blank. Everything was black. Or were they white? What was black and what was white?

  Blank. Coldness.With his blurred, from the tears and sweat, eyes he scanned the room. People with white robes were around the room, frantically pressing buttons on strange machines. Another sharp electric wave hit his temples and he gritted his teeth against the worn mouthguard and the asset felt something crumble inside of him as he left a bone-chilling cry, but he didn’t care. He didn’t even know what that was.

  The people in the white robes decided he had enough for the day and disabling his shiny arm that felt like an extraneous lump attached to his body, and cuffed him. They led him to small cell, putting off the cuffs and locking him in. The asset cried. He didn’t know why. He just did. Perhaps that thing that crumbled was important. He didn’t know.

  He ran a hand through his sweaty hair and positioned himself on the back wall of the cell. He didn’t want them to catch him again. He didn’t want to feel that pain again. He dragged the metal abomination, that he was connected with, to the floor as shivered by the sound it made.

  He sat down and saw that another cell was located just opposite of his own. A grey ball that resembled a human being was inside of it. He didn’t know if that thing was alive, but he focused his thought to that, instead of his pained mind.

  The girl rose her head as footsteps were heard. Her cell’s door was now open and before she knew it, two strong hands dragged her out of it. She screamed and pleaded them not to take her. They continued as if she hadn’t said a thing. With the corner of her eye, she saw a man sitting in the opposite cell. She screamed to him but he didn’t move. He was breathing but he looked more than a haunted vessel than a man.

  The experiments were getting worse and worse. They wanted her to have powers. But her body didn’t respond on the serums they were injecting into it. She was strapped to a lumpy bed as they conversed about what they should do. Her hands were shaking and her legs wanted to bump up and down with nervousness but the tight buckles restrained them. She felt a needle pierce her skin as she felt herself scream.

  The Asset cried as he heard her scream. What they did to him, they did it to others too. And she seemed so fragile. And she was the only one he had to distract himself from the pain. Even watching her as a ball on the corner of her cell was enough,

  The guards brought her collapsed body and he almost gasped as she seemed lifeless. But then they put her back to the cell. This reassured him that she was alive.

   Her sobs woke him from his dreamless sleep. Her body shook violently as he heard the springs of her bed leaving their rusty noises to fill the silence of the night. He turned to the other side and covered his ears.

  She woke up and rose from the damp for her sweat mattress and went to her corner. As she sat down she saw him looking at her. His blue steel eyes piercing through her own. She began crawling near the bars and he shifted deeper on his cell, growling like a wild animal. She slowed her pace and his eyes fixed on her, sparked for a second.

  She extended her arm towards him, craving human touch. But what was he? Was he a human? A machine? He didn’t feel a thing.

  Her hand remained there, calling him, waiting for him. He didn’t want to move. But her eyes pleaded him. He gave in to the urge he too had, for someone to hold him. To take him from this hellish place even for a moment, for one breath’s time.

  Their calloused hands touched and both of them felt chills on their spines.He dragged her closer and she hit her face to the bars. She still didn’t leave him, Her eyes made him feel a strange tranquillity. His gaze made her feel secure even if she knew what they would do to them.

   They remained in that way for long. They didn’t know how much time had passed, was it minutes, was it hours, was it days? They didn’t care. Their hands were numb now but they didn’t dare to move, wanting to keep this holy, sacred moment last forever. They were two scared and scared people, holding each other, keeping one another sane and safe for a mere moment.

  They were both made of similar stuff. They were two pieces of the same broken puzzle. Tears streamed on their cheeks, but they kept holding each other.