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Partner and I have been rewatching The Two Towers for the first time in a long time.

anyway, one thing that has always been weird for me is Eomer giving Hasufel and Arod to random strangers, just like that.  Just giving them away, two horses, to a trio of foreign travelers he just met and had suspected of being spies.

like.  what?  This is Rohan.  Horses are the thing you value above all else, I don’t care if their riders are dead, even if their riders don’t have actual heirs somewhere to whom ownership would pass (or Rohirric inheritance law works differently and ownership has somehow defaulted to their éored’s commander, IDK), you’re still a calvary force planning to see a lot more battle in the near future, chances are high you’re going to end up with horseless riders who’ll need them.

this time I actually processed the fact, though, that Eomer believes they’ve inadvertantly killed two innocents, prisoners of the orcs, the beloved companions of these travelers.

The horses aren’t a gift.  They’re weregild.

Possible unpopular opinion?

I feel like too many non-beginners are emphasizing “heels down” too much to each other.

Why do I say this? Because ultimately the goal should be to have your feet parallel to the ground. Too much weight in your heel leads to bracing.

How do I know? Because my trainer ended up having to tell me to pretend I was “wearing high heels” so I’d stop bracing, because my heels were too far down. Not any further down than many riders I see who are well past beginner stages of riding, if I take their word for it on how well they ride.

Heels angled downward leads to weight displacement into your heel, which leads to bracing your legs and into your seat. A flat foot should be your goal; not just “heels down!” all the time.


I love cinematography, so I wanted to analyze the parallels between camera angles of these 2 scenes and theorize what they mean for Jon and Daenerys. 

In the throne room, as Dany steps off her throne and slowly walks towards Jon, she descends down a staircase with the camera strategically placed in a low angle shot, suggesting dominance and power on her end as she gives her speech about self empowerment. Jon, on the other hand, sits comfortably in an eye level shot whenever the camera has him framed in a medium shot, since he is neither in control of the situation nor under her thumb. They both have endured an endless amount of hardships, and her words are in a way falling on deaf ears since Jon has been brought to hell and back like she has. He has made exponential achievements through adversity as she has. If he was placed in a high angle shot instead, with the camera above his eyes, it would suggest that her words are having a powerful effect over him and that he feels small and insignificant in her presence, but in this case, he does not. The audience knows that he is being level-headed in the scenario, given what he knows and what he has seen, and the camera angle is able to convey that feeling. 

The camera switches to a wider shot as Dany comes face to face with Jon, placed at an eye level shot. Daenerys has stepped down from her high horse a bit and is now on a more even playing field with Jon; King vs. Queen. Davos steps in and begins rattling off Jon’s achievements for him (which is significant for Jon’s character, showing that he has more humility than Dany does). The camera still has Dany in a low angle shot while Jon is still at an eye-level shot as it switches back and forth between the two of them framed in medium shots, signifying that Daenerys is relying on her birthright, power, and intimidation to persuade Jon to bend the knee, while Jon is remaining neutral in the situation and is still unwilling to submit to her. He has made no threats or tried to intimidate her, but has only tried to convince her of an imposing threat that she refuses to believe, since she is too busy focusing on the iron throne. 

A few scenes later, Jon steps into the frame and is positioned at the top of the staircase outside. Daenerys looks out into the ocean after Tyrion suggests backing off Jon and giving him some room to breathe about forming an alliance and submitting to her. It’s not really in her nature to embrace defeat and admit that she was wrong in her methods, and the cameras do a good job of conveying it. The setting is also important to note; they are alone, they have no advisers breathing down their necks, the sun is bright and the ocean is sparkling. This is almost completely contrasting the dark and cold throne room they were previously in, with barely any light shining through while being blocked in by cold gray walls. Subconsciously, we as the audience are able to tell that this conversation is more likely to have a positive outcome. 

As Jon steps closer to her, the camera places Dany in a high angle shot and Jon in a low angle shot, suggesting that he now has the upper hand in the scenario. Instead of Dany forcing Jon to prove his allegiance to her, now it’s about what she can do for Jon to prove that she’s not as imposing as she came across in their first meeting, which will hopefully result in an alliance between them later on in the season. Dany makes no threats or power plays towards Jon, but instead willfully allows him to have what he came to Dragonstone for, despite that it is not what she wants from him. In a way, she is submitting to him and his requests in order to gain his trust- something that she has rarely done in the past, but does with disdain whenever she has to. When they are both in the frame, with Jon facing the ocean and Dany’s back turned to the camera, she is in a position of vulnerability, hiding her true emotions from Jon and from the audience. Does she feel resentment towards him since she is giving him what he wants and not vice versa? Or does she secretly admire Jon’s tenacity that resembles her own? The scene carries on and the camera is still alternating between Dany’s high angle shots and Jon’s low angle shots. As opposed to their earlier scene when Jon was looking like the reasonable one while Dany was full of threats and demands, now they are more balanced (yin and yang, fire and ice, opposites attract, etc.). In order for Dany to get what she wants, she has to relinquish some of her control and allow Jon to have what he wants. She can’t win over alliances through intimidation in Westeros if she plans on ruling it. Compromise is the key, and I don’t doubt that Jon will return the favor in episodes to come.

Saw Blade Runner 2049 last night and loved it! Bleak, beautiful, emotional and thoughtful. A worthy sequel. This notion for a quick illustration occurred to me. I’ll say no more now about the wooden horse in Blade Runner 2049 to avoid spoilers, just go and see the film.

New ref for horse mom~ 

Been desperately wanting a new cutie mark and I’m beside myself over this one made by @sirenibe ?? It’s seriously so perfect for me I actually wanna cry every time I see it pffbt, I tweaked my ponysona’s design to match it a little more and to reflect my shift towards liking purple a lot while still making her look like me so she doesn’t become her own oc pffbt

Everyone is like „omg Eren has a beard!!11!” and I’m just sitting here silently flipping out about what the HELL MIKASA WILL LOOK LIKE OMG will she have long hair, will she have shorter hair, did she grow in height, did she lose or gain weight, is she more feminine or more masculine now, CAN SHE NOW LIFT AN ENTIRE HORSE TO CARRY IT OVER THE WALLS, CAN SHE HAMMER IN A NAIL WITH HER BARE HANDS BY NOW I love her and I NEED TO KNOW NOW!  


This is based off of @seeliequeenofprythian‘s post ACOTAR DREAM.  This was also inspired by @ships-and-saints‘s comments.

“Willow! Come here, girl!” Lucien hollers, searching for his pet baby deer. She allows runs off, especially when it’s thundering outside like it is now. 

A noise comes out from behind the couch, and Lucien laughs a little. She’s stuck again. 

Walking towards the couch, Lucien leans over the couch to give Willow a pat on the head. “Silly girl.  Here, let me help you.”

Slowly, Lucien moves the couch just enough so that Willow can race off again. Towards Tamlin’s ‘office’.  

Tamlin, though he loves many animals, doesn’t particularly like when Willow invades his ‘office’. Lucien quickly darts after her, only to see his beloved fawn sniff at his friend, who is smoking from his personal hookah. 

“Oh…uh, hey Tam. You okay?” Lucien inquires, trying to draw Tamlin’s attention to him.  

As he breaths out, which causes a huge circle of smoke to blow away from him, Tamlin answers, “Yeah, man…just relaxing.”

“I can see.” 

“You should join me.”

“Maybe later, Tam. I have to go visit someone.”

“Who?” Tamlin asks as inhales some more vapor from the hookah.

“You know, our good friend.”

“Which one?” He exhales repeatedly, making the rings larger each time.

“Um…Tarquin! Yeah, you know our water-loving pal. He’s asked me to come over later today.” Lucien lies, hoping, praying, that Tamlin will be convinced.

“Oh…Waterboy…” Tamlin pauses, inhaling more of the flavored vapor. “How nice. Tell him I said hi.”

“I will, Tam.”

Lucien then whistles, and his fawn rushes out of the room.  He trails behind her, sighing to himself.

“Okay, Willow, the rain’s cleared up. Let’s head to Tarquin’s,” Lucien pets the deer, calming her.  

He gets up, and Willow follows.  They walk to the car together, and Lucien lets the fawn in the front seat.  “Okay, let’s go”

After about 40 minutes, Lucien and Willow are at Tarquin’s. They both jump out of the car when they see Tarquin and his cousins doing some yoga. And, Tarquin smoking out of a hookah. 

“Hey, Lucien!” Varian greets him, waving towards him. However, this causes him to lose balance and fall on his butt.  His twin sister laughs at this, which causes her to lose balance as well. 

Tarquin just shakes his head, and sets down his hookah smoker to pet Willow. “Hello, little fawn.”

Willow rubs up against him, and tries to chew on his leather biker jacket. She backed up, trying to eat the leather like a dog would.  

Lucien smiles at the interaction. Willow’s always loved Tarquin, especially since he always gave her a bunch of treats. 

Willow soon gives up, and frolics back to Lucien. He gives her a pat and says, “Go play with Katnip and Seelie.”

Katnip is Tarquin’s cat, and Seelie is his horse. Willow obediently listens, and walks off to join the sleeping cat and horse.  

“I see you’re trying out a new hair, Waterboy,” Lucien says, teasing. 

Today, Tarquin’s hair is gelled back, which gives a bigger focus to his ocean blue eyes.

“Oh, don’t push it, Foxboy.”

“Hey, unlike you, I like that name. It means I’m as sly as a fox,” Lucien says, running his hand through his hair.

Tarquin, subtly, turns his head to the side, hiding his darkened cheeks (if they can get any darker). “Honestly, Lucien, you try to find a way to flirt with anyone.”

Lucien smirks, happily walking towards Tarquin, and whispers, “Only you, Tarquin. Only you.”

Before anything extreme starts to happen, Varian jumps up and says, “Why don’t you have dinner with us today, Lucien? I’m sure you’ll love it.”

Smirking widely, Tarquin whispers to Lucien, “If you agree, we’ll be able to finish this later.”

Lucien blushes madly, his face turning 50 different shades of red. He can only nod, not even trusting his own voice.

“Great! Why don’t you come inside and get situated?” Cresseida asks, pulling Lucien towards the seaside home. Willow follows behind them, making happy little noises.

Okay, so I may have went overboard. I didn’t plan to use Tarcien in here.  It just…happened.  I hope you enjoyed it.  Because I enjoyed writing it. 

Just wanted to share this story before bed

Woman and her son and daughter come in wanting to buy a betta. The son has a 5g set up with a filter. I’m thinking, great! Look at this kid go!! And so I ask them if it’s heated as well and the mom goes no and so I explain they’re tropical and need warm water and why a heater is a must. Instantly the mom starts bitching about how she doesn’t want to spend money!!! So she asks if the fish will die if it doesn’t have a heater. I said not immediately but it’s life won’t be as long and it will be sluggish and slow. The kids instantly go “ok we need a heater then”. Mom’s not having it. She asks if we just have some goldfish and I say no the only live animal we have are bettas, and even then, goldfish need more than 5g etc etc

She finally agrees to buy a heater so I go grab the one model we have. Now the kids are picking out a betta. As I’m about to go ring them up, she goes ok now let’s pick two more and I go hold your horses ma'am you cannot cohab them they will slaughter each other.

She explodes at her son!! Yelling at him how he hasn’t done his research and how she wants at least four fish in the 5g. I explain why they can’t be together and how there really is no other fish that can thrive in a 5g. The kids both go “ok we are fine with one fish we will pick one out together” but this mom is not!!! Having it!!! She puts the fish back and says they’ll just go to Petco to go get some other fish. I know instantly that the dorkuses (no offense fellow Petco employees) there will tell her it’s fine to put a goldfish and ten guppies in there or some shit so I instantly tell her that my LFS is much better with prettier fish, hoping the good people there will help her….

Some people I swear to God…


“We’re looking for that next thing now”, he says. “Gunpowder was a test to see whether I enjoyed doing it – and I did enjoy it very much. I think it’s something about knowing why decisions are made and being part of those decisions has given me great comfort in the end process… in watching it. I don’t know about acting and producing at the same time though; I found that tricky at times.”

Having performed with swords and horses for so long now, does he hanker after more modern roles. “I’m personally done now with the 1600s”, he agrees “So moving forward now – to London in the 1960s perhaps. Or at least something with guns.” [x]