and now we're meeting in real life

  • Yuri: Is this real life?
  • Viktor: Is this just fantasy?
  • Yuri: No. Listen okay, I dreamed of meeting my idol but apparently I already had. I supposedly stripped and had a pole dancing contest that ended in me grinding on said idol. Now we're married and I'm confused as to how it all worked out so well.

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I literally dreamt about you und we were in a bus together and then we talked and I noticed you spoke german with me all the time and I was like???? Omg what u speak german und u we're like yup i am a german and then u spoke Spanish and u were so funny and we acted like good friends and then I had to leave the bus and u hugged me and gave me a kiss on my cheek so cute and now I want to meet u in real life aaaah

what the HELL my dream alter ego is cooler than me

A history of feminism and men's rights
  • MRA: Men commit suicide several times more than women do.
  • Feminism: That sucks. But if you try to hold discussions about this we're going to bar the doors, threaten attendees, smear the speaker as a child molester, and pull the fire alarms.
  • MRA: Women can be just as violent as men in relationships.
  • Feminism: I will kill your dog, chase you from your home, cut off your funding and threaten you with murder if you spread this information.
  • MRA: We need to have a conference to discuss our issues.
  • Feminism: You need to pay extra for security because I'm going to phone in death threats, bomb threats, arson threats, smear campaigns, slander and libel just to keep you from meeting.
  • MRA: Fine, we'll pay extra for our conference. And you're invited.
  • Feminism: You can't invite us, we're boycotting your meeting. We have nothing to say to you and refuse to listen to you. Except for the people we send in undercover in a vain attempt to find misogyny.
  • MRA: I have an opinion.
  • Feminism: And now you're banned for life because of it.
  • MRA: You guys really are being awful to us.
  • Feminism: It's about equality, misogynist.
  • MRA: No, it very clearly is not. I've documented everything.
  • Feminism: *sheds skin* Those people weren't real feminists. They were misandrists. It's not the same thing. Real feminism is about equality.
  • MRA: So, now that you're all about equality, are you going to help with these issues?
  • Feminism: Sure is a nice conference you guys are planning. Be a shame if something ... happened to it.
  • CNA team: you're going to watch cartoons all day
  • CNA team: you're then going to make crack vids out of them
  • CNA team: you're now going to be a part of a meme dream team to make dank memes parodying some internet classics, but we need to have a meme meeting first, during which we're going to talk about our favorite memes and how we can make new ones. do you think you can do a bit of meme research for us?
  • me, sniffling and crying and melting into a puddle of meme trash onto the floor: yep. no problem.