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A Bad Morning

Texted at 5AM by my intern friend who’s on call in the ICU who tells me that my stable patient suddenly coded. And that the patient died after an hour of CPR.

The fucking night team is in the hospital but no, I get two separate texts from two separate people telling me my patient is coding. Why were my interns not texted? Why was the night team not texted? These are the moments when I hate being a responsible person. Because I’m responsible, I get the texts, I have to run towards Bad Things, I have to put out fires. 

I get to the hospital and I have to find the night team resident and wake his ass up and we go pronounce him. I’m only serving as replacement resident and I’ve never met the family but now I gotta talk to them and tell them that their family member suddenly died. And then my interns finally come in and are so emotionally stunned they just loiter around the nurse’s station looking confused. The med students are also so freaked out they are just standing around, big-eyed. It’s none of their faults but I wish I could somehow tell my team it’s time to grow up and carry on. We have no choice. We have to carry on for the rest of our patients, the ones we can help. 

Because of this, we run the list late, I can’t review labs or see patients as I usually do. I get chewed out in Morning Report for asking for “useless imaging”. I don’t get to grab coffee or eat breakfast. I am in the foulest mood. I end up eating lunch in a call room so I can just be alone and decompress away from people. I have no ability to even pretend that I’m fine or say “I’m fine” if someone asks me how I am.

This is legitimately the worst morning of residency so far. Being the senior, a senior who is responsible and responds to calls for help, can really suck sometimes. 

aaaaaaaa omg today was so great, honestly. idk why but i just woke up happier AND i found my headphones!!!! and in school, my friend went to do idk what so i stayed alone and i was like oh fuck but then i saw my crush and she like smiled so i went to her and we talked a bit and she finally sent me a message, so now i have her number!!!!! (she said she kept forgetting bc she doesnt use the app a lot but anyway it doesnt matter) also later when she was leaving she hugged me!!!!!!! i mean, yeah she hugged her other friend too but i’m not happy about it bc of hope or smth, i’m just !!!!!!!!!! she hugged me!!!!! and her hug is so great!!!!!!!!! oh god shes so pretty omg aND HER SMILE!!!!!! okay just kill me now


can we talk about the Octanakin/Ilian sex scene being problematic now?

In discussing with @forgivenessishardforus she mentioned the following: While the sex was “consensual”, Ilian was obviously hesitant and only capitulated after hearing Octanakin beg him to “Make me feel something.” seconds after attempting to commit suicide by acid rain.

This brings up the question of dubious consent. The basic thought process here being, Ilian had just watched as Octanakin tried to kill herself, attempted to stop her and was rewarded with violence (a hit to the face) and a serious struggle. It could have seemed to Ilian as if he had no choice, sleep with Octankin or she would search for some other way to “feel something” and that way might result in her death. 

I am almost certain the writers did not intend for the scene to be taken that way, but it’s still something to consider. Especially when one considers the overall “buildup” of their relationship and Ilian’s “You spared my life. I owe you.” just moments before. 

Did Ilian have sex with Octanakin as payment for the debt he believes he owes her? And if so, can that ever make it truly consensual?

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oh no- someone pointed out that we're being silly! guess we have to drop all the pretenses now... anything silly or not 100% realistic and down to earth? no longer allowed. disney is cancelled, pixar has to quit, nonfiction as a whole is outlawed now, nobody's allowed to talk about what clouds look like, etc etc... and dont even get me started on jurassic park; wow theyre literally just dead things from millions of years ago why would you make a film out of that? so embarrassing!

all fun is cancelled, smiling is illegal 

Everything is just a bit too much for me too handle right now so for how ever long I feel is right, I’m gonna turn off asks. I don’t wanna leave tumblr cause I love the people on here but with whats going on around me I don’t think keeping my ask box up is a good idea. @staxurst @flargahblargh I’m sorry that I’m just turning tail and running from the problem we have right now but I have to I don’t wanna go back to that place and I don’t wanna leave you guys so until the whole thing is solved and @glitchgirl318 feels better and wants to talk to us again. I’ll leave the PMs open though, I’m just not emotionally stable enough to be doing that. I’m so sorry

Thank You For Understanding 

A friend and I realized we literally became friends because of Tythan. I was talking about it in a book and she jumped in. We’re close friends now.

Tythan is also good for the soul. Once, I was feeling down, so a friend sent me some Tythan. Next thing I knew, I felt better.

So… yeah. Keep reading Tythan. If you have any ideas, send them to me and I’ll gladly turn them into one-shots for you.

Have a nice day.


Alfred: “Say Arthur, I completely forgot that Kiku and I were planning on having a movie marathon tonight. So I wont be home to cook supper.”

Arthur: “You’re telling me this now? Ugh, fine. But soon as you return, we’re going to have a talk.”

Alfred: “Sure thing. There should be some leftovers in the fridge so don’t burn the place down.”

Arthur: “Oh, SHUT IT!”

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“Mum, Dad, I’m so sorry.. but it was horrible there, I never want to go back there, please don’t make me…”  begged Jarrah when Kinleigh and Elliott walked into his bedroom. 

“It’s ok Buddy, you don’t have to go back, we can talk about what happened a little bit later, but right now Dad has something to tell you..” Replied Kinleigh stepping to the side to allow Elliott to be the one to tell jarrah about the adoption papers.

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Is it true you're wishing for Iris to die? Because if you are, that's seriously messed up.

I’m assuming that if you’re asking the question, that mean you dont have any proof of what you’re saying?

The answer to that question is NO, I dont wish Iris to die. I already said in an older post that I dont want any female character to die because we didn’t have enough ladies in the show and killing one of the only two main lady we see would be pretty stupid. 

Second: It’s not a Iris blog, I barely talk about her. I do when you guys are being hypocrits toward Cait. 

Third: the only time I might have mention it recently is me questioning my self as why Barry would think asking her to marry him would change the future. It only make her more vulnerable to danger and it’s true. Plus, Savitar won’t stop his plan only because they are engage now he clearly said that he kill her inn the future because it was him or her. 

I’m questionning Barry’s logic but I never did I ever want a character to die even if they are not my fav.

IVF 1 - 13dp5dt

Went in for official beta hCG test.
So yea. No pregnancy.

Talked with the doc and in his 20 years he hasn’t seen this. His clinic nurse and staff were shocked.
27 year old female, (fairly) healthy, and yet 9 eggs made it to day 5 but 8 died?

He set up an appointment for him to speak with the embryologist and we are having an appt on Monday to talk with him ourselves. I want to know if anyone else lost significant amount of embryos that day (was it their fault?) or what did they see happening.

Statistically this shouldn’t have happened. 9 made it to day 5, 1 to blast (but didn’t implant) and at least half of the remaining 8 should have made it to freeze.

So now we are doing chromosomal testing on me (free but takes 6 months). I’m trying to find a place in Buffalo that does it (willing to pay!).

Hope we get answers soon cause at this point we’re not going to pay for IVF if we would get the same results.

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Hey so no one is responding to any of my posts and it's starting to make me anxious. Do you know why I got kicked out of the Discord server? I'm not in the group anymore for some reason, and I can't join again. Did I do something? Because if I did something to upset you guys just tell me and I'll leave you alone, but I thought I was on good terms with the people in this fandom and now just no one will talk to me and explain what's going on.

idk??? i have zero problems with u dude. i haven’t been on the discord server so i can’t say anything about that, but that sounds weird?? we are literally the most drama-free fandom ive ever seen and i cant imagine ppl would shut you out like that

does anyone care to explain whats going on

“Last December my wife lost her job, and now we’re struggling to get to the end of every month. Around the 20th, we always realize there’s no money left. Half of my paycheck goes to rent. And we’re still in debt from our wedding. We can’t afford to go out anymore. Our diets have changed. Now it seems like money is all we talk about: what bills to pay, what to keep, what to leave out. She thinks I spend on the wrong things. I think she spends on the wrong things. So we end up arguing. But I have faith we will pass this test. Both of us came from difficult backgrounds. She was adopted. My mother abandoned me when I was young. We both know what it means to struggle, and that’s why we chose to be together. I came to this city from a small town because I was looking for happiness. And I found my happiness in her. So we’re going to figure this out.”

(Rosario, Argentina)

I never really thought that friend break-ups were a thing. Yeah I’ve heard people say ‘we used to be friends’ or ‘we don’t talk anymore’ but I’ve never actually pondered the ending of a friendship.

I’ve witnessed girls going through breakups, and they always talk about the same things. The way one person stops showing interest,
how they talk less, fight about stupid things, stop feeling the spark. I’ve never felt that before. Never watched a person gradually lose interest in me, text me less, stop wanting to spend every second with me.

Never until now. And god, it f*cking hurts.

Who would have thought my first heartbreak would come from my longest standing friendship? But that’s the way life works, isn’t it? You watch the one good thing you have slowly slip away until you aren’t even sure why but suddenly it’s almost out of your grasp and there’s nothing you can do but wait.

So you feel yourself waiting. Waiting for the texts to stop all together, waiting for the hangouts to become a thing of the past. Waiting for that final blow. But nothing could hurt more than the realisation that there will be no 'final blow’. Because it’s already over. And you’re not exactly sure when, or how, but you know if you stop trying now then everything will cease.

And who can you blame but yourself? And do you know what the worst part is? You can’t even be mad at the other person, because what have they done except lose interest in you? It sucks when all you want is to be by their side, to call them and text them and see them everyday, but they’re done with you. And how can you be any more than you are now, I guess you’ll just never be enough.

So you’re left mourning the end of a friendship, without even truly understanding what’s been lost.

And now your heart is f**king broken but who would even understand because are friend break-ups even a f*cking thing?


how am i supposed to leave now…?

…also, you should probably go see Hunk, dude.

Lol so this is based off my post here - we we’re talking about the mystery galra theories and @teegesmagee​ said maybe it is a future version of Lance! I have so much klangst thought up around this idea, man, it makes me wanna write about it

Can I just talk about how important this press conference is to me. He just got back from Afghanistan after months of torture. He refused to go to the hospital and instead immediately went to a press conference. He could barely stand, and instead had everybody sit with him, but he showed up.

“We have become comfortable with a system of zero accountability” Tony’s first thought when he arrived home, now aware that bad people were using his weapons was to stop it. He didn’t go to the hospital or to his own home. He went to the public and told them.

‘Hey bad shit happened because of me, so I’m going to hold me accountable, and I’m gonna tell you what I’m going to do so you can hold me accountable too.’

Now when I get home from vacation the only thing I want to do is go home, and I don’t generally have emotionally scarring things happen during my vacations. I just miss my home. After months in Afghanistan I’m sure Tony did too. Yet he prioritized shutting down weapons to that. Which he should have, but it shows incredible strength of character. 

I’m just so proud of him as a character. Like good for you Tony.