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Nicknames: my friends call me Nins or Ninu, if they call me Nina I have the feeling they are mad at me lol
Height: 5'57
Time right now: 2:18 am
Last thing I googled: agender-cisgender (all that stuff, just to inform myself hehe)
Favorite music artist: as we all know top is obvious I’d say, Arctic Monkeys, Pink Floyd, Zara Larsson, etc
Song stuck in my head: 6 inch by beyonce
Last show I watched: Brooklyn 99
Last movie I watched: Moonlight
What I’m wearing right now: my pajamas (basically an old t-shirt and some pants)
When was this blog created: may 12th, 2016
Kind of stuff I post: top, a little bit of every musician I like, aesthetic shit, MEMES and CORGIS
Do you have other blogs: yep, a Taylor Swift one
Do you get asks regularly: depends on the day but usually… nah
Why did you choose your url: because josh dun and the sun are yellow so… yeah
Gender: female
Hogwarts house: slytherin, biatch
Pokemon team: Instinct
Favorite colors: yellow <3
Average hours of sleep: hours of what? between 4 and 8
Favorite characters: Alex Karev, Arizona Robbins and Jake Peralta
Dream job: being the editorial designer of independent magazines and documentary photographer
Number of blankets I sleep with: just one
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evolution of the yuri on ice fandom
  • ep 1 : oh wow this looks gay
  • ep 2 : oh wow it is gay hope its not queerbaiting
  • ep 3 : it really is gay
  • ep 4 : okay it's gay
  • ep 5 : g-a-y and getting gayer
  • ep 6 : okay the only way they can top this is with a--
  • ep 7 : A KISS??!!?!? excuse me riGHT NOW BUT IM CRYING THEY CAN NEVER TOP THIS
  • ep 8 : so pure, proud parents oh i mustn't hurt myself by imagining engagement scenarios

top 10 marvel tv ladies as voted by my followers ☆ 5. elektra natchios
“The Hand is very real. And they know we’re onto them. The battle has begun, Matthew. There’s nothing we can do about it now but fight. Look… I wish I could tell you that I’m not going to pull my sword… but I will if I have to.


As we approach the end of the year, here are my top 5 posts from Tumblr in 2016!

I haven’t had much time for photography this year so I’ve posted less than normal - sorry! Despite this, my blog has now reached almost 57,000 followers! THANK YOU ALL SO MUCH! #humbled

I also want to thank just some of the blogs that regularly share my images: @magicalnaturetour, @radivs, @earthandanimals, @telescopical, @lensblr-network, @imiging, @funnywildlife, @alltiger and @mistymorningme to name just a few!

Wishing you all the best for 2017!



hope you guys enjoy!!!


1. start off with whatever shape you want for your icon! i chose a circle bc it’s easy peasy
2. paste what image you want on top! let’s use mouse rin. how cute is she? :D
3. next we’re going to make her shiny. start by making a duplicate layer (ctrl+j) and setting it to multiply!
4. now we repeat the last step, but instead of making it a multiply layer, make it into a screen layer! now rin is all bright and happy!
5. next we’re going to merge all three rin layers together. select all 3 layers and right click and hit ‘merge layers’
6. now that rin is merged, we’re going to duplicate her again! :D so many rins~ (I do this so one rin has part of her body poking out of the image. it’s cute!)
7. right click on the first rin layer and click ‘create clipping mask’ we want that rin attached to the circle
8. now on the second layer(the unclipped one) we want to erase all of that extra rin so there’s only what we want! now she’s in the shape of our icon! :D step is to make a new layer inbetween the clipped rin and the circle! put whatever background you want the icon to have. in this i decided on ccute tiny polka dots! :0
10. now that the background is done, i like to add a white outline around rin. righ click the clipped rin layer and hit ‘blending options’ then make stroke size 3!
11. now we merge all of the layers! almost done :D
12. i like to add thick borders around my icons. so for that, right click and hit ‘blending options’ again, and this time ‘stroke’ 8!
13. now create a new layer with a clipping mask and add some colour! i like to make mine a screen mode at 30-50%! i like how nice and pink rin is now! :D and that’s it! now you just gotta save your image, and you’re all done!!!!! you made an icon!!! woohoo!!! :D

Venezuela’s hyperinflation, a visual representation.

So, as I’ve talked in the past, the Venezuelan currency, the Bolivar Fuerte - BsF (strong Bolivar, in reference to the father of the country, Simon Bolivar) is effectively useless as cash these days, how useless you ask? Well, let’s see:

On top we have the lovely national currency, 50 100 BsF bills, for a total of 5.000 BsF, 100 50 BsF bills, for a total of another 5.000 BsF, and finally, 100 20 BsF bills for a total of 2.000 BsF, giving us a grand total of 250 bills and 12.000 BsF.

Keep in mind, currently those three bills are the highest valued available on the market these days, and it took me two hours to get them all from a bank.

Now, that’s quite the big number, both in bills and total value it seems, but now let me direct you to the three bills at the bottom: That’s colombian currency, the Peso

These three are also the highest valued ones in Colombia, 10.000, 20.000 and 50.000 pesos, for a grand total of 80.000 pesos (part of my “shit finally hit the fan” emergency fund), and yes, that’s a lot of 0′s, but don’t let that fool you, as that currency is one of the most stable ones in latin America.

Anyway, here’s the kicker: all those venezuelan bills from earlier, those 250 bills? They are effectively worth the same as the two smaller colombian ones, the bigger 50.000 Pesos bill being worth almost twice as all that venezuelan cash.

(fat lazy cat for reference)

“But Enrique”, you say, “this is all fine and dandy, but that does that mean in actual world-class currency?” Well my friend, all those venezuelan bills? the 12.000 BsF that took me two hours to take out of the bank? They’re worth

12 US Dollars 


11 Euros

(rounded up)

And this, my friends, is why Venezuelan currency is worth less that the paper it’s printed on, but hey socialism/communism works, right?

PS: They internet states they’re actually worth more, but that’s because the internet uses the official government currency exchange, AKA the one no one but government officials can use these days.

PS2: Actually, there’s an even bigger colombian bill, the 100.000 pesos one, but I have yet to meet someone that has even seen it, as it was recently introduced and it’s used mostly for big bank transactions. 

Top 10 Spookiest Things From The Newest V3 Trailer

#10. The fact that I wasn’t expecting to hear Hoshi’s voice again this early, and am now laughing way to hard because of it.

#9. This frame, which looks way too similar to one of Angie’s poses:

#8. The Monokumarz dabbing.

#7. This shot, where Gonta is mad. Please don’t make Gonta mad, folks.

#6. Another dead-eyed expression from Angie: 

#5. The fact that Yumeno wasn’t ready to get her picture taken in this shot:

#4. Whatever the hell Monokuma is doing here:

#3. This sprite of Amami, kicking him out of the Way-Too-Chill club:

#2. This sprite of Kaito, now in it’s full glory.

#1. This shot of Hoshi. Like, geez, dude. Back away from the camera, will you?

Flowey Is Not a Good Life Coach - Chap. 2, page 5

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We’ve reached the end of the 1st scene in FINAGLC, and the end of another chapter! The world opens up before us like a finely aged book dripping with knowledge begging to be read from the page… or something.

This page was yet another fine example of me spending way too long looking at the screen, nitpicking things that probably didn’t matter too much. But that’s fine! It’s all good. Though this page was also the last page I had ready to go in my stock… now I have to make more. Gotta GET THAT ACTION I suppose.

5 Ways To Just Get Started

We’ve all been there; it’s a bad day or you’ve waited until the last minute but now you have so much to do you just can’t even bring yourself to pick up a book. So here are my top ten ways of kicking it into high gear and actually getting stuff done.

  1. The five-ten minute method; This is my go to way to get started, set a timer for five or ten minutes and just get started. If you have some smaller things you need to do focus on a few of them; it’s easier to continue being productive once you’ve set the ball in motion. (An object in motion tends to stay in motion and all that jazz).
  2. Make a list.  If you haven’t done it yet it is a) a great way to productively procrastinate for another minute or two, and b) gives you a direction to head in. When you’re keeping track of all you have to do in your head it can quickly feel like you have too much to do and that it’s completely impossible but once you’ve written everything down (preferably with some detail) it may start to see more manageable. It also gives you a starting point. (Bonus: write down whatever you have already accomplished prior to making the list and cross it off, you will instantly start to feel like you’ve done more than you though and suddenly all things seem possible!).
  3. Outline things. Sometimes it can seem daunting to start in on an entire task so consider starting with an outline and then filling it in. I often find it hard to start mathematics problem sets because I read the first question and get overwhelmed, so I usually follow these steps if I’m having trouble getting started:
    1. Write down the problem number, look up and then write down what chapter or section (or class day for notes) that the topic of the problem is in.
    2. If I know the steps of what I need to do I quickly jot them down. This helps because instead of getting totally held up on doing the calculations for each step I get to remind myself of how this type of problem works.
    3. If it’s a topic I have been struggling with I mark it with a triangle and when I get to the problem I give extra attention to not just getting through the problem but finding supplementary material to help me understand what to do.
    4. Then once I’ve done this for every problem I go back in and flesh it out. Sometimes I do this in multiple stages and sometimes I have the determination to work straight through it.
  4. Set up a study space for a single topic. As much as I love my desk sometimes I sit down and I get too invested in the idea that I need to focus on everything at once. So if you’re getting hung up on the idea that you need to do everything try pulling out your notes, books, and other materials for a single subject that you need to work on and move to a new space. Maybe that’s the kitchen table, or the floor in your room, or a library; just make sure you either only bring or only pull out materials for one subject. Set yourself an amount of time, I like to go by the hour, and work only on that topic. You can work on that subject in 25 minute chucks with breaks but give yourself a solid amount of time to spend with only that one subject. Once you’ve accomplished some of the big things in a single subject it should help you feel less distracted as you go into other ones.
  5. For essays; With purpose sit down and write a crappy summary draft. Don’t worry about research, or grammar, or language. Just write. This is obviously a form of free writing but for me the real trick is try to make it bad. Use poor sentence structure, break for a paragraph just because you feel like it, write in some curse words, maybe do a paragraph or two on how much you don’t want to write this essay. For almost all of the lab reports that I did this year there is a draft in my Google Drive that is a detailed report of how each specific lab is dumb and not helpful for the students who were made to perform them. Which was not at all true but I really hate writing lab reports. Once you’ve put your feelings out there and maybe even explored why exactly you don’t want to write the essay you will probably start to feel a little bit more confident about sitting down and getting started on the real draft. Also by spending some time with just your free flowing thoughts you may strike on some inspiration on how you want to structure things. Don’t worry about finishing your bad draft; if inspiration strikes go ahead and start in on the real thing.

Good luck on all the studying and homework, I hope that you have a good end of year and great start to the next one. You’ve got this!

if you’re a student like me, you probably don’t have much time or money to make nice food (we’ve all lived off ramen/bread at least once). allow me to introduce you to my super easy, cheap, creamy, delicious vegan pumpkin soup. this is my absolute favourite autumn meal, especially now that the november chill has set in. I love to sprinkle seeds and some parsley from my lil plant on top and have it with lots of yummy homemade bread. keep reading for the recipe & a price breakdown 🍂✨

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Blurry will fuck Josh up pt. 2

Originally posted by evelinathoren

tyler bottoms but like i said, blurry makes josh his bitch 

part 1

(i’m in a hotel rn in moline and there are way too many hours between now and the twenty one pilots show - okay 5 hours - but we’ll probably get down there early, park, and sit in the car bc we have seats)

*pls excuse typos/grammar*


josh was going insane. ever since he had that amazing experience with blurry, and found out what an extraordinary top tyler could be, he could not stop thinking about it. tyler was his baby - soft hair, soft voice, soft hands, soft ass. everything about him was soft, except for his cock in their more heated moments. that’s when tyler would pull josh over and beg to be fucked. josh loved topping tyler so much, it never got old seeing him writhe underneath and whimper with every touch until he got off. 

but josh was envious of tyler sometimes. he wanted to experience being bottom again, and despite feeling like more of a “top” around tyler, he could not stop thinking of the time when blurry fucked him and made him feel so out of control. when he was jacking off in the shower, that’s where his thoughts flowed. tyler’’s throbbing cock rutting inside him, and his hot body forcing him into the mattress and using him until he screamed. after cumming to the thought of tyler fucking him in the ass, he felt guilty enough to finally express his feelings to him. 

“hey tyler, remember when i said i didn’t know you had it in you to top? when you were blurry?” josh said, just coming right out with it. tyler looked up from his laptop and cocked a brow at it. 

“yeah, why?” tyler asked, not knowing exactly where he was going with this. 

“well i know it may not be true, what blurry said, but i…was wondering if you wanted to um…maybe top me sometimes?” josh said, letting out a sigh of relief once he finally got it out. 

tyler looked at how cute and nervous josh was, biting his lip and playing with his thumbs. he was surprised, but glad he asked instead of holding that in. 

“you don’t have to be shy about it, joshie. of course i’ll top you. i don’t know if i can be like blurry, but i can try.” tyler said, with all his sweetness. josh knew tyler could be a pretty good actor sometimes, so all he had to do was explain what tyler couldn’t remember blurry did.

there was a little that tyler could remember. for example, he could remember blurry specifically making tyler watch as he ordered josh to open himself. he has the visual memory of josh doing that, and feeling sort of wrong for watching, but also turned on because he seemed to be enjoying himself. tyler remembers blurry controlling his movements and overpowering his thoughts and impulse control. blurry drew from tyler’s fantasies, but some of it was just blurry, or tyler’s dark side. tyler had dark, intrusive thoughts that he’d never act on that blurry did, such as entering josh without preparation or warning. he has thoughts of topping josh sometimes when he sees that fine ass, but wouldn’t necessarily have the heart to act be rough with him. he just loves josh too much to do the things blurry could, but josh got off on it, so he would try. he could also remember the force of two orgasms in one, but blacked out afterwards. fading into blurry was a lot like getting high, from what he could remember. he was lucid, but not completely in control, and too under the influence of emotions for rational thoughts or actions. it was a total out of body experience.

“can you go a little harder?” josh whined. 

tyler looked down at josh’s flushed, sweaty faced, all contorted from tyler’s ministrations. he swept some hairs from his eyes and kissed his lips before humping faster, almost falling apart from how josh clenched around his cock greedily.

josh’s baby was being so soft and gentle with him, and josh felt his orgasm approaching, but not with the same intensity or darkness. this was nice, and he was grateful, but josh craved danger while being bottomed by tyler. topping was his time to be slow and gentle with him, or give into his aggression if that’s where tyler wanted to go. 

“fuck josh, i’m gonna cum. you’re so tight” tyler whimpered, speeding up his hips and slapping into josh’s ass. he gripped josh’s cock in his hand and began pumping him hard and fast, knowing josh was also close. this was the most rough tyler got with him and they’ve been at it a while. josh was moaning with every thrust, head rolling against the pillows. his hands were on tyler’s ass, taking pleasure in the way tyler’s muscles moved with his efforts, and tyler attacked his neck with hickies. 

“yes baby, cum for me. oh my…fuck you’re so sexy” josh cooed, thrusting his hips up and fucking himself on tyler’s throbbing cock while squeezing his ass. tyler made a frustrated noise, close to a growl right in josh’s ear, and released himself inside him. josh’s eyes shot open in surprise at the noise his baby made and started cumming himself. did his orgasm make blurry come out for a sec?

when they both came down, tyler laid beside josh exhausted and completely spent. they both were satisfied, but tyler knew he didn’t completely fulfill josh’s blurryface fantasy. he probably couldn’t unless he….

“maybe i can turn into him for you, josh, but you have to promise me you won’t let me hurt you” tyler said.

“of course i won’t, angel. you know me. i can take care of myself. even though blurry is much stronger, he’s still you. and i love all of you” 


ohhhh cliffhanger

AT&T Unveils DirecTV Now and Sets Channel Pacts With Taylor Swift, Reese Witherspoon

AT&T on Monday unveiled the pricing plan for its DirecTV Now streaming service that will bring the satcaster into the burgeoning business of offering low- and mid-priced streaming channel packages.

AT&T also announced it has set separate streaming channel pacts with music superstar Taylor Swift and actress Reese Witherspoon.

AT&T Entertainment Group CEO John Stankey billed DirecTV Now as “rules-free TV” for those who are cost-conscious and want the flexibility to stream channels across various devices.

The DirecTV Now pricing plans start at $35 a month for a collection of 60-plus channels and top out at $70 for 120-plus channels. In what is sure to be an introductory discount price, AT&T said HBO and Cinemax can be added to DirecTV Now packages for $5 a month apiece. DirecTV Now goes live on Wednesday.

“We’re extending our entertainment portfolio for those who value premium content but also want more TV freedom suited for their lifestyle, whether watching at home or on their mobile devices. This is TV your way,” said Stankey.

Taylor Swift Now is a channel devoted to the videos, concert performances, behind-the-scenes footage and more from the Taylor Swift archives. It will be included with all of the DirecTV Now services. It will also be available to AT&T wireless customers to stream free of data charges.

Witherspoon’s Hello Sunshine venture is as a VOD channel in the works for launch by the middle of next year. It’s an expansion of the content deal that Witherspoon already had in place with Otter Media, the joint venture of Peter Chernin’s Chernin Group and AT&T. The channel’s content will focus on femme-centric programs, including acquired movies and series, and will serve up an original series featuring Witherspoon.

“As we continue the journey of creating engaging entertainment for and about women at Hello Sunshine, it’s exciting to have a partner in AT&T who shares that commitment with us,” Witherspoon said.

Source: Variety

myrrhbearer  asked:

top 5 anecdotes/interesting tidbits from the classics

some Fun Facts, not in any particular order:

1. movies about classical antiquity that show people reading scrolls vertically are historically inaccurate - scrolls were read horizontally. you would unroll the scroll with your right hand and roll up the part you had finished with your left hand. each “book” (as we say now) of an ancient work was one scroll, so the aeneid, for example, consisted of twelve scrolls.

2. contrary to modern depictions of sirens as mermaids, ancient sirens were depicted as bird women

Odysseus and the Sirens. Detail from an Attic red-figured stamnos, ca. 480-470 BC. From Vulci.

3. the ancient romans had some extremely specific gods. my favorite is robigo, the god of mildew and rust.

4. the famous female poet telesilla, according to pausanias and plutarch, armed the women of argos and successfully drove off an attack from the spartans

5. before going into battle, the ancient romans consulted the sacred military chickens to find out if they had the favor of the gods or not. if the chickens ate grain, it was a favorable omen, and if they refused to eat, it was a bad omen.

rainywithachanceofstars  asked:

top 5 times Yuuri realizes that this is his life now

  1. when victor octopuses around him in the morning after the cup of china and says, “hi.” their limbs are tangled together, no fabric between them, and victor smells like sweat and come and traces of expensive cologne.  “we should order breakfast up here.  pants are for losers.”
  2. makkachin curled in his bed after a hard day at the rink.  makkachin’s sweet, low “boof” as he crawls into bed around her.
  3. victor saying, “i have a condo, back in st. petersburg.  it’s one bedroom.  okay, it’s two bedroom, but i like to think– i want to sleep next to you.  i like to think that the guest bedroom would be a guest bedroom, and that you and i could, i don’t know. whatever.  i’m terrible at this.  do you want to move in with me?”
  4. victor presses the cake into his mouth with a delicate thumb and forefinger.  he smushes the entire slice into victor’s face with his entire palm.  the crowd laughs, and it feels like a warm wave of water overwhelming him and sucking him into some wonderful tide.
  5. wearing matching team russia jackets with victor as they cheer on yurio in beijing.  victor still looks so handsome.  yurio is incredible, insurmountable.  yuuri’s never been prouder watching yurio hit the first ever quad axel in competition.  
Memorable Moments

Sooooo…..It’s nearly 2 whole years since our lives changed forever and we got hooked on this ship. 

I am interested to know what has been peoples most memorable moments of their storyline so far.

So lets have your top 5 most memorable moments in any order and any form-text, gif, pic etc. and tag it  #Robron Top 5 so everyone can share the love for what brought us together.

Heres mine :)

1. This took me by surprise and reeled me right in. Best first kiss ever.

2. I loved the whole dialogue here, Danny smashed it. And Chrissie/Robert reactions were brilliant. 

3. I took me ages to be able to re-watch these scenes, but I am now able to appreciate them although I thought there would be no coming back from this.

4. We had waited so long for this moment and it was beautiful. 

5. Every Robron moment in SSW is memorable for me, but i loved this talk in the woods.

how to get TOPxMM onto your Iphone ( easier than you think! )

step 1: go to on a computer and download topxmm, you will be taken to a we transfer link

step 2: once your files have downloaded open the file

step 3: select them by holding shift and clicking on all of them, then right click > open with > itunes ( shown in photo above ).

step 4: itunes will open and boom there they should be

step 5: now plug your phone into your computer and sync your music in itunes

step 6: ta da! listen hours on end :) 

hope this helps, reblog to save a life!

( msg me if you have any problems/questions )
Vote in Round 2 of TV's Top Couple
Make sure your favorites stay in the game!

Fam, please help! 

Kabby made it into round 2, thanks to all of you who jumped in to show your support by voting.  Now the contest is tournament-style in brackets, and we’re losing to Glenn & Maggie from The Walking Dead.  Please jump in and give us a hand to keep Kabby in the game at least another round if possible!  Clexa is also still in (and we aren’t up against ships from the same show yet) so let’s all rally and support our show!  Fandom Unity!!!!

Poll closes Wednesday, Feb. 15 at 5 p.m. PT, so please vote as often as you can!  The Kabby fandom thanks you!!!

draco the cheerleader
  • Draco: 2, 4, 6, 8,
  • Draco: 1, 3, 5, 7,
  • Draco: 5, 15, 20, 25-
  • *on the quidditch field*
  • Ron: Is he cheering in multiples of five
  • Harry: unfortunately
Weird Crushes (uk comedians)

Top 5 UK comedians I have very weird crushes on for even stranger reasons.
- The judgement is real I know, apologies in advance
- Sometimes my mind makes me do retarded posts like this

1. Russell Howard 
Because his boyish scruffy hair and comforting adolescent humor (particularly about animals and his parents) gives me childhood nostalgia (plus I dig the lazy eye).   

2. Noel Fielding
Because apart from his rocking fashion sense or his unbelievably creative and limitless imagination…I love how shy he gets at being complimented (he’s such a softy). Now can we go skipping through the streets of Camden in skirts?

3. Ed Byrne
Because he’s a complete geek and his on and off screen friendship with Dara O'Briain is goals. I just want to sit down with him in an Irish pub and listen to all his stories (plus I’m a sucker for long hair).

4. Stephen Mangan
Because. Hair Basically. (I see a worrying trend here). BUT, he is extremely talented, so well spoken and is the type of fella you wouldn’t be afraid to take to a wedding. if you know what I mean  

5. Rhod Gilbert
Because I can relate to his cynical outlook on life, his constant (but totally valid) arguments on potatoes and his “I do what I want” Welsh attitude. Added bonus - he’s a little rough around the edges but a total sweetie at heart.