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Hay cross how do you feel about me and nightmare sans shipped together because he's mine!

Now that we’re talking about ships…

Here comes another little tought.

You’re free to ship any characters you want… I won’t impose you which things I do like and which ones I don’t…
I think the shipping world is wonderful, because you’re creating something after all… (even if it’s nsfw lmao) and you are having fun! You like to do your story and that’s great!


Sometimes there’s something that can ruin a friendship between artists in real life because of this you know?

Like, some people only cares about their fictional characters and fame instead the people who supported them and had a nice time with those creations and ideas…

Always happen something that can hurts an artist just because someone didn’t like what this artist did, that person shows his dissapointment with hate, jealous, with fear of their fanchilds/ fan ships could disappear… in the worst case, they take the artits’s personal mistakes as an excuse in order to get everyone’s approval about their thoughts and “what must be right”.

I said before that I was afraid about some people could misunderstand the canon characters because of the “popular” ships, but this doesn’t mean I don’t hate those ships… actually this make me feel sad…not for the misunderstandings!

It makes me feel so sad when some people wants to hurt others because of a different point of view… and make that person could be hated for a entire fandom…forcing  them to quit all the work this person did, and being judged about their acts for another events… just because one person hated them for a ship they doesn’t like it and helped to increase hatred and revenge.

Is that…fair?


get to know me meme: [1/10] favorite tv shows → the 100

i was born in space. i’ve never felt the sun on my face or breathed real air or floated in the water. none of us have. for three generations, the ark has kept what’s left of the human race alive, but now our home is dying, and we are the last hope of mankind. one hundred prisoners sent on a desperate mission to the ground. each of us is here because we broke the law. on the ground, there is no law. all we have to do is survive. but we will be tested: by the earth, by the secrets it hides, and most of all, by each other.

okay bitches, there’s something you need to know about maple syrup

Since none of y’all in the Check Please fandom know how it’s made, and I’ve read some pretty traumatising things in fics, I took these pictures especially for you today. And some are taken from the internet.

We dig holes on our maple trees so come Spring, they leak through metal peens.

In Québec, maples wear buckets. It’s FASHIONABLE.

Now, these are the quaint little érablières (maple tree places?), but others don’t mess around.

Then, what comes out can’t be eaten directly (except by squirrels), it needs to be boiled into one of these motherfuckers here

Now there are different ways of cooking maple, so you can have syrup, butter, and other goodies. What interests us right now is what we call “tire” (pronounce teer)

Below are pictures I took today at the Sugar Shack fair in my town. There are barrels of already boiled tire, and you need to boil it again to serve it. 

Then you pour it on the snow, in neat little lines. I should have taken that one, it was bigger than the one I actually got. 

Now you take a popsicle stick, start at one end and roll it up. You need to wait until it’s cold enough to stick together, and then you have to make sure it’s not lopsided or anything otherwise it gets all over your fingers and that shit’s sticky as hell.

Here you have the result (it’s pretty small, should be bigger). It’s so sweet, the best part is the cold snow that melts in your mouth at the same time. 

And THAT’s how you eat tire sur la neige. Yum yum. (say hi to my friend photobombing me). I don’t want to read false maple representation on future fics from now on, or the angry French Canadian fairy will come and set you right!

I think I’m actually going to be pretty pissed if sjm doesn’t up her diversity game in the next books.

There are a lot of opportunities for her to do this - she has in no way written herself into a corner where diversity is no longer possible (this may have to do with world-building holes, but, anyway…).

There are Courts we haven’t seen yet, characters, Chaol is going to whatever in the hell place he is going that could have diverse people, I’m sure there will be more relationships developing that don’t at all need to be hetero or even monogamous, tbh. There is just… a lot of potential for this.

(edit to move some of my tags to the post bc… my tags got ridiculous…) If I knew before what I know now about these books, I may not have read them in the first place. But I did, and now I’m here, stuck in this fandom dumpster of smut and meta and so-called theories, and I like living in this damn dumpster. I just wish it weren’t filled with white hetero monogamous couples all the time.

And so I’m… going to be quite disappointed if some things don’t change. I don’t know what I’ll actually do. But I know I won’t be happy.

Here are my Belle/Adam NSFW headcanons that literally no one asked for

Because we all know the only road I walk is the one of Sin™

• Belle may have laughed when Adam growled during their dance, but inside a shot of arousal surged through her body that left a heavy and needy ache between her legs. The ache only worsened when Adam brushed his lips against the shell of her ear after their dance ended, his warm sweet breath ghosting across her neck as he whispered, “now, would you prefer scruff or something longer?”

• Turns out Belle prefers scruff, and the way it scratches against the soft skin of her inner thighs while Adam goes down on her. She also relishes the way it burns when her thighs rub together as she walks, a gentle smile quirking her lips up in a quiet, indecent secrecy. And Adam knows that smile, adores that smile, returning it with a wink and– if Belle is close enough– a low, suggestive rumble in his throat that awakens a beautiful shade of pink on her cheeks.

• Until their wedding night, their sexual endeavors never exceeded third base. So when the time comes and Adam can finally HAVE Belle, he makes the sweetest, most passionate love to her; all languid thrusts, soft whispers, deep breathing, quivering lips, and trembling limbs.

• The second time Adam takes Belle that night results in torn pillows, dark purple bruises, and indentations in the wall from its repetitive collision with the headboard.

• And speaking of the headboard, there were definitely deep scratch marks engrained in the wood from their ardent lovemaking. When Belle notices them the morning after, she never lets Adam live it down, and later that week she has to bite her lip to keep from laughing when Adam sheepishly informs the staff that the headboard needs to be replaced.

• Teasing aside, Belle loves Adam’s animalistic nature in bed more than she’d like to admit. She revels in the feel of his teeth teasing and nibbling when he trails his mouth along her collarbone, marking her– claiming her– with deep red love bites. She adores the way he buries his face in her neck when he fucks her, the way his hot breath dampens the skin of her throat with his labored breathing. She takes delight in his wild eyes, with blown pupils and filled with something so unabashed, raking over her body and glimmering with indecency. But nothing gets to her more than those low, guttural sounds Adam makes when he’s aroused, almost always involuntary and instinctive, like when Belle bites his lip or when her tongue laps over the smooth head of his cock. Her absolute favorite is when he growls deep in his throat while he’s eating her out, the sound rippling up from her center and hardening her nipples, arching her back, and making her head thrash against the pillow.

• Adam likes to play a game where he mouths at Belle’s neck, dances his fingers softly over her wrists, and murmurs suggestive words in her ear to see how long it takes for him to get her turned on enough to abandon whatever book she’s reading and give in to his sexual efforts. One time he got so far as to literally being inside of her until her book finally fell to the floor and she let Adam take her on the library table.

• They literally have sex all over the castle, and as much as the staff wants to complain, they can’t bring themselves to since they know Adam was basically celibate for over a decade. A lot of pent up desire, y'know? So nothing can really stop him when he bends Belle over the dinner table after watching her lick sauce off her finger, his owns fingers cushioned between her soft lips as he takes her so hard that dishes clatter to the floor.

• Also, he literally died for a brief moment in time. So who can blame the man for completely ravishing his wife at every moment he can when he thought he lost her forever?

• A concept: THRONE SEX!!!!!!!!!!!

• Belle straddling Adam in his royal chair and riding him into oblivion, their sounds of pleasure echoing off the walls of the large room. Bonus points if Adam is wearing some sort of coronet.


Finally finished up the last of this expression meme here! Lovely friend said:

“Fae-Mob for E3, giving puppy dog eyes to Reigen, who has whichever expression fits best; I can’t decide between D2, E2, A3, B3, C3, or D3. X’“D
And if you’re up for drawing shadow-Teru…A1, maybe…?”

Reigen’s an experienced charlatan, but he stands no chance against those puppy dog eyes. None. Gonna cave any second now X’’D 

And heck YEA I’ll draw Teru with those awesome shadow wings of his 8D Sorry it got colored a little differently to emphasize the shadows O.o I can’t decide if he would wear black because sneaking and blending in with shadows would help his assassination job, or if he’d just stick to his blinding colors REGARDLESS because he’s just that confident in his abilities X’D I colored in such a way I didn’t HAVE to decide ayyyeeeeee

I know that probably no one cares but I just have to write some words rn

thank u for this amazing season, it was so damn good some of our faves and ofkurz harsh for the others // as always, no one can slay 24/7 // but I’m sure we all had fun there, we had our second lifes :”) (Włodzimierz Szaranowicz indeed); thanks to all of my fave mutuals who made ski jumping season even better //u know who u are//;

I’m pretty sure it was the most ‘memic’ season evah (Demon, Tande, Cene’s ski, Lewandowski in Oberstdorf, Maciej 5ot and probably more), the most flyin’ season (these PB, WR, HR, bro!)…

it was good but now it’s over, we finally got our lifes back (what is life?), we can go out and have fun (spring, okay?), we’re also supposed to study //no excuses anymore, sorry not sorry// 

take care and see you next season, let 2017/2018 be more epic xoxo

Originally posted by gruba00ruda

PS ofkurz I’m not disappearing lol

PS2 and see ya in Wisła xoxo

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You found a new partner already? Wow you work fast. Glad to hear you're happy again though.

Hey there.

The thing is, it wasn’t fast at all. (Even though it may seem that way to someone who doesnt know the whole story) We have both known each other for 5 or 6 years, maybe even more.

We started to get close and became really good friends in the last year and a half, due to working with one another. The entire time, we would hangout, have meaningful conversation and plainly enjoyed each other’s company.

During that time, we both left toxic relationships and found solace within one another. For me, it has been developing for a long while. For years. All the signs were there.

And now that I’m finally out of my relationship, I can be with the person whom I’ve really fallen for.

Sorry for the long explanation!

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I am here to take your virginity! Well, your ass.. ask virginity. Right. I have an actual question, too: what were your three favourite J2 moments of 2016?

Oh, my Dear @seraphyde666, I couldn’t have asked for a better person to take my TumblrCherry!!

And girl, is this thing painful… Only three best moments? You’re killing me here, I’m a terrible lister, I never do them because the moment I’m done with them I know I’ll remember something better than what I’d picked. But, hell, I’m not gonna be a virgin forever, no, siree, I refuse! So here goes cheating….

1. JIB 2016

For all that JIB 2015 killed us with sorrow, JIB 2016 redeemed us with quite a few memorable moments. I’ll tell you three of my favorites:

The Epic Hug

There’s not much you can say about that, especially not now, everything has been said and we all kinda have an idea of how important that entire moment was: from Jared choking up to Jensen fiercely pulling Jared to him—and the pats on the head.


The Blushing Bride

This is a moment that not many talked about but I loved for so many reasons. Look at Jared self-conscious at hearing his friend Jason tell him and the world how much Jensen was smitten when he met Jared. It’s such a sweet moment.

“The one that changes everything”

“Smitten” was actually the word Jason used to describe how gone Jensen was, form day one; it’s a pity that I can’t seem to find were I read that, back in the day.


The Non-stop Looks (Jailbreak)

Here we have Jensen once again serenading his husband. Through all the songs he sang he found a way to sneak a peek to his Jared.


And it all culminated with this…


2. Hiatus Bliss

J2 roaming the Arrow Stages and their awesome caps.

My boy

A post shared by Jensen Ackles (@jensenackles) on Aug 8, 2016 at 3:44pm PDT

J2 reenacting some of our fanfics…

This very significant moment…

And this… I have no words…

3. The Last Hurray

When I saw this picture my heart legit skipped a couple of beats. This picture SCREAMS couple so much that I had to change the captions for Jared's sake

Unfortunately, that was the last time J2 willingly let us know they were having a Date Night.

Honorable Mentions


Hi this is @honeyheonie previously @wonholypeach​ or Jaz as most of you know me. Its already time for my second follow forever. I had my first 2 months ago with 500 followers and now I am back with 1000+. THANK YOU SO SO SO MUCH! I love you all, even if we don’t talk just know that I see you and I appreciate you. I have met so many nice people and some who I am so thankful to call true friends. Everyone has shown me such immense love and supported my fics and moodboards and I just thank you all from the bottom of my heart for making my Tumblr experience so blessed. So onto before I bore you all. Tagging my wonderful mutuals who I hope to never lose. You all are super special too me!! And a huge thank you to @ckyun for the beautiful graphic she made for me. Im still blown away and I don’t know how to repay you. Please if you aren’t already following her go and do it now and check out her amazing gifs and graphics 💜 

Honorable mentions and mutuals/friends who I always talk with are Bolded!

#’s: @1leeminhyuk (My sister would be first lol. Ilhsm💜)

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Again thank you all for making my tumblr experience so special. If I missed anyone, I’m sorry!

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Hi Sasha. Hope you have seen Liams picture. But you know, this time I wasn't suprised at all? Like I checked my phone and scrolled through instagram and was like OK so the baby is out now. That's it. I remember with Louis's I was still very suprised with how far Modest would go, now kinda use to it,lol.

Hey nonnie. Yeah, I reblogged it. Absolutely, this was expected. So it’s not shocking. And being a curious person, I’ve been reading about showbiz shadiness for years. I know that unfortunately, real kids get caught up in celebrity bullshit. Louis and Liam are far from the most scandalous. As hard as it is for us to wrap our minds around, the hard truth is that the truth often has very little to do with certain celebs public narratives. And it’s literally been that way for decades. We’re all kinda late to the party because for so long we’ve been wracking our brains trying to reconcile this madness. Like, somehow, legally, morally, ethically, this can’t be allowed to happen and so it must end eventually. And yet, worse has happened and people got away with it.

You know, I just have to be philosophical about it. Both these babygates aren’t gonna end in paternity scandals. And Louis’ situation has persisted a long time.  So these kids, regardless of how they came to be, may be on the record as Louis and Liam’s for the foreseeable future. I feel for the kids. I feel for Louis and Liam because I still believe neither wants to do this. For sure there’s fuckery afoot. And that’s not cool. It’s just kind of…sad.

1D for sure made a deal with the devil. I dunno who or where the exorcist they need is. They need a squad like the people working on taking Trump down. Some angry people in the intelligence community. Some bored people at the State department. Some messy people in Congress. Mix with a few scared people in the White House, some over it reporters and an ex MI-6 agent and maybe we could blow the lid off 1D’s shit. Maybe. Like I said before, Simon Cowell is slicker with his bs than Trump. LOL and *sigh*

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You all think you are so educated but you fail to see the problem with these books. You're writing about abusive relationships, homophobic, racist and sexist characters

1. I have never claimed to be educated, even though I hold pieces of paper I paid dearly for, I don’t view myself as educated. 

2. Abusive relationships. Now that is something I personally know about. They are everywhere, repeat everywhere. Does that mean we should stop writing about them?  Stop readers, especially young readers, from recognizing the signs of abusers through fictional characters?  How many young readers will recognize the aspects of Tamlin now and run the hell away from that relationship. 

3. Homophobic. I’m using TOG as my example. Aedion finds all genders attractive. He has bedded both men and woman. Aedion is bi and is a main character. Emrys is mated to a male. There was a fleeting moment that Aelin thought Gavriel was with Rowan. She did not feel disgusted or judge. Where is the homophobic nature in that writing?

4. Racist. Where? Aelin befriends Nehemia, to the point that her death wrecks her. She is a princess and is shown the respect of a princess. In ACOTAR SJM highlights racism, there is a divide between high fae and lesser fae. Rhys and Tarquin talk of changing their world. Removing the divide. In Velaris, there is not a divide, Feyre sees this.

5. Sexism is EVERYWHERE. Every female (fantasy and real) feels it day in and day out. SJM writes sexism into her books instead of sweeping it under the carpet like many do. She writes about it. Acknowledges that is is there. 

Just because we write about the very negative aspects of society does not mean that we condone them. We are reading books that are highlighting those negative aspects and trying to show us how to make the world better, while giving us a fictional escape from our crappy world. 

I agree that the books can be problematic and are not perfect, but please share with me a fantasy book that is. Hopefully I have read it, if not I will buy a copy and start a fandom (if one is not created).

like, not to be that person and put too many things on your plates right now, but we’re going to see this… on a big IMAX screen……. in less than 4 months….. ha ha…. it was nice knowing you all bye






Ardyn's Voice (part 3) Train Sequence
Ardyn Izunia/Lucis Caelum Ft. Darin De Paul
 Ardyn's Voice (part 3) Train Sequence

Working on audio files where we have got the pleasure to listen to Ardyn’s voice only. (And in the meantime trying to grab all his lines. If I forgot one, do not hesitate to tell me so and I’ll try to find it/edit it in.)

Now that I know chapter 13 is a long sequence, I have no doubt it will exist out of more than four parts. Chapter 13′s audio file is eight minutes long so far and I haven’t even replayed it yet to see if I missed something >.<’

Henceforth, this is part tree! (part 1) (part 2)
It covers the entire train sequence. Next part will hopefully be Chapter 13 100% I’d hate to cut it cause of Tumblr’s MB limit. (Might even make a full compilation and put it on YT once done.)


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Okay okay consider the following scenario: Ahem After a spar one of Naruto's bunshins just ups and kisses Sasuke and Naruto looks mortified as do other bunshins and the criminal is like "What? Was it not what we all wanted to do?" and then Naruto stealthily (sp?) leaves and hides and proceeds to dispel them all. Plan avoiding Sasuke at all costs is in motion. (Not like it's gonna be a succes) ((Whenever I think of something I come and bother you I hope it's okay :) ))

OH MY GOD. I didn’t know I needed this until now.
“Oh my Sasuke I’m so sorry looks like this one was defective whoops!”
All other bunshins: “you’ve been daydreaming about kissing him for three years.”
(And I find that endearing, of course it’s ok)

We spent hours fighting, telling each other our problems. But I wasn’t done or finished. You went on thinking of happier days while I was slowly dying inside, holding back because I wasn’t sure if you were really interested in what I had to say. And all the little things suddenly became so much more avoiding what’s buried underneath the surface. You’re upset now that we’ve both moved on, that I have plans which don’t involve you. Barely knowing each other anymore and there’s no one left beside you. Instead of trying, you reminisce on a happier time before we both grew up. Before we both gave up. 

-A Scorpio Woman

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oh god please save me i swear everyone i know is watching riverdale and all of my friends are talking about it, and when a few of them started i mentioned that jughead was meant to be aro ace and my friends all just shut me down and said it didn't matter cause it's 'barely based on the comics' and i tried to explain that he's all that we've got but they didn't care and i feel so shitty now

they are the shitty ones for belittling you. It’s also in the comics a lot and they are just ignorant to it to be honest.

I miss you, i can’t deny that now. I tried to forget you but it’s so hard to forget someone like you. I’m trying my very best not to send you a message, not to call you, i will never do that because i know i’ll just hurt myself. But i really miss you and all i can do is think of you. I know in myself that i never crossed your mind and you are happy now. I miss the old times, the person you were when we were still together. I miss you so much and it hurts to think that i can’t have you anymore. I want to talk to you so bad. I really miss your face, i miss your voice, i miss your sweetness. I miss everything about you. I hate that i am missing you now instead of hating you and not thinking of you. Because i can’t deny the fact that you still have my heart and that’s just so sad to admit.
—  I miss you but i want to forget you