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okay i’ve been doing some thinking abt Remy’s diss and i’m ready for some real discourse. now i hate to be the one to say this but Remy’s verse was VERY aphobic? we all know Nicki is an asexual icon (her song Superb Ace was an anthem) and like it makes me very uncomfy?

Serious Young Man

I wrote this fic for @inknose​ who has been my Yuri on Ice enabler for a few weeks now and I love Yuri on Ice, which as we all know saved 2016, cleared up my skin, paid my taxes for me, and restored my faith in humanity… It’s Otabek and Yurio and IDK I’m new here and I love everyone on this rink ok bye!!! (~1200 words.)

Serious Young Man

The first time Yuri Plisetsky sends Otabek a picture of a cat, Otbaek wonders if it’s a mistake. Was this image meant for him? What is its meaning?

That is a cat, Otabek writes. 

Yuri agrees: Yeah.

Yuri Plisetsky is fond of cats. When he sees one on the street, his face changes, and it takes him longer than usual to realize it, to change it back. When he pets one, his shoulders relax. 

Now, he’s sharing pictures of them with Otabek. Only one picture.

It seems cute, Otabek writes. 

Yuri agrees: Yeah.


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“Wow, I know we didn’t spend a lot of time together back when we met, but your tact is all coming back to me now,” you said with a laugh, situating your phone between your shoulder and your ear. 

“Is that a yes?” Dean asked.

“Yeah, the thing is–”

“We saved your ass,” Dean interjected, and you heard Sam say his name in the background, reprimanding. You took a breath, fighting the urge to both laugh and roll your eyes.

“There’s that tact again,” you said. “No, the thing is, you did save my ass and I stand by saying I owe you one. I’m just wondering why you’re calling it in on this. Seems like something you two could handle on your own.”

There was silence on the other end for a bit, long enough that you pulled your phone away to make sure you were still connected.

“Y/N?” Sam’s voice finally came through.

“Sam?” you replied with a smile. 

“You’re right; we probably could handle this on our own,” he said.

“What the hell, man?” Dean asked.

“But,” Sam continued louder, ignoring Dean, “I think we were both just hoping to work with you again. It’s not that often to find other hunters we can trust. Or who we like.”

You chewed your lip, letting them sit in the silence this time.

“I guess I don’t have much else going on right now,” you finally said, unconcerned at the smile they probably heard in your voice. “Maybe this time I can save you two.”


Imagine Getting a Call Out of the Blue From Sam and Dean Calling In a Favor

More imagines!

Okay, remember when I said I wouldn’t talk about 1d anymore? Let me do this last thing.

Okay so literally, the whole stalking culture/wanting to be famous? Okay, let’s talk about another larrie problem: the secret larrie club.

What is the secret larrie club? You know those people in kindergarten forming super exclusive circles of Cool Kids and ruining the fun for everyone else? Yo, now bringing back the kindergarten fun in fandom, we have the amazing Secret Larrie Club (SLC for short, and no, I’m not talking about Salt Lake City, though SLC Punk was a film that shaped my teenage years).

So, what does this club do? Nothing, mostly, except like, inflating each other’s ego in a big circlejerk. They think they’re the ones who have all the supersecret infos, and they stalk or use stalkers to obtain those, and then (this is particularly important, kids, listen up) they make it so that their Opinions are More Right than other people’s opinions.

To get deeper into what the SLC does: they stalk people, or become friends with people with the purpose of obtaining info from them. And this not only makes them not trustworthy by people who have actual info (which, *Alanis Morissette’s voice* isn’t it ironic), but also is totally useless for any purpose that’s not gaining popularity in the Larrie world.

Like, why do you need to know Harry’s plane info? To establish that Larry is real? Well, big fucking deal then, I thought we all knew since, like 2012. No, you need that info to say you’ve got that info to your follower, and subsequently being treated like a queen Bee. Only to say you don’t actually stalk the boys because you don’t go and meet them in the street, when there are actually multiple ways to stalk someone. And boy, do they notice that, I can promise you ;) but I’m digressing.

Anyway, the lack of self-awareness is one of the most ridiculous things, like, we have two different groups of people acting like stalkers, and both denying it. Only, one of the groups has that holier than thou attitude, and publicly denigrates the other group for stalking (and privately is all buddy buddy with them, just like De André sang in La città vecchia: quella che di giorno chiami con disprezzo…)

And after you’ve hurt people you claim to care about (because they do see you stalking and they’re obviously not happy about it) you use those info to gain popularity on your tumblr blog, and to establish yourself as a Trustful Info Source so you’ll gain followers from that.

But you have to be the only Trustful Source (you and your pals), or everything will be lost and you won’t be the queen bee anymore. Hence, the opinions thing.

And from that, it’s just natural that if someone has  an opinion differing slightly from the SLC Opinions, they must be cancelled, erased, and sent in the eighth circle of hell (which is where Falsifiers are punished, according to Dante Alighieri our lord and saviour and if you say he wrote a fic I’m decking you). You still think that Larry is real, babygate is fake, but you don’t think that people should stalk? Omg, you’re an anti for sure, let’s send anon hate your way. Or you don’t think that a particular piece of information is valuable? Anti, anti, anti. And also deluded. like, basically they throw around the word anti just like in that queer meme where every thing upsetting you is homophobic.

Of course, this is a perfectly acceptable kindergarten behaviour. Kids are still small and still learning, and adults gotta teach them. And if you consider fandom like kindergarten, good for you. I guess.

But there’s nous autres who don’t really consider fandom like kindergarten, who maybe want to live in a nicer environment where you can express you opinions without being viciously attacked (by “””””your side””””” too, lmao) for it, and who think that stalking is always wrong, and slut-shaming is too :)

And yet. The SLC is ought to get us, unfortunately.

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But not this time, SLC, not this time around. This time around you can go stick that sense of self-entitlement up where the sun doesn’t shine (namely your nose, of course, we’re classy people here, I would never wish anal upon anyone). or you can go eat pineapple pizza, which is even worse :)

For any hate you might have, come @ me, my block list is too short.

Actual Friendly Reminder

Feyre’s wish for her sisters to get to learn from Mor will now come true. 

Not only that, but I think we all know if they’re going to find comfort and warmth and kindness from anyone at the Court of Dreams it’s Mor. At this brutal time in their lives, when they’ve been betrayed and violated, they have her to teach her how you can be strong and soft at the same time. 

TL;DR Female characters supporting other female characters. ACOWAR, It’s happening.

Jin had this all planned actually

Not only was the gang tricked, but us too, dammit. We all screamed Kurori when we should have known something was off about how she acted after Kano and the others found her with Kido.

This is her when spotted with Kido’s body. Note how her Eyes are red and how expressionless she is after the so called kill.

Now what do we know about Kuroha during his killings? To sum it up…

Enjoys the blood and have a huge grin on his damn face. Okay there was one point in time his Eyes were red in the PV but really how often do we see Kuroha with Red Eyes?

Now noting this, if the Clearing Eyes Snake was in Hiyori to begin with, she would have grinned in that sick way too before trolling the remaining gang and disappear.

Which she didn’t.

Instead we were all tricked with the gang and the Snake finally shows that well known psychopathic grin in Hibiya.



i am so sorry that i bothered you now i know why you have to hide i didn’t know what you were going through all i could see was my own side

i will stay away i will let you be i won’t say a word until you come to me until you come to me until you come to me they just told me what you’re in there for how could i know? you did not say. but now i know what i am living for tomorrow won’t be just another day

i will close my eyes and lie here quietly i will wait in the shadows until you come to me until you come to me until you come to me, oh

ah, sweet youth will all too quickly end and we will never be this free so all i ask is that we look again before we grow too old to see

i won’t holler out i’ll whisper tenderly still i will be crying until you come to me until you come to me until you come to me, ah

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Though he likes to be a tough little cinnamon roll, I think Ardyn is almost always on the edge of a breakdown that could go either way. If someone showed him genuine affection he might just ugly cry.

Alright, I’m finally ready to tackle this one.

One particular scene I think about a lot is when Luna tries to heal him after he stabbed her. The way he lowers his hand and extends his fingers after Luna holds onto his arm. I’m like… the fuck is going through your head, dude?

Well… first… maybe he’s intrigued. This woman, who is now bleeding to death because he’s a world class piece of fucking shit (seriously I was so goddamn angry when he did that), is fucking….trying….to help him. And if he’d let her… well… perhaps he’d be a normal man again? 

And we all know where that went…

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Fuck you Ardyn if you ever lay a hand on Luna again I will fucking rip your beautiful face off and shove it up your glorious ass. ...I have a lot of feelings about Luna, too. Anyway…

As he’s leaving, he stops and stares at his hand for a moment…

Okay bud…what are you thinking there? What if he thought something like “Fuck I’m going to have to think about this later and I’m gonna hate it”

Just staring at his hands…like… Yeah, he had to kill Luna. All part of the Plan™. But why… god fuck WHY did she have to do that? Why’d she have to go and see something worth saving? What could she have POSSIBLY been able to surmise about him that made her do that?

I like to think that sometimes he has a bit of an “inner dialogue” with the daemons within him, and he can see the monstrous form of himself before him. That, even after all these years, they enjoy taunting him. Even though he’s working with the power they give him. Daemons are just…dicks like that.

“Are you regretting it now? After everything we’ve done?” They flash a grin at him and he glares in wordless response. Of course he doesn’t regret it… It’s just…

They’re right, of course. They usually are. But he swears he can still feel her there, holding onto him, trying to save him… And he really could have allowed that to be the end of it. He shouldn’t dwell on that. But…

Well.. it’s a lot to think about….

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Hi Flock. Can you explain the difference/significance of walking solo vs. together with your partner or a friend in HW? How does all this play into what happened last night? S knew he posed with this woman and that the photos would be released all over so why the separate entrances and things? What I really don't understand is why isn't he just posting them on his IG or twitter as we've all seen them now and so have others outside the fandom? Thought you might know about inner workings in this.

I’ve always thought that nobody is claiming anyone publicly so they don’t have to backtrack and be thought a liar later on when it turns out certain people are only friends and not a romantic attachment. I said the other day innuendo is powerful in that it creates certainty through perception. He doesn’t have to splash anyone on IG in order to sell a narrative. He doesn’t have to assign a title to anyone. He just has to be photographed with someone and the story writes itself. Remember the model girlfriend who came out later as a friend and not model? People believe what they want and (no offense) but fandoms collectively are easy to lead and manipulate.

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A man came in today for a tin of paint. He'd checked online a few hours earlier but buy the time he came in it had been bought be someone else and he was outraged. "But I clicked on it! The internet knows I wanted it! The Internet should have told you to keep it for me! How could you have sold it???" The fact that we have no idea what he looks at on the Internet unless he phones or emails us to reserve it was apparently beyond him to comprehend, despite several attempts to explain.

Apparently the internet is a person now. The way he said all of that was like he was talking about an employee whose name tag he saw. “BUT INTERNET TOLD ME YOU HAD IT IN STOCK! SHE LIED!” -Abby

Think we can all agree that nobody ships rebelcaptain quite as much as Alexander M Freed. Every moment of Jyn/Cassian interaction is just “They looked at each other and felt things. Plot was occurring too I guess but I have to let you know that at this moment they were having feelings.”

Plus a hefty dose of “She’s not in this scene but I do need to remind you that right now Cassian was thinking about Jyn, again.”

okay. wow. so as promised i said i would upload stressed parents anonymous for the next follower milestone and only twelve days later we’ve hit that milestone. that was super fast!! wow! i’m really not sure my content is ~quality~ enough to deserve you all. (and tbh i’m not sure how a handful of you even found me lol but THANKS) a fair bit happened over those twelve days and i’m so so lucky to have such kind followers and people i can now call friends. SIMBLR FRIENDS ARE ALL I WANT IN LIFE, YOU DON’T KNOW WHAT THIS MEANS TO ME  ;   A   ; 

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okay, okay, that’s all great zeeb, but get to the point. you can’t just give these lovely people a pic of danica and indie. no no no. they deserve better than that! (sorry danica and indie, i know you don’t get enough love on this blog as it is. i have failed you. but this is also the truth.) so, since my pose-making skills are good enough for me but idk how to do the thing with the list and i wouldn’t want to release anything subpar to you guys lol, and i therefore cannot offer you guys too much in the way of gifts rn, i have this idea:

i will edit your pics. (yep. that’s it. that’s the big idea.)

all you gotta do is send me or link me to a raw pic of yours that you’d like me to edit :> and i will post them all as a photoset as a token of my undying appreciation for you!! (you can send me sims 4 pics as well as sims 3. i’ll edit just about anything, even pics of potatoes!! pls don’t send me pics of potatoes tho.)

shoutout and big thank you to everyone currently following this subpar blog (please support each other!!) ♡♡♡

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n.b. not everyone here is a simblr and that’s totally cool :> 

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- lots of love from zeeb, danica, and indie ♡

So i’ve come home to see quite a bit of panic on my dash.


I am happs.

Secondly, unless it’s an official announcement from ABC or Eddie and Adam, i’m not paying any attention to any articles or interviews or hearsay or rumours or anything else.

I’m tired.

Its been months of nerves and suspicions and guessing and worrying and i’m just so done with all of it. 

If s7 is announced, fantastic. If s6 is the last, then so be it. There’s nothing we can do. What will be will be. 

For me personally, imma look forward to my OTP getting married, and continue watching 6B the same way I watched all previous seasons.

The only thing I know for sure is, if CS aren’t a part of s7, then neither am I. And not even in a ‘bitter shipper’ way. I’d just be like “thank you for the wonderful ship, but now I must part ways. Farewell.”

And that’s my 5 minutes of serious talk for the night!!!

                                                I had a dream
                                          We were back to sixteen
                                       Smoking weed and nicotine
                                                Always carefree
                                          With just a few pennies
                                      dreamed big, our minds free
                                     wished the world and its cities
                                                In our pockets
                                It’s all over ‘cause we’ve had enough
                                       The love that once we had
                                             was never enough
                              And I don’t wanna know what’s been up
                                      all I know is that we’re alone
                                               and hurt in love
              Who’s gonna hold your hand when life won’t treat you sweet?
               Who’s gonna pull you close at nights when you can’t sleep?
                Who’s gonna kiss your eyes when daylight’s gonna hurt?
                           Who’s gonna show you what love’s worth?
                                            ‘cause it won’t be me
                                                 it won’t be me
                                                   won’t be me
                                                I had a dream
                                      We sipped coffee in between
                                     late night talks and ice creams
                                               Never worrying
                                          But then we had a fight
                                   Couldn’t stand each other’s sight
                                       Stopped seeing eye to eye
                                           Now we’re on our own
                                 It’s all over ‘cause we’ve had enough
                                        The love that once we had
                                             was never enough
                              And I don’t wanna know what’s been up
                                      all I know is that we’re alone
                                               and hurt in love
               Who’s gonna hold your hand when life won’t treat you sweet?
                Who’s gonna pull you close at nights when you can’t sleep?
                 Who’s gonna kiss your eyes when daylight gonna hurt?
                            Who’s gonna show you what love’s worth?
                                           ‘cause it won’t be me
                                                it won’t be me
                                                  won’t be me”

                                  - Won’t Be Me, Shikha Singh

some thoughts on james flint’s tragic ending

i let my mouth run on the silverflint/dimplemas situation to my buddies, and i just wanna toss my theorising out into the ether before 405 comes along and destroys all of it haha.


essentially, silver holding back the info is twofold, and we can’t know which it is until he plays his cards - is he trying to keep flint focused on the war? is he wondering how strong flint’s attachment to him is compared to thomas? (bc he prob rightly suspects flint would drop everything if he could get thomas back, even if he’s blocking it now.) so having it in his backpocket as an emergency break, so to speak, can be useful both to get flint out of the way and to get him to relinquish the dangerous situation he is in. it can easily go either way and depends on so many factors we haven’t seen explored yet.

i’m also wary bc of the cast/writers going so hard on the silverflint in interviews, “love of his life” etc. i think flint is absolutely in love w silver rn, all the “oh i see” and dropped eyes @ silvermadi etc, it’s not even subtle anymore. so if flint is finally finding his own humanity and vulnerability again, even if it is through unselfish, unrequited love, that must mean a lot to him, and even if he gets a bittersweet, lasting reunion w thomas, he’d still be leaving silver behind, who at this point has also become integral to his very functioning. they absolutely are soulmates, kindred spirits, in many ways that thomas and james can’t be right now. at the same time, john is coaxing the human back out, which might be the very thing enabling james to reconnect with thomas, at the cost of leaving behind the one person who descended to his darkest depths and never recoiled, even joined him and supported him throughout. leaving that behind is fucking tragic in its own right. (even if i don’t believe like some ppl that thomas couldn’t possibly accept james back, i don’t think he’s nearly as blandly innocent as many ppl argue.)

plus all this saying how james had thomas, he had miranda, NOW he has silver who is a summation of all those relationships and perhaps “the one he needed the most”. gimme bittersweet thomas/james, both of whom are forever changed by their experiences and pain, for whom injust england is no longer an abstract idea, who lie awake back to back at night, comforted by having each other but knowing there’s places each has gone that neither can ever touch, and that’s ok, but it’s painful too. gimme thomas sitting on the bed and holding marcus aurelius when a few months have passed and james takes another of his occasional solitary trips to the shore where he’ll stare out at the horizon just because, because maybe there’ll be sails far-off. and thomas knows it’s not a judgment on himself and his love w james, but he knows there are things he might never be able to offer him bc that’s just how the world is.

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Leaving the disturbing disturbness of this chapter aside, at least we now know even Mutsuki cas see there's something between Kaneki and Touka! Yay!

I wonder how many people will continue to deny this. Mutsuki never went jealous over Saiko/Haise, considering that Saiko was always hugging him and touching him and Haise would pinch her cheeks all the time, Mutsuki never lost his shit for it because he knew their relationship wasn’t a romantic one. But he went jealous with Touka because he saw a different dynamic between them, he saw that Haise looked at Touka as a woman, and he only saw her twice or so? you can see how strong Haise’s attraction towards Touka was for Mutsuki to feel like this. 

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My friends and I started saying "suh dude" as a joke, but now we can't stop. Its just how we greet each other. Our parents think we're all crazy, and one of my friends mom's thinks a suhdude is a type of Pokemon. Just... Ya know, a little story for ya.

TO BE FAIR THOUGH, it does sound like a pokemon if you say it super fast XD

that’s really cute though, thank you for sharing it with me!

Since Club Penguin is shutting down I decided to log on for old times’ sake last week. I was wearing this party hat item that came out in like 2007 and there were other users wearing the item too so naturally I was like “oh dang dude these people are as old as I am”. We started talking and turns out we’re all in college and logged on out of nostalgia. We managed to navigate the incredibly strict chat filter now we’re following each other on Instagram and if that’s not the cutest wildest thing I don’t know what is


Okay, so. Let’s think about Danny Williams for a second here. This is a man who is constantly complaining about Steve putting him in harms way and blames Steve for every injury he has gotten since meeting Steve “tis but a flesh wound” McGarrett.

Now, let’s talk about the Danny Williams we see when Steve is in danger or even just plans on going somewhere dangerous.
THIS Danny is the Danny that will go to North freaking Korea b/c Steve hasn’t called him in like two hours and “that’s not like him, I know somethings wrong.”
THIS Danny goes to North Korea knowing that there’s a more than likely change that:
●Steve is dead already
●They will all die horribly
●Some of them will die horribly
●Danny himself could die
●He will never see Grace again
THIS Danny goes with Steve to Cambodia to check out a grave site. For literally no reason that is explained in the show, Danny goes to CAMBODIA with Steve to hike (Which he hates) through forests (Which he hates) to find a dead body that might or might not have something to do with Steve’s mother (who I seriously think Danny dislikes b/c of how she treats Steve).
THIS Danny also goes to AFGHANISTAN for no other reason than to stand there and tell a guy in charge that Steve is alive b/c “trust me, I know Steve, he’s alive. I know it.” Seriously, he doesn’t even participate in the mission to save Steve! He stands there like a worried family member (wife, lbr) and watches as Steve is rescued b/c for some reason he can’t do that in Hawaii. Probably so he’d be right there when Steve is brought back so Steve won’t be alone. Even though Cath is literally two villages over. I mean… !!!!
THIS Danny will be the death of me, and possibly himself with how much risks he takes to his person every time Steve asks/needs him to.




Okay before the big plot reveal I just want to point out that Doumeki waited at his front gate for his chance to see Watanuki this morning, called out to him as soon as he saw him, then chased after him when Watnauki didn’t slow down. And on top of all that he just VOLUNTEERS the fact that his eye is all better (which Watanuki didn’t even ask about, BUT WE KNOW WHY). 

I can’t decide how much of this conversation is Doumeki purely excited and wanting to talk to Watanuki (which is so great on its own) and at which point he grows the suspicion that Watanuki was the catalyst for his recovery. Maybe he suspected from the start, or maybe he didn’t suspect at all until he grabbed at Watanuki’s arm. I honestly don’t know which one I like better.