and now to do my english hw


highlights for me included:

  • “click clack to the bang…. fuck you and you!” - Suga in Cyper Pt 4 (me too, Suga, me too…)
  • Outro: Wings
  • the rainbow ocean of light sticks
  • the really heartfelt interactions with the audience and all the members doing their best to speak in English
  • all of the solo performances (but especially Rapmon’s)
  • the impeccable setlist
  • that ending T_T

edit: I uploaded some short video clips!


soooo… HELLO THERE 😊 im starting a new journal which I made to keep track of stuff & to motivate myself! ik I’ve been mia for super long I haven’t been posting any original posts & I feel rly bad about it 😪 tons of things gg on right now w my dance night coming up rly soon & im quite stressed out bc I missed 1 week of lessons due to an expedition but I haven’t even tried catching up 😭 & I have a pile of hw to do so yes im stressing out but I’m still kind of lazing around which sucks!! I borrowed like 10 books but I’m only done w 1.5 of them 😅 my holiday hw was to read 3 chinese books & 1 english book related to feminism but nope I haven’t done any of that….. rly need to get myself together but I’m just so tired? wish me luck in completing all of these!!!!