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Californian here. I'm told we are markedly less chatty and smiley than other Americans...

:U That’s pretty interesting since I originally had a different sort of image in mind!

Granted, that’s probably because of a story my dad told of when he was in California once in a supermarket. He’d just gotten used to Americans using “how are you?” as a greeting and less as an actual question so when the cashier asked my dad how he’s doing, he just went “fine”; the cashier leaned in, looked my dad deep in the eyes and said “No. I mean, how ARE you” and I think this story has colored my entire perception of California


big ol doodle dump from the last couple of days, featuring garfield’s head drawn by my mum because she has a secret garfield drawing talent that i never knew about until now? thanks mum



This Omake has already given me everything I could have wanted by giving me MORE PIFFLE TIME right on the cusp of us leaving it forever. I WILL TREASURE OUR TIME TOGETHER ALWAYS, PIFFLE. YOU WILL FOREVER BE IN MY HEART. 

Meanwhile we can safely confirm that Kurogane is reading the e-book version of Manga-chan and it is incredible. 

Also apparently Manga-chan’s name is Maganyan and it totally rhymes with my impromptu name so I’M KEEPING IT. 

ALSO also is the bombshell Fai drops here, in that the manga is in every world they go in. 

WHICH is going to be played off humourously in the panels to come BUT. JUST LIKE. IMAGINE THE IMPLICATIONS OF THAT. 

Some of these worlds very much should not have the society or infrastructure or industry required for a monthly (monthly?) manga magazine to be consistently published at all, AND YET HERE WE ARE.


Imagine Woozi recommending you some uplifting songs to listen to when you’re feeling a little down.

Hey guys.

I’m socially exhausted.

I need some time away from tumblr to gather myself and get back into drawing.
I know it didn’t look like I was being active at all lately, but I have been running around between friends in chat so much that I exhauted myself to the point of fearing to come online.

Let’s be clear, nobody did anything wrong. I did this to myself. And I’m sorry but I need to leave for a moment.

Let’s say a week. Next friday I’ll come back to give you guys news, alright? So don’t worry about me, if all goes well I should come back with more energy and potentialy some drawings! :)

So keep on keeping on while I’m away, alright? :)

a few journals im reading for this paper go over the shift in sexuality (sometimes) while finding out your trans and just during the transition process in general and it’s very relatable

This became longer than I wanted to, but here it goes - my take on the friendship triangle of Archie, Betty and Jughead:

I don’t doubt at all that Betty loves Archie and will always love Archie or that she had this monumental crush on him because he will always represent that comfortable piece of her life when things were easier and simpler and they didn’t have to worry about such things as parental manipulation, sexual abuse, neglect or the general pitfalls of becoming an adult.

Betty probably thought Archie could still fulfill that role of childhood companion into their adolescence and young adult life with the extra benefit of also being a lover, but unfortunately Archie was not there yet. And it is okay. I think the story the show is trying to tell this season, which combined with Archie’s and Jughead’s friendship, is that there is a point in our lives that our friend’s experiences and our own diverge to a point which can result in either the perpetuation of that friendship because we still relate to it all or we end up drifting in opposite directions, becoming a mere fond memory of a increasingly distant childhood. And I repeat, it is natural and it is okay.  Betty and Archie’s experience are both still validly difficult (his parents are getting a divorce after all) but vastly different.  Archie still has a lot growing up to do while Betty has been navigating a troublesome family with mental health issues for quite some time which he must know about btw but can’t quite relate, just like Betty couldn’t quite relate with Archie’s experience of being a victim of Ms Grundy. 

And here is where Jughead comes in.  Betty’s and Jughead’s stories fit in a way I don’t think either was actually counting on. It was a nice surprise. They can empathise with each other because they are both struggling with parental abuse: her with overprotection and gaslighting, him with neglect and abandonment. Again, I am not saying Archie’s life doesn’t have valid struggle in it, because it does, but it is a different kind of struggle while Bughead’s is fundamentally similar.  

But imagine this: from childhood these three lives went in parallel lines to each other, each their own with different colours and different shapes, but running next to each other and going in the same unavoidable direction that is adulthood.  But at some point they start taking different turns. Jughead’s father starts to drink, Betty’s sister runs away from home and Archie’s parent are fighting at home. And this goes on and on and each turn they take their lines sometimes cross each other (Betty promises to marry Archie when they are 18), sometimes move in different direction (Jughead never tells any of them his father is a Serpent), and sometimes they go back to run in parallel (Betty is still Archie’s best friend, who in turn is still Jughead’s best friend).  

But at some point in time and space Archie’s line just went one way, while Jughead’s and Betty’s went the other.  Archie might have been oblivious, but I believe Betty has been fighting this whole time to try to keep those lines close together while Jughead is also doing the same from his end with his obsession for the Riverdale of old and the “American Dream”, Archie being the archetypical character in his nostalgic dreams (that knife in his back bears so many connotations).  In both cases, Archie is still the centre piece.

But then everything that summer comes to a head, Jughead is planning a trip with ‘Archie and Beth finally decides to take their friendship to another level… but both of them fail. Big time. He is snubbed and she is rejected while Archie continued to be clueless about any of it.

When Jughead finds out that Archie slighted him for Ms Grundy, I think it really put a fissure in their friendship.  The same way I think what really crushed Betty’s expectations of a romantic happy ending with Archie was his “You are so perfect” speech. I think that really broke her heart because how could this boy who lived next door, who was her best friend and knew her their whole life not see her. Truly see her. And it was the first time she realised their paths might not be going in the same direction after all.  

They will always be the best of friends, but they are definitely drifting apart and on her way there she found a kindred spirit in Jughead, another cast away of friendship’s tortuous ways, when before she was sure Archie’s was the right path for her. How far will they drift away from each other, and how much will Jughead’s and Betty’s line become intertwined, is what we will have to wait for.  

I'm back 😊

So I thought I would be gone a lot longer but I took the day yesterday without Tumblr (with the exception of replying to internet friends once or twice on my laptop) to think and I realized how much I really love being on here and I don’t want to get rid of that, and I think it helped lessen my dependency on it somewhat too

Sorry if my last post seemed really melodramatic, I honestly had no idea when or if I was going to come back to this blog so I wanted to do a goodbye thing just in case 😅

Thanks so much to all of you who sent messages, you guys are so sweet and I have no idea what I did to deserve such amazing followers!! ❤️


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c'mon Aura, toughen up. really? crying about all this? seems really silly if you ask me. But then again, everyone has seen how p a t h e t i c you are. you don't deserve anything at all, not even the least bit of MERCY, because you will never be a good person.( @ mun, I'm sorry, but i had to. please forgive me )

[ * The sound of various footsteps is heard in the distance ]

[ * … ]

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Idk how can people compare bg 1.0 and bg 2.0. To start, Liam's baby was born three days ago and they only told us today. Freddie birth was announced via UA and grandmother likes at ig. like one is half fake (I believe Cherl really had a baby, Liam just isn't the biological father) while the other is totally fake (B was never pregnant)

Honestly - it might be weird in some ways like bg was (mostly media wise), but besides that? It’s literally two completely different situations